"In every little girl is a goddess."

~ Francesca Lia Block ~

Serialized Stories

The Serials Page will list and link you to the kind of story that I really prefer to write: Ongoing, continuing narratives about little girls and the relationships that they become involved with. The stories will be more oriented to the reader who is willing to take the time to become intimately involved with the characters, not simply with the sexual scenes. These stories may very well follow the characters over an extended span of years, perhaps even decades.


Sweet, Sweet Amy   (M/g, Incest, Romantic, Consensual)

When Young Amy loses first her Daddy, then a few years later, her Mom as well, her Uncle Steve steps in and adopts her. Slowly, she comes to love him more and more - first as a father figure, then as her first lover.


Yummy Candy   (M/g, Incest, Consensual)

Candy Was Just five years old when her Daddy began to gently instruct her in the art of sexual pleasure. We will follow her sexual education from that age, until the age of eleven, when she has become every man's sexual dream come true.

I Must Apologize to those of you who have been waiting for more of this story. For some rather personal reasons, I've decided that I need to stop writing it, and leave it where it is. If you are interested in knowing more, you can use my contact page, and I'll email you with my reasons.


My Niece Janelle   (F; F/g; g/g; F/gg; Rom; Inc; Pedo)

Meagan Bristol Falls in love with her nine-year-old niece, Janelle. As their relationship develops, Janelle decides to explore her sexuality even further, bringing her best friend into the mix.


Summer Blessing   (F; g; F/g; Rom; Cons)

A Collaborative Work, co-authored by BabyKeiko & Daddy's Little Slut~Muffin.

At Summer Camp, where the focus is on horseback riding, twenty-year-old counselor and riding instructor Karen meets Yuki, an eleven-year-old camper who is excited that she is going to learn how to ride. What follows is a story of confusion, desire, love, and surrender...


The Choosing ~ A Lesbian Fairy Tale   (F/F; F/g; g/g; Group; Rom; Fantasy; Pedo)

A Fairy Tale that takes place in the Queendom of Leslita, featuring many of the regular users at the Leslita Forum.