"Little girls, like butterflies, need no excuse."

~ Robert A. Heinlein ~

Who Is Daddy's Little Slut~Muffin?

Daddy's Little Slut~Muffin is a rather run-of-the-mill thirty-something housewife and mother of two young children, one of each flavor. Some of my stories are inspired by true events, but those are very rare. Most of what I write is utter fantasy. My fantasies, however, are mostly tinged with regret at the fact that I never acted on them. As a young girl, I entertained a great many thoughts of sexual contact with my father, and with two of my uncles. For this reason, most of the heterosexual stories that I write involve either a father or an uncle. Well, we write what we know, don't we? I chose my pen name because in the fantasies that flood my brain as an adult, I often think of myself in exactly that way: my Daddy's little ten-year-old Slut-Muffin.

My Stories Are something that I take very seriously. I care a lot about my characters, and before I even begin to write, I take some time to get to know them in my mind. If you've seen my profile in the author's section, then you've already read a version of what I'm about to say, so you can move on. If you are the kind of reader who wants material that immediately opens with, say, two little girls going at each other like manic weasels, then my material will be of little interest to you. I'll get you to that place, but only after I've taken the time to introduce you to my characters, let you come to know them a bit, come to an understanding of who they are and why they find themselves in the situations that I describe for you. If all you want is the sucking and fucking, move on to another author - you will most likely find my material to be boring. If, however, a somewhat intimate knowledge of a character's history, thoughts, feelings, personality and so on are something that make a story more enjoyable, more real to you, then I think you may enjoy the things that I write. Even more, though, I think you just might like my characters, as I relate to you their experiences. That is really my ultimate goal - to bring you, the reader, to a point where you like and care about the characters I create for you, even as they also arouse and excite you.

You'll Notice As my list of material here grows that I am a woman who is very much attracted to young girls. I do view myself as being bisexual, though I don't have the opportunity to be with another woman nearly as often as I would like to. The vast majority of my fantasies involve one of two things: myself as a little girl being sexually active with my Daddy or an Uncle; or myself as an adult, introducing a young girl-child to the wonder and joy of Sapphic sex. My current work in progress aside, most of what you will see me write is material involving an adult female and a young girl. I'm not sure why, I just feel as though that's something I should let you know.

My Stories Are posted in two formats. You'll find them on my web pages here - the pages are quite easy to navigate, and if you wish to download them from the web pages, simply copy the text and paste it into any word processor or text editor. If you visit my FTP folder, you'll also find them in plain ASCII text format. Please feel free to add my stories to your collection, if you like them.

As An Added little note, I would like to state that all content found on any web pages that carry the name "Daddy's Little Slut~Muffin" are the responsibility and sole property of the author. ASSTR is not responsible for the material that I post here. Under no circumstances should ASSTR be held responsible for what I may choose to post here. They simply provide me with the space to post my work. Beyond that, the content here is my sole responsibility.

Furthermore, All Stories that carry my name as the author are, pursuant to the Berne Convention, under copyright, with all rights expressly reserved by the author unless otherwise explicitly granted. You are free to distribute these stories to other venues, providing that you do so without modifying the content, and that you retain the author's name, the notice of copyright that appears in each story, and a link to the original page where you found them. You are NOT free to sell or use these stories in any venue which charges any fees to readers without the express written consent of the author.

This Concludes My sermonizing for the moment, at least. Please feel free to browse my stories. I hope they will provide you with some erotic stimulation. I would appreciate any and all feedback that you as a reader may wish to offer me. I cannot improve as a writer unless I am given some healthy and honest criticism.

As A Final little note to any who may be reading this, I would like to point something out. It is not free for the kind people who operate and maintain ASSTR to keep this site up and running for our pleasure. ASSTR truly is a labor of love for the people behind the scenes. What they do, they do as volunteers, receiving no compensation for their work. This is going to be another little sermon, but too bad. You see, I know that there are a lot of companies out there that provide free web hosting. Any of the authors here could very easily post their stories at one of these sites. But there are some issues that are involved with that. First, getting an audience. ASSTR has a huge audience. Building an audience on a free site could be problematic, to say the least. More importantly though, are the potential legal issues. I am speaking as a native of America. While text stories are still considered to be, technically at least, within the realm of legal material, there are challenges being made to that legality. I'm sure that some of you are familiar with the case of Frank McCoy; if you are not, then Google for his name and study up on the situation. ASSTR takes a rather hefty risk in posting these stories here, and in providing us with the space to have our work read.

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So Then, Let's get on to the business at hand: Reveling in our sexuality, and admiring the sexuality of young girls ~ those magnificent, breathtaking, and so very desirable little creatures that we all adore so much. There are navigation links right under those two adorable little girls at the top of each page. Above all, enjoy!