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Yummy Candy ~ Chapter II

Story Codes: M/g; Inc; Pedo; Cons
Posted 18 July 2009

The next day dawned bright and beautiful, warm and full of sunshine. Luckily, there was a swimming pool in the back yard. While Candy was eating her cereal that morning, still dressed in her pajamas, Daddy told her that she should put her swim suit on, so that they could stay cool. He told her that they would have a party together, just the two of them, with hot dogs on the grill for lunch, and soda and ice cream. Candy loved it when her Daddy took her in the swimming pool, especially when it was very warm outside. She loved parties even more.

As soon as she finished eating, Candy rushed to her bedroom to change into her bathing suit. When she had changed, she went to the bathroom and got a big fluffy towel to take outside with her. As she started to go back downstairs, she thought that she should get a towel for her Daddy, too, so she ran back to the bathroom, got another towel, and then rushed downstairs to the kitchen.

"Daddy," said Candy, "Why don't you have your bathing suit on yet? I brought a towel for you."

"I'll change soon, Sweetness," said Daddy. "You look very pretty in your bathing suit, you know."

Candy smiled and blushed. She liked it when her Daddy told her that she was pretty. It made her feel all warm inside to know that he thought she was a pretty little girl.

A little while later, Candy and her Daddy were outside, just sitting down on the lounge chairs next to the pool. The sun was very bright, and Daddy didn't want Candy to be sunburned, so he told her that he needed to put some sunscreen on her. He was sitting on the lounge chair, and Candy stood between his knees with her back to him. Her Daddy squeezed a good dollop of sunscreen lotion into the palm of his hand, and then began to rub it into her shoulders and back. His hands moved very slowly, rubbing the warm lotion into her soft skin. Candy liked the way his hands felt moving over her back, all the way down to the top of her bathing suit bottom. He was using both hands, and when he ran them up and down her sides, massaging the lotion in, Candy shivered just a little with pleasure. Daddy put more lotion in his hands, and then began to massage it into the back of her legs. He did one leg at a time, using both hands. When his fingers slowly slid up the inside of her thighs, Candy shivered again as she felt that pleasant tingle in her pee-pee.

When he had finished with her back and legs, Daddy gently turned her so that she was facing him. He gently and carefully rubbed the last of the lotion that was still on his hands into her face, and then he put more lotion on his hands. He massaged this gently into her chest and her cute, round little tummy, his hands moving slowly over her skin. Candy sighed with pleasure. She liked having Daddy touch her like this with his warm, rough, slippery hands.

Daddy put one more good amount of lotion into his hands, and began to rub it into her legs. He did the front of her legs first, and then he did the insides again, only this time, when his hands reached the top of her thighs, he stroked his fingers over her pee-pee, back and forth, for a long, long moment. Little Candy parted her legs a little bit, because she liked the way his fingers felt rubbing her pee-pee like that. Daddy spent extra time on her legs this time, making sure that they were well coated with sunscreen, and also making sure that her little pee-pee was given plenty of attention.

Even though it wasn't really hot outside yet, Candy wanted to get right into the water. She wasn't big enough yet to swim alone, so her Daddy took her hand and walked with her to the shallow end of the pool. He helped her to put her floaties on her arms, and then he jumped into the water and held his hands out to her. Candy jumped into his arms, laughing as he caught her and then slowly released her in the water, her floaties holding her up on the surface.

Staying close to her as she kicked her legs and moved around the shallow end of the pool, Candy's Daddy gazed with appreciation at her cute little bubble-butt, watching as the plump little half-globes flexed and relaxed with her movements. Her slender little legs were parted, giving him a lovely view of her crotch, the fabric of her bathing suit bottom stretched tightly over the tiny lips of her pussy. As he stared at this beautiful sight, he felt his cock begin to thicken within his bathing suit.

Candy and Daddy played in the pool for a while, until Candy began to get tired. Climbing out of the pool, they went back to the lounge chairs near the house and dried themselves off. Daddy asked Candy if she wanted to play for a while before lunch, but Candy shook her head.

"Will you read me a story, Daddy?" she asked.

He was a little surprised, but Daddy agreed. "You go get the book you want me to read, Princess," he said.

Candy darted off into the house, returning a few moments later with her favorite book. It was a story about a Princess, and fairies, and a Prince and all sorts of magical creatures. Climbing up on the lounge chair with her Daddy, Candy handed him the book, and then settled herself in. She sat down between Daddy's legs, with her butt pressed into his crotch, and then she leaned back so that she was reclined against his chest. Her Daddy held the book in front of her, so that she could see the pictures and try to follow along as he read the words. Candy could read a little bit, but this book was a little more than she could handle just yet.

When he had finished the story, Daddy set the book down next to the lounge chair. They had both dried off by now, and Candy said that she'd like to go inside and watch a movie. Again, Daddy agreed. He didn't mind watching a movie with Candy, because he knew that she'd want to sit in his lap while they watched it. It would give him a chance to touch and stroke her little body for a while.

Candy wanted to watch "The Neverending Story," a movie that both she and her Daddy had seen over and over. Daddy put a folded up towel on the seat of the recliner, then sat down and patted his leg, indicating that Candy should climb up and sit with him. She grinned and scrambled into Daddy's lap. Her Daddy was pleasantly surprised when she immediately spread her legs, draping them over the outside of his thighs. She nestled herself back against his chest, and Daddy used the remote to start the movie. Daddy didn't know it, but the only reason that Candy had asked to watch a movie was that she hoped he would touch her again the way that he had the night before.

Sure enough, as he had the night before, Daddy began to massage and rub Candy's body. Today though, he was gently rubbing her soft bare skin instead of caressing her through the material of her pajamas. His cock was soon quite hard inside his bathing suit, but he ignored his own desires for now, intent on making Candy feel good. He wanted her to come to crave this kind of attention from him.

As her Daddy gently massaged her tummy and sides, Candy sighed and relaxed against his chest. She loved how his hands felt as they slid over her soft skin. One of his hands was gently rubbing her chest through her bathing suit top, and Candy felt torn about what she wanted. His hand on the bare skin of her tummy felt so nice that she wanted to move her bathing suit top so that he could rub her bare skin there, too. At the same time though, his fingers moving the material of her bathing suit against her pale little nipples felt lovely. Each time he touched one of her nipples, Candy felt the warmth between her legs grow, along with a sharp little tingle. For a few moments, she just relaxed, enjoying what her Daddy was doing.

Soon though, the desire for that skin-to-skin contact won out. Timidly, Candy reached up with both hands and grasped the bottom of her bathing suit top. She pulled it up on her chest so that her tiny, pale pink nipples were exposed. She sighed deeply again as she felt Daddy's fingers begin to rub her bare, flat little chest.

Behind her, Daddy smiled widely. Yes! he thought. She's loving this! He pulled her tightly against his chest and stomach for a moment, and then continued to massage her upper body as his rigid cock ached and throbbed in his bathing suit. Continuing to caress and massage her chest with one hand, he slid the other downwards, along the top of one thigh. He was gratified to see Candy lift both of her feet up and place them on the recliner, her knees falling apart so that her legs were splayed wide open. She folded her little hands on her belly, and sighed again.

As one hand continued to slide up and down the top of Candy's thigh, Daddy began to move his fingers in little circles on her nipples. First one, and then the other, back and forth, before he began to pinch them gently. He could feel Candy's breath quicken as he caressed her. Daddy was thrilled! His baby girl was enjoying his touches, and from all appearances, she was becoming quite aroused by them.

Sliding his hand down to Candy's knee, Daddy slid it back up the inside of her thigh, stopping just short of her little pussy, then sliding it back down slowly to her knee. Her quick intake of breath as he neared that holy of holies was not missed by Daddy, and he smiled again. He slowed the speed of his stroking on her leg, taking his time, lingering on her soft inner thigh. Again, as he neared her pussy, he stopped, and slid his hand back down along her thigh.

Candy's mind was in a whirl. Everything felt so lovely, so exciting, and it seemed that every touch of her Daddy's fingers went straight to her pee-pee. Her belly felt warm, and it was as though she had butterflies in there. Her pee-pee was tingling constantly now. All she could think was that she didn't want this to ever stop. She wanted her Daddy to touch her like this forever.

She made a little whimper of protest as she felt Daddy's hand move from her chest. His fingers on her nipples felt so good, she wanted him to leave them there. When she felt his hand slide down along her other leg, though, she sighed contentedly. She parted her legs a little bit more, hoping that Daddy would touch her pee-pee. It was crying out to be touched, aching with need.

As Daddy's hands slid back up the inside of her thighs, her hips lifted a little in an involuntary response to his touch. Daddy smiled again. This time as he reached the top of her thighs, he drew his fingers gently over her little pussy, slowly stroking up to the top of her mound. Again, Candy's hips lifted in that involuntary movement, seeking more of this delightful touch. But Daddy was being a tease, and he slid his hands back down her thighs to her knees.

"Do you like this, Candy?" Daddy asked softly. "Do you like it when Daddy touches you like this?"

"Yes, Daddy," whispered Candy. "It feels so good."

"What feels the best, Baby? Where do you like being touched?"

"Everywhere, Daddy. It feels good everywhere." Candy was a little embarrassed to tell him that she liked having him touch her pee-pee.

Daddy laughed softly. "Well, Baby, I can't touch you everywhere at once. Tell me where it feels the best for you."

Candy blushed. "My pee-pee, Daddy. That feels the best."

"Your pee-pee? Well then, Daddy will just have to pay particular attention to your pee-pee."

With that, Daddy slid his hands slowly up Candy's thighs again. When he reached her pee-pee, he didn't stop. He moved one hand to the top of her prominent little mound, rubbing his fingertips in slow circles there, putting pressure on her tiny clit. With his other hand, he reached lower between her legs, stroking her from her tiny little butt hole to the opening of her pussy, back and forth. Candy gasped, and her hips thrust up sharply at this lovely contact, trying to press Daddy's fingers more tightly to her.

Daddy kissed the top of Candy's head as he continued to caress her, his hands moving in a slow, languorous motion.

"Like this, Sweetie? Is this what you meant?"

Candy nodded breathlessly. "Yes, Daddy," she panted.

"You know, Sweetie, what we're doing is something that big girls do. And if you're going to do these things, then you need to start using big girl words, too. Do you know the big girl words for your pee-pee?"

Breathing rapidly now, her hips rising and falling in a regular rhythm, Candy just shook her head.

"Well, you can call it your cunt, or your pussy, and there are a few other names as well. But for now, we can just call it your pussy, okay?"

Again, Candy didn't speak; she just nodded her head, intent on the sensations that were coursing through her little body.

Her Daddy was in heaven. This had gone even better than he could have hoped for! Candy - his little five-year-old baby girl - was sitting in his lap with her legs splayed lewdly, thrusting her pussy up against his hands as he rubbed and stroked her. He wanted nothing more than to tear off her bathing suit, rip his own off as well, and ram is hard cock down her throat. Patience was needed now, though. He had to take this slowly, step-by-step. He'd been jerking off for some time now, so jerking off until Candy was ready to move further along wasn't that big a deal. Damn it, though! Her little ass bouncing up and down on his crotch was driving him crazy!

Slipping his hands from Candy's pussy, Daddy slid his fingers under the waistband of her bathing suit bottom and pushed it down her thighs. Candy brought her knees together, and he slid it all the way off, leaving her completely naked from the waist down. Forgetting that she should be embarrassed to have Daddy seeing her this way, Candy immediately splayed her legs again, exposing her pussy to him. He didn't touch her right away though, and Candy whimpered in frustration.

"What do you want, Baby? Tell Daddy what you want."

"Touch me, Daddy," said Candy. "Please touch me there."

"Where, Candy? Where do you want Daddy to touch you? Tell me, Baby."

"My pee... My pussy," Candy said desperately. "I want you to touch my pussy, Daddy. Please, please touch my pussy!"

Daddy again brought his left hand to the top of Candy's soft little mound, his fingers now able to slip between the puffy lips to find the tiny little bud of her clit. With his right hand, he reached under her thigh, one finger finding the tight little rosebud of her asshole, another pressing against her little vaginal opening. With the palm of his hand cupping the firm globe of her right butt cheek, he put just a little pressure against both openings, moving his fingers in tight circles as his left hand stimulated Candy's clit. The effect was almost immediate.

Her hips rising and falling in a quick rhythm, Candy was making little whimpering moans as the sensations in her pussy began to spread through her body. She had no conscious thought, really; all of her attention was focused on the sensations she felt, on the sharp electrical jolts stabbing through her pussy. She was dripping moisture onto her Daddy's fingers; he used that moisture to lubricate her ass, and then pushed his finger just a tiny bit into it. Candy cried out at this, it felt so wonderful!

Daddy gazed down the length of Candy's body, his eyes traveling from the flat pink discs of her nipples, down over the slight bulge of her little-girl tunny, to the lewdly erotic sight of his fingers massaging her little pussy, glistening with the moisture that dripped steadily from within her. He thought that he had never seen anything quite so erotic. His baby girl was lying back against him, her legs splayed wide open, hips thrusting as she panted and moaned while he explored her most sensitive area. My God! he thought, She is so fucking hot!

Daddy leaned his head down and whispered in Candy's ear. "That's it, Baby. Just go with it, Candy. Let it happen, Sweetie. Good girl, let Daddy make you feel good, Baby." He kept this up, whispering in her ear, his breath only adding to the sensations she was feeling.

Without warning, Candy's body went rigid. Her back was arched, every muscle stiff. Her legs clamped together, trapping Daddy's hands as a long, loud, high-pitched wail came from her throat.

"Oh, God yes, Candy! Come for Daddy, Baby! So beautiful!" At that moment, without touching himself, Daddy came in his bathing suit, stream after stream of hot, creamy semen spewing from the tip of his cock. He grunted several times, until the spasms finally subsided and he went limp, and at the same moment Candy did the same. She fell onto his chest and stomach, breathing heavily, still moaning now and then.

When she had caught her breath, Candy asked, "Daddy, what was that?"

Still gently caressing her pussy, Daddy said, "What was what, Sweetie?"

"That thing that happened to me at the end. When it felt like I was gonna 'splode?"

Daddy laughed. "You thought you were going to " 'splode, " huh? That was an orgasm, Baby. You came. That's why big girls do those things, so that they can have orgasms."

Candy was quiet for a moment, then she said, "I think I like orgasms, Daddy. That made my pee... I mean my pussy, feel really nice."

Daddy kissed the top of her head again. "I'm glad you liked it, Baby. Daddy likes helping you have orgasms."

"Can we do that again sometime, Daddy? Please?" She relaxed back into her Daddy's chest even more.

"We can do it lots and lots, Candy. And if you want to, Daddy can show you lots of nice ways to have orgasms."

"'Kay, Daddy. I'd like that." She snuggled into Daddy's arms, and within a few moments, she was sound asleep.

Carefully, Daddy got out of the recliner and moved Candy to the couch. He pulled the afghan from the back, and covered her sweet little body up with it, first removing her bathing suit top. Then he lifted the blanket again, leaned down, and planted a soft kiss on her round little ass. He covered her again, and went upstairs to remove his come-filled bathing suit and take a shower. He was smiling all the way, quite pleased with the way that things were progressing.

~ To Be Continued ~