"A little girl is Innocence playing in the mud,
Beauty standing on its head, and
Motherhood dragging a doll by the foot."

~ Alan Beck ~

Short Stories

The Shorts Page will list and link you to short, one episode stories. For those of you who prefer to get to the sexual activity faster, these are the stories for you. While I'll still work from an intimate knowledge of the characters I'm writing about, these are generally going to be the kind of stories that are more focused on the sex.


Mommy, Show Me How   (F/g; Inc; Rom; Con; Pedo)

When Jenny's Mommy catches her masturbating, she is disturbed to find that she's sexually attracted to her ten-year-old daughter. When Jenny learns this, she convinces her Mommy to make love to her.


Kirsten's First Experience    (f/g; Rom; Cons; Pedo)

Kirsten's Sitter, Jess, learns that Kirsten has a very bad crush on her. Their relationship quickly becomes romantic and sensual.


Missy's Dream Comes True    (g Solo; M/g; Incest; Cons)

Eleven-Year-Old Missy sees her Daddy masturbating in the barn. She convinces him to go to the hayloft with her, where she sets about seducing him.


Do You Remember?    (g Solo; g/g; Rom)

The Sweet Memory of a brief encounter between two sixth-grade girls. Please be sure to read the "Author's Note..."