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Alvo Torelli's Favorite Links:


Piper's Domain. Hands down the best site for underage mind control stories. Many authors. Great contests and a fantastic web site (unlike Alvo's terrible site). Note: Piper's Domain is no longer active, but it is still an archive for a lot of good underage mc stories.

Chris Hailey. Solid underage stories by a collection of writers. A great site.

Torrid Tales of the Taboo. Lots of good underage stories by several authors. Note: Unfortunately, Lassiter's Torrid Tales site has disappeared.

Rose Eastman's page. Large collection of great stories by several authors.

Leslita. I'm starting to appreciate some of the stories in this extensive collection. Lots of bestiality. But also a lot of junk. You have to pick and choose carefully to find the good stuff.

Georgie Porgie I like quite a bit of the stuff on this page, but not all. Some of it is just not my thing, but that's okay. Definitely worth a perusal. And given that there are some limericks here - how could I not include it on my links list?

Sterling's Erotic Stories A very prolific author with lots of interesting (and hot) ideas.

Renpet Renpet is an interesting, serious writer. Lots of detail in intricate stories. Sometimes a bit hard to follow, but generally quite good.

Tempest A sizeable collection of lovely and erotic stories. Highly recommended.

Admiral Cartwright There are only a few stories here, but they are well written and enjoyable.

Erotic Stories by Janus What I've read her so far is well written and original. Lots of stories going back at least a decade.


More to come.

Here's a random naughty limerick:

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