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Clayton 24 April 2018 Run needs a new start, Shipwrecked needs to be rapped up, too many names bogging it down.? Silk purse is fantastic, needs extended, flower petals needs to skip a few years and resume. Mostimportantly you need to quit going on vacations and not get sick. So get to work! Erm... I'm guessing this is sarcasm and meant as an odd way of passing on complements... right? Right?
Darkside7 24 April 2018 My favorite author on the internet! Please keep the stories coming. Thank you so much, Darkside7! I'll keep turning the out if you'll keep reading them :)
Anonymous 24 April 2018 You're a fantastic writer, with a genuine gift for eroticism. To clarify, as the boxes above aren't that specific, my favourite kinks/fetishes in your stories are: anal creampie eating; ass sniffing; preteens; hairy asses/pussies. But, of course, I read them all! Many thanks for the kind comments! You and I clearly share a lot of kinks/fetishes. Thanks for taking the time to submit the poll, I sincerely appreciated it.
Anonymous 24 April 2018 I love stories involving incest with preteen girls and their parents. Love most kinks including: incest, watersports (primarily girl-girl), brown showers (again girl-girl), gang bangs with preteen girl, strong female body odor (including very bad breath), menstruation and tampon play, first time stories with preteen virgin, fisting, mild bondage, cum spitting, webcam stories with adult male/female and preteen girls, creampies and exhibitionism (preteen girls must be involved), uniform/costumes (Girl Scouts, cheerleaders, dance girls, gymnasts, communion dresses, wedding and bridesmaids dresses). Also love intense stroke stories. I am married, with no kids, but one on they way. We have play acted many of our interests and both enjoy reading your stories. Please keep up the good work. Look forward to reading and cumming hard to them. Love pumping my wife full of cum after we read a story/chapter. Thank you. P.S. We are naming our baby Lily. Holy cow, you're naming your daughter Lily? Seriously? I'm so humbled! I hope little Lily grows up with a lot of love and opportunity. I hope you'll enjoy wonderful fantasies about her, but that those fantasies will stay in your bedroom and in your heads. She deserves a safe and protected life even if you two have strong and vivid fantasies about your daughter. Just remember that reality never lives up to the fantasy, and the harm done is real and difficult on the child the rest of their lives. Love little Lily and give her a special life free of abuse. That would be the best tribute of all!
Wobberjacky 24 April 2018 Thank you for sharing your works and for the opportunity to provide feedback like this! My pleasure, thanks for responding to Poll #2
Anonymous 22 April 2018 Love the new graphics for your home page. Love the new stories. Can't wait for all the new updates. Many thanks!
Lawrence 14 April 2018 Your writing is great, well-paced, good grammar, and very sexy stories. Thank you for taking the time develope and offer these to us! Thank you so much!
Anonymous 29 March 2018 I'm just curious to see when your next update form is it's been awhile Just posted a few new chapters this weekend (Emmy, Ahead of the Curve, and the first 3 chapters from the sequel to Groundhog Nights, Judge Not.) Hope you enjoy!
Anonymous 9 March 2018 Young girls of different races loving white teen boys or even white men. Oooo...kay.
Anonymous 26 February 2018 Chase I know who you are. You are Steven King without the horror and gore. Admit it, you can write from a different perspective.

This was a beautiful story and one of the best ever on Asstr. Thank you!
Thank you so much! Which story did you like so much?
Chas 17 February 2018 Just read though the FAQ's. I like many of the same authors you do, not really a surprise there. I may have mentioned in another posting that I found your stories here while on SOL or one of Renpet's stories! I really enjoy that authors work as well. But I will be checking out the other authors that you mentioned that I may not have seen before. I appreciate the code that you follow for your characters too. You are right about there being enough pain and hardship in the real world as it is.

You do have some very endearing characters in your various saga's. I too fell in love with Bailey and Amy, also Audrey and Tara have been dear to me. I've gone to bed late reading a story, thinking about the story as I was winding down to sleep and then woke up with the same story on my mind upon waking. In most cases I couldn't wait to get back to the story while in my time off from work and other life events. I may have mentioned this before as well, but I really appreciate the character list before the chapters of your stories. This is especially helpful in the Shipwrecked saga where there are so many different people mentioned.

Speaking of Shipwrecked...It only took a short time to realize that Kal was the "person of interest" when it came to the "Empire" seeking him out for "crimes against the state or helping the enemy" in chapter 163. You had mentioned that the first boat that Kal had found with the dead solderers on it was adrift, but did not mention if it had any markings on it that would cause the Progress empire to find more reasons to cause Kal misery. I also see the yacht being where it is causing more questions than the islanders would care to answer as well when Progress shows up. Oh yeah, Felicity caused me a chill. I've personally dealt with one or two women like that in my life, not a pleasant experience for sure. Like in the story they saw though my intentions better than I did, which eventually led to some growth on my part, but yeah like I said, I could relate to the frustration that Kal was having. I had to chuckle at the one handed typing thing...I tried that while in chat rooms, which I failed at. I eventually gave up on that idea, one handed typing just too slow and took too much concentration to do both at the same time. ;-) Wishing you all the best!
Thank you so much (again), Chas! There really is no better compliment for a writer than to be told his/her stories kept a reader up late :)

Re: Shipwrecked: You'll see if you were right about Kal and the person of interest soon, that part of the story is picking up momentum in the next few chapters. I'm stuck on a plot point that I want to think hard about before publishing. Once I've sorted that out, I'll get chapter 164 up thereafter. Not sure when yet.
Aussieray 13 February 2018 What is your choice of all your stories Do you mean which story of mine do I like best?

Semper Fi is the story I'm most proud of, generally. I love the characters, the story arc, the considerations of mental issues and courage, the redemption and hope at the core.

Besides Semper Fi, I feel that Ahead of the Curve and Shipwrecked are probably the two others I think best represent my writing. The former because it doesn't depend on hard-core fap sex scenes (though those are in there at times,) and the latter is one which offers a sweeping narrative about relationships and survival challenges within a fairly small "world" on the island.

Diary of a Loose Girl is another favorite, a bit of a dark horse which I haven't updated in a couple of years. I hope to add new chapters to that series soon.

Run was probably my favorite long story to write and play with and I can't wait to be able to pick up the story again with a sequel.

For short stories, Special Needs and Jae Hwa's Night at the Swingset are two which I think are my best (because neither is a pure fap scenario, offering an actual story for the characters involved rather than just a sex scene or two.)
Anonymous 9 February 2018 You gonna come back to this at any point? (refers to Judge Not)

I didn't realize that you were also the author of Shipwrecked until just now. I enjoyed that story for the first several chapters, but then it started getting to woo-woo to me, with plot twists being thrown in seemingly just for the hell of it.

In comparison, I just spent my morning reading this entire series quite happily. I'd very much love to read more about Tara and Quinn... Especially if she ends up being caught in a loop herself and reveals that to her father. That could be a very interesting piece of writing, trying to figure out how the two characters would take to the realization that they've both done this.

Either way, keep writing. You have a talent far beyond most authors on Asstr. I hope that it's fulfilling for you; and if it isn't, I hope you find a way to become a published author and make it fulfilling, if that's something you want.
Sorry that I've missed responding to your email before now, I've had a very busy few weeks, and I'm just starting to catch up on emails. My apologies!

Thanks for the feedback on Shipwrecked and Groundhog. I hope you'll want to give Shipwrecked another shot if it still appeals, if not, I understand.

I also wanted you to know that I am planning to publish the first two chapters of the Groundhog Nights sequel, Judge Not, on Sunday, April 15 (if all goes as planned.) I hope you enjoy it! JN is a bit different than GN, though you'll find a lot of the same erotic themes involved, but it will be a much more broad and bizarre story than the original.
Gary 5 February 2018 Holy crap, Batman. I just noticed you are on Tumblr as well. Nice selection of content. Glad you enjoy! Naked women are my favorites :)
Vince 6 January 2018 Thx love your work You're welcome!
Anonymous 5 January 2018 Dear Chase, I am a long time fan. I really like following the various series and eagerly await updates! However, I noticed that since the ASSTR crash, you rebuilt your site in such a way that it uses scripts. For the obvious reasons, I use TOR Browser with NoScript. This unfortunately makes your site unreadable / unusable for the most part, so I am "forced" to allow scrips temporarily, which is a security / privacy risk, which is something I take seriously when browsing taboo matters. Even though I like the new lay-out and even though I understand that to use this feedback form, you need scripts, I would really appreciate it if you could bring back a no-script front page with links to your latest stories and an overview of the series to date, like it was before the crash. Thanks for your consideration and keep up the good work! Sorry, anon! I hadn't really thought much about how the site might not work in such a situation as yours. Obviously, I redesigned the site with a lot of javascript so that it was easier to maintain and offered better navigation for readers. I don't know what I might do to bring back a static, non-script page. I'll look into it. I'm not redoing the whole site to remove the javascript at this point, but I'll see if there's some easy solution I can give you to help out. Sorry again!
Just a fan 25 December 2017 Thank you for the delightful stories that you have taken the trouble to put together. All I can do is enjoy them and the least is to say thank you. The consensual incest (and bestaility) scenes are extraordinary. SO quite sublime and so dirty. So very dirty. I am not into scat, but the touch the smell and the taste. It is nice to know that there is someone who has a common taste. I hope you continue your life, in love and happiness, and be grateful for a loving wife, who appears to share so much with you, even if it is not everything.

Please keep writing and enjoy yourself and, if I had a wish, it would be to have a mother son story. Not that it is a show stopper, if there is none;-))

Happy holiday season and may you get to sniff, lick and taste a sweet anus - perhaps your wife's, if she is into it. It has been ages, since I've done it, and boy do I miss it.

I'm glad we have a form to send in feedback. Many authors' emails are no longer valid, unfortunately.
Thank you so much! I do have a couple of mother/son stories in the works. Not sure when those might come out, but they are in my 'todo' list (which never seems to grow shorter! )
Anonymous 25 December 2017 I have to say I really enjoy your writing. I write myself but I’ve never written erotic stuff. Have to say it is very well written with flushed out characters who are real. My favorite story so far has been shipwrecked. I enjoyed the narrative immensely. I personally like stories written in the omniscient form rather than first person because I like knowing what each character is thinking and feeling. Terry Brooks being an example of authors I prefer. However, after reading Flower Petals I’ve found that I can enjoy stories told from the first person perspective. As I read, I was expecting Orchid to reveal to her father how she felt before they consummated their relationship and was hoping to see that she revealed that she had felt something towards her father as well before she was with him intimately. Thank you for your works. Keep the pen filled with ink and the page full of words. Thanks so much! I really appreciate the kind words.

Like you, when I read, I tend to prefer third person/omniscient for exactly the reasons you stated, but as an author, I find it much easier to drop into the narrative and offer a first person point of view most of the time. It does mean a lot of perspectives, such as Orchid's, are not represented, but it allows me to get very detailed descriptions which can pass on to the reader in a way which, to me, feels more visceral.

I have done a few omniscient views, such as my series Run, and that can be a lot of fun because, as the author, I'm not 'trapped' inside a single character's head. It definitely makes it easier to move around in the story and hit the highlights from different angles. But when I'm imagining a story, most of the time the first person narrative is the one I feel compelled to use because if feels more 'real' to me as I write it. Plus, the narrator is, by definition, ignorant of a lot of things and can be imperfect (though I try hard not to abuse that technique since it feels very disingenuous most of the time when used.)
dirtyjoe69 15 December 2017 your stories read like the reader is right there experiencing the scenes with you. your descriptive words feel as if you have experienced these situations for real. if you have then you are possibly the luckiest guy on the planet. anyway thanks for the hot stories they are so hot I can blow my load without even touching my cock.... Thanks, dirtyjoe69! All my stories are purely and completely fantasy. I have never, and will never, touch or engage in sexual activities with children. Ever. Obviously, the fantasies are arousing, but I would never harm a child (or anyone) and the reality of the sorts of things I write about would never be 'wonderful' and 'lovely' for the child. I'm happy to fantasize and nothing more. I wish others could do the same and stop harming children.
Closet Pervert 12 December 2017 Great stories! My favorites are Lyna's Leggings, Zinnias Zippers, and Kelly's Kegels. I have always fantasized about sniffing dirty little girl panties and playing with their piss flavored little cunnies! and the fact it is consensual makes it even more enjoyable. I would love to read one where the man enjoys sniffing a little girls butt as well as her pussy. Thank You for hours of great fap material! Thanks, Closet Pervert! Little girl odors are simply wonderful. I'm with you on sniffing little girl butts, I'll definitely include some of that in future stories/series :)
Anonymous 12 December 2017 love young bisexual humilation Ok... Not sure what this comment refers to, I don't write anything dealing with humiliation.
strayxlust 4 December 2017 I have been a reader at ASSTR for a very long time.. and have been a reader of stories on BBSes back when I was little and was going to bbses like Rusty and Eddies.. Ark After Dark etc. Always looking for stories to read, as the graphics were soo terrible back then.

I have read many many many stories, and have truly enjoyed the various arc stories you have. And honestly deeply appreciate the fact you are spinning a tale, and not just smut. I was explaining to a friend how its a novel. That happens to have good sex, that is often generally taboo. But its not the taboo.. its the story that makes them all so good. Thank you for sharing your tales with us.
It is really my pleasure to share these fantasies with you! I definitely care about the narrative and plot and 'reasons' in most of my stories. The sex scenes are a lot of fun, sure, but being able to set them within a unique context makes them extra hot, in my opinion, and I'm glad you find it worth the effort.

Some of my stories don't do as much in that area (such as Emmy Grows Up and some of the short stories,) but most of what I write has a lot of context and story development to make the sex have a purpose and isn't just purely a fap tale.
Anonymous 2 December 2017 I'll read most anything. It's kind of like a writer with a muse, and the words just seem to come out. If I start reading and the "vibe" doesn't kick in for me, I will stop and move on. To me, no story is bad, it just becomes a story that's not for me. I don't have criticism for anyone's work even if it is poorly written. Some of the better stories I have liked/loved from other authors have been atrocious grammatically. I don't presume to correct, I'm just happy they put forth the effort so that I could read it and enjoy it. Great, thank you, Anonymous! I try hard to ensure I catch all my grammar and spelling mistakes while editing, but I know I miss them sometimes. If you see any in my stories, feel free to let me know so that I can fix them!
DerMeister 30 November 2017 It's great to see you actively posting so many stories since ASSTR rose from the ashes. I understand your frustration, as an author, and not being able to publish your works. With that said, I know you'll keep at it and deal with ASSTR as it continues to flounder.

As for me, my favorite story is Flower Petals. But I can also understand your reason for long times between chapters, if you're gonna do it, do it right!

If you don't get too many more stories/chapters up, you just have a great time with family and friends for the upcoming holiday season!
Thanks, DerMeister! It has been frustrating, for sure. Hopefully ASSTR will remain stable and start bringing back online all the broken systems, such as the form mail, reader and author spotlights, and that sort of thing.

Flower Petals is fun to write, but I often don't focus on it at any given time since it has largely become a sandbox rather than the plot-driven story it was in the first 40-50 chapters. Since readers picked it as the top favorite in the recent poll, I'll try to be more active in getting out new chapters moving forward.
Anonymous 25 November 2017 Please find a story for me I wish you would have left me an email address and some story details. I can't do much without that.
jdh4405 23 November 2017 Just wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!! Thank you, and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, as well!
Anonymous 23 November 2017 I love your stories Thank you so much!
Anonymous 19 November 2017 Thanks for your stories! I’ve really enjoyed reading them. I would really like to see some light to moderate male bisexuality in the context of if there always be a feamale(s) involved. I can only remember you touching on it in one chapter of Shipwrecked and just a little in Run. Also, I really enjoyed Emmy Grows Up. The survey only had one spot for favorite story so I went with Run but I really liked the other also. I remember reading the original several years ago. Thanks, Anonymous! I don't write much in the way of bi-male scenes because, in general, it's not of personal interest to me. Not a judgement, just not my thing most of the time. I will, however, occasionally include that in future chapters of some series, though I'm not sure yet. I do enjoy the coming-of-age boy-boy learning-type scenes, and there is one in Aunt Jamie\'s Purse where Slim and his friend Sandy masturbate next to each other. I can see doing more of these sorts of scenes in the future.
Anonymous 15 November 2017 Thank you for giving this enormous collection of excellent porno to your happy fapping readers. You're welcome! It is my pleasure to share with you!
Chuck 13 November 2017 Great stories Thank you!


This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.

So, I'm not an ASSTR owner or administrator. I'm just an author here. I have the same access (or lack thereof) and the same non-response from admins you have. Sorry, I can't help you.

ASSTR has been suffering for many years and left to corrode badly. The admins / owners have other lives, other jobs, other commitments (so I hear) and they don't have time to handle the support of this site's users.

Maybe you missed it because the admins have done a poor job of letting anyone know what's been going on (including us authors), but ASSTR suffered a major server crash over the summer and was completely offline for weeks. It just came back up in September, and large parts of the system, including the author web portal, new author signups, and server-based form emails are still broken. I don't have any answers for when/if any of these will be fixed. I assume they will... eventually.

I know this was meant for ASSTR admins and not me, but, in the future, you will better make your point and your voice heard if you stop TYPING ALL CAPS.
Anonymous 6 November 2017 Since You've Returned...

I don't understand where you're going since your return to writing. You've said the "Shipwrecked" and "Flower Petals" are by far our readers' favorite stories.

For a time "Shipwrecked" was one of mine. "Flower Petals" remains as a favorite.

I suspect that more than a few of your loyal readers wish you'd stick to them instead of starting new stories.

I realize that you're the writer, so you write whatever you want to. We can't change that. We can only hope that you'll devotee ore time to them and get them rolling again
*Sigh* I get the frustration with this, I really do. So much so that I wrote a blog post about this very thing just a few days ago.

I don't write well if I'm stressed, and if a story isn't flowing for me, it is stressful to try to force it. I write to relax and escape. Trying to force a story out is not fun and I have no desire to do that. Ever. It's why I have so far resisted several reader's suggestions that I offer paid subscriptions, such as Nick Scipio does on Patreon. I don't want the stress of being paid for a hobby I do as I have time.

Beyond that, since I returned after the ASSTR server crash kept all us authors away for many weeks, I've already uploaded 15 new chapters of Shipwrecked and 2 new chapters of Flower Petals. That's seventeen chapters (probably 50-60 thousand words) in about six weeks since returning. I don't know what more I can do. Both of those stories are open-ended serials. They are playgrounds, of sorts, to explore new ideas and interesting plot lines, but there is no rush on my part to finish the stories. I add tens of thousands of words to those series each year, and I'll continue to do so regularly. But I'm not going to focus only on one or two stories. That's not me, that's not who I am, and I'm not going to sacrifice the other decent ideas I have just to force myself to constantly put out new chapters of favored series.

I've not abandoned either story in favor of others, as should be obvious by the fact that I have put up so many new chapters in the previous weeks. I love those stories, those characters, and I am regularly compelled to return to those worlds and tell more about those lives. But they aren't the only things I'm going to write about, sorry.
Floyd Fan 4 November 2017 I love preteen and early teen lesbian sex I haven't written a ton in that genre, but check out Tender Box for a sweet romantic romance between Channa and Urma.
Abby 4 November 2017 You write to my heart...and lower. I fantasize about having a grandpa playing with me on his lap...touching me like my own grandpa did... Thank you so much, Abby, and thanks for sharing! I hope you continue to enjoy my stories!
Anonymous 1 November 2017 I just wanted to let you know that my husband and I love reading your stories together. We always get so aroused that we end up fucking hard, or mutually masturbating. Fantastic! I'm thrilled to be able to help the two of you enjoy your time together. Feel free to reach out to me and let me know which stories you like or if there are certain types of stories you would like to see.
Anonymous64 31 October 2017 Yes Chase the new stories are all very enthralling and exciting. I've been enjoying them all as I am sure others are. Run , Yes one of the most captivating for me. But Flower Petals has some quite remarkable similarities for real life experiences to me. All good as well! Shipwrecked has me on the edge of my seat! Can't wait to see the next chapters!! I LOVE the short stories!! WOW! There's even older ones I've never read!! How exciting!! Keep up the excellent work/hobby!! Thank again! I had a period over the spring/summer, when I was locked out of my account and then the ASSTR crash, where I didn't feel up to continuing some of the long-running series with no way to publish the new chapters, so I wrote a bunch of short stories instead. I've posted a few of them so far, still have a bunch in the can to edit and publish.

I have been working on Run again. It needed some time to rumble around in my brain, I think, a couple plot pieces I had to figure out, but I think I'm on the right track with it. Not sure when I'll put up the next chapter, I want to get more written to be sure I'm happy with the plot decisions, but hopefully I'll have some new chapters after more than a year waiting.

Of course, Flower Petals is a fun story to just sit and write. With it, I don't worry too much about all the rest of the world (unlike Run, where the plot can get quite tangled) so I just greet the characters from FP like old friends-with-benefits, and then let them show me a new thing or two and boom, out comes a new chapter :)

Glad to know that Flower Petals is something you connect with personally! Hopefully your experiences were good ones for everyone!
John 28 October 2017 Hey, I have read most of your stories and thoroughly enjoyed almost all, I love the loving tender aspects and wanted to let you know that your work and efforts are appreciated, thank you so much. Thank you so much, John! I really enjoy writing stories where there is love, romance, and humanity at the core of the relationships, and I'm glad it shows!
RS 26 October 2017 Glad to have you back in the fold, many of us missed your writing while the ASSTR site was down. I have just finished reading the last of the chapters that you posted and I must say that you still amaze me with the quality and feel of the work you do, very impressive, but again I want to say thank you for the time that you can take me away to a different reality if for but a little while. I always look forward to new works of yours, and I have really enjoyed the short stories, of which some of them seem to be rather open ended and with further potential. Thank You. Thank you, RS! I really appreciate you reaching out and letting me know you are still reading and enjoying my stories! I'm still catching up on editing and publishing stories/chapters I wrote during the months of ASSTR downtime, plus I've been adding to several series since then, so hopefully I can keep adding new stuff regularly for some time.

A couple of the short stories I may revisit, especially Jae Hwa, that one I left somewhat open with the possibility of adding more later. Most of the others I will probably leave as little self-contained vignettes so as not to 'over-produce' them by trying to bring in all the context and 'reasons' that I narrate into my various series.
Anonymous 29 June 2017 It's been 4 months since your last dispatch. Please let us know that you are alive, healthy, and free. By June, I was locked out of my author account, sorry. I had no way to update my home page, and unfortunately, you didn't include an email address to get back to you. I'm back now though (October 2017!)
Anonymous 24 June 2017 Hey Chase. You're missed around these parts. Hope we get to read some of your art soon. Thank you! Sorry I was AWOL so long. Partially due to being very busy, partially because I couldn't get in to manage my author account (see comment below.)
Ron 20 April 2017 Just wanted to thank you. I've enjoyed your stories Many thanks, Ron!
Anonymous64 20 February 2017 Chase! How soon are we going to see more chapters!? Man you've got everyone hanging by hairs on here!!!! Personally need more of Shipwrecked, Flower Petals and Run!! More of the others as well too but those are my personal favorites!!!! Sorry for the months-long delay. I was very busy until about mid-April 2017, and when I had time again, I found myself locked out of my author account. And then ASSTR crashed leaving everything up in the air for a couple more months. It is October, 2017, and I'm finally back in. I've published ~10 new chapers of Shipwrecked over the past week, and I have new chapters of FP ready to edit and publish. Run is getting close, too. I am writing the entire end of the story before publishing any more so that I can (hopefully) clean up all the lose ends (of which there are many!) Thanks, A64!
Tio 19 February 2017 I just want to tell you how much I have enjoyed your stories. I have read several of your short stories , Sempier Fi and Shipwrecked (to date). Everything I have read could easily go to conventional print but for the hot sex. I'm pretty sure you are ex-military. Sempier Fi was written too well for a "civilian". I passed the link around to some of my VFW buddies, they all agree.I'd like to see more of that type.

I am hooked on Shipwrecked. I can't wait for the next installment. I spent 20 years at sea. I have always wished to be washed up on an island like theirs. And of course with all the free sex I'd never come home.I will add more comments on the most recent chapter so as not to cause a spoiler here. Everytime I buy GS cookies, I think of Bailey.
Thank you so much, Tio! I really appreciate your comments. I won't discuss my past but I will say that military stories are something which I felt compelled to tell, and Semper Fi was a sort of culmination of a lot of those ideas needing to come out. I'm glad that was realistic and enjoyable.

And who wouldn't want to know Bailey and the others on Phoenix? (In a fantasy world, of course.) I love writing that story and I hope I can continue to keep it feeling fresh and interesting as the community grows and matures.
Anonymous 30 January 2017 Hey! I love the stories on here. I've got an idea though. How about a story of a boy and a girl together? rather than adult child Hi there, Anon! I don't know what ages you are looking for, but the series Emmy Grows Up might fit what you are seeking, though it has adult/child relationships, too.

I do have in mind a concept for a new series which is predominantly pre-pubescent and blossoming characters, few if any adults. I haven't done anything with it yet, and I have some other priorities I really want to finish/launch/continue, but I'll return to this if I can flesh out the idea a little better. It's a sort of homage to the 'playing doctor' fap stories but cast in the the more 'plausible' narrative I like to use.
Angunn 15 January 2017 I have to say that what I like most in your writing, is about the creampies. Especially the anal ones. I am longing for more to come. It is so arousing the way you describe ! And also when you describe the cleanig of vagina after the girls and women peeing. That is one of the things I am sorry to say I have not experienced. I think it must be good for you to know that many of your readers, men and women, are siting around the world so sincere waiting for more to come. Panties is also one of my faourites. The girls and women hunting, finding and smelling..

Something is now hitting my nose !
Hi Angunn! It is wonderful to hear from my favorite Norwegian lady :)

Thanks for the very kind words! I love the creampies, too. ;)

It is ashamed you have never had the pleasure of being cleaned after peeing. Maybe it is not too late for you? Perhaps someone might be wanting to do that for you, you never know!

I love knowing that people, men and women, are getting off to what I write. It turns me on a lot to hear about it from people, and you are a favorite since you tell me what you really think!

I wonder, were you smelling your own panties or someone else's? Either way, it is very hot and I'm sure the scents are delightfully naughty!
Anonymous 11 January 2017 Just read the opening chapter of "ahead of the Curve." Excellent work! I'd just like to make an observation about you feeling that one reader was "ordering you" to finish some other project you'd started. I saw that more like a fan of one of those projects making a request. You obviously hit on something that grabbed that reader, and passionate feedback may often feel like "an order," but try to accept the praise more than the frustration of a reader getting hooked on one of your premises. Great writers have great hooks, and when on gets hooked it isn't unusual to hear how they feel. That's my two cents worth. Thanks, and you're right, of course. That's the basic idea I tried to express at the beginning of my response. It is truly humbling that readers feel strongly enough about what I write that they get upset when I don't keep feeding new chapters on a regular basis, or don't do so fast enough.

I think that one just hit a combination of things: I'd been in the middle of a very busy period of my life when writing was something I had to squeeze in (and I'd nonetheless delivered a couple dozen chapters or more of various series,) new stories were taking my attention (and I wanted to write them while they were boiling in my head,) AND I'd just published seven new chapters in Flower Petals, the series the commenter had explicitly listed.

And, this isn't the first one of these sort of 'demand' emails I've gotten, just the one I happened to publish and respond to. A couple of others that I got that same week were far less publishable (let's just say that one of them addressed me and my -- to the reader, unknown and anonymous -- family a variety of disturbing names, apparently because I hadn't put up new Flower Petals chapters fast enough or something -- the email was largely incoherent.)

Anyway, you're right, though, and I appreciate that you took the time to explain how you saw it. I'll try to take it that way in the future. But it would be nice if it sounded less like a demand and more like an expression of interest. Thanks for commenting, anon!
Alexander Martin 9 January 2017 I am just writing to let you know i have read and liked several of your stories. Thanks for putting them up on ASSTR and sharing them. I appreciate the longer form and characterization.

I just finished Emma Grows Up. I liked the hypersexualization and the parental encouragement. I confess to being skeptical about 9 year old girls taking a man's cock vaginally but its fiction and i liked the fantasy.
Hi Alexander Martin! I really appreciate you reaching out to me! I'm glad you are enjoying Emmy, though it definitely is not a normal story/style for me, as you noted. All my best!
Anonymous 4 January 2017 I've read several of your stories and enjoyed them greatly. Thank you. Many, many thanks!
Anonymous 4 January 2017 I love your writing, and I appreciate the time you've devoted. Thank you for sharing your passion with us all. Thank you so much! It is my pleasure to do so!
Anonymous 4 January 2017 Don't listen to that guy demanding more of one thing vs another. You are one of the best writers of the genera and I couldn't be more thankful for your decision to share your fantasies. You are doing great work, write only what you want to:) Thank you so much! I'm definitely not going to worry about some anonymous commenter who thinks they can direct my efforts. I'll continue to write what I'm feeling and try to ensure it is always quality. I'm certainly not interested in trying to force out new chapters in stories which I'm not feeling like writing at that time. Thanks for understanding!
Anonymous 1 January 2017 Is there a way to download your stories on as one complete file so I can read in my e-reader? Currently, I don't know how to provide that for readers. All of my stories on ASSTR are in html format as individual chapters. I don't even have a master text file of the published versions (with all the incremental edits) available for myself.

I'd love to provide epub and other formats for ereaders, but right now, I don't have a clue how to do that. Sorry!
Anonymous 22 November 2016 How about working on some of the stories you already have going? I mean, a YEAR for an update to Flower Petals before you released a couple of chapters. Starting new stories just means you'll be leaving more and more readers hanging. SMH. I put out more content than most authors on ASSTR in a given year, and that's not good enough. I really do appreciate that you want more, more, more. You like my writing and want to read more of your favorite series. I get that, and I am humbled.

But making demands of how I spend my time? Directing me to do one thing instead of another? Not cool. Yes, there was a huge gap for Flower Petals while I had a lot of Real Life going on and while other stories took precedence. But since October, 2016, I didn't just publish "a couple of chapters," I've published seven. More than 22,000 words. All while adding to other series and stories. Flower Petals is open-ended, as I've said many times elsewhere. There is no rush from my end to get to a conclusion. There is no conclusion.

And no author is going to willingly force him/herself to write in a series where the muse isn't hitting. I write what is flowing. I won't sacrifice the quality for the quantity.

I do this as a hobby. I make zero money for my efforts. I share it because I know others like to read what I write, and it does feel good to have readers compliment my work. But this is a hobby, one I choose to share with you. I appreciate the desire for more of your favorite series. I don't appreciate being told what to do with my time. If this comes off defensive, it is because I simply cannot understand why anonymous commenters believe they can order me to write what they want to read and to ignore what I feel compelled to write, what I am enjoying writing. I do this for myself first, sorry. That's just the way it is.