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Kiss The Girls

Play, fun, love, respect
The Judgement of Paris
Three goddesses, Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite, claim the golden apple labelled 'to the fairest' that the goddess of discord threw into a party they were attending. A mortal man of good character, Paris, is given the dangerous task of awarding the apple. The goddesses bribe Paris in an attempt to sway his decision.
Fairies: Karen and Tina [1 nice chapter]
(gg pedo play exhib) Two very playful little girls have fun in the afternoon, ending with mild exhibitionism. (If you only like nice stories, only read chapter one!)
Rescuing Jenny [4 chapters so far]
(Mg7 pedo rom cons play; b+/g7 bond spank) A good man meets and plays with a good girl, who then tells him how she's treated by others in her life. (If you only like nice stories, you might need to skip chapter three, but please don't unless necessary.)
Sheila and Lisa Take a Bath [a nice short story]
(Mg7g5 pedo cons rom exhib play) An adoring father gives his two daughters a bath before a slumber party. Based on Sheila's Slumber Party, but edited to be suitable for people who only like nice stories. If that's you, this story is for you, the other one isn't.
A Letter to Nicole
(Mg7 pedo) A plea for sanity in an insane world.

Make Them Cry

None of the above
BR&T Magazine [25 stories, 4 drafts, map, chronology]
(M+B+b+/g+ pedo bondage rape torture brutal + many others) Stories from and about BR&T Magazine in the 1990s. (Pay attention to all story codes, since stories vary greatly!) Many of my other stories are in the fantasy 'universe' in which BR&T Magazine exists, even if they aren't directly related. You can do a search on ASSTR for universe:BRAT Magazine (BRAT not BR&T) to find them.
Bunnytail Elementary School [11 stories, 1 draft, map]
(M+B+b+/g+ pedo nude humil spank bond) Stories from and about students of Bunnytail Elementary School, even when not in school; a part of the BR&T magazine universe with many stories (there or here) showing the close relationship Bunnytail Elementary has to BR&T magazine. These stories are generally milder and don't directly involve BR&T magazine.
Assorted Nasty Stories [16 items]
(Individual story codes vary greatly) Girls being kidnapped, bound, humiliated, spanked, raped, and other things, by men, boys, and other things. Sacrilige and blasphemy, some murder, a very naughty poem, incest, and other things. Read the descriptions and story codes carefully and avoid the ones you would dislike, okay? Several of the characters in these stories later (to them) appear in either Bunnytail or BR&T Magazine stories.
The following are in approximately chronological order in the BR&T Universe, although there is overlap between these and the ones in Assorted stories, Bunnytail, and BR&T Magazine. (See the chronology where I've been trying to straighten it all out and explain it.)
Wendy's Torment [5 chapters so far]
(b+M/g7g6 pedo humil bond spank) Wendy hates riding her schoolbus, and she hates school. Here are the beginning chapters telling why. This story introduces some of the boys who much later (as men) publish BR&T Magazine.
Fairies Cry: Karen and Tina [8 chapters so far]
(b+/g pedo bond humil tort spank) Two playful little girls become played-with little girls when the neighbor boys find the right threats to use. The boys are cruel to the core. This story introduces some of the boys who much later publish BR&T Magazine.
Torment of the Little Sextoys [1 chapter, 1 draft]
(B+/g+ pedo nude humil bond spank rape) A boy and his three friends torment many different girls, including their sisters, cousins, neighbors, and chance encounters. Introductory chapters to a mountain of raw material in this fantasy series, little of it in finished form yet (sorry), but I'm working on putting some of the rough drafts here.
Twins Club [2 chapters so far]
(B+/g+ pedo humil spank) Four teenage boys take control of a girls playgroup, causing the girls much anguish and terror.
Little Trisha in Big Trouble [2 chapters so far]
(BBB/g6 pedo kidnap humil) Three Boy Scouts have a long and terrible day planned for a Brownie Scout from the adjacent camp. The first two chapters tell of the capture.
Police Evacuated Our Farmhouse [4 chapters so far]
(M/g8g7g6 pedo kidnap drug bond rape oral humil tort) Two men use a trick to kidnap a family with three girls. One of them gets the girls to play with, and proceeds to rape and torture them. One girl gets away to tell her story... or did she? The men of this story begin publishing BR&T Magazine shortly thereafter.
Kidnapped Schoolgirls [1 finished story, numerous rough drafts in the index itself]
(M+/g8g7 pedo kidnap bond rape brutal) The men of the renamed Pretty Dolly Rape & Torture Club gather many schoolgirls to play with and feature in their new publication, BR&T Magazine. This is a series of stories about one such trip, or at least it will be when or if they get written. (This series was inspired by Blackwind's story Kidnapped Schoolgirls, and includes that story, rewritten to fit the BR&T Magazine universe.) Events occur about ten years after Police Evacuation and about ten years before Bunnytail and all of the following.
Night Riders [3 chapters (and one rough draft) so far]
(M+/g7g5 pedo bond rape brutal spank) Two girls have to commute between their divorced parents every week, and have to make the long trip by bus at night, to save money. Elisa has been making the trip for two years; her sister joins her shortly after her fifth birthday. BR&T gets both girls eventually.
Meadows, Book Two Cindy's Stormy Life [3 chapters so far]
(BB/g8 pedo humil) A storm destroys a girl's bedroom one night. The next day, she gets help from three of her neighbors. The first chapters merely set the scene, but several more chapters are in rough draft form and I thought some people might like these chapters on their own merits.
Meadows, Book One Marie's Naughty Sunday [11 chapters]
(Bb/g8 pedo bond exhib threat humil brutal spank) A girl plays with the neighbor boys, knowing she shouldn't. She finds out why not when the play gets way out of her control. Complete in 11 chapters, with more "books" planned. Chapter 1 is available in Dansk. (Book One was written before Book Two, thus the numbering, but occurs several months later in the timeline, thus the index order.)


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