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The Stories of the Wish Master

- by Alvo Torelli

The Wish Master is Professor Imrash West, PhD, R.A.P.E.M. Professor West is more than happy to grant your wish - if your wish is interesting enough and you're willing to pay the price. But be careful what you wish for!

Eight independent stories of sex and mayhem.


The Halloween Slut (Mg, Fg, M+g, mc, inc, best, oral, anal, bond, magic) Lena gets her wish to have the best halloween costume - forever. Originally published on Piper's Domain - contest winner.

The Halloween Slut 2: Lena Meets the Easter Fuck Bunny (Mg,gg, M+g, mc, inc, best, oral, anal, bond,magic) Lena's cousin Becky Sue gets her wish for "Happy Bunny Love."

The Halloween Slut 3: Lena's Quest for Santa Claus (Mg, mc, oral, anal, magic, best, Xmas) Lena goes on a quest to find the really real Santa Claus amongst the hundreds of horny fake Santas all about.

The Halloween Costume Contest (Mg,mg, mc, inc, oral, nc, magic) Leah Sturm gets a costume from our old friend the Wish Master. Dressed as a Harem Slut for her middle school costume contest, she soon learns what her new costume will force her to do to win.

A Summer of Wishes (Mg, Fg, Mb, mc, inc, ped, bond, best, tf, prost, ws) A collection of Imrash West stories. Five interelated stories told by ten-year-olds recounting their summer adventures after receiving a wish from the Wish Master.

The Jealous Bitch (g, fg, mf, mg, m+g, mast, bond, nc, oral, anal, inc, best, humil) A novella about the dangers of jealousy and revenge.

The Little Girl and the Elevator (Mg, Dg, mc, nc, oral, prost, best, ped) Faith Rowel HATES it when the elevator doesn't work. But the Wish Master is there to help poor Faith. Surely everything will be fine.

The Golden Touch (mc, mF, mf, Mg, Mgg, MFgg, inc, bond, preg,) Sam Kindig is disappointed with college life. But when the Wish Master grants his wish to be more easily attractive to girls, his life gets a little bit crazy, and then crazier still.

Please let me know what you thought of the Wish Master's various devious stories. Feel free share to your ideas! There might be more Wish Master stories in the near future. For the time being, until ASSTR gets the email server back up, please email me here: or you can use the comment form below, which allows you to remain anonymous (if you prefer). I generally respond to comments if you give me an email address.

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