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A Summmer of Wishes

-by Alvo Torelli, 2017

Brief Synopsis: Professor Imrash West, the Wish Master, granted wishes to five lucky fourth grade students at the end of the school year. But Professor West's wishes usually bring their recipients much more than they bargained for. Now Professor west returns to the elementary school at the beginning of the year to hear how the five ten-year-olds fared during their summers. All five of them had unique sexual adventures beyond their wildest dreams. About 23,000 words.

(Mg, Fg, Mb, mc, inc, ped, bond, best, tf, prost, ws, nc, con)

Part I - The adventures of Pattie Sutor

Part II - The adventures of Witt Leusink

Part III - The adventures of Marti Dixon

Part IV - The adventures of Bettina Hartgrave

Part V - The adventures of Helen Knower


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