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The Golden Touch - A Wish Master Story

- by Alvo Torelli, December, 2017

Brief Synopsis: Sam Kindig was disappointed with college life until a kindly substitute advisor, Professor Imrash West, granted his poorly worded wish to be easily attractive to girls. Sam's resultant Golden Touch is more a curse than a boon. A story in three parts. About 19,000 words.

(mc, mF, mf, Mg, Mgg, MFgg, inc, bond, pre, orgy)


Part One: Sam makes a poorly worded wish and soon discovers the depth of his curse - along with a pretty waitress, a cute teaching assistant and a lovely young coed.

Part Two: Finally disentangled from his three lady friends, Sam returns home for the holidays. But his wish/curse strikes again almost immediately, this time closer to home - his preteen sister Marigold.

Part Three: Sam and his little sister Marigold were discovered at just the wrong moment. Fortunately, Sam's curse provides an answer to the dilemma, even if it gets him into much hotter family water. Will it all come out okay for poor, cursed Sam Kindig and his two sweet, gorgeous preteen sisters?


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