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The Jealous Bitch - A Wish Master Story

- by Alvo Torelli

Brief Synopsis: Beautiful, spoiled, fourteen-year-old Julieta Bosch is convinced her handsome older boyfriend, Edgar, is cheating on her with twelve-year-old Georgene. With the help of the Wish Master, Imrash West, and a little switcheroo, Julie sets out to find the truth and seek revenge on the girl she thinks has done her wrong. About 24,000 words. This is a dark story!

(g, fg, mf, mg, m+g, mast, bond, nc, oral, anal, inc, best)


Chapter One: Julieta Bosch gets jealous and meets the Wish Master.

Chapter Two: Julie's wish begins in an unexpected way. She has the most interesting self-examination.

Chapter Three: Julie discover that her fears were unfounded - but she's started down a terrifying path she can't escape.

Chapter Four: Bound and gagged, Julie oddly discovers the depth of feelings Edgar and her brother both have for her, as another wish is fulfilled.

Chapter Five: Edgar uses Georgene's bound form to torrment the boy who owes him money, but it's Julie who is really tormented.

Chapter Six: Julie's jealousy is replaced by outrage at Georgene. She finds the perfect method of revenge with the help of a local stray.

Chapter Seven: In the conclusion of our story, Julie awakens to discover her revenge on Georgene isn't quite what she'd wanted, and that her debt to the Wish Master must be repaid in ways she wasn't expecting.

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