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The Halloween Slut's Quest for Santa Claus

-by Alvo Torelli, 2016

(Mg, mc, inc, conc, oral, best, magic, Xmas)


Oh! Wow, so like, hi! You came to hear a nice story to make you feel good all over? Really - you want an exciting, hot story to warm you up from the Christmas cold? Uhm, okay, well, I guess I could tell you a story, I mean, if you can't think of anything more exciting for us to do.

But you know, you look kind of excited already. Maybe because you like my outfit? It's my special Christmas outfit that Santa gave me - isn't it pretty? I love, love, love these candy-cane stockings. Don't you think they make my legs look long and sexy? And these knee-high black boots make me so tall - almost four and a half feet - that's like sooo tall for a girl my age. Did you know I'm only ten? I bet you thought I was older! Right? 'Cause, like, what ten-year-old do you know that wears a red garter belt? And don't you just love the elf costume? It's such a pretty deep green, with all this nice candy cane trim and I love the way it hugs my waist and the skirt flares and flounces about when I move. See? Oh! Watch this! I only have to bend over this much, hardly at all, for you to see my naked little bottom. And if I spread my legs just this much while I'm bent over you can see my ... oh gosh, don't blush, it's okay. I LOVE showing off my - elf costume.

Oh, yeah, I forgot! My name is Lena Southwell. What's your name? Wow! Really? Gosh.

But you wanted me to tell you a story, right! I guess you, like, already heard the story about how I became the Halloween Slut awhile back - when I met that mysterious Professor West guy who gave me my wish? You did? Great! Did you hear the story about my little cousin, Becky Sue, and the Easter bunnies who all came and lived with us? That was a scary story, but it was really, really cool. You heard it? Oh, gosh. Well, then I guess you're all ready to hear about the time I met the Santas! It's kind of a crazy story, but, like, it might warm you up. And if it doesn't, well, maybe you can think of some other way for me to ... Hey, do you have ten dollars?

Okay, so, it all started because of something daddy said. He had just pulled his long cock out of my pussy and a long string of his cum arched between my tight little slit and his cock-head. He looked down at me with a funny look on his face as he tilted his head to one side. Daddy sighed and said, "God, I love my little slut! It's too bad you have to grow up, Lena."

For days and days I thought about what he said and for the first time in a long time I got really sad! Daddy was right! It wasn't fair. I was the Halloween Slut, and part of being the Halloween Slut was being ten-years-old and pretty and sexy, with smooth perfect skin and flat little boobies and no hair down in my private area and ... And I realized that I loved being who I was and I never ever wanted to change. But I'd already been the Halloween Slut for a while - and some day I'd be eleven! In no time I'd be twelve, then thirteen - I'd be OLD! I would have boobies! I was so unhappy. But I also kind of wanted to have boobies.

But, like, instead of just sitting around moping and having sex with daddy and Buster, I just had to do something about it! I decided I'd try to find someone who could help me - I was sure I could. So I put on some of the sexy clothes daddy had gotten me, 'cause I still didn't have my Halloween Slut costume back from the police. Gosh, one of the skirts daddy got me was sooo short - so I wore that one. And I put on some high heel ankle boots and a sheer top that was nice and tight and left my pretty belly button exposed. I put on some nice bright red lipstick from my little purse and brushed my blonde hair until it was shiny. I looked out my window and there was the black limousine! And the black limousine took me downtown and stopped at a big department store with lots of pretty Christmas decorations and bright lights and people rushing around in the snow. I saw a big sign that said "Santa's Village, open nine to nine through Christmas Eve" and then I understood why the black limousine had brought me here. Who better to ask for help than Santa Claus?

I wrapped my big coat around my outfit, 'cause it was, like, sooo cold and I went into the huge department store and everything seemed so big and bright and kind of scary! But I told myself I'd faced way scarier things - like the time the little tag on my collar said 'Kennel Whore' and the limousine dropped me off at... Wait, I'm getting distracted again. Sorry, I'm sure you don't want to hear that story. So, like, to get back to the department store - I got over being scared and I went and found the line to see Santa Claus, and it was kinda a long line even though it was, like, almost eight thirty! And the lady who was way too old and ugly and big to be a real elf, but she was, like, so bossy, didn't like me getting in line without a mommy or daddy. So I reached in my little purse and I gave her a couple of my ten dollar bills that I'm always getting when I go on trips in the limousine and daddy lets me keep some of them. So then, like, she let me get in line and she closed the line right behind me so I was the very last one.

By the time I climbed up into Santa's lap they were already starting to turn off the lights in the store and like practically everyone was gone and I thought, maybe, they were going to make me come back tomorrow. But Santa put his arm around my waist and said "Hello, Lena. It's so nice to see you! You're still such a sweet, pretty little thing."

How did Santa know my name!? What did he mean?

"Don't be scared, Lena," Santa said, seeing me gasp in surprise. "Now, what can I do for you?"

I decided not to be scared. It was just Santa. So I got, like, really really serious and I said, "Santa, for Christmas I want to make daddy even happier than usual."

"Well, that's a very sweet Christmas wish, Lena. But, how do you propose to do that? I'm sure you already make your daddy VERY happy."

"But I'm getting old!" I said. "Daddy likes me young, and so do all those other nice men and women that I go visit in the black limousine."

"Ah! I see," Santa said. "But I've already granted you a wish, Lena - I can't help you this time."

"What?" I said, in shock, and then I looked really really close at the Santa in the mall - I looked past the fake beard and mustache and the fat suit and I saw what I should have seen from the beginning! I saw the amazing bushy eyebrows and the wrinkly old face. It was Professor West - the man who gave me my costume and granted my wish that made me the Halloween Slut! If there was ANYONE who could help me, surely it was old Professor Imrash West. But he just said he couldn't help me! I was like sooo sad and confused. I almost started to cry.

"Now, now, Lena, don't be so sad," the old professor said. "I can't grant your wish, but I know someone who can."

"Really! Who? Who, Professor West?"

"Well, the real Santa Claus, of course."

"There's a real Santa Claus?"

"Of course there is, silly child. But he's very hard to find. I happen to know that he's here, in the city, somewhere - but you'll have to find him if you want him to grant your wish."

"But, how will I find him? How will I know he's the really real Santa?"

"Oh, Lena, with your talents, I'm sure you can figure it out. But I'll give you a hint! The really real Santa is the only being in the whole wide world who tastes like candy canes."

"Huh?" I said, 'cause, like, I didn't understand.

Professor West sighed. "His - emissions - taste like candy canes."

"His, uh, emissions?" I asked.

"Oh for Christ sake! You're really not the brightest bulb amongst the Christmas lights, are you Lena? His CUM, you silly girl. His jism, his spunk, his semen, his nasty thick hot baby seed - it tastes like peppermint. And do NOT ask me how I know this? It involves a great deal of single malt."

"Oh!" I said. And then I said "OHHHHHHH! You mean, the only way to tell if it's the really real Santa is to ... OH!"

"There's the bulb on at last," Professor West said, but I don't really know what that meant.

I started looking for the really real Santa that very night. Professor West said he was in the city, but I didn't know for how long, so I got started right away. I hardly knew where to start! The city is sooo big and I'm just a little girl after all. I stood in front of the big department store and when they turned all the lights off I could suddenly see my reflection in the window. Something twinkly caught my eye. I leaned in close and saw that it was the little heart-shaped tag that hangs from the collar that never comes off my throat. I was pretty good at reading backwards by then! Right away I could see that the little tag said "SANTA'S CUM SLUT." I got excited 'cause I was pretty sure that meant I was getting close to the really real Santa!

And guess what! As soon as I turned around and looked up I saw Santa Claus - right there on the same street, selling hotdogs! He had a little cart and it was all decorated with pretty little Christmas lights and he was wearing his red suit with all the white fur trim. I couldn't believe it. I'd found Santa right away. But was he the really real Santa? I really really hoped so.

I ran up to the Santa and I asked "Are you the really real Santa Claus?"

The hotdog Santa looked down at me with a big smile. "Of course I am, sweetie? Want a hotdog?"

"You are?" I said, but then I remembered what the old Professor had told me, so I asked, "Can I check? To be really really sure?"

Santa gave me a puzzled look, but he said, "Ah, yeah sure, princess, whatever you want. Hey, hey, whoah, what the fu... Oh shit, whoah, yeah, oh my god, yeah, oh..."

I guess I kind of surprised the hotdog Santa when I ducked behind his cart, where nobody could see me, and pulled his cock out of his Santa pants. It wasn't very big, but it sure got hard fast when I slipped it into my mouth. After a few seconds of sucking on his dick I had to stop and look up at his gaping face and say "Hush! Somebody will notice, Santa!" Then I went back to sucking his dick and just about a minute later he shot his thick cum into my mouth and I swallowed it all.

But the hotdog Santa's cum didn't taste like peppermint candy canes at all! It was just regular old cum flavored. He wasn't the really real Santa and I was really really disappointed. But it wasn't his fault, I realized - he had to say he was the really real Santa 'cause, I guessed, like, that was part of the game of pretending to be Santa. That's when I realized just how hard it might be to find the really real Santa and I got kind of scared. How many pretend Santas were there in the big city? Would they all say they were the really real Santa?

I wiped my mouth on the fake Sant's hand towel and got up and said, "Sorry, I guess I have to keep looking."

"Don't be sorry! Christ almighty that was the best fucking blowjob I ever had. How the hell old are you, little girl?"

But I didn't answer him, I just got up off my knees and buttoned my coat around my sexy clothes, 'cause it was like sooo cold. I must have looked really unhappy, 'cause the Santa insisted that I take a big hotdog with me, covered with chili and cheese and steaming in the cold air, even though I wasn't really hungry. I just carried it with me as I walked down the street wondering what I was going to do next.

I thought I saw another Santa suit going around a corner down the block from me and I hurried after it, but when I went around the corner into a dirty alley there was no Santa. "Drat!" I said.


"OH!" I jumped back at the sound of a huge, wet, mangy and dirty dog who was pawing through a knocked over garbage can. He was way bigger than my golden retriever back home, Buster, who I love all to pieces. And he was the same smoky gray color as the dirty fog that swirled in the dark alley. "Don't worry, boy," I said, taking a step back. "I don't want your trash." Even as big as the dog was, he looked really miserable and cold and he didn't have any collar on. I remembered I had the hotdog in my hand! "Do you want this, boy? You can have it, poor thing." I put the hotdog on the ground and I backed up again, 'cause the dog was really really kind of scary. And when the dog padded forward and ducked his big head down to sniff at the hotdog, I turned and ran out of the alley and back into the lights of the main streets downtown.

And that's when I saw the three Santas come rushing out of a dark store on the other side of the street, two of them carrying big black bags filled with presents!

The three Santas ran down the street, coming towards me. I had to let a bus go by before I dashed across the street to intercept them. Could one of them be the really real Santa? Maybe they would know where the really real Santa was? Gosh, my heart was beating so fast. I caught up to the Santas just as they ran up to a big black cargo van and jerked open the side door.

I grabbed the coat of the nearest Santa and I gasped out, "Santa, Santa are you the really real Santa? Please! I have to find the really real Santa."

"What the fuck?" the Santa I was grasping said. Then he turned and saw me, and even though I was still wrapped up in my coat his eyes went wide in a way that I recognized. Unfortunately, it also startled him enough that he dropped his black bag, which spilled its contents onto the wet sidewalk - a whole bunch of sparkly, pretty jewelry. I thought, wow, somebody is going to have a very happy Christmas. But then there was a lot of yelling and one of the Santas grabbed me and threw me in the back of the van. The next thing I knew we were driving fast and banging around in the big open back of the van.

"Did you get it all!" one of the Santas yelled at another one of the Santas. All the Santas were sitting on the floor of the careening van, like I was, and I realized that I couldn't tell any of the Santas apart! "Who the fuck is this girl," the same Santa yelled.

"Yeah, I got it, and how the fuck should I know," one of the Santas answered. "But Jesus, look at her!"

The third Santa grabbed me by my sleeve and yanked me around and shouted "Who the fuck are you, little girl?" He really scared me, so I popped the two buttons on my coat and wriggled out of it to get away from him.

"Holy shit!"

"Damn! Will you look at that!"

I was cowering against the wall when the van came to a screeching halt and then a fourth man came to the back from the driver's seat. He looked angry and he was wearing all black and he yelled, "What the fuck is going on back here? Holy shit, who is that and what the fuck is she doing in the van? Oh crap, she's seen my face - you fucking fuck-ups!"

"Hey, take it easy," one of the Santas said, "she's just a little girl."

"A little girl dressed like a hooker. For Christ sake, what's she ..."

"Please!" I yelled. "I'm just looking for the really real Santa Claus. I really really have to find him." All the Santas and the driver stopped yelling for like one second and then they all laughed at me, which was not nice! "Ohh!" I yelled. "The really real Santa wouldn't be so mean! I don't think ANY of you are the really real Santa."

"Hey, girlie, I'm the really real Santa," one of the Santas said, and he was smirking behind his big white mustache and I didn't think he was being very nice. But I had to be sure.

"I don't believe you!" I pouted.

"Oh, but I am, I am, I'm the really real Santa," he said and the others all chuckled.

"Then prove it!" I said and I jumped over and I pushed him in the chest really really hard and he fell back against the wall of the van.

"Hey!" the Santa yelled and then he said, "whoah, hey, what the fuck, oh shit, oh shit," 'cause I already had his cock out of his big loose Santa-pants and quick as a wink I wrapped my lips around it and started sucking and swirling my tongue around, just like I know will get daddy's cock ready to go again in no time at all.

"Holy fuck, look at that," I heard one of the other Santas say.

"Jesus, look at her, oh my god."

"Yeah baby, go, go," and then they were all chanting, "go, go, go, go!" as I got the Santa's cock hard and long and I slipped my lips up and down and up and down with my tongue swirling around.

Santa didn't last very long. I don't know why it is that guys never last very long the first time I suck their dicks. Do you know why? Do you want to see if ... Sorry, I got kind of excited there.

So, like, anyway, Santa came in my mouth - lots and lots and it was thick and hot - but it didn't taste anything like peppermint candy cane. I was so disappointed. I sat back down on the cold floor of the van and I pouted. I know, I know, I should have been a bigger girl about it, but I was just so disappointed and I was cold and it was smelly with all those Santas in the van and I didn't know where I was any more. I was kind of miserable.

But then I remembered there were two more Santas I hadn't tried yet! I felt way better.

"Why the fuck did you just suck his cock?" one of the Santas asked me.

"To see if he was the really real Santa," I said, like the Santa was stupid. I was starting to think maybe all of these Santas were a little bit stupid. Why were they racing around in a van instead of using a sleigh?

"So, like, if I tell you I'm the really real Santa, are you going to suck my dick?" the Santa asked.

I frowned at him, but I asked, "are you?"

"Damn straight!" he said, "born and raised, only really real Santa there is."

So I sucked his dick. But he wasn't the really real Santa. There wasn't even a hint of peppermint in his thick hot cum. But he did seem to really like shooting his cum in my mouth, 'cause he moaned a LOT.

I turned to the third Santa, and I flicked my tongue out to get the last drops of cum off my lips before I said, "and I suppose you're going to tell me you're the really real Santa, aren't you."

"Hell yeah, sweetie, hell yeah! This here is the really real Santa."

But he wasn't the really real Santa at all, and I was starting to get a little bit full of cum, even though I hadn't eaten the nice chili-covered hotdog the other Santa had given me.

"Babe, you got it all wrong," one of the Santas said to me. "I'm the really real Santa!"

"What? No! I already checked. You are not the really real Santa."

"No, no, no, that fucker over there fucked you over, babe - you sucked his dick twice. I'm the really real Santa. Here suck this big fat mother into that pretty mouth."

Ohhh! I was so mad! Either this Santa was tricking me, or the other Santa had tricked me! But I still sucked that Santa's dick, or sucked it again, I don't know which. It did take him awhile to shoot his hot, gooey cum into my mouth. But it still didn't taste like candy canes.

I sat on the floor and pouted!

"Okay, okay, you passed the test," the driver of the van said. He'd just been sitting there watching the whole time.


"Yeah, it was just a test to see if you were serious. None of those dumb bastards are the really real Santa - I'm the really real Santa."

"No your not!"

"Yes, I am. I'm the really real Santa - I'm in disguise. Ha!"

I stared and stared at the driver of the van. He didn't look anything like Santa! But then, if Santa was in disguise, he wouldn't want to look anything like Santa, would he? My head kind of hurt. I was so confused. I decided it was easier to just suck the man's dick than to figure out if his story made any sense.

The driver had a really big dick, a monster, and I thought maybe that was a good sign that he really really was the really real Santa. I had to use my hands to stroke it and for good measure I caressed his balls like daddy likes. The driver did a lot of moaning and twitching and he grabbed my head to push more of his cock into my mouth when he came. But he didn't taste one bit like candy canes.

"You're not Santa!" I said once I'd managed to choke down all the drivers hot cum. "You're just mean."

"Yeah, but I'm fucking happy!" the driver said. "Jesus Christ, you're good at that!"

"So, what are we going to do with her," one of the Santas said. "She's seen Rocco's face."

"Yeah, and now she know's my name, dipshit!" Rocco, the driver said and he whacked the Santa in the side of the head hard enough to slam him into the side of the van.

"Ow! Fuck, sorry."

"Let's keep her!" another Santa said, and he held up a length of black rope. "I'm guessing she'd be good for more than blow jobs."

All of a sudden I was really really scared. There was definitely something wrong with these Santas! And Rocco too. And I didn't like the way they were looking at me. That's when something slammed into the side of the van.

The whole van rocked and somebody said "What the shit?"

The van rocked from another blow, then a second later something landed on the roof of the van with a huge thunk.

"It's the cops!" one of the Santas yelled. "They tailed us."

"No fucking way," Rocco said and he jumped up into the driver's seat so that he could look out into the darkness where we were parked. "Nobody tailed us! I'm telling you." But another huge thunk on top of the van made him flinch, followed by something black slamming against the windshield. "Jesus!"

One of the Santas panicked, opened the door of the van and bolted out into the night. A huge roar of noise sent him screaming off into the darkness and swirling fog. A second Santa followed him and disappeared as well. I was too scared to move, which didn't matter, because mean Rocco jumped into the back of the van and grabbed me.

"What did you do?" he yelled. "Who the fuck is out there?"

I was like too scared to answer, but the whole van rocked again as whatever was up on top jumped back to the ground with a heavy thud. "Hold her!" Rocco yelled at the last Santa and he threw me into Santa's arms.

Rocco was just trying to climb back into the driver's seat when the huge gray dog from the alley crashed into the van and everyone screamed and the dog bit down on Rocco's boot. The dog moved sooo fast. He dragged the driver from the van, smashing the guy's head against the concrete and ripping the boot from his foot. Rocco was out cold. The big dog jumped back into the van and starting coming straight at me and the Santa who was holding me in front of him, growling like nothing I'd ever heard before. I was sooooooo scared! But when the dog lunged forward, all teeth and a roaring growl, he went right past my shoulder and latched onto the Santa's throat.

Santa let go of me and I fell forward, then crawled away as fast as I could. The dog held Santa in his jaws for a moment while Santa trembled, then he slammed him into the back of the van so hard that the back doors flew open and Santa fell to the ground. Santa managed to get up and he stumbled and lurched away into the swirling darkness as fast as he could.

The dog turned on me! His eyes were bright yellow and there was foam on his mouth. He padded forwarded and I was sure I was never going to see daddy or Buster or anyone ever again! I was sooo scared, right up until the big dog licked my face and then nuzzled his big, cold nose against my neck.

My new friend and I left the van and walked up the alley, then up a dead end street. It was dark and lonely and scary, but I thought I might not ever be scared again as long as my new friend was with me. When we got back to the main street the black limousine was waiting for us.

When we got home everyone was asleep, except Buster, who wasn't sure he liked Gray, which is what I decided to call my new dog-friend. But they sniffed each other and I told them to be nice, so they were. And then Gray ate, like, half of all the dog food we had in the house, plus a chicken from the fridge. And ten dog biscuits. I promised Buster we'd get more. Gray could really really eat.

Then we all three headed up to my room and I told Buster I was too tired for playtime. Besides, I wasn't sure I was ready for Gray to know about playtime. And I really really was tired.

The next day I decided to get an early start so I put on some more of my pretty clothes, like a super short sleeveless blue knit dress that hugged my body sooo tight and my little nipples poked little points in the fabric and it was always trying to ride up on my butt but I yanked it down every few minutes. I noticed that some guys really like watching me yanking down my dress like I'm afraid it's gonna ride up and show my ass cheeks. I get butterflies in my flat little tummy when that happens! Gosh, I'm getting off the subject again, aren't I? Maybe it's 'cause of the bulge in your pants that keeps twitching.

So anyway, like, I got all dressed up pretty in my short blue dress and some knee-high black boots that daddy got me that he really likes, with like four inch heels. And of course I didn't wear any panties, 'cause who would wear panties with such a pretty, short dress? I mean, come on! Do you think I, like, don't know anything? Geez!

Oh gosh, I almost forgot to tell you! So, like, remember I said that the big dog, Gray, was like all dirty and mangy. Well, he was and he was kinda smelly too! So before I got on my pretty blue dress I told Gray to get in the shower so I could, like, clean him up and of course it was easier to just get in the shower with him and like, well, one thing led to another. I found out Gray had a really really strong, long, rough tongue. And he really really likes to lick my pussy, which he did for a long time and gosh, it felt so good and I had, like, a bunch of orgasms. Wow. Just thinking about it is ... Oh, sorry.

So like, once we were all ready I looked in the mirror to make sure everything was perfect and the little tag on my collar still said "SANTA'S CUM SLUT" so I knew I was doing the right thing. I wasn't surprised when I saw the black limousine waiting for me and Gray came with me, 'cause it just seemed like he should and I don't think I could have stopped him even if I wanted to. But that was good, 'cause it was a long drive to the city and it was great to pass the time with Gray's nose up under my short blue dress. And then the black limousine dropped us off at the same big department store.

Gray and I headed for Santa's Village and a guy tried to stop us 'cause I guess maybe they don't like huge gray dogs in department stores but one growl from Gray sent the guy in another direction. At Santa's Village there was a long line of little kids waiting to see Santa and I didn't think I had time to stand in a long line again. But just then Santa decided to take a ten minute break and he got up and went into his little North Pole house.

Quick as a wink, Gray and I ran around to the back of Santa's Village. There was some old guy pretending to be an elf, but one look at Gray and he, like, decided to go take a leak instead of stopping us from going in the back door of Santa's house.

"Hey, who let you... Whoah, that's a big fucking dog!" Santa said as we came in the back door of his little house. And then he said "Whoah!" again, 'cause I like took off my warm coat and I pulled down my dress 'cause it always rides up when my coat is on.

I didn't want to waste any time so I marched up to the Santa, who was pressed up against the wall with wide eyes darting back and forth between my short dress and Gray's big teeth and I, like, just grabbed his pants and I said "are you the really real Santa?"

"What? I mean, who, I, what?"

"Oh! I don't have time for this!"

"Hey what are you... Whoah, hey! You can't... Okay, okay, you can!" Santa got pretty crazy when I yanked his Santa pants down and pulled out his shriveled old cock, but one growl from Gray was plenty to make him stand there. Once my warm ten-year-old lips were wrapped around him and I was stroking his shaft and fingering his balls he got bigger and harder real fast. "Oh my god! OH! OH! Oh fuck me! YES!"

"You're not the really real Santa," I said with disappointment about a minute later and I wiped the extra cum from my lips with a little handkerchief I brought with me in my little purse, 'cause I just kinda knew how this was gonna go.

"Holy shit, little girl! That was... hey, what are you... fuck!" Santa was really surprised when I pulled out a bright red Sharpie and marked his dick with a big red X. Like I was going to let some mean fake Santa trick me a second time. NOT!

"So, like, do you know where I can find the really real Santa?" I asked Santa, looking up into his nice bearded face from where I was still kneeling in front of him with his shriveled cock in my hand.

"The really real... What the? Ah, I, ah guess you could try the union hall."

"The what?"

"The union hall. There's like, half a thousand Santas in the city - we've even got a union - it's brand new. So try the union hall."

Santa told me where the union hall was, but it didn't open until the middle of the afternoon. So I put back on my coat and Gray and I went to search for more Santas.

It turned out to be pretty easy to find Santas. There were a LOT of them. Practically everywhere I looked there was another Santa - ringing bells in front of stores, delivering packages on bicycles, sitting for photos with little children. They were all over the place. By ten o'clock I'd sucked a dozen Santa-dicks and not one of them tasted like candy canes. It's a good thing that Santas always get really excited by my pretty blue dress and my boots and the way I wrap my young lips around their dicks. They all came really fast, or it would have taken forever. And every time Gray just stood back and watched and made sure I was okay, which was sooo nice. And when I got out my Sharpie to mark the Santas Gray growled, which made it way easier.

But then I met two Santas who were delivering packages from a big green van and I thought, wow, that's a Santa thing to be doing just before Christmas. I could even tell these two Santas apart, 'cause one was tall and skinny which made me kinda question if he could be the really real Santa who is supposed to be, like, fat and jolly! But what did I know? And the other Santa was short and fat, but he had dark skin and a black mustache under his white mustache, which was just weird. Anyway, so like, I got in the van with the two Santas and asked who was the really real Santa.

"Damn, Lalo, it's her," tall Santa said to fat short Santa.

"Madre mia, you're right, just like Johnson said. And look at her. Fuck me, man, she is hot. How old are you chica? We heard about you - you want some action, eh?"

"I just want to find the really real Santa!" I said, shrugging off my coat.

"Jesus!" tall Santa said.

"Madre de Dios!" fat Santa said, but he got control of himself and he asked, "You really gonna suck our dicks to see if we're this really real Santa you're looking for, chica?"

"Are you?" I asked.

"On my mother's honor!" fat Santa said. "But I don't let no little white whore suck my dick. That's not Lalo's way, chica."

"But I need to know!" I said, flustered. "I have to taste it."

"No, no, china. Lalo wants a nice hard fuck. So does Junior here. I never fucked a little girl before. You ever fuck a little girl Junior?"

"Holy shit!" Junior said.

"Oh!" I said. "Fine. But don't get any ideas or Gray will get mad and you don't want him mad."

Fat Santa wanted to go first and he pushed me down on my front on a pile of boxes and pushed my short pretty blue dress up over my bottom. "Dios!" he yelled, "look at the little puta, Junior. Oh fuck me, she's gonna be so tight. Oh, Madre de Dios! Ay!"

Fat Santa's dick was really fat too! He spread my legs and pushed it into my tight little pussy. And then I could tell he was really surprised when he pushed it in deeper and deeper and it went all the way in! 'Cause that's, like, part of being the Halloween Slut! He fucked me really hard and fast and it felt sooo good! By the time fat Santa came in my pussy I was totally, like, having a really really good orgasm, which I think he liked 'cause he kept yelling "puta, puta," over and over again. But it was good that it didn't take him very long to fuck me, 'cause Gray and I were in a hurry! And as soon as he was done and he stepped back, breathing really really fast, I scooped up some of his cum from my sopping little pussy and I licked it off my fingers. But fat Santa wasn't the really real Santa, which would have been pretty surprising, come to think of it.

"Holy shit, did you see that Lalo?" tall Santa said.

Tall Santa barely had his dick inside my tight little pussy before he was cumming. It was kind of disappointing, but we were in a hurry. It was even more disappointing that his cum didn't taste like candy canes. I think those two Santas would have liked it if I'd stayed with them a lot longer, and maybe they would even have given me some ten dollar bills - but when they suggested it Gray growled and they let me out of their big green van really really fast.

I guess the word about me was spreading in the Santa network way faster than I was finding Santas, 'cause eight of the next ten Santas I found already knew about me and they even knew I would fuck them if they insisted. And none of them tasted like candy canes. Early on, I saw a reflection of the little heart shaped tag that hangs from my collar in the glasses of one of the Santas. It was bouncing around, but I concentrated hard until I could read it. It had changed to "SANTA'S FUCK BUDDY." So I was resigned to having to let most of the Santas fuck me from then on.

One pair of Santa's was really nice though. Back behind a bar where they both worked as bartenders, I got down on my knees so that one of them could fuck me from behind while I sucked the other one. I saved a lot of time that way! Wasn't that sweet of them? Too bad neither of those nice Santas was the really real Santa.

By the afternoon I'd found a lot of Santas, and I'd tasted a lot of cum, but I was no closer to finding the really real Santa and the only lead I had was to go to the Santa union house. So that's where I went.

The Santa union house was a dingy back office in a run-down building at the edge of downtown and it took me, like, a long time to get there, especially 'cause there were several Santas along the way who were all very happy to see me. But I finally got there and I walked in and there were like maybe a dozen Santas all over the place, lounging around on sofas and sitting at tables playing cards with other Santas. It was a lot of Santas and I started to get a little bit nervous 'cause they all stopped what they were doing and they all looked at me and a lot of the Santas smiled in a kind of scary way. But I put my arm around Gray's neck and then I felt a little better.

At the other end of the room there was a pretty lady with really white hair piled on top of her head and pale white skin and who was really really tall and thin and wore an all-white pants suit. She sat in a really really big chair behind a wooden desk and she stared at me over the top of her white glasses with a pinched expression like 'what was this little girl doing in her Santa's union house.' So Gray and I walked slowly across the room to her 'cause I could tell right away she was like the boss of all the Santas.

"Yes?" the lady said.

"Uhh, ah, I'm looking for the really real Santa?" I said hesitantly 'cause the lady was scary.

The lady looked from me to Gray and then back to me and she smiled in a way that I didn't like but she said "Then you're in luck, my dear, because the really real Santa is right here, in the union hall, in the flesh." The lady's voice was icy cold.

I'm not sure why, but I immediately believed the scary, cold lady. My heart started beating really really fast. "Oh gosh!" I said. I looked around the room at all the Santas, who were standing up now and my heart beat even faster. "Do you know wh-which one?" I asked and I think I sounded like a really really scared little girl 'cause I sure felt like one.

"You'll just have to figure that out for yourself, Lena" the lady said. "Have fun."

I turned to face all the Santas. They were all getting closer, surrounding me and Gray. All of them had wild and crazy eyes filled with something I recognized right away - lust! But I remembered that Gray would protect me and I wasn't so scared - at least for ten seconds. 'Cause that's how long it took the icy lady to suddenly throw a spiky choke chain over Gray's big head and pull him back. He spun and snapped at her, but she was fast! In a second Gray was chained to the wall where he thrashed and growled, but he couldn't get away. That was when the blood in my veins got really really cold.

The first lust-crazed Santa grabbed me, ripped open my coat and yanked it off me. By then a second Santa had ahold of me and I was pressed between them like lunch meat. Their hands were all over me and they wriggled my tight blue dress up over my head. Except for my knee high boots and my collar, I was naked in a room filled with horny, crazed Santas. It was terrifying! And kind of exciting. Gray was barking and growling, but he couldn't help me.

The next thing I knew I was on my tummy on the icy lady's desk, looking at her. She smiled at me over her white glasses even as two Santas grabbed my boots and pulled my legs wide open. Another Santa sank a big cock way up inside my pussy and I gasped. The lady smirked and held up a little mirror so I could see the little heart shaped tag on my collar. The tag read "SANTA'S ANAL SLAVE." I screamed "nooooo!" just as Santa pulled his slick cock out of my tight pussy and forced it into my even tighter, tiny ass. "Ohhhh! OHHHHH!"

I tried to scrabble at the table with my little hands. I didn't really mind Santa's thick cock up my poop hole, but I was so scared, I couldn't stop myself. But someone pulled my hands behind my back and tied them together at the wrists and the elbows. It was really really tight. And scary. And worse, I realized I wasn't going to be able to scoop Santa's cum out of my butt to taste for candy canes! I knew the really real Santa was there, but I was never going to find him! It was like torture and I realized that's just what the mean, cold lady wanted.

The Santa in my butt didn't last long - I'm telling you, they never do. And then I was handed off from Santa to Santa, sitting in laps or face down on the floor or sandwiched between two standing Santas. There was always a big Santa cock, impossibly deep in my tight bottom hole, for a couple of hours at least. Half the time there was a cock in my pussy too and one or two of the Santas got impatient and used my pretty mouth - which would have helped if all the Santas hadn't looked so much alike. And all the time the mean ice-lady just smirked and watched and I think maybe she was rubbing herself under the desk but I couldn't be sure.

But the thing is, you have to remember, Lena Southwell - that's me! - is the Halloween Slut. So even though I had, like, a hundred really really great orgasms, pretty much non-stop, and all the lust-crazed Santas butt-fucked me over and over, I was fine. It was like, sooo cool, even though it was scary. That's just who I am. And the whole reason I was there, getting raped and used by all those sex-crazed Santas was so that I could stay this way forever! But how was I ever going to figure out who the really real Santa was?

When the last of the lust-crazed Santas was done filling me with his cum, and all the Santas had run dry, I lay on the floor in a puddle of jism. I could have tried to taste some of it, but I would never know who it came from, so, like, what would be the point - other than to lap up some cum. But even though the Santa's were all out of juice, they were still crazed with need - which I was sure was the fault of the mean lady in white.

One of the Santas yelled "Hey, let's put her to the dog!"

"Yeah, yeah!" several others yelled back and the next thing I knew I was on my knees, with my face pressed into a couch.

Several of the Santas grabbed leashes and they got Gray from every side so that they could force him to go where they wanted without getting near his slashing, gnashing big teeth. He fought and fought, but there were too many Santas and after a couple of minutes they dragged him behind me, until he as on top of my back with his big, strong front legs straddling my waist.

"It's okay, Gray!" I said. "It's okay, don't fight them. Just do what they want! It'll be okay. I don't want them to hurt you."

I didn't know if it was what I said or if it was just the fact that Gray was straddling a naked little girl with a naked little pussy and her hands tied behind her back who smelled of lots and lots of sex - but in seconds I could feel Gray's big wet dog-cock bumping against me.

"Oh yeah, oh yeah, he's gonna fuck her!" one of the Santas roared and then all of the Santas started shouting and urging Gray on. They all wanted to see a huge dog fucking a little ten-year-old girl. And oh boy did I want it too! Oh! I was so excited.

"Aaaaaaggghhhhh!" I screamed when Gray's huge cock found my wet little pussy. It was HUGE! I thought Buster was big. I thought some of the men I'd been with were big. I was wrong. Gray was big, really really big. I couldn't help screaming as he forced his cock into me, filling me up completely. And just like I was used to with Buster, Gray fucked me at a crazy fast speed, like a jackhammer. "AAAAGGGHH! AAAAGGGHHH!" It was sooo great. My orgasm was massive and I shook all over as Gray hammered away at my tight pussy. And when his knot ballooned inside me it felt like someone had inflated a giant ball in there. My climax was too much. My eyes rolled back in my head and I nearly passed out. Gray was amazing!

I kind of lost track of time after that, 'cause I had such a huge knot buried in my little pussy and there was no way it was coming out until it shrank back down. I just had a long really really nice low orgasm the whole time Gray was inside me and it was kinda like having someone sing you a really really nice lullaby. But I woke up quickly when the Santas started pulling Gray's knot out of me. It stretched and stretched me and the it popped out and a flood of doggy cum ran down my thighs onto the floor.

"Make her suck his dick!" one of the Santas yelled.

"Yeah, let's see her suck that monster," another added.

Before I knew what was happening I was turned around and somebody pushed Gray's huge cock up between his back legs and they shoved it into my mouth. I heard the cold lady in white suddenly scream "nooooooo!"

But it was too late! I sucked hard on the pointy end of Gray's big red rocket and he flooded my mouth with cum. I don't know how he'd held back a whole mouthful of his thin, warm seed, but he'd done it and it filled my mouth - with the wonderful sweet taste of peppermint candy canes!

"The really real Santa is the only being in the whole wide world who tastes like candy canes," Professor Imrash West had said to me. Gray was the really real Santa Claus!

There was a huge flash of light! Then everything went dark. There was thunder that shook the whole building. A huge wind swept through the room and another peal of thunder knocked people to their knees. Then the lights snapped back on.

I looked down at myself. I was standing in the middle of the room and I was wearing my pretty blue knit dress that hugs me so tight and my hands weren't tied behind my back and most surprising of all - I wasn't covered with cum!

I looked up and there was Santa Claus. And I mean the really real Santa Claus and I just knew it was him. And he smiled at me and made me feel warm all over.

I looked around the room and all the other Santas were there, strewn about on the floor and chairs and sofas. By comparison they didn't look all that much like the really real Santa any more. It was obvious now that they were fakes. But they all looked like very nice men and their eyes weren't crazed with lust any more.

I turned and looked one more place - at the mean lady in white. But now she was wearing a long white dress that sparkled in the light as if it was made from a thousand billion snowflakes.

I heard a big booming voice. "So, Freya! Your plan is in ruins. Christmas is mine again, and I shall banish you back to your frozen wastes for another hundred years!" It was the really real Santa Claus and he was really really mad at the mean lady in the white dress. "And to think, you were brought down by a child!" The really real Santa put his arm around my shoulders and I kind of gasped at the nasty look that the woman gave me. "Be gone, Ice Queen!"

There was another loud peal of thunder and a huge flash and then the lady was gone.

"And you, begone as well!" the really real Santa roared at all the other Santas and they jumped up and ran away. All except one Santa who had just walked in the door. He didn't run away. Instead he calmly walked over to the desk and he took off his long white beard and mustache and then he peeled off his Santa coat and dropped his Santa pants to reveal a tall thin elderly man in an ordinary old suit.

"Oh! Professor West?" I said. I was sooo confused.

"Indeed child, indeed," said Professor Imrash West. "At your service. And yours too, I see," he said, turning to the really real Santa and giving him a little bow.

"This was all your doing, West!" the really real Santa barked at the Professor.

"Well, yes, but you did make a wish, you old goat. And your wish came true, did it not? So, well, I don't exactly see how this," he gestured around the room, "is my fault. My doing, yes, but the fault lies with you."

"I was drunk!" Santa growled.

"And?" Professor West asked.

"And this is NOT what I wished for."

"Did you, or did you not wish, that just once, without any harm or awful consequence, you could fuck the brains out of one of the sweet little children who come and sit on your knee?"

"I was drunk!" Santa growled, but not as loud.

"And further," Imrash continued, "was Lena not, in fact, one of the sweet little children who sat on your knee - just one year ago?"

I was, like, shocked. I remembered mommy taking me to see Santa when I was nine! And it WAS this Santa, the really real Santa. Oh gosh!

"Yes! You know I did," the really real Santa growled almost too low to hear.

"And finally, did you not, in this very room, just recently, quite literally fuck the brains out of this same, sweet, Lena?"

"But I was a dog!" Santa bellowed again.

"And?" Professor West asked calmly.

"OHHH! You and your tricks. Setting the Ice Queen on me. Making her think she could take over Christmas if she just got me out of the way by turning me into a dog. You're ridiculous, West, ridiculous. Why, I ought to ..." The really real Santa was so mad. He turned bright red and I thought for sure he was going to hit Professor West.

"Really, Nicolas, get ahold of yourself. You loved the whole thing. You've been bored!" Professor West didn't seem frightened of the really real Santa at all. "And if I'm not mistaken, you owe a bit of a debt to our sweet little Lena there."

The really real Santa's eyes got really really big and he turned to look down at me. "Oh by gosh! He's right." Then the really real Santa scooped me up in his strong arms, sat down in the Ice Queen's big chair and set me on his lap just like I was a little child, which, I guess, I kind of am.

"So tell me, dear, sweet Lena, what can Santa give you?"

I looked up into the really real Santa's smiling bright eyes and all of a sudden my wish to be the Halloween Slut forever seemed very small compared to all the troubles the really real Santa must have to go through. I bit my lip and kind of trembled for a minute, but I had to be brave. "I, I want to always make my daddy and Buster and all the people I go to visit in the black limousine happy," I said and then I, like, sniffed.

"But Lena, from what I've seen, I'm sure you DO make them all happy," Santa said and he slid his big hand up my thigh under my pretty blue dress. "Very happy!" Gosh, the really real Santa had such nice sparkly eyes, and warm fingers.

"Ooh, Santa," I said and I had to bite my lip again for a second. "But, but, oh, I'm getting older. And I think part of being the Halloween Slut is being ten-years-old. OH! Yes, Santa, right there, ohhhh."

The Really real Santa really really knew how to use his fingers. It was sooo distracting. But I concentrated hard.

"Now now, Lena, everyone must age. Aging is part of living."

It was getting hard to talk, but I managed to say "I know, Santa, and I understand if you can't make me be ten forever. Oh wow, Santa, that's really big! Oh gosh, do you really think it will fit in my tiny..."

I knew the really real Santa's cock would fit in my tiny pussy, 'cause, like, I am the Halloween Slut after all. But what guy doesn't like to hear that he might just be too big? Even Santa has an ego.

"Oh goodness, Lena, Lena, oh!" the really real Santa moaned as he pushed his cock up into my little body, farther and farther. It really really was huge and I was very full. But it felt sooo good and I was breathing fast and trembling all over in no time. "God, you're, tight!" Santa grunted.

"Oh, Santa, Santa, Santa," I grunted back in time with his long, fast thrusts.

"I can't make you ten forever, Lena," Santa panted. I could tell he was getting pretty close to coming. "But I can make you one of Santa's elves. Santa's sex elf! Then you won't age for a thousand years! Do you want that, Lena, do you? Oh, oh, god, answer quickly, you have to decide, quickly!"

"Yes, yes, Santa, please!"

"YES! YES! Oh fuck me you nasty little sex elf you fucking whore of a ten-year-old slut fucking fuck me oh god oh god oh - YESSSSS!"

The really real Santa could really really cum. My whole body shook with the force of him coming inside me and I felt the magic of his cum spreading through my whole body, changing me into one of his elves - Santa's sex elf.

So, that's the story of me and the Santas and the really real Santa. And now I'm the Halloween Slut AND I'm Santa's Sex Elf and Santa gave me this great elf costume that you keep staring at. And I get to be just like this for a thousand years and gosh, like, that tent in your pants sure looks like it could use some attention. Are you sure you don't want me to sit in your lap and .... Oh! Great!

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