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Letters To Levi - the Unpublished Correspondences of Levi Oachs Denom

- Edited by Alvo Torelli, 2017

Brief Synopsis: Letters to Levi are stories told through letters between Levi Oachs Denom and the various children who wrote to him for advice with their problems. The stories are a bit like what might have happened if Dear Abby had been an Evil Chaos Demon. Warning: these are highly varied stories of extreme chaos and sexual mayhem - they are not for the timid.


Letters to Levi 0 - Introduction

(nosex) A brief scholarly introduction to the epistolary works of the genius purveyor of sexual mayhem and chaos: Levi Oachs Denom.

Letters to Levi 1 - Can Jealous Jenny be Daddy's Special Girl?

(Mg(7), Mg(11), inc, bond, oral, nc, size) Jealous Jenny doesn't like it when her sister gets more of daddy's attention than she does. Can Levi help Jenny get daddy's attention?

Letters to Levi 2 - Hesitant Hanna Has Two

(mm(14)g(11), oral, anal, video, humil, dp, implied inc) Hesitant Hanna has such a quandry - there are two older boys who both like her! What should she do? Maybe Levi can help her out of her dillema.

Letters to Levi 3 - Wedding Blues for Lisa and Lindsay

(gg(8), mast, spank, bond, anal, film, sub) Eight year old blonde twins Lisa and Lindsay really don't want their mommy to marry mean Mr. O'Steel. Can Levi help them get rid of Mr. O'Steel, or will it all go terribly wrong?

Letters to Levi 4 - Dustin and the Barbie Doll

(m(15)g(7), oral, con) Fifteen-year-old Dustin is trapped into babysitting sexy, flirty, little seven-year-old Barbie. With Levi helping, what could go wrong?

Letter to Levi 5 - Can Worried Willie Save Sister Wendy?

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

(g(12)b(8), mg, Mg, mF, mast, nc, bond, blackmail, oral, humil, incest) Worried Willie is concerned that his older Sister Wendy texts too much on her new phone and is on the highway to being a naughty girl. But Levi is on the case. With his Hi Jack! phone app, Levi will help Willie save his sister and get her the help she needs. Maybe mommy and daddy will get some help along the way as well?

Letters to Levi 6 - Bethany-Jane Goes For A Walk.

(m(14)g(8), best, blackmail, bond) Eight-year-old hotty Bethany-Jane thinks the family dog spends too much time with her brother Sam. Will Levi show Bethany-Jane how to attract the dog away from her brother? And who's going to make sure she doesn't get in over her head?

Letters to Levi 7 - Too Young's Troubles

(Mg(11), MMg, blackmail, inc, spank, prost, preg) Eleven year old Too Young for Trouble wants to be a good girl until she's an adult - but there's an older boy she likes. Can Levi help Too Young stay on the straight and narrow? Perhaps that depends on your definition of the straight and narrow.

Letters to Levi 8 - Two Curious Kittens

Part 1
Part 2

(Mg(11), gg, inc, nc, best, bond, humil) The Two Curious Kittens, eleven-year-old twins, are very curious about sex. Can Levi help them learn about sex in a safe, responsible and respectful manner? Probably not.

(New) Letters to Levi 9 - Tomboy Tamara and the Risque Photos

(Mg, M+g, oral, piv, blackmail, photos) Tomboy Tamara wants Levi to help other children avoid becoming victims of social media - but she's got a problem of her own. Will Levi help with Tamara's good cause? Of course he will, once she helps him raise the money.

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