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Letters To Levi 5 - Worried Willy - Part 1

-Edited by Alvo Torelli, 2017

Dear Levi,

I hope you can help me. My problem is my sister Wendy.

Wendy just turned twelve last month and she's in sixth grade so we go to the same school but I'm three grades behind her. Wendy is really popular, one of the most popular girls in the whole school but she never let that go to her head and she was always nice to me, even though I'm just in third grade. She would let me sit with her and her friends at lunch and she wouldn't let anybody bully me except for her sixth grade friends who tease me a lot. But I don't care 'cause I had such a good sister.

But something happened last month. Mommy and daddy gave Wendy her own phone for her birthday that she carries around all the time. It was okay at first, but then she started texting on it a lot, like all the time. She texts at school which is totally against the rules and they'll take away your phone if you do that and get caught. At home she texts whenever mommy or daddy aren't around. She texts a lot when she's in bed and supposed to be asleep - I know 'cause I peeked in her door and saw the light from her phone. If mommy or daddy find out she'll get in a lot of trouble. She texts all the time and she won't do anything with me like she used to. She just yells at me to go away. I don't understand why she needs to text so much when she sees her friends at school every day. I think something is wrong with Wendy.

Please tell me what you think.

Waiting for your answer,
Worried Willy in Wisconsin

Dear Worried Willy in Wisconsin

I am so glad you wrote to me Worried Willy! You are a very good brother to be so concerned about your sister and I hope I can help you. But remember, we must always be totally honest with each other Willy, or I won't be able to help you at all.

I think you are right to be worried about your sister and her excessive texting. Sometimes girls with new phones discover that it is much easier to talk to boys using text than it is in person. Your sister is just the right age to be getting interested in boys, so maybe that is the problem. Do you know of any boys Wendy is interested in or who have asked her out? Does she also spend lots of time on Facebook?

Here is my suggestion, Willy. You must get a hold of Wendy's phone and look through her text messages. Try to find out who she is texting with so often. I bet it isn't just her friends from school. As soon as you find out, let me know.

Don't worry too much,

Dear Levi,

Wow Levi, you are really smart! How did you know? I got a hold of Wendy's phone while she was in the shower - which is about the only time she isn't texting. I didn't have a lot of time, 'cause I was scared she would catch me in the bathroom even though she takes very long showers that make daddy crazy. He says something about not being made of money when Wendy takes her super long showers but I don't understand what that means. But anyway I got her phone and I looked through her text messages. There were a bunch of texts with her friends at school, and even some with mommy. But there were way more texts with someone named Jack. I didn't understand a lot of what Jack and Wendy texted about - some stuff about what Wendy was wearing and Jack saying a lot of stuff about how Wendy's eyes were so pretty and she said it wasn't fair that they couldn't see each other. It went on and on and I think maybe some of it was kind of naughty 'cause a bunch of times Wendy texted 'oh, don't be naughty!' or 'you're so naughty, LOL' but I didn't understand most of it. What does sexy mean and why would somebody think my sister is a fox? She's a girl, not a fox. And why would Wendy think Jack is a male horse? (I looked up stud in my school dictionary and I don't think she meant a wooden wall support).

Levi, I think maybe Wendy has a boyfriend and wants to be naughty, whatever that means. I don't know what to do. I'm worried because she is going to get in trouble and I think maybe she's going to go to hell. Mommy says that boys and girls who do naughty things will go to hell and so I'm really worried for Wendy. And daddy is always saying that no daughter of his will ever do anything to shame the family! He says she's not allowed to date until she's sixteen. I don't think Wendy is old enough to have a Facebook account, and anyway daddy would never let her because he thinks it isn't appropriate for a girl her age. It took her a long time to convince him to let her have a phone!

I don't want my sister to go to hell. Now I'm more worried than ever.

Please help me with this problem,
Worried Willy in Wisconsin

Dear Worried Willy in Wisconsin,

I hate to give you bad news Willy, but our relationship is based on always telling the truth, so I must. Based on what you have told me, I think there is a very good chance your sister is well on the way to becoming something called a slut-whore. That would be very bad, and, as your mother quite rightly tells you, it would make your sister go to hell. Your daddy would be very angry too. You need to help your sister and you need to do it quickly - because once she becomes a full fledged slut-whore there's no going back. She'll be on the high road to hell-town.

And moreover, Worried Willy, I'm sure this boy named Jack is up to no good. He is fast-dancing your big sister into the land of the slut-whores as sure as my name is Levi Denom. I think he's a player and I don't trust him one bit. Do you think you can find out who this Jack fellow is Willy? That would be a good start.

Are you willing to do what needs to be done? It may be hard, but I think you're the man for it.

By the way, Willy, do you know how to download apps on a smart phone? Do you think you could sneak your sister's phone for half an hour or so, maybe next time she's in the shower? Let me know. And I hope you are not writing to me on a family computer. You wouldn't want your sister to find our letters now, would you?

Be brave,

Dear Levi,

Thank you for helping me with my sister Wendy! I really don't want her to become a slut-whore, whatever that is. When I asked mommy what a slut-whore is she slapped my face, really hard, so I don't think I will ask her again but at least I know that it is a very bad thing.

I got my daddy to show me how he downloads apps on his smart phone. It was pretty easy. I think I can sneak back into the bathroom when Wendy takes a shower and get her phone, but that will be scary. Do I have to? I don't want her to catch me.

I asked around at school but nobody knows who Jack is. I don't want Wendy to know, so I couldn't ask any of her friends. What do you think Jack is playing?

Don't worry, I have my own laptop in my room. It's an old one and nobody ever looks at it but me.

What do I do now?
Worried Willy in Wisconsin

Dear Worried Willy in Wisconsin,

That was really smart of you to get your daddy to teach you about the phone and to ask around at school about Jack. You're a very smart boy Willy. But now you have to be brave and get a hold of your sister's phone. You need to buck up and just do it. Be a Willy, not a weenie - well, I guess that's not the best way to put it but you know what I mean.

Get your sister's phone and then go to this address and download the app:!.app

The app is called Hi Jack! because of your sister's nasty boyfriend and it's going to help us find out who he is, so don't worry that you couldn't find out by yourself. Once you download the app just go ahead and run it and type "LeviRules" when it asks for the password. Don't forget that, it's very important or we'll never figure out who Jack is and your potential slut-whore sister will go to hell.

Here's an idea Willy: you should download the app onto your mommy or your daddy's phone too. In fact, you should download it onto one of their phones first, as a practice run, so that you know you'll be able to do it on your sister's phone really quick while she's in the shower. I bet daddy would be proud of you that you managed to download and run an app all by yourself! But don't tell him - let it be a surprise.

You're doing great Willy! If you can be brave enough then together we'll save your sister from hell!

Good luck,

Dear Levi,

Gosh, it was way more scary than I thought to do what you said. First I took mommy's phone out of her purse while she was watching a stupid doctor and nurse show that I don't understand why anyone would watch 'cause nobody ever gets shot or chases anybody and they just talk and talk all the time and it's so boring. Anyway, I got her phone and I downloaded the app and ran it and put in the password and bam! the screen went blank and wouldn't do anything. I thought I broke it for sure and I almost cried. And then I heard mommy coming and I didn't know what to do so I just put it back in her purse real fast and ran to my room and hid in my closet. But later after dinner I saw her texting on her phone, so I guessed everything must be okay.

Still, I was kind of scared when I snuck into the bathroom while Wendy was in the shower. And I got even more scared when I realized that she didn't have the curtain all the way closed and she might look out and see me any second. But then I got curious and so I got down close to the floor and looked through the space in the curtain and I could see her but she didn't see me.

Levi, did you know that Wendy doesn't have a pee-pee between her legs? It's just not there, at all! I don't' know what's wrong with her and now I feel sad for her. All she has is a puffy little mound of smooth looking skin, with a slit in the middle of it where her pee-pee should be. And while I was watching she started putting lots of soap in the little slit and then she slid her fingers along it too. She opened up the slit and it was all pink inside and she kept rubbing it over and over with lots of soap. I thought there must be something wrong with her or that she was sad for losing her pee-pee, 'cause she started moaning and her face got flushed. She had her eyes shut tight and she kept biting her lip and rubbing the little slit more and more and at the same time she was messing around with the little bumps that started growing on her chest a couple of month ago. Really, I'm not making this up - you have to believe me. It was so scary.

I was about to go find Wendy's phone and download the app, but she started moaning a lot louder, and talking to herself. She said, "oh, oh, oh god, Jack, Jack, Jack, oh, OH!" and then she was shaking all over and she clamped her legs around her hand really hard. I think she nearly fell down in the shower and I thought I was going to have to try to catch her which I didn't think I could do, but she caught herself with her other hand and leaned against the end of the shower under the water. She was panting hard like she'd run a long race or something. I thought about running to get mommy to help Wendy, but I chickened out and anyway I could see that she was okay. But I was too scared to get her phone and so I just ran back to my room.

Is there something wrong with my sister Wendy, Levi? What should I do? And why doesn't she have a pee-pee? I feel so sorry for her.

You're really great to help me Levi. What do I do now?

Waiting for instructions,
Worried Willy in Wisconsin

Dear Worried Willy in Wisconsin,

Oh my goodness, Worried Willy, things are worse than I thought. We need to move fast or your sister will be a slut-whore before you can say 'supercalifragilisticsexagoatforchristmas'. Where do I start with all the stuff we need to do?

First off, congratulations on downloading the app to your mommy's phone. I am happy to verify that you did it exactly right and it will help us save your sister in all kinds of ways. But you need to get yourself psyched up and do the same to Wendy's phone - or it's slutsville-whoredom for her for sure. It's up to you Willy - you've got to be a brave lad! I'll get someone cracking on why the app made your mommy's phone go blank.

As for what you saw in the shower, Willy - I'm very sorry you had to see that but you're a big boy and you can take it. The good news is that your sister only has little bumps on her chest - so we know we have some time. The bad news is that she doesn't have a pee-pee. You see, that's the first thing that happens when a girl is on the road to becoming a slut-whore; her pee-pee falls off and leaves that little slit you saw, which by the way is called a cunt. And a girl with no pee-pee is also usually called a cunt, but you can only call her that if you know for sure that she doesn't have a pee-pee. And Willy, your pee-pee is really called a cock - can you remember that? Because if I have to type pee-pee one more time I'll have to shoot myself. In the cock. You need to use the right words Willy or you sound like a stupid baby.

Sorry, I got off the track there. So the number one thing is to make sure you get the app downloaded onto Wendy's phone. But now that I know that her pee-pee, oh crap, her COCK has fallen off I need to get a good look at Wendy and especially a good look at her CUNT. It's very important. So if there's any chance at all of getting me a picture of her in the shower when she's messing with her cunt, even if you have to take a chance at getting caught, that would be really good. Just take a video of her with her phone, but make sure the app is downloaded first! I need to get a good look at her to know just how bad things are and how much time we have.

I want to help you save your sister from hell, Willy, so let's get cracking. And don't be a baby!

Best of luck,


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