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Letters To Levi 6 - Bethany-Jane Goes For A Walk

- Edited by Alvo Torelli, April, 2017

Dear Levi,

I saw a lot of other kids writing to you and so I thought you could maybe help me. I feel kind of silly about this, but it really makes me mad. I hope you can tell me what to do. I'm only eight and Sam is fourteen and he's like way bigger and can go out by himself, so I don't have any chance at all. Wait, so, like I should explain the problem better.

Last month daddy got us a puppy. He is SOOOOO cute and adorable and fluffy and I love him SOOOOO much and his name is Jackson. But the thing is, I hardly ever get to play with him, because my big brother Sam won't share him with me hardly at all. It's Sam's job to make sure Jackson has food and water and he's the one who takes Jackson for walks, because I'm like too little to go out on my own. And every time I try to play with Jackson or just pet his fluffy soft fur Sam gets all weird and interrupts us and starts roughhousing with Jackson, which Jackson really likes, and they end up running around the house and I can't keep up and then I don't get to play with Jackson any more. It's not fair! I like Jackson too. I want to be Jackson's favorite!

Please give me advice,
Little Sister Bethany-Jane in Bedford

Dear Little Sister Bethany-Jane,

Wow, what a tragic and miserable story you have to tell. You just about made poor Levi cry. Of course I'll help you with your awful problem! No sweet little innocent girl should have to suffer such a terrible indignity.

But you'll need to tell Levi a lot more before I can help hatch a plan for you, Little Bethany-Jane. How old is your puppy? What kind of doggy is he? Heck, maybe you should just send me a picture of the puppy. Hey, maybe you could send me a picture of you AND the puppy - that would be so cool.

And what about Sam, Little B-J? Is he a nice brother or a mean brother? What school does he go to? Maybe you should send me his picture too. What about you, Little B-J? Are you a nice girl or a mean girl? Are you a tease, B-J? Are you in the second grade, or third? And what's your favorite television show? And what does your daddy do? Is he nice? Levi has to know a lot to make sure he knows the best way to help children solve their important problems.

Can't wait to help you, Little Sister B-J,

Dear Levi,

Oh thank you, thank you! I'm SOOOO glad you will help me!

I'm sending you a picture of Jackson and me that mama took yesterday at the park. I bet you can tell that Jackson is a Chinook, can't you? He's only ten months old, but he's already like twice as big as me! He grew so fast. You can see Sam in the picture too, holding the leash, like he always likes to do. They think I'm too little for the leash. I bet I could handle the leash just fine, but I never get to try. Maybe you can help me try the leash, Levi?

I am a very nice girl and I'm in the second grade. But Sam is not a nice brother. He's mean and he's always doing things and lately he keeps staring at me funny, especially when I'm wearing my bathing suit which I wear a lot 'cause it's getting really hot and I like to play in my wading pool. I wish they would let me take Jackson in the wading pool, but they won't. It's not fair. Sam thinks he's so special just because he goes to WoodGrove High School now that he's a freshman.

Daddy works construction and he's pretty fun, most of the time. But sometimes he has his six-pack in the evening and then he's not as fun.

I can't wait to hear your advice!
Little Sister Bethany-Jane in Bedford

Dear Levi,

This is Bethany-Jane's brother, Sam. I can't believe you said you'd help my stupid little sister without hearing both sides of the story! What the fuck is wrong with you? She is such a lying little slut-bitch! She's the one who gets all the fun time with Jackson - not me. All I get to do is the chores: feed him, walk him, clean up after him. And then he runs off to play with the stupid little bitch!

And why does she always run around with practically no clothes on? Why is she always hugging Jackson and rubbing her smooth, bare skin all over him? Why is she such a teasing little slut?

Just remember - I read all of her emails. You can't hide anything from me, asshole.

Fuck you!
Samuel in Bedford

Dear Samuel,

Whoah, whoah, whoah! Anger much?

Of course I didn't take your sister's word as gospel on the subject of your big canine pet! Do you think Levi hasn't been around the block a few times, you little shit. What the fuck?

So maybe you read her email - so big fucking deal? What are you going to do about it? I see the way you're looking at your innocent little eight-year-old sister in the picture she sent me. I know what's going through that hormone-riddled fourteen-year-old brain of yours, stud. Yeah, yeah, you want a piece of that! Ha!

Well, actually, I can't blame you for wanting to tap your little sister. The girl is HOT! I mean, fuck! It is not the everyday eight-year-old who tightens a man's pants like your little sister B-J does. So maybe I'll have to cut you some slack. I mean, you've got to be pretty damn miserable watching that nice ass and those hot young curves and all that pretty flesh flitting around all the time with practically nothing on.

So look - if you can just calm the fuck down a little and tell me what's really going on, maybe old Levi can help you out - if you can help Levi out. What do you say, partners?

And I'm certain that an upstanding boy like you doesn't have any more pictures of your hot, sexy little sister. I can't imagine you wanting to take pictures of her, lots and lots of practically naked shots that you could enjoy in the privacy of your own room. Can't imagine it. Ha!

And fuck you too - but in the nicest possible way,

Dear Levi,

Well, yeah, I guess I got kinda worked up. But jeez - my sister is such a pain. She's spoiled and she gets everything she wants, just because she's daddy's little girl. He's totally blind to her shit. And yeah, she is hot. She's really hot. Every time she walks through the room in her skimpy, tight little outfits I can barely take it. And I think she knows it, too! Little bitch. She does it on purpose.

Okay, so, here's a half-dozen pictures of her. I even got one with her bathing suit only half on. Just to show there's no hard feelings. So, like, what did you have in mind? I don't get how we can help each other out. But I'm listening.

And don't forget I'm reading her emails! Don't try to double cross me.

Samuel in Bedford

Dear Little Sister Bethany-Jane,

Oh my goodness aren't you just the cutest little red-headed pixie! What a sweetheart. I love your big green eyes. Do you always wear a shiny crop-top leotard top when you go to the park? Your little bare tummy is just so cute. I like that flouncy, thin short skirt, too. No wonder your brother has eyes for you.

Now then, let's get down to business. I'll explain what you have to do - it's very simple, but it might be a little bit scary. Are you a brave little girl, Little Sister Bethany-Jane? You need to make sure that your wonderful doggy, Jackson, is more interested in you than he is in your mean brother. And there's only one way to do that, B-J, you have to give Jackson something that brother Sam just can't give him. You have to give him a special kind of love!

First, your going need some supplies. You need to steal some bacon grease from your kitchen. Don't worry, you can do it! I'll bet your family loves bacon. I'll bet you even like to sneak a little bit of bacon to Jackson under the table, don't you? Next time you have bacon, just tell your mommy you're going to help her clean up and then, when she's not watching, get a hold of the leftover bacon grease. You can do it. Get as much as you can.

Next, you have to get Jackson to yourself for an hour or so - in your room. Make sure nobody's going to disturb you and distract the big boy, he's just a puppy after all. Once you do, then you need to take off all you clothes, even your panties. No, no, Little B-J, don't be afraid! It will be just fine. It's only Jackson, after all, and you love him soooo much.

Now I want you to lay down on your bed and spread those thin, pretty legs of yours B-J. Can you do that? I know you can. Then I want you to take a little bit of the bacon grease and I want you to spread it around on your little cunny. You know what that is, right B-J? It's those sweet soft mounds of flesh between your legs and the nice, tight little slit between them. Get the mounds nice and shiny with the grease! Push a dollop up inside you and rub it all over the tiny hood at the top. Don't scrimp, B-J, and don't be scared. Doesn't it feel good? Ooh, it feels so nice as your fingers slide across the sensitive smooth skin and the tingling, pink insides. Gosh! You almost don't need Jackson, do you?

But it's time to tell your big sweet puppy to jump up on your bed. Don't worry, he'll know what to do! Big, fluffy Jackson is going to lick your cunny, Little B-J! He's going to lick and lick and make you feel soooo nice. His big tongue will be hot and rough and you just won't believe how nice it feels when it rasps across your miniature, virgin cunny.

I know, B-J, I know! Mommy said 'never let anyone touch your nice, cute cunny!' But you know she meant people. Jackson isn't people, he doesn't count. Jackson's a big, eager, randy young dog, not a person. So it's okay!

That's all you have to do, sweetie! I guarantee Jackson will want to spend lots more time with you and your bacon grease. And pretty soon, once he's really got the taste in his young canine brain, you won't even need the grease. But for now, put a little bit on your cunny every day, after your morning shower - and a lot when Jackson comes to visit you in your room. You'll be very happy with the new attention from your sweet, fluffy puppy. He won't want to spend any more time with your stupid brother Samuel.

Best of luck, B-J! Time for me to get back to a little research. So intrigued by that picture you sent. But I look forward to hearing how it goes.

Your friend,

Dear Levi,

Jesus Christ! I can't believe you told my sister to grease up her cunt and let the dog lick her. Jesus! What kind of fucking pervert are you? Holy shit. But, well, I have to admit, some of it was pretty awesome! That is until it all went horribly wrong. And I blame you, Levi! You asshat.

I didn't believe in a million years that Bethany-Jane would actually do what you said. I mean, how stupid could she be? But she did it. I even saw her stealing the bacon grease, so I knew she was getting ready.

I waited and pretended I was going to bed, but then I hid in Bethany-Jane's closet while she was in the bathroom brushing her teeth for bed. She came and got in bed, but I could tell she was just pretending and about a half-hour later she snuck out of her room and then came back with Jackson. I couldn't believe it! But the next thing I knew she was stripped down and god, she is so hot. And when she started greasing up her little cunt, well, you can imagine what I was doing in the closet while I watched her through a crack. It was awesome! As she really got into it I took a chance and slid the door open a few inches and got some great pictures with my cell phone.

Then Jackson jumped up on the bed with her and he didn't waste a second. Bethany-Jane was totally freaked out by how fast he went for her little pussy and slobbered all over her with his long tongue. She almost screamed. It was so close. I can't imagine what daddy would have done if she'd screamed loud enough to make him come to her room.

As it was she had to grit her teeth and then she grabbed the sheets on both sides of her and twisted them in her fists. She was going insane. It was so much more intense than she was ready for. She thrashed around and lifted her butt off the bed, digging her heels into the mattress. I almost got worried for her - but fuck me it was so hot! I was taking pictures with my phone as fast as I could, and then I switched to video, just in time for Bethany-Jane to start shaking and moaning. She was saying, "oh, oh, Jackson, oh, ohhhhhh!" I think she had a fucking orgasm! She's only eight, but I think she had a huge fucking orgasm. I know I did! Jesus.

Bethany-Jane was moaning and writhing too hard to see that Jackson's cock had come out of its sheath and it was hanging down underneath him. It was amazing how red and shiny and pointed it was.

And that's when things really started getting out of control. You know, Levi, I think it's all your fault. I mean, I read your letter to Bethany-Jane and you didn't say anything about what Jackson was going to want after he'd licked all the grease off of my stupid sister's cunt. Not one word. What did you think she was going to do - just tell Jackson to curl up and go to sleep? So, like, I really think what happened is totally your fault.

Jackson had finished licking all the grease off of Bethany-Jane - in fact I think he licked her for a long time past the end of the grease, 'cause I like saw his big tongue going way up inside of her. But when he was done he was done, and Bethany-Jane came down from her orgasm, or whatever, and she was just lying there, panting and her chest was heaving and her pretty green eyes were soooo big and she looked like she was in shock.

But Jackson wanted something else. He was excited and he was jumping around and turning in circles and he pushed at Bethany-Jane with his big nose, trying to roll her over. Then he growled at her, and he yipped and he even snapped at her.

Bethany-Jane stifled a scream and backed up on her bed, away from Jackson. He came at her and pushed her with his big head and growled and I could see how scared she was. Then she made a big big mistake. Bethany turned around to try to get away from Jackson and he grabbed her from behind. I could see right away he was way stronger then my sister. He had her around the waist and he pulled her hard so she was up on her knees with her pretty face down on the mattress.

That was when I jumped out of the closet. I couldn't believe what was happening, but I sure wasn't going to let Jackson rape my sister! Bethany-Jane saw me, but I didn't care. Jackson was humping at her naked little butt! His bright red cock was poking at her ass and her thighs and shooting little jets of liquid onto her. Jackson was trying to rape my sister. I couldn't believe it! Even though I was like SO hard and I could barely breathe, I had to try and stop him!

I grabbed at Jackson, but he twisted around and snapped at me. He practically took my hand off! Then every time I tried to get closer he growled and bared his huge sharp teeth at me. I tried and tried, Levi, you have to believe me. I could see how terrified poor Bethany-Jane was. It was all so out-of-control and horrible, but Jackson's teeth are really scary. He even bit me! I couldn't stop him.

And that's when it happened. I gasped when Jackson finally made contact with Bethany-Jane's perfect little pussy. I saw her arch her back when the tip of his cock entered her, an inch of his redness disappearing inside of her. And he knew he'd finally found her entrance. He paused, for just a second, then he plunged inside of her. Oh god, Levi, I watched Jackson rape my sister, take her virginity. And there was nothing I could do to stop him!

Jackson's big red cock went in and out of Bethany-Jane's tight little cunt so fast. I had no idea he could hump that fast. I saw her eyes roll back in her head as he fucked her and fucked her. It was amazing and tragic and my poor sister was shaking all over. I don't know if she was having another orgasm or a seizure. Maybe both. And then, after a couple of minutes of his machine-gun fast thrusting Jackson yipped a couple of times and slammed as deep into Bethany-Jane as he could and just held her really tight. He knotted her! I'd heard about dogs and how they knot their bitches, but I hardly believed it until I saw it for myself. Jackson was using my sister as his little bitch and he'd knotted her. Her little tummy, just above her pussy, was bulging out like there was an orange, or even a grapefruit up inside of cunt! I nearly passed out when I saw that.

I wanted to help Bethany-Jane, but Jackson still wouldn't let me anywhere near her. She just lay there, moaning, for half-an-hour before he even tried to pull out of her. Then he threw his leg over her back and twisted around until they were butt to butt and I could tell Bethany-Jane was going crazy from what was happening inside of her. Once he was turned around, Jackson wanted to pull out, but he was still so big. He pulled and pulled and then is cock popped out and it was HUGE and lots and lots of dog cum came spewing out of my sister's little pussy.

I was glad that Bethany-Jane had passed out.

I just hope Bethany-Jane can recover from the horrors of being raped. If only I could have helped her.

Levi, I can't believe you tricked my sister into getting raped by our dog! You're a bad man, Levi. You need to leave my family alone! Don't write to me or my poor little sister any more. I mean it! If you do I'll show your letters to the police! They'll track you down and throw you in jail for a billion years!

Damn you!
Samuel in Bedford

Dear Levi,

Oh gosh, Levi, something bad happened! I can't tell you everything, I'm too ashamed. But please, please help me.

I did what you said, with the bacon grease, and you were right. Jackson really really liked it and when he licked me, down there, it was amazing. I never felt so good or crazy or amazing in my whole life. I practically fainted!

But then the bad things happened. Jackson went crazy. I tried to get away from him, but he grabbed me from behind and he growled at me. Things started happening so fast and I was so scared and confused. I thought I saw Sam for a minute, but I'm not sure and then something was in my mouth and Jackson was banging against me from behind with something sharp and wet and hot.

All of a sudden something pushed inside! Oh! I can't write about it. I can't stand to think about it. But it happened and then later, something hurt really bad and then I fainted for awhile. And when I woke up I think Jackson was doing it again, but I don't know, I'm not sure and I fainted again. It was all so confusing and scary and I don't know which parts were real and which parts were a nightmare. I know a lot of it was real!

Oh Levi, it was so awful and scary and I was so sore the next day. I could barely walk! And why did I have dried gunk all over my face and in my hair? Why were my sheets all crusty and smelly? I had to wash them myself so that mama wouldn't find out something happened. Oh gosh! I couldn't stand it if mama or daddy found out what happened. And I'm worried that maybe Sam knows something, but he didn't say anything.

And now there's a new problem. Jackson won't leave me alone! I wanted him to like me best, but he's scaring me. He keeps trying to put his nose between my legs and sometimes he jumps up and wraps his paws around me and I'm so scared. I think he wants to do what happened in my room again. And he's getting worse and worse. He growled at me, but daddy was there to push him away.

What do I do, Levi? Please help me!

Scared and ashamed,
Little Sister Bethany-Jane in Bedford

Dear Little Sister B-J,

Oh, you poor thing! Levi just feels awful for you.

I'm afraid there's only one thing you can do at this point, Bethany-Jane, unless you want your mama and daddy to know what a terrible little tease and dog-slut you've been. I don't think you'd want daddy to know that you gave it up to the family dog. There's no telling what he might do the next time he has a six-pack if he knows that you're right there, already stripped of your young innocence - and by a dog no less. I'm sure it wouldn't be pretty.

No, there's only one thing to be done my sweet little red-headed beauty. You're simply going to have to give Jackson what he wants, and whenever he wants it. I'm sure he won't want to tap your little pussy more than a couple of times a day. Well, he is rather young - maybe three times a day.

But B-J, listen to me! I fear for your safety. A sweet little girl like you shouldn't have to attend to the carnal needs of a hundred pound, horny young dog all by yourself. It just isn't safe! But never fear, your good friend Levi has a plan to help you out. You just wait. Someone will come to your aid soon. He won't be able to keep big, strong Jackson at bay, but he can help keep you safe while you're acting as the big dog's little bitch. It will be so much better that way. Trust me, my little B-J, trust me. And your helper won't expect too much in return. Just do as he says and everything will be fine. You'll see.

Ta-ta for now, Bethany-Jane. I look forward to seeing much more of you and your beautiful big green eyes and that long, wild red hair. Such a beauty. And so pretty when you're held from behind, just right. Ah.

Never fear sweet thing,

Dear Samuel,

Now read this carefully, Samuel. And then read it again. Do. Not. Threaten. Levi.

Got it? No, go back and read it again. Okay, that's better.

Now, let's settle the score. Let's get a few things straightened out. Perhaps we should start with your version of what happened in your sister's room - you know, the evening of the bacon grease fiasco? Yes, yes, you remember - don't you?

It seems that, in fact, you left out a few pertinent facts in your version of your pretty little sister's adventures with big, powerful Jackson. Didn't you? Just one or two tiny details?

Let's see. First there was the fact that when you came bounding out of the closet it wasn't to save your sister from being raped by the big canine. Rather you were intent on getting a much better view of the show. And oh, yes, wasn't that your phone-camera in your hand during the entire ordeal? That's right, you took a video of you sister getting held down, terrified and ultimately raped - by your own dog. My, my, Samuel. Rather a different take isn't it?

Oh, but wait, I was too hasty. There was that brief moment when you put down your phone. You didn't video the entire thing. There was a good thirty seconds of the nasty affair when you realized your sister was too frightened to go on. She was too horrified by what was happening to her. She pressed herself hard against the mattress with everything she had so that she could raise her chest and get a deep breath. She was going to scream. She was going to bring the house down with her little-girl screams of terror and you couldn't have that. No, you couldn't have that, could you?

You're a quick one, Samuel, I'll give you that. It only took you a slit second to see the danger and then quick as a wink you scooped your sister's little cotton panties up off the floor and jammed them into her mouth. You pressed them in deep, choking off her screams. Very clever, my lad, very clever. Even better, you pulled a bandana from your jeans, wrapped it across her mouth between her lips and tied it behind her head. Oh my gosh! Your little Bethany-Jane is SO cute with a gag. Don't you think?

You were back to filming at once, but it only took you a minute to realize that your big canine buddy was never really going to rape your sister. He just couldn't find the right position. Could he? No, no, the beast was too big, your sister too small, the anatomy just wasn't quite matching up and besides, the beast is so young and inexperience and so easily excited.

But Samuel, you are a good brother. Such a hero. You knew your sister must secretly want to be raped by a big dog, with a huge hot red cock. You just knew it in your heart and in your hard-on filled pants. And so you helped. You reached right in there, no matter how squeamish you might have felt, no matter how frightened you might be that Jackson would turn on you with those big teeth - the big teeth that he never did snap at you - and you helped get Jackson lined up. You pushed the tip of his cock right into your sister's tiny, tight, amazing cunt. And then you let him rip.

And rip he did. That dog fucked your sister like a jackhammer. He tore away whatever vestige of virginity she might have had and made her a woman. A very very young woman to be sure, but a.. oh, who are we kidding, she's a little girl. She's eight-years-old. You helped your big dog rape your tiny eight-year-old sister!

But that wasn't enough for you, no, not for Samuel the big brother. You waited until she was knotted to the big beast and then you spewed your hot cum all over her face. What a guy!

About now you're scared. Aren't you? You're terrified. How does Levi know all this? How does Levi know that you're wearing a blue polo shirt over a red t-shirt and jeans? Jesus! What the fuck? Holy shit!

Yep, that's right Samuel my boy. Even as you read this email that I wrote half an hour ago, I'm looking right at you through the web camera in your computer. You really should be a lot more careful about what email's you open my boy. Really, don't they teach safe sex and safe internet at your school? What a shame.

That's right, Samuel, I hacked your computer the very first time you got uppity with me. Your sister's too. I watched the whole bacon-grease scene live through her web cam and when you uploaded your phone video to your computer, well, you might just as well have emailed it to me. Nice filming technique by the way. Really spot on. Those shots where you got down underneath so you could get a good view of the bulge in your little sister's tummy from Jackson's knot - excellent work! You have a future my boy, a future.

But let's get back to that whole threat thing, shall we? Let's get back to who will REALLY be contacting the police, eh? Because I think the police would be very interested in your little video Samuel. And I think they'd be even more interested in what happened after you turned your little video off, wouldn't they? I guess it's a good think that Levi didn't stop filming through the web cam. I guess it's a very good thing, even if the quality isn't nearly as good as your cell phone, still - it's pretty damn good quality, and the computer was perfectly aligned with little B-J's nice pink girlie bed.

Yes, I think the police would be very interested to know that once your poor sister was finally free of your dog's huge cock and knot, after she passed out and was lying there all defenseless, with her mouth gagged, she had another carnal visitor. Didn't she, Samuel? And that carnal visitor was none other than YOU.

I have to tell you, it was quite exciting watching you pull your little sister's hips back up off the bed, out of the puddle of dog cum. She was like a little rag doll, but you didn't let that stop you. Did you, Samuel? Was she still tight and warm? Did her pussy suck at your meat? Was it everything you always dreamed of, Samuel, fucking your defenseless little sister. It sure looked like you enjoyed it. And props for cumming twice before you raped her. You got to last a lot longer that way. We must have twenty minutes of you banging little Bethany-Jane as she came in and out of consciousness before you finally blew your wad in her pretty little body.

So, are we agreed, Samuel? No more threats. Come on, buddy. Let's work together. There's so much more potential in our little arrangement. After all, that big Jackson of yours has definitely decided who his bitch is, hasn't he? He can't keep his big paws off of your sister. And the poor little girl needs help - you know that - you've demonstrated it clearly. She needs your assistance or she's going to get in a world of hurt.

Yes, here's how it's going to be, Samuel, you little rat fink. You're going to help your sister. You're going to tell her that you're helping her. You are the one I'm sending to her. And the first thing you're going to do is to help her get fucked by that big dog of yours. Your going to help her understand that she's Jackson's bitch now, and whatever Jackson wants, Jackson gets. She has to be subservient to the big brute at all times. She needs to learn all the things that Jackson likes best - and I have a sneaking suspicion that our sweet puppy is going to be very fond of get his big red rocket down your little sister's throat. I mean, her monogram is B-J, isn't it?

Don't forget to film as much of your sister and her new master as you can, Samuel. I'll be expecting at least one good sequence a day! You wouldn't want that video of you raping your little sister leaked to your local police would you? Yes Samuel, I know exactly where you live - it wasn't that hard to figure out. And yet somehow, Samuel, you have no idea where dear old Levi Oachs Denom lives. Do you? Just to show you how well I know you, Samuel, I'm sending you a little present for B-J to wear when you're filming. My subscribers will be ever so grateful.

More instructions later my young friend. Do feel free to use your sweet sister as you see fit - once her canine master has had his fill. But then, you know all about that arrangement, don't you? It was lovely to meet you and your gorgeous green-eyed sister and I foresee years and years of lucrative, wonderful exchanges.

Yours with utter appreciation (and a firm grip),
Levi Oachs Denom

Dear Levi,

Sam told me to write to you and thank you for the lovely present. I guess I like it very much. He explained to me that your subscribers like it best when I wear the collar you sent. But I still don't understand why it says 'B-J Bitch' on it.

I guess I should thank you for making sure that Sam is always here to help me when my master wants me to please him. I think I've gotten very good at it. I can even tell what he wants me to do most of the time. I don't like sucking on his big red rod very much, but he seems to like it and if I don't then he growls and that's scary. Sucking Sam's little rod is much easier and I don't mind too much. But I really need Sam to help when my master wants to get behind me and put his big red rod in my little slit. I still can't believe how big it gets. It hurts when it's so big, but I know that my master likes to fill me with his doggy seed. That's what Sam says. So I don't mind.

Oh, I have to go. It's time for my walk. Sam is going to snap the leash on my collar now and then he'll give the handle to Jackson. I hope I can keep up with my master while he walks me around the yard today. Sometimes he goes too fast! Sometimes he wants to stop and fuck or have a blow-job. I'm so glad that Sam is always there to help, but I don't understand why he always has his camera.

Anyways, thank you Levi. You were always a big help to me! And I guess I really did get to be Jackson's favorite, even if it's not the way I imagined.

Yours obediently,
Little Bitch Bethany-Jane in Bedford

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