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Letters To Levi 4 - Dustin and the Barbie Doll

- Edited by Alvo Torelli, 2017

Dear Levi,

I read a bunch of your advice letters at a friend's house the other day. It was cool how you helped all those kids. Some of them had pretty embarrassing problems, but you didn't make them feel bad and I think your advice was always really good. So I thought I'd see if you could help me too, even if my problem isn't really such a big deal.

You see there's this girl who kind of likes me. Wait, I guess I should tell you about me. I'm Dustin and I just moved to a new house in Dallas cause of my dad's new job. I just turned fifteen last month, and I started as a freshman at Woodrow Wilson High but I don't know anybody yet. Anyway, so, we moved into our new house and my mom dragged me over to the neighbor's house when we got invited over to welcome us to town. And that's where the trouble started, cause that's where I met Barbie.

Barbie is my neighbor's seven-year-old daughter. I know what you're thinking! But stop. Yeah, she's only seven, but like I told you, she kind of likes me - and it's just a little girl thing, like a crush or something. I didn't do anything to encourage her, like I didn't even smile at her or anything, really. But right away little Barbie was totally interested in me. It took me a while to figure out that she was actually flirting with me! I saw my mom and her mom exchange glances and smile at each other. They thought it was cute! Fuck me, I was like so embarrassed.

Barbie just kept running around in her ridiculously tight blue bathing suit, wiggling her perfect round little ass, with her long thick blonde hair flowing around her face - trying to show off for me. Her flirting was like really childish, she's only seven after all, but it was still kind of shocking. I mean, like, the way she could look over her shoulder, bite her pouty little lower lip and bat her awesome thick eyelashes was pretty impressive.

So, I was just going to like ignore the whole Barbie-flirting thing and I was totally polite, even when she climbed up in my lap and got me all wet from her bathing suit. Her mom yelled at her but I said it was okay, not to worry about it and Barbie flashed her big smile at me and gave me a kiss on the lips, right in front of my mom. I must have turned like bright red 'cause my mom and Barbie's mom couldn't hide the way they were laughing. Still, I figured that if I could just last until we left then I'd never have to deal with Barbie and her flirting and her hot little preteen body ever again.

But no.

You'd think my mom would let me make excuses and leave our neighbor's house after the whole kissing thing, but she was totally into talking to Barbie's mom - like they were long lost sisters or something. So I had to just sit there and put up with Barbie flitting back and forth from the pool to me in her tight blue suit to make sure that I was looking at her every time she did something, like jumping off the board to do a cannon ball. She'd come out of the pool with her long blonde hair streaming water and push it behind her head like she was some swimsuit model out of sports illustrated. She'd look up at me coyly and smile like she knew something I didn't, then turn back into a little girl and run up to make sure I'd been watching. Of course I was watching! Even if she was only seven she was nine-tenths naked and there wasn't anything else to do. And really, the way her suit fit her body didn't leave a lot to the imagination, especially that little double bulge between her legs. Shit, I sound like some pervert, but I'm not, really, I'm not.

Anyway, so like we're sitting there and the two moms will not shut up and then something Barbie's mom said caught my ear. "Oh my god, really, he would?" she said excitedly and she looked at me with a big smile.

"Would what?" I said.

"Babysit for Barbie," my mom said. "Sally's in a bind. Their regular babysitter ran off with her physics tutor and now Sally doesn't have anyone to take care of Barbie after school weekdays. I'm sure you wouldn't mind helping her out, Dusty, just until she can find someone else."

Believe me, I like tried and tried to say this was a bad idea - but we're new to town and I don't have any friends yet, or stuff to do after school, so I'm like actually available. My mom ended giving me her "quit complaining and just go along with it, or else" stare and the next thing I knew it was all arranged. I have to start babysitting Barbie day after tomorrow, from 2:15 to 5:30, every school day. I even have to pick her up from her school and walk her home - it's like so fucking embarrassing!

But here's the thing, and I guess this is why I decided to write to you 'cause you're pretty cool at giving kids advice on this stuff. You see, well, when I was watching Barbie running around her pool in her skimpy suit and when she kept trying to flirt with me in her little girl way I was totally thinking about how lame it all was and how much I wished I was anywhere but there. But at the same time, I like had the worst hard-on in my jeans. I like couldn't even get up from the table after awhile 'cause I was too scared to. I'm totally not a pervert, really, I'm not. But I couldn't help it. My dick was just rock hard and aching in my pants! I can't imagine what it would be like to be alone with Barbie for over three hours. What if she notices my boner? What if she like tells somebody? What if she, like, makes me so horny that I touch her or something? Shit!

So now I'm like totally freaked out about babysitting Barbie. I don't know what to do. Should I like pretend to be sick? Or maybe I should just "forget" to pick Barbie up at school. But I know my mom would see right through me - she always does. Please help me! You always have great ideas to help people with.

Waiting for your advice,
Dustin in Dallas


Dear Dustin in Dallas,

Dustin, Dustin, Dustin, or should I call you Dusty like your mommy does? Get a grip, son. So you got a stiffy around a hot seven-year-old? So who hasn't? Big fucking deal. It's nothing to get your boxers in a twist about. It don't mean jack, Jack. It's less than dust, Dusty.

Okay, I can see how babysitting a little girl is not the coolest thing for a dude your age. But what the fuck, you'll make a few bucks and it's probably only for a week or so. Buck up, Dusty boy!

And let's be honest here, Lusty Dusty - if your little seven-year-old pixie is really hot enough to give you such an intense boner then she must be a knockout. How hard could it be to watch her wiggle her little ass around in a bathing suit for an afternoon or two?

But you wrote to me for advice, not for a hard time. So here's my advice buckaroo - buck up. Come on, what's the worst that can happen? Do your duty as a babysitter for a few days and enjoy the show. Little girls never notice boners. They don't even know you have that hot piece of maleness between your legs. Nothing could go wrong. You're worrying about nothing. She's just a little girl - you know you can keep your hands to yourself. Be a man and walk your little preteen princess home from school.

Good luck and let me know how it goes. And I'll leave you with a standard piece of free advice, Dusty. Be prepared. That's it man, be prepared.

Man up! Your buddy,


Dear Levi,

Oh fuck, I am so worried. Like fuck me, I need help, and quick.

I did like you said. On Monday I picked Barbie up at school and walked her home. I knew I was in trouble from the first second 'cause Barbie insisted on holding hands and when I tried to say no she like sat down, pouted, and refused to move - so I had to go along with her and hold her little hand all the way to her house! Some of the guys from my new school saw us and hollered, but I just pretended they weren't there. And all the way to her house, Barbie went on and on about how much fun we could have while we were "alone."

So we got to Barbie's house and like right away she drags me back to her room which has a big girlie four-poster bed and everything is pink and there are stuffed animals everywhere. And she's like totally flirting and hanging on me. I mean, like, how did a seven-year-old figure out how to be so sexy and she looked really hot in her school uniform and I couldn't stop imagining what kind of panties she's wearing under her short pleated skirt! Fuck me. And I started thinking about how I'd like to slide her panties off and see her little... And all the time she's batting her eyes at me and trying to get me to sit on her bed so she can climb on top of me. Oh jeez, I really wanted to. I wanted to grab her and kiss her and touch her everywhere. But I couldn't!

I got away from her. I escaped. I told her I would make her a snack while she changed out of her uniform, which, did I mention, was like so hot. I practically ran from her room and I went and stuck my head in the freezer for awhile to cool off and then I made us both sandwiches and just as I put them on the counter Barbie comes bouncing out of her room wearing the most amazing skimpy little white bikini! I was so fucked! And her body is like perfectly proportioned, even if she doesn't have any tits. I knew I was fucked when I felt my cock practically break as it went rigid in my jeans. I sat down at the table quick as I could.

So like Barbie can hardly sit still to eat her snack and drink some juice and she's like still totally flirting and giving me the business and the next think I know she runs around and climbs into my lap in her practically not even there bikini. Oh jeez. All that warm, perfect little girl skin and she's teasing me and smiling and giggling and she can tell she's really getting to me and that just encourages her.

But then, like, Barbie rubs her barely covered little girl pussy against the huge boner in my jeans and she looks down and then she looks up and her smile goes away and her eyes get really big. Oh fuck me, fuck me, I think! She's so pretty, and so shapely and small and warm and available and fucking, fucking gorgeous! Then she bites her little lip and she bats her eyes at me and damn me if she doesn't push down harder on my boner and rub that amazing little pair of bumps in her bikini up and down my length. And oh fuck me, fuck me, it was the hottest thing I'd ever seen and I came. I came in my jeans and a big wet spot spread out down there and Barbie saw it and her eyes got even bigger and her mouth was gaping until she bit her lip again.

And that was it. I couldn't take it any more! I grabbed her in my arms and pulled her up and I kissed her as hard as I could on the mouth. Oh god, I kissed her and kissed her and she kissed me back and then I don't know how it happened but we were back in her bedroom with all the stuffed animals and I was still kissing her as I carried her and oh fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, I wanted her so bad!

Oh god, Levi, I can't write the rest - I can't believe what I did with her. At least I didn't fuck her. Jesus. Oh fuck, I'm so fucked. Oh Jesus. You gotta help me. What do I do?!

Desperately needing your help,
Dustin in Dallas


Dear Dustin,

Holy fucking cliffhanger! Dustin, Dusty, D-man - you can't do that to poor old Levi. Are you trying to give me a stroke? Jesus.

Listen, whatever else you did with sweet, precocious little Barbie-doll, you've got to calm down. Panic won't save you. You have to use your head.

Now listen. It's clear the little lass has the hots for you. She's not going to tell anyone what you did (whatever that was - fuck you very much!). She's got a thing for her handsome older man - that's you dusty boy. I'm sure you're totally in the clear - nothing to worry about. As long you made sure there weren't any nanny-cams in your hot little preteen's bedroom, then your good as gold.

Come on Lusty Dusty, you've got to spill the story for poor old Levi. I'm dying here. Share boy, share! And quit worrying so much. Everything will be fine. Trust me.

Yours with tortuous suspense,


Dear Levi,

NANNY CAM? Oh fuck me, oh fuck me, oh fuck me, oh FUCK ME!

Dustin in Dallas


Dear Dustin,

Dusty, Dusty, Dusty. You didn't check for a nanny cam? That's like the first rule of preteen babysitting, man. Jesus. I just assumed you were old enough and smart enough - that I didn't need to point out the FUCKING OBVIOUS!

But don't panic! Just stop. Your friend Levi is here to save the day. Really. Maybe they don't even have a nanny cam. Not everyone is that paranoid. Really. Even if they do, maybe mommy dearest hasn't checked it yet.

Listen carefully, Dusty! Levi is going to fix this for you. I just need the exact address of your little lover Barbie's house, and the phone number. I know a guy - really - he can fix this. But we've got to act fast. Come on Dusty - get me that information, right away, there's no time to lose!

And you still owe me the rest of the fucking story!

Waiting on the edge of my seat,


Dear Levi,

Oh god. Man. I shouldn't be telling you who Barbie really is. I know, but shit, I'm so scared. You're the only one who could help me. Jesus. Okay, okay. Barbie and her mom live at xxxx Lakewood Drive. Oh jeez, I can't believe I'm telling you this. But I don't know what else to do!

Please, help me! I'll even tell you the rest of what happened if you'll just help me!

Dustin in Dallas


Dear Dustin,

You will be very happy to know that your good pal, Levi Oachs Denim, has deployed the help that you need! Even as we speak a trusted associate is bearing down on the abode of your sweet, innocent, little Barbie sex-doll. We'll have word on the whole nanny-cam issue in no time, no time at all.

So what do you say, Lusty Dusty, let's have the rest of that story, eh? You know you're not going to be able to sleep, waiting for word. So come on, big fellow, pass the time by telling old Levi all. Make an old guy happy. I so seldom get to hear really good stories. What do you say?

Come on, spill it!


Dear Levi,

Okay, okay. You're right. There's no way I could sleep right now. Jesus.

So, like, I said I carried little Barbie into her bedroom with all the stuffed animals, right? Oh! Fuck me! That's probably where the nanny cam is - one of those god damn stuffed animals! Oh fuck, oh fuck! I bet it's that gorilla on the dresser - I knew I didn't like the way he was looking at me.

I know, I know, calm the fuck down, Dustin. I got it. I can breathe again. Jesus.

So, like, I barely even know how I carried Barbie in there, 'cause we were kissing so hard and it was so fine. Damn that little girl can kiss. And the way she grabs your hair at the back of your head and pulls you tight. Jesus.

So I could barely control myself. What am I saying? I couldn't control myself. We crashed down onto her big bed and stuff went flying and I didn't care. Then I somehow managed to kick off my shoes and wriggle out of my soiled jeans even as I pressed Barbie's tiny little body down into the bed and kissed her more. She was like a fucking tiger, man, I'm tellin' you. A fucking tiger. But I pushed her down and I grabbed the sides of her bikini bottoms and I yanked them down her legs. I didn't ask her or anything. I just pulled them off and there was her little girl pussy and it was the hottest thing I'd fucking ever seen and I don't know what came over me but I just fucking pressed her legs back and wide and I dove in there and I tasted her. Oh god, she tasted so good!

Barbie screamed. She screamed really loud and my heart almost stopped, but then she grabbed my hair in her little hands and she arched her back and pushed her cunt right up against my face. She wanted me! And I took her. I forced my tongue up into her tight tight tight little slit. It was so small! Her little mounds were just perfect little hills of flesh and the lips between them tasted so fine. I pressed harder and harder. I wanted to ram my tongue in as deep as I could. I wanted to rape her with it. I wanted her to scream again, and she did, and when she did I just wanted to make her scream even more. I just went at her as fast and hard and powerful as I could. I tasted every part of her - deep inside, all around her puffy mounds - I swirled and swirled around the little hood at the top and she screamed and screamed and screamed.

And then I think she came. Can a seven-year-old girl come Levi? Can she have an orgasm? Oh god, I think she had an orgasm. She shook and shook - out of control. Her little fists pulled so hard at my hair, pressing me against her little cunt. It hurt, but it was wonderful. I couldn't believe I was causing Barbie so much intense emotion and stimulation. I felt powerful and good and oh, so, fucking HORNY.

Barbie was still shaking uncontrollably when I came up for air. I pushed up between her legs, kneeling and I grabbed my cock and it was so hard and so ready and so fucking excited. I came again. I sprayed my cum all over Barbie's sweet little body. It was on her chest, and her face and her stomach and even on her glistening, perfect, tiny, wonderful cunt. So much cum. Oh god, I came and came.

Oh fuck me, it felt good to get that off my chest. Jesus. But Barbie is just so fantastic. God - I miss her already! How can this be, Levi? Am I in love with a fucking seven-year-old? Jesus!

Please, please, tell me there's no nanny-cam at Barbie's house. Please! It's not just that I don't want to get caught. It's that, well, fuck me, I want to be with her again.

Oh fuck.

Waiting on pins and needles!
Dustin in Dallas


Dear Dustin,

Well, my friend, my pal, my BFF - - - - - you're in the clear! My associate thoroughly searched Barbie Coyt's house and not a single nanny-cam was found! And don't worry - neither Barbie nor Mrs Coyt ever knew he was there, he's a professional. Let out that breath, Dustin. Let your heart beat again. Think about how much fun you're going to have with your new little girlfriend!

Go forth and babysit with pleasure. But remember, Dusty my lad - you owe Levi!

By the way - great retelling of your first little tryst with the hot Barbie-doll. Can't wait to hear and see more. And now that we all have a nice visual image of your little seven-year-old, we're all even more excited to hear about your hot adventures. What a little hotty!

Don't be a stranger, Dustin Peet, my friend!


Dear Levi,

Oh man! Thank you, thank you! Jesus, I was about to have a stroke. You're right, I owe you big time. Gosh. Thanks for being there for me, Levi! You're the best.

I swear - I'm not taking any more chances. It's not going to happen. I don't care how hot and cute and sweet and flirty Barbie is. No more little girls. I promise!

So relieved,
Dustin in Dallas


Dear Dustin,

Don't make promises you can't keep, Lusty Dusty.

With a big dose of doubt,


Dear Levi,

Oh jesus, fuck me, you've got to help me, Levi. Please! I don't know what to do! I don't know what more could go wrong. You've got to help me, I'm begging you.

Okay, so, I should start at the beginning. So, like, I picked Barbie up at school again and right away things went to shit. Barbie insisted that I hold her hand, again, which I told myself was okay - even though right away I was totally aware of her little body and how cute she was and how much I'd like to touch more than just her warm, little hand. But then another little girl comes running up to us - a redheaded girl with thick green glasses and she says "Are you Barbie's boyfriend, mister? Barbie said she had a boyfriend and he was soooo cute but we didn't believe her, but now your holding her hand - so are you her boyfriend and did you really kiss her and take off her..." I cut the little girl off as fast as I could and I desperately looked around to see if anyone else heard her. I think my heart stopped beating and I felt kind of woozy.

"Tell her, Dustin," Barbie said in the amazing little-girl voice she has that makes m knees weak. "Tell Jenna you're my boyfriend!"

Oh jesus! "Oh, oh, so, like" I started stammering, trying to think. I was so confused and scared. "I, uhm, well - you know, Jenna, it's all like a game - right? I mean, it's all pretend. So, we, like, I'm like Barbie's pretend boyfriend and yeah..." Oh fuck, I looked at Barbie and she was about to start crying. I knelt down by her right away and took her by the shoulders and said, "Oh baby, what's the matter."

"You don't want to be my real boyfriend!" Big tears were forming in her pretty eyes. I couldn't stand it.

"Oh jesus, no, baby - I do, I do, I want to be your real boyfriend! Really, I do."

Barbie sniffed really big and I nearly lost it. I nearly grabbed her and kissed her right there in front of her school. "Really?"

"Yes baby, really. But..." I looked around at Barbie's little friend Jenna and then back at Barbie, then I whispered to Barbie so Jenna couldn't hear "But baby, you can't tell people! We'll get in a lot of trouble and then I can't see you any more. You gotta tell Jenna it was all pretend - you just have to! We'll get in so much trouble."

Barbie looked into my eyes and she bit her pretty little lip, but then she turned to Jenna and said, "It's all just pretend, Jenna. Dustin is just my pretend boyfriend. It's just a fun game. And don't tell anyone else about our game! It's our secret, don't tell anyone!"

Jenna's eyes got really big behind those big glasses. "Can I play the game too?"

"Only if you find your own pretend boyfriend!" Barbie said, which I though was pretty smart for a seven-year-old. Then Jenna ran off because her mom was calling her to come get in their car.

I think it took another ten minutes for my heart to start again. All the way to Barbie's house I held her hand tight in mine, but I couldn't stop thinking about how bad it could be if Barbie's little friend blabbed the things Barbie had told her.

Levi - I swore I was going to be good. I swear I meant it. I did, I really did. But the second I closed the door to her house and we were alone I looked down at her and she looked up at me and then she was in my arms and I was kissing her as hard as I could. Her thin arms wrapped around my head and she pulled me tight and kissed me back and slid her tongue in my mouth and the next thing I knew we were back in her bedroom and... Oh god, Levi, I can't believe what we did. I just can't believe it.

Barbie got real quiet and I was suddenly afraid I hurt her or she didn't like it or... But I thought she was just kind of overwhelmed, 'cause her eyes were really big and she was kind of in shock. But I got her to put her suit on and then we went for a swim and pretty soon she was her normal, flirty self and then we were kissing again and our suits were gone and... Oh god! Why can't I resist her?

But Levi, Jesus, a terrible thing happened! We were back in Barbies bedroom and her bed was a mess and we'd just finished - well, you know - for the third time - and that's when saw it, the glint of a lens, reflecting in the eye of that stuffed gorilla. I told you I didn't like that gorilla! There was a fucking camera in the gorilla!

Levi, you told me there weren't any nanny-cams! You said your guy didn't find any, that he was a professional. Why did you lie to me, Levi? There was a camera in the fucking gorilla. It must have caught everything. And Jesus, I think it's some kind of closed circuit thing, because there wasn't any film or memory chip. It was just a tiny little camera, half the size of an egg. I think it was broadcasting. I destroyed the damn thing, but I think it was too late.

Jesus, Levi, what am I going to do? Help! Please!

So confused and scared,
Dustin in Dallas


Dear Dustin,

Dustin! Really! Levi would NEVER lie to you. I'm insulted to my core. I thought we were friends, Dusty - BFF's and all that shit. I thought you appreciated Levi's help. But now you accuse me of lying? I practically can't go on, I'm so hurt. But I suppose I should cut you some slack - I can tell you're worried, and you should be. Maybe you didn't really mean it.

I absolutely did not lie to you, Dustin. My associate did not find a single nanny-cam when he searched Barbie's house. However, in his zeal to curry my favor, it seems that said associate took it upon himself to INSTALL several spy-cameras around Barbie's house - rather a lot of them actually. He's nothing if not thorough. They've been broadcasting to me over the internet ever since. And it's a damn good thing!

But first, Dustin, my Lusty Dusty boy, may I take a few moments to simply say - fucking awesomely well done! Who knew that watching a well-built (and well-hung, I must say) young lad like yourself, fucking the brains out of a seven-year-old girl (and again, I must say, holy shit - she should be a super-model), would be so entertaining, uplifting, exciting and down-right orgasmic. Whew! Just thinking about it gets me flushed.

Dusty! You are such a thoughtful lover. You take foreplay to new heights. Either that or you just really like the taste of little girl pussy. But truly - a stunning job of getting your hot little girlfriend in the mood - and boy was she in the mood after that amazing tongue lashing. You asked if a seven-year-old could have an orgasm - OBVIOUSLY! That cute little child was a bucking bronco. And then the way you sprayed your cum all over her tiny body and into her mouth - encore, encore! Oh wait, right, there was lots more!

We were all particularly in awe of that wonderful, magical moment when you first penetrated the sweet little thing. You didn't let her obvious terror and misgivings hold you back, did you Dusty DoRight? No, no, you did it just right! You coaxed her along, assuaged her fear, gave her every chance to back out of the ultimate deed. But how could she say no when you had her so hot and bothered that she could barely breathe. Oh, you're a crafty devil my fine friend!

The look on little Barbie-doll's face as the head of your impressive cock spread her precious lips open - wow. Such fright, such concentration, such awe and pain and surprise. It hardly seemed possible that such a tiny cunt could stretch around that monster. Bets were taken and odds were give here at Levi headquarters - but rest assured that I never doubted you Dusty! I never doubted you for a second. And when the little baby-girl screamed as you forced your way inside and forever took her membraneous innocence it was Levi who made an extra hundred bucks for the day. Way to go, my lad, way to go.

The little grunts your princess let out as you thrust into her little pussy there on her animal-strewn bed were sublime. We could almost feel how tight she fit around your manhood, how she squeezed you and resisted you - yet still invited you deeper and deeper into her tiny body. She nearly disappeared underneath you - hardly half your size. I particularly liked the way her little fists grasped at her your arms as her pretty face was pressed into the middle of your chest.

When you finally came inside your little princess - that was a truly stupendous moment! It was so sweet of you to loudly proclaim your love for you sweet, guileless child - even as you thrust into her almost harder than she could take, filling her with your hot cum. The whoops of appreciation here at Levi central were ecstatic!

Barbie is so lucky to have a lover who can cum again and again and again. And you did, Dusty, you did. After a nice, cooling swim you two were at it again - like rabbits. You just don't seem to be able to keep your big paws off of the little beauty. You barely made it out of the pool! But it was certainly gallant of you to let the little one have the top position. We all loved the concentration on Barbie's pretty face, her mane of blonde wet hair streaming around her face and shoulders as she wrapped her tiny hand around you and forced herself down on your impressive tumescence. Even though you'd already stretched her out, it was obvious what an incredibly tight fit it was. What a trooper your little lover turned out to be, eh? We all loved the way you took control, grabbed her by hips and lifted her little body up and down on your long pole as she arched her back and grunted in pain and pleasure. She was like a rag doll in your big hands and she shook like a leaf when you brought her to orgasm and gave her another dose of your hot seed. Oh! It was lovely.

Our clients are just going to adore it!

But Dusty, my friend, my confidant, my protege - really, you have to learn some constraint. Seven-year-olds are good for a nice hard fucking and two good poundings in an afternoon is usually fine. But three? Really Dusty? Don't you think three is a bit much for such an innocent child? Couldn't you get control of your lust-driven, hormone-riddled needs, Dusty?

Don't get me wrong, my boy. The sight of little Barbie down on her hands and knees on her bed, her perfect little body on display, was quite nice. And the way you held her hips from behind, standing at the end of her bed, was mesmerizing. But we all felt for the sweet child as you insisted on ramming that big dick of yours into her from behind. Surely she couldn't take so much, not on her first time. Her little grunts in time to your vicious thrusts were very erotic - I must say. And her fourth orgasm of the afternoon was quite a surprise! But, really, Dusty, you're a man now and you've got to be just a bit more sensitive to the needs of your young lover. Perhaps Levi is being too harsh on you - you're very young after all. I know - I'll give the film another watch, or two, maybe ask for a second opinion from some of the boys. Maybe I'll change my mind.

But oh, Dustin! In all the excitement of reliving your wonderful afternoon of lust with your little seven-year-old I nearly forgot: I was supposed to be warning you of impending issues.

I seems that Barbie's lovely mother got a call from some other child's mother with a suggestion that perhaps Barbie was spreading rather torrid stories about her new baby sitter/boyfriend. That would be you, Dustin. And just in case it's not in your vocabulary, torrid would refer to sex. That's right - your little sweetheart told her whole class that you and she had gotten down and gotten nasty. But I'm sure she made it sound quite lovely.

We watched Barbie's mother freak out. These spy camera's are really quite marvelous! And when she confronted the little one, well, I'm afraid Barbie spilled all. And I'm afraid there's worse - too. You see, Barbie even told mommy dearest about the spy camera you found. And it didn't take mommy long to find two more of them in Barbie's room. Fortunately she hasn't found the eighteen others spread around the house, and out by the pool, and in her... Well, it doesn't matter. Suffice it to say mommy is convinced that you not only fucked her little darling - you must have filmed it for your disgusting, kinky, perverted needs.

Don't worry Dustin! You've got lots of time. Even as I write this mommy is calling the police and giving them your address. I'm sure it will take them at least ten, maybe fifteen minutes to get to your house. Oh, wait, how long have you been reading this letter. I have gone on rather longer than I usually do, haven't I? Sorry about that.

But I know you always listen to Levi's advice - so I'm sure you've got an emergency bag packed and an escape all planned. Like I said before, be prepared, man, be prepared.

Well, shouldn't delay you any longer. But thank you so much, Dustin, for your wonderful letters and your great taste in little girls.

Don't be a stranger,


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