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Letters To Levi 7 - Too Young's Troubles

- Edited by Alvo Torelli, 2017

Dear Levi,

I'm eleven, and my friends at school are all starting to "date." But being cool at my middle school is all about trying to be really grown up, so all my friends try to dress like high school girls and they try to get older boys to take them on dates. But sometimes in our town dating means "Hey, my folks aren't home, let's get drunk and have sex." I heard that there's even some girl at the other middle school who's only thirteen and is pregnant!

I don't want to be involved in that kind of "dating." I'm a good girl and I won't drink until I'm twenty-one, or ever do drugs. And I want to stay a virgin until I'm married. Pastor Jack says sex before marriage is a terrible sin.

But I'm sick of being teased all the time and I don't have any friends. It's bad enough that I look younger 'cause I'm kind of small and I've barely started to "develop" like the other girls. And the clothes my mom buys me are awful and don't fit and I have stupid thick glasses and too many freckles. But worse, now everybody knows there's a boy I like, Edie, and I think he likes me a little bit too 'cause he comes around the school yard a lot with a couple other other high school boys and he always wants to talk only to me. The other girls tried to chase me away, but Edie made them let me come back.

I don't hold Edie's hand or let him kiss me even though I get funny feelings in my tummy whenever he tries to do those things. The other girls call me a baby! It's so embarrassing.

Edie is so sweet. Most of those high school boys are so crude and obnoxious, but Edie is really nice. He won't let any of the other boys tease me or try to touch me like they do with the other girls in my class. And he smiles whenever he sees me and that really makes me feel funny - good funny, not bad funny. I can't stop thinking about him.

But how do I say no if Edie asks me on a date? I think he wants to. Would it mean he wants to get me drunk and have sex with me? I don't want to do that even though I don't really know what it means. But if I say no I'm afraid he'll get mad and won't want to talk to me any more and all the other girls will call me names. I'll never have any friends! I'm so confused.

Can you help me, Levi?
Too Young for Trouble in Toledo

Dear Too Young,

Oh my god! I hate nasty little girls like you. I know your type exactly. I bet you have a super hot young body and you like to come on to nice guys and get them all hot and bothered. And then you won't even hold their hands! You are mean and manipulative!

Well there's a name for girls like you, Too Young. You're a cock-tease. Yup, no doubt about it, you're a slutty little preteen cock-tease. And you try to get away with it by pretending to be an immature little baby - but I see right through you, Too Young, right to your core. Slutty cock-tease!

How do I know this, Too Young? Easy. If you were really so afraid of being called a baby then you'd quit fucking acting like one! Ha! Instead, you have a perfectly nice young man who obviously likes you, but all you can do is cock-tease him. He's probably miserable, the poor bastard. And it's all your slutty cock-tease fault.

Whine, whine, whine - that's all you do! And it's all an act. "The clothes mom makes me wear are awful." Whine, whine, whine. "I have stupid thick glasses." Whine, whine, whine. "I'm a good girl and I won't drink until I'm twenty-one." Stop whining and pretending. You make me sick. Cock-tease bitch!

But still, Levi's seen worse than you, Too Young. Not much worse mind you, but worse. And good old Levi really hates the thought of yet another preteen cock-tease growing up to be a no-good unhappy slut-whore - 'cause that's what happens to girls like you Too Young, if you don't mend your ways: a long unfulfilling life of misery and frustration. And it just pains my soft heart to think that. So, if you promise to stop being such an awful little cock-tease slut, then maybe Levi could help you. Maybe. At least I'd think about it. And if you're serious about your contrition and really want me to help, then you should send me a picture of yourself so that I can look into your soul and see if maybe there's hope to get you off of slut-whore highway.

With hope for your future,

Dear Levi,

You are not a nice man! I cried and cried when I read your letter. I thought you would help me, but you just made me feel awful. I don't understand why you are so mean.

But I do know that sometimes grown-ups have to be mean to help children. Like when daddy spanks me for being too sassy or if he thinks I'm having bad-girl thoughts. So I think maybe you're being mean to make me understand that I've been a bad person. Is that it Levi, is it like the times daddy pulls my panties down and slaps my bare bottom and it stings bad?

Anyway, your letter made me really confused and unhappy and I didn't know what to do and now it's probably too late! Edie asked me to meet him tomorrow night for a date, but I didn't know what to say. You said he was a nice boy, but all I could do was stammer and blush. I couldn't talk - I was so nervous of saying the wrong thing and scared of being a baby and scared of what a date might really mean. I don't mean to whine, really I don't, but I just couldn't speak! All the awful things you said kept running through my head.

All the other girls laughed at me! I know I turned beet red and then I just ran away! Now Edie will never want to ask me on a date again and it's all your fault.

I really don't want to be a baby or a cock-tease, whatever that is. I mean it, I really don't - but I'm supposed to be a good girl. I'm so confused and I really want to see Edie again. But he'll never come to see me again, I just know it.

Please, please won't you help me? I don't have anyone else to turn to. I promise not to be a cock-tease if you'll just tell me how. I promise.

Here's a picture of me. I hate it 'cause of my ugly glasses and my awful freckles and it was taken right after I lost one of my baby teeth. It's just one of those stupid school pictures but it's all I've got.

So miserable,
Too Young for Trouble in Toledo

Dear Too Young,

Well I see that you're honestly contrite about being such a slutty cock-tease baby. That's what Levi was hoping for. And you're right, Levi was trying to shock you into being a better girl - just like your daddy would with his big strong hand when it slaps your soft round white little bottom. Believe me, Too Young, Levi and your daddy both have your best interest at heart. I know my words stung, just like those swats on your perfect bottom, but it was all to help you.

Now, I believe you when you say you want to mend your terrible ways. So guess what, Too Young. Levi is going to help you win back your perfect boy. Just send me Edie's full name and an email address - Levi will get your boy to come back to you. Levi's really good at getting young men to see past the ends of their noses - or even past the end of their Johnson's - which believe me is way harder.

But you have to promise me that you won't back out and you won't cock-tease the poor boy any more. Edie must be a great guy - just think of all he's already done for you - like coming down to your middle school every day and hanging out with you. Older guys like that usually won't make time for little girls like you. They only want to play sports and hang out with high school girls with big ... Well, I shouldn't be crude. Let's just say Edie must be a really great guy to be willing to share his important time with a girl your age. It just proves he's an amazing guy and it wouldn't be fair to waste his time. Would it?

I've looked into your soul Too Young, past the adorable freckles and the super hot sea-green glasses, past the long black curls and the pouty full lips, past the amazing long eyelashes and the sparkling green eyes and I am certain in my heart that you can conquer this terrible problem you have. I believe in you Too Young. Will you do as kindly old Levi Denom says? Will you dedicate yourself to overcoming your natural tendencies and abandon the ways of the evil cock-tease? Let me help you Too Young.

With hopes for your future,

Dear Levi,

Really? You'll help me? That's so great. I'm sorry I've been a cock-tease and I promise to try hard to change.

Edie's name is Edie Holpp. I had to get his email from one of the other high school boys 'cause Edie stopped coming to my school. The other boy wasn't very nice - he made me kiss him in front of all the other girls before he would tell me. It was so embarrassing! But I thought about what you said and I knew I had to prove I was serious, so I did it. Anyway, Edie's email is

I don't think any of the boys are named Johnson. Sometimes the things you say just don't make sense. But I hope you really will help me Levi. Please?

I can't wait to hear back,
Too Young for Trouble in Toledo

Dear Too Young,

Well, it wasn't easy to talk sense into your dear Edie, but the boy had to admit that he hadn't seen the full potential of the situation. As much as he liked you, and believe me he thinks you're just exactly what he wants - he was convinced his methods just weren't working, his energies wasted. But we had a long correspondence and I learned exactly what kind of upstanding crafty young man he is. It took him time to see how I could help, but eventually he got with the program. It was a lot of work - but I did it for you, Too Young, 'cause I have a soft spot in my heart for repentant young things. Especially with freckles and glasses - let's not forget the glasses. But I digress.

Anyway, I'm glad to say Edie and I came to terms and you'll soon be seeing a lot more of one another. I can't wait to see the evidence of my good deeds!

Edie Holpp should show up back at your school very soon. And this time no more of that cock-tease crap! Do you hear me Too Young? I'll be very disappointed in you if you're mean to that young man who only wants to show you how much he cares for you.

Don't disappoint me Too Young,

Dear Levi,

Oh my goodness! You were right, Edie came back. All the other girls were excited but he only wanted to talk to me. And I let him hold my hand! It scared me, and gave me awful butterflies in my tummy, but I was trying so hard to do like you said.

Edie asked me to meet him after school tomorrow! I got really flustered and part of me wanted to run away, but I managed to say "sure, Edie." And then he kissed me! Right in front of the other girls. I nearly fainted and I know I blushed something awful. It was weird when Edie took a bunch of pictures of me with his phone, but he said he wanted to be able to see me any time he wanted.

What do I do, Levi? I don't want to be a cock-tease, which you still haven't explained at all. But I have to be a good girl too and I'm afraid. Should I really meet Edie? What if he offers me something to drink? What if I get drunk? I'm so confused.

Please help,
Too Young for Trouble in Toledo

Dear Too Young,

Gosh golly, TY, I sure see why Edie Holpp targeted you out of all the pretty little girls in your middle school. The way your freckles stand out when you blush is just gorgeous. I swear you should be in the movies!

And I am so proud of you! You did a great job fighting against your cock-teasing nature. Keep up the good work. Now all you have to do is meet Edie tomorrow - you know the place - a block from your school next to the old clock. You don't need to be afraid Too Young. I'm absolutely sure that Edie really likes you. He just wants to show you how much. Won't that be great?

But you listen to me, Too Young. Don't you slide back into your cock-teasing ways - even if you get scared. Levi went to a lot of trouble to help you get your nice young man back and I'd be very annoyed if you didn't appreciate it.

Have a really great time tomorrow, Too Young. I look forward to seeing your first date.

Don't be scared,

Dear Levi,

Oh Levi, what have I done? I've been such a bad girl!

I met Edie at the clock just like you said and we walked a few blocks down a dark alley that was kind of scary. But Edie was really sweet and held my hand while we walked and told me I looked pretty and butterflies were whirling in my tummy a million miles a second. I was scared and excited and, I don't know, I had feelings I'd never had before.

And then we were in an apartment. It was kind of dirty and small but I hardly noticed 'cause Edie sat with me on a sofa and put his arm around me and then I couldn't think at all 'cause I was so afraid I'd do the wrong thing and Edie would think I was just a little girl, or a cock-tease, and he wouldn't want me to be there any more. I started to take off my glasses so I wouldn't look like such a little-girl dweeb, but Edie stopped me and pushed them gently back on my face, which seemed really sweet. So when he kissed me I tried really hard not to be scared and I let him and he put his tongue in my mouth!

Edie kissed me for a long time and then he sat back and looked at me and my heart just melted at the way he smiled at me. He said he really wanted to get me a present, but he didn't know what I'd like. And then he gave me fifty dollars! He held it up so that I could see it and he told me that I should go buy myself something really pretty with it. I've never had fifty whole dollars before! It was so sweet of him.

Then we kissed some more and he put his tongue in my mouth again and I didn't want to do it wrong so I kind of sucked on his tongue and I must have done it right 'cause Edie kind of moaned, then he pulled me closer. I felt his hand on my small breast through my blouse! I was so shocked. I couldn't keep from gasping.

Edie must have known I was scared 'cause he stopped and then he offered me a coke which I took and drank kind of fast 'cause my head was kind of spinning. I kept thinking about what you said, about being a cock-tease and what a nice boy Edie was. And then I had another coke, 'cause it was easier to drink something than try to think of what to do or what to say. But I think maybe I drank my coke too fast 'cause afterwards I got kind of dizzy and everything moved kind of funny and then Edie was kissing me again and his hand was inside my blouse and I couldn't remember him even sitting down.

But I remember what happened after that. I remember it all. It felt so good when Edie twisted my little nipples. I had no idea it could feel like that! I moaned really loud and arched my back and I was afraid Edie would finally decide I was just a little girl who didn't know what she was doing. But he kissed me on the throat and kind of growled and the next thing I knew my blouse was open and Edie's teeth and lips were teasing my nipples. I felt so young and stupid but I couldn't stop from screaming and grabbing Edie's strong neck to pull him against me.

I don't know what came over me, Levi! I'm such a bad girl. Edie's hands were everywhere and I didn't even try to push him away. He did awful, wonderful things with his tongue. I tried to say no, I did say it, but I didn't really want him to stop and he knew it. I should have stopped him! I shouldn't have let him push up my short skirt. I was too shocked and excited and scared and embarrassed when he pulled my panties down with his teeth. And oh, god, when his rough cheek scraped through the little bit of soft fuzz down there and when his tongue suddenly went inside me and his lips pulled on my little nubbin! I screamed, but I didn't scream "no!" Levi, I'm so naughty. I screamed "yes! Yes Edie, oh god, oh god, yes!" I'm such a bad girl!

Before I could even half figure out what was happening I was shaking all over. I gripped Edie's thick black hair with both hands and pulled his face even tighter between my legs. My whole body shivered and jerked around for a long time while Edie's mouth did those awful amazing things. When I finally stopped shaking he was towering over me, straddling me and looking down at me with a glistening of moisture on his lips and chin. He said "damn, that's a sweet young pussy," and he smiled. But it was a scary smile.

That's when I looked down and realized Edie didn't have any clothes on, and neither did I. And there was a thing between his legs - a huge thing. I knew it was his penis, but it was so much bigger than I thought it could be. I couldn't stop myself from wondering where he kept it when he had his pants on. How did he hide it? It was so big and angry looking and I couldn't take my eyes off of it. Edie was saying something, but I didn't really hear him. My brain was all scrambled and scared, 'cause all of a sudden I knew what Edie wanted to do with that huge thing between his legs and it was way way way too big to do that!

I panicked and tried to scramble out from under Edie. I twisted and tried to get away. But the next thing I knew I was on my hands and knees and Edie's big strong hands were holding my waist and I heard him say, "Oh yeah, baby, great idea. I always thought about taking you doggy style. Cherry always pops best from behind! Yeah." He slid an arm under me and I couldn't get away. I squirmed and screamed, but I was still woozy and Edie easily pushed my legs apart.

I finally wailed "no, no, no," and I really meant it, I did, you have to believe me. But then I felt the tip of Edie's huge penis, his cock, swirling around in the wetness between my legs. A horrible wonderful shock zoomed through my body. "Oh god, Edie, Edie," I screamed and I arched my back under his big body, "Don't hurt me, please, oh god, don't hurt meeeeeeeee!"

My scream went on and on from the second Edie rammed his gigantic penis up inside me. It hurt! It hurt and burned and stung even more than daddy's big hand slapping my naked bottom. I don't know why I thought of daddy spanking me as Edie forced his thick thing inside me, but I did. Every time Edie thrust forward, cramming my face against the dirty arm of the old sofa and filling me up with his cock, I also felt daddy's hand stinging against my bottom, one side and then the other, over and over. Thrust, sting, thrust, sting, ow, ow, ow! It was really Edie slapping my naked ass, but all I saw was daddy!

But oh, Levi, I'm such a terrible girl. I'm so ashamed. I'm so bad. It hurt, it stung, and my poor little cunny ached from being stretched wide - but I liked it. I liked it a lot! It was the best feeling ever. I couldn't stop myself from pushing back against Edie's violent thrusts, trying to take even more of his thing inside of me. I gasped with shock at the naughty things he kept call me - slut and whore and cunt - but it just made me more excited. It felt like Edie's cock was going up into my chest, like it would rip me apart. And every time he spanked me I screamed. But I loved it!

The shivery wonderful scary feeling came again, only ten times stronger. It raced through my whole body, but especially my cunny and my flaming butt. I shook all over. I couldn't think. It went on and on and then Edie was thrusting at me super hard and my face started banging into the sofa arm. My glasses dug into my nose, over and over, but I didn't care. It was soooooo good. Oh god, even thinking about it now makes me feel funny. I'm such a naughty, terrible girl!

Edie started going really fast and he moaned and yelled and then held me really tight by the hips for awhile. He was shaking and out of breath and so deep inside me. But then he got up real quick and I collapsed on the sofa. I could barely breathe and I just lay there kind of twitching all over and feeling empty.

Oh! Levi, I can't believe I told you all this. But I just had to get it off my chest. I'm so scared and confused and there's no one else for me to talk to! Please help me, Levi. I was such a naughty, nasty, awful girl. I'm so ashamed. I'm so bad. Is there any way for me to become a good girl again? Please tell me how I can be a good girl again, Levi! Please! I'm only eleven - I'm too young to be such a naughty girl.

And Levi, I'm so scared. What if daddy finds out what I did with Edie? There's no way he could find out. Or is there? Oh god, it would be so awful if daddy found out. I don't know what he would do!

What if Edie comes around again? What if he asks me on another "date." I shouldn't have let him do those things to me, Levi, but I'm afraid. I'm afraid of what I might do if I'm around Edie again. Please tell me what to do! Please?

Please help me!
Too Young for Trouble in Toledo

Dear Too Young,

Really, what is your problem?! I am so sick of you and your "I'm such a naughty girl, I'm so ashamed" shit. Get over yourself Too Young. We all know what you are - it's right there on the film after all.

Didn't I warn you, Too Young? Didn't I say you were firmly on the slut-whore highway? I worked so hard to help you keep your nice boy and create a path for you to be the sweet and innocent good girl you claimed you wanted to be. And what do you do? You throw it in my face. What do they call a girl who has sex for money, Too Young? That's right - a WHORE. A slut-whore. A nasty disgusting useless slutty fuck-whore!

Edie was so shocked when you told him you'd fuck him for fifty bucks! The poor boy just didn't know what to do. And then you threatened to tell the police he'd been molesting you if he didn't go along. It's all right there on the film! Such a horrible child! The poor boy was terrified. He couldn't think of anything to do but go along! It's a damn good thing somebody suggested that he film your 'date.' How else could he ever have cleared his good name? You're a filthy blackmailing slut-whore but you've got that "I'm so innocent and sweet" act down pat, and Edie knows it - he knows the cops would probably believe you over him. But now he has the evidence to prove that you're just a nasty little WHORE. And if you ever try to blackmail him again, he'll use it!

I'm just not sure what to do with you, Too Young. I'm shocked to my core and I'm so disappointed! I guess I'll just have to watch the video again while I ponder what to do about your ungrateful, nasty, slut-whore behavior.


Dear Levi,

No, no, no! It's not true! The fifty dollars was a gift. I never said anything about the police! Oh god, Levi, please! I didn't do any of that. You have to believe me.

And there's a video?? Oh my god! It can't be! That's horrible!

Please Levi, you have to help me. Why is this happening to me? I just want to be a good girl. I don't ever, ever, ever want to do bad things again. I'm so ashamed. I can't believe people might see what I did. But you have to believe me, I'm not a whore. It was a gift. He told me it was a gift, 'cause he liked me and he wanted me to have something pretty. That's not why I let him... Oh god, Levi, you have to believe me!

And Levi, Levi, oh gosh! I think, I think - oh god - I missed my period, I think. I'm not sure, 'cause I only started a couple of months ago, and I don't really... Oh god, Levi, there's no one else to turn to! Please help me! Please! What if my daddy finds out?

Too Young for Trouble in Toledo

Dear Too Young,

You have a lot of nerve asking for more help from Levi, Too Young, you nasty slut-whore! Every time I watch your video it just breaks my heart to think of you selling your hot, innocent little body, those pretty green eyes behind those big, sexy glasses and those sweet, sweet freckles. It's such a tragedy that you chose to be a nasty whore, Too Young, such a tragedy. And all for a paltry fifty bucks! You're not just a whore, Too Young, you're a cheap whore. You really have a lot of nerve asking me for help!

And now you're pulling the 'I might be pregnant!' card, great. Do you know no shame?!

But Levi is a gentle and kind soul, with a soft place in his heart for young pretty little girls - girls who sometimes let their nasty hormones lead them astray down slut-whore highway - so I guess I'll have to suck it up and help you. It's a big risk, sullying my good name with the likes of a whoring little blackmailer like you, Too Young, but I'll just have to take the chance. I've decided to risk all and help you - one last time. Do you hear me, Too Young? One. Last. Time. Please don't disappoint me, Too Young. I don't think my old ticker could take any more disappointment from you.

There's only way way to help a child like you, Too Young. You must be purified. You must be shown the true meaning of your sins. You can't help it that you're only a child, like a puppy who can only learn from having his nose rubbed in his accidents. Only then can you truly understand the disgrace and consequence of your actions. Only then will you find the right path. But Levi can't do this alone - Levi will need assistance, my dear. Fortunately, help is close at hand.

Just remember, sweet pretty Too Young, sometimes grown-ups have to be a little bit mean to help children out. That's just the way of the world. It's all for the best - you'll see. Good luck, Too Young! It's up to you to get off of the path to the devil, my sweet, but at least now you'll have some help.

With the deepest hope for your soul,

Dear Levi,

I'm sorry it's been so long since I wrote to you. It's been almost five months! Daddy won't let me use any phones or computers, but I snuck out while he was sleeping. Everything is terrible.

I don't know who sent copies of the video to daddy and Pastor Jack. Was that you, Levi, or maybe Edie? I guess it doesn't matter. Daddy says I have to take responsibility for myself. And my bottom knows what happens when I don't. Not that I actually have to make mistakes for my bottom to get red and hot and stinging from daddy's big strong hand, or Pastor Jack's, or Mr. Anderson's or ...

Daddy was sooo mad when he got the video! Pastor Jack called about an hour later and he was really outraged, 'cause he'd gotten the video too! Pastor Jack came over right away to help daddy figure out what to do. I was so scared when they called me into daddy's study.

Daddy was all red in the face and he bellowed at me about wanting to be a whore and I said "no, daddy" and he just yelled some more 'cause he'd seen me taking money from Edie on the video - which he showed me - and that was when I just knew that I was in all kinds of trouble and daddy wasn't going to listen to me and I should probably just not say anything. And Pastor Jack just sat there looking so stern, except that he was also looking me up and down from head to toe in a way I really didn't like. That was almost worse than daddy yelling.

That's when daddy said he was going to spank me and I gasped 'cause Pastor Jack was right there and I knew daddy was going to spank me on my bare bottom, which he did. And Pastor Jack just watched. I was sooo embarrassed. But the worst part of all was that it was also sort of exciting to get spanked on my bare bottom in front of someone else. And I got really wet down there and daddy and Pastor Jack both saw that.

Pastor Jack said, "You see Hiram - she is a wanton and sinful child. There is only one cure for such terribleness. Just as we were told, she must be taught!"

"Yes, yes, Jack, you're right. It's the only way," daddy said, and his eyes flared with excitement.

"She wants to be a whore!" Pastor Jack bellowed. "It's right there on the video. But she's too young to understand. You must make her understand, before it's too late, before the bloom of her youth has faded. The congregation will help you, Hiram, I know it. I will help you. You are not alone my old friend. All of us are here for you in your hour of need."

"You're right Jack, you're so right!" daddy said. "Let it begin!"

Pastor Jack surprised me. He handed me fifty dollars! He said, "Hold that, whore. Smell it!" He forced my hand up to my nose and rubbed the money in my face. "Those are the wages of your sin!"

Daddy helped pushed me to the floor on my knees in front of Pastor Jack and the next think I knew his old, wrinkled cock was out of his pants and he rubbed it against my face. I tried to scream and push away, but daddy pulled my arms behind my back and held them.

"This is what it means to be a whore, child!" Paster Jack yelled. His cock was getting bigger as he rubbed it all over my face and lips. I kept trying to twist my head away, but he held me by my hair. "Now earn your whoring wages! Learn what it means to be choose the wrong path. Suck it!"

I had to suck Pastor Jack's cock into my mouth. It was horrible. He's so old and ugly. His cock got big really fast and he slid it in and out with his hands gripping my hair on both sides. "Suck, whore, suck!" he said over and over again.

Behind me I heard daddy saying "It's the only way you'll learn. They only way."

Pastor Jack grunted and he shot his cum in my mouth. I don't think I'll ever get used to the taste of cum. It's terrible and they always want me to swallow it. I have to show them how full my mouth is, then swallow it. And that first time was no different. "Swallow it whore, swallow," Paster Jack demanded, and so I did.

The next thing I knew I was on my bed on my stomach and daddy snatched the fifty dollars out of my hand. "I can't believe you've forced me to do this, child," he snarled at me. "But you have to learn! You've forced my hand - and a whore has to have a pimp - there's no other way. So learn what it really means to be a slutty little whore who works for her pimp, day after day!"

Daddy pushed my skirt back up over my back. My panties were already gone from being spanked and I knew that daddy and Pastor Jack were both looking at my naked bottom. And I was still wet! Oh god, Levi, it was so embarrassing. I heard a zipper and I tried to look around, but daddy held me down and then he pushed my legs further apart and then he was on top of me and I knew what he was going to do. I couldn't believe it! I screamed, even though I was terrified of making daddy even madder, I couldn't help it. I screamed! "No, no, no, daddy, please, no!"

I felt daddy's cock stretch my pussy open. This couldn't be happening, but it was. Daddy lifted my hips until I was up on my knees and then he rammed forward. I saw Pastor Jack watching, with big eyes, as daddy fucked me from behind. And worse, daddy started spanking me again. Slap! "Ow!" Slap! "Ow!" Why does everyone always want to spank me?

The very very worst thing of all happened as daddy was spanking my poor little white ass. I started to shiver and tremble. I couldn't stop it. Maybe I really am just a terrible little whore - but I couldn't stop myself from having a climax, and it just got stronger and stronger as daddy slapped my bottom. I was still shivering all over when daddy pulled out of me and yelled a bunch and then I felt something hot land on my sore bottom.

Oh Levi, what's wrong with me?

Anyway, that was all months and months ago. Pastor Jack and some of the men from church come over every day and each of them brings fifty dollars - but I don't ever get to keep the fifty dollars no matter what I do with the men. Daddy always takes it! And then after the other men are done, he usually uses my little pussy, or my bottom, and he always spanks me.

I started showing about a month ago and now I have pretty big baby bump. Daddy was very angry when he first realized I was pregnant, but he got over it pretty fast. He yelled, "All that seed I wasted!" Some of the men stopped coming to the house, but some of the others, like Pastor Jack, seem to like my belly and they come even more often. I even have little boobs now and the men all like to suck on them and tease them before they start fucking me.

I've begged and begged daddy to let me stop being a whore! But he says I still haven't been purified - and besides, he still has payments to make on his new Porsche. But I have, Levi. I have been purified - again and again and again! It's not my fault that I still shiver and tremble and twitch every time someone fucks me! I can't help it.

Oh please, Levi, you have to help me! Haven't I learned enough? I understand, I really do. I'll even admit to forcing Edie that first time, if it will help. But please! I can't do this any more. All those men. Please make daddy stop! You're the only one who can help me.

At the end of my rope,
Too Young for Trouble in Toledo

Dear Too Young,

Sorry to take a month getting back to you. But hey, you're not going anywhere anyway, so what's the harm? I can see that you really are contrite and there's hope for you yet, Too Young, real hope. You have great potential. And so I, Levi Denom, will come to your rescue one more time, Too Young. But don't disappoint me! That wouldn't be good, not good at all.

Clearly, your daddy has gone a bit overboard in his zealous desire to bring his sweet daughter back on the right path. We're just going to have to shock him - shock him so deeply that even his new sports car won't seem worthwhile. And how are we going to do that, Too Young? Well, you're the master blackmailer, so we'll use your talents against him.

I'm sending someone to help you. Don't worry if it takes a few weeks - he'll be there. When has old Levi ever let you down? Just follow his lead and everything will be clear.

Looking forward to seeing you again!

Dear Levi,

Oh my goodness! It was Edie who came to help me. I couldn't believe it! But why did it take a month? It was a long, long month and I'm so big now. I'm so tired and uncomfortable. And every day my clients seem to be a little bit more excited. They all want to rub my tummy while they're fucking me. Daddy too!

But Edie was really here, I could hardly believe it. He snuck in while daddy was out and he looked really surprised when he saw my tummy. But he didn't run away. He explained how he was there to set up the hidden cameras so you could help me. I can't believe we're going to blackmail daddy by filming him and Pastor Jack and all the others!

Edie got the cameras set up in no time. Then he said we had to test them. I didn't quite understand why testing the cameras meant I had to kneel on my bed and suck Edie's big dick, or why he had to get behind me and fuck me for so long. But I went along because I'm just so glad you're going to help me get out of this terrible nightmare.

When do I find out how to download the movies from the cameras? I can't wait to blackmail daddy!

Do you think Edie will want to be with me when this is all over?

I'll do what Edie said, Levi, don't worry. But please, please get back to me soon. I don't want to keep doing this any longer than I have to! Pastor Jack has started coming over twice a day and there's even more men from the church now. Please help me.

Thank you so much,
Too Young in Toledo

Dear Too Young,

Gosh, how time flies! I just got so caught up in important matters. You must be what, eight and a half months along now, Too Young? I've got to tell you: on your dainty, young little frame, eight and a half months pregnant looks like ten! Your tummy is huge, Too Young, huge. And those ripe, swollen little breasts of yours, priceless!

You've probably just figured out, if you hadn't already, that you don't need to download the movies. They've been automatically uploading to me ever since Edie visited. That naughty boy - I did NOT tell him he could have his way with you, but it was certainly fun to watch. I must say, my sweet girl - I think we have the finest preteen pregnant sex ever filmed! Hundreds of hours at this point. And I also have to say that I'm quite amazed at the appetite for just this sort of entertainment - we can barely keep up with the orders.

By the way, that scene you did with Pastor Jack and the two church elders, all at the same time - you know, the one where you straddled the old Pastor while one of the elders used your ass and the other filled your mouth - it was simply lovely! We could use a lot more footage like that. But please, dear, make sure at least one of the cameras is showing how big and round your belly is - that's really the money shot. Please, Too Young, for old Levi's sake. Be a dear.

I'm sure the last couple weeks of your pregnancy are going to fly by, Too Young. I know, I know, you're ready to end your ordeal! But I just don't think we can chance it. Think of the baby. Think of that poor, innocent little being that's relying on you to do what's best for him or her. You just can't take the chance, Too Young. If you try to blackmail your daddy now he might fly into a rage and hurt you and the baby. It's just too dangerous! You'll have to hang in there for another few weeks.

Take heart, Too Young. Think of the joy you are spreading across the world. Think of all the men who wish they could be the one kneeling behind you, holding you as you struggle on your knees with your huge baby bulge straining at your back, filling you with their thick hot cocks. You're making thousands happy every day - and it only gets better as you get bigger.

Do let me know how the birth goes, Too Young! But if I don't hear from you again, I'll understand. You won't be Too Young any more, TY, you'll be Too Busy.

Best of luck!

Hoping for a girl,

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