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These are unfinished stories, story fragments, stories I can't bring myself to post and can't bring myself to discard. Someday they may appear in complete stories. Or, they may not.

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Links to URLs (mostly sex stories by other people) that I'm particularly impressed with lately. This section was getting a little long, so I've moved the older entries to another page.

1/29/03: Updates:
His Father's Son by Shakespeare I. Aint

Mr. Aint's been around for some years, but he just opened up an ASSTR site. Here's what I said about him on Storiesonline:

A son spies on his father having rough, humiliating sex with his mother. Years, later, after his parents are divorced, he manages to fulfil his mother's need for rough stuff himself--a fairly routine internet porn plot.

What makes this story stand out it the intensity and vividness of the characters' emotions--particularly the 16-year-old protaganist. Where mostly one sees boys in this scenario magically acquiring superhuman confidence and perceptiveness, Jack's fear and self-doubt are present at every turn. This only serves to increase the emotional power of his success, making a far-fetched scenario feel real and plausable.

The counterpoint betwen the nastiness of the sex and the moments of real affection between Jack and his mother also serve to intensify the emotional pitch. This elevates what would otherwise be a routine raunch-fest into a story of real intelligence and power

Past Raves

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