The Abbreviated and Extremely Helpful Problematic Story Codes FAQ

mf Characters make noncommital noises mmmf Characters attempt to speak while gagged anal Contains psychoanalysis best A Golden Clitorides winner cbt Contains single combat cons Sex between inmates copr Story is copyrighted dom Page markup uses the W3C Document Object Model enem Sex between enemies Fdom Features the science fiction or comic book fandom communities hum Humiliation hum Humor hum Hummus hum Hum-Vs inc Office sex interr Character is buried alive ir Night-vision goggles lac Synonym for nosex mc Author has lyrical skillz nc No children nopen Typewritten story nec Milder version of pett ped Foot fetish rape Characters use rapeseed oil as lube rim Contains slam-dunking rom Features simulated arcade games sad Unhappy ending scat Characters sing with nonsense syllables slash Knifeplay sm Characters are modestly endowed snuff Characters inhale tobacco span Spanish-language story tort Features liability law veg Contains catatonic characters viol Contains classical musicians voy Extended travel Modified slightly from Uther Pendragon's Story Codes for Readers list.

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