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Dirty Comix
I've been talking for months and months about how I ought to add a list of comics recommendations to the Coil. I've read a lot of them, I have strong opinions about them, and Sturgeon's Law applies as well here (if not better) as elsewhere. Here it is at last. Suggestions for titles I should add are eagerly solicited.

I was tweaking Nick Urfé (who's got a new cuyahoga chapter that's even hotter and more confusing than the others) about his blog and he turned around and tweaked me right back. "Why not admit it," he said, "you're doing a blog yourself."

"Nooooo! Nooooooo!" I screamed, rolling about histrionically and almost spilling my hefeweizen. "Well, sort of."

The word has acquired a certain amount of stigma. It's like cellphones at this point—if you don't have one yet, then you probably have objections to them—you haven't just not gotten around to it. I referred to a friend's blog yesterday, and he glowered at me. "It's a journal" he snapped.

At any rate, inasmuch as the Coil contains anything that could reasonably be thought of as a web log, it owes rather more to the example of, say, Peter Schultz than Rob Malda.

But here's a chattier than usual Recent Raves for you, Nick.

Speaking of journals, Sam Stern keeps a fascinating, rather poignant, often funny diary. He's a Brown dropout attempting to make his way in the video porn industry in LA. He muses on the ways getting his dick sucked on camera is and isn't satisfying and worries about whether he's smoking too much pot. Sometimes I think he gets a little too thrilled with himself for being a smart, introspective guy in a dumb industry, but his basic decency and ruthless honesty makes it good reading nonetheless.

I got to referee a writing competition between Selena Jardine and Desdmona last month, two writers who I very much admire. It was the first time any of us had been involved in a Write Club duel, but I'm extremely pleased with the results.

Squick Urfé
You know when you read an essay, and you keep muttering to yourself, "Yeah, that's what I've been saying!" and "Yeah, that's what I would have been saying if I were articulate enough!" and "Yeah, that's what I would have been saying if the point had ever occurred to me?"

No, huh? Well, it happens to me occasionally, and Nick Urfé's thoughtful dissection of the immense cultural value of the word "squick" is one of those times. Soem of what he says is of interest only to our little online stories community, and he does some good, incisive thinking about story codes and what they're good for. Some of the essay, though, goes to the heart of pluralistic sexuality, and how sexual subcultures can get along with respect and tolerance.

Some heavy stuff, yeah, but always entertaining, and always with a sense of humor.

Now I'm gonna cheat and recycle a couple of my reviews from Stories Online.
Her Sweet Heady Scent by Ray1031
We don't know too much about the setting. A man and his wife are both working in some sort of mine when an explosion kills the lights and temporarily destroys the man's hearing. As he searches for his wife in the dark, he talks to keep up his spirits in this disorienting crisis.

What does he talk about? Duh, sex. His narration as he gropes around for his wife, not knowing if she can hear him, or even if she's alive, are vivid, hot, and affectionate, while managing to sound like natural dialogue, a very impressive accomplishment. Further, Ray manages to keep the sexual tension and the narrative tension simultaneously high.

The ending is a bit of a let-down--it doesn't show the level of attention and outstanding craftmanship the rest of the story does. But if you want to see a masterpiece of balance between narrative, character, and sex, you can't afford to miss this story. A Golden Clitoris nominee for Short Story of the Year and Romantic Story of the Year.

Scorpio Madness by Green Onions (Chapter 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8)

A playful, high spirited, thoroughly & inventively filthy, kinda romantic romp.

However, in addition to the codes listed, it features fat-fetish, hair-fetish and smearing-fetish themes, wet sex, a lot of rimming, a little femdom, and a lot of cannabis use. If these squick you, you'll probably want to look elsewhere. But if you can deal with them, I recommend this fun and sexy story.

Apparently, once upon a time this story was accompanied by illustrations. If anyone knows where they can still be found, I would be very interested in hearing about it.

Mozilla 1.0 by the Mozilla community with scary multimedia conglomerate AOL Time Warner
I try to shy away from this sort of geekery usually, but I gotta say that Mozilla is the veritable bomb. Real live CSS2 support, tabbed browsing, gesture recognition with Optimoz, strong encryption with Enigmail, Shepherd Fairey-designed graphics—it's got coolness oozing out of its ears, which may not be very sanitary, but it is impressive.
The Orgasm Club series by Omega Prime
I started doing the Current Raves intending to recommend lots of meritorious and neglected new work. I'm ending up mostly recommending old lowbrow smut instead. I'm gonna shy away from reaching any conclusions about what that means for now.

Mr. Prime's particular area of interest is teasing and orgasm-deferral, usually—but not always—of a younger male by an older female. The stories include plenty of underage sex, bondage, and humiliation, but the tone is always light and playful. The stories are a pleasant, breezy read, and very, very hot.

Forced to Fuck the Irish by OddManOut
One of the shocks for a neophyte reader of ASSM is that so many writers, still, in the twenty-first century, are obsessed with the sinister, atavistic power of a certain ethnic minority. OddManOut's systematic skewering of this preoccupation works extremely well as parody, and moderately well as porn.
Krissy L.
okay, guilty pleasures time here folks. If you're looking for intricate plots, nuanced characters, and believable situations you are so looking in the wrong place. On the other hand, if you want hot nasty lesbian bondage with a light and humorous touch, you just struck gold.
cuyahoga by Nick Urfé
I'm trying to mostly mention little-known stuff here, so I'm not boring my readers with stories they already know all about. However, I think (if I may be so bold, Nick) that the much-lauded cuyahoga series has some interesting affinities with my Yacht Club project. In both cases, we have a very style-oriented writer trying to loosen up and write something more casual and porn-y. Nick's results are fascinating and atmospheric, and often extremely hot. I hope, in my own way, I can do as well.
Soccer Moms by Mark Aster
This is probably the best example of the kind of smut I would like to write. Formally playful, readable, funny, and hot. A perfect little brandy truffle of a story.
Katherine T.
Katherine T. writes the most utterly real and convincing lesbian--no, that's too narrow--the most real and convincing sexual encounters of any sort that I can think of on ASSTR. Her characters are vivid, her dialogue rings true, her sex scenes are realistic and varied.
I have this pet theory that the hallmark of great erotica is that it manages to make readers share the author's kinks, at least for the time they spend reading. Piss isn't usually an interest of mine, but Jetstream's obsessive yet tongue-in-cheek tales of schoolgirl urination and fornication manage to be some of my favorite smut ever.
see 1/29/03 update.
Subway series #2: Thanks for the Memories
A lightweight funny story about the uncertain rewards of being polite in the modern world. I nominated it for the December Silver Clitorides.
Ed Mueller
Two sweet and clever adult incest stories. People who miss the late great Losgud (note: link requires free registration) will enjoy Ed's stuff.
The Smell of Sex series
Plain old hot kinky girl/girl smut. No redeeming social importance. Yay!
Cleanse your palate with sweet & fiendishly addictive little Flash games. I'm particularly fond of Bubble Bees, myself.
The Averti stories
The above link is to the ones in Old Joe's collection--there doesn't seem to be a definitive archive anywhere. These are a small collection of humane, funny, vivid, and original BDSM stories written in the early '90s.
The ESF Blog
Over-the-top porn with scat, SM, and pedo scenes, mixed with the day-to-day details of an english schoolteacher's life. A fascinating literary experiment, a new kind of epistolary novel. A demonstration of the unique value of ASSTR--I can't imagine this project appearing anywhere else.
See 1/29/03 update
Make your own Dildo
A product review for the Good Vibrations magazine. Also a sweet and homey tale of sexual experimentation.

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