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All my stories feature consensual, often romantic, sex between men and women or women and women. Some participants are under the age of 18. Don't read on unless you like to read such stories and reading about underage sex is legal in your jurisdiction. Remember, just because you are having sex doesn't mean you are old enough to read about it. It would be much better, at least that is what the lawmakers think, for you to remain in ignorance about the thing you think about the most. Huh? Does that really make sense?

Any resemblance to persons living or dead in these stories is strictly coincidence. These stories are fiction and intended for the amusement and entertainment of adults. Don't try these things at home. They can be dangerous or illegal. You have been warned. No animals were hurt in the writing if these stories, well, except those late night turkey sandwiches.

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Young Love

Amy (Mf MF 1st) A young girl decides her mom's boyfriend will be her first lover. 3,800 words New February 2010

Babysitting the Neighbor Kids (Mf MFf Ff 1st) The babysitter is caught watching the hidden adult movies. 13,800 words New December 2005

Best Friends Share (Mf 1st) Best friends share no matter what it is. 7,600 words New July 2009

The California Zephyr (Mf 1st) A train and a beautiful young woman makes a great combination. 10,500 words New May 2005

Cherry's Survival (Mf 1st) A teacher finds himself caught up in student's life, more than is proper. 10,400 words New August 2009

Claire's Mountain (Mf MF 1st) A summer in the mountains spent with two women. 12,300 words New January 2009

Czech Mate (Mf 1st) A man finds love with an exchange student. 11,000 words New October 2002

Daughters of Destiny (MF Mf 1st) Our destiny is not always of our own choosing. 12,500 words New March 2002

Do Leopards Change Their Stripes? (Mf MF 1st) A man finds himself in an unusual triangle with a woman and her daughters. 14,000 words New September 2006

Enko (Mf prost) In Japan it is called compensated dating, in America it will be called Heaven. 7,600 words New June 2010

Flying (Mf 1st) Two young women learn about flying. 5,000 words New May 2011

Flying with an Angel (Mf 1st) A flight interrupted leads to a night of passion. 7,400 words New April 2005

Foster Home (Mf rom) A girl loses her family and is placed in a foster home with a single man. 11,000 words New November 2006

The Girl from Ipanema (Mf) What really happened to cause the writing of that famous song. 4,100 words New June 2004

Girl Scout Troop 6969 (Mf 1st) Volunteering for the girl scouts can get a fellow in deep. 12,300 words New July 2006

The Great Adventure Girl's Academy (Mf MF Ff ff 1st anal spank) The adventures of a man in a strict all girl Academy. 22,300 words New May 2004

Gym Teacher (Mf Mff) What happens when a man has to teach girl's gym. 14,600 words New October 2005

The Horrible Case of the Sexual Predator (mF 1st) Why are all these female teachers attacking teen boys? 4,000 words New June 2006

I Surprised my Stepdaughter (Mf ff 1st) He finds his stepdaughter locked in a carnal embrace with her friend. 8,800 words New July 2003

The Jeremy Bentham Charter School (Mf MF 1st sex education) The way sex education really should be run. 12,900 words New May 2007

La Zona Rosa (Mf 1st) A young Mexican girl and an older American man, where will it lead? 10,000 words New June 2002

Lessons (MF Mf 1st) A young girl gets lessons from her Mom and her lover. 4,500 words New January 2003

Letters to Lauren (Mfmf 1st) I help a mom realize her fantasies concerning her daughters. 8,100 words New December 2011

Little Lost Sheep (Mf MF 1st con) Two lost souls running away find a haven in the mountains. 9,800 words New October 2007

The Model (Mf MF MFf 1st) It's not true what you've heard about painters and their models. It's better. 6,500 words New August 2002

My Stepfather is Hot (Mf 1st con spank) A new stepfather and a mom who abandons them both lead to hot times. 4,200 words New July 2011

Neighborhood Pranks (Mf 1st con spank) A girl gets caught in a prank and has to pay the penalty. 4,800 words New December 2006

Paradise Lagoon (Mf 1st con) A man and three sisters in a tropical paradise find adventure and love. 16,600 words New June 2008

The Piano Lessons (Mf lolita) Seduction comes in many forms. 8,500 words New March 2004

Robyn (Mf) A Daddy's mistake becomes a daughter's duty. 3,000 words New July 2012

Rocky Mountain High (Mf Mff con) A tourist is teased by a young girl in the mall. Will she follow through? 5,200 words New December 2008

The Runaway (Mf MF 1st lolita) The adventures of a man who meets a runaway at the Mall. 17,000 words New September 2004

Scavenger Hunt (Mf 1st con) A young girl gets more on a savenger hunt than she thought she would. 2,700 words New December 2008

Sleepover (Mf MF FF Ff ff 1st con) A sleepover and marital problems lead a man in a compromising situation with his daughter's young friends. 11,200 words New March 2007

Sparks Fly (Mf) Sparks fly when a neighbor helps a maiden in distress. 8,000 words New November 2001

The Substitute Teacher (Mf MF 1st con) Young women will devlop a crush on a handsome substitute teacher. 13,800 words New August 2006

Summer Heat (Mf 1st con) A hot summer afternoon with three young curious girls. 6,500 words New November 2008

Sure She Said (con) A warm summer night driving the babysitter home. 850 words New October 2012

Tammy (Mff 1st anal) A story of discovery. 16,500 words New April 2009 New January 2001

Too Many Girls (Mf con) How many girls would be too many? Wouldn't you like to find out. 16,500 words New July 2010

The Treatment (Mf 1st con) A young woman asks me for a very special favor. 2,400 words New April 2014

Two Sisters (Mff con) A photo shoot of two sisters leads to an afternoon long remembered. 5,000 words New March 2006

Vacation Sex School (Mf+ ff 1st BD anal) A story of teens learning. 25,000 words New December 2002

Viewing the Cherry Blossoms (Mf, MF, 1st, con) An American visitor samples the beauties of Japan. 9,300 words New February 2007

What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas (Mf 1st con) Vegas is Sin City, and what happens there, stays there. 9,300 words New September 2005

Waifs (Mf lolita) There can be unanticipated consequences when you pick up strays on the road. 8,500 words New April 2006

Xandra (Mf 1st) Sometimes fate intervenes in mysterious ways. 4,500 words New June 2002

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