My Stepfather is Hot

It started when I was eleven. My real dad had run away with a floozy slut whore. That’s what my mom always said after she had some wine and would talk about it, more about that later. I never knew my real dad. Mom had married my stepdad and that’s who I remember. But she kicked him out and we were alone for a while. Then she met this guy, Mike, and they started dating. I didn’t think nuthin’ about it until he started staying over some nights. Mom had got rid of my first stepdad, the only dad I had known, so I didn’t like having some new guy around. What’s he doing staying at our house?

Curious, I snuck up to the door and listened. I heard all these strange noises, bumps and springs and my Mom saying nasty things. I knew some of the nasty words: pussy, cock, fuck, since my friends had started using them. But some I didn’t know, like, eat me. There were a couple of girls in the building that were older and us younger girls would ask them stuff. They explained it all to me, what was happening and why mom was yelling like she was having fun. She was, they said. God, it was eye opening what they told me and faintly disturbing. Imagine, a guy sticking his big thing inside my mom. I had nightmares about him sticking his big thing in me. Ugh.

Not long after that, Mom and Mike got married and we moved into his house. That totally sucked since I lost all my friends at the apartment building and school. I was in a totally different school district. Luckily, there were several girls my age or close to it, and they quickly let me join their group. We had regular sleepovers at each other’s houses and sex was a constant topic of conversation, and with these new girls, experimentation. I was twelve by then and my body was changing. As well as sore nipples and some hair, I felt the itch beginning, the itch the older girls had told me about. That was also the first time I started thinking about Mike in a different way. The girls all thought he was hot. I was all, like, ‘No way,’ but they said he was hot. I was like, ‘He’s my stepdad,’ and they were all like, ‘It’s not like you’re related. You don’t even call him Dad, you call him Mike,’ which was true. We weren’t related. So I tried switching my mind around and looking at him like a regular guy and when I did that, I realized he was majorly sexy. No wonder my friends thought he was sexy. All of a sudden, I didn’t mind anymore that mom had got rid of the old dad for a new one. The problem turned out to be that I couldn’t turn it back off once I got it turned on. I wanted to feel something more than just talking about sex and here I was almost fixated on my stepdad. I knew that mom and Mike were majorly fucking, what a nasty word that was, but I would have to be deaf not to hear them. And now that my body was making me think about ‘it,’ dream about ‘it,’ want ‘it,’ I quit feeling so icky about mom doing ‘it’ and started thinking about me doing ‘it.’ Yeah, doing it with Mike.

The other girls must have been getting the same sort of feelings because the sleepovers changed from talking and occasionally experimenting, to serious practicing of sex. It started with kissing, you be the boy this time, and quickly included touching breasts and pussys. I nearly died the first time Margo rubbed my pussy until I came all over her hand. The next step, licking each other, inevitably followed. I liked pussy eating, as we always called it practice. We weren’t having sex; we were practicing for when we had sex with boys. I knew about sucking a boy’s cock by then and thought I’d love it since I liked pussy munching so much. It’s funny, now I know it is oral sex, but then we really didn’t think of it as sex, it was preparing for sex.

That led to my first boyfriend at thirteen, Jason. Jason was an absolute substitute for my stepdad; even I knew it at the time ‘cuz I only went with him when all the girls said he looked like Mike. The first time I sucked Jason, I was picturing Mike. He came in just seconds. I liked the feel of his cum shooting, knowing I did that. Unfortunately, he didn’t know anything about girls. I had to show him how to lick pussy. But he quickly understood, no pussy licking no blowjobs and he became a devoted pussy licker. I let Jason take my cherry because I wanted to find out why everyone thought it was so great. I totally closed my eyes and saw Mike taking my cherry. Jason wasn’t great, but he wasn’t bad as I gave him a BJ first so he’d last longer. One of the older girls had made that suggestion.

All this time I had to listen to Mike banging mom and her screaming and moaning. It drove me nuts. I started working my way through the eighth grade boys trying to find one who could make me yell like that. My friend Crystal started calling me Slut Girl, I think affectionately. I hope it was. What I was really looking for was a Mike.

That’s when everything changed. Like you probably have figured out, three guys into it, Mom wasn’t suited to be married for a long time. Mike was number three in my twelve years. She was good at getting into relationships but totally sucked at keeping them going once the sex cooled off. Mike was number three and I guess the sex wasn’t as hot. One day she ran off with number four, this biker guy who didn’t want kids. Mom left me this completely pathetic note explaining why she couldn’t take me. God, was I pissed at her. At least the first two times she took me, her daughter. I found out later she dumped the biker guy for number five, a tattoo parlor guy and he kicked her out finally. By then she was too old to get another fish on the hook. That’s when she called me trying to get back together. Like that will happen.

Back to the story. Suddenly, I’m living with Mike, the stud of my dreams. All this time I have been totally jealous of mom and now I have him all to myself, mister hot in bed. So I am now fourteen and in high school, frustrated from the boys my age and in a state of terminal horniness for my stepdad. What to do? Well Crystal didn’t call me Sara the Slut for no reason. I get what I want.

Mike had been really moody for a while after mom ran away. Like, so was I. So maybe six months after she left, Mike and I had settled into a routine. I decided now was the time. One night we were eating dinner when I went for it. ‘Mike, I know you never expected to have a girl to raise all by yourself.” Like I said he and I never used the Daddy Daughter words. He wasn’t and I wasn’t.

“Sara, I don’t mind. You aren’t responsible for what your mom did. I like you,” he said.

“Good,” I said. “Because I like you, a lot. I was totally jealous of how lucky mom got.”

“Jealous, of me?” he asked and sounded really surprised.

“Like, Yeah! I’d hear you and her in the bedroom, the way she’d moan and yell. It drove me crazy. I so wanted to be there instead of her,” I said.

Like a light going off, I think Mike got it. His eyes got wide, his breath kind of caught and one other telltale, there was a jump in his shorts followed by a growing lump. Oh, he tried, “Sara, you are a pretty girl but the age difference.”

“Oh, you like think I’m not old enough? How about if I prove you wrong?” I asked in my best seductive voice.

Mike was still fighting the hook but I had a big ally on my side. That lump had grown and was throbbing. I knew from guys I had been with how once they got a hard on I could lead them anywhere and do anything. It’s like a guy’s brain shuts down. He hadn’t gotten laid in a while and had to be as horny as I was. That left him tongue tied; I delivered the coup de grace and it would be a Stroke of Mercy.

“Tell you what. You think I’m too young but I can prove I’m old enough. I’ll give you a blowjob, right here. I can see you need it,” I said pointing at his throbbing bulge. Mike was so cute as he blushed. I finished making the bet, “If I give you a grown up woman blow job, you agree that I’m old enough and you give me what you used to give mom. If it isn’t any good, I promise to never bring it up again. Either way you win.” I was hoping that his brain was so flooded with horny hormones he couldn’t see the illogic in that. I was right. He had pumped so much blood downstairs that upstairs was just keeping the breath going, forget deep thoughts

I could see the look in his eyes. It was the same look that Jason or the other guys would get when they realized they were going to get head and they couldn’t say no. Mike had that look. He didn’t need to say anything. I slid off the chair onto my knees and came around the table. He looked like a deer in the headlights, but a horny deer. I grabbed his shorts and opened them, unzipped, and pulled, Mike lifting his butt on autopilot as I pulled them off his legs and feet. His cock was standing straight up. It was a very nice cock, much nicer than any of the boys, and I knew this one would please me once I got into his bed. I felt my own cunny getting wet and hot, that itchy feeling I always got just before trying out a new beau. I was going to show him.

Bending down, I ran my tongue around the head. Mike sighed. I knew I had him from that sigh. I took his cock into my mouth sucking and licking they way I knew drove boys crazy. It worked the same for Mike. I started bobbing over his cock, sucking and licking. I threw my all into it; I wanted to make sure he couldn’t say it wasn’t a great blowjob. I found myself getting tired in my neck and jaw but I refused to give up. The boys I was used to would have cum already. I bucked myself up by saying to myself, ‘Well, if he lasts long in a bj, he’ll last a long time screwing me too.’ That sent more thrills into my puss and that made me suck even harder on his cock. I must have hit a nerve because I heard him moaning my name as his cock expanded in my mouth. I knew what that meant so I put my tongue back to block my throat and moved back till just the head was in just in time as the first spew filled my mouth, then another and another. I had to start swallowing as Mike filled up my mouth as I pumped with my hand getting the last of his cum. I sucked one last time and licked his cock clean and looked up.

“Oh my God, Sara. That was the best blow job I ever had,” he said.

“So, I’m old enough?” I asked.

Mike was a man of honor and he didn’t welsh on the bet even though I had kind of trapped him. I remember reading a story about Liz Taylor and Richard Burton when they were married. Liz wanted this million dollar ring and Richard said no way. Turns out they loved to play ping pong and Liz could never win, so one night she gets him roaring drunk and doesn’t touch a drop herself. She bets him the ring that she can beat his ass. He accepts and she waxed him. The next morning she presented him with the score sheet. He was an honorable man and bought her the ring. He didn’t have to drink and he didn’t have to take the bet, but he did and he paid off. If you drink and gamble, whether it’s money or pussy, take the consequences.

Mike reached down, took my hands, pulled me up until I straddled his lap and said, “Yep, you proved me wrong.” Then he leaned down and kissed me, one of those kisses you just dream about. I felt loved and protected and desired all in one kiss. My insides melted.

“You sure you want to be in my bed?” he asked.

I nodded and pulling myself closer to him said, “Oh, Yes.”

“Okay. Tonight you sleep in my bed,” he said solemnly.

I just exploded. My heart was thumping and my cunny sent thrills through my whole body as it juiced up in readiness. I wanted him to drag me to the bedroom right then. I was gonna sleep in his bed just like being his wife. I was floating on air and my cunny was creaming at the same time.

Then, as if nothing had happened he said, “Let’s get the dishes cleaned up.” He pushed me off his lap and pulled up his shorts, grabbed the dishes and carried them to the sink. I was stunned but turned to help him. The rest of the night was surreal, a nice word I just learned in English. It was completely normal. We cleaned up and watched TV, the only difference is I sat next to him on the couch instead of at the other end. It was cool being close like that.

About ten, normal bedtime he asked, “Ready for bed?”

I know my face lit up like a sign, “Yes.”

He took my hand and led me to his bedroom. It was all so usual, like we were an old time couple or something. He looked totally like no big deal. Me? It was like I was holding a live wire: my muscles jumping, my tummy doing flips, I was like almost panting and trying to slow my breathing and my mind was screaming, ‘Do you have any idea of what is about to happen? A grown man is going to fuck you and he’s going to expect you to act like a grown woman!’ This wasn’t one of the high school boys who were pitifully grateful for anything.

In the bedroom, he started taking his clothes off, then crawled into bed. I was just staring as he asked, “Coming to bed?”

I turned off the light. Okay, so I was like unprepared to get stark naked in front of him, watching like that. I didn’t feel all that developed at the time. I stripped out of my clothes and climbed into the bed on the other side. He rolled towards me half way, then said, “Come here.”

Image copyright Rod O'Steele © 2011 No use without written permission Somehow, lights out, in bed, both naked, I suddenly calmed down. It was going to happen, my dream. I rolled towards him as he took me in his arms and pulled me to his chest. God, he smelled so masculine and his chest felt so good. “Mike,” I sighed.

He stroked my hair and asked, “You sure, Sara? You really sure about this?”

“More than I can say, Mike. I have been dreaming of this for years,” I said.

He lifted my face and kissed me. This one was as good as the earlier one. I felt that kiss all the way through my body and back up. It lit everything on fire from my nipples to my cunny. One kiss, wow. Curious, my hand went down and found his cock. It was stiff and throbbing and I started slowly stroking it, the Stroke of Mercy I had promised myself to give him. His kiss heated up, his tongue almost attacking me, his lips mashing against mine. The passion just poured through that kiss. I squeezed his shaft and felt it jump. He pulled back, “God, Sara. I want you.”

“I’m yours,” I said. Okay, kind of cheesy but it felt right at the time.

His head went down and starting licking then biting and sucking on my tits. That sent pulses straight to my cunny and I really creamed. God, I was ready and wanted him badly. Mike’s head kept going south after his attack on my tits and he wound up between my thighs, his face plastered to my puss, his tongue doing wonderful things. My God, none of the boys had any idea what to do. I thought I liked getting licked. I had no idea what I had been missing. He sucked and licked and kissed all over, from my butt to the top of my puss. He made love to my pussy with his mouth. My body was bouncing around trying to wring every drop of pleasure out of it. Just as I thought I was going to pass out, he stopped and lifted himself over me. My mind was yelling, ‘Yes. Do it!’

I felt his cock against my cunny and I started hunching up against it. I wanted it in me and now. Mike rubbed it around and up and down, getting it coated with my juices and his spit, both copious on my puss. Then it slid in the right place and I hunched up getting a couple inches inside. Mike felt that and he pushed, one long glorious thrust that filled me up like never before. I was impaled on it and my legs fell out to the sides.

He started fucking me. Yes, fucking because it was too good to be called anything else. It was making me feel things in places no one had ever hit before. It didn’t take long before I was ensnared in those building sensations and I knew this was going to be a good one. I normally didn’t cum when a boy was fucking me. I’d cum when they licked me or fingered me, never fucking, but I knew it was going to happen with Mike.

Mike slowed for a few strokes then sped up again and that did it, pushed me over the top. It just exploded through me and I felt my cunny rippling along his cock. He must have felt it too because he sort of yelled then stiffened and gave me one big shove and I felt him cumming, filling me up. We both slowed, finally stopped, breathing hard, his shaft still filling me. God, it was so good I tried to wring the last little bit of pleasure out of it, but all I did was cause it to fall out. I moaned in disappointment as I felt our juices flowing down my butt.

Mike rolled over to his side and pulled me to him, snuggling me, “Sara, that was incredible.”

“That was the best ever,” I said.

“You’ve done it before?” he sounded surprised.

I didn’t want to be Sara the Slut so I said, “A couple times. But I always thought of you when I did it. Always.”

“You’re just saying that,” he said.

“No, I’m not. I swear. Every time I thought about you. And you were better than all of them combined.”

“All right,” he said. He pulled the covers up over us and I fell asleep, happy and being held by my hot stepdad.

Mike left early for work so I didn’t get to talk with him. At dinner I was wondering what he was going to say. I mean, was that just once. I wanted it every night.

We sat down for dinner and he was all solemn, like a funeral of something. I was thinking the worst; he was going to make me move out. I was just about ready to yell, just tell me when he said, “Sara, I have to tell you something.” Mt heart practically leapt out of my chest. He paused. “I filed for divorce from your mom this morning.”

“That’s it? That’s all?” I screamed.

“Well, yes. I thought you’d be mad at me for divorcing your mom,” he said.

I jumped out of my chair and wrapped my arms around his neck feeling light and happy. “Mad, no way. She’s getting what she deserves. I want you, not her,” I said hugging him till he had to loosen my arms from his neck.

“Choking me to death won’t do any good,” he said now smiling. “So, you’re happy I’m divorcing your mom?”

“Mike, don’t you get it. She left you just like she left her first two husbands. I know she blamed my dad but she’s the one who keeps leaving people, you, me, others. I don’t want her back. I want you,” I said.

Mike laughed and picked me up and carried me to the bedroom. “So you want to be like my wife?”

My arms around his neck and feeling like a bride or something, I said, “Yes. Forever.” Okay, hokey again, but that’s what I felt.

He laid me down on our bed and threw off his clothes. I tossed mine off the bed as he stripped. Naked, he laid on naked me. No dishes tonight. He took me and made me his and I gladly gave myself to him. Tonight we didn’t need a long foreplay. We were both ready. A few passionate kisses and his staff nestled between my thighs which split open in welcome. The bulbous head slid down my wet trough and lodged into the notch between my pussy lips. I felt it start to open me and then a push. God but I wanted it again so I pushed back and he sent that beautiful rod deep into me. “Yessss,” I moaned.

“Oh God, Sara you are so tight,” Mike moaned above me. “I love your pussy.”

His cock bottomed out, filling me completely. I felt my cunny vibrating from being stretched so much. Then he pulled back and turned around and slid back in, banging onto my button. The whole world lit up as the electricity flowed through me. Soon, Mike was banging me fast and hard. Tonight was going to be a furious night. There was too much passion to last long, either of us. I felt my climax coming, stronger than I had ever felt one before, when he cried out and his cock expanded, filling me even fuller, then erupted, his hot cum filling me. That sent me over the top. I felt like I was blown out of the top of my head. I couldn’t even control my body. It just quivered with pleasure. Mike stopped and I felt the pleasure rippling through my body, wave after wave, until I couldn’t take anymore and I fell back, drained, unable to move.

After a night like that, neither one of us was going to go back to the way it was before. I moved into the main bedroom with him. I didn’t even pretend I was sleeping in my bedroom anymore. Crystal knew about it since when she came over, I wasn’t in my old room. A couple other of my friends figured it out as I never had another sleepover at our place, for obvious reasons, and didn’t want to go to their sleepovers since I wanted to be cuddled up to Mike.

But they were cool friends and never said anything. When I turned eighteen, Mike brought home a ring and being very romantic got down on one knee. The other girls were totally jealous. Crystal even said that being a slut was the best thing I ever did. The laugh is on her since I have a husband that takes care of me in bed and out. Mike told me a couple guys at work said he had a trophy wife since I was so much younger. God, did that make me smile. A trophy, like I am so beautiful or something.

Mom has called Mike a few times and hinted that she would be ‘willing’ to come back. Yeah right. I didn’t even send her an invitation. Good riddance.

I’m expecting our first. I won’t be making the mistakes of my mother. I won’t ever drop my baby off with some guy to go chasing another. Mike is going to be very well taken care of and I won’t have a wandering eye. I tried enough guys to know I want him, my hot stepdad.

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