Babysitting the Neighbor Kids

Many of my favorite stories by other authors are babysitting stories. Sitting for Kelli by Hank Freeman might be my all time favorite. But I have never written one myself. I decided to rectify that situation. This is the result. Hope you enjoy my contribution to the genre.

Kelly had put little Michael and Auben down for the night. It was still early, eight o’clock, and she knew Mr. and Mrs. Walker wouldn’t be home for hours. She was thinking about what to do: watch TV or maybe get something to eat.

What Kelly thought about was Mr. Walker; what a hunk he was. Just thinking about him made her panties wet. ‘It’s so nasty, but it’s true. I want to have his penis inside me even though I’ve never even felt one before. I don’t know what it would feel like to have one inside me, but I want his. God! It’s like I am missing something inside me and Mr. Walker’s penis is what I am missing,’ she thought

She fell back onto the couch so worked up she was ready to play with her pussy right there in the den. Kelly blushed just thinking about it. ‘I could never do something like that. What if the kids got up? Or worse, Mrs. Walker came home early and caught me. Ick. But I do feel this way.’

Kelly was restless and wandered around the downstairs. In the game room, she imagined Mr. Walker playing the games. The room just felt, like, so masculine. She ran her hand over the felt of the pool table and imagined Mr. Walker playing pool with her. He was holding her in his arms and helping her hit the ball, his hands on hers, his body pressed against her side. And she imagined that she felt his penis, all hard, as he leaned over to help her with the shot. Kelly closed her eyes and imagined that Mr. Walker then leaned down and kissed her neck. She got goose bumps just thinking about it.

Her eyes opened. Kelly thought, ‘I have to stop this or I’ll be a wreck by the time the Walkers get home.’ But she was more than a little excited. Normally, Kelly wouldn’t peek when she was at someone’s home. Her mom taught her never to do that. She knew other girls did when they sat for people. Her friend Amber had even found porno movies and watched one as she was babysitting. She told the girls about the stuff that happened in the movie. Kelly wasn’t sure if she was making a lot of it up. It sounded impossible.

Sometimes it is hard to do what is right. Kelly wandered upstairs, not really looking to do anything, just kind of restless. She looked in on the kids; they were both fast asleep. At the end of the hall was his room; she felt drawn to it. There was a small lamp on the dresser which cast a soft glow over the room. One closet door was open. The closet was filled with a man’s clothing: suits, shirts, pants, ties, and stuff. It smelled totally manly. Kelly wondered how he chose what to wear every day. There was a shelf at the top of the closet. If she backed up against the wall she could see something, a jewel case, like a CD. Curious, she reached up and was able to tip it with just the very end of her fingers until it fell down. It was a porn movie. It burned her hands. Frantically, she stood on her toes and was barely able to shove it back up onto the shelf and practically ran downstairs. Her cheeks were burning. She wondered if Mrs. Walker knew about the movie.

Kelly was a wreck the rest of the night. Mr. Walker seemed like such a nice man. She knew guys liked those kinds of movies, but he was so sexy. Why would he need to watch porno movies? Maybe Mrs. Walker didn’t like sex or something. Maybe she was frigid. Kelly read about that in her Mom’s Cosmo. It made her feel sorry for Mr. Walker, his wife being frigid and him having to watch porno movies.

She had fallen asleep watching TV when the Walkers got home. She heard the door open and was stretching trying to wake up when Mrs. Walker came in. She thought about the movie and wondered if Mrs. Walker was frigid. She blushed a little at the thought and tried to cover it by bending over as if she were stretching.

“Hi, Kelly.”

“Hi, Mrs. Walker.”

“Any problems?” she asked.

“Nope. The kids were great. I fixed them popcorn and they watched Ariel. They went to bed at eight, no problem,” Kelly told her. Kelly had learned when babysitting the kids were always great. No parent wants to hear they have hellions for children, even if it is obvious.

“Great. I’ll walk you home,” she said. She had her purse and was rummaging in it. She got out her wallet as Kelly put on her coat. “Here you go.”

“Thank you,” she said taking the money. “Where’s Mr. Walker?”

She smiled, “Um, he’s already gone upstairs, I hope he made it. Come on,” she said as she turned to the door.

Kelly wondered what she meant. As she lay in bed that night she couldn’t help thinking about Mr. Walker. Her hand slid down. She was already wet. It was very quick coming. As the orgasm surged into her, she kept saying over and over, “Mr. Walker…”

It was two days later when Kelly saw Mr. Walker in front of his house. He was just getting home from work. He looked really cool to Kelly, like this rich businessman in the movies, always making important deals. He saw her and she waved. He didn’t wave back. Instead he motioned for her to come over. She walked across the street and saw that he looked really serious. Mike Walker watched the cute blonde walk across the street. ‘She really is a looker,’ he thought. When she was across the street, he said, “Hi Kelly.”

“Hi, Mr. Walker.”

There was this awkward silence as Mike looked at her. She wondered what was happening. Then he asked, “Do you have anything you’d like to tell me?”

“No. Nothing, Mr. Walker,” she said.

“Kelly,” he said quietly. “I think it is really important that people tell the truth.”

“I am, Mr. Walker,” starting to get really upset.

He paused, then asked, “Did you go into my closet?”

It hit her. ‘Oh God! He knows!’ She felt her cheeks blushing. ‘I am so busted. When he tells my parents my Mom is going to be so mad. She hates people who sneak around and look into other people’s things.’ “I’m so sorry, Mr. Walker,” she said looking down.

“So you watched the movie?”

“No! I didn’t watch any movie,” she said.


“No, really. I didn’t,” she said. “I’m really sorry, Mr. Walker."

He paused and looked at her. Kelly couldn’t look back. “Kelly, tell you what. I don’t want an apology, yet. Just tell me the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.” She looked up. “Okay?” he asked. I nodded. “I’m ready,” he said.

“I’m sorry…”

"No apologies, yet,” he cut her off.

Kelly took a deep breath, “Okay. I was kind of restless. I had checked on Mikey and Auben and they were asleep. I saw your room was open. Oh God, my mom is going to kill me when she finds out. She hates snoopers.”

Mr. Walker said gently, “Kelly, tell me everything and maybe she won’t have to find out.”

Kelly couldn’t believe there was a possibility of a reprieve. Maybe… “Really? Okay, I know I shouldn’t have but I went into your room. I saw your closet so I looked in. I, like, saw something up on the shelf and I kind of was able to get it down. When I saw it was a p…” She looked up at him. She couldn’t believe she almost said porno movie to him.

He smiled, “An adult movie?”

Her face was just burning. “Yeah. Well, I was freaked and I tossed it right back. I went straight downstairs. That’s all.”

He looked at her for a moment, then said, “Okay. I’ll accept that apology now. So you really didn’t watch the movie?”


Smiling, he said, “I would have when I was a teenager. You have to learn to put those back exactly where you got them. That’s what I did when I was your age.”

“Mr. Walker,” Kelly protested.

“I’m teasing you. We’ll consider the issue closed.”

“This is really embarrassing. Mr. Walker, does Mrs. Walker know?” she asked.

“No. I didn’t tell her that the movie had mysteriously moved on my shelf. Should I?” he asked.

She started to answer but he was smiling and she knew he was teasing again. Kelly started to ask him if Mrs. Walker knew he had those movies, but couldn’t.

“Kelly, don’t feel too badly about it. Tell the truth, I’ve done worse. I think we can forget about it. Okay?”

“I really am sorry, Mr. Walker. Like I said, Mom hates people who snoop,” she said.

“No harm done. I’ll see you later,” he said, turning to go into his house.

“Yeah, bye,” Kelly said. She was feeling totally down. ‘He must think I am a real loser. God, it is so totally embarrassing. I don’t know how I could look him in the face again. I mean, I had all of those dreams about him, and now, he’ll think I was just a little snoop, not a woman.’ Kelly went home and hid in her room pretending to be doing homework. ‘My life is over.’

Then, the strangest thing happened; Mrs. Walker called and asked if Kelly could baby-sit on Saturday night. She hadn’t expected that. She just knew that Mr. Walker would never let her baby-sit again even if he didn’t tell his wife about the movie. But here Mrs. Walker was calling and asking about Saturday. Kelly said yes before she could even think about it.

All day Saturday Kelly thought about how she could face Mr. Walker. ‘What will he say? How will he look at me? What will I say?’ It ran through her mind over and over…

Saturday night Kelly went to their house. Mike let her in. “Hi, Kelly.”

“Hello, Mr. Walker.”

“Mindy is finishing with the kids. We’re just about ready to leave, I hope,” he said smiling. “You know where the food is, and the movies.” She gasped and looked up at him. He smiled and winked.

The kids tore into the front room then, followed by Mrs. Walker.

“Hi, Kelly,” they both yelled. “Can we watch a movie and have popcorn?”

She knelt, “Sure we can.” They cheered and started arguing over which movie they would watch.

Mrs. Walker laughed, “Good luck settling that argument. We’ll be home around midnight. You have my cell number. Anything else?”

“No, we’ll be fine,” Kelly said.

“Have fun,” Mr. Walker said as he opened the door for Mrs. Walker. They left looking happy.

Kelly was too busy riding herd on the kids to think much about what Mr. Walker had said until she got the kids in bed. Then she flopped onto the couch and caught her breath. She remembered what he had said, ‘You know where the movies are.’ He just couldn’t mean that movie, could he? Not that movie. He had to mean all of the other movies by the TV. But he had said he would have watched it when he was her age. Maybe he did mean that movie. If he didn’t mind, then it wouldn’t be snooping.

Kelly went to the kitchen and grabbed the footstool and headed upstairs, still arguing with herself. This time, his closet door was partially closed, but not latched. ‘He must have left it that way,’ Kelly argued, ‘so I would know it was okay.’ She opened the door and put the footstool down. Turning on the light, she stepped up the footstool. At the top, she looked over at the shelf. It wasn’t just one movie. He had several, all neatly stacked. Kelly picked up the one on top, noting how it had been stacked, and looked at the cover. There were several naked women on it. The title was, Teenage Babysitter Goes Bad. God, but that sounded stupid... like a babysitter is a potato salad that goes bad. Dumb. Then she wondered why Mr. Walker had a movie about a babysitter.

Carefully, she stepped down from the footstool. Kelly made sure the kids were still sleeping and went downstairs. She opened the case. It had a sticky note attached. It read, ‘I wondered if you’d choose this one,’ and below it was the initial M. Kelly just about died. He knew. She thought about putting it back right then. She just knew he would ask. But she also knew she wouldn’t be able to lie to him. If he asked, she was caught anyway. I might as well watch it. And it seemed he didn’t really mind. He could have written, DON’T WATCH!

Kelly slipped the DVD in the player, making sure the sound was low. It started playing. There was some cheesy advertising at the beginning. Then the movie started. ‘God, but the acting is terrible, I mean totally unbelievable’ Kelly thought. But the movie got to her. First, the girl looked a lot like her. They weren’t twins or anything and the girl in the movie was kind of hard looking, but she could have been Kelly’s older sister. She wondered if that was why Mr. Walker liked this movie. It was both disturbing and exciting to think that. Plus, the plot was so like what Kelly was doing. This girl was watching the husband’s porno movies and masturbating. He caught her and got her to confess that she watched them thinking about him. He pulled her off the sofa and pushed her on her knees. Then he pulled off his shirt and pushed his pants down. She didn’t want to touch him but he threatened to tell her parents what she was doing. The girl took his penis and started sucking it, making it get bigger. Kelly kept seeing the girl as herself and the guy as Mr. Walker.

It was horrible and totally exciting. She felt her pussy becoming completely wet. Unconsciously, she squeezed her thighs together. She had to fight to keep from touching herself. She looked up the stairs, not a sound. It was still at least two hours before they’d be home. The man had pushed the girl up on the couch and he was between her legs, licking and kissing her. He slid a finger inside her and he kissed and licked her pussy. Kelly was going crazy imagining Mr. Walker doing that to her. Then, the guy pulled the girl’s butt off the couch, lined up his enormous, Kelly thought, penis with her pussy, and slid it inside her. Even with the sound low Kelly could hear the girl moaning and screaming. It was too much. She pushed her jeans off and lay back on the couch. She slid her hands into her panties and started frigging herself. It happened so fast, her back arching as she came. It was one of the strongest orgasms she had ever felt. She had to bite her other hand to keep from screaming and waking the kids. Then, Kelly blacked out.

When she opened her eyes, the movie was still playing; the guy was still fucking the girl on the couch. She hit the stop button. She was totally done in. Kelly lay on the couch thinking about what a great climax that had been. No wonder people watched these movies. Her panties were sopped. She pulled on her jeans, grabbed the DVD case, ejected the movie, and took it back upstairs. The kids were still sacked out. Carefully, Kelly put the note back and stacked the DVD back on top, and closed the door just the same amount it had been before taking the footstool back downstairs.

When the Walkers got home, Kelly saw that Mrs. Walker was giggling. Mr. Walker winked and said, “It was my turn to drive.” Mrs. Walker headed upstairs, tripping on the bottom step and laughing.

“I’ll walk you home,” he said.

“It’s just across the street,” Kelly said.

“I’m not letting you walk alone at this time of night. Come on,” he said.

She grabbed her coat and followed him. Once outside, he asked, “How was the movie?”

Kelly froze and looked at him. She couldn’t believe he knew. How?

He laughed, “I didn’t know but your look just now tells me.”

“That’s no fair,” she said.

“All's fair in love and war,” he said. Then he turned serious. “Which movie?”

“The babysitter one,” she said quietly.

“Ah. You need to know something. I bought that movie before you started babysitting for us. You watch the whole thing?” he asked.

“No. God, this is so embarrassing, talking about it,” she said.

He laughed. “Don’t let it get to you. Everybody has the same desires, drives, fantasies. It’s nothing to get embarrassed about.”

“Not everybody has the same,” Kelly said, looking at him and remembering what she had been fantasizing about watching the movie.

He gave her a funny look. “Anyway, I just want you to know that I had that movie before you started babysitting,” he said.

“Why are you telling me that?” she asked.

They had paused on the sidewalk to talk. He put his hands in his pockets, looking very sophisticated in his suit, his tie loosened just a bit. “I think you know why.” He waited.

Kelly looked down, unable to look him in the eye. “’Cuz the girl looks like me.”

“She is a babysitter in the movie and she looks a little like you. Not as pretty as you but similar. I don’t want you to feel like I, well, would do something like that. Get a movie of you, I mean.” He paused then laughed quietly. “You’re right. This can get embarrassing.”

Kelly couldn’t help it. She giggled. Having him say that kind of lightened the whole mood. “God, yes. Please don’t tell anyone, Mr. Walker.”

“I won’t. And you don’t tell anyone either. I don’t want to be accused of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.”

“I won’t. Thank you for treating me like an adult. You know, letting me watch your movie and not being weird about it.”

They started off across the street. “No problem. Kelly, if you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask. Those movies aren’t very realistic. Don’t think life is like that.”

“I know. The acting was terrible,” she said.

“Like either of us really watched the acting,” Mike said as they both laughed.

He waited as Kelly went up to the door. She unlocked it and looked back. He waved, “Night, Kelly.”

“Night, Mr. Walker.”

In bed that night, even though earlier she had one of the best orgasms ever, she thought about Mr. Walker and the movie. Kelly touched herself until she exploded. Her dreams were filled with sex.

It was the next week when Kelly saw Mrs. Walker load the kids into their car and leave. She had been mulling what Mr. Walker had said, about asking him questions. She had lots of questions. Why did he have a movie about a babysitter? And how come it wasn’t realistic? It looked real to Kelly, other than the bad acting. Kelly wondered if it was because she hadn’t actually had sex that she didn’t know what was real and what wasn’t. It was so confusing.

She spied Mr. Walker out in their garage so she went over. “Hi.”

“Hi, Kelly,” he said.

“I saw Mrs. Walker leave with the kids,” she said.

“Yeah. They’re going to go visit the grandparents.”

“How come you didn’t go?” she asked.

“Um, well, I don’t get along all that well with Mindy’s mom. She’s kind of one of those Mother-in-laws you hear jokes about,” he said. “I mean, she has never been happy that Mindy married me and makes it hell for me to be around her.”

“Why, Mr. Walker?”

“I wish I knew,” he said sort of quietly, looking off into the distance.

Kelly waited a moment, then sort of coughed. “Mr. Walker…”

He looked back and smiled, “Yes?”

“Well, you kind of said I could ask questions… I mean, about the movie.” He nodded. “Well, you said it wasn’t very real.”

“It’s not,” he said.

Kelly was a little confused and so she said the first thing that came into her mind, “Maybe I’d understand better if we watched it together.”

Mike was astonished that Kelly had just asked to watch a porno movie with him. That was definitely across the line. Talking about them, okay. Letting her see one, close to inappropriate. But watching one with her? Mindy would kill him.

He was about to say no when Kelly gasped, “Oh God. I didn’t mean it like that.”

“What did you mean?” he asked.

“Well, I mean I did think that but I’d never ask,” she said.

“So, you would like to watch the movie with me, I assume to ask questions, but you’d never actually ask? Is that it?”

“Well, yes, I suppose. That sounds kind of silly when you put it that way. I mean, if you are going to treat me as an adult with the movies I guess I ought to be able to just ask you, right?” she asked.

Mike nodded, then immediately thought better of it. He realized he just put himself in an awkward position. Kelly, without realizing it, was about to finish him off.

Kelly’s mind was filled with doubts. What would happen if she watched a porno movie with Mr. Walker? She knew it could lead to someplace she had never been before. It was true he was older than she, but the two of them watching it and everyone else gone, it could lead to them becoming intimate, just like the movie. Would she be prepared for that? Under all of these thoughts was an almost overpowering emotion, desire. All of those nights of dreaming about him were there, feeding their erotic energy to Kelly, making a hungry desire fill her belly and exciting her lower in her loins as well. It was just below the level of thought, but not below the level of sensation. Her body became ready for sex. She didn’t think about it; she experienced it. She desired him and her mind acted without the intervention of conscious realization. “Okay, Mr. Walker. Will you watch the movie with me and answer some questions?” Kelly asked.

Mike looked at Kelly and could see the mixed emotions. There was just a bit of a blush, there was a bit of a tremble to the voice, and there was a determination in the eyes and a bit of something else as well that attracted him below the level of thinking. He knew his answer would very much affect Kelly, maybe for a very long time. If he rejected her honest attempt to assume the mantle of adulthood, he could put her into a shell. He had started this whole mess days earlier with his invitation and he had to see it through, no matter how uncomfortable he might be.

Something else was happening as well that Mike wasn’t admitting to himself. He was excited as well. His body caught the subtle clues from Kelly, that she was aroused, and his body responded. Kelly was a beautiful and sexy young woman, the kind of girl he fantasized about. There was a reason he had that movie, and several others as well.

“Of course, Kelly. I’ll watch the movie with you and answer your questions.”

“Oh thank you, Mr. Walker,” Kelly said touching her hand to his arm. Whether it was her pheromones or just the touch, his body reacted. It sent the signal, 'Be ready for coupling.' His body reacted and he felt his cock growing. Jumpy now, he quickly led her into the house. “I’ll go get the movie,” he said hurrying up the stairs.

Kelly settled onto the couch, nervous and tingling. Her body was preparing for sex and she felt it - the energy in her loins. She didn’t understand all that was happening to her body, but it was almost overwhelming.

Mike returned with the movie and quickly put it into the player. He joined Kelly on the sofa, careful to sit close, but not too close. He watched her from the corner of his eye as the movie started. “How much did you watch?”

“Not too much,” she said wondering if he could guess that she stopped when she had made herself cum.

“Do you want to skip the part you’ve seen?”

“Um, I did have some questions,” she answered.

“Okay. Just ask as they come up,” he said.

They watched in silence as the scene played itself out again. When the man pulled out his cock, Kelly glanced over at Mr. Walker. He noticed, “Yes?”

Kelly blushed, but steeled herself to act like an adult, or how she thought an adult was supposed to act. “His… cock.” She paused, Mr. Walker looked intent. “Is it normal size?”

He smiled and looked back at the movie. “Um, he might be a bit bigger than normal.”

“I thought he looked gigantic,” she said without thinking.

Mike laughed, “No, he’s not gigantic.”

“How big are…” Kelly froze.

Now it was Mike’s turn to blush, understanding where Kelly was going with her question. His pride came to the fore and he answered before thinking, “About the same size.”

“Really?” Kelly asked. She was surprised he answered and the surprise was in her voice.

Thinking her surprise was at the content of his reply, Mike felt challenged. “Yes, really. Do I have to prove it?” His cock surged in his pants with the sudden shift in tone from movie review to possible action.

Kelly was shocked. Before this moment she hadn’t admitted to herself where this could lead, even though her body had been preparing her for it. She thought she should shake her head, but what she did was nod.

Mike was caught in a fantasy. It took control. He stood and quickly pulled down his shorts, his cock proudly standing, pointing at Kelly, throbbing in need and desire. Kelly was transfixed by the sight before her. She glanced back at the movie, still droning on, and saw the young girl in the movie lean forward and wrap her lips around the man’s cock. It seemed the right thing to do. Following the movie’s lead, Kelly leaned forward and taking his cock in hand, wrapped her lips around the bulbous head. She saw the girl lick and bob on the cock. She did the same. Mike groaned in pleasure and tore his shirt off and tossed it onto the floor. Kelly watched the girl stroke the cock as she lashed it with her tongue. Kelly did the same. Mike moaned. They had both passed beyond the point of no return. Neither one could or would stop themselves now no matter where this would lead them.

Mike looked down at Kelly, her sweet young face contrasted with what she was doing, sucking his cock. It was his babysitter fantasy come to life. The rest of his fantasy filled his mind. He wanted to do all of the things to Kelly that he had been dreaming about. The first thing was to get her naked and revel in her cute teen body. “Kelly.”

She paused in her bobbing and looked up inquiringly.

With great effort since he didn’t want it to stop, Mike pulled his cock from her mouth and finished throwing off his clothes. Kelly watched expectantly, unsure what to do. Mike knelt in front of her and pulled her face to his for their first kiss. The kiss wiped out any chance of reason intervening. Now, they were caught up in the passion of the moment. Mike pulled Kelly to her feet and kissed her again. He pushed off his pants and led her up the stairs, stopping to kiss and fondle her frequently, and into the bedroom. He started pulling her clothes off as he kissed and touched her. Kelly was moaning in pleasure as Mike found all of her secret spots and kissed and fondled them. She was trembling with desire by the time he got her panties off and licked the crease between her legs. She fell onto the bed.

Image copyright Rod O'Steele © 2008. No use without written permission Kelly smiled, her face holding a mixture of desire and wonder. Mike took the moment to admire the young girl in his bed. Looking at her nakedness fueled his desire for her. He leaned down and took one nipple between his lips. It quickly hardened in his mouth. Kelly moaned in pleasure.

Mike’s cock was at full staff and reminded him of its desire to be plunged directly into the girl lying on the bed. It made that desire very well known, ‘Let’s fuck!’ But Mike liked to please his partner as much as he pleased his ravenous dick. He smiled to himself as he set out to bring Kelly the greatest pleasure he could. Releasing her nipple, Mike lay next to Kelly and kissed her. His hands held her, gently communicating his strength - that he was in control. The fingers gently slid over her skin, teasing her, exciting her. Their journey took them down her back and over her ass, then around her thigh. Kelly tensed as the fingers came close… Mike felt the tension and stopped, waiting, stroking Kelly’s thigh. Kelly wanted the touch, wanted to feel his hand cover her sex, make her feel like she did when she touched her pussy in bed the past week, thinking about Mike and making love with him. The tension flowed away and was replaced by desire. Her hips thrust up, seeking his touch. Mike felt her hips hunch up and he smiled to himself. She wanted it. His hands continued, sliding around her thigh and up, until his fingers brushed the soft hair of her pussy. Kelly moaned in her frustrated desire, thinking, ‘Touch me.’ Mike teased her, moving his hand up her belly, massaging her womb. Kelly hissed her disappointment. When Mike heard her, he smiled and plunged his hand between her wide spread thighs and into her pussy, wet and hot with her desire. The sudden pressure against her pussy, especially her clitoris, caused Kelly to cry out, “Oh God!”

Mike smiled, and leaned down to kiss Kelly. Her mouth sought his, hungrily, as his fingers stroked over and around her pussy, teasing then stroking her clitoris. He pulled back, her mouth following his desiring more. Her eyes opened, filled with lust. “I’m going to eat you all up, little girl.” Kelly’s eyes widened. She had dreamed so many times of what it would feel like to have a man do that, kiss her sex, and now it was going to happen. Her pussy flooded in anticipation.

He lay between her legs, staring at her open pussy, red and glistening and reveled in the aroma of aroused woman. Kelly watched as his head came towards her, his eyes holding hers, a smile on his face, then she felt his soft tongue touch her. It was electric. Mike watched as Kelly closed her eyes to focus on the sensations her young body was experiencing for the first time. His tongue circled around her distended clitoris, teasing, then lapping over it. “Oh,” Kelly moaned as his tongue mashed her clitoris, rubbing back and forth, soft and hard at the same time. His lips clamped onto the base of her button, sucking and massaging the stalk as his tongue licked the tip. Kelly went crazy at the intensity of the sensations pouring into her loins, an intensity she hadn’t imagined was possible. Her climax was quick in coming, like a tidal wave it arrived, overcoming everything. She screamed and moaned as it filled her body with pleasure. Mike was surprised at the sudden arrival of her peak. She trembled then her hips started bouncing as her pussy flooded his face with her juices. He latched onto her pussy with his mouth, fucking her with lips and tongue until spent, she fell back and moaned in satiation.

He looked up at her face, filled with satisfied lust, and smiled. He took a moment to look at her pussy, now open and glistening. He didn’t see much of any hymen, a good sign, since he didn’t want to hurt her. He shouldn’t have any problem entering her. He wondered if this was her first time.

Mike crawled up next to Kelly and cradled her in his arms. When she had recovered he leaned down and kissed her. “Oh Mike. Thank you,” Kelly said.

“My pleasure,” he smiled. “I’d like to fuck you.”

Kelly felt a moment of fear, then desire poured in. Her pussy felt empty, it wanted him. She wanted this, to become a woman completely. “Please.”

“Is this your first time,” he asked gently. She nodded. “I didn’t see a hymen so it shouldn’t hurt,” he told her.

“Oh. Yeah, I broke it when I was eleven. Well, I didn’t,” Kelly said. Mike looked at her quizzically. “I had this crush on my teacher and I guess he noticed. He kept me after class one day and took me to his office. He kissed me. I was scared and flattered. But it felt so wonderful, a man wanting me. He kept me coming to his office everyday. Then, he had me take off my top. A couple days later he took out his cock and had me suck it until he came. I liked that, knowing I had pleased him so much. Then he had me take off my panties and he stuck his finger in me, but he was rough and it hurt, I bled a lot. It was awful that he hurt me and he acted like it didn’t matter,” Kelly said with bitterness in her voice.

“It matters to me. I want this to feel beautiful for you,” Mike said.

Kelly smiled at him. “I’d like that,” she said.

Mike rolled over her, his cock sliding between the folds of her pussy. Kelly felt his cock sliding over her pussy and hunched up against it. It settled into her opening. Their eyes locked, knowing a slight push and they would be coupled, lovers.

Mike pressed forward and felt his cock slide into Kelly. Kelly felt Mike enter her, her body opening for a man. So big, and yet so wonderful. Mike rocked into her deeper and deeper until his body pressed against hers, his cock fully in her quivering pussy. “Oh Kelly,” Mike moaned. Kelly’s hands went to his ass, pulling him tighter against her, mashing him against her tingling clitoris.

Their bodies moved in concert, coming together and parting, pleasing and being pleased, a sensual dance of passion. The rhythm of desire caught them and their bodies responded, matching cadence, a slow intense tempo, as he moved in and out of her, she felt him filling her, then retreating to fill her again.

They danced the dance of passion, rising higher and higher as their bodies came together, faster they danced, higher, their passion rising in intensity without a break like the Bolero, the passion crashing into their bodies, filling them until it couldn’t be contained any longer and burst the restraints. Mike felt his climax coming, and unable to resist its power moaned, “Kelly, I’m coming…” He felt the first potent spasms and his seed rushed from his body and into hers.

Kelly felt her own climax so close… Then she heard Mike moaning his climax and it was on her. As she felt the heat and wetness of his seed fill her body, her own climax burst in her body, filling her, draining her.

A last shudder and Mike was drained, of energy and cum, and he collapsed over Kelly, still buried in her. Kelly’s climax peaked then faded, leaving her suffused with joy. She shuddered in her pleasure. She felt Mike in her and knew he had given her his all, and possessed her as no other man ever had. Her lover. Her fingers dug into his flesh wanting to hold him to her forever, to bond into one.

They lay together, recovering. Then Mike, concerned he would squash Kelly under him groaned and rolled to the side, still holding her close to him. Mike and Kelly sensuously touched each other, sated and happy. “Thank you, Mike. That was wonderful,” Kelly said.

“My pleasure, in more ways than one,” he answered.

“Can we do it again?” Kelly asked.

Mike was troubled for a moment, but he knew what his answer would be. “Yes, but we have to be careful.”

“I know. When?” Kelly asked.

“Greedy baby?” he asked her.

“Yes. You started this, you need to finish it.”

Mike smiled, “Okay. We’ll get together as soon as we can. I’ll call you.”

“I’m looking forward to that,” Kelly said.

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