The Lessons

It is an infantile superstition of the human spirit that virginity would be thought a virtue and not the barrier that separates ignorance from knowledge. -- Voltaire

I was just getting my breath back; this was made difficult by Cheryl's body having collapsed on mine. Not that I was complaining. Having just fucked up a storm I was pleased that Cheryl was on top of me. My cock was still buried in her. I was enjoying a little post-climax euphoria.

That's when I heard a gasp from the door of the bedroom. Danielle was standing with her hand covering her mouth looking at us on the bed. I expected Cheryl to jump up or something but quickly realized that would be embarrassing as hell because my cum covered cock would pop into view. I felt Cheryl bury her head in my shoulder. The rest of her went stiff. The ostrich routine must be in her genes somewhere.

I had no idea what to do. Danielle settled the question. She came over to the foot of the bed. "Oh God. That is so cool," she said looking at where our loins were still joined. 'Cool, uh right,' I thought. I should have been mortified. Instead, Danielle's words caused my cock, which had lost much of its vigor, to distend again to full stature. Cheryl moaned as she felt my cock filling her again.

Due to some complex physics or physiology or something, as my cock grew, Cheryl moved and caused her clitoris to rub against my reawakened cock, which caused Cheryl to moan and her pussy to contract around my cock, which caused the muscles in my butt cheeks to contract and caused me to lurch up into her pussy, which rubbed her clitoris, which.... Well, you get the picture. Cheryl's head was still buried in my shoulder but our bodies were moving. I could see Danielle watching intently as my cock buried itself and then reappeared from her mother's body. 'Christ,' I thought. 'We shouldn't be fucking in front of Cheryl's teenage daughter.' I didn't stop and neither did Cheryl.

We were soon pounding away as I felt Cheryl's fingers digging into my shoulders. She was whimpering and moaning. I felt her body stiffen then she bit my shoulder as her pussy contracted around my cock. I could tell from the way her body was trembling that this was an especially big cum for her. That pushed me over the edge and I felt the profound release of my second orgasm. I'm sure I didn't have much left to give Cheryl as our earlier escapades had emptied me, but it felt great.

We collapsed again. When I opened my eyes a minute later Danielle was gone. Cheryl bounced off me and ran into the bath to clean up. I followed and tried to ask her what she was going to do? She avoided the subject, refusing to even acknowledge it had happened. I cleaned up and dressed. I didn't see Danielle as I left. The door to her room was closed.

That night, I lay in bed thinking about the afternoon. I realized that having Danielle watch had made the sex more intense, and seemed to have the same effect on Cheryl. I knew she had an especially long orgasm as well. We must be exhibitionists. But it's still perverted to be fucking in front of her daughter. But it was so intense for both of us. But, but, but my head was spinning trying to reconcile the opposing views. I liked it. Cheryl liked it. Danielle liked it. Society said it was bad and I was deeply ingrained with society's screwy values.

Cheryl and I had been seeing each other for a few months. We would get together a couple times a week at noon for some no-nonsense sex. Maybe not great sex. But on the other hand, is there any bad sex? She called me right on schedule a few days later. It was a nice session of our usual sex but I kept feeling that something was wrong. Cheryl wouldn't broach the subject of Danielle. It was as if the whole thing hadn't occurred. We settled back into our routine of nooner sex.

Two weeks after Danielle had discovered us, Cheryl called and invited me over at two in the afternoon. Highly unusual. We always met at noon so we'd be done before Danielle arrived home. Maybe Danielle had a school function.

Cheryl met me at the door. Without a word she pulled me into a passionate kiss. Damn, she was already worked up. What happened to the long foreplay before she got worked up? She started pulling off my clothes. This was getting disconcerting. We always undressed in her room. Not that I minded but it just seemed out of character. What was going on?

As soon as we were both stripped Cheryl led me down the hall. I got erect watching her beautiful ass bounce with each step and the anticipation of what I knew was soon to happen. Cheryl led me into her room. Sitting quietly in a corner was Danielle. She was curled up on the chair trying to blend into the wallpaper. Surprised, I stopped only to have Cheryl yank me over to the bed.

Without a word Cheryl lay in the middle of the bed and pulled me over her. She kissed me passionately, sucking my tongue into her mouth. I felt her hand wrap around my cock and guide it to her. The head of my cock rubbed against her pussy. She was sopping wet. Cheryl could get this wet when she was close to the big O but never right at the start. She was hunching up against my cock until it slid down and found the opening to her pussy. As soon as the head started to enter her pussy she moaned, a primal sound deep in her chest. She dug her fingers into my ass causing me to bury myself to the hilt. Cheryl was already fucking against me. I started matching her thrusts and we quickly settled into a fast, deep, almost animal fuck.

Everything else faded away as I was caught up in the sensations of fucking. Sweat poured from me. Our bellies made a lewd wet smacking sound. Her legs wrapped around my ass changing the angle and causing my cock to plow deeply into her pussy. I felt the tension build in the muscles of my back and stomach and thighs from the nonstop pounding. My cum was building and I knew I wasn't going to last too much longer. I kept holding back, waiting... Cheryl threw back her head and growled, as I had never heard her before. Her fingers scraped across my back leaving welts that lasted for several days. I let my cum go and felt the first ripples as I emptied myself into her pussy. Spasm after spasm I kept pouring my cum into her. A few weak ejaculations and I was finished. I collapsed. Some amount of unknown time later I lifted my head. The room was empty except for us.

The next week we met twice for nooners. It was the usual. The following week Cheryl called and asked me to come over at two. I had an erection on the drive over. My fantasy generator was running at high speed. Cheryl met me at the door. The same passionate kisses. The same getting naked in the front room. She really was like a different woman: wilder, uncontrolled, primitive if that makes sense about a very civilized lady. She led me down the hall. Danielle was curled up in her corner. This time she had a knowing smile on her face. Cheryl pushed me onto the bed. I rolled over onto my back. She crawled between my legs. Again without a word she wrapped her hand around my cock and gave it a few strokes. Then she leaned forward and took it in her mouth. Her tongue lashed my cock as she started to bob her head. Cheryl had never given me a real blowjob. Oh, she'd occasionally lick it a little. Maybe give it a kiss. But that was it. Now she was bobbing like a pro. My cock was soon coated with her spit. Her hand was working in concert with her mouth. It was like fucking a pussy with a tongue. Incredible.

She moved around and put her pussy right over my face. I spread her lips and dove in licking and sucking her for all I was worth. I was trying to make her feel as good as she was making me feel. I ran a finger up her pussy while my lips and tongue concentrated on her pleasure button. Lordy, her mouth felt incredible. My cum was churning in my balls. I felt my cock start to expand. Cheryl pulled her mouth off and rapidly stroked my cock. It sent me over the edge. I felt my cock emptying itself. I'm sure Danielle was getting a nice show. I buried my face back in Cheryl's pussy. My face was bathed in her juices as she came. Her whole body twitched and shuddered. I slowed my sucking and lapping as her orgasm slowed until I stopped as the last little shudder coursed through her body. I let my head fall back. When Cheryl rolled off I looked over at the corner. Empty.

We settled into a routine. Normal sex punctuated every second week with a wild session. Doggie one time. Then me eating Cheryl to orgasm after orgasm. That week I was able to see Danielle leave. She cast me a big grin as she left. At the door, she stopped and winked before going to her room. I finally figured it out. Lessons. We were in-house sex education. But sex education unlike anything you could get at school. Cheryl had to be a closet exhibitionist, and a big time one at that, the way she reacted so passionately to showing off during sex. To be honest, it made it more intense for me as well knowing Danielle was watching. The one thing I still hadn't figured out was why Cheryl wouldn't talk about it. She wouldn't even say a word in those sessions from the time she met me at the front until she ushered me back out. We talked the other times we made love. But the lessons were different.

We had run through a good portion of Joy of Sex and I was looking forward with some anticipation to the wild sex Cheryl would dream up this week. What was it going to be? The inverted lotus perhaps. Maybe anal, I fantasized. She was being wild enough in these lessons she might go for it. In my revved up state I knocked. Danielle opened the door. I walked in all my senses on guard.

"Mom's not home," Danielle announced.

I was crushed. I was ready for my bi-weekly dose of unrestrained sex. 'Damn,' I said to myself. "She called this morning and asked me to meet her at two," I said.

Danielle smiled. "I think she asked you to come over at two. She left a few minutes ago."

This was confusing. "Is she going to be back?"

"Not until we've had time."

I asked her, "Time for what?"

Danielle looked a little nervous, "My lesson."

"But, Danielle. Your mom needs to be here for the lesson."

She looked up at me, "Not any more."


"Please. I need a more personal lesson. Those other lessons are only so good. At some point I need on the job training." She lowered the timbre of her voice. "Please teach me."

That change in her voice was unequivocally erotic. It wasn't a little girl voice. It was a woman's voice and it promised something. No, it promised everything. That promise burned into my body. I felt the tingles all over, but especially in my stomach and my loins. My cock lurched.

Danielle read my emotions and knew what to do. She stepped forward and pressed her body against mine. Her tits flattened against my chest. Her arms wrapped around my neck and pulled my head down to hers. She kissed me. She obviously had kissed before and this one was a doozy. Our lips mashed together. Then she rammed her tongue in my mouth chasing mine. They battled and finally began an erotic dance. The rest of the world disappeared. The only thing that existed in my world was Danielle's body and mine pressed together.

She broke the kiss and led me down the hall. It was my first time in her room. It was a typical girl's room. It was painted some kind of lavender with white furniture. There were stuffed animals. N'Sync and some other no talent but cute boy groups adorned the walls.

Danielle pulled me into a kiss. My hands were on her cute ass and I was grinding my hardon against her mound. She moaned a little as I ran one hand down her butt and between her legs. She hunched against it.

I brought my hands up to her shirt and started to pull the hem up and over her head. She stopped me. Oops, I thought she wanted lessons.


"Yes. What, sweetie?"

She paused. "I have to tell you something." I couldn't quite read the look on her face. Concerned, nervous, I wasn't sure.

"Okay. What is it?"

"Well... it's my first time. So I won't know what to do. Is that okay?" she said, concern in her voice.

Is it okay? It was more than okay. It made my cock even more constricted in my pants. "Danielle, that is so special. I am honored that you would choose me for your first time. I'll try to make it special for you." She threw her arms around my neck and kissed me. As she broke the kiss, I asked, "Are you really sure you want to?"

"Are you kidding? I've nearly been going out of my mind watching you and mom. I have to go back to my room and..." She paused and blushed.

I laughed. "It's fine. I know what you have to do. If I was watching something like that I'd have to do the same thing over and over."

She laughed. "I know. I go back to my room and do myself. But it doesn't help. It just makes me want to really do it. I mean, have real sex."

I put my hand on her cheek and asked her, "Danielle, do you want me to make love to you?"

"Yes, please."

I kissed her again. This time when I reached for her shirt she raised her arms. She was wearing a sports bra. I bent down and kissed her breasts through the bra before dropping to my knees. I unzipped her Levi's. She had on some kind of white panties with designs on it. I kissed her belly and then ran my tongue lower, circled around the panties and down to her thighs. She pulled away, sat on the bed and stripped off the rest of her clothes and lay back on her bed. She looked as sexy as all hell.

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Enough teasing, I said to myself. Let's get on to the 'good' stuff. I pulled my shirt over my head. As I did Danielle fell back on her bed. I stripped off my shoes and jeans. She was lying on the bed with a small smile on her face, her full lips inviting me to kiss them. My eyes trailed down her body. If you asked me to describe perfect tits, I would point to Danielle. Not small. Not large. Nice nipples. No sag but not rock hard. Perfect. I looked further down as Danielle pulled up one leg. Her pubic triangle was natural but not bushy. Her labia were prominently displayed. She was still smiling as my gaze returned to her face.

"Do you like?" she asked.

"Danielle, you are perfect." She got that 'I don't believe you' look. "Sweetheart. I'm not lying. You are perfect. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in the nude."

She laughed. "Even in Playboy?"

"Never seen them in the nude. Just pictures," I said smiling. "But damn, girl, I still think you'd have them beat."

She smiled that seductive smile again. "Are you just going to stand there?" her voice low and husky.

There's not a man in the world who could resist that voice. I joined her on her bed. Her arms went around my neck as we kissed. I broke the kiss and started to kiss around her face and down to her neck, kissing across her chest to where her breast mounds started. Danielle worked her hands into my hair. She pulled my head to her breast. I was glad to take her nipple in my mouth. It became a hard button in my lips.

"Oh, Mike. My nipples always get hard when you do that to Mom."

I smiled to myself, 'This is going to be much better than watching, sweetheart.' I moved to her other breast to suck and nip at the nipple. When both nipples were hard I moved up and kissed Danielle in a passionate tongue dueling marathon, rubbing and tweaking her nipples while kissing her. Moving back to her breasts I ran my tongue around them teasing her by getting close to the nipple and then moving back. Then I'd pull her nipple into my mouth and suck and lick it.

Danielle's movements became more pronounced as I alternated between kissing her and her breasts. She was squirming under my mouth when I licked down across her belly. She jerked as my tongue found her belly button. Her legs spread apart as I moved closer to her pussy. Moving between her legs I let my tongue trail down the crease where her thigh and body join. I was deliciously close to her pussy. Her excitement was evident in the musky bouquet assailing me.

What I wanted to do was bury my face in her. What I did instead was gently and teasingly run my tongue from the bottom of her slit, up one lip to the top and back down the other. At the bottom I let my tongue slowly part her lips. Danielle moaned. My tongue probed deeper into her pussy. Danielle's legs splayed apart and opened her pussy to my gaze. I lapped at the nectar now pouring from her pussy. My tongue traced around her inner lips stopping short of her clitoris. I pushed my tongue into her hole and sucked at her pussy. I drove my tongue up her pussy once again stopping short of her clitoris. Her body jerked up at my tongue. I moved away as Danielle moaned in disappointment. That was when I stabbed forward at her clitoris, wildly lapping. Her whole body jerked and I saw her claw at the sheets. Sucking her clitoris into my mouth, I massaged the base with my lips while continuing to lap with my tongue. I fucked her with my mouth. Ripples of pleasure coursed through Danielle's body. I could see her stomach muscles contract and relax as the pleasure radiated through her. Her head was rolling back and forth.

Raising up I moved over Danielle's body and lined up with her pussy. I kissed her as I lay my cock between her labia and began a slow back and forth rhythm. I held myself over her so that the only contact was my cock rubbing over her labia and clitoris. She humped up as my cock ran along the length of her pussy. I slowly fucked her this way. Danielle grabbed my arms and tried to pull herself harder onto my cock. I moved back and let the head of my cock slide along her until it settled into her opening. A slight push and the head insinuated itself into her. I let it lay making small circular movements with my hips.

Danielle opened her eyes, her face full of lust, her hips rolling around pulling my cock into her. "Please," was all she said. Letting gravity take my hips my cock lanced into Danielle. I felt a slight resistance and then my body met hers as I ground into her clitoris.

Danielle let out a 'hungh' as I pierced her. She continued humping against me.

I looked down. Her eyes were closed; mouth slightly parted as she concentrated on the sensations her body was experiencing for the first time. I saw no discomfort, only pleasure. I was permeated with a sweet joy while watching her. I wanted to fuck her wildly and gently; teach her to be a slut and a lover; have her scream obscenities and moan breathlessly that she loved me. I wanted her first time to be a beautiful experience that she would always remember.

Filled with these sentiments I started rolling my hips. Danielle matched my movements. I switched to in and out as I settled against her wrapping her in my arms. I kissed her, our tongues fucking each other's mouth--a mirror of cock and pussy moving together.

We settled into a slow rhythmic fuck with a rolling motion that massaged her clitoris every downstroke. Danielle matched my rhythm. Every so often I would bottom out and hold still mashing her clitoris. She would moan from the intense sensation and grind her pussy around my cock. Then we'd be back in the gently rolling fuck.

After a time, Danielle's movements started to accelerate. Her humping became more insistent. I sped up taking longer strokes into her body. She moaned. Her fingers dug into my back. Shit, I thought, just like her mom. I bet I have welts for another week.

But the pain was quickly forgotten as Danielle's body began to jerk under me. She was gasping and moaning. Her whole body seemed to shudder and her head fell back as she let out a keening wail. I hadn't been close to cumming but her pussy contracted around my cock and my body instinctively responded. I felt the first eruption in my balls followed by spasm after spasm.

I collapsed on Danielle. As I returned to awareness I felt Danielle still moving under me. Small shudders coursed through her. I opened my eyes to see her face bathed in satisfaction. She had that look of well-fucked woman. I can't describe it, but I know it when I see it. She had it. She slowed and gradually came to a rest. Her eyes opened and she focused on me. She smiled.

"Love you," I said quietly.

"Oh God," Danielle moaned. "Oh God." She pulled my face to hers and kissed me. I pulled back and her hand stayed on my cheek. Her face radiated fulfillment and a hint of surprise. "Oh, Mike. I didn't know."

"Didn't know what, Beautiful?"

"That it would be so intense. Oh God."

My arms were getting tired so I started to pull out so I could flop on the bed beside Danielle.

"No!" She grabbed my ass and pulled me back. "Oh, Mike. You feel so good. I can't describe it. It feels like I don't want to ever have you leave me. I want you in me forever."

I stayed that way for a little while as we kissed and cuddled. Finally I knew I was going to collapse for real. "Sweetheart, I have to lie down. My arms are giving out." I started to pull out again. She grabbed me but not as hard and I managed to disentangle myself collapsing on the bed next to her as she moaned her disapproval. I reached over and lightly petted her as consolation. We lay that way for some time.

Danielle was looking at the ceiling when she suddenly rolled toward me. "Mike." I looked at her expectantly. "Thank you. That was exactly what I wanted. You are a great lay," she said with a wry smile.

"Thank you milady. You are a great lay also."

She giggled at that.

I looked at the clock. "I should go."

She grabbed me around the neck and planted a ferocious kiss. "I can't wait for my next lesson."

"I can't either," I answered. I headed to the bath for a quick wash. Danielle was still on her bed looking happy. She blew me a kiss as I quickly dressed. I stood for a second just admiring her body, one that I had possessed completely. "I'll see you in two weeks."

She ran her hands over her breasts and smiled tantalizingly at me. "I hope so. There's so much more to learn."

I smiled at her not subtle display. I promised myself I'd be back in two weeks no matter what. "Love you."

As I turned to go Danielle cried out, "Mike." I looked back. "Please come back."

"I promise with all my heart." I finished turning toward the door and made that contented trip home.

On Monday Cheryl called and asked me to come over at noon. Same thing on Thursday. It was our nice conventional recreational sex. Not a word about Danielle. On Tuesday evening of the following week I picked up the phone to hear Danielle asking, "Are you free tomorrow at 2?"

"What? Danielle? Is that you?"

"Who else? How many women are calling you asking for dates?"

In my normal lightning quick way I answered, "Huh?"

"How many women are asking you for dates?"

"Well, none. I mean except you. Danielle, why are you calling?" I asked starting to get my equilibrium back.

"To ask you for a date tomorrow, silly," she answered in her most matter of fact tone.

"I'm just surprised. I didn't even think you knew my number."

"Mom told me it was in her black book. Isn't that way cool. Her own black book. And no, you can't ask how many guys are in it. So, tomorrow at two?"

Having had a chance to let my mind catch up with her rapid-fire conversation, I smiled at the thought of tomorrow with Danielle. "Sure. Two o'clock sounds good. I'll see you then."

"Way cool," she said.

The next day Danielle met me at the door and ushered me into her room. I showed her the woman on top position before we finished up with a little bunny style. That became the new pattern. Cheryl still called for her noon workouts. Once every two weeks Danielle would invite me over for her 'lessons.'

The third visit I stopped by a bookstore and bought Danielle her own copy of Joy of Sex. She is crossing out each entry as we try it. I left with a shopping list for the next 'lesson.' I can hardly wait. Do you know where I can find fur-covered handcuffs?

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