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Erotic Stories

A Bent Penny: Autobiography of Lifelong Loser And Sexual Misfit
AdultFanFiction.Net - The Fan Fiction & Original Writing Community
Amy Fox - Becky & Her Mom: P1 - The Fun Begins (FF, incest)
Amy Fox - Sorority Sex Slave (FfFFFfMfB&D, S&M)
Anime Lover's Yuri Fics
Anime Lover's Sci-Fi Lolita Fics
Ann Douglas Archive
Arachnophile - Heart's Desire: Romance & Erotica
Art Martin's Salacious Tails (M/f)
Badfred's Story Archive
Britslut's Slutty Stories
Candy Kane - Classic Teen Lesbian Stories
Child Erotica Freedom Party
Chris Hailey's Erotic Stories
Erotic Childhood - Stories by Daddy's Little Slut~Muffin
Erotic Stories by Darius Thornhill
Erotic Stories by Janet Simmons
Erotic Stories by Virgil Blake
Erotica by J.E. Ashbourne (incest, voy)
Erotica by Pam Bennett
Female Childlove
Gia's House of Naughty Stories
Ginger Gin's Lesbian Erotic Stories
Ginny Walker's Lesbian Stories and Advice
Girls Loving Girls: An Erotic Story Archive
H. Grant's Collection of Baby and Toddler Stories
IAmYourNewGod's Stories
James Wellington's Stories (teen)
Janner's Young Lesbian Tales
Janus' Story Page (underage)
Jen L. Lee's Lesbian Incest Paradise
JerseyJ's Erotic Stories
Juicy Secrets - Forbidden tales of lesbian love
Julie's Hypnotic Erotica (M/g)
Keep Denver's Erotic Teen Stories
Lasiter's Torrid Tales of the Taboo
Laura's Story
Les Histoires Taboues (underage)
Let's Talk Dirty! Forums - Lesbian Sex Stories
Little Dreamer
Loliwood Studios
LolliVamp's Lovely Lascivious Site
Marie LeClare's Lesbian Storys (ASSTR)
Marie LeClare's Lesbian Storys (Nifty)
Mary Stevens' Taboo Stories
Mia.Sharona's Scat Stories
Mr Double's Erotic Story Site
Ms Marie Marshall's Short Lesbian Tales
Naked In School Collection
Nifty Erotic Story Archive
Old Joe's Lesbian Collection
Otakuman's Story Corner
Pedo Joe's Stories
Pedro Vila
Phil E. Hebe's Stories (underage)
Pieces by OOSH
Pookie's Erotic Stories
Real Eden Place - Where it's all relative
Renpet's Erotica
Samara's Home Page
Sandy's Lesbian Fantasies
Sapphic Erotica Festival
Schoolgirl Scandals
Sealed By Mistress - Young girls under the control of dominant lesbian women
Serene Cherry's Stories
Sex Stories by Admiral Cartwright (M/g)
Silkstockingslover on
Solo Touch
Stories by CloudWriter
Stories by cs.unwin
Stories by Dykefan
Stories by Old Spice (Ronk)
Stories by Tony Williams
Storiesonline - Free Erotic Sex Stories
Stormy Group - Guyz And Dollz - For Adults To Have Fun
Sure As Elle's Story Site
The Black Lingerie and Others - Stories By Ebo
The Kristen Archives - Just Lesbian Love Stories
The Life and Times of Old Uncle Jim
The World of Letoria
This is LunaZax - stories and other erotic thoughts.
True Youth Stories
Veronica's Little Nook
Veronica's Stories
Vivian Darkbloom
Will Wanton's Smut
xNovel - classic adult novels for free

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