Welcome to my world of erotic fantasy. My stories are based on adult male and young prepubescent and adolescent female encounters, frequently incestuous in nature. The stories are almost always consensual and non-violent and contain not one element of real-life events.

I will not insult your intelligence by writing disclaimers. If what I write is disturbing to you, feel free to not read the stories. But, by proceeding to the story pages, you're attesting to the fact that in your jurisdiction this type of material is legal and you are of legal age.

A word before you read any story:

I often write from an unusual perspective; both the first person point-of-view and the third person point-of-view at the same time. This switch of perspective can, for some, be disconcerting. However, I find it provides a more immersive experience. I'll let you be the judge.



Faith, Hope, and Destiny
Mf13, cons, 1st, fantasy, very slow

One Extraordinary Request, A Life Indelibly Changed
MF, Fg10, Mg10-g12, bro/sis, moth/dau, fath/dau, preg, inc, cons, oral, 1st, ped

A Game of Footsie
Mf13-f13, MF, ff, Ff, cons, first, petting, mast, incest, fath/dau, interr

Dancing in the Dark
Mf14, inc, cons, fath/dau, oral, 1st, mild ws