Welcome to Yuri☆Kisses

This site is a home to stories on the theme of yuri / shoujo-ai / lesbian topics. The Japanese words "yuri" literally mean "lily", and this phrase has been adapted to denote lesbian romance and relationships between girls. "Shoujo-ai" literally meaning "girls love", and refers in a broader sense to girl/girl content of any variety, from subtle to erotic. Many fiction writers today use these terms interchangeably.

The stories you will find here all share one thing in common: they are love stories with main focus on romantic relationships between girls. There are none or very few erotic situations. Instead, the main theme is reserved for the multitude of emotions, affections and feelings found in relationships between girls who are discovering same-sex attraction for the very first time.

People of all genders and preferences can be drawn to yuri. From the warmth and tenderness of a sweet yuri romance, to the loving comfort and understanding two girls can draw from each other, to the passionate beauty and excitement of girl-on-girl sensuality. Everyone with open minds and hearts is welcome here.

Whether you are a professed yuri lover or are simply curious to find out more, we hope you will enjoy the stories presented on this site.