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February 2, 2016

And today, part 6 of this guy's A World Away:

this guy: A World Away, Part 6.
Story codes: mFFf, scfi, timetr, Fdom, mild violence, nc?
John Smith spends a stormy night in the room under the temple with the two leather clad priestesses and his captor who returns bearing gifts...including a very special fruit...

February 1, 2016

Welcome to February! What a crazy winter it's been, warm and hardly any snow at all. Hope you all enjoy the latest, another advice column from Dear Stepdaddy.

Dear Stepdaddy: Virgin Waxing

January 17, 2016

The writer who is obsessed with animal cosplay stories strikes again; this time a pet store owner buys some special presents for his favorite customer.

Beatrix the Bunny

Story codes: Mg10, animal cosplay, first

Updates for January 14th, 2016

And another edition of the Dear Stepdaddy advice column!

Dear Stepdaddy: Training Tools
Mf(15_, incest, Father/daughter, toys

Updates for January 13th, 2016

Sorry my output's been rather minimal lately, ya'alls, real life is soooo annoying. Hopefully I win that billion dollar lotto prize! :)

Meanwhile, luckily I have many quality guest writers to keep us all occupied! Here's the next in the "A World Away" series from this guy: this guy: A World Away Part 5
Ff, mF, inc, scfi, timetr, tease, Fdom, toys, drugs?

Updates for January 4th, 2016

Today, another edition of the Dear Stepdaddy advice column.

Dear Stepdaddy: Boarder Crisis
M+/f, reluc, underage prostitution, Hispanic girl

Updates for January 3rd, 2016

Welcome to 2016! I sincerely hope that everyone had a good holiday season, and that we all have our heads high as we look toward the future that a new year, full of promise and possibilities, presents for us.

In celebration of the new year, we will have a new poem from Stepdaddy! Stepdaddy: Devotion (2016)
Story codes: poem, Mf, incest, Daddy/daughter

Updates for December 28th, 2015

More holiday-time creativity from our writers! Today, Lady of Sin graces us with another hot tale from her wonderful twisted horny mind! Thanks so much, Lady, and I hope your holiday was as much fun as this story is.

Lady of Sin: Guess who is in your mouth
Story codes: MF, oral, party game

Updates for December 23th, 2015

It has been an outpouring of creativity by the guest authors at my site, and by our many readers who stop by and are so kind as to give us comments. Thank you all so much!

Next up, two Christmas offerings:

Updates for December 22th, 2015

A Christmas present in the form of a story from this guy today!

this guy: Real Frat Girl
Story codes: Mf, un-safe, oral, alc

Updates for December 21th, 2015

Happy Winter Solstice everyone! In celebration, I've created a page devoted to the Christmas stories and poems posted on this site over the years:

Christmas stories and poems from the Chris Hailey Erotic Story Web Site
Story codes: Christmas! :)

Updates for December 19th, 2015

Stepdaddy entertains us further with another Christmas poem. It's like Santa came early this year. And no, that isn't a pun, you dirty-minded yuletide revelers.

Stepdaddy: Tinsel
Story codes: Mf, daddy/daughter, poem, Christmas

Updates for December 18th, 2015

Happy Holidays to all the wonderful perverts out there! In celebration, a poem from our resident bard of erotica (the "bardrotica," I like to call him). Stepdaddy, sing us a Christmas song, will you?

Stepdaddy: Used to Believe in Santa Claus
Story codes: Mf, inc, uncle/niece, poem, Christmas

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