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The "Chris Hailey Erotic Stories" website is a collection of stories written by myself, along with those of several guest authors. Here you will find straightforward sex stories, erotic poems, and romances, along with a wide variety of fiction including ninja robot sex dolls, zombie killing eleven year olds, and pretty much anything that floats our (and hopefully your) fancies.

Every story in our collection includes a comments form, and like any writer, we love hearing from people who read our stories, so please provide comments! Comments come to us through email, and then we publish them on the story page and the end of the story. We try to publish all comments that we receive, although there are some limitations to what we publish, of course. Also note that we never publish your email address unless you specifically request that we include it, so if you'd like a personal reply please include your email address with your comment.

If you'd like, you can read text-only versions of all Chris Hailey stories, accessible from this link: http://www.asstr.org/files/Authors/Chris_Hailey/. Text versions of guest author stories are not available via this link.

Updates for October 6th, 2015

The updates just keep coming! Today, a new poem from Stepdaddy!

Stepdaddy: Altar Girl

"What can Stepdaddy say? This poem scans /x/x/x/, it rhymes aabbcc etc, and it porns Mf reluc!"

Updates for October 4th, 2015

Another update from Death Dependent:

Death Dependent: The Girl in the Next Room Part 18

Updates for October 3rd, 2015

Rolling out the guest author stories yet again! Two for today:

Updates for October 2st, 2015

It is with great pride that I introduce our newest "guest author." The Wolf is one of my favorite writers and I finally convinced him to let me post one of his stories here. This story is a science fiction epic classic about a young girl born into a mistake, who changes the world. Please join me in welcoming The Wolf to our band of erotic story writers!

The Wolf: A Girl Named Error

Updates for October 1st, 2015

Welcome to October! I hope everyone is getting excited for Autumn and the upcoming holidays!

Today, the next in the series of stories about Millie, the little flower girl! In this story, she and her sister get new toys from their mother.

Millie's New Toy

For the first to Mille stories, see:

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Stepdaddy has been writing and posting for years, but only in 2014 did he start filing on ASSTR. He writes primarily stories in which adult men inappropriately enter into sexual relationships with teenage girls. A degree of realism is usually intended, especially including the fact that these men must take pains to avoid having wives, police, society, etc. discovering their misdeeds. Incest and pregnancy sometimes occur.

Be sure to also check out Stepdaddy's advice column, where he addresses important topics related to the budding sexual needs of teenage girls, and other such topics! DearStepdaddy.

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Pixie has translated a couple of my poems into German:

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