The Perverts Club - Zoo Mom - Chapter 4

by Ole Crannon

Warning: This story contains descriptions of incest, underage sex, bestiality, oral, anal, very young pedo, cum drinking, ass-to-mouth, ws, and many other extreme and perverted themes. If any of these will offend or upset you, please do not read this story.

[If you don't know about The Perverts Club or haven't read the background of the group, it would be good to first read The Perverts Club-Introduction for that information, in addition to the previous three chapters.]


Everyone was up early the next morning. Lynn went to check on her new snake as soon as she got up. It seemed happy in its new home and showed no signs of any distress. She resisted the urge to pick it up and wrap it around her like Bobby did with Albert, as she knew it was best to wait. Bobby came in while she was there and they talked about the two reptiles for a minute. Then they went down to get breakfast ready.

After breakfast, Rob went down to the basement with his tape measure to take some measurements and plan what he would need. He thought he could stop at the hardware store after work and get a few simple things like bolts, hooks and screw eyes, nails, chain, rope and things like that. After all, the basement didn't have to be finished to start being used as a dungeon.

When he came back up from the basement, Lynn pulled her husband aside and said, "Dear, I really need to know if what I want to do makes me a twisted, kinky slut."

Rob replied matter-of-factly, "Yes, dear, it does." After her mouth dropped open in surprise at his truthful answer he grabbed her, sliding a hand to her cunt and inserting a finger and saying, "And I LOVE it! I think you are becoming a right, kinky slut and I have no problem with that at all. After all, it's not anything really new. We've watched others doing that stuff on the internet. In fact, it really turns me on just thinking about it and all the things you want me to do to you." With that he kissed her deeply.

When he broke the kiss, she said to him, "Well, I certainly don't mind you being turned on by any of it. But I do worry that bringing the kids into such perverted acts may hurt them and I don't want to do anything that will hurt them."

Rob smiled and said, "Well, your oldest, pre-pubescent daughter seems to be taking to your kink quite nicely. And seems to share quite a bit of it, to say the least. Bobby will be his own person, I think. He'll join in on what he wants to and will tell us to buzz off if he's not interested in something. So I don't think he's going to be a problem. That leaves little Kari. She's taken to sex like a duck takes to water. She wants to constantly suck me off. And you've seen how the snake, mouse and worms fascinate her. I think she's going to turn out to be even kinkier than either of the other two. And I don't mind that as long as it's her idea and she's not forced into anything. But you have to admit, she certainly seemed to like the worms thing and if she had a big enough hole, she'd probably be taking the mouse and snake away from you. So, you see, as long as they aren't forced into doing anything, I feel that we do what we want to do and let them participate as they want to."

His wife kissed him and said, "Thank you dear. That again makes me feel a bit better about becoming your sex slave slut and doing all these twisted things. Now you get to work and have a good shopping trip at the hardware store. I'll look forward to seeing what you bring home for us."

With that, Rob left for work. Sissy kissed her mom goodbye as she started out the door, then turned and said, "Mom, would you mind if I sorta... kinda, well, tried to seduce one of my teachers, Mr. Sullivan? I mean, I won't do anything obvious or let him find out anything about us, but I'm certain he has done some things with some of the older girls... in fact, I'm sure of it. I'd really like him to fuck me, but I'll make sure he doesn't find out anything about us. Oh, pleeeeeeze mom, it would be so sexy... and slutty to do a teacher. I'd like to have him fuck me on his desk in front of the whole class, but I know that's impossible. It's just that I get so wet thinking about doing that kind of thing. But I'd really like to see if I could seduce him without him finding anything out about us. Please Mom?"

Her mother looked at her pre-teen daughter with a rather perplexed look, then said, "Oh, Dear, I know exactly how you feel, but I'm not really sure that you should take a chance on someone finding out what we do. It's not that you haven't already been fucked and probably know more about doing it than some of your teachers. I'm just worried that you could get in trouble and that could get us in trouble- real trouble. But I also know what it's like wanting to "do" a teacher. After all, I was your age once with a gorgeous hunk for a history teacher. I really had a hard time keeping from acting out a bit for him. But I would have given anything to be able to get him to give me some special 'tutoring' lessons.

"If you think you're ready and you're very certain that you won't get caught or get in trouble, I don't see what I can do to stop you. Just be very careful. About everything. If he does react to you, I doubt he's going to let it get out that he's fucking one of his pre-teen students. So be extra careful, but if you do anything you have to promise me one thing."

Sissy said, "Sure, Mom, anything. Just name it!"

"Promise me that you'll come home immediately and... tell me every detail of what happens." Lynn told her.

"Wow, Mom, sure! I'll love to share everything, slut to slut. I'll even try to leave his cum inside me so you can taste it when I get home. How's that sound?" Sissy enthused.

"Oh, gawd, Sissy, get out of here. You're making me so hot talking about this. Go on, get out of here and... good luck!" Lynn told her.

Sissy kissed her mother goodbye and said, "Thanks, Mom! Bye!"

Little Kari came over to stand by her mother. She tugged on her hand and said, "Mommy. Pway wi' worms?" The little toddler's words burned in her mind, tugging at the raveled thread of her guilt about including the kids in her perverted, twisted desires. She said to her toddler, "No, honey, no worms. Let's see what other normal things we can find for you to play with."

Kari looked at her and said, "Mousey? Pway wi' snakey?"

Exasperated, Lynn said, "No! Let's go see what else we can find to keep you busy. Something plain and non-sexy. OK?"

"O'tay, Mommy" the little girl said. Lynn took the toddler into the living room and found the cartoon channel on TV. She fervently hoped it would distract her little daughter's attention away from anything sex related. And hers, too. She fretted over how fast everything was happening and how extreme a turn her desires had taken. After all, snakes, mice, worms, tit torture. Just how far would her twisted mind take them.

The two got through the day without doing anything too major kinky. Lynn did find herself fighting the urge to go "visit" her new python, but she knew that it needed the time to adjust to its new home and she didn't want to do anything to stress the reptile. Like stuffing it up her cunt. But the delicious thought occupied her mind most of the day. Each of the few times she did break down and check on the snake, it was basking under the heat lamp and looked like it was in no distress over its relocation to new quarters.

Bobby came home from school and started shedding his clothes as soon as he got in the door. All of the family felt much more comfortable without anything on when they were at home, so this was not unusual as the young boy also liked the freedom being naked gave him to initiate sex with his mother, which he did quite often. Thinking about the family's weekend activities, he had some questions he wanted to ask his mother. He went to his room and got Albert, draping the snake around his neck, then went to talk to his mom.

Kari was watching a kid's DVD and Lynn was in the kitchen planning dinner. Bobby walked into the kitchen and stood next to his mother. He reached out and stroked her ass. She smiled at her son at his gentle caress. He loved feeling the soft warmth of his mother's skin. He especially liked her huge breasts, and he just loved to pinch and twist her nipples when they played together. Sometimes she'd give a little yelp of pain when he twisted too hard, but she never told him not to or stopped him from doing it.

Bobby said, "Mom, ya want to use Albert? You can if ya want. I don't mind if you stick him in your cunt."

Lynn had resisted her twisted, sexy temptations all day and she could hardly resist her son's offer now. But her guilt feelings kept her from acting on them and she said, "No, but thank you, Bobby. You can play with Albert yourself, today."

Disappointed, the young boy shrugged and said, "OK", but the thoughts of pushing needles into his mother's huge tits and making her scream kept running through his mind, as they had all day while at school. He wanted what they had done over the weekend to continue, so he said, "Mom, I really liked what you did this weekend. Are we gonna do some more of that stuff? I mean, will you let us do more things with the needles and like that?"

Surprised, Lynn said "You mean you liked what we did? You weren't turned off by anything I did?"

The young boy continued the stroking of her ass and said, "Oh, no Mom, I liked watching you. And Sissy. And I especially liked when you had the needles in you. That was cool!"

"Oh, Bobby, Lynn said, "it didn't bother you to see me treated that way? It didn't upset you to watch that?"

"No, Mom, it was neat to do that. I liked hitting your tits and especially pushing those needles into you. Sissy did it the neat way, though. I'd wished I'd thought of putting them in like that." Bobby told her.

Lynn was surprised at the boy's words. "You mean you'd like to do something like that to me again? Or maybe even worse?" She couldn't believe she was discussing tit torture with her young son.

The boy said, "Well, you liked it didn't ya? I mean you told dad that you wanted it done to you and that it made you feel all good and squooshy. It sure looked like you liked it from the way it got you going. I like seeing you all sexy and turned on like that. And if you like it for me to do that kinda stuff to you, I don't mind." He reached up and felt one of her breasts and said, "I love your big titties. I'll do anything you want me to do to them."

A bit stunned by his revelation, Lynn said "Why thank you dear. I appreciate that. I'm glad that you like what we do. I was worried that doing stuff with you kids wouldn't be right, but I guess NOT doing it wouldn't be good either. So you liked putting needles into me? If I wanted you to do something even... well, harder, you wouldn't mind doing it? Because your father and I talked about a couple of my fantasies last night and we might want you to help us with some of them."

Bobby said, "No, Mom, I'd love to do things to you. It's so hot to have a mom to do sex stuff with. Mom, can I fu.."

Little Kari who had walked into the room while they were talking and right then took Bobby's little cock in her mouth and started sucking him. The young boy lost track of what he was saying and just stood there, savoring the pleasure of his little sister's warm mouth on his erect cock. Between the hot conversation with his mother and the little girl's mouth, it didn't take long before he felt his anal sphincter spasm and his little penis jerk in Kari's mouth. He wasn't old enough to cum yet, but that didn't mean he couldn't really enjoy having an orgasm. His sweet little toddler sister's mouth felt so nice. His mother just stood there and watched the sexy tableau, fingering her wet slit.

After the young boy had gotten off, he seemed to lose interest in the conversation that he had been having with his mother. Little Kari let his semi-limp cock slip out of her mouth and said, "Yummmmmm, Bobby. Tanks".

Bobby smiled up at his mom and said, "Ummm, I'm gonna go up to my room for a while. If you do want Albert, just come and get him, Mom."

"That's OK, Bobby. I've got my own now. As soon as Monte's accustomed enough to his new home and us, I'll be able to play with him," she told him.

Bobby said "Monte? That's his name?"

"Yes, dear. It's a play on words that you're too young to know about. I appreciate your offer of Albert though, but you go ahead and take him up to your room with you. Sissy will be home from school soon and I've got to see what we're going to have for dinner tonight." She bent over and gave her son a kiss.

After the young boy had left the room, Lynn picked up her young daughter and gave her a kiss. The young girl kissed her back and Lynn enjoyed the taste and feel of her daughter's lips. The little girl giggled and said, "Love Mommy. Yummmm"

Lynn laughed and hugged her daughter to her, saying "Yes, it is yummy darling. Now let's see what we're going to have for dinner" and put the girl down.

Lynn knew that Rob would probably be later than usual since he was going to make a stop at the store to pick up some things. But she was a little concerned when Sissy wasn't home when she normally would be. Lynn was getting dinner ready when Sissy got home and rushed into the kitchen.

"Mom, Mom, you won't believe it! I did it!" the young girl gushed.

"Slow down. You did what? Why are you so late?" Lynn asked her.

"Mom, listen! In Mr. Sullivan's class today, I sat in front and flashed him. I took my panties off before I went to class and I sat in front and spread my legs so Mr. Sullivan had a full view of my cunt. He liked it, Mom! He got all flushed and could hardly concentrate on class. He mostly just had us read and study while he sat at his desk and just looked at my cunt. It was so delicious! I know he had a hard on behind that desk. He couldn't stand up. I just kept my legs spread open so he'd have a good view."

"Sissy, you didn't! What happened? What did he do?" her mother asked her.

"He just looked at me as much as he could during the whole class, then he dismissed the class a few minutes early, but asked me to stay after. I got scared at that point. He asked me if I realized that I'd made him a little uncomfortable during class. I said I didn't mean to make him uncomfortable, I just wanted him to feel good. He was still sitting behind his desk then and he asked me to come stand next to him. I did and he obviously had a huge boner. He asked me if I was absolutely serious about showing myself to him and wanting to make him feel good. I moved closer to him so my leg was rubbing against his at that point and said I definitely was. He reached under my skirt and ran his hand up my leg and fingered my slit. I could hardly breathe I was so excited.

"He told me that we could get in a lot of trouble if anyone found out what we were doing. I said he didn't have to worry about me, that all I wanted to do was make him happy. He fingered my slit, which was dripping by then. He asked if I knew what I was getting myself into. I said that it was WHAT I wanted to get INTO me that was important. He was a little surprised at that. He asked me if I was a virgin and I said that I'd let a boy "do it" to me once, but I'd really like to know what it felt to have a real man in me.

"He was a little apprehensive, I think. After all, we were there in his classroom and anyone could have walked in on us. Well, he told me that I should come back to his classroom after last class. I couldn't wait until the last bell and went to his classroom. He closed the door and asked me if I was serious about what we had discussed. I told him fer shure, and he said that I should meet him at the Mickey D's a block down from school. I agreed to meet him and went down there. He drove up and I got in his car. He drove over behind a strip mall and parked.

"He asked me again if I was sure what I wanted. I was really horny and I just reached over and undid his pants and got his cock out. It was rock hard. I started sucking him off right there in public. Well, there wasn't anyone around but still... Anyway, I still didn't have any panties on and he started feeling my cunt up. That got me really hot and it must have gotten him too, 'cuz he came really fast. Mom, I took him completely in my mouth. I swallowed all of his cum.

"I knew that since he had cum hard in my mouth, I wasn't gonna get fucked, so we sat there and talked. I was so hot. He kept asking me if I was sure I wanted to have him "do me" and I kept telling him yes. He asked me about the boy that I did it with and I told him that I promised not to say anything just like he would expect me to keep quiet if we did anything. I think that convinced him. That plus the fact that I'd just sucked him off.

"Anyway, he asked me a lot of sex questions, but I just played like I either didn't know anything or I couldn't say anything 'cuz I'd promised. So he said that if I wanted to feel what it was like to be fucked by a man, we could do it at his house tomorrow after school. I told him that would be great and I'd meet him at the same place after school. Then he drove me home. I had him drop me off a block away from here so 'my mom wouldn't see me in his car... just in case'. He said that was very wise. So tomorrow he's gonna fuck me. Oh, Mom, he's so neat. And so handsome. Plus he comes a LOT. I can't wait to have his cum in my cunt so you can lick it out."

"God, you ARE turning into a real slut, aren't you? I hope you know what you're doing. I don't want you, or us, to get into trouble. It sounds like he was pretty easy to "seduce". What else did you tell him to convince him?"

"Well, I said that I knew he liked some of the older girls and I had seen him being really friendly with certain ones, and touching them in certain ways. And I thought I'd like him to be just as friendly with me and touch me that way. He asked me if I was sure I was able to take a full size man inside me. I told him that I certainly wanted to try. So he agreed that he's gonna take me to his place tomorrow and fuck me. I hope that's OK. I mean, it's not like I'm gonna get pregnant or that I'll be going with some molester off the streets."

Lynn laughed. "No, you'll be going with a molester from school. But at least you know him and we know he can't afford to have anyone find anything out, as he has a lot to lose. I wish I could be there to watch. What am I saying!? We're talking about you being fucked by someone outside of our family. I guess I'm happy for you, honey. I'm just worried that everything will be OK."

"Oh Mom, I'd LOVE for you to be there and watch. That'd be so HOT! So you don't mind if I fuck him? I know it will be OK. I'm sure he's done it with other girls from school."

"Well, I'm not really OK with it, but if you really want to do it and you think you'll be OK with it, then..."

"Oh, thanks Mom! He's so nice and he was very considerate of me today. And you know, it's not like I haven't ever been fucked by an adult before. I mean, I love it that Daddy's been doing me all these years. I'm sure I can take anything that Mr. Sullivan wants to give me. And I know he isn't any bigger than daddy 'cuz I had him in my mouth today. I'm so excited. I can't wait!"

"As long as you save some of his cum for me to taste, honey. Oh gawd, what am I saying? My twelve year old daughter is going to be fucked by her adult teacher and I'm worried about getting a taste of his cum. My God, what sluts we're becoming!"

"I know. Isn't it great? I just love that I can talk to you about stuff like this. And DO stuff like this. Oh Mom, it's going to be so sexy being fucked by the best looking teacher in school. Hey, ya know, maybe we can plan it so you come to pick me up after school when he and I plan on fucking and somehow you could get in on it too. Wouldn't that be so kewl?? Mom and daughter, together."

"Now dear, don't let your hot little cunt overrun your brain. It's bad enough when men think with their little heads instead of their big ones, which is probably what Mr. Sullivan is doing. He's got a lot to lose. Remember, we have to be very discreet about these things. But that does sound exciting. I'll ask your father if he would object if Mr. Sullivan fucked us both. From the way he's been lately, I'll bet he'll encourage us. At least if he starts thinking with his little head."

The two laughed at that. Sissy gave her mom a kiss and said she was going to her room and get out of her clothes. And that she'd distract her little sister if her mother wanted to jump her dad's bones when he got home from work. Lynn readily agreed to that.

Rob came home a little while later, just as Lynn had dinner ready. He had several bags of things and a big box. He wouldn't let Lynn see what was in them and took them downstairs immediately. When he came back up, he had a new camcorder in his hand, turned on and videoing her. This turned Lynn on tremendously and she cornered him with it in the kitchen. She backed him up against the fridge and started kissing and fondling him. With his full cooperation and continuing to video record it, she got his clothes off of him in short order and then handed him the bottle of vegetable oil and bent over the sink. She didn't have to tell Rob what she wanted, as it was obvious.

Holding the cam in one hand, he slathered his cock with the oil with the other, then started to penetrate her tight asshole. He zoomed in to a closeup of his cock and her brown hole and it didn't take much effort to quickly slip his whole cock completely up inside of her ass. She moaned with pleasure as he recorded the penetration and started to saw in and out of her. She was still so turned on from her conversation with her daughter and now being video recorded. She started to graphically tell Rob how his daughter had seduced her teacher and was going to be fucked by him the next day. This got Rob wildly thrusting into her, barely being able to keep the camera framed on him pumping into her ass. Then she breathlessly told him about Sissy's fantasy of having her teacher fuck both of them, mother and daughter together, at the same time. This only heightened the frenzy of thrusting and it wasn't long before both went over the edge, Rob spurting his hot cum up into her bowels and she groaning, holding onto the faucet handles as she reached her climax. Rob couldn't keep the video camera aimed so he sat it down on the counter, pointed at them and left it recording, zoomed out to full wide angle.

Instead of pulling out of her, Rob held onto her and stayed inside of her. He said gruffly, "So you want to be fucked by your daughter's teacher, huh, slut? You want our young daughter to watch as her teacher's big prick splits your snatch open? Watch as he spurts his hot cum into your womb? Would that be before or after he fucks your daughter in front of you? Would that fit your twisted fantasies, huh, bitch? Making you guide his cock into your daughter's tight hole? Is that what you want, slut?" As he said this he grabbed his wife's hair and roughly pulled her back, tight onto his still firm cock.

Lynn's cunt was throbbing at her husband's gruff but arousingly erotic words and even more so knowing that she was being recorded on video. Her head was arched back by his pulling her hair. Then she started to feel warm liquid spraying deep into her ass. She realized that her husband was pissing in her.

"Yes, yes, that's what I want. I want to watch him fuck our daughter's cunt and ass and fill her with his cum. I want to suck him off and have them both piss in my mouth. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Robbbbbb!!" She frigged her clit harder and came a second time. When he was done peeing, he reached over and picked up a glass. Holding it under his wife's ass, he slowly pulled out of her, making sure that any piss and cum that leaked out drained into the glass.

Lynn was doing everything she could to keep her sphincter muscle clenched tight so she wouldn't lose any of Rob's piss. She wanted to feel so wicked and keep it inside of her all through dinner, but Rob had other ideas. He grabbed the camera again and ordered her to squat down, holding the glass under her. He told her to relax and release everything into the glass. She followed his orders and quickly filled the glass almost to overflowing with the combination of Rob's cum, piss and her own brown ass juices. When she was emptied, Rob held up the glass in front of her and the camera and said, "Well, dear slut, we know what you're having to drink with your dinner, don't we?" and sat the glass on the table next to his wife's usual place. He sat the camera back down on the counter, still recording. Then he told her to suck his cock clean, so the camera could record her doing it.

An erotic look flashed across her face, and she knelt and took his cock in her mouth and cleaned him, sucking and licking every morsel and drop from his semi-hard rod. Then she stood and threw her arms around him and kissed him passionately. "Yes, master, whatever you require of your slave slut" she said. Rob kissed her back then slapped her hard on one ass cheek. "OK, slut, let's get dinner served. Call your children down for dinner so they can see their twisted, perverted slut mother drink her husband's piss and cum that's been drained out of her ass."

"Yes, master." Lynn said and kissed him again. She called to Bobby and Sissy to bring Kari and come down to dinner. Although somewhat repulsive, being commanded to drink the slimy yellow-brown concoction in front of her children was so twisted that she had to force herself to NOT just stand there rubbing her clit and orgasming. No doubt during dinner that would happen, hopefully at least several times.

Rob moved the camera to the top of the refrigerator, aiming it so that it had a wide view of the table and kitchen. Neither he nor Lynn said anything about it to the children when they came into the room, knowing it was still recording both audio and video.

Sissy walked in carrying her little sister, then put the little girl down. Kari immediately went to her father and took his cock in her mouth and started sucking on it. Lynn looked at Rob, knowing full well exactly where his cock had just been. Her husband just shrugged and smiled. Bobby came in with Albert and sat at the table.

Sissy was watching her little sister suck her dad's cock and knew that doing that would delay dinner so she went over to the little girl and said, "C'mon Squirt, let's have dinner. Maybe you can have daddy-cum for desert afterwards. 'Kay?" The little girl allowed herself to be separated from the daddy-cock that she loved sucking on and be put in her chair.

Before sitting down at her place, Sissy looked over to see the full glass of brownish liquid sitting at her mother's place at the table. She said, "Whatcha drinking for dinner, Mom? Can I have a taste?"

With that she picked up the glass, before either her mother or father could say anything or make a move to stop her, and took a sip of the dirty liquid. A look of surprise crossed her face. "Mom, whose is this? Your's or Dad's?" She looked a little closer at it and spotted white wisps of what looked like cum -which it was- floating in it. She looked quizzically at her parents, then sat the glass back down where she got it.

"Ummmmmm, it's something special for me, dear" Lynn said with a guilty smile.

"Yeah, I'll bet" Sissy laughed. "Whose is it? I know piss when I drink it."

Hearing this, Bobby made a eewwwww! face and stuck out his tongue.

"Please tell me exactly how you are so familiar with the taste of piss, young lady." Lynn said in mock anger. "Never mind, we'll have to discuss this later. Won't we!?"

It was Sissy's turn to blush in embarrassment at her revealing comment as she took her seat at the table. Rob sat down, smiling and Lynn put the food on the table then sat down.

As they started to eat, Rob said to Sissy, "Ummm, aside from your expert taste buds, your mother tells me that you tried something else today. Want to tell me about it?"

"Oh, Daddy, yessss! I sucked Mr. Sullivan off in his car today after school. In public! I mean, we were in a deserted parking lot behind a store, in his car but still it was out in public. I was so turned on by it. And he wants to take me to his place after school tomorrow and fuck me! Isn't that great?"

Rob looked a bit concerned at this. Sissy quickly tried to alleviate his fears. "Don't worry, Daddy, he won't tell anyone. I mean how would it look if he went around bragging that he was having sex with one of his seventh graders? I mean, he can't say anything to anyone. And it's not like I don't know him. He's been my teacher all year now. Besides I sorta know that he has done stuff with some of the older girls. And I didn't tell him about anything that we do. I wouldn't do that."

Rob looked at his almost thirteen, going-on-twenty year old daughter. She was right, the teacher had more to lose by saying anything to anyone, but Rob said, "How do you know he's done "stuff" with the older girls? Did he say that?"

"No. I've just seen him talking to some of them from time to time and the way he touches them, I can tell that it's more than a teacher-student conversation. Besides, some of the girls aren't too smart and they tell things they really shouldn't. I overheard two of them discussing how big his cock was and how good it felt. They didn't know anyone could hear them, but I'm really sure that he's fucking several of them. And he said that he'd fuck me tomorrow at his house after school. You don't mind do you, Dad? I mean, I won't tell him anything about what we do."

Rob looked at his wife, who gave him a very strange, sexy look and then very purposefully reached for her glass and slowly raised it to her lips, taking several sips of the brownish tinged contents. Rob was already hard as a rock from discussing the idea of his daughter being fucked by another man. Seeing his wife drinking his cum and piss that had been drained from her ass, right in front of the kids... well, he had a really hard time remembering exactly what conversation he was having and with whom.

Sissy saw what he was looking at and she got up and walked around behind her mother. As Lynn sat the glass down, Sissy leaned down and reached out her hand and picked up the still somewhat full glass. Lifting it to her lips, she looked directly into her father's eyes and took a long drink of the yellow brown goo. She licked her lips and said, "You don't mind if he fucks me, do you Daddy? It's not like you won't get to fuck me afterwards with his slimy cum still in my tight little pussy. You wouldn't mind that at all would you, Daddy?"

Rob fully knew he was being manipulated- and didn't care at all. This was fun. He loved his perverted family. "Uh, well, we really have to be careful about anyone finding out the kind of..." he looked pointedly at the glass of piss then back at her, "stuff we do as a family. But if you two are careful, I guess it should be alright. As long as my sex slut slave has his cum in her when I fuck her."

The two females looked at each other then back at Rob. "I will!" "Oh, sure Daddy!" both of them replied at exactly the same time to his comment. Then they broke out laughing and Sissy said as she took her seat again, "Uh, exactly which one of us "sex slut slaves' were you referring to, Dad?"

"Yes, exactly!" said Rob and smiled, which they took as his permission to both of them. Visions of both of them with another man's semen dripping out of their cunts flitted across his mind. He visualized the teacher's cock fucking his young daughter's cunt and then pulling out and entering his wife's waiting asshole. Visions of his wife's huge boobs, impaled with several ten inch spikes to a board as she drank her daughter's piss while the teacher fucked Sissy's ass floated in front of his eyes as he sat there.

The two females looked at each other, smiling. Then Sissy said, "Dad! Earth to Dad! That means that we both can have Mr. Sullivan fuck us, right?" Then her voice took on a real sexy, coquettish tone as she said, "But, you won't mind if Mom sucks his cum out of my cunt after he fucks me do you. I mean there won't be much left in me after that, but there'd probably be enough to make my little hole slippery enough for you to fuck. That's OK, isn't it, Daddy dear?"

Rob's cock was as hard as a parking meter post, listening to the erotic words of his pre-teen daughter. Both his wife and daughter were looking at him, waiting for an answer to Sissy's completely rhetorical, daddy-baiting question.

A very nasty, erotic, perverted thought flashed into Lynn's mind as she watched her turned on husband try to come up with something to say. She stood up, grabbed her glass of cum and piss and walked over to her little daughter's place. She leaned down and put her cheek next to Kari's and said, "Here, honey, have a little taste of this and see if you like it." With that she held the glass of Rob's piss and cum and her shit juice to the lips of her littlest child. Then she raised her eyes up to look directly into her husband's. "Isn't it nice that all the women in the family share the same tastes, dear?" she said as the little girl took a drink, then licked her lips. "You like that sweety?" Lynn asked the toddler, who nodded and took another drink. Sissy saw that Rob was so turned on that she walked around the table and straddled him, guiding his cock up into her dripping snatch. It only took a few minutes of up and down and grinding hip motions, along with some rather passionate kisses, before her super-excited father spewed his cum up into her cunt. What little he had left, that is.

After he had finished inside of her, she turned her head and said to her mother, "Hand me the glass over here, Mom, I've got some more to add to it for us." With that she took the glass and carefully stood up, letting her father's cock pop out of her cunt. She immediately pressed the glass between her legs, catching everything that dribbled out of her that she could. Holding onto her dad's arm for balance, she squatted down next to him, keeping the glass under her cunt to catch all the drippings. She looked at her mother and smiled. "Yummmm as little Squirt says." The four just watched her until she had drained as much out of her as she could. Her father's warm cum floated on top of what remained of the yellowish-brownish liquid in the glass.

She stood up and walked over to her mother and handed her the glass. Then she picked up her own empty glass and held it under her. Soon a strong yellow stream of her own pee started filling the glass up. As the glass filled, she picked up Kari's little sippy cup. She stopped her stream, sat her glass on the table, removed the cup's top then held the cup under her and let the remaining pee out to half fill her little sister's cup. When her bladder was emptied, she replaced the lid on the cup and handed it to her little sister. "Yummm, all fresh and just for you, short stuff." The little girl took the cup and proceeded to drink her sister's warm piss from it.

Sissy watched the little one drink her warm pee and then picked up her own brimming glass and raised it in a toast, looking at her mom and dad. "Here's to one pervy family, huh?" and drank some of it down. Her mother, rubbing her own cunt vigorously at these kinky antics of her two daughters, lifted her glass and took a deep drink of the slimy goo. She actually thought she could feel some of Rob's cum in the piss of one mouthful. She hit her orgasm as she frigged her clit and watched her two daughters drink Sissy's warm pee.

Bobby made a face and said, "Ewwww, don't give me any of that. But I'll be happy to pee in any of your mouths if you want me to." Sissy laughed and went over to her little brother and gave him, over his objections, a pissy tasting kiss. She said, "Whenever you have to pee, I'm sure Mom will be happy to drink it all down, kid. And if I'm as turned on as I am now, I'll drink it too." With that she sat down and took another swig of her own warm piss from her glass.

"Rob, what have we created? This is such a twisted, perverted family," Lynn asked her husband plaintively.

"I know, and I love it. Thank you, Sissy, for all of that. I think that I can possibly concentrate on things a little better now that I've cum in you. And since when have you become the pre-teen piss slut? Don't tell me you've been holding this back on us?"

Sissy smiled and said, "No, Dad. I hadn't thought about drinking pee at all until I heard Mom talk about it. So I decided to try it the next time I went to the bathroom. It's not so bad. And if I'm really turned on like now, I could probably drink a bunch of it. But, hey, what exactly was that in Mom's glass that we girls have all shared? I assume it was yours."

Rob started to tell her exactly what was in the concoction and where it had been, but right then the phone rang, interrupting the conversation. Rob answered it and then looked at Lynn as he talked.

"Yes, hello Ben, how are you?"

Ben answered, "Great. Hey, listen. When you were here you mentioned that Lynn wanted to get a dog. I called a friend of mine who is a breeder and he has several that might be available."

"That's great. What do we have to do? Do we go look at them and pick one out or what?"

"Well, that's what I wanted to talk to you about. I know you don't want a puppy, so a six months to one year old one would probably work. He has a couple in that age bracket. Do you know if you'd want a male or female?"

"Well, definitely a male. I don't think we'd want to have the problems with a female being in heat and having litters of puppies."

"That wouldn't be a problem. I can take just about any puppies that you'd have. Besides any female can or should be spayed, unless they were going to be used specifically for breeding."

"Hadn't thought about that, actually." Rob looked at Lynn. "But I think Lynn wants a male though, right now." Lynn nodded vigorously, and Sissy did also.

"Well, there are several choices to make. Is this dog going to be... uh, exclusively for Lynn? Or will Sissy and Lynn be sharing it?" There was a odd tone in his voice as he said that.

Rob thought quickly for a moment, trying to figure out what to say without giving away the real reason for getting the dog. "Umm, well, Lynn has always wanted a dog for security here at home. So a larger one, like a German Shepherd or Lab or something like that would be best, I guess."

"Oh, OK. I see what you mean. I was just wondering, since this guy is a 'special' breeder. He provides a lot of dogs for ladies who want, ummm, the security of having a dog. So, would you want him trained in any way or does she plan on training him herself?"

"I don't know. What kind of training are you talking about? Like guard dog training. I don't think we'd need to have that."

"Well, yes there's that. And obedience training, although all of his dogs, except puppies of course, are given basic obedience training. And there are other things that they can be trained for."

Rob felt that Ben was skirting around something without coming and saying it, and Rob didn't know if he could - or should - actually confide with Ben what the dog was actually going to be for. Still, he felt Ben was trying to be very discreet without actually coming out and saying bestiality outright. He decided to take a chance and said, "Ummmm, these "other" kinds of training sound more like what we're looking for, although I think we'd like to do most of the training ourselves- in the privacy of our home, if you know what I mean."

"Absolutely! I think we're on the same page. This breeder tries to provide animals that have been trained specifically for human... uh, female interaction. He can provide one that has been completely trained so they know exactly what is required and how to act around and satisfy a discriminating lady. Or he has some that have just been bred for the best gentle temperament and cooperation and let the lady do the specifics of the training. As far as size, should he be very large or does that matter?"

"Well, as I said, we thought about the size of a German Shepherd... oh, ummm, I think I misunderstood when you said size. Uh, I don't think we'd want an over-sized one. As for your question before, uh, I think that both Lynn and Sissy will be sharing the, uh, obligation of taking care of him. Uh, now that you mention it, I think that maybe one that was larger would probably be more desirable for them." Rob looked pointedly at the two females. Both nodded vigorously at him.

"I understand completely. I think he has a couple that are young, and haven't been completely trained, but have been socialized for human female contact. He said he has a young Rottweiler that might just be the right age and size, plus is very amenable to female contact. Think you might be interested?"

"Uh, Ben, I'm going to have to discuss this with Lynn and Sissy a bit. Can I call you back after we do that? When's the best time for you?"

"I'm going to be at the store here tonight until nine. I've got to close, so you can call anytime up to then. Or you or Lynn can give me a call tomorrow after one o'clock if you want, here at the store."

"That's great, Ben. I think we may give you a call back tonight. I suspect both Lynn and Sissy are anxious to get the new pet."

"That's understandable. By the way, how's the new python doing? Is it acclimating OK?"

"Lynn says he's doing just fine. Both her and Bobby have been looking in on it regularly. We have it in a separate room from where Albert is. Lynn has been resisting handling it so it will have time to get accustomed to its new surroundings and to us. But I know she wants to start handling it as soon as possible." This last was said with a knowing smile at his wife.

"I don't think she has to worry. My daughter loved to "handle" that one and it tolerated a lot from her. I don't think Lynn will be doing anything that the snake hasn't already enjoyed, as long as she's large enough. If you know what I mean."

Rob was pretty much speechless at this last comment. 'Large enough'? he thought. Had Ben's daughter been stuffing the snake up into her cunt too?

"Ummm, I think she is, Ben. Um, 'large enough', that is. How old did you say your daughter was?"

Ben started laughing. "I think we understand each other. She's seventeen now. But she's been making sure she's large enough for a long time. I have the feeling that Lynn and she would probably be able to have some interesting conversations about their pets. Anytime Lynn wants to talk to her, just have her call. Uh, I assume that you understand how to be, uh, "prudent" in discussing things like this. We don't usually make this kind of information public, you know."

"Oh, I understand completely Ben. There's no one who wants to be more "prudent" than us. But it is good to know that there's someone who is, uh, "experienced" if Lynn or Sissy have any concerns or questions about, um, "pet care".

"Yes, my daughter is very experienced in "pet care", as you might imagine, with us being in the exotic animal business. There are very few people that that experience can be shared with, you know. Let me emphasize that I'm trusting you with information that none of us would want to have spread around. If you know what I mean."

"Oh, certainly! And we share your concerns. I have a feeling that Lynn may just be calling to talk to your daughter if it's OK. And I may need to discuss similar things, from a father's... uh, husband's point of view. If that's OK."

"Not a problem at all, as long as we all understand the need for being discreet. You talk things over with your two ladies and give me a call back. My daughter isn't here now, but we can figure out a good time when they could chat, later on."

"Great, Ben. You don't know how MUCH we appreciate all of this. We were feeling that we were the only ones around who had the same type of interests in pets. We'll talk this over and give you a call back in a little while. Thanks so much for your help."

"No problem. Glad to help. Bye"

Rob hung up the phone, astounded and speechless. Lynn was at his side asking him what Ben told him. Sissy was all ears also.

"Uh, I don't know how to say this but Ben's family may be into the same type of things we are, as far as pets go. He as much said so."

"Rob! I couldn't tell what you were talking about on the phone. You were being so cryptic. Now I'm starting to understand. You mean, Ben understands about why we want the dog?"

"He not only understands, but apparently his teenage daughter has already "handled" your new python in the same ways that you want to. He says the snake has been a very happy snake in the hands of his daughter. And ummmm, other places in addition to her hands."

"Oh, gawd, Rob. That's hot! A young girl has already had my snake up in her cunt? Oh, I can't wait to try it. Could she get it all in her? What did she do? What did he say?"

"He just said that she had "handled" the snake and if you were going to handle it the same way, he just wondered if you were 'large enough' for it. That's about all he would say. But she's only seventeen. And he said that you or Sissy could call and talk to her if you had any concerns on "pet care". Pet snake or pet dog, I think. Reading between the lines, he seemed to indicate that she had done both. I mean, he didn't want to say anything outright to someone he didn't know that well, just like I didn't. But he made it real plain. Said that, after all, they had been in the "exotic pet" business for some time. And he has a dog breeder who it sounds like specifically trains dogs to fuck women. He didn't say that in those words, but it was quite obvious. He thinks that the breeder has a Rottweiler that might work out good for you. And Sissy. Yes, he made that plain. He assumes that you both will be fucking the dog. And he has no problem with that. We're supposed to talk it over and call him back at the store."

"My God, Rob, so that's what you were talking about when you said 'training' and 'size'. If I'd known that, I'd have been so embarrassed! But now that you talk about it, I'm getting turned on thinking about someone knowing that I'm stuffing a snake up in my cunt or that I want to be fucked by a dog. Oh, shit, can it get any more perverted than this?" Both she and Sissy were furiously rubbing their clits. Bobby wasn't all that interested other than the fact that they might get a new dog. Kari just sat playing with her dinner, seemingly oblivious of the highly sexed atmosphere although she was paying attention to what they were saying.

Rob said to Lynn, "I think I'll let you call Ben back and discuss dog fucking, if you want to. Or snake fucking."

"Oh, Rob, I know we're going really fast on all this stuff. If you think we should hold off and let things calm down a bit, I'll go along with that. I'm both really frightened and turned on about someone else knowing about what we do with the animals."

"Well, from my conversation with him, I think Ben knows a lot of people who do similar things. Not to even mention his own daughter. He practically admitted that she was snake stuffing. And that she could discuss doing it with you."

"Oh, damn, Rob. I'm gonna cum again," Lynn said, excited. "I can't believe this. As perverted as I thought we were, here we find someone else who's been doing the same thing." She looked around the table at the kids. "Well, maybe not all the same things, but some of the kinky things. Wow! Give me some time to settle down and let's finish dinner and then I'll call Ben and see what I can find out."

She sat down and tried to finish her dinner, but the conversation about where the dog would be kept and whose responsibility it would be and if it would be allowed in the house and all those things, kept her virtually dripping wet. Sissy was in a similar state.

After dinner, Lynn and Sissy sat down together and quietly discussed some things and then made the phone call. Ben answered right away and was happy to talk to Lynn.

"Well, Ben, Rob said that you might have a dog that would be suitable for us, and that you had some questions you wanted to ask me."

Ben said, "I think we covered a lot before. As I understand it, the dog is for you but you'll be sharing him with Sissy. Is that right?"

"Yes, I think so. I suppose it depends upon some things whether Sissy will be 'sharing' him with me. I don't want her hurt at all. Just how big is this dog?"

"Well, he's a young Rottweiler. He's not an adult yet, but he's not going to get a lot bigger than he is right now. He should fit most adult females. It depends upon how big Sissy is whether he will fit her or not. Is she capable of taking an adult male now?"

"Ben! This is my twelve year old daughter we're talking about!"

"I understand that, Lynn. Some experienced twelve year olds can handle dogs the size of a Rotty, others have to, shall we say, 'grow into them'. I guess I'll have to leave that to you as far as Sissy is concerned. But I think this dog sounds like it would do fine for you. I assume that you will be training him yourself."

"Well, I don't know much about dog training, so I would have to probably rely on Rob for a lot of that."

"Yes, he can help guide the dog, but it really is you who will have to do most of the training. And it can take some time and patience. My breeder friend breeds certain dogs specifically for good temperament and action around females. So the dog will have some of the basics instilled in it already, and even some experience. But a young dog can be quite energetic and you have to be careful that you don't allow him to injure you with his enthusiasm," Ben told her.

Lynn said, "If he has a good temper, I think we should be able to handle him."

"Will he be kept inside or outside? It doesn't make any difference to the dog, but you will have to be concerned with fleas and parasites if the dog lives outdoors. With proper care that isn't a problem though. My daughter's Dane has his own kennel outside and only comes inside the house when she wants him to."

"How old is your daughter, Ben?" Lynn asked.

"She's seventeen, but she's had the Dane since she was about Sissy's age."

"My God, Ben, that's a monster. How does she take him? I mean, a Great Dane would be0 huge. How does she handle a dog that size? When she was Sissy's age, he'd weigh more than her!"

"You're right. And that was a concern. We had to be very careful with her. But her mother taught her how to handle the dog and assisted in training him, and it's worked out quite well. She loves that dog. They both do, literally," Ben told her.

"Uh, Ben, are we talking about what I think we're talking about? I mean, your wife and your daughter with a Great Dane?" Lynn asked quietly.

"Well, Lynn, as I mentioned to Rob, we are very discreet when it comes to these kinds of subjects. But we are in that business and I think that after my conversation with Rob, we can share some things. Yes, they both enjoy the dog. He is rather large, but both of them really like having large things, if you know what I mean?" Ben said.

"Yes, I think I do. Sissy and I are the same way. But we're not really looking for something as large as a Great Dane. The one you were talking about, you think that he'd be a good fit?"

Ben said, "Well, I don't know either of you in THAT way, so I don't know about fit. But I do know that most adult females would be happy with his size. At least from what I've been told by the breeder. I've not personally seen the dog in question yet. I've worked with this particular breeder for a good number of years, and I can have him bring the dog to the shop tomorrow if you want. You can try him on here if you want to, to make sure he fits."

Lynn gasped. "Oh, Ben, I don't know about doing that. That's so private of a thing. I couldn't do that in public," Lynn told him.

Ben chuckled and said, "You wouldn't be in public, Lynn. We have a very well equipped private back room specifically for that purpose. Don't worry about that."

"You do?! I mean, do you do this kind of thing all the time? I mean, sell dogs for women to use?" Lynn asked incredulously.

"You'd be surprised, Lynn. I'm willing to bet that some of the people you know have gotten a dog here for the same purposes. While this is really an area of taboo and not talked about, it's really not all that uncommon. There are stories I could tell you!" Ben told her with a chuckle.

"Oh, God, Ben, I wish you would. I mean... I never suspected anyone... I mean..." Lynn's words trailed off.

Ben said, "I know exactly how you feel, Lynn. That's why I told Rob that you could call and speak to my daughter about the dog- or the snake, for that matter. She enjoyed that snake. Among others, of course. After the Dane, he was just the right size for her."

"Ben, I would certainly love to talk to her about this," Lynn told him. "We're really new at this. If she has any experiences she can share with us that will help us, we'd really like to do that. I mean, if she wouldn't be too embarrassed about talking about it with us."

Ben laughed. "Hah! Embarrassed? Not my daughter and not in a million years. It's all I can do to keep her quiet about it or keep her from doing it with the animals in the front display window! She'll talk your ear off."

Lynn was getting a bit more comfortable with that much information from Ben. "Sounds like her and Sissy would get along exceptionally well," she told him. "Sissy has a real exhibitionist streak in her that's just coming out and it sounds like it would be like they could confide in each other if they got together."

"Well, she'll be happy to talk to you, or Sissy, I'm sure. And if you have some, uh, 'motherly' problems regarding that kind of thing, I'm sure her mother, Sarah, would be more than happy to talk to you. The two of them share a lot of the same desires, which it sounds like you and Sissy do too. We have to be very careful who we let know about this kind of thing, so there aren't too many that they CAN share with and talk to. Having another mother/daughter pair would be nice for both of them too, I'm sure."

"Ben, you don't know how big of a help you've been to us," Lynn told him. "I'll have to talk to Rob again, but I'm sure that I'd like to see the dog. If you wouldn't mind having him brought to your store, Sissy and I can try to stop by after I pick her up from school tomorrow." Sissy was waving and motioning frantically to Lynn. "Oh, wait a second. Hold on." When Lynn had the mouthpiece of the phone covered, Sissy hissed in a whisper, "NOT TOMORROW! I'm going to Mr. Sullivan's after school tomorrow! Remember!?"

Lynn put the phone back to her ear and said, "Ben, tomorrow isn't good. Maybe the day after? I think I can arrange it so Sissy can be with me then."

"That'll be fine, Lynn. By the way, have you tried out the new ball yet?" he asked, referring to Lynn's new ball python, Monte.

Fortunately, Ben couldn't see her extreme flush of embarrassment over the phone. She said, "No, I've wanted to give it time to get accustomed to its new home before any of us handled it. It seems to be doing well, though."

Ben chuckled and said, "Well, normally you'd be right. But I think this particular reptile has already been accustomed by my daughter. She handled that one a lot here at the store, especially in that back room. But again, as I said, she enjoys the larger sizes. She certainly enjoyed the size of that one."

"Ben, do you mean what I think you mean. I mean, putting that whole snake... I mean, taking that snake... uh..." Lynn couldn't finish what she was asking.

Ben laughed. "Unlike dogs, snakes are not that commonly used. We've been in the pet trade for a long time and my daughter has been raised with all kinds of exotic creatures. Not that she has done the same thing with them all, but yes, all of that snake, all the way. She really liked that. The snake never seemed to object at all. After all, they enjoy 98 degree warm cozy places. The only thing you have to be careful about is it being able to breathe. But it will usually poke its head out if it needs that. Maybe when you come to see the dog, I can tell you some stories about some of the antics she pulled here in the store. You'll probably appreciate them."

Lynn felt a sense that she could talk somewhat openly to Ben after him coming out and telling her all this. She said, "Well, Albert fit just fine. And I certainly enjoyed it, although he hasn't been trained to do that. After what you've said, I think that I'll go see about how your daughter's training of the python did. I'm certainly excited about it."

"Good, Lynn. I hope the snake makes you as happy as it did her. And like I said, I'll let her know that you're a kindred spirit and that you might want to talk to her about it. More than likely, you won't be able to turn her off once she starts," Ben said laughing.

Lynn was excited. "Thank you, Ben, for all that you've told us and helped us with. And you certainly have helped us a LOT. Sissy and I'll stop by the store to see the dog day after tomorrow after I pick her up from school. Does that sound OK?"

Ben said, "That's great. And if my daughter is available, I'll try to have her here then, too. The three of you will enjoy it, I'm sure."

"Wonderful, Ben. Again, I don't know how to thank you. See you Wednesday," Lynn told him.

She hung up the phone and Sissy was beside herself, almost peeing her panties- except she was naked with no panties on to pee - jumping from one foot to the other with excitement from the one side of the conversation that she had heard.

"Oh, gawd, Mom! What did he say? Tell me! Tell me!" She exclaimed.

It was all Lynn could do to calm the excited girl. Rob gave her a knowing look, assuming that Ben had confirmed what he'd told Rob. Lynn had been rubbing her wet slit all during the conversation on the phone. Now she took a deep breath and said, "OK, let's all sit down and quiet down. I'll tell you what he said."

They all sat back down at the table. Rob looked at his wife and said, "Well, did he confirm what I told you?"

Lynn nodded and said, "Yes and even more. He'll have the Rottweiler at his store on Wednesday and Sissy and I can stop by after school and 'try him on for size'. Ben actually has a back room for that specific purpose! I mean, really! He expects us to let the dog fuck us, so that we know if he's the right size or not!"

Rob smiled. He was beginning to imagine exactly what Ben's sign "Exotic Pets" meant. And he was starting to think that the sign may have been misspelled, with an X where there should have been an R.

He asked his wife, "So he confirmed about his daughter and the snake?"

Lynn nodded and said, "Not only confirmed it, but said as much that she had taken Monte completely up inside of her."

Rob laughed. "Monte?! So that's what you've named it, huh?" After seeing the quizzical looks on two of the kids faces, he said, "There was a movie made by an English comedy troupe a number of years ago that became a cult classic. It was called 'Monty Python's Flying Circus'. So his name is a play on that. Monte. Python. Get it?"

The two older kids shrugged and shook their heads. Oh well, youth is lost on the young, as they say.

He turned back to Lynn and said, "So he actually said she stuffed the snake up in her cunt, huh? Wow, somebody else to know that's into snake stuffing."

Lynn nodded excitedly and said, "Not only that, but that both she and her mother fucks a Great Dane! And she has for years. And he said that she would talk to us about it if we want. From the sounds of what he said, she and Sissy are like two identical twins, separated at birth, as far as putting things in their cunts go, only five years apart. Apparently she's been doing things like that for a long time. And she isn't shy about either doing it or talking to someone about it. So he's going to try to have her at the store when we go to 'try out' the dog. So she can help us try him out. I have a feeling from the way he talked that she could give us a college level course in bestiality. I'm so excited I can hardly keep from peeing!"

Sissy was furiously rubbing her clit during this conversation and now grabbed an empty glass and ran over to her mother's side.

"Here, Mom, pee in this glass. This has got me so excited I want to drink your fresh piss."

Rob had been stroking his hardon during this. He said, "Why do you need the glass? Just drink directly from the fountain, honey. I know your mother will like it. After all, she's going to be drinking from yours a lot now."

The two females looked at him, then at each other. Sissy put the glass on the table and knelt down in front of her mother, indicating that she was fully ready to do it. Lynn stood in front of her young daughter and spread her legs so Sissy had full access to her dripping cunt. She pulled her daughter's head close into to her crotch, then looking at Rob, she started to pee.

At first, because this was rather new to her, all she could get going was a weak dribble. Sissy snaked out her tongue and licked the warm liquid from her mother's cunt lips. Then suddenly, as Lynn relaxed her muscles, she let loose with a strong stream, flooding Sissy's face until she opened her mouth and got the stream centered. Then without closing her mouth or Lynn stopping her stream of piss, she gulped down mouthful after mouthful of her mother's warm, yellow pee.

As Lynn's bladder finally emptied, the stream slowed to a dribble again and Sissy tongued her mother's slit to get it. Lynn had been so turned on by the conversation with the pet store owner and now her daughter drinking her pee that it only took a few swipes of Sissy's tongue on her clit and she exploded in orgasm. Sissy wrapped her arms around her mother's hips and held on tightly, licking and sucking the juices like they were the dinner's desert.

Bobby was watching the whole thing with his usual young boy, sort of detached air, although his little cock was as stiff as his father's was. And Rob was sitting back, stroking his cock, enjoying the show his two slut slaves were putting on for them. He noticed Kari drinking Sissy's pee out of her sippy cup, and it excited him to no end. He got up and went over to the toddler, holding his hard cock out for her to take into her little mouth. She happily put down the cup and started to suck him, but he was so close to cumming that it only took getting the head into the mouth of his little daughter before Rob shot his wad into her. She just swallowed and sucked until he had no more cum to give her.

"Hey, son, why don't you come up here and let your little sister give you a little suck. She's gotten all of mine, so you can let her suck yours," Rob said with a grin to Bobby.

The young boy stood up and came over next to the toddler, like his father. He held his cock out to her and since she wasn't getting any more daddy-cum out of Rob's cock, she bent down to take Bobby's into her mouth. Even though she leaned down, he had to get up on his tippy toes for his cock to reach her mouth, so Rob interrupted them, lifted his little daughter out of her chair and stood her on the floor, where Bobby's cock was almost the right height for her mouth. She then started sucking her brother off and after a while, he enjoyed his young sister's voracious mouth bringing him to orgasm. A dry one, since he couldn't produce any semen yet, but pleasant none the less.

When he had finished getting off, he looked at his dad and said, "Dad, can I pee in her mouth? She drank Sissy's pee, so it would be OK if she had mine, wouldn't it?"

Rob smiled at his young son and said, "Let's hold off on that for a while, son. Not right now." He figured that the toddler's voluntary sipping her sister's pee out of a cup was one thing, but knew that even some adults had trouble taking a direct stream of piss into their mouths the first time. Although that gave him an idea. Next time little Kari sucked him off, he would try to control his pee enough to gently dribble it into her mouth. He'd see how she liked it and if she took to it, he'd love to piss into his little daughter's mouth every chance he got- just like he loved to cum in her mouth. Hmmmmm, maybe Lynn was right and they were getting awfully perverted, he thought. Then he thought, "Good!"

The two females were now hugging each other and kissing tenderly while watching the two males give the toddler mouthfuls of their cocks. After everyone had gotten off and quieted down, Lynn reheated what was left of their dinner and they quickly finished it off.

Rob suggested that he and Lynn go down to the basement and work on the plans for their new 'playroom'. The kids left to go their respective ways, Sissy taking Kari with her and when they were gone, Rob pulled the camcorder that none of the kids had known was there down off of the refrigerator. He saw that it had automatically shut off, but had probably recorded most of their antics during the meal. It would be interesting to see just how much it had recorded. But right now he knew he wasn't going to be able to cum again for a while and didn't want to get his wife any more turned on by watching it than she was so she wouldn't attack him again.

Downstairs, he showed Lynn some of his ideas for creating their 'playroom'. He talked about where he would place the hooks and eye-bolts so he could hang her from the ceiling while he tortured her. He thought he could build a sturdy padded table with lots of straps and eye-bolts to tie her onto while he tortured her titties and cunt. They discussed his idea of how he thought he could build a horse that could have an added feature of a board that fit under her breasts, so they could nail or staple her cunt lips to the wooden plank that she straddled while the board would allow nails or large spikes to be pounded into her huge tits. Lynn shivered with the thought that it sounded deliciously nasty.

She said, "You're really getting into this torture business, aren't ya?"

Rob kissed her and said, "If that's what you want and it gets you off, I want to do it for you."

Lynn laughed and hugged him. "So that's it. You're only doing it to please me, huh? That's the only reason?"

"No, no, I'm finding out I have a bit of a dominant streak in me, and I've found that doing that kind of stuff is a turn on for me too."

"Thank you, dear" Lynn said and hugged him tight to her.

He also told her that he talked to one of the guys at the hardware store and he was told about a polymer coat that he could put on the concrete floor that would provide a waterproof layer that would slope to the existing floor drain. That way, it would be easy to clean any blood or piss or other bodily fluids that leaked out during their play sessions. He'd coat the whole floor with it so it would be easy to hose down after he and the kids hosed their mother down with their urine. Lynn smiled at that idea. He said that the basement was too cool to have the snake down there so it would probably have to stay in the sewing room where it currently was. Besides, if they brought it down here, it would probably be ensconced in either Lynn's or Sissy's cunt where it was warm and cozy.

They went over some other of Rob's ideas, Lynn getting hotter and hotter with fantasizing a scenario of her with each one. Rob finally decided that he'd better get them out of there before his wife tried to attack him again. They went upstairs to the computer room.

They sat down in front of the computer and Rob put his arm around his wife. He said, "Look, Hon, I really wish I could have continuous orgasms like you - and your daughter - can, but once I cum I'm pretty much through for a while. You know that. I know that you're still very turned on, like you have been continuously since before the weekend, but Honey I can't fuck you any more for a while tonight- no matter how much you get me turned on."

"Oh, I know that, dear. I'm sorry. I've been constantly wet being a sex slut. I should have toned things down a bit. I'll try to keep from attacking you until you get recharged up. Do you want to watch some of my special favorite videos- you know, so you can get some ideas for the playroom?" Lynn teased her husband.

"Well, we could, but that would just get you turned on more and you'd probably attack me again. If we're going to have a new dog, I think we should think about what it's going to take to house the mutt and things like that. I mean, he's not going to be as low maintenance as the snake is. I think I can build a pretty good dog house out in the back. We should probably find a few plans for that. Although I did see a good sized plastic dome one at the store that wouldn't be too bad for a temporary. We could get it to start out and then I could take the time to build a better, more permanent one. Although I have a feeling that he might not be spending a lot of time outside once you get him to start 'servicing' you. And Sissy." He grinned at his wife.

She said, "No, Rob, I really don't want an inside dog. I suspect that once I get him trained to fuck us, we'll bring him in when we want that, but otherwise I would like him to be kept outside mostly. At least that's how I feel now. But I also like the idea of him being here for our security. So we should probably plan on taking him to a canine training place that does security or guard dog training. And that will also really give me a feeling of safety when I'm here alone or the kids are."

"That sounds good to me" Rob said. "Right now, I do want to get online and order some special supplies that we sorta talked about the other night."

"Oh, what kind of supplies?" Lynn asked.

"Here, I'll show you." With that Rob did a search for urinary sounds and got a bunch of hits. He scanned down the list and then clicked on one, a medical supply site. He searched there for catheters and sounds, then ordered a box of urinary straight caths and a set of Hegar double ended dilators. The former were long thin tubes that were inserted in the pee hole and down into the bladder. The latter were smooth stainless steel rods that could be used to dilate or stretch the pee hole itself. Or a female cervix.

Lynn watched what he was ordering and gave a shiver of delight. She squeezed his arm and said, "I certainly like the way you think, master. I look forward to having you use those on me. Do you think that you could actually insert one of those all the way up into my cervix? That's really hot. I'd like to try that."

Rob nodded, smiling and then did a search for speculums and spreaders. Going through the list, she gasped when he ordered a box of the largest size disposable plastic vaginal speculums. Rob looked at her and said, "If you're going to take snakes and lord knows what else up that cunt of yours, we might as well order the largest ones. Right?" Lynn just nodded mutely, but the images flashing through her mind were interesting - and exciting.

Rob seemed to know what he was looking for and ordered a few more instruments called retractors or spreaders. Then he glanced at Lynn and ordered a box of seven inch spinal needles. From the picture they were LARGE ones. Seven inches long and about as thick as a pencil lead. Lynn shivered in pleasure visualizing those steel monsters slicing through her breast meat, impaling them. She closed her eyes and lost track of what he was getting.

As he continued to add items to the shopping cart, her husband looked at her and said, "Tell me about Sissy and her teacher. Just what have you two planned to seduce this poor guy and get him to fuck both of you?"

Lynn replied, "We actually haven't planned anything. She just asked me this morning if it was alright for her to seduce him and, figuring it wouldn't matter if I said no, I told her to be very careful. Well, she flashed her bare cunt at him in class and then met him after school and sucked him off. When she got home she told me all about it and she was fantasizing about having me get together with them when she went to his house. That's as far as we got. All fantasy, no plans."

Rob smiled, "And you are ready to go along with your twelve year old daughter and team up to have her teacher fuck both of you, huh?"

"Well, it sounds a lot more erotic when Sissy and I talk about it than when you say it like that, but basically, yeah, that's it. Do you not want her to fuck her teacher? Or is it that you don't want me to fuck her teacher?"

Rob smiled and caressed his wife's neck. "Hon, I would love for you to get fucked by her teacher. And I don't have any problem with Sissy getting fucked by him. In fact, I'd love to be there and watch, maybe help. But I'm just worried that things could get out of control and our little perverted family secrets could be exposed. That's all."

"He IS a teacher, Rob. He has a LOT to lose if he exposes us. Especially after fucking a twelve year old student. So I don't think he would be one to expose us. Besides, we're not going to be telling him our family history, we're only going to fuck him." She paused, then said, "My God, listen to me. A week ago, would we have been talking about me and my young daughter planning on how to seduce her teacher into fucking the both of us? I've become so perverted. I hope you'll be there to keep me from doing too much or the wrong thing. Sometimes when I'm super horny, I just want to do so many kinky, twisted things. And I'm starting to be super horny all the time now from doing all those kinky things. And gawd, the conversation tonight with Ben about the dogs and his family."

"Honey, I love you and I love what you're doing. I'll be right here by your side all the way. And finding out that Ben's family does some of the same things that we do is good news. Now we at least know we're not alone. I'm sort of excited about what you'll find out from his daughter when you talk to her. Apparently, from what you say, she has a lot of experience with animals and won't hesitate to share it with you. That can't be anything but good for us! Plus, you and Sissy will now have someone to share that stuff with. For some reason, I really trust Ben. I don't know why."

"Well, he IS the one that opened up to us rather than vice versa. So that's a good sign. Plus we've known him since before we got Albert from him. That's not been a long time, but you're right. I feel like we can trust him too."

The two sat and talked until Kari came into the room and said, "'Nite, nite" and held out her arms for a hug and kiss goodnight. Sissy was standing at the door and said, "You guys sure spent a lot of time in here tonight. We thought we'd let you be alone together, but it's time for Squirt to get to bed. I'll put her to bed, but she wanted to say goodnight to you."

The two kissed and hugged the little toddler. Lynn said, "Thanks dear, we did need some time alone together. After all, we had to discuss plans for getting you and me fucked by your handsome teacher." She smiled at her older daughter.

"Oh my god, Mom, are you serious? We're gonna actually do it? I mean, it was my just a fantasy about you and me together that I told you about today, but it would be so super if we could really both be fucked by him at the same time. You mean it's OK if we really do it?"

Lynn smiled and said, "We have to be very careful, but..." she looked at Rob and smiled, then continued, "your father said that we could try to do it if we're very careful not to let him or anyone know about our other stuff we do."

Sissy ran across the room and hugged both of her parents. "I love you guys, soooo much! You just stay here and talk. I'll put Squirt to bed. Don't worry about doing that."

"Thank you dear. We love you too, very much," Rob told her tenderly.

Sissy took her little sister's hand and led her out of the room. Lynn looked at Rob with tears in her eyes and gave him a passionate kiss. "I'm so happy I have such a perverted family and such a wonderful, kinky minded husband who'll indulge my twisted sex fantasies."

Rob hugged her and said, "Well after all, I get two, no three, sexy slave sluts out of the deal. So there's no down side for me."

Lynn smiled back at him and said, "I know you really want to screw your youngest daughter as soon as you can. The way she let Bobby fuck her last night, I have a feeling she'll be ready sooner rather than later. I'm just worried about it though."

Rob said, "Yeah, three years old is probably still too young and too little to take an adult male. Though I really do love the little sex pot and I don't want to hurt her doing anything to her. But it does turn me on thinking about it. And I keep remembering Sissy saying that she wished we'd started with her when she was much younger. She was five or six when we started breaking her in and teaching her to take me. Do you think that two or three is too young for penetration?"

Lynn thought for a moment then said, "I don't know, dear. Sissy would be a better authority on that than either of us, I guess. But the way Kari is taking to all the stuff we've been doing, I seriously wonder whether she wouldn't like having you screw her. I know Sissy has never given us any indication that she doesn't like anything we've ever done with her. Quite the contrary. She's turning into quite the willing sex slut. So doing more with Kari than just letting her suck you off shouldn't cause any problem. You know, I've had fantasies about having her sitting on your lap with your hard cock all the way up her little asshole and you bouncing her up and down until you come inside of her ass. I love watching you fuck Sissy. So if you want to start trying to break Kari in, I say let's do it. Do you want me to see if I can start getting one of my small vibrators into her ass and see how she likes it? I can do that during the day when we're here watching TV or a DVD."

"Honey, if you want to try that, I'd love it. I really do want to fuck her as soon as I can. I've fantasized about having a two or three year old on my cock, but I'm scared of hurting her. If she likes it, I'd not only get a two or three year old to fuck, but it'd be my own daughter, which makes it ever hotter. I'm just a slut like you in that way."

Lynn kissed her husband and said, "OK, I'll start working on her. I'll love watching you fuck her. Oh, I'm getting to be so twisted!"

Rob reached out and took her nipples in his fingers and started squeezing and twisting the hard little nubs. Lynn groaned and said, "Oh, master, you know I love it when you do that."

Rob twisted harder and said, "Well, between you and your daughters tonight, I'm still a bit worn out. But what say we go to bed early. Maybe you could get your new snake and put on a show for me. You can see if Ben's daughter trained it well."

"You know honey, as much as that sounds good and as much as I want to do that, why don't we just go to bed and cuddle? I don't want to wear you out and I don't want to overdo things myself. I have a feeling that the next couple of days are going to be one long orgasm for me. I think I'll try Monte out tomorrow when Kari and I are here alone, and I have a lot of time to play. There's some fantasies I've had since we got him and I want to try out a few of them."

Rob grinned. "Hmmmm, sounds interesting. And you'll tell me about it in detail afterwards, right?"

"Yes dear, of course. That is, if I don't demonstrate them for the whole family first," Lynn said, chuckling.

They said goodnight to the kids and went to bed. And just cuddled, then fell asleep, not realizing how exhausted their bodies actually were.

[Continued in Ch. 5]