The Perverts Club - Zoo Mom - Chapter 5

by Ole Crannon

Warning: This story contains descriptions of incest, underage sex, bestiality, oral, anal, very young pedo, cum drinking, ass-to-mouth, ws, and many other extreme and perverted themes. If any of these will offend or upset you, please do not read this story.

[If you don't know about The Perverts Club or haven't read the background of the group, it would be good to first read The Perverts Club-Introduction for that information, in addition to the previous chapters.]


Breakfast the next morning was rather uneventful, at least compared to the previous couple of days. Rob kissed Lynn and said he was going to make a couple of stops to pick up some things at lunch or after work, so he may be a little later than usual. He tweaked one of Lynn's nipples quite hard when she asked him what he was going to get, then just smiled as he left.

Sissy was quite excited about the possibility of getting her teacher to fuck her after school and she and her mother discussed it before she left. Bobby was his usual self, but he did tell his mother before he left that she could use Albert or any of the mice if she wanted to while he was at school. Lynn kissed him and thanked him as he went out the door to catch the bus.

Lynn decided that she should forego some of the erotic things and get some grocery shopping done and a few other errands. She purposely stayed away from the computer because she knew that if she sat down and started either surfing for kinky porn or watching the videos that she had already downloaded, she would get all hot and bothered and not get anything accomplished for the rest of the day.

She also still felt a twinge of guilt that was still unresolved about involving her children in her perverted sex activities, despite the reassurances that Rob had given her. She was coming to accept her kinky desires to be a sex and pain slut, but she knew it was going to take a bit more time before she felt comfortable with it. So she decided that she would leave her new reptile sex toy in his cage and not experiment with him today. She also wanted to be available just in case Sissy experienced any problem with her teacher and having him fuck her, although she couldn't quite keep the fantasy of being with her daughter and having the teacher fuck both of them together interrupt her thought processes. She tried to put that out of her mind, but was not entirely successful.

After everyone had left, she dressed Kari and herself then headed out to get the shopping and errands done. The exotic pet shop was on her way to the grocery store and she felt a strong desire to pull in there and see about talking to Ben and find out when his daughter would be there so she could talk to her. But again she resisted the impulse, telling herself that she would have plenty of opportunity tomorrow when she and Sissy went to check out the new dog.

She had some very mixed emotions about the conversation with Ben. They had been so paranoid for so long about their family sex activities and she still was worried about anyone finding out about them. But on the other hand, she was very excited to be able to possibly have someone to confide in and share experiences, at least as far as the bestiality went. It had crossed her mind that if Ben's wife and daughter shared a Great Dane, then possibly they did other things with each other just like her family did. If so, that could be an opening to sharing and discussing those taboo activities with others that did the same thing. It would be so nice to have others to at least talk to about them without fear of the others being repulsed or, even worse, reporting them to the police.

Lynn took her time and she and Kari had a nice, leisurely day of shopping and other activities. They stopped at Mickey D's for lunch, and Lynn realized that this was the place that her daughter was to meet her teacher after school so he could take her to his place and fuck her. She didn't want to dwell on that, as it would just make her extremely horny thinking about the two of them taking on Mr. Sullivan, so she tried to put it out of her mind and just continue on with what she had planned.

The two got home later in the afternoon, but before Bobby got home from school. After putting the groceries away and planning on what to make for dinner, she took Kari into the living room and put on the toddler's favorite cartoon DVD for her. They sat and watched that until Bobby got home.

As soon as her son came in the front door, he started stripping his clothes off, which was what he normally did. It was rare that any of them wore clothes inside unless they expected visitors. So when Bobby saw Lynn and Kari sitting on the couch fully dressed, he stopped in his tracks.

"Mom, what's going on? Why do you two have clothes on?" he asked.

"It's OK. We just got back from shopping. We were just watching Kari's DVD. How did school go today?"

"OK. I told some of my friends that we got a new snake and they want to see it. I said we might be getting a dog too, pretty soon. A lot of them have a dog, so they were like, asking me what kind we're getting and that kinda stuff. I just told 'em that it was going to be your or Sissy's dog and I would just have Albert. Nobody else has a pet anything like a snake and they all think it's really neat that I have Albert. Did you do anything with, uh, Monte today?"

"No, we've been gone most of the day. Now that you mention it, I haven't even checked on him today. Could you do that for me?"

Bobby brightened up at her request and headed up to do that. Kari tugged at Lynn's blouse and said, "Snakey fo' me?" and pointed to her crotch. Exasperated at the little one's question, Lynn said, "No, you're too little for "snakey", honey. Maybe when you get bigger, we'll see. 'Kay, honey?" Placated with that, the toddler nodded and turned her attention back to the TV screen, mumbling and muttering in her two year old way, sometimes pointing out things on the screen.

Bobby bounced back down the stairs. "Mom! Mom! One of the mice had babies. There's about ten new ones! Come and see!"

As she and Kari followed Bobby, Lynn thought to herself, "Apparently we haven't been paying a lot of attention to the mice in the last couple of weeks. Well, we won't have to worry now as there'll be plenty of food for the two snakes for a while with a litter that big. I guess it would probably be a good idea to pick up some growth formula pellets to feed them when we're at the pet store tomorrow. And we may need to add some space to their cage if there's going to be that many." The mice were kept in a small hamster type cage with tubes and an exercise wheel. It would be easy to add an addition on just by fitting it to one of the extension tubes.

She said to Bobby as they looked at the new litter, "The female and her babies should be separated from the others and put in their own cage, but not for a few days. We don't want to stress or scare her right away. We can get a small cage addition and an extension tube tomorrow when we go to the pet store. For now, don't bother them at all so you don't stress the mommy mouse out."

Kari was giggling and pointing at the bare pink little mice and excitedly saying, "Mouseys, Mouseys!" Lynn laughed and said, "Yes, honey, new mouseys. But we have to leave them alone for now. Let's go." To Bobby she said, "It takes about three weeks before the babies can be separated from their mother, or weaned. Right now, she needs to be left alone so she doesn't get scared and hurt the babies by mistake. In a few days you can take the babies out and handle them, but right now they need to be left alone. OK? Maybe you can just put a towel over the cage for the time being so they won't be bothered by you or us."

Bobby nodded and Lynn got a towel out of the linen closet and gave it to him. Then she undressed Kari, took her own clothes off and she led Kari into the room where her new python was, to see how it was doing. The snake noticed their movement when they entered and approached the glass front of his enclosure. It raised its head and moved toward the front where they were. Lynn thought that it seemed pretty acclimated to its new home, so she decided to take the snake out. She unsnapped and opened the top and the snake raised up the glass toward the opening. Lynn reached in and stroked its body and as it raised up high enough to get its head over the top, she picked it up and took it out. It wrapped itself lightly around her arm. She stroked the reptile, feeling its sinewy muscles ripple as it moved up her arm. It felt just like Albert only a little heavier and stronger. She put it around her shoulders and knelt down so it was closer to Kari's level. The toddler started to reach out to pet it on the head but Lynn grabbed her hand and stopped her. She said, "No, honey, be careful. You don't want to scare him by moving your hand too fast." She took her young daughter's hand and showed her how to slowly stroke the body of the snake, away from its head. "You can pet him down here, OK?"

The little girl softly stroked the reptile, which just remained in place, showing no signs of stress or wanting to strike out or get away. Lynn really liked the feeling of the snake wrapped around her, like Bobby did with Albert. It was longer and bigger around than Albert was and fit her better than the smaller one. She started thinking about what it was going to feel like stuffing this one all the way into her cunt. Then remembering her conversation with Ben, she was reminded that her cunt might not be the first one that this snake would experience. She got a thrill realizing that she might soon be able to share her snake stuffing perversion with someone who did it also. And maybe get some dog fucking tips from her.

Realizing that she really didn't want to try inserting the snake inside of her with her toddler daughter watching, and Bobby being home also, Lynn decided just to 'wear' the snake around the house a bit today to get it accustomed to her and the surroundings. So she took her little daughter's hand and said, "C'mon honey, let's go down and see if we can find another one of your cartoon DVD's and put it on for you. Then I'll go see what we're going to have for dinner."

The toddler let her mommy lead her down to the living room where she plunked herself down on the couch and Lynn found one of her toddler's favorite DVD's and started it playing. As she went into the kitchen, the nagging thought in the back of her mind was about her older daughter. Sissy was to go to her teacher's after school and get fucked by him. Lynn was worried about that, but turned on at the idea also. She didn't know when to expect the young girl but she figured that Sissy would call if there was any problem or trouble. So she busied herself in getting things out and preparing dinner. She checked in on little Kari from time to time, but the little one was just fine, absorbed in the cartoon that she had watched many times but still enjoyed.

It was about quarter to five when Lynn put Monte back up in his cage and then went back down to the kitchen. Shortly, Sissy burst into the kitchen, out of breath and very visibly excited. She exclaimed, "Mom, you won't believe what he had me do!"

Lynn's heart dropped and her stomach churned, sudden worry that her daughter had been forced into doing something she didn't want to. Sissy saw the look of consternation on her mother's face and immediately said, "No, no, nothing bad! Mom, it was so neat. He's a real pervert! He not only likes fucking young girls, but he likes having them do kinky things like we do."

That didn't really make Lynn feel any better. "Oh my God, honey, what did he make you do?" Lynn asked with concern.

"Oh, it was so neat. I sat in class again without any panties and kept flashing him. He was hard all during class, I could tell. At the end of class he asked me to stay after for a minute and when everyone was out of the room, he asked me if I was ready for what we had planned. I told him that I certainly was. He said he had something he wanted me to do to get ready and he reached into his desk drawer and took out three golf balls. He handed them to me and said he wanted me to put them up inside of me and keep them there until we met at Mickey D's after school. I took them from him and looked right at him, asking him if he had a preference of which hole he wanted them in. He looked very surprised. That sorta caught him off guard and he didn't have a quick answer, so I said I'd figure something out. I leaned over and gave him a quick kiss, left the room and I went immediately to the girl's bathroom. I was sooooo hot thinking about where to put the golf balls and what we'd be doing after school. So I decided to put two of them in my cunt and one up in my ass. They felt so delicious. You know how much I just love putting things up in my holes. I'll bet he thought he'd asked me to do something new. Hehehe, little does he know.

"Anyway, I was dripping wet through my next classes and as soon as the bell rang for last class, I ran to my locker, got my stuff and headed to Mickey D's. I could feel the golf balls in me, in both my holes. I hoped he liked where I chose to put them. A couple of boys from class saw me and came over to talk. One of them sat next to me and wanted to put his hand on my leg, but I brushed him off. Those guys are so clueless. As if I'd let one of them feel me up or fuck me. No way!

"Anyway, I saw Mr. Sullivan drive up and I told the boys I had a tutoring lesson to go to and went out. I motioned for him to drive down the street aways so no one there would see us together. He really thought that was smart of me. When I got in the car, he asked me if I still had the golf balls. I nodded and asked him if he wanted them back now or did he want to try to feel them when he fucked me. He looked surprised again and said that he'd be happy to try to find them by feel when we got to his place. I said I liked that idea.

"He asked me a bunch of questions on our way to his place, but most of them I just played dumb or gave him simple answers. He kept asking me if I really thought I was ready to be 'entered' by an adult man. He didn't say 'fucked' but used terms like 'entered'. It was sorta funny. I told him I was really ready and I really wanted to feel him inside of me, especially with his golf balls inside of me already. That really turned him on even more.

"We got to his house and he had me stay in the car. He went inside and I was supposed to walk inside the back gate, take off all my clothes and then walk to the back door nude. I think it was a little test of me. From the car, I could see that the back yard was fenced and looked pretty secluded, so I wasn't really worried. But Mom! He wanted me to walk around his yard naked. I loved it! By the time I got inside the gate I was literally dripping. I mean, when I took off my clothes, I had my juices already running down my legs. The golf balls had really been stimulating me all afternoon and now I was naked outside in public! Oh, gawd, it was so sexy! So I figured I'd try to see if I could mess with his mind a little bit, too.

"I walked to his back door, taking my own sweet time, enjoying the fresh air on my hot cunt and body. I got to his back door... it was a glass sliding door actually, and I just stood there, letting him look at me through the glass. He finally opened the door and I spread my legs and asked him if he wanted to get one of his golf balls back. He smiled and said he could do that, so I turned around, still standing outside on his back patio, and bent over, spreading my ass cheeks for him to get a good look. I told him he could try to retrieve his golf ball right there. He rubbed my ass cheeks a little then started to work his finger into my tight asshole. He got it in all the way and could feel the ball but there wasn't any way he could pull it out.

"I told him that felt good and if he wanted to he could replace his finger with his hard cock and see if he could feel the golf ball with that. He pulled his finger out and started to rub his cock around my asshole. I said maybe he could go get some lube so it would go in easier. He said, "Ok, c'mon in." I said, "No, I'll stay just like this until you get back." I think he was really surprised. He ran to the kitchen and got some vegetable oil, smeared it on his cock and ran back to where I was. I hadn't moved. I was still bent over with my ass and cunt completely exposed to him. He rubbed his cock head around my little ass and then slowly pushed his cock into my asshole. He was very gentle and took his time putting his cock in. It felt soooooo goooood. He kept asking me if it hurt or not. He was really nice about it.

"Finally, he was all the way inside me and I could feel his cock hitting the golf ball deep in my ass. It must have turned him on something fierce too because he started stroking into me hard, just like I like it, and it wasn't very long before he shot his wad up into my ass. I could feel the contractions of his cock with my asshole as he spurted into me. It felt sooooo good. I mean, we were still standing on his patio outside in his back yard, him fucking me out in the open air. He was really turned on."

"Oh, honey! That was so dangerous. Somebody could have been watching you. You could really get in trouble."

"No, Mom, I looked at the yard really good when I went in the gate and there weren't any houses that could see into it. His fence is at least six feet high, too. So it was OK. But I think it really messed with his head with me doing it outside instead of coming inside with him. I think I sorta had the upper hand. He really didn't know what to do with me."

Flushed, Lynn said, "Oh, dear, that's so hot. I'm sorry I doubted you. What did you two do next?"

"Well, I still had that damn golf ball up inside my ass, plus a good load of his cum. When he pulled out of me, I turned around and gave him a big kiss and then walked into his house. I went over and sat down on his couch. There wasn't anything he could do but follow me inside. He asked me if I wanted to clean up and I said, 'No, I'm fine just like this. So do you fuck all the young girls you bring here?' He was at a loss for words for a minute, then said that he did sometimes."

I asked him how many girls from school he had fucked there. He paused and didn't really want to answer that. We talked about sex a little and he said that I acted like I knew a lot about it. I said it was only because I wanted to please him and make him feel good. Then I asked him when he was going to be ready to fuck the other two golf balls out of me. He said that it was going to take him some time to recover from that first one, since it was so good and he had cum so hard. Then he asked me if I'd ever been fucked in the ass as I certainly took it easily. I said that I had been fantasizing about him doing it there and had used carrots and cucumbers to practice for him. He bought that hook, line and sinker. Men!"

Lynn laughed. "It's amazing what a little ego stroking will do for men. They'll believe anything if you let them think they're big, hot studs."

Sissy laughed and said, "Yeah, but Mom, he is. He's really quite good. I came hard while he was fucking my ass and I could have cum again if it wasn't over so quick. I'm gonna try the golf ball trick on dad and see how he likes it."

"Well, I thought you did that with the hard boiled eggs with him, already."

"Yeah, you're right. I did. It did get him off quick too, didn't it?" Sissy laughed.

Lynn said, "Yes, I've found that it does that for them. For your dad anyway. I don't know about a lot of others, 'cuz I haven't had a lot of others."

Sissy said, "Well, if we can figure out how to set it up, maybe you can try it with Mr. Sullivan. He's really a good fuck."

"Oh, honey, I'm getting wet. What did you two do then?" Lynn asked.

"Well, we talked for a while and it was obvious that he wasn't going to be able to fuck me again before I had to get home, so I told him that I wanted to get together again soon and do what I could to make him feel really good. He said that I'd made him feel pretty good already. I had him go get my clothes for me and I got dressed, then had him bring me home. In fact, I had him pull into the driveway, hoping you might see us and come out. I want to get the three of us together as soon as we can."

"Honey, I don't know about that. That would mean that he would know what kinds of things we do here and we really don't want that to get out."

"No, Mom, I think we can have him 'seduce' you, then work into doing him together. Once he does that, he won't want anyone to know what's going on. He's a teacher remember. He won't want anyone knowing anything any more than we do."

Lynn said, "I don't know, honey. It's taking a real chance. But the idea of doing him does turn me on."

"Great! It was so neat feeling him inside of me. And when he squirted his cum up in me, if felt so good."

"Did you have him get the golf balls out of you before you left?"

"Heck, no. I've still got all three of them inside of me, plus his load of cum. I kept my ass clenched tight as much as I could so I'd have as much left in me for you as possible. How do you want it, huh?"

Lynn looked a little surprised, but the conversation had gotten her very turned on.

Sissy said, "Aw c'mon, Mom, you're gonna have to help me get the golf balls out anyway. And I did everything I could so I could share his cum with you. Besides, isn't it so pervy, sucking her teacher's cum out of your daughter's ass? Here, let me show you where he put it." With that she turned around and bent over, pulling up her skirt. Her little asshole was red and leaking cum.

Lynn leaned close and looked at her daughter's ravaged butthole. She was so turned on, and the wickedness of the whole thing was so exciting. She took a tentative lick at the cum that drooled from her daughter's rosebud, then started tonguing her hole in earnest. She wrapped her arms around Sissy's hips and pulled her tightly into her. The combination of her daughter's ass juices and the illicit teacher's cum was so thrilling to her, she was getting close to cumming herself. She continued to lick and tongue Sissy's ass and Sissy wiggled her hips and did her best to try to push all of the cum out that she could for her mother to enjoy.

Lynn was so hot. She started to work a finger into her daughter's ass, wanting to see if she could feel the golf ball inside her. Since Sissy had been pushing the cum out for her, the golf ball was just inside her little asshole. Lynn got up and got a glass and had Sissy squat, holding the glass under her. With a little effort, the golf ball popped out into the it, covered with brown slime. A bit more cum drained out after the ball wasn't blocking the hole any more.

Sissy turned around and looked at the glass with the golf ball and brown cum in it. She gave her mother a big, juicy kiss then took the glass from her. While Lynn watched, her perverted daughter tipped the glass up to her lips and let the cum and juices drain down and into her mouth. Then she took the golf ball out and licked it off, offering some to her mother before she got it all licked off.

"Doesn't it make you feel so wicked, Mom, sucking cum out of your daughter's ass? Licking the golf ball that has been in her ass, even when her teacher was fucking her?"

Lynn was fingering her clit and Sissy's words pushed her over the top. She moaned with pleasure as she started to climax. Sissy watching her, rubbed her own clit and started to climax also. The two were squatting there on the kitchen floor, rubbing themselves to orgasm when Rob walked in the door. He stopped and just stood, looking at two of the beloved women in his life enjoying orgasms together. He just wondered what the golf ball was for.

Sissy recovered first and stood up, throwing her arms around her father. "Daddy, quick, get your cock out and fuck me, and I'll tell you what happened with Mr. Sullivan today."

Rob wasn't hard when he came in, but his daughter's words started him on the way. She dropped down and started to remove his pants. Once his pants were down around his ankles, his shorts followed. She took his cock in her mouth and after a very short while, her father was hard as a rock. She stood up and leaned back against the kitchen table, her butt on the edge and said, "Daddy, fuck my little cunt, please."

Rob rubbed the head of his cock on her moist slit then plunged it up into her hot cunt. Not very far in, his cock hit the first golf ball, then the second. The two were pushed aside as his cock went deep into Sissy's cunt. He was surprised, just like when he hit the hard boiled eggs in her before. He smiled. What a little slut he had here.

"Tell me, what exactly do you have up inside of you now?" he asked her.

Sissy started describing her adventures with her teacher, although it was made difficult because of her ragged breathing and the hard strokes of her father's cock up into her pussy. As she related the story, he started plunging into her with more force and quicker strokes. It wasn't long before he unloaded his balls and shot his hot semen into his daughter's tight, hot, golf ball filled cunt.

Lynn had sat down on a chair and was just watching the other two go at it. She was slowly frigging her clit, enjoying the afterglow of her self induced orgasm and keeping the sensation going.

Little Kari had heard them and came into the kitchen to stand by her mother. "Daddy-cum?" she asked. Lynn put her arm around the toddler and said, "Yes, dear, daddy-cum. As soon as daddy puts it into your sister, you can lick off what's left."

Sissy heard this and her cunt spasmed as she again reached orgasm. Once her dad started to go soft, he pulled out of her cunt. Little Kari looked at her mother and Lynn said, "Go ahead dear." The little girl went over and took her dad's slimy cock in her mouth and started sucking all the daddy-cum off of it. Sissy just stayed leaning against the table and when Kari had gotten about all there was on her dad's cock, she said to the little girl, "OK, short stuff, I've got a lot more for you in me. Go ahead and lick it all out. Mom, you can help her if you want some."

Lynn was pleasantly drained and said, "No, dear, she can have it all. I'll just sit here and watch my twisted family."

While Kari licked her sister's drooling cunt, Rob walked over to his wife and gave her a kiss, saying with a big grin, "So how was your day, dear?" Lynn just looked at him and smiled.

After Kari licked Sissy to another orgasm, Sissy grabbed the cup that had the other golf ball in it, spread her legs out and with some effort, fished and pulled the two golf balls out of her cunt and into the cup. She sat it aside, thinking of what she might do with those three golf balls to impress her teacher next.

With most everyone at least somewhat sexually sated, they called Bobby down and the family sat down for dinner. Sissy related more details of her tryst with her teacher to her dad and that she wanted to get her mother together with him. Rob, rather than objecting, offered some encouragement and a few ideas on how to make that happen. Both Lynn and Sissy were overjoyed at his attitude- and suggestions.

After dinner, Rob went downstairs to get started on some of his and Lynn's ideas for renovating the unused basement. Both Lynn and Sissy were still excited, but somewhat worn out. Sissy went to her room to work on her schoolwork, as did Bobby. Lynn played with Kari for a while, then they went down to see what Rob was doing.

Her husband had started installing numerous eye-bolts and hooks on both the ceiling and walls and as he explained it to Lynn, she got a bit wet thinking about the kinky things that he would be doing to her using them. After discussing a little bit of what other materials he needed to get, they went upstairs, put Kari to bed and followed suit themselves.

They laid in bed, watching TV, caressing each other and talking about various things, such as Lynn getting together with Sissy's teacher and how much Lynn was looking forward to talking to Ben's daughter at the pet store about her adventures with both Monte, the python, and the Great Dane her family had. They both had concerns on how much Lynn and Sissy could reveal to the girl, but they both agreed that Ben had already revealed a lot to them about their family's kinks, so they would just have to play it by ear and see what happened. Lynn was really excited about being able to talk to someone about her snake perversions and also how to use the dog, should they decide to take him.

When the conversation turned to Rob's day, he told her about some conversations that his boss, John, had had with him over the last week or so. Rob had been with the company almost since its beginning and was a division or section manager. He didn't want to tell Lynn too much, but he did say that there might be some big, and nice, changes for them soon. Lynn tried to coax more out of him, but he said he wanted it to be a surprise when, and if, it happened. When she finally realized that she wasn't going to get any more out of him, they finally turned the TV and lights out and went to sleep.

[Continued in Ch. 6]