The Perverts Club - Zoo Mom - Chapter 3

by Ole Crannon

Warning: This story contains descriptions of incest, underage sex, bestiality, oral, anal, very young pedo, cum drinking, ass-to-mouth, ws, and many other extreme and perverted themes. If any of these will offend or upset you, please do not read this story.

The next morning, Sissy woke up already wet in anticipation of what the today would hold. She wanted to feel the snake inside her again, and if she could, put a mouse up inside of her. Plus she really wanted to see her mom's tits used as pincushions. She loved her mother's large boobs and loved to pinch the nipples hard. And her mother really liked that too. So her reaction to needles and things might be fun to watch.

Bobby apparently wasn't up yet, and she gave some thought to going into his room and talking him into fucking her, but decided to hold off and see what her mom and dad were going to do. Maybe she could put a handful of worms in her cunt again, then go have Bobby fuck her without telling him. That would be fun. Hehe.

She heard her parents up so she decided to go find out what they had planned for the day, like going to the exotic animals store. She was really excited about picking out a new snake for her mom- and hoped that she could share it too.

She went to the kitchen to see if there might be something to stuff up her pussy while they had breakfast. She looked in the fridge and spied a bowl of hard boiled eggs her mother had made to make potato salad. They were just too tempting so she took two out and ran some warm water over them to take the chill off, then pushed them up into her cunt. They made her feel so nice and full. Well, not real full as she'd take a lot larger things in her. Just then her parents walked into the kitchen.

"Good morning dear" her mother said. "Hi, kiddo" said her dad. Sissy gave her mom a peck on the cheek and pinched one of her nipples hard. Lynn let out a little gasp of pain. Then Sissy dropped to her knees in front of her dad and took his cock into her mouth. She sucked and stroked his cock until it was hard. Then she stood up, turned around and said, "Daddy, put your cock in my pussy. I've got a surprise for you."

Rob looked at Lynn and shrugged and inserted his cock in his young daughter's cunt. All he got in was an inch or so when he hit the first egg. "What the f..."

"Neat, huh? I put a couple of hard boiled eggs in me. Can you fuck me with them inside me? It makes me feel so nice and full. It won't hurt you will it?"

"No, honey, it was just a surprise, that's all. Here, let me see how far I can get into you." With that, her father wiggled his cock a bit and worked it around the first egg up into his daughter's tight little cunt. He started gently stroking into her cunt and shortly pushed the second egg far enough to the side that he could get his whole cock inside her. Sissy's legs started shaking and she moaned. Lynn knelt down and started rubbing her daughter's clit, which quickly brought the young girl to orgasm. Rob stroked his cock in her cunt a little more and then slowly pulled out of her. He sat her down on a chair and Lynn immediately took his cock in her mouth and started sucking him. Between his daughter's tight egg filled cunt and now his wife's ministrations, Rob shot his morning wad into his wife's mouth. She took it all but didn't swallow. When he was done spurting, she went to Sissy and gave her a deep, daddy-cum filled kiss, swapping the cum back and forth with her. Rob thought it was really hot, but all he could do was just watch.

After the two females parted, a string of Rob's cum connected their lips until it thinned and broke. Rob sighed and said, "Well that's sure a pleasant way to start the day off right. Thank you, both of you." The two flashed him big smiles.

Lynn said, "Well, let's get some breakfast ready and then we can see about going to the pet store first. How's that sound?"

Both Rob and Sissy nodded their assent. Lynn then said, "And when we get back we can see about trying out of few of those implements that you picked up yesterday. My cunt starts dripping every time I think about them and what you're going to do to me." With that, she started fixing breakfast.

Rob asked his daughter, "Do you want me to help you get those eggs out of you, Sissy?"

"Ummmm, I think I'm just going to leave them in for a while. It feels so nice being filled up. I promise I'll put them back before mom makes the potato salad." Both of them laughed at that.

Rob said to his daughter, "Honey, will you go bring Kari down? I'm afraid that if I went in there, she'd want to suck daddy-cum out of me and I don't have any to give her right now, thanks to you two. And tell Bobby that breakfast will be ready soon."

"Sure, Dad" and went off to get her little sister.

Rob walked up behind his wife who was at the stove and reached around, cupping her large breasts in his hands, then tightly squeezing her nipples and painfully twisting them. Lynn gasped in pleasure at the pain in her large jugs. Rob said, "So you want me to skewer these lovely globes with needles and sharp implements huh? Maybe I should run an ice pick through them. Think you'd go for that?"

His wife shuddered in his arms and said, "Oh, Rob, I don't really know how much I can take, but listening to what you just said made me thrill with excitement. Honey, I fantasize about you doing the nastiest, most torturous things to me and all I get is hot. Yes, I want you to do all of those things, you'll just have to start out easy with me so I can work up to more extreme things, like ice picks."

Rob drew back a bit and said, "God, honey, I was really sort of exaggerating with the ice pick comment. You'd really want that done to you?"

"Rob, in some of the tit torture videos I have, it shows him pounding- actually hammering - eight penny nails into one woman's tightly bound boobs. Then he hammers even larger ones directly through her nipples straight into her breasts. Another one with another pain slut he uses eight penny nails to nail her nipples to a wooden board, then hammers two huge spikes, I don't know what size they are but they're about eight inches long, one through each breast into the board. My God! I don't know if I could handle that, but I get so hot remembering those when I frig myself. And in others, they actually nail their cunt lips to a piece of wood. One woman is opened with a speculum and then needles are pushed into all the tissues around her cunt. Same thing with her anus. You saw the huge hook being pushed through those two women's nipples. And remember, they voluntarily pulled away from each other to stretch their hooked tits and increase the pain. Plus then they stuck needles in each other."

She was rubbing her clit, the food on the stove forgotten. Her legs were shaking and she said, "Oh my God, honey, just thinking about that is gonna get me off."

Her husband held her and said, "And I suppose you'd like to have that done to you on a stage with hundreds of people watching you, all the while it is being videotaped?"

With that, Lynn shook and had an orgasm right in his arms. She was breathing hard. Rob, still holding her close, put his head next to hers and whispered in her ear, "You pain slut! I love you so much. I hope I can do all those extreme things to you that you want. But I have to admit that it gets me hard too thinking about doing them to you. I love you, Slut!"

The two finally had to turn their attention back to the food that was being prepared- or rather ignored. Shortly, Sissy carried her younger sister into the kitchen. She said, "Kari asked me if she could have a mousey in her. I said that maybe we could do the worm thing again for her. She seems to really like the idea of putting live things inside her. Just like me. I'd like to put Bobby's snake up inside my cunt and then go to school with it in me. I'd be having one continuous orgasm all day long! I know, it'd suffocate and I can't do that, but it sure makes me hot thinking about it."

Kari piped up then and said, pointing to her slit, "Worm? Mousey? Daddy-cum?"

Sissy looked at her little sister, then said "I think she wants you to fuck her, Dad, and spurt your come up inside her." Little Kari nodded at this, although she obviously had no real comprehension of actually being fucked by an adult.

Sissy sat Kari down in her highchair next to the table, then said, "Talking about being fucked by big cocks, that horse video was neat. I know we can't have a horse, but what about getting maybe a large dog, like a Great Dane or Lab? We could train him to fuck mom and me, and he'd be good for protection for the house too. Several of my friends have dogs and they really like them. Oh, wait a sec! It just flashed on me why two of them have such a close relationship to their hounds. Maybe they ARE fucking their dogs. Duh! I hadn't actually thought of that, as odd as that may be. Odd that I hadn't thought of it, not odd that they are doing it."

Her parents looked at each other and smiled. Rob said to Sissy, "Why don't you ask a few discreet questions about their dogs? See if you can get any more idea of what they're doing, but without giving anything away or rousing suspicions. We don't have a dog - yet - so if you ask some innocent questions, they won't think you're doing it with your dog- since you don't have one. It would sure be interesting to know who else was into kinky sex things than just us. And maybe that could lead to finding some others that are of the same thoughts as us."

"You know, now that I think about it, those two are the quietest of my friends when it comes to talking about anything having to do with sex. They keep their mouths shut, just like I do. While all the other girls are making comments about having sex or going to have sex with some good looking boy, or coming up with some outlandish statement that I know from experience isn't true, those two don't ever talk about it or say anything. Just like I'm really careful not to say anthing about sex and my experiences, those two don't either. Wow, I never gave it any thought before, but they're really a lot like me in that respect. I wonder if they've got something going on."

Lynn said, "Well, I don't want you to do anything that would violate their privacy, but why don't you tell them that Bobby wants us to get a dog, but that you don't know about it. Tell them you'd be embarrassed if the dog tried humping visitor's legs or something like that. Maybe you could ask them how they keep that from happening. What they say might give you some clues and who knows, they might even open up to you and 'spill the beans' so to speak. If it was just the girl getting off with her dog and not doing anything sexual with the family or if the family didn't know about it, they may be less hesitant to reveal some things to you."

"Well neither of them are really close friends of mine," Sissy said. "Come to think of it, neither of them are really close friends with anyone in particular. They're really nice and outgoing, but they don't seem to have really close girlfriends. Duh! Sorta like me! I don't need any close girlfriends or boyfriends 'cuz I've got you guys. Plus I've just learned to be really paranoid about giving any secrets away."

Lynn said sympathetically, "Oh, honey, I'm sorry that our family secret stuff has kept you from having close friends. I never wanted anything like that to happen. Oh, dear!"

"No, no, Mom! Don't worry. I have zillions of friends. Everybody wants to be my friend. I never lack in that respect. It's just that I don't have any girlfriends that I'd suck their cunt or have them suck mine. Not like I've done yours. Believe me, I'm not hurting in the popularity department. While most of my girlfriends have been boy-crazy for a while, only a few of the boys are starting to get interested in girls. At least, more interested in something other than teasing and showing us worms and bugs and stuff. A couple of the boys have tried to do a little feeling me up, but they are so clumsy and obvious. I just laugh and push them away. Now there is one teacher, Mr. Sullivan, who's a really nice looking young guy and sometimes he looks at me like he'd like to do more than just have me in his classroom, if ya get what I mean. And I wouldn't mind doing him either. He's really handsome. And I think he'd be really discreet too. But I haven't done anything or let on anything."

At that point Bobby had walked into the kitchen and just caught the tail end of Sissy's comment. He piped up, "Yeah, Mr. Sullivan really likes girls. I saw him at the library downtown talking to a ninth grader a while ago and he was holding her hand and she was rubbing his arm. I'll bet she's fucking him! Maybe I'll ask her."

Rob jumped in and said, "No, Bob, don't embarrass the poor girl. And remember, what you say to her could give away what we do and get us in trouble. It's not worth it. But start keeping your eyes open for things like that. It might help us if we knew there were others doing things that weren't approved of. Like a teacher fucking a student. We wouldn't report them or anything, but it would sure be good to know."

"OK, Dad. But she was kinda cute. Anyway, I'll watch for things if I can."

Rob tousled his hair and said, "Good. Thank you, Son."

Bobby said, "Sure, Dad. I won't give us away or anything. Hey, are we going to get a new snake for mom's cunt today? Can we keep him in my room? When are we going to go to the store?"

"We'll all go right after breakfast. I called already and made sure they're open. And your mom will decide where her snake is to be kept. You've been good with Albert, so that has points in your favor."

The family continued their conversation during breakfast and when Bobby found out that Sissy wanted to get a dog, he was enthusiastic. He offered to feed it and said it could sleep in his room with him. Both Lynn and Rob disabused him of that notion rather quickly, stating that the dog, if any, would stay out in the yard, and only be allowed in the house when he was wanted.

Sissy laughed and said, "Yeah, like when mom or me wants to get fucked by him. Then he'll be wanted for sure."

Bobby made a face and said, "You're going to fuck the dog too? I should have known. First Albert, then his mice, now the dog."

His big sister said, "Yeah, but you'll get to watch him fuck us and you'll still be able to fuck us too. So don't worry. It'll be fun!"

"Yeah, Mom, watching you put the snake up inside of you was fun. And the worms were kewl too!" Bobby said. "I still want to see your tits stuck with needles though. That's gonna really be kewl!"

Lynn smiled and said, "Well, if you're good at the pet store, after we get back home maybe your father can see about doing some of that and you all can watch. If everything goes right, maybe you can do some too. OK?"

"Wow! Yeah!" Bobby exclaimed.

So the family finished eating and cleaned up the dishes, then finally got some clothes on and headed to the exotic pet store. Rob made a stop at the drug store first as he wanted to pick up a few items, then they continued on to the pet store. As soon as they got there, Bobby made a bee-line for the reptiles section. It was the same place that they got Albert from and where they had gotten a lot of his feeder mice and supplies.

They were in luck today as one of the employees had taken sick and the owner himself was there to take care of customers. He was very knowledgeable and was the one who originally recommended Albert to them. He knew the family and he smiled as he walked over to them.

"Hi folks. How's the snake doing?"

Rob was holding Kari and said, "Oh, doing fine. Bobby had been very conscientious and takes good care of him. Uh, it is a him, isn't it?"

The owner, Ben, said, "Yeah, I checked him myself before you took him. So, are you looking for mice or supplies for him?"

Lynn smiled and said, "No, we're actually looking to see if you have another one, although maybe a bit bigger. Like in the three foot range. Bobby has done so well with Albert, we're looking to get a companion, although a larger one."

"Maybe a female, so you can breed them? I'd be willing to take any young ones that resulted. Most non-indigenous snakes can't be imported any more so we can only get captive breds. So I'm always looking for breeders."

Rob said, "Well, I don't think we'd given that angle any thought. Albert's a ball python, so we'd have to get a female of the same kind. Actually, we were just looking today to see what was available. We would like to get one that is larger though. That's the only main thing."

Ben replied, "Oh, well I've got a couple of nice three footers. One's a red tailed boa, the other is a female ball, like Albert. Want to take a look?" He led the way over to where Bobby was already moving between the glass cages. He pointed out the four foot long corn snake, then moved over to the cage where a five foot long milk snake was basking. Lynn thought it looked way too much like a poisonous coral snake, and she said so and that she didn't like that, eliminating that one from the choices.

The corn snake wasn't too bad, being long and slim. She could visualize it fitting into her cunt and started getting wet thinking about that. She said to Ben, "I've gotten really used to the look of Albert, so maybe we should stay with that kind." Ben nodded and pointed out a glass cage that had a larger ball python curled up in it. It looked like a bigger version of Albert, but with slightly different markings, coloration and patterns.

Lynn and Sissy looked at each other with barely concealed excitement when they saw the snake. Sissy stood close to her mother and squeezed her hand. Kari pointed at the snake and said, "Snakey?" and she rubbed her crotch then hugged her daddy. Hopefully the store owner hadn't seen where she rubbed her hand.

The ball was about three feet long and not as big around as Lynn's wrist at its widest part. Pythons usually had slim necks and tails, but were wider or thicker in the middle. Corn, King and milk snakes on the other hand were mostly slim all the way along their length.

Albert was only about two feet long now and this one was a good foot or more longer than him. Lynn was visualizing the snake woman videos where she put at least a four foot long python or constrictor all the way inside her cunt. Sissy was holding her hand and squeezing it and almost jumping from foot to foot in excitement. She was thinking the same thing as her mother, only she was wondering if HER cunt was big enough to take the huge snake.

Rob glanced over at his wife and daughter, then called Bobby over. "What do you think, son. Do you think this would be a good one to get- for a companion for Albert?" He put special emphasis on that last part, squeezing his son's shoulder to make sure he understood the subterfuge.

"Sure Dad. We'd have to get a bigger aquarium for this one. Albert is going to outgrow his 20 gallon if he starts getting as big as this one."

Rob asked Ben, "What size would this one have to have? We've had Albert in the 20 that we got from you, and that's been plenty for him. He's grown about six inches since we got him from you."

Ben said, "Well, this one does just fine in that 30 gallon I have it in. If it gets much bigger or if you're going to put the two together to mate them, then I'd say go to a 50, but that should be awhile."

Lynn asked, "What kind of temperament does this one have? Does it handle well or has it tried to strike at all?"

Ben said, "It has a very gentle temperament, even when it's roughly handled. It's captive bred and I spray for parasites and it's been checked for internal ones. It's been healthy and has a good appetite. I've had this one for some time now and my daughter handles it all the time and it loves to be handled. It'll ride around... uhh, with her for hours on end."

"That sounds like Albert. Bobby carries him around constantly." Rob said.

"Yeah, they like the body heat. Any place that they can curl up and be warm, they like." Ben said. He looked at Bobby, "Have you handled Albert today, Bobby?"

"Nope. Not since last night. I was gonna try feeding him today when we got home. Why?"

Ben smiled and said, "Well, we don't really like customers to handle the snakes, especially because of cross contamination- you know, parasites, diseases and such. But since you are already very knowledgeable about snakes and you haven't handled Albert today, I think it would be OK if you held this one. What do you think?"

Bobby got all excited. "Yeah, that'd be neat!" So Ben unsnapped the top and reached into the cage and took out the large reptile. He stretched it out to show it's size and coloration to them, then draped it around Bobby's shoulders. The boy handled the snake with obvious experience and Lynn and Sissy moved over close to him to examine the reptile. After all, this was going to be Lynn's plaything, not Bobby's.

As the two females moved closer to Bobby, the snake stretched out toward them, it's tongue flicking out to "smell" them. When Lynn was close, it stretched out and started to climb onto her. She helped the critter to crawl onto her and soon she had the whole snake wrapped around her neck and shoulders. The snake seemed right at home. Bobby was somewhat disappointed though. Sissy stroked the reptile's head and fondled its long body towards its tail, feeling the smoothness of it's sinewy body.

"Mom, this one's perfect!" Sissy whispered to her mother. Lynn looked at her and nodded then looked at Rob questioningly.

Rob asked Ben, "How much is this one, Ben? I hope it's not a real exotic with an exotic price tag?" He grinned.

"No, this one is a relatively common pied ball. I could let you have it for $200 and I'll include an older 30 gal. aquarium I have as an extra, plus a hide box and belly heater. You've already got Albert, so you should have most of the supplies you'll need. Probably a lamp and maybe a timer would be all you'd need to add. Since Albert is doing well, I don't need to go over all the educational things that I'd normally have to do with a new customer. But I'd recommend not putting the two together for a few months -or handling one then the other without washing in between them, but they really should both be disease and parasite free so I don't think you have anything to worry about. After a month or two, we can talk about breeding them if you want."

Lynn asked, "One thing I had a question about. Are there any diseases that we can get from the snakes? I mean, with them crawling all over us when we handle them, is there any worry?"

Ben said, "Usually mites can be a problem, but since we sell almost exclusively captive bred, we don't have that. And since you're raising your own feeder mice, you don't have to worry about them having parasites. Generally, if the snake is in good health, there won't be a problem with bacteria or fungus. Simply sterilizing the water dish all the time and keeping the cage cleaned and giving it a good once over every three to six months will keep things pretty good. Simple vet antibiotics will take care of most bacterial infections should they occur in the snake. Watch the humidity and keep the cage substrate dry and that'll take care of fungus. But usually, unless you handle different unknown snakes without washing, you shouldn't have any reason to worry. There isn't anything that you would really "catch" from them."

Lynn said, "We use colloidal silver solution for all kinds of things and even put it into Albert's water. He seems completely healthy."

"Yup, silver solution is a great natural antibiotic that the bugs can't get immune to. We use it here and at home by the gallon all the time." the store owner responded.

The snake was very happily wrapped around Lynn. In her mind, she was estimating if she could take the whole thing inside her cunt. "Oh, well" she thought. "If I can't get it all in at first, then I'll just keep trying and stretching until I can. I don't doubt that Sissy will be more than happy to use her fist to try to stretch me so I can take the whole snake. Oh, God, what a pervert I'm turning into."

She turned to Rob and said, "Honey, it seems to be the 'right size' [she put some emphasis on those words] and seems to like me, so what do you think? Shall we buy it? Or should we look around some more?"

Rob looked at Ben and said, "Just like putting a puppy in someone's arms so they want to buy it, huh, Ben?" The store owner just grinned. "Ok, we'll take it. Can we take it with us now or should be come back later?"

Ben said, "There's no reason why you can't take it with you. You can put the 30 gallon and other things into the back of your SUV."

Rob said, "OK, let's do that then. And let's get the timer and lamp for the aquarium too while we're at it." He looked at Bobby and squeezed his shoulder, then said "Or 'vivarium' to actually be correct, huh bub?" Bobby nodded, smiling at being acknowledged as the family's expert herpetologist.

Ben helped them gather up the things they would need and took them to the counter. Kari wanted to go see the puppies, so Rob took her over to them. Since this was an exotic pet store, they didn't have a large selection of dogs and cats. Sissy followed her dad and little sister over to the puppy section. While they looked at the different breeds of puppies, Sissy said to her dad, "You know, Mom wanted to get a dog too. And so do I. What do you think about this little guy?" pointing to a small puppy that was bouncing up and down to get their attention.

Rob looked carefully at the dog and said, "Uh, honey I hate to point it out to you, but that is a little 'girl'. I think you and your mother were thinking along the lines of a well endowed male."

Sissy laughed and said, "Oooops! Well maybe we can ask Ben if he knows of a good place to find a good male dog." They started to leave the puppies, but Kari wanted to stay and look at them all. "Doggy!" she kept saying and pointing at each one.

Sissy whispered in her ear "That's OK, shrimp. We're going to get a big doggy, so let's go." Hearing this Kari had Sissy take her hand and willingly went with them to the counter where Ben was ringing up the sale.

"Uh, Ben, we were just looking at the puppies over there and Lynn has said she'd like to look into getting a dog, you know, sorta for protecting our home. We don't want to go through the puppy stage, and we'd like a little larger breed like a Lab. Do you have any recommendations?"

Ben said, "I have a breeder who I work with a lot. We sell of lot of their pups. He may have some adult or young adult dogs. I'd have to check with him, but I'll certainly do that for you. Tell you what, I'll call him tomorrow and see what he has available and if there's anything that may be suitable, I'll give you a call. OK?"

Lynn looked at Rob with excitement and said, "Gee, I didn't expect this all today. Yeah, that'd be great Ben. We're really looking for a younger dog that has a very gentle temperament, who will be good with Kari. You know how toddlers can unwittingly torture a poor animal and we don't want one that will snap at her or hurt her. I'm sorta worried about the size of a large dog what with her being small, but I guess she will be growing up too. But if there's anything available, please let us know."

"Don't worry, I will. And thank you. I'll go get that 30 gallon out of the back and bring it out to your car."

With that the family carried their purchases out to the car, the snake still happily wrapped around Lynn's neck and shoulders. It was a warm day and they'd get it home soon so they didn't worry about it getting too cold. Besides Lynn was apparently providing all the body heat it needed right now. It would move its head around, flicking out its tongue to smell and sense things. Ben brought the aquarium out to the car and Rob loaded it into the back of the SUV, then all piled inside to head home.

Sissy put Kari in her car seat behind Lynn. As they started to drive away, the python shifted around and stretched its neck over the back of Lynn's seat. It was just in reach of Kari, and she reached out and petted the reptile's head. Not a smart thing to do for a young toddler and a new snake, but the snake just allowed her to stroke its head a couple of times, flickering out its tongue.

Sissy pulled her little sister's hand away from the snake and it curved back to wrap around Lynn. Kari rubbed her crotch and said "Snakey'n me!" then clapped her hands. Sissy said "No, shrimp, not for you. That's for mommy and me. You'll get yours when you get bigger, huh Mom?"

Lynn was caressing the snake wrapped around her and said, "Yes, I suppose if she wants one." She looked over at Rob with a look of exasperation. "We've got two insatiable cunts on our hands, I'm afraid."

Rob laughed and said, "Three, honey, I count three." Lynn blushed and nodded.

Bobby had been pretty quiet since they left the store. Now he said, "Mom, are you really gonna put that whole snake inside of you? Will it fit? Can I watch you do it? When are you going to try it?"

His mother replied, "I'm just going to see what happens. I don't know if I can fit it all in me. Besides, I think we'll have to wait a while before trying any of that. We have to let the poor thing get used to its new home and to us. And to Albert. We, and especially YOU, are going to have to learn a lot about keeping multiple snakes and when we can put them together or breed them. Since you are the resident snake expert, it'll be your responsibility to learn how to keep them as best we can. I don't want anything to happen to either of them."

"Don't worry, Mom, I will. I'll make sure they're safe and healthy." Bobby said confidently.

"I know you will, dear. Thank you." Lynn said to him.

Once they arrived home, they all spent an hour or two unloading and then setting up the new snake's house in a small sewing room next to Rob and Lynn's bedroom. Bobby wanted to keep it in his room along side Albert's, but his mother had already vetoed that idea. Once the newcomer was settled in its new home, they had a light lunch together.

Sissy was getting excited thinking about what her parents had planned for the afternoon's activities. She loved her mother very much, and didn't want to see her hurt in any way, but if her mother wanted to be whipped and needles shoved into her tits and that would make her happy, it would turn Sissy on to not only watch, but participate. She could visualize the video she had seen of the woman getting her tits needled and was imagining it being her mother's large, full globes receiving the needles. She was very distracted with those thoughts all during lunch, as well as fantasizing about the new three foot snake being stuffed up inside her mother. And HER!!! She wanted to try it too, although Albert really seemed about her size.

After their late lunch they went into the living room where Rob and Lynn started discussing what they were going to do. Rob said, "I don't know if you need to play act being the submissive slave as I'm not all that familiar with S&M role playing thing so I guess all I can do for starters is just do some things to you and see how you feel about it. I got some soft rope to use to bind you. You'll have to tell me what you like and don't like... well, I mean what kinky things that cause you pain to make you happy. We've agreed on our safe word, so we don't have to worry about my going too far without you being able to stop me anytime you want. I'm probably going to be rather clinical about this, so we can discuss anything that you feel at any time. Does that sound OK to you?"

Lynn said, "Sure. I haven't really seen a lot of role playing BDSM, so doing it and being "clinical" about it is just fine. We're experimenting here. If everything goes well, later on we can add the kinky master/slave role playing if you'd like. And Rob, since we're going to be doing some extreme stuff to me, do you think we should put Kari down for a nap so she won't get the wrong idea about things?"

"Yeah, that's a good idea. Sissy, hon, can you take her up and put her to bed for a nap? I'll start getting your mom ready with Bobby's help while you're doing that." Bobby perked up considerably hearing this. Sissy nodded and left with her little sister.

When she came back, Rob and Bobby had firmly tied her mother in a kneeling position in the middle of the living room where her dad had spread the plastic covering over the floor. Her mother's ankles were tied together and her arms were tied tightly behind her back, making her large breasts even more prominent. This was going to be GOOD!

Rob had cloth for a blindfold and he asked Lynn if she wanted to use it this time. She said no, not at first as she wanted to see what was going to happen and anticipate it.

To get started, Rob had a length of thin wooden dowel that he would use in place of a cane. He also had a ping pong paddle to use. He started by taking another length of rope and severely wrapping his wife's large tits at the base with it. This squeezed her huge globes into even bigger ones that ballooned straight out from her chest. He made several turns around the base of each breast and then passed the rope behind her neck then back around the breasts again. When he finished, Lynn's tits looked like giant cantaloupes and started to turn dark colored with blood trapped in them.

Bobby got next to his mother and started to rub and feel her tits, then roughly pinching the nipples. Lynn let out a little scream of pain when he first did it, which startled her son. He pulled his hands away from her tits like he'd burned himself and started apologizing to his mother. She told him, "No, don't worry dear. It just surprised me there at first. It hurt when you pinched me but that's what we're doing. You're going to have to be careful at first so you don't do something to cause physical damage to me, but just because it's painful doesn't mean you have to stop. That's what this is all about- causing me pain, in a sexual way. So go ahead and do what you were doing. Don't stop doing something unless your dad tells you to. OK?"

Bobby looked thoughtful, but then said, "OK, mom." and went back to stroking and pinching her huge, ballooned out tits. He grabbed hold of both nipples and pinched them hard, then twisted them. Lynn let out a scream of pain, but this time Bobby held on to them and twisted them the other way, which elicited another grunt of pain from his mother.

Sissy came over and knelt by her mother's side and fondled one of the huge, swollen globes. Then she hauled off and gave it a good smack with her hand, causing another partially stifled scream of pain. Bobby moved aside and Sissy moved in front of he mother and started slapping both purple tits, causing her mother to writhe in agony. Sissy thought her mother looked so sexy this way.

Rob nudged Sissy off to the side and picked up the wooden dowel. He tapped it a few time on his wife's tits then pulled back a few feet and swished it through the air to slam across one swollen tit. Lynn gasped in pain, tears running down her cheeks. Then he turned and took a good cut at the other tit, the dowel making a loud swish before it hit its target. Lynn screamed out when it hit.

Rob looked at the two rapidly raising welts on his wife's breasts and said, "How does that feel, dear. Like it?"

Through tearful eyes, his wife looked up at him and said, "Oh God, that hurts! Almost worse than labor having these kids. But I'm so turned on. Go ahead and do whatever you want. I can take it."

Rob said, "Bob, would you like to try a few?" The young boy brightened and took the switch. He stood angled off to the side of his mother and tested it a few times by snapping it against her tits, then pulled back and struck her with a good amount of force. The blow landed directly on her nipple and his mother screamed in pain. Bobby pulled back and swung the switch through the air again, aiming for his mother's other breast, but this time missing and hitting her stomach. His mother gasped in pain and doubled over, tears streaming down her cheeks. Then she straightened up and looked at Bobby and said, "Thank you, sir, may I have another?"

This time Bobby raised the wooden switch up and brought it down on the top of his mother's swollen tits, hitting both of them at the same time. Lynn tried to muffle her scream of pain. She was crying uncontrollably now. She looked at him and said, "Thank you Bobby. Do it again if you would like."

Bobby looked at his dad and handed him the switch. "This is hard. Here you do some."

Rob took the switch and laid a few stripes on his wife's agonized breasts, each hit tearing a scream of pain from her throat. Rob looked down at his wife's crotch and he could see it fairly dripping with lubrication. He could see that all of the pain administered to her was turning her on. He decided to put the switch down and try something else.

He walked over to the end table where he had the box of med needles, each in their own sterile package. He handed Sissy the antiseptic solution and a cloth and told her to clean her mothers tits for the next part. Sissy fairly leaped at the order and took the opportunity to pinch and painfully twist her mother's sensitive nipples. Then using her nipples as handles, she pulled her mother to her and gave her a passionate kiss, all the while pinching and pulling the tits as hard as she dared. Her mouth smothered her mother's moans of pain.

With Lynn's huge, swollen tits clean, Rob pulled a three inch med needle out of its package and held it up in front of his wife. "Are you ready for this, dear? This is going to go all the way through your nipple. Can you watch that? Do you want that?"

Lynn just looked at him with lust in her eyes and nodded her head. Rob hefted her right tit in his left hand and held the point of the needle right above her areaola. Her breathing was rapid and gasping at this point, and with a quick motion he pushed the needle down all the way through his wife's breast, right through the areaola. Lynn gasped with pain and Bobby, standing next to Rob said, "Wow, that's neat, Dad! Do another one."

Lynn was whimpering with pain now, her breathing ragged. Rob removed another needle from its package and took his wife's left breast in his hand. Holding the needle over her tit, he did the same thing as before, plunging the needle down through the areaola to exit on the other side. Lynn screamed as the pain hit again.

Rob put his hand under his wife's chin and held her head up to look at him. He said, "Two needles. What do you think, can you take a few more, dear?" Lynn nodded her head and he leaned down and kissed her. She smiled through her tears and said quietly "Thank you, sir. May I have another?"

Rob unsheathed another needle, and this time ran it through her nipple from the side, pushing it all the way through. Then he did the same with the other nipple. Now with two needles through each tit, Lynn was shaking and moaning. Rob knelt down and put his fingers to her cunt. Unsurprisingly, it was literally dripping wet, indicating her complete state of arousal.

He opened two more needles and like the other ones, he pushed these through horizontally but from opposite directions as the ones already impaling her. Now she had two needles horizontally and one vertically through each of her nipples. So he opened two new needles and said to Bobby, "Would you like to put these ones through, this time from the bottom up opposite the two going down from the top?"

"Sure, Dad!" Bobby enthused. He reached for one needle and Rob showed him how to hold it by the hub and not touch the needle shaft. Rob took a hold of the hub of the needle that went down through his wifes left nipple and used it as a handle and lever to pull the nipple out so his son would have an easy target. Bobby put the point of the needle under his mothers nipple, next to where the one from the top came out and then shoved it all the way up and through her tit. His mother gasped with pain, but didn't scream out this time. Then Rob took hold of the one in her right breast and held it so Bobby could do the same thing with that one.

The result was a nice symmetrical placement of four needles in a cross pattern. Lynn was gasping and sobbing in pain and her swollen tits were heaving with her breaths.

Rob took two more needles out of the package said, "Sissy, your turn. Do you want to try a couple?"

She knelt down beside her mother and looked at the swollen globes, punctured at the nipples by four needles each. There was hardly any blood at all and the sight of her mother's tortured, ravaged tits turned her on. From her past conversations about this with her mother, she knew that Lynn was really in ecstasy. So she knew that she wouldn't actually be "hurting" her mother but pushing her further into submissive ecstasy.

She loved her mother's large tits normally, and seeing them ballooned up into swollen purple globes with needles piercing both nipples, knowing that she was getting off on the pain, made them all the more desirable to her. Sissy looked at the needles her dad was holding out to her and she visually measured the length of them as opposed to the depth of her mother's breast meat. With her breasts tied up the way they were and ballooned out and up, her nipples were at least five or six inches from her chest wall. Sissy knew from girl's health class that the breasts were almost entirely made up of milk glands, soft tissue and such and she knew that as long as she didn't get close to the chest wall, there shouldn't be any problem doing damage to her mother. She leaned over and whispered something in her dad's ear, too faint for Lynn to hear what she was planning. Her dad looked at her, then looked at his wife's huge tits then back at Sissy again. He nodded and handed her one needle and said, "Go ahead."

Sissy looked at her mom then said, "Well, you've got four needles through each nipple, in one side and out the other. These two are going to be different. These are going to go directly in from the tip of each nipple all the way straight back into your tits. How 'bout that, Mommy?"

Lynn looked at her daughter with a look of mixed excitement and fear on her face. She realized that she was a submissive slut now and that it didn't matter what she said to her daughter. Through her tears, she smiled at her and nodded and said quietly, "Go ahead, dear. I'm ready for it."

With that she bowed her head and tried to steel herself for the pain. Sissy put her hand under Lynn's chin and lifted her head up. She said, "And I'm going to push them in very slowly, so you can feel every exquisite millimeter of the needle going deep into your gorgeous tits. I'm really enjoying this, Mother!"

With that she put the point of the needle on the tip of her mothers left nipple and slowly started to push it in. At first the flesh of the nipple just dimpled under the pressure despite the sharpness of the point, then suddenly the skin gave way and the needle plunged about a quarter of an inch through the surface of Lynn's nipple into the breast. Sissy let go of the needle and it just quivered there, impaled in her mother's tit. Then Sissy put her finger on the end of the hub and started exerting pressure on it. The needle slowly pierced her mother's breast tissue as Lynn moaned and shook with the stimulation from the pain.

Sissy had to put some effort into it, as the darn needle was hard to push through the tissue. Slowly, jerkily the needle sliced into her mother's tit accompanied by moans then a scream of pleasure/pain as the needle went all the way in and the hub was the only part left outside of the skin. Lynn continued to moan and shudder even with the needle embedded deep in her tit.

Rob was rather surprised at Sissy's naturally dominant demeanor. He thought that she would probably turn out to be a good domme if she acted this way with her mother. Rob held out the other needle to his daughter and she took it, making a bit of a show of holding it up in front of her mother's eyes, then slightly waving it through the air in an S pattern until the needle was down, pointed directly at Lynn's right nipple.

Bobby was knelt down beside his mother, with his head down at her breast level for a good view. He kept saying things like, "Boy, this is soooo kewl. Mom's tits look so good this way. This is so neat..."

Sissy now placed the sharp point of the needle against the tip of her mother's right nipple and started to apply pressure, denting the nipple with the point. Rob reached down and started fingering his wife's cunt and clit, exciting her even more.

Sissy kept up the pressure and the needle popped through the skin, then slowly advanced into her mother's breast meat, causing her again a wonderful amount of pain. As the needle progressed deeper and deeper into the tit meat, Rob increased his stimulation of her clit, rubbing it vigorously. As Sissy buried the needle up to its hub in her mother's tit, Lynn let out a blood curdling scream of ecstatic pain and pleasure, experiencing an orgasm that shook her whole body. Rob smiled at both his daughter and his wife, and continued his rubbing on her clit. With the overwhelming stimulation of the pain in her tits and her husband's applying pressure on her clit, her orgasm didn't stop but just continued as her body shook and she sobbed and cried out in pleasure. This went on for a while and then Sissy flicked the hubs of the embedded needles with her fingers. This redoubled Lynn's reactions and she screamed again in the mixture of pain and pleasure. After a minute or so, Rob took a hold of his wife's shoulders and laid her back onto the floor as he wasn't sure how much longer she would be able to keep herself kneeling upright. Lynn seemed almost unconscious, gasping for breath and her body shaking uncontrollably.

Suddenly, little Kari's voice came from behind them. "Mommy hurt?" The little girl apparently had heard her mothers screams and had climbed over the side rail of her bed and come down to find out what was happening. She toddled over to stand next to her mother and said again, "Mommy! Hurt!"

Rob picked her up in his arms and hugged her, telling her that no, mommy wasn't hurt, which wasn't exactly the truth. Mommy was in a world of hurt, her tits screaming in pain from the beating and the sharp needles puncturing them. It felt like they were on fire only worse. All she could do was lay there and moan, gasping for breath.

Little Kari didn't know what to make of this whole scene. All she knew is that mommy had been screaming in pain and was now laying on the floor with her hands and feet tied up, and her breasts that Kari used to nurse on ballooned up and turning purple with things stuck in them. She looked at her dad and said forcefully, "Mommy Hurt!" and pointed at her mother.

Sissy moved over next to the two and hugged her little sister. "No, we're just playing with mommy. Here let me show you."

Lynn had regained a bit of orientation and was concerned that Kari was there and that Kari was concerned about her mother being hurt. She tried to smile at the little girl through her fog of pain and pleasure. Her tits were screaming in pain.

Sissy took the little girl from her father's arms and sat her down next to her mommy. Sissy ran her hands over Lynn's tortured breasts, then flicked the needle hubs that were embedded in Lynn's nipples. Lynn gasped in pain. Sissy said to her little sister, "See we're playing with mommy. She likes this and we're having fun with her. Here, can you put your finger right here and push it in?" She pointed to the closest needle hub and held the little girl's hand over to it. Lynn gasped in consternation and anticipation of the pain she was going to feel if her little daughter started pushing in on the embedded needle.

The little girl gently touched the needle hub with her big sister guiding her hand. When she touched it, Lynn inhaled sharply in anticipation of the pain, and the little girl quickly pulled her hand away.

"It's OK, shrimp" Sissy said. "Tell her it's OK, Mommy." Lynn looked at her two daughters and nodded, saying, "It's OK, honey, we're just playing. We're having fun." This last was said with rather a funny look at her husband. Rob just knelt there in front of her and smiled. Bobby was standing next to him, taking the whole thing in. He moved over right next to his mother and said, "Watch this, Kari" and grasped one of the hubs of the four needles piercing Lynn's left breast and pulled it out of her. Lynn gasped and moaned, then smiled at Kari and said, "See, we're just playing."

Sissy said, "Do you want to pull one out, shrimp?" Rob interjected quickly, "No, that may not be good. Those needles are sharp and they've been inside your mother's tissue, so it wouldn't be good if she stuck herself. I think we're gonna have to wait until she's a bit older before she gets to handle the sharp things."

"Ok, Daddy. Sorry. Here, shrimp, you sit on my lap and watch Bobby and Dad pull them out of mommy. 'Kay?"

The little girl nodded and promptly thumped herself down on her sister's lap. Rob told Bobby to go ahead and pull a couple of the needles out of his mother and put them in the bowl that they had sitting there. Bobby did as he was told, Lynn gasping and moaning as her son slooooooowly pulled the needles out, one at a time, from her throbbing, painful breasts.

After he had gotten all of the ones that pierced her nipple through and through out, but not the ones that Sissy had inserted straight in, he started on the other breast. Each needle removal would cause Lynn to groan with pain, and Bobby made a point of pulling the last ones out very slowly, to extend the pain his mom was experiencing. Finally, all eight of the needles were out. There was very little blood, but a couple of the punctures did have some seeping out of the holes. Rob reached out with a tissue soaked with silver solution and rubbed it on all of the puncture holes.

Lynn was still laying on the floor, her tits tied up tight and two needles inserted straight into her breasts through each nipple, courtesy of Sissy. Sissy put Kari down and said, "Can you give mommy a big kiss, shrimp?"

Kari immediately went to her mother and started to give her a big kiss. Lynn returned the kiss from her little daughter and while they were doing that, Sissy reached over and quickly pulled one needle out from Lynn's breast. There was a moan of pain but she continued to kiss little Kari. Sissy reached over and pulled out the final needle. Lynn groaned as her youngest daughter hugged her.

Lynn's tits were still bound by the rope, so Rob helped her back up into a kneeling position. He then started to unbind the rope and unwind it from around her tits. When the circulation was restored and the blood started rushing back into her breasts, Lynn felt some slight relief but then a sudden renewed burning pain in her tits. She rubbed them and massaged them to get the circulation going again. Sissy got behind her and reached around her saying, "Here, Mom, let me help you with that."

Sissy put her cheek next to Lynn's, kissing her quickly and then kneaded and massaged Lynn's massive globes, hefting them and fondling them, then tweaking the nipples between her fingers. Her mother sighed and leaned back into her daughter, encouraging the girl to continue to fondle her tortured titties.

Bobby was standing next to his father and he said, "Ya know, Dad, I like mom's tits and think they're sexy but this was even sexier, seeing the needles in them and all. I think it's really slick. And it's great that she likes it, so we can do it lots, huh?"

His mother looked in consternation at her husband at this statement. Rob said, "Whoa, bud, we're gonna have to give your mom some time to heal after this. It may be a while before we can do it again."

Bobby said, "Well, OK, but whenever we can. I really like it!" He moved over next to his mother and said, "Mom, your great tits made me all excited. Would you suck me?"

Sissy jumped in and said, "Hey, let Mom rest. I'll suck you if you want, or I'm sure Kari would love to do it too. She hasn't had any daddy-cum for a while, so she might like some bobby-cock."

Bobby frowned and said, "Yeah but she doesn't do it as good as Mom does. But I s'pose she could. Kari, come here. Do you want to suck on me?"

The little girl toddled over to Bobby and plopped down on the floor and opened her mouth. Bobby leaned forward and put his little erect cock in her mouth and started thrusting back and forth. His family watched this erotic tableau, the toddler sucking her brother's cock. They watched as Bobby moved his hips, trying to face fuck his little sister. For her part, she licked and sucked her brother's cock like she liked to do to her daddy's but it wasn't near as large as daddy's and didn't fill her mouth the same.

Exasperated at not getting his rocks off, Bobby lifted the little girl up and laid her on the couch on her back, with her legs dangling off the edge. He then moved between her legs and stuffed his already spit lubricated cock quickly into her little cunt and started thrusting in and out.

His parents were taken by surprise by this move and didn't have time to say anyting before Bobby started sawing into his little sister's tiny cunt. The three others just sat there, watching the two go at it. Little Kari was going "Umph umph" in time with her brother's thrusts. She was obviously not upset by his act and he didn't seem to even notice the others watching him.

Lynn and Rob looked at each other while Sissy watched the two young children and continued to caress and massage her mother's large tortured breasts. Kari wasn't at all objecting to being fucked by Bobby and he was just happily pumping in and out of the little girl's cunt. After a few minutes of this, Bobby apparently reached his peak and his buttocks clenched and he stiffened and jerked into his little sister's cunt in a dry cum. He pulled out and said "Thanks, sis" and turned around.

Sissy said, "Hey, c'mere kid. I wanna taste of little sis's cunt juice on you." With that Bobby walked over to his big sister and she took his cock in her mouth, sucking and cleaning it of little Kari's juices. After a short while, she let his little cock pop out of her mouth. He said, "Thanks. I'm going to go and see how the new snake is doing. I want to make sure the temperature in the new cage is all right."

Rob said to his son, "OK, bud, but don't handle the snake. It needs to get used to its new home before we start taking it out and handling it."

"Yeah, and stuffing it up mom's cunt. I know." With that, he ran off to look after their newest sex toy.

While Sissy had been sucking her little brother, little Kari got up and walked over to her dad and sat in his lap, playing with his hard cock.

After Bobby left the room, Lynn said to her husband, "Honey, would you untie my ankles please. I think we've succeeded beyond my expectations with the tit torture today. At least for a start. I can't believe that not only did I take those needles in my breasts but that my dear children all participated in it with me. I was cumming so hard there that I was sure I peed on the floor. I've never been so sexually aroused and excited in my life! When Sissy pushed those two needles straight into my breasts, I just couldn't stop cumming. My God, that's the most perverted, kinky, extreme thing I've ever done or experienced. I hope you two enjoyed it."

Rob leaned forward to untie her. Sissy said, "I loved your gorgeous tits with the needles in them, Mom. Shoving those two into you almost made ME cum. It was so hot, knowing that feeling them slicing into you was turning you on too. You're so beautiful when you're sexually excited and climaxing. I love you, Mom."

"I love you too, honey. And yes, your pushing them into me really put me over the edge. Knowing my daughter was watching me and fully involved in the torture was just so great." She looked at Rob and aimed her next comment at him. "And my husband's masterful manipulation of my clit just nearly sent me to the moon. Gawd, that was good. I don't know how much of this I can handle. Can someone cum to death?"

Kari was taking all this in, not comprehending any of it, but enjoying sitting on her daddy's lap. She could feel his hard cock throbbing under her, so she took the opportunity to slide off of his lap and take his cock in her mouth. She hadn't gotten any brother-cum, so she wanted her daddy-cum. Actually, she wanted daddy-cum all the time, no matter what.

Rob put his hands on the floor behind him and leaned back, giving Kari complete access to his daddy cock. She engulfed the head with her mouth and applied suction to it. All Sissy and Lynn could do was just watch the toddler suck her on her daddy's cock.

First she'd watched mommy with needles stuck in her tits, then she sucked her big brother, then her big brother fucked her and now she had her favoritest thing in her mouth, daddy cock. How much better could life be for an almost three year old in a family of sexual perverts?

Sissy continued to massage - or rather fondle - her mother's tits as they watched the toddler sucking on her daddy's cock. They looked at each other then just sat there watching the two. With all the stimulating things that had just been done, Rob had been hard for a while. It didn't take him long to concentrate on the sensations of his little girl's sucking and shortly he felt his balls contract and semen shoot up his urethra into his little daughter's mouth. She swallowed the first blast then pulled back and the next several spurts hit her mouth, lips and cheek, then dribbled down her daddy's cock. She licked up everything she could find and then sat up and clapped her hands, saying "Daddy-cum, daddy-cum! Yay!"

Sissy said to her little sister, "Come here shrimp, I wanna taste of daddy-cum. C'mere and let me lick it off of you." The little girl crawled over to her big sister and stood up, leaning in to kiss her. Sissy held her sister's face and licked her dad's cum off of the little girl's lips, cheeks and nose, then gave her a big kiss. "Thanks, shrimp, that was good."

Lynn looked at Rob and said, "Don't you just love this family?" and they both laughed.

After being tongue cleaned by her big sister, the toddler went back over and sat on her loving daddy's lap again. She just loved the feeling of his bare skin against hers and loved to have him hold her. It as almost as good as sucking on his cock and getting daddy-cum in her mouth. That was the best!

Sissy sat next to her mother and inspected her ravaged breasts. She was amazed that there was so little apparent damage, other than some tiny needle holes, only some of which had any evidence of bleeding. Those and the angry red welts from the wooden dowel. Sissy fingered those very lightly to feel their raised surface.

She said, "Mom, you were awesome. I've never seen you like that before. That had to be the most painful experience for you. I can't understand how you can take that."

Her mother winced at the touch of one of the especially tender welts and said, "Dear, I don't think I've ever been that turned on before. The pain just stimulated me more and more. When my breasts were bound tight, it really focused everything right to them. They were so huge and prominent and so vulnerable. When you slapped them, I just loved the feeling and the fact that my daughter was torturing her mommy's titties. It really turned me on to have you do that, dear.

"I'm not so big on the whipping that leaves these welts that you see, but when your father was hitting me, I just felt so submissive and humiliated. Then when he let Bobby switch me with the wooden rod, it got even more intense. Having my young son beat my sensitive tits and enjoy doing it just fueled my submissive fantasy.

"Then the feeling of those needles. Oh my God, Rob! The pain was interesting but it was only more stimulation for me. The feeling of the sharp metal slicing into my flesh. Oh, God, I can't even describe it. I find that I absolutely LOVE that sensation. I think if I was really turned on, you could drive an ice pick- as your father joking mentioned - through my tits and my orgasm would go off the charts. Seriously!

"And having my son stick needles in his own submissive slut mother's nipples. I loved it. And with my darling baby daughter watching her mother being humiliated and tortured. I can't wait until she's old enough to do some of the things to me.

"Then you! You! I don't know how you knew but shoving those two needles straight into my tits through the nipple has been a fantasy of mine for a while, ever since I started seeing those extreme tit torture videos. In one of them, the guy hammered - actually pounded them in with a hammer! - two eight penny nails directly into the pain slut's bound tits, right straight in through the nipple. My, God, I've watched that one over and over and fantasized that it was MY tits being nailed.

"Of course, I realize the danger of inserting something that way and it going too far in and penetrating the chest wall, but I saw you measure the needles against how deep my breast tissue was and I knew it was OK, so I relaxed - if that is possible in that situation- and just enjoyed the humiliation of my teen daughter skewering my tit meat with the needles. I felt like such a perverted sex slave submissive. I was probably in a continual orgasm for most of the whole time, but you really set me off when you did that. And when you would flick them with your finger and cause me more pain. I was so happy that you enjoyed doing it. I could tell that you did. I could see it in your eyes. C'mere, give me a kiss. I love you!"

The two embraced and held on to each other for a minute, then a tearful Sissy said, "Oh Mom, I just love the new, submissive, kinky you. I always loved doing sex things with you and dad, but this was so extreme, I'm gonna be picturing it over and over and cumming each time. I don't know what pervy things you want to do, but I want to do them all with you. Thank you, both!"

The young girl went to her dad and leaned over her little sister to kiss him. "Thank you, Dad!"

Little Kari was taking all this in. She reached out and grabbed one of Sissy's nipples and then indicated that she wanted a kiss too, so Sissy kissed her, at the same time slipping her hand to the toddler's crotch and fingering her little slit. The little girl enjoyed this, spreading her legs and squirming with delight.

Sissy said, "And you're gonna be such a kinky sex slut too, aren't ya sis? Sucking Dad and Bobby, being fucked by Bobby, getting worms stuffed in your cunt. You like all that doncha?" The little girl nodded to her big sister and said, "Mousey!" Sissy laughed and said, "Yeah, I'll just bet you can't wait to have a mouse put in your cunt. Well, sis, neither can I! Maybe tonight I can try that, if mom and dad think it's OK." Her little sister wiggled and smiled and said, "Mousey 'n Sissy. Fun."

They all laughed at the budding sex slut she was becoming. Rob said to Sissy, "Your mother may be a bit worn out right now. I know that I am. We'll have to see if we're up to it later this evening. Why don't you take Kari and let Mom and I discuss things for a while, then we'll get some dinner and maybe see what we're all feeling like. I don't want to do too much at one time."

"OK, Dad. C'mon, li'l slut, let's go see what we can find to do." She looked at her parents and smiled. Then she took her little sister's hand and they left the room.

Rob moved over and helped his wife up onto the couch and sat beside her with his arm around her. He said, "God, Honey, you were amazing. I had no idea you could be such a pain slut and submissive. I really like it."

"Oh, I hope you do, honey. I haven't realized it myself until just lately when I found all that extreme stuff on the net. I knew something was missing, but I didn't know exactly what. Not that our sex life hasn't been completely fulfilling for me. It has been. And especially when the kids are involved. That's been some of the greatest turnons for me, with you. I don't regret a minute of it. But finding out about my submissive, pain slut side just really does it for me. Now the only thing I need is to be able to be watched doing all kinds of kinky, perverted things. Rob, I want to start to video whatever we do! I want to know that I'm being recorded being the most slutty, kinky, total pervert. I know we can't let anyone else see them, but at least we'd be able to look at them and relive the experience. I know Sissy gets off on being watched also. So it would make it better for her, too. She's going to be more of an exhibitionist than I am, I think."

Rob said, "Well, if we're going to start making our own home porn, we'll have to get a decent video cam. The one we have is really limited, and it only records on videotape, which is a pain to get, handle, setup and try to get digitized decently if we want to put it on the computer. I've been thinking about getting one of the new DV cameras, one that records onto DVD. That way, we can play it back in any DVD player hooked to the televisions. And also view them on the computer. They're easy to store as they don't take up much space. What do you think?"

Lynn thought for a moment, then said, "Well, you know about that stuff more than I do. Only we just spent a lot of money on my new pet and its home. I don't want to go overboard spending money."

Rob smiled and said, "You know we're not rich by any stretch, but I don't go out drinking and we don't do drugs. I don't waste money on things like golfing and such, I spend the time with you all. We don't have a boat to throw money into. So if we want to spend some money on things that the whole family will enjoy, like your new snake, or implements of torture or even a video camera so we can watch ourselves, I don't see the problem. I mean, it's not like it's going to bankrupt us acquiring things like that. We've got a pretty good sum saved up, not even counting Sissy and Bobby's college funds."

Lynn said, "You're right. We've been pretty frugal over the years. I've saved money wherever I could and we don't buy expensive stuff. So why shouldn't we do something that gives us all pleasure?"

Rob said, "OK, let's grab the paper and see if we can find a sale on video cams. I can stop by tomorrow and pick one up if we find something that looks good. And I want a good tripod and some lights too, so we can have some quality. I don't want to watch a video of you being tortured and be distracted by the camera movement or bad lighting."

Lynn laughed, "Always the technical wizard. I love it." She found the Sunday paper and they started looking through the advertising sections for a video camera. She said, "You know, honey, this kinky sex stuff is getting addicting. I'm going to want you to do some more extreme torture things to me. Doing it today just brought out how much I want to do and experience."

Rob looked at her and said, "You're going to have to show me some of these torture videos, the extreme ones that you really like. I need some ideas about what to do, and what can be done to you. And it would help if you told me what things you really want to experience."

"Oh, Rob, what we did today is just a taste. I want to be so wicked, so extreme. I mean, I don't want to be permanently disfigured, but I will show you some of my favorite videos, the ones that I masturbate to. Like for instance, when you mentioned driving ice picks through my tits. God, it felt like an electric current ran through me. I mean, really, I'm looking to get that extreme, maybe even more so. I know I'll have to work up to it and so will you, but you are so technically minded I know that you can figure out how to do such things without lasting damage to me. In fact, having the kids do some of it will add to the humiliation aspect, although I don't know how much they would want to do."

Rob smiled. "Well, Sissy certainly didn't hesitate with those needles. And Bobby wasn't at all squeamish about putting the needles through your nipples. So I don't think we're going to have to worry about traumatizing their young minds. And little Kari! I was amazed that she just took your needle filled tits in stride. In fact she didn't have any trouble wanting to touch them and play with them, so maybe Sissy is right. We have a young budding sex slut on our hands. Nothing we do seems to upset her or cause her any distress. And believe me, I've been watching her very close. Not only because I really like her sucking me, or that I want to fuck every one of her little holes as soon as they're able to take me, but because I have been concerned about how she's being affected. And it seems that she enjoys everything as much as any of us."

Lynn said, "Yes, I'm amazed too. I've been really worried that my kinky perversions would upset or affect the kids negatively in some way, but in the last two or three days it seems they all get into the most extreme stuff as much as I do. It must be in the genes. Like slut mommy, like slut kiddies."

"And don't forget me" Rob said. "I just love what you've been doing and gotten us into. I just hope I can be as nasty as you need as far as torturing you. I mean, I love you more than ever, and I can't stand to see you or any of the kids in any kind of pain, but this is sorta different. I know that you like the pain, so I can play the dom role and do it to you. I just don't know how far I can go myself. We'll have to see, won't we?"

"Yes, dear. To give you an idea of what you're going to have to work up to, I want you to set it up where my nipples are nailed with large eight or ten penny nails to a board. Then I want huge spikes, eight or ten inches, driven all the way through my tits into the board. Not just through the ends or nipples, but deep through the breast meat. I want to feel the agony of them pounded all the way through my tits. Then I want to have the board, a real heavy one, left to hang by my tits from the nails through them. And it would be soooo exciting if Bobby could be the one driving the spikes through my tits. Oh, God, I'm getting so wet just talking about it. Anything like that that the kids would do to me would just drive me up a wall!"

"Damn, honey that's amazing. And erotic just visualizing it. I'm gonna have to work up to that one. And I think the kids would too. But as long as they know we're doing it for your ultimate pleasure, I don't think it should traumatize them. We'll have to see how they react to things as we build up. Bobby sure took to the needles fine."

"And Rob, do you think you could get one of those nail guns or maybe a big construction stapler and nail or staple my cunt lips to a board? I mean, I want to make a video showing the nails being driven through my cunt lips with such force that the nails go all the way through the board and come out the other side, nailing my lips to it. Ohhhhhhh, gawd, I'm gonna cum again just thinking about this stuff."

Rob passionately kissed his wife and rubbed her clit. It didn't take anything to push her over the edge again, shuddering with orgasm, the paper and video camera forgotten.

After a few minutes of holding his wife tightly, Rob let go and picked up the paper again while she regained her composure. He found a video store ad and spied a digital video camera that recorded onto DVD on sale. He pointed it out to her and said, "I'll stop by and pick this up tomorrow and we can start making our own homegrown erotic videos. How's that sound?"

"It sounds appropriately kinky and erotic dear. Thank you. And I know your exhibitionist daughter will wet herself when she finds out that we'll be recording her being a slut, too."

Rob said, "You've apparently done a lot of... ummm, research on all of this stuff. What other things have you found?"

"Oh, there's so much perverted stuff out there. Well, I mean, porn has been around forever, but in this digital age, it is now easier than ever for the normal, or should I say 'average', person to make it and share it. You don't have to have hundreds of thousands of dollars and sophisticated distribution systems any more. We could get the digital camera you talked about, make some kinky videos and have them on the net and seen by thousands, if not millions of people world wide. It's no longer the province of the rich or the big companies like it used to be.

"I've seen such a variety of stuff! Looking at most any porn will turn me on, but certain things like we've discussed really get my motor going fast. I'm not particularly turned on by rubber fetishes- latex suits and the like- and I'm not really into scat, although I get turned on watching it. I don't think I'll mind being peed on or drinking it. Role playing isn't that big a turn on but in the right setting, would maybe enhance some things-- sorta like you - and Sissy! - did a little in dominating me with the needles.

"As unusual as it sounds, incest doesn't do much for me, unless it's my family involved, then anything can set me off. It's erotic to think about other families doing it, but most porn is just plain vanilla sex between them and you can see that everywhere. Plus you can't really tell that it truly is incest. But it's the taboo and that idea adds to the sex kink. When it's Bobby or Kari or Sissy doing the stuff, I just get revved up. That's one of my major worries, that we're doing too much involving them and that it will hurt them in some way. But it is one thing that really adds to my pleasure, being able to share kinky stuff with them.

"Of course, exhibitionism of any kind is a big turn on for me. And Sissy too. We've discussed it. If either of us could do the most perverted things with all kinds of people watching us do it, it would be so exciting. Sissy has fantasies that we've talked about like that. But we both understand the consequences of anyone finding out what we do, so we know we can't do those kind of things. But just being watched by each other adds to both our excitement.

"As I mentioned before, I'm not big into whipping and caning. Don't get me wrong, your switching me with that wooden stick was great and I'm glad you did it. I'll have these welts for days to remind me of that session. And I'll cum many times feeling them as they heal. But bullwhips, cat'o'nine tails, and stuff like that for whipping's sake just doesn't do much. Your ping pong paddle on my ass to get me warmed up or put into a submissive mood would be a different thing, though. But as the main course, not so much."

Rob nodded and said, "Yeah, I have to agree. Switching you a few times there was interesting but a lot of whipping and flogging? Don't think so. Even Bobby gave up after only a couple of hits. So what's this about pee? Have you tried that at all?"

Lynn blushed and said, "Well, yes, actually I've tried tasting some of my own pee. It's alright. The taste doesn't bother me, but it would be so much more erotic being forced to drink it, or to drink someone else's, like yours or the kids during a scene. I don't see drinking everyone's pee for every meal, but it wouldn't be any big thing. But in a scene, it's so much better."

Rob said, "Aha. That's great. I may just have to force you a bit then. 'Cuz it's a turn on for me to see you drink my piss, or for me or the kids to piss right into your mouth. Or into a glass for you to drink."

Lynn smiled and said, "Or MAKE me drink. That's what gets me hot in doing anything else. God, if you were to have the kids fill up a glass and make me sit at dinner and drink it, I'd be dripping wet. It's the humiliation and being forced to do perverted things that adds excitement for me. Even though I KNOW that I'm not actually being forced to do anything against my will."

Rob thought about this and then said, "Well, I'm going to have to see what comes up at dinner time tonight. Don't plan on pouring yourself anything, we'll take care of that for you, slut!"

His wife blushed at the name and said, "Oh, honey, yes. I'm your full time slut. You can make me do anything you want."

Her husband smiled. "How do you feel about large sized objects inserted into your holes? I now know you like critters, but what about fists, huge dildos, stuff like that. And catheters up your pee hole?"

"Oh, God, now you're hitting some hot buttons. I want to be stretched as much as possible. After all, I want to get that damned snake all the way up inside me! But fisting, dildos, bottles, whatever. I'll love it. I haven't really thought about catheters up my pee hole, but I suppose it wouldn't hurt to try to see what it was like. Where did you get that idea? Have you been surfing kinky porn too?"

"Well, I'm not totally unfamiliar with kink, you know. In fact, when I was younger, I loved to put some things into my urethra. I've had long nails, the metal rod from a bill spike, glass rods, different kinds of catheters, all in the pee hole of my cock. It feels really good, probably like it feels putting things into your cunt."

"Rob, I didn't know. I want to watch you put something in your cock. I want to put something in your cock. Oh, God, that's so HOT! Where did you get the catheters? I thought they weren't available to the public."

"Oh, you can get most anything, really. Within reason. Catheters are used by people at home after medical procedures and stuff. Putting metal and glass rods down my peehole was a turn on but I knew the danger also. In fact, I actually inserted a 10 inch knitting needle all the way in me occasionally. But they can do too much damage. So I looked around and got some caths. Threading them all the way into my bladder was really a trip.

"In fact, there was one sorta kinky girl I went with for a while before I ever met you, who was interesting in trying stuff like that and I put a catheter all the way up my cock and then fucked her with my piss flowing through the catheter directly into her cunt. We both got off on that, but only once or twice."

"I WANT TO DO THAT! Gawd, I'd love to have you do that to me. And maybe I can have one in me too at the same time."

"Not only that, but one thing I've always wanted to try was to put a catheter in me and then drain my piss directly into another catheter going into you. That way you could be filled up with my piss. And then I could fuck you with it inside of you. When we drain it out, then you'll have to drink it. How's that sound?"

"Oh, damn, Rob you're making me horny again. What other kinky things like that would you do?"

"Oh, since you like to be filled up with most anything, how about getting a bunch of small goldfish or guppies or baby eels and giving you a retention enema filled with living, swimming fish? Maybe large tadpoles. Ones that will turn into frogs if they live through being in your ass."

Lynn hugged her husband and said, "Damn, you've got as perverted a mind as I do. I'm so glad we started getting into this kind of stuff. I just wish we had started sooner. Think of all the things we could have been doing!"

Rob said, "I am. And thinking of what we will be doing too."

Lynn said, "So tell me about these kinky girls you dated. What other pervy kinds of things have you done with them?"

Rob laughed. "Not really that much. The one I did the catheter play with, we were fucking once and I took off her lingerie top and started to stuff it up into her cunt. Then I took her panties off and stuffed them up into her too. Then I fucked her good and came inside of her, with the stuff still inside of her. After we were done, I slowly pulled the top and panties out of her. They were soaked. Something came up and I didn't get to have her put them back on, but I wanted her to and then dress and to out in public with them on under her clothes.

"Another time, I slipped a peeled banana up her cunt and then fucked her for a good long time. She was filled with banana cum puree when we were finished. You should have seen what we douched out of her."

"I would like to have seen that. So you've had a few kinky women, huh? What others?"

"Oh, not that many. One other one, sorta like you, started to get interested in piss games. I had fucked her several times either in the ass or cunt, and then she had me pee inside of her. She liked that especially in her ass so it would stay in her. After a while, she wanted to sit in the bathtub and have me pee on her breasts. While I did that, she leaned forward and got some of my piss stream in her mouth. She liked that. Unfortunately, circumstances changed and we didn't see much of each other after that. I really wanted to do some serious peeing in her mouth, but it didn't work out. Another girl and I would take a shower together and I tried to pee on her in the shower without her knowing what I was doing. I never could get a stream going to do it though."

"You pervert! I love it. Why haven't you done the same thing with me?"

"Well, I had sorta forgotten about some of that. I mean, it's not like I was obsessed with pissing on or in someone, it's just something that happened in passing that was fun, but I had almost forgotten about them until you asked."

"Oh, honey, I want you to think up the kinkiest, most perverted things we can possibly do and do them to me. Honest! I've turned into a real perverted slut and I want you to use me and abuse me and do any nasty things that you want with me. I absolutely love turning into a slut and if you want me to be a cum, piss and pain slut, nothing could make me more happy. I swear I think I've been aroused and close to orgasm almost continually for the last three days. It's been so exciting. I'm so glad that you like it and that the kids like it too. I can't imagine not being like this any more. I want to keep doing these kinky things as much as we can."

"Well, I certainly can't argue with that, hon. I enjoy it also, although I can't stay as aroused and cum as much as you do, but I'll be happy to do whatever it takes to keep you that way. I think I'm going to finish the basement into a playroom for all of us. We can fill it with all kinds of toys and things and have a nice place to play with each other."

"That's a wonderful idea. I'll see what I can do to help plan for the playthings we'll need. You know, it just came to me that you might get a lot of ideas from the extreme videos that I've downloaded. Could you help me make a password protected "favorites" folder that I can put all of the most extreme ones in that really turn me on, so you can look through them when you have time. It's not that I want to hide them from the kids, but some of the really strong stuff I'd like us to have control over so we can watch them with them or explain things to them if they have any question... which I know they will have. I mean, some of this stuff is really strong."

Rob laughed. "Hey, don't think I'm gonna refuse to look at any kind of porn, but between your antics and Sissy, I might not have a lot of time to look through the stuff. But believe me, honey, I will try my darnedest. Sure, I'll show you how to password some things."

Before they realized it they had sat there for a couple of hours talking about kink and perversions and what they liked and didn't like and what they wanted to do or try and some of the videos they would like to make. Rob decided that he was going to start on the conversion of the unfinished basement right away. He had some ideas on what he could do and it wouldn't take a lot to accomplish. After all, it didn't have to be full blown living space, just a "play" room. And everyone in the family would enjoy that.

Conversations around the dinner table that evening were interesting. Sissy couldn't get over how much of a pain slut her mother had become and Bobby seconded that, saying he liked playing with her huge tits. Sissy kept rubbing her clit and even little Kari, responding to the sexually charged atmosphere, tried to stuff peas and mashed potatoes into her little cunt-- and not without some success. Lynn found this out after dinner when she took the child into the bathroom to clean her up and ended up having to douche her out. A good number of peas and runny mashed potatoes drained out of the little cunt. The little girl just loved having the douche squirted in her little hole and had mommy do it several times, even after she was cleaned out. She apparently loved to have her little hole filled up with things, just like her big sister-- and mother.

Rob decided to leave the "forced" pee drinking for another time, as the talk was erotic enough as it was.

After dinner they all went up to see the newest member of their menagerie. The new python was happily curled up under the basking lamp, with no signs of distress at all from its move. Bobby wanted to put a mouse in the cage and see if it would feed, but Rob remembered that Ben had mentioned that the snake had been fed less than a week earlier, so it probably wasn't time for that yet. Larger pythons only need to be fed at week to ten day intervals, and sometimes went even longer. Right now, he thought that it was best not to disturb it too much and just let it get used to the new surroundings.

Lynn was continually thinking about getting the reptile into her. She didn't know if she could take it all, but she certainly wanted to find out soon. Until then, she'd see about 'borrowing' Albert from Bobby for a few practice sessions.

For Sissy, she kept remembering the dancing and gyrations of her mother when she had the mouse stuffed all the way inside her and she wanted to try that soon. It was so pervy to think about putting live animals inside her cunt. She loved the idea and could only imagine what it would be like with a crowd of people watching her do it. If she had her way, she'd stuff the snake up her cunt and walk around naked in public, with only the snake's head sticking out so everyone would see what she had inside her and how perverted she was. Or stuff several mice up inside her then sit in the school bus and pull one out of her snatch every once in a while to show the other kids. She knew they'd just freak out! She loved thinking about it.

She continued daydreaming. Maybe at an assembly with the whole school watching, she could strip naked and have her teacher, Mr. Sullivan, stuff a handful of worms into both her ass and cunt. Then she could just lay there while he and some of the other teachers took turns fucking the worms into both her holes. Yummmmmm. The fantasies danced like sugarplums in her head, while she stroked her clit. She enjoyed being a sex perv.

"Sissy, Sissy!" her mother said, trying to get her attention. Sissy said, "Oh, sorry Mom, I was... ummm, thinking about school. What were you saying?"

Her mother said, "Bobby said we could borrow any of the mice we wanted tonight if you want to try one."

Sissy thought a second and then said, "Ya know, you've done a lot today and I've gotten off several times too, already. I think I'll leave it to try later. I've got some reading for school that I should do, too. Maybe a little later, before she goes to bed, you can bring shrimp to my room and I'll play with her for a while. Dad, you still have some of those worms left from last night don't you?" Her dad nodded. "Maybe the two of us can play with the worms tonight. Would you like that, short stuff?"

Kari had been standing next to her daddy holding onto his flaccid cock, watching the snake. Now she looked at Sissy and nodded enthusiastically, pointed to her pussy and said "Worm fo'me?" Sissy said, "That's right, lil slut, we'll see if we can get some wormies in us tonight." She looked at her mom and dad and said, "She's already had one in her so it won't be anything new. I'll make sure both of us and the worms are clean and everything's OK. And it's not like we have to worry about her hymen. I think it'll be fun, just us two slut sisters."

Lynn put her hand on Bobby's shoulder and asked him, "What do you want to do tonight?" Bobby said he was going to go play with Albert. "If you want to use him, Mom, or any of the mice, that's fine."

Lynn patted his head and said, "No, you go ahead. Your dad and I are going to talk about some things." The two kids left the room, leaving little Kari still holding on to her daddy-cock.

Lynn asked her husband, "Dear, can you show me how to setup a password protected folder now so I can put some of the really extreme videos in it? Like I said before, it's not that I want to keep them from the kids, but I do want to have some control, so we can be there when they look at them so we can explain things and answer questions."

"Sure, sweety, let's get on the computer and I'll show you. It's simple."

They walked in to the computer room, pulled up some chairs and sat in front of the computer. Rob quickly showed his wife how to create a password protected folder and she started moving some of her downloaded videos over.

Rob said, "If I may ask, what exactly are in these videos that you don't want the kids accessing."

"Well, there's some pretty extreme stuff. Here, let me show you one." She clicked the mouse and started a video that showed a beautiful woman with her breasts tightly bound and the rope stretched above her to a hoist. She was raised up off the floor, suspended only by the rope binding her breasts. She swayed there in obvious pain. Then the guy came over with a hammer and what looked like several six penny nails and one by one, hammered them into her breasts around the areaola. After they were pounded into her tits, he then hammered an eight penny nail directly through the nipple straight into each breast. After each were in place, he tapped both with his finger to make sure they were solidly in place.

This went on for a while until her breasts were finally unbound and all the nails pulled out. She massaged her bloody, perforated tits and smiled for the camera.

Rob had gotten very hard watching this and little Kari was squirming on his lap, wanting to jump off and suck his daddy-cock. "Wow, that's really extreme. Interesting. What other kinky things do you have there?"

His wife started another video, saying, "I have a feeling that Sissy will like this one and will try it as soon as she can, knowing how she likes being stuffed." It was a German video showing a brunette, nude, in a sex swing, her asshole exposed. A guy started working his fingers into her ass and soon had his whole fist all the way up inside her rectum. He started pulling his fist out then shoving it back in, still fully clenched. Her hole was gaping, stretched wide open. He continued very roughly fisting her, really punishing her asshole. Then he started showing a young blond woman how to work her fist into the brunette's hole. She was sort of timid about shoving her clenched fist up into the brunette, so the guy grabbed her wrist and shoved her hand in. He then had her work her fist in and out a bit. Then he held her arm and started to insert his fist in the brunette's gaping hole. They soon had both fists up inside her and started alternately pulling one quickly out, then shoving it back in, then doing the same with the other.

The brunette's asshole was totally ravaged by the rough treatment. With two full fists in her hole, the guy then had the blond work her other hand into the brunette's cunt. Soon all three fists were in her two holes. Despite all this, the brunette was smiling and appeared to enjoy the rough play.

Rob was amazed at the amount of punishment the woman's asshole took and he knew that his wife wanted something like this to be done to her at some point. He asked, "What else do you have?" and let his little daughter down off his lap so she could suck on his hard cock as he didn't think he could make it with her squirming through another video without cumming.

Lynn said, indicating little Kari, "It's good that she's occupied and not watching this one." With a mouse click another video showed two young women swallowing live baby mice, live fish and live bugs and even a small lizard and a frog. "I'm not sure either I or Sissy would do any swallowing, although it is a little warped, but just think about putting eight or ten squirming baby mice in my cunt or ass. We'll have to look into that."

Little Kari's oral ministrations on his cock on top of all the erotic videos were getting more than Rob could stand and he said, "Here it comes honey. Here comes daddy-cum." With that he blew his wad into his young daughter's mouth. She took the first two spurts in her mouth, then pulled back off of Rob's cock. A couple of spurts landed on her face and dribbled down. She swallowed what was in her mouth and put her mouth back down and caught his last spurt again in her mouth. She licked her lips and said, "Yummmmm." She turned to her mother who pulled her to her and started licking what she could get of her husbands cum off her little daughter's face. She let her mother do it, then turned back to her father and started licking his now softening cock clean.

Lynn said, "Yum is right. Looks like we've got a real cum slut on our hands." Rob could only nod in agreement.

Rob said, "You know, you've got all these videos that you've found and looked at, and gotten a lot of ideas from. How about if you make a folder for any special ones, like the nails driven into tits, that show stuff you'd like us to do to you. That way, when I get a chance, I can look through those videos, make notes and figure out how to make what you want a reality. Plus, if I'm going to refurbish the basement into a kinky playroom for all of us, it would help with planning that. What do you think?"

"That would be a great idea. I'll start putting some of my very favorites in one now. It'll be in the password protected area so only you and I will have access to them for now." With that she started moving several of the video files over to a new folder that she had labeled "do2me". One was the tit nailing video, another the fisting video, plus the snake and mice ones. She thought for a minute, then moved one called "hanging" into the folder. Rob questioned what that video covered. Lynn clicked on it to show him.

The scene opened with a large breasted woman standing tied in a dungeon. A male dom came into frame with a length of rope, which he proceeded to wrap tightly around the woman's large breasts. Soon her two tits were ballooned out by the ropes, which were then attached to an overhead hoist. The man pulled on a rope attached to the hoist and the woman was soon suspended completely in the air, held up only by her two tits. She moaned in pain as she swayed in the air. The man took a small crop and gave her a few well placed swats on her huge globes. She cried out in pain and just swung back and forth, all of her weight held up off the ground only by the ropes binding her breasts.

The scene changed to another woman bound in the same dungeon and the action repeated itself. The video was a compilation of five or six of these suspension scenes. Rob said to his wife, "Well, you certainly have the endowment to allow us to do that. Do you think you can take the pain?"

"Rob, I don't know. I've never done anything like that before. 'Course I've never had needles stuck in my nipples before tonight and that certainly turned me on. And I got through it. So like you said, we'll have to work up to it as we go and find out just how much I can take. But I suspect that I might be able to take more punishment than possibly you will want to inflict on me. I don't know. Oh, and can you get some of those catheters that you mentioned?"

Rob looked at her quizzically and asked, "Why, are you contemplating some serious piss and insertion play?"

"Well, yeah, probably. As long as I'm gonna be kinky, why not. Here's one that you will have to spend time watching all the things that are done to this Japanese girl. She does it all cheerfully and voluntarily. But the part where she takes the semen of 30 men and has it injected into her bladder through a catheter is one of the kinky parts that I rather like. I know we couldn't get the semen from that many men, but maybe we could think of other things... like if we do get a dog."

"You mean to jack a dog off and collect his cum, then squirt it into your bladder?!"

"Wouldn't that be totally perverted. Maybe mix it with yours. I doubt we could talk Kari into spitting it out into a jar each time after she sucks you off, but Sissy would probably be happy to drain her cunt into a jar after you or Bobby fuck her. She's just as kinky as I am. And in the movie, after the young girl has all that semen up inside her bladder, she pees it all out into a glass and then drinks it all down, pee and semen combined. Couldn't you just picture forcing me to do that?"

"Honey, you're becoming one of the nastiest, kinkiest sluts I've ever even dreamed of. And believe me, I love it. I would love to see you doing stuff like that. My God, we should have gotten into this stuff a long time ago. We've missed so much."

"Well, this weekend seems to be the start of making up for all that time. But if you're OK with all this, I'm ready to make up a lot of lost time and opportunity, dear."

"You know, this starts to change some of the plans I had for the basement playroom. But I'm really liking the idea and I'll just plan on fixing it up so it will accommodate your newfound kinks."

At this point, he told Kari to go visit her sister and play so he and her mother could have some time together. The toddler left for her sister's room and Rob said, "Honey, show me that one again that has the nails driven into her tits. I want to see how they do that so I can plan."

"Oh, I'll just BET you want to plan," she laughed. "You just want to watch the kinky video again, doncha? Admit it. It turns you on." Lynn teased her husband.

"You betcha, but I just had an idea on how to put one of your scenarios together. How about two boards, like 2x6's joined together forming an inverted "T". Your tits can rest on top of the horizontal board while the vertical one goes up between them. Then we can drive those large spikes horizontally through the base of your tits into the vertical board and then drive others vertically down into the bottom board, really impaling you on the board with them. Then we can just let the boards hang from those huge spikes while I staple or use the nail gun to nail your cuntlips to a 1x4 running between them. Then that board can dangle from your cunt lips. What do you think, would that be extreme enough for you?"

"Oh, jeez, Rob, you're going to make me cum again! That's exactly the kind of thing I've been fantasizing. Especially if Bobby or Sissy was the one driving the spikes through me. Ohhhhhhhhhh, God!!!"

"Well, let's see that video and if it makes me any harder watching it, I want you to sit on my lap so I can stick it up your ass. Then, even if I can't cum soon again, at least I can piss inside of you. You'd like that wouldn't you?"

Lynn eagerly jumped up and sat on his lap as her answer. They watched that video and several others, Lynn squirming with arousal with Rob's cock in her ass. Her movements started getting to Rob and it didn't take too many videos before held onto his wife's hips and started thrusting up into her. She wiggled her ass and tried to meet his every thrust, moaning in orgasm. Finally, Rob spewed his load of cum up into his wife's bowels. He held her to him and after a while he was able to relax his sphincter enough to start his piss stream.

Lynn could feel the warm pee spraying into her ass, filling her up and giving her the most wonderful enema. She ooed and moaned as the hot stream filled her rectum. "Oh, God, Rob that's so nice. I love to have you piss in my ass! Fill me up, honey, I love it."

Finally, after sitting and basking in orgasmic afterglow, they decided it was getting late and Rob had to get up and go to work early the next morning. Plus, Lynn needed to release her piss enema that he so kindly administered to her. But before she did that, they both said goodnight to the older two kids and also tucked little Kari into her bed. Only then did Lynn empty herself. She felt wicked going to the kid's rooms with her rectum filled with her husband's cum and pee. But that's the whole object of being a perverted slut. In a perverted family.

[Continued in Ch. 4]