The Perverts Club - Zoo Mom - Chapter 20C

by Ole Crannon

Warning: This story contains descriptions of incest, underage sex, bestiality, oral, anal, very young pedo, cum drinking, ass-to-mouth, ws, and many other extreme and perverted themes. If any of these will offend or upset you, please do not read this story.

[If you don't know about The Perverts Club or haven't read the background of the group, it would be good to first read The Perverts Club-Introduction for that information, in addition to the previous chapters.]


Zoo Mom

Sissy looked around a little at the crowd that had grown around them. She spotted a boy she thought she recognized. He was probably sixteen and went to a school close to Sissy's. He had seemed to be a nice guy and she remembered he always had smiled at her. As Lynn was talking to the kiosk clerk, Sissy whispered that she'd be right back. Lynn nodded. Sissy slipped through the crowd and walked up to the boy.

"Hi," she said, acting a bit uncharacteristically shyly.

"Hi back," he said, smiling at her. "Sissy? Right?"

"How'd you know?" Sissy asked, grinning.

"I've seen you around. You know, after school, activities, with some of your friends." the boy said.

"So you've been spying on me, huh?" Sissy said with a smile.

The boy actually blushed and protested, "No. No. Nothing like that!"

"Stalking, then?" Sissy pushed further, enjoying a little bit making the boy flush.

"No!" he said, then realized that Sissy was pushing him just to give him a hard time. For fun.

"Shopping today?" he asked, grinning.

"Yeah. Getting some jewelry. What's going on? You here alone? I usually see you with several guys," Sissy asked. "Ya posse, ya know?"

The boy grinned. "Naw, just friends. Had to come down here to look for a birthday present for my little brother. Still don't know what to get him."

"How old is he?" Sissy asked. "Mine's about eleven. Maybe I can help with some ideas."

"He's about the same age, then. I was gonna get him a new game, but I think my folks already got him something like that. So I wanted to get something else though. Maybe I'll get him, like, a remote controlled car or something. You here with your mom?" he asked nodding toward the jewelry kiosk.

Sissy nodded. "Gettin' some new clothes for her. Like her new outfit?" Sissy asked, motioning toward the crowd.

"Uh, yeah. Looks like a lot of people do too," he said, grinning.

"Yeah, we figured that would happen. She's got the bod," Sissy said matter-of-factly.

The boy got a surprised look on his face at that comment. "Sissy! You say things like that about your own mother?" The boy was blushing again. Sissy knew she'd picked the right guy. She had sort of a sixth sense that way.

"Sure. It's true, isn't it? Look at her. You'd do her, wouldn't ya?" Sissy asked, wondering how far she could tease him without scaring him off.

Looking off and not meeting Sissy's eyes, the boy mumbled, "Yeah, guess so."

Sissy moved over next to him and put her arms around one of his. This mashed his arm up against her little boob. "You're ah... Kim?" she asked.

"Cam. Actually Chamberlain, but I've always been called Cam." He shrugged, which rubbed his arm along Sissy's boob again. Cam flushed at the feeling.

"Well, Cam, I hope you aren't embarrassed being seen with a twelve year old. I'm actually gonna be thirteen soon, though." Sissy gave his arm a squeeze.

Not looking at her, Cam said, "No. Not at all. Why'd you think that?"

"Oh, you know. Some guys are, ya know, hinky about that kinda thing. You know, being seen with younger kids," Sissy explained.

"Yeah, but they can be..." Cam said, searching for an acceptable word to use in front of Sissy.

"Fuckheads?" Sissy said, laughing. Cam nodded and laughed with her.

"Yeah. Def," he said.

"So are ya doin' anything or would ya like to do some shopping with Mom and me? She'd love to meet you and have you come with us. I'm gonna take her to VS next to find a really super sexy outfit for her," Sissy asked.

"Uh, I don't know if she'd want me around if you're gonna do that. I mean, wouldn't she be embarrassed to have a guy around?" Cam asked.

"Naw. It'll be good 'cuz you can give her the male point of view," Sissy said, still hanging onto Cam's arm so he couldn't bolt away in embarrassment. Sissy was sure she'd made the right choice.

At the jewelry kiosk, Lynn had asked the young guy if he carried any piercing equipment. He nodded and told her he had some things. What did she need?

Lynn had done her research and had made a mental list after talking with Rob. She said, "Oh, how 'bout some ten and twelve gauge piercing needles, a couple of receiver sleeves. Anything else you might think we'd need."

The clerk pulled out two packages that had a short piece of tubing in each one. "How many needles?" he asked.

"Mmmm, maybe half dozen of each. Ten and twelve. That should get us started. Playing at least," Lynn said, watching the guy's reaction.

He grinned and pulled out the individual packs of the short piercing needles and counted out six of each size. "You're planning on having some fun, huh?" he asked, grinning.

"Oh, definitely. You don't have any needles that are four gauge or larger do you. In case we want to use them for those segment rings?" Lynn asked.

"No. Sorry. I don't sell much of the actual supplies, so I don't stock them. Ten's about the biggest I've got," the young man told Lynn.

"That's fine. All of this stuff will do wonderfully." Lynn handed him her credit card and he totaled everything on the computer and swiped the card. Both orders combined added up to more than Lynn had thought, but she wasn't worried after what Rob had told them.

When he handed the card back to Lynn, she took his hand and said warmly, "Thank you very much for the personal service. You will be getting a call to make a personal delivery." Then she took the card and put it away in her purse.

"It was my pleasure. And I look forward to hearing from you," the clerk said, smiling. He handed the bag of stuff to Lynn. She looked around and saw Sissy standing by a store, holding onto the arm of a young boy. Trying to make her way through the throng that had gathered, Lynn got some feels on her ass and one even was audacious enough to brush against one of her only slightly covered breasts. Lynn grinned and continued over to Sissy and the boy.

"Mom, Cam. Cam, this is my mom, Lynn," Sissy introduced them.

"Well, very nice to meet you, Cam," Lynn said, bending down to put the shopping bags on the floor and giving Cam a really good look as the low cut cowl of the dress dropped away, almost totally exposing Lynn's gorgeous globes to the boy. When she looked up at him again, she was amused to see that he was blushing so badly and trying not to look directly at her breasts. Lynn put her hand out and shook Cam's hand, and he blushed even more. Lynn asked, "How do you know each other?"

Sissy piped up and said, "Cam goes to a school close to mine. We've seen each other at activities and such. I asked Cam if he'd like to do some shopping with us. Maybe give us a male opinion." Sissy grinned lewdly at her mother and flicked her eyebrows up a couple of times to let Lynn know Cam was OK.

"So, where are we off to next, Sissy? I think you had something in mind," Lynn said.

"Oh, I do, Mom. Def. We can start at VS. It's just around the corner, I think. Right Cam?" Sissy asked, slyly.

"Uh, yeah. Down there," Cam pointed.

"A guy who knows VS. Good choice, Sissy," Lynn said, chuckling and taking Cam's other arm like Sissy had, pressing it against her own much larger boob. Sissy raised her eyebrows again a couple of times, grinning. Cam was blushing again. He was so cute doing that.

"Here, let me get those bags for you," Cam said and bent down to pick up the several bags that Lynn had accumulated so far. They started off heading in the direction that Cam had pointed and soon reached the Victoria's store. Cam had thoroughly enjoyed one arm pressing against Sissy's little boob and the other against Lynn's larger one. By the time they got to the store, Cam had a definite hard on.

Walking into the store, Sissy guided them to a back area where the really skimpy, sexy things were. She'd been here before and had seen something that would be perfect for her mother. Especially when she did the submissive scenes with her father.

Once they were at the explicit lingerie display, Sissy and Lynn let go of Cam's arms. He was still embarrassed but happy. And hard. Sissy went to a display that had some really skimpy items. These were more than just the bras and panties and bikini's that VS was known for in their ads on TV. These wouldn't be allowed to be shown on TV unless it was cable.

Sissy picked up one with a label that described it as a black lace micronet, open cup teddy. It consisted of just straps that basically encased the breasts and sheer see through lace that was attached under the breasts and went down to cover the crotch. Well, it did cover the crotch but since the lace was see through... well. From the back, the person wearing it would be almost completely naked other than the several straps that went around.

"Sissy are you sure about this one?" Lynn whispered to her daughter.

"Def, Mom. And I want you to model it for Cam. OK?" Sissy replied back.

"Are you sure?" Lynn asked again.

"Very sure, Mom. Now take it in the dressing room and try it on. I'll wait here with Cam. To make sure he doesn't run off." Sissy grinned.

Lynn stepped into a dressing room and tried to figure out just how to put the strapped contraption on. There was a tag attached with a small picture of a model with it on, so that gave Lynn the basic idea. Slipping out of her mini dress, Lynn took a while getting the straps on and adjusted. There were heart shaped metal rings that fit right over each of her nipples, leaving the nipples outlined and pretty much bare. The lace front covered up just enough to make it like there was some cover. It was very sexy looking, Lynn had to admit. But one problem remained. Two straps met in the back and had to be tied.

Lynn opened the curtain of the dressing room a little to stick her head out. "Sissy. Come here. I need extra hands to get this tied."

Sissy smiled at Cam and said, "BRB," then went into the changing room. She gasped when she saw her mother. "Mom! That's perfect. I knew it would be right for you the second I saw it. Wow!" Lynn grinned and turned, holding the two straps behind her. Sissy took them and fastened them together. "OK, let's show Cam!"

"Are you really sure he's OK. He seems like a nice boy, but I don't know about this," Lynn whispered.

"He's fine. I'd like to see him doin' ya. He's one of the good guys. One of the few. I don't know him real well, but I know of him. I like him. So give him a thrill. Please, Mom?" Sissy whispered back.

Opening the curtain, Lynn walked out into the store. She stood in front of the huge mirror watching Cam's reflection. His mouth was open and he didn't seem to know if he should actually look or turn his eyes away. Hmmmm, maybe Sissy was right about the boy.

Lynn pirouetted in front of the mirror, then turned to face Cam and Sissy. "What do you think?" she asked.

"I love it, Mom. It's perfect for you. What do you think, Cam?" Sissy asked.

"Uh, it's... uh, um, uh, nice..." Cam stammered, trying to find not only the words but his voice also.

Lynn decided that she'd rely on Sissy's judgment about the boy and leaned into him, squeezing his arm to her again. This time her breasts were basically bare, so Cam got the full feel.

"You really like it, Cam?" Lynn asked him breathlessly. She let go of his arm and twirled in place, giving him an up close and personal view of her body. The boy couldn't speak and could hardly take his eyes off of her.

"Here, Mom. Here's another one I want you to try on and get Cam's opinion on," Sissy said, handing Lynn a package that just looked full of PVC straps of some kind. Like the one she had on, only without the lace covering things up. Lynn cocked her head at Sissy, giving her a questioning look. Sissy shooed her mother away to the dressing room with the package of straps.

"Whadda ya think?" Sissy asked Cam after her mother had gotten in the changing room. "Did ya like that one?"

"Yeah," Cam answered in a strangled voice. Sissy again had her arms around one of his, pressing it against her little boob.

"She's got a great body, doesn't she?" Sissy asked Cam. He nodded and swallowed. Sissy knew many boys who'd be pretty crude and obnoxious, trying to feel her mom up or worse. Cam was one of the good guys and didn't want to do anything to offend either Sissy or her mother. Such as making lewd remarks or staring at her mother all goggle eyed.

A lady, probably in her mid twenties, approached and asked if she could assist with anything. Sissy told her that her mother was in the changing room, trying on an outfit. The woman said sourly that putting "intimate lingerie" on over bare skin wasn't permitted unless the goods were purchased.

Sissy grinned and said, "No probs. We're gonna buy them." The young woman nodded and walked a way, telling them to let her know if they needed anything.

"God, she must not be on commission or else she's on the rag," Sissy said to Cam, squeezing his arm again. "You'd think she'd want to be right here and make some sales." Cam nodded, looking around at some of the 'clothing'. He'd seen the swimsuit editions of the sports magazine, but they didn't put these outfits in that magazine. Besides, this was real. He could actually, and did, touch it.

Lynn called from behind the curtain, "Sissy, I need some help getting these straps right."

Sissy shoved Cam toward the curtain and said, grinning, "Go ahead. You help her this time."

Cam wasn't really sure he was supposed to be doing any of this. He was torn between being a good guy and the desire to see more of Lynn's body. He hesitated at the curtain and said quietly, "Uh, it's me, Cam. Sissy said to help you."

"Well, come in, Cam. Maybe you can figure these straps out," Lynn told him. Then she reached an arm through the curtain and pulled the boy inside the changing room. She was sure this was a no-no, in addition to Cam's age, but at this point, she just didn't care.

Sissy had spotted some stretch micro skirts and sheer tube tops and grabbed several of them to add to the stuff that they were getting for her mom. She wanted to reveal as much of her pre-teen body as possible yet be just covered enough to not be naked. She'd prefer naked, but these pieces would add to the sexiness, rather than detract.

Lynn had gotten mostly into the straps, but couldn't figure out exactly how to arrange them and fasten them. She had a color picture from the package, which she showed to Cam so he could help figure it out. The boy wasn't sure he was supposed to touch the bare body in front of him and tried to look at the picture to figure it out. There was a choker type of collar that she'd gotten on OK and three straps came down from the collar, attached to straps that went around her breasts. Leaving them completely bare. From a ring between her breasts, three straps went down to a strap that went around her waist. Another three straps went from the waist down through the crotch and attached to the waist strap in back.

Cam was red faced, trying to figure out how to arrange the straps without touching the bare skin under them. Lynn grinned and said, "It's OK. You can touch me." She took one of Cam's hands and put it on her bare breast. "See?"

"Oh, Wow!" was all that Cam could get out. He stood there with his hand on Lynn's breast, not knowing what to do but not wanting to pull it away.

"Sissy, I think we need your help in here," Lynn called out. Sissy entered the now crowded changing cubicle with a big grin on her face.

"Mom! That's really kewl! You could get fucked in that," Sissy exclaimed. Looking at Cam, she said, "Hey, ya wanna try? See if it'll work? After all, that's what we're here for, trying it out."

"Uh," Cam said, really not wanting to take his hand off Lynn's breast, but not knowing what to do or say with these audacious and hot females. Naturally he'd like to fuck Lynn. What guy wouldn't? But Sissy had chosen the right kind of guy, as he wanted to but didn't know what to do. Or what to say. And wasn't forward enough to try to force himself on either one of the females. Cam didn't realize it but he was soon to be getting a grad school course in hot sex.

Lynn decided to take charge and felt a little concerned for the young boy. She put her hand over his that was on her bare breast and pressed it to her, then said, "Cam, honey. We don't want to force you to do anything. But Sissy said that you're a good guy and we really like good guys. And we like to show them how much we appreciate them being good guys. So, if you'd like to do something, anything, with us, we'll be happy to have you do it." She then kissed Cam, which really both surprised him and turned him on even more.

"Do you have a problem with that?" Lynn gently asked the young boy. "You can leave right now or anytime you want to. We don't want to force you to do anything. But if we can share some fun, we'd like to do that. OK, honey?" Lynn asked.

The boy gulped and sort of nodded. Lynn saw Sissy to her side with a big grin on her face, obviously wanting to do something but letting her mother take the lead that she'd setup by selecting the young guy. She knew a little bit about Cam from friends and she thought he'd be a good guy to have some fun with. Dropping down to her knees, Sissy started undoing Cam's pants. She could feel his good sized hard on through them as she worked his zipper down.

"Cam, dear. You let me know if there's anything you don't want to do," Lynn whispered to the boy. "And definitely let me know if there's something you'd like me to do, too. OK?"

The boy just nodded as Sissy slipped his pants down and his hard on sprang up. Sissy couldn't resist and took the head of his cock in her mouth, getting a little yip of both surprise and pleasure from Cam. Lynn felt sorry for the poor boy being overwhelmed by the two of them but she liked Sissy's choice. She just put her arms around him, crushing her large breasts against his chest and gave him a hot kiss, which Cam really enjoyed.

Lynn let Sissy work on Cam's hard shaft a little more, then whispered in his ear, "Cam, honey, are you ready for me? Are you ready for this?" The young boy couldn't put two coherent thoughts together but he knew he damn well wasn't going to object. He wondered if he'd died and gone to heaven.

Lynn gently pressed against Cam and helped him sit down on the chair that was against the wall. This also pulled his cock out of Sissy's mouth, somewhat to her disappointment but she was also anticipating what her mom would do with Cam. Once Cam was seated, Lynn straddled the boy on the chair.

"Cam, honey, you just sit there and enjoy the fun. Sissy will help me get you into me. You just relax and enjoy," Lynn whispered to the boy. Cam couldn't believe his ears but the two lovely globes with the straps around them, emphasizing them, really did bring what was happening into sharp focus. He was going to get laid!

Taking the cue from her mother, Sissy grasped Cam's hard cock, moved the straps of the piece out of the way and guided the head of the cock to her mother's very moist, almost dripping, slit. When Lynn felt Cam's cockhead against her cunt, she slowly dropped down, letting it slip slowly into her. It felt quite good to Lynn and absolutely mind blowing to Cam.

With her arms around the boy's neck, Lynn let herself all the way down onto his hard cock. She looked at him and asked, "Everything all right, dear? You let me know if you want me to stop."

Stop?? Even if Cam could think with any amount of clarity right now, why would he want her to stop? He had his cock in a real woman's cunt for the first time. Who in their right mind would want her to stop?

Lynn smiled and started to lightly move up and down a little bit, then grind around on Cam's hard cock. The boy was still speechless and couldn't believe what was happening. Sissy was still kneeling down behind Lynn, fascinated by watching the close up view of Cam's cock penetrating her mother's cunt. It was fun. She didn't usually get to see this close up and personal. Then Sissy got an idea. She reached out and started to finger her mother's exposed asshole. As soon as Lynn felt Sissy's finger, she groaned with pleasure. She instantly knew that she was not only going to have a virgin fifteen year old boy's cock cum in her cunt, but would get her darling daughter's finger or fingers in her asshole at the same time. God, would she cum like crazy if Sissy would start tonguing her asshole! The thought send shivers down Lynn's spine.

As amazing as it was, for such a young and inexperienced young boy, Cam hadn't shot his wad when Sissy sucked on his hard cock. He'd still not shot as Lynn sank down on his rod and started grinding on it. But that was about all it took, for with a quiet cry, Cam let loose and shot his load of spunk up into Lynn's cunt. His hips reflexively jerked up with each of five or six spurts of cum. Lynn was thrilled with getting the young boy off. Although it would be nice if she could get off too with him fucking her. But she knew that young boys Cam's age might not even go soft and could probably cum again rather quickly. They recuperated fast.

Cam moaned as he shot his wad into Lynn's cunt. Then he realized that he'd been pretty quick on the trigger and started to apologize to Lynn for cumming so soon. Lynn just shut him up by giving him a hot, passionate kiss with plenty of tongue action. As Sissy worked a finger into her mother's asshole, Lynn was ecstatic. She ground her hips around, stimulating Cam's cock and keeping him hard.

Sissy swirled her finger around in her mom's ass, then pulled it out, sniffed it and put it in her mouth. She loved the totally perverted idea of doing that. When she was turned on, which was mostly her normal state of being, Sissy had no problems with scat or piss and just enjoyed the shivers of the sheer perversity of it that it gave her. She'd watched a video of an online scat girl talking about how she actually enjoyed scat play and had since she was very young. The girl said it wasn't something that was disgusting or off putting, but instead a very real turn on. Sissy felt mostly the same way. And she just loved to involve her little sister in the most disgusting and perverted things, too. And Kari seemed to like it, although at three, Kari loved her big sis and would do just about anything that Sissy did or asked Kari to do.

Putting her arms around her mother's waist, Sissy got her tongue going, trying to work it into her mother's exposed asshole. Much to the enjoyment of the asshole's owner. But Sissy had a hard time with Lynn grinding on Cam's still firm cock. Finally, she gave up and stood to lean over to give her mother a kiss. Lynn was on the verge of getting off and loved getting into a tongue fight with Sissy. Cam could only just hold on, enjoy the feeling of Lynn's cunt and her actions on his cock, and wonder at the mother and daughter kissing each other.

"Mmmm," Sissy said. "He came in ya, didn't he? Can you pull off him enough for me to lick his cum up as it drains out of you? No fair you getting everything from him. He's MY friend, after all." She grinned.

Looking down at Cam, Lynn asked, "Can you cum again or are you all worn out now?" Not waiting for an answer, Lynn lifted up slowly and Sissy got down to lick the cum and cunt juice covered cock as it came out of her mother's cunt. When Cam's cock finally popped out, Lynn arched her back and lifted her hips to expose her drooling hole to her daughter's tongue. Sissy got as much as she could as it drained out of her mother's cunt, much to her mother's enjoyment also. Cam couldn't see what was going on and was pretty much blissed out anyway.

Moving off of Cam's lap, Lynn watched as Sissy not glommed onto Cam's cock and tried to deep throat it while frigging her own clit. Lynn had to admit she really enjoyed and got off on watching her daughter do sexual things. With anybody. Even Lynn herself.

After doing a good knob polishing job on Cam's cock, Lynn said, "Honey, why don't you climb on that thing and see if you can get him to cum in you. I think he's young enough to get recharged quickly. At least if that still hard cock is any indication." Sissy nodded and stood up to straddle Cam as her mother had. Then she guided his cock into her already sopping hole and dropped down on it. Cam let out a moan of pleasure and probably disbelief at his good fortune.

Sissy was hot and wanted to cum. She ground her cunt on Cam's hard cock, getting some moans of pleasure out of him. After a while, Sissy said to him, "Do you think you've got another load in you? I really want to get off and feel you shoot into me. How 'bout if we stand up and I bend over, and you can fuck me from behind? Will that work for you?"

Cam could only nod his assent and Sissy got up, Cam's cock standing straight up as she slipped off of it. "Doncha' just love it?" Sissy asked her mother as she grasped the hard rod and shook it a little bit. Lynn laughed and nodded at her audacious daughter.

The two helped Cam stand up and Sissy bent over the chair. Lynn helped guide Cam behind her daughter and rubbed his cockhead along Sissy's cunt before Cam plunged into it. Both Cam and Sissy let out sighs of pleasure. Sissy thought she'd rather be doing this out in the middle of the store with a crowd watching, but just knowing that they were out in a public place made it that much more erotic for her.

As Cam started to pump his cock into her daughter's cunt, Lynn put her arm around the boy and encouraged him to fill her daughter's cunt with his cum. True to the idea of young boys having a short recharge time, soon Cam was jamming his cock into Sissy cunt, hammering away with abandon. Sissy was cooing with enjoyment and Lynn frigged her own clit. Cam would slow down his strokes, the pick up the speed again. It took a while of thrusting, but Cam started to feel that tension in his ass and groin muscles, then he erupted in another orgasm, spurting his load into Sissy's hot, tight cunt. He threw his head back and let out a low grunt as he spurted into her.

Lynn just loved the whole idea of what they were doing. She and Sissy had talked about doing public things like this before and both got the same arousal from the idea. Cam was just one of the lucky ones who was in the right place at the right time with these two hot blooded bitches. Even if he could realize that, there would be no complaints from him.

After his last grunt and squirt of cum into Sissy's cunt, Cam didn't know what to do next. He held still as his cockhead was a bit sensitive and Sissy tried to slow her breathing down and come down from her orgasmic high. She was so thrilled to be doing this in a public place and especially with her mother.

"Mom, do you have any tissues? I think that's gonna make a mess unless we do something," Sissy asked Lynn.

Looking around the dressing cubicle, Lynn didn't see any. She turned and stuck her head through the curtain to look out but didn't see anything that would double for cum cleaners. She gave serious thought to walking out to the sales desk in just the straps that she had on, but figured from the sales woman's attitude before that it might not be the best thing to do right now. If they found out the three were fucking in the dressing room, it might not turn out that well.

"I can't find anything, honey," Lynn said to Sissy.

Sissy pulled away from Cam and his cock slipped out of her cunt. Turning quickly and sitting down in the chair, Sissy pulled her legs up so the opening of her cunt wasn't directly vertical. "You made the mess. You should clean it up," she said, grinning at the shocked Cam. "But like most guys, you probably wouldn't do that. Mom, can you help?" Sissy asked.

Lynn was absolutely still feverishly aroused by what they had been doing. No number of orgasms would probably take the edge off of her arousal. And when she was in this state, about anything could happen.

Pulling Cam down to kneel in front of Sissy's drooling cunt, Lynn put her arm around the boy and pulled him close to her. "Looks good, doesn't it?" she asked Cam. The boy barely nodded, never having been this close to a bare, let alone a recently fucked cunt, before.

"I'm gonna show you something that will probably get you in good with the girls later on. And never think that it's disgusting or queer. A strong, confident guy wants to make his lover happy. So watch what I do and then you can try it," Lynn told him. She then leaned forward and licked and sucked as much of his cum out of her daughter's cunt as she could get. After vacuuming most of the drooling cum out of Sissy's cunt so it was much more presentable and not so much of a macho threat to the boy, Lynn pulled back. She turned Cam's face to her and gave him a little kiss. "Now, you try," she said, putting her hand on the back of his neck and gently urging him down to lick her daughter's cunt.

Sissy was amazed at what her mother was having Cam do, but she really liked it. Reaching around her legs, Sissy pulled her cunt lips open for Cam. The boy, not wanting to look like a virgin dork in front of these two sexy females, tentatively let his tongue touch Sissy's cunt. The smell was musky and interesting and Cam could feel it affecting his slightly wilted cock. The taste wasn't much, but the idea that he was actually tasting a real female cunt was fascinating. He knew a lot of guys who claimed they'd done it and quite a few more who claimed they'd NEVER do it, but he had wondered if any of those guys actually had. Now he had. And was sorta proud of it.

With a little pressure on his neck from Lynn, Cam went down again and tried to get his tongue in a little deeper this time. He found that his cock was starting to harden, if not from the smell then from the sheer erotic feeling of what he was doing. It really wasn't that bad and if they girl liked it, and would let him fuck her again, then he figured 'Hell, why not?'.

Sissy enjoyed watching Cam tongue her pussy. He didn't know what to do but that could be remedied some other time. And she hoped there would be some other times, just like she hoped the delivery guy would stop by again. Sissy reached down to grab Cam's ears and pull him gently into her cunt, feeling his tongue flicking around in her cuntal membranes.

"Mmmmm, feels good, Cam," Sissy said. And it did. Not a great tongue job, but the situation itself was arousing enough to make it feel good. Like they said, when sex was good, it was really great. When it was bad, it was still pretty good.

Cam was delighted that his stumbling efforts were making this hot twelve year old feel good. He'd almost forgotten that the super stacked woman he'd just fucked was this young girl's mother. As that thought struck him, he redoubled his efforts with his tongue and his cock hardened even more. That was a super turn on!

Lynn stood up and watched as the boy licked her daughter's cunt. She fastened the straps of the "teddy" as best she could and stepped out through the curtain. There were a few shoppers in the store looking at various items. Mostly men, but a few couples. Lynn walked over to the mirror and tried to adjust the straps in the back using the mirror so she could see her rear side. She noticed in the mirror that she'd attracted the attention of at least a couple of the guys and wondered if she could get as big a crowd here as she had at the other store. Lynn grinned to herself as she strutted back to the changing cubicle.

Sissy had pulled Cam up by his ears to give him a hot kiss and he found his rampant cock right at her hole again in that position. It was almost natural for him to slip the hard rod back into Sissy, much to her delight. She continued to kiss him as he slowly and sensuously stroked into her. Lynn walked in to the cubicle and laughed.

"Still going at it, huh?" Lynn asked rhetorically.

Cam didn't even stop his stroking and Sissy raised a hand up around him to give Lynn a thumbs up sign. While the two kids enjoyed themselves, Lynn disentangled herself from the strap teddy. She didn't know where she'd be able to wear it but it did tickle her fancy seeing herself in it in the mirror. It looked like it would fit right in when she submitted to Rob in a bondage or S&M scene. Lynn shivered thinking of that.

While Sissy was otherwise occupied, Lynn decided to look for some thigh high hold up nylons to wear with the selections they'd made. Figuring that it was too much trouble to remove the strap teddy and put on her outfit that she gotten at the other store, Lynn stepped out of the cubicle and went looking for nylons. She happened on a display that said, "No Strings Attached" with a picture of a well developed model in what looked like three tiny triangles of cloth that probably were self adhesive. True to the blurb, there were literally no strings at all. Just the minuscule scraps of cloth. Lynn knew that Sissy would instantly want her to get one, so Lynn picked up two of the packages; one for her and one for Sissy. Thinking again, she grabbed another package for Kari. The three of them could have matching obscenely revealing micro-kinis. She figured that she may have to cut the one down for Kari but her little darling sexpot would be overjoyed wearing the same hot sex outfits as her mother and older sister.

As Lynn walked around the store in the extremely revealing outfit, she caught the instant attention of a number of men. One or two were with their wives or girlfriends who immediately expressed their disapproval of their man ogling the nearly naked woman. Lynn had to chuckle to herself about their insecurity. Obviously they had issues of self esteem if they couldn't even let their man look at another attractive woman and be fearful of him being attracted to her. It was just something that Lynn, and she knew Rob also, had never had to deal with. Both of them would be more than happy to have the other look at, and even fuck another. Both were quite self confident and it seemed that their kids were growing up with the same kind of attitude. Or at least the absence of the green eyed monster.

Finding a display with the hosiery she wanted, Lynn picked through the various pattens and colors, piling up a number of the ones she wanted to buy. At one point, one of the sales women spotted her and came over.

"You can't walk around like that! You're almost naked!" the woman exclaimed.

Lynn looked at the mid twenties woman and smiled, picked up the stack of nylons and put the three adhesive-kinis with them and looked pointedly at them and then to the woman. "No problem at all. I can put all of these back including this outfit and the other one I planned on buying and walk out of here, leaving you without a pretty good sized sale. Or I can wait until my daughter finishes fucking the boy in the dressing room, then put my clothes back on and buy all of this stuff. And maybe something that she would like also. Your choice. I don't see anyone complaining. And if you'd like to see the receipt for what we purchased at another store that didn't have any objections about modeling the items to their customers, I'll be happy to show them to you as we leave without spending any money. Like I said, your choice."

The woman stood there with her mouth open, not knowing what to say or how to respond to Lynn's quite assertive attitude. Lynn smiled and said, "Figured as much," then turned and walked away toward the changing cubicle, hoping that Sissy and Cam had finished up by the time she got there.

Sissy and Cam were in the cubicle, kissing, when Lynn parted the curtain and walked in. Sissy grinned and Cam flushed all the way to his ears again. Cute.

"Get yourselves presentable and let's get out of here. One of the saleswomen wasn't too happy with me walking around the store in this," Lynn told the two. She laughed. Then she handed Sissy the items she'd picked out and started undoing the straps to get the teddy off.

"Must have been Ms. PMS who wasn't too helpful toward us a little while ago. What did she say?" Sissy asked, sitting the packages down and helping Lynn out of the straps.

"Just that I couldn't be caught walking around their store, where they sell these things, dressed in them. She didn't turn around, so I couldn't tell if she had a stick up her butt or not," Lynn said with a laugh, slipping into her own outfit. Cam nearly snorted out his nose when she said that, trying to be courteous and not ogle her body as she changed. He was cute.

"Mom! That's funny. Maybe we should just leave without buying anything. Although I just love the idea of these nothing there bikinis you found," Sissy said.

Lynn had Cam grab all their bags with their other purchases and Sissy and her carried the selections they wanted. They left the changing cubicle and walked through the store to the main sales counter. The PMS sales woman was there with a sour look on her face.

"Is the manager in today? Or at least the supervisor over you?" Lynn asked nicely. The woman's eyes widened a little, then she called another slightly older woman over from another area.

The older woman smiled and said, "May I help you?"

Placing all of their selections on the counter, Lynn said, "We came in here to buy a few things," motioning to the stack of merchandise. "I was trying on this outfit and your sales clerk here became upset because I was walking around in one of YOUR outfits, looking to buy MORE of YOUR merchandise and demanded that I cover up. I'm sorry if I offended anyone, but based on your merchandise and merchandising, I figured that you wouldn't be averse to someone actually wearing it in your store. As I told this... clerk, I have the choice of making the purchases or walking out without doing so. It's your choice." Lynn smiled at the manager.

Sissy said, "And before that, we were trying to select some things and she came over and told us that we couldn't try anything on unless we were going to purchase it. Then she walked away. I'm only twelve, but even I know that even if she's not on commission, it's at least good salesmanship to try to offer some help in finding things instead of acting like it's that time of the month." Cam nearly swallowed his tongue trying to keep from laughing. Sissy glared at him.

"I'm very sorry for the inconvenience. Let me ring these things up for you," the older woman said. She then turned to the younger one and said, "We'll discuss this later," in a tone that indicated that it wasn't going to be a pleasant discussion.

"Again, I'm very sorry. You've made some wonderful selections. I just wish I could have seen you in some of them," the manager said as she rang up all the purchases.

Lynn smiled as she handed the credit card to the woman. "No problem. We had just been treated very well at one of your competitors and didn't think it would be a problem here," Lynn said, as she showed the receipt from the other store to the manager. The woman's eyebrows went up a little when she saw the total amount of the purchase.

Handing Lynn her credit card back with the receipt, the manager also picked up one of her business cards, turned it over and wrote "Preferred customer" and signed it. She handed it to Lynn. "If there's anything you want, I'll be more than happy to help you. And if you want to try on anything in this store, you're welcome to do so. Again, I apologize for my employee's attitude. We appreciate your business."

Sissy took the bags with their purchases and the three walked out of the store. Cam didn't want to open his mouth but he was laughing inside. Sissy giggled.

"That was SO kewl, Mom!" Sissy exclaimed after they were back in the open mall area and a ways away from the store. Cam nodded in agreement. Lynn led them over to some seats and they sat down, putting all the bags down.

"All's well that ends well, I guess. I suppose I probably shouldn't have walked out almost naked in public there. But after the other store, it didn't seem like it would be a problem. Especially with their type of clothing and advertising," Lynn said.

Cam said, "I have the feeling that they're going to have a position open. Maybe you should apply." He laughed. "After all, you'd do a lot better than that... uh, other woman," he said, trying not to use the word he wanted to out of politeness to the two females.

Lynn grinned at him. "So did you two enjoy yourselves?" She looked at Cam and said with a chuckle, "Did you enjoy fucking my daughter?" Cam couldn't meet Lynn's gaze, blushing again.

"It was great, Mom. Here, ya wanna taste of his cum?" Sissy said, spreading her legs and running a finger along her still drooling slit. "He did good."

Laughing, Lynn shook her head and said, "Let's go get something to eat. We need to talk." They stood up and Cam chivalrously tried to carry as much as he could for the two ladies.

They got to the food court and after getting the food and drink, they looked around for a table that was out of the way. Finding one across the court, the three went over and sat down, Cam sitting close to Sissy. They talked about generalities, Cam studiously avoiding the subject of what they'd just done in the store changing room.

Finally, Lynn decided that she needed to explain to the boy how things would work. She said, "Cam, dear, I hope you enjoyed yourself. We both certainly enjoyed you." Cam flushed until his ears were red again. He didn't know what to say.

"Sissy seemed to feel that you are one of the good guys, otherwise you wouldn't have gotten the time of day from us. I know boys love to brag about their conquests to their friends, but I want to just let you know the pros and cons of doing that," Lynn said to the boy. Cam avoided looking at her and Lynn reached across the table and put her hand on his. "Cam, look at me," she said.

The boy finally looked up at Lynn and she smiled at him. "There's nothing to be embarrassed about. We did enjoy you. And we wouldn't mind doing more of the same with you if you can keep things quiet. By that, I mean, not saying a word to any of your friends. Not to anyone for that matter. We all could get in trouble if you did. If you can keep quiet, then I'm sure Sissy and I would be more than happy to have you visit sometimes. And obviously enjoy the same type of thing that you did today. Either one of us. Or both of us. Do I have your word that you won't breathe a word of this to anyone, no matter what?" Lynn asked.

Cam nodded, still flushing badly. Lynn gave his hand a squeeze and said, "Good. I think Sissy made a good choice. I think she knows who to trust. Now, would you like to maybe visit sometime and have some fun?"

"Oh, God, Ms... uh, Lynn, I'd love to. Both of you are so awesome," Cam finally stammered out.

"Good, Cam. I think you'll find out that there are some major benefits to knowing when to keep quiet about certain things. We may do some, well, interesting things in public, like we did today, but we try to keep things that will cause problems more hidden, like in the changing room. I know you'll understand," Lynn said. Cam nodded again. Lynn hoped that maybe he could get over his inarticulateness at some point too.

Sissy looked around to make sure nobody was watching them and pulled Cam's head over to give him a kiss. She took his hand and pulled it down under the table to her still drooling crotch. "I really liked what you did today, Cam," Sissy told him. "I'd like us to be able to do more, so listen to what my mom says. But I know you won't go blabbing to all your guy friends. This is just between us. OK?" Sissy asked. Cam nodded, not being able to believe he was again actually touching this hot girl's cunt. He thought he'd died and gone to heaven.

They talked a little more, with Cam hardly able to take his eyes off of either of the two females. At one point, a group of the guys that knew Cam walked through the food court and saw him with Lynn and Sissy. They discussed something among themselves, then tried act super cool and nonchalant while heading over to the table with the two hot looking females and their friend. Cam saw them coming and flushed badly again, then slid slightly away from Sissy. He had taken Lynn's words very seriously and wasn't about to jeopardize his future chances by having his friends think there was anything going on.

The three guys got to the table and greeted their friend while checking out both of Lynn's barely concealed breasts and Sissy's tight little bod. Cam introduced them to Sissy and Lynn, still blushing badly. One of the guys asked Cam what brought him to the mall and Cam said he was shopping for a present for his younger brother and had met Sissy and her mom. Sissy had a brother about the same age and was going to help him pick out a present. Cam didn't ask the guys to join them, and after a little bit more conversation and surreptitiously checking out Sissy's and Lynn's bods, the guys headed off on their own.

"That was very good Cam. I see why Sissy trusted you," Lynn told the boy. Unsurprisingly, Cam blushed again and nodded. Looking at Sissy, Lynn asked, "Were you going to help Cam pick out a present?"

Sissy said, "Yeah. His brother's about the same age as Bobby. So I figured he'd like some of the same things as Bobby does." Then Sissy remembered something and said to Cam, "Hey, I talked to some guys I know down by the sports shop. They were talking about a new board they wanted. Does your brother like skateboarding?"

Giving it some thought, Cam said, "He's not really gotten into it but yeah, he's talked about it. That would be cool. But I don't think I've got enough to get him a good board. They're expensive."

"Well, that shop's got a big sale on this weekend. I saw it on TV. I think they've got some starter boards for probably less than one of those remote control jobs you were thinking about. Although he'd probably like either one," Sissy said.

Lynn wondered how her daughter knew so much about skateboarding, but then realized that Sissy was an information sponge. She soaked up the most obscure facts. Rob had explained to Lynn about how Sissy picked up some tech things just by reading one of the company's annual reports when she was at the office with him. He told Lynn that he was just amazed at her. Lynn had to agree.

"Uh, kids, if you two want to go shop for his present, I want to run to a store not far from here for something I saw that I want to get. Won't take long. I could go there and come back while you two got Cam's brother his present," Lynn told them.

"That'd be kewl, Mom," Sissy said. She turned to Cam and said, "Unless you don't want to be seen with me. You know, younger kid and all."

Cam said, "Oh no. I'd love it. Sure. If you don't mind."

They agreed about it and arranged to meet at the sports store at a certain time. Lynn had Cam agree to not let Sissy do anything in public that would get them arrested and while she said it for Sissy's benefit and was being facetious, Cam took her at her words and solemnly promised he'd keep her safe. Again, Lynn felt good that Sissy - and she - had made the right choice. And it was so cute when he blushed with embarrassment and his ears got red.

They agreed to take all their purchases out to the car first, since it was parked nearer to the sports store. Before splitting up, Lynn got Cam's cell phone number so she could get in touch with them just in case. Then Lynn got in the car and watched the two kids walk back in the mall. She saw Sissy take Cam's hand just before they entered the mall. Starting the car, Lynn drove out and to the shop she had found online. Figuring that with her outfit she might make a bit of a splash in the type of store she was going to. Finding a parking space close to it, Lynn walked in the door.

Contrary to her mental picture of the typical porn store, Lynn was surprised to find a really well lit, clean place. She almost felt like she'd be right at home here in her revealing outfit. It wasn't at all like the grungy adult book store she'd pictured in her mind. There were a number of men looking around at merchandise, but there were some couples also.

A young man walked up to Lynn and asked if he could be of any assistance. Lynn took out a slip of paper that she'd written the product code on and handed it to him, telling him that she'd looked it up online on their website. The young man nodded and had her follow him to a well stocked display of adult toys. Opening a door to the display, he pulled out a box and set it on the counter. Taking off the lid, he turned the box so Lynn could inspect the item.

"Oooo, I was hoping it would be that size. It looks nice," she said, smiling.

"Is this for you or a gift?" the clerk asked, smiling.

"Definitely for me," Lynn answered, picking up the item from the box.

"We've sold a few of them. They're quite popular for anal stimulation. Mostly the guys are buying them," the clerk told Lynn.

"Yes, I'm sure it would work nicely for that. But I'm more interested in using it for stimulating something else," Lynn told him.

"Oh?" the clerk said. "I'd certainly like to hear about that."

"Hear about it or would like me to give you a demonstration?" Lynn asked coyly.

"That depends on what you're going to use it for," the clerk said smiling.

"My hus...uh, my master is going to use it for dilating and stimulating my uterus," Lynn said, matter of factly.

"Now THAT I would definitely like to see, but I suspect that it will take more preparation than we'd be able to do here. Are you sure you want to do that? It could cause some complications," the clerk told Lynn.

"I know. We've discussed all of that and with my doctor," Lynn said, putting the item back in the box.

"I've been told that that can be quite painful for the average woman," he said.

"Mmmm, uh huh. Which will be quite stimulating, I suspect," Lynn said. "I'd really like to stay and try it out, but I've got to get back to the mall and pickup my daughter and one of her boyfriends."

"One?" the clerk asked, raising his eyebrows.

"Well, the one we're fucking today, anyway. He's a nice boy," Lynn said, smiling as the clerk rang up the purchase.

"You're both fucking him?" the clerk asked incredulously. "How old is this boy?"

"Fifteen, I think. I've only met him today," Lynn said, handing over her credit card.

"Fuck! Oops, I'm sorry," the clerk said. "How old is your daughter, if you don't mind my asking?"

"Oh she's twelve, almost thirteen. Well twelve, going on thirty I sometimes think," Lynn said smiling, amused at the clerk's surprised reaction.

"And you're both fucking the fifteen year old?" the clerk asked. "At the same time?"

"I like how you think. No, he did me first, then he couldn't resist doing her. But that is a fun idea, us both doing him at the same time. I'll remember to suggest that to them," Lynn said, taking the package and getting ready to leave.

"Well, if I can be of any assistance to either of you, please stop back in," the clerk said, handing a business card to Lynn.

She smiled, nodded and said, "I'm sure I'll need a few more things. Maybe next time, something that I can demonstrate for you."

"I'll definitely look forward to that," the clerk said as Lynn turned to leave. She added a little extra sway to her hips as she knew she had his undivided attention walking away. Outside, Lynn giggled as she got into the car and headed back to the mall. And she couldn't help but fantasize about how the shiny stainless steel dilator was going to feel as it penetrated her uterus. God, it was going to hurt so good!

Back at the mall, Cam and Sissy found out that he didn't have quite enough money to get the skateboard that was on sale, so Cam found a small remote control helicopter and bought that. They walked out of the store with Sissy holding onto Cam's arm.

"I suspect he'll break it in the first fifteen minutes, but he'll like it," Cam said, laughing.

"Yeah, it doesn't look that sturdy, but it's kewl," Sissy said. "I think my brother would like getting one."

They found a seat not far from the sports store and sat down to wait for Lynn to get back. Cam said, "You're mom's really kewl. Is she like this all the time?"

"Like what? Hot, sexy and ready to fuck anybody, anyway?" Sissy asked. She laughed. "Yeah. Pretty much."

Cam hesitated, then asked, "Uh, like, well, do you, ya know, uh, do this all the time too?"

"Ya mean, fuck someone in the mall?" Sissy asked, giggling. "Not a lot. Only with someone I like and trust. Someone who I think can keep his mouth shut." She squeezed Cam's arm against her boob.

Again, Cam didn't say anything. After a short while, both of the started to say something and they laughed. "You go first," Sissy said.

"Uh, like, was your mom, like, ya know, serious about doing this kinda stuff again?" Cam asked, embarrassed.

"If you can keep quiet, sure. There's definite advantages to keeping your mouth shut. Like getting this thing," and Sissy rubbed Cam's semi hard cock through is pants, "into both of us. And you might even get a little more than that."

"More?" Cam said, not being able to believe there could be more than fucking these two hot, sexy females.

Sissy took one of Cam's hands and smiled at him. "Yeah. More. But you need to understand that it's just sex. I mean, I like you. I wouldh't have let you fuck me and my mom if I didn't. But there's no, ya know, exclusive thing. No jealousy. None of that stuff. We have fun. I'm too young to, ya know, get in a relationship with any guys. I'll 'splain a lot of things later for ya. But right now, just enjoy having some fun. OK?"

"Oh, wow!" Cam said and sat thinking. A little later he said, "So, like, we can have sex, but we're not, like, ya know, together?"

"Yeah. Like friends with benefits. Really good benefits. Ya understand?" Sissy asked.

After thinking a bit again, Cam asked, "Is your dad OK with this?"

Sissy laughed and pulled Cam to her, giving him a big kiss. She didn't care who was watching. When they broke apart, she said, "You're overthinking everything. Don't worry. My dad's not gonna come after you with shotgun and make you marry me. It's just sex. Enjoy it."

"Oh, wow!" Cam exclaimed again.

"If you keep your mouth shut, we can enjoy it. If you start blabbing to your friends or anyone, then it could get bad. I'd have to tell them how you molested me and forced yourself on my mom. We wouldn't ever do anything like that unless you started telling anything. So just keep it to yourself and be happy that you can have sex with some hot chicks while your guy friends sit at home, beating off thinking about it." Sissy laughed. "I think you can see which is more fun."

Cam pondered it for a while as they watched the people walking by. Finally, Cam said, "I understand. But ya know, I kinda like you."

Sissy snorted and laughed. "Kinda? After what we did in the store dressing room. I hope you'd sorta like me."

"No. I mean..." Cam stammered a little. "I mean, you're fun. You're not like a lot of the other girls. I can talk to you. Well, and do other things too, but we can talk. It's nice."

"You mean, like talk about sex and stuff. Like being friends with benefits and not being exclusive and having jealousy hangups and that sorta stuff?" Sissy asked.

"Yeah. All of that. Plus you're hot," Cam said and then blushed fiercely again. "I mean... I'm sorry. Like I, uh..."

Sissy squeezed Cam's arm and said, "Shush. I like that. We can talk about that kind of thing without being embarrassed. Mom was right. You're so cute when you blush like that. And I'm glad you think I'm hot."

Cam was again struck reasonably silent, not knowing what to say. He sighed in relief when he saw Lynn walking toward them. Then he was also struck by just how fucking sexy Sissy's mom was. And to think he'd actually lost his virginity today to her mother. Whoa!!

"Hi, kids!" Lynn said as she walked up. "Did you find what you wanted?"

Sissy jumped up and said, "Sorta. Cam found a remote control helicopter. Bobby would probably love it, so his brother will too."

Cam stood up too and nodded at what Sissy had said. He seemed to be struck by inarticulateness around Lynn.

Lynn looked at the two and said, "Ready to go? Cam, can we drop you off?"

"I was just gonna take the bus home," Cam said.

"Nonsense. Let's go. We can drop you off and save you a bus ride. OK?" Lynn said. Cam nodded and they walked out to the car with Sissy chattering away about some of the neat things they'd found in the sports store. Sissy had Cam sit in the front seat and she sat on his lap. While she chattered, she pulled Cam's hands up and put them under her top on her little breasts. Cam was dumbstruck, actually feeling her bare tits with his hands. Lynn was amused by the two kids' antics.

Lynn dropped Cam off at his house. Sissy gave him a nice kiss when they got out of the car. Cam watched them drive off, not believing what had actually happened to him today.

"I hope you're right about him, Sis. But he does seem like a nice young boy," Lynn said.

"Uh, we had a little talk while we were waiting for you. He's not gonna say anything. I'll talk to him again. Besides, I want him to fuck me again. He didn't do too bad for a newbie," Sissy said, laughing. "I'd like to see him do it with Kari. It'd blow his mind."

"I don't think that's a good idea. But yeah, I can kinda see that too," Lynn said.

--- continued in chapter 21A ---