The Perverts Club - Zoo Mom - Chapter 21A

Sissy dresses like a slut for school, Lynn and Rob play with Kari.

by Ole Crannon

Added - 2/18/18

Warning: This story contains or may contain descriptions of scat, incest, underage sex, bestiality, fisting, insertions, oral, anal, very young pedo, bi fem, ws, cum drinking, ass-to-mouth, and many other extreme and perverted themes. If any of these will offend or upset you, please do not read this story.


Rob had gone to the computer room after breakfast to log in to work and handle whatever had come up overnight from overseas. He was reading some emails when Sissy walked into the room, put her arms around his neck from behind and gave him a kiss on his cheek. Rob turned his head and said, "Thank you, honey. What was that for?"

Sissy just hugged him and said, "It's for all you've done for me. And for making love to me. I love you so much and it means so much to me to be able to share that with you."

Rob turned around and Sissy stood up. Letting out a low whistle, Rob said, "Wow! You look... well, damn sexy! You aren't going to go to school dressed like that, are you?"

Sissy pirouetted for him, exhibiting her tight little, long legged, pre-teen body in one of the shortest stretch micro skirts she'd slipped into the items that Lynn had bought on their shopping trip the day before, and the hard pointy nipples of her cupcake little titties pushing out the tight, almost see through lycra top that she had on that just barely covered them. And nothing else. "You like?" she asked.

"Uh, yeah. You know I absolutely love your little body. Every nook and cranny of it. But I'm thinking that even though your male teachers and all the boys at school will enjoy that new outfit, it could cause a bit of a problem and get you sent home," Rob told her.

"Aw, I'm way ahead on all my school work, so missing a day or so wouldn't be any biggie. But if you and mom say it's OK, there's not a lot they can do. Other than send me home, that is. Then one of you'd have to let the school know what I'm wearing is OK. What's wrong? Do I look like a slut?" Sissy asked him, quite coquettishly, cocking her body at an angle and putting one hand on her hip and the other behind her head.

Rob grinned at her and said, "Uh, 'yah-uh', as you always say. You look like you could have walked off the street corner on 15th," referring to an area that was notorious for skimpy clad street hookers.

Sissy laughed and said, "Good. That's what I want. I want to look like a slut. I want to be a slut. I want Mom to be a slut and dress like one. You said you didn't mind us doing that."

Rob grimaced and said, "Yeah, well, I don't, except that we still need to be discreet. We don't want the wrong people to know what we all do and enjoy around here. You know that."

"I know, Daddy, but what better cover than being sluts? I mean, there are some girls who're known all over to be sluts. Everybody just figures that they do all kinds of nasty, dirty things. And some of them probably do. So if everyone just figured that I do all kinds of perverse things, what better cover is that?" Sissy asked, giggling.

"Sorta like hiding in plain sight, huh?" Rob said. "Well, I don't know if it will work, but it certainly turns me on to see you like this. And visualize what other guys will want to do to you and thinking about watching them do it to you." Rob paused and took Sissy's hands in his and said seriously, "Honey, this isn't a reaction to that thing with those guys, is it? You're not letting that get to you, are you? And overreacting?"

Sissy sat on Rob's lap and said, "Oh, Daddy. No, not at all. I almost forgot about that even. No, I've wanted to do this all along, especially since Mom started getting so kinky. I love it. I love being sexy and wanton and doing all kinds of things. And it really turns me on that you like me to do that stuff. I mean, the video store thing just absolutely blew me away. To think that you helped two guys fuck me and did it yourself in front of people was just awesome. Mind blowing. I know we can't do that all the time, but I really got off on that. Mmmm, I've even frigged off a bunch of times remembering it. It woulda been kewl if it had been someone else even, but it was totally maxed out because it was YOU. I can't tell you how much I love you for it." She gave him a kiss.

"Well, kitten, you'd best get used to seeing tentpoles because going around like you are will cause a bunch of 'em. Any guy that sees you is gonna get hard," Rob told her.

"Like you are now, my pervy Daddy?" Sissy asked, stroking Rob's hard cock between her legs.

"Yes, just like that. Now, don't go getting something started when you've gotta go to school. I'm sure your little sister will get tired of coloring or playing with her toys and will be in here soon, wanting her share of me." He pushed Sissy off his lap and gave her a little slap on her barely covered ass cheek. "Now, git. Go see if your mother approves of that outfit for school. If she does, God help us." Rob grinned at her and Sissy leaned forward to give him a kiss and a smile, then flounced her hardly covered butt to the door.

She stopped in the doorway and struck an ungodly sexy pose for him, one hand on the door jamb and her hips cocked at an angle. She raised the front of her micro skirt up to expose her bare pussy and grinned at him. "Ya sure?" she asked him.

Rob hesitated, then said, "Yeah, I'm sure. You being late for school will just be worse than showing up dressed like that. Now go on, git. Before I rape your little ass!"

"Hard to rape someone who wants you to do it," Sissy said, sticking her tongue out at him. "Thanks, Daddy!" and she left. Rob just tried to adjust his hard cock and get back to reading the emails. It took a few minutes before he actually could concentrate on the words that were displayed on the screen.

As Sissy passed the living room, she saw Kari playing with some toys while watching the tv. Going into the kitchen, Bobby was sitting at the table writing on a piece of paper. Lynn sat opposite him and looked up when Sissy came in to stand next to her brother. Bobby glanced at her for second, then went back to writing. Lynn, on the other hand, formed her lips into an 'Oh' and looked Sissy up and down.

"Just what kind of dirty pervert are you going to be trolling for in that outfit, dear?" Lynn asked her daughter facetiously.

"Any one that will fuck me, Mom," she told her mother with a wicked smile. "Daddy liked it, but he said you'd have to approve," she said to Lynn.

Bobby had looked up again and reached out to lift up her skirt, rubbing her ass. "You look good, Sis. All the guys are gonna want to fuck you," he told her.

"That's the point, little brother. You don't mind do you?" she asked him.

"Naw. They want to do that already." He rubbed his finger along her butt crack. "But dressed like that, all they'll have to do is just bend you over and put it in. That's kewl!" he told her.

Lynn gasped a little and exclaimed, "Bobby!" Sissy and Bobby looked at her. "You want your sister to go around looking like a whore and letting all the boys do nasty things to her?"

"Sure," Bobby said. "Why not? She wants 'em to. It's sorta neat having a sister and mom that all the guys want to fuck. I like it."

Sissy laughed and stuck out her tongue at her mother. "See, Mom? We're sluts. Daddy and Bobby both like it." She let Bobby rub her cheek a little more then said, "Hey, want me to feed Storm? We've got a while before we catch the bus."

"Yes, dear. Go ahead, I guess. But don't let him jump you. You don't have enough time to clean up before the bus comes." Lynn put her hand over her mouth and said, "My God! I can't believe I'm telling my twelve year old daughter not to let the dog fuck her because she doesn't have enough time. What have I turned this family into?"

Sissy got the dog food out and filled a bowl while saying, "Hey, don't worry Mom. I'm a slut. You're a slut. We both enjoy it. I just don't see what's the problem. And if he gets me, I'll go to school with doggy cum in me. What's not to like?" She grinned.

Bobby said, "Yeah! I like you two being sluts. It think it's kewl!"

Sissy went outside to feed Storm. Lynn looked at her son and said, "You really like me being this way? You like knowing that guys are screwing me and I'm doing stuff like that? Really?"

"Sure! I really like the stuff you do. It makes me horny. Especially when you let me do things to you and make you do things. That's really hot," Bobby told her.

"You mean, you like me to be your slave? You want to hurt me and make me do all kinds of nasty things?" Lynn asked him.

Bobby nodded. "Yeah. Like a slave. I'd like you being my slave. I want to make you do stuff. Especially in front of other people. I'd like to bring a bunch of guys here and make you get naked in front of 'em all. And make you do all kinds of stuff with 'em. I mean, if that's what you like to do."

Lynn moved over next to him and knelt down, putting her arm around his shoulders. His words had actually given her an erotic thrill. She said, "Honey, as nasty and wicked as I've become, I'd love to be your slave. I'd do anything you wanted me to. If you want to hurt me doing 'stuff', I love it. I just don't want to do anything to hurt you or your sisters. You know. Make people think bad of you."

"Aw, who cares what they think? If we like it, they can go jump in a lake," Bobby told her. "So you'll be my slave and do anything I want you to do? Like let other guys fuck you? And stuff?" he asked.

"Honey, I love you so much. Everything you do with me turns me on. I hope I don't get us into trouble, but yes. I"d like to be your slave and do whatever you make me do. That gets me really 'hot' too," Lynn told him, giving him a big kiss and hug.

"That's great, Mom! And I'm gonna see if I can talk to Ms. Williams today. She's so pretty." Bobby stopped then said, "But not as pretty as you are. And 'sides, you're my slave, too. That's so kewl!"

Knowing that Bobby didn't know that Ben and Sarah had talked to Adrienne and clued her in on Bobby, Lynn said, "Well, I think she'll be impressed to have such a confident, sexy guy like you show an interest in her. Especially a guy who has his own sex slave at home that he can do anything he wants with. Although I don't think that you should tell her that."

Sissy came in the door from feeding Storm, looking none the worse for wear. She giggled. "God, I love his tongue!"

Bobby gathered his papers up and stuffed everything into his backpack. Lynn laughed at Sissy's slutty comment, but she knew exactly what her daughter meant. She'd have to go see what Storm could do for her a little later maybe.

Sissy ran and grabbed her little bag that she had her cell phone and some money in. She never brought books home from school, like Bobby did and didn't ever seem to want to be burdened with a backpack or any large bag for her stuff, mostly leaving it all at school. So she usually stuffed her phone and money in some little pocket. Today there was no little pocket. There was hardly anything to have a pocket attached to. Most of what she would need was in her locker at school.

As the two headed out the door, Lynn said to Sissy, "I'll be here today, waiting for the phone call from the school. I know they're gonna call. Just don't be too outlandish, dear. My God, you're almost nude in those things!"

Sissy smirked and said, "I know. Doncha just love it. Wouldn't you like to do it?"

Lynn grinned at her and nodded a little. Bobby said, "Yeah, Mom. You should dress like that too. Who cares what anyone says?"

Lynn bent down and rubbed his crotch and said, "Yes, master. I'll be here waiting to do your bidding when you get home. Unless Sissy and I are in jail for indecent exposure." She kissed him and he headed out with Sissy. Lynn lovingly watched them from the door and saw Bobby put his hand under his sister's skirt and rub her bare butt. Sissy wiggled it for him in response. Well, at least they were being nice to each other today. Actually, they were usually pretty good to each other and rarely did Lynn have to scold or punish either of them. Especially these last few weeks. She sighed and closed the door. Maybe that's what taking away all the sexual tension and competitiveness did. She hoped so.

After putting a few things away in the kitchen, she walked into the living room to join Kari. The little one was stretched out on her stomach on the floor, her legs spread wide, exposing both her little holes. Protruding from her cunt was a color crayon. The little girl was busily scrawling in a coloring book, wiggling her butt and murmuring in a soft, little sing-song.

The sight of her precious little daughter just filled Lynn with love, especially after her conversations with the other two children. The little bare white butt looked so soft and smooth and inviting, giving Lynn a very wicked thought. Quietly going to the toddler, Lynn knelt down between the little one's legs and looked at the exposed end of the color crayon. Then she bent down, took a hold of the little cheeks and leaned in to give the little butthole a lick. Kari giggled loudly and wiggled her ass, looking around at her mother.

"Fee' good, Mommy," she said. Lynn licked a little more, getting more and more turned on, then used the tip of one finger to slowly push the crayon all the way into the tyke's cunt. This brought a peal of more giggles from Kari. "Mmmmmm," the little girl moaned, enjoying the sensations. Lynn ran her finger over her little daughter's slit, the color crayon all the way inside her.

Rob had finished most of the things he'd had to do on the computer and heard his little daughter's sudden outburst of laughter and giggles. He got up and, walking into the living room, found his wife orally stimulating their almost three year old daughter. They both looked back at him as he said, "Favorite girls doing favorite things." He moved over to kneel beside them.

"Oh, Rob, I know I'm going to hell for being such a pervert. I don't know what's gotten into me," Lynn said. "But our daughter just looked so cute and sexy here, I couldn't help it. Especially after seeing how Sissy was dressed."

"She got you turned on, huh?" Rob asked. Lynn nodded as Kari got up and moved over to grab Rob's hardening cock. "I don't blame you though. How could anyone not be turned on looking at this little minx?" He rubbed little Kari's butt cheek and caressed up her back while she played with his cock.

Lynn put her hand on his as he stroked the little girl. "I love these kids so much."

"Me, too, baby," Rob said to her tenderly. Then he looked down as Kari took his cock head into her mouth and started her patented Kari(tm) sucking technique on it. He said, "God, I can't believe how good she is at this."

Lynn said, "Well, she's got almost three years of experience, after all. There's very few times you've not let her do it. And Bobby happily lets her too." She raised up and gave Rob a kiss.

"Ahhhhh," Rob groaned, "and after those years, she can still get me started to cum in almost no time."

"Even better than me?" Lynn asked him, grinning widely.

"Uh, I'm gonna... oooooooo... take the fifth on that. She's gonna get me off pretty soon," Rob said, trying to hold back. "I think it's just the warped idea of it being my own daughter and only three years old that makes it so arousing. I mean, I love you doing it but when it's Kari or even Sissy, it's just so taboo that it's kinda hotter."

"I know what you mean. I just fairly start dripping juices when Bobby orders me around and makes me do things or... uh, well... tortures me. God, I just start quivering," Lynn confessed to him. "And watching you or anyone else do Kari does the same thing. I can't help but feel like a molester."

Rob groaned, then said, "Yeah, me too. But I know what you mean. Watching Ben slip his cock into this little thing just charges me up. And she was really proud about telling me that she likes it. I mean, she actually told me that she likes to take it in the butt!"

Kari looked up from her work and said, "Buff uck. Mmmmm. Fee's good ina me." She smiled and went back to licking on Rob's cock head.

"See what I mean?" Rob said.

Lynn nodded. "Honey, feel in her little cunt."

Rob gave her a questioning look, then reached down to slip his finger along the little girl's butt crack and down along her slit. Kari wiggled her hips at that and then moaned as Rob slid his finger into her little hole. As soon as he got it in a little ways, he felt the tip of the crayon. He grinned at Lynn.

"You didn't...?" Lynn shook her head. "Huh. We're going to have to watch what she sticks into her from now on, I guess." He rubbed in the little hole, pushing the crayon a little further up. Kari looked up at him and giggled, wiggling her hips.

"Fee' good, Daddy," she said.

Lynn said to Rob, "I'd love to watch you stick your big cock into her, but we'd have to dig that crayon out first. Why don't you let me watch you shoot your cum into her mouth. That's makes me sooooo horny. I just love that almost as much as having you cum in my mouth."

Little Kari heard this and looked up, saying, "Daddy-cum ina mouf? Yummmmm." She nodded her head to emphasize her point.

Rob moved up to sit on the edge of the couch, spreading his legs to let his little daughter get in between them. "You want to jack me off or do you want me to? Not that it'll take much at this point."

Lynn moved to kneel next to him and put a hand around his rod, lightly stroking it as Kari latched her mouth onto the head. Lynn said, "I want you to pull back a little when you cum, so I can watch it squirt into her mouth. I just love seeing that."

Rob groaned at the combination of her hand and Kari's mouth, and nodded. "A porn shot, huh?" he grinned.

Kari was murmuring some unintelligible things, which was understandable, since she had a mouthful of cock. Lynn stroked her hand up and down, watching the little mouth on her husband's cock head. Rob tried to make himself extend this pleasure as long as he could. The sight of his tiny daughter sucking on him and his wife jacking his cock for the purpose of making him spew into the little one's mouth was so fucking erotic, and after a couple of minutes, Rob could feel the tightening of all the muscles signaling the beginning of orgasm.

Rob moaned softly, "I'm ready," and Lynn put her hand under Kari's chin to help guide her, all the while continuing the stroking of Rob's shaft.

"Get ready, honey. Daddy's gonna give you cum," Lynn warned the little toddler, who opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue to lick the tip of Rob's cock. Lynn put a little pressure against Rob's urethral tube as the first spurt of cum started, blocking the flow. Rob groaned loudly as Lynn grinned and held his cock just slightly away from Kari's open mouth. Then letting go of the pressure, Rob's first spurt of cum was really powerful and hit the back of Kari's mouth, causing her to reflexively blink, close her mouth and swallow. The second jet of cum spurted out and caught her on the upper lip and a little went into her nostril. She giggled at that, but opened her mouth to get the third jet and then the fourth one.

Rob's last squirt was more of a dribble, and most of it ended up on Lynn's hand. Little Kari was watching for more, but when none came, she licked her lips and tried to get the little bit on her upper lip. Lynn began to laugh as Kari crossed her eyes, trying to look down at her nose to see where the cum was so she could get it with the tip of her tongue. Lynn wished she could get a picture of that expression. It was priceless. And so erotic!

Rob moaned with the pleasure of orgasm and started to relax. Lynn worked her hand from the base of his cock up to the head, stripping out the cum that was in the urethra until it bubbled out of his pee hole.

Lynn said, "Get it honey, before I do." The little girl stopped trying to lick the cum from her nose and leaned to get all that was drooling out of her daddy's cock. Lynn said to Rob, "Watch, honey. Watch your little slut baby lick your hot cum from my hand." With that she offered the cum on her hand to Kari, who slurped it up, then giggled in enjoyment.

"God, isn't your daughter a little cum slut, honey? Don't you just love it?" Lynn asked Rob in a sexy voice. Rob could only grin and nod his head in appreciation. Then Lynn got a wicked idea, something she had seen in a porn vid. Where else?

"Watch this, honey," she said as she took Kari's face in her hands and licked the little bit of Rob's cum that was on Kari's upper lip and nose. Kari giggled again as Lynn did this. Smiling at Rob, Lynn then licked along Kari's lip and up into the little girl's nostril, chasing the little bit of cum that had gone up there. Lynn turned both of them so she could look out of the corner of her eye at Rob, all the while flicking the tip of her tongue into the little nostril. Kari scrunched up her nose at the feeling, but didn't pull away and still giggled, enjoying the play.

"You like to see me licking your hot cum off of your little daughter and out of her nose?" Lynn asked Rob sexily. He nodded, still being a little post-orgasmic and enjoying the dirty scene Lynn was presenting to him. God, how could he love his family more? Not possible!

Lynn held Kari's face in her hands and again stuck her tongue into her daughter's nostril, eliciting a peal of giggles again from the little girl.

"Fee's funny, Mommy. Do mo'," the toddler said. Lynn was so hot and aroused by this play in front of her husband that she licked around Kari's mouth and darted her tongue in and out of the little girl's nose. Then she held Kari in profile to Rob and gave her little daughter a nasty, passionate tongue kiss. She let Rob see as much as possible as she worked her tongue into and around her little daughter's mouth, tasting remnants of Rob's cum on Kari's tongue and the inside of her cheeks.

Pulling away, Lynn asked Rob in a sexy, husky voice, "You like?"

Rob just groaned and nodded. Then he said, "You're such a fucking, filthy pervert. Yes I like! God I love you both!"

Lynn let go of her daughter and moved against Rob. She said urgently, "Fist fuck me, honey. I want your hand in me and I want it to hurt. Do it."

The post orgasmic let down had come to a sudden screeching halt for Rob. He was hot and aroused again. There wasn't any way he was going to cum again soon, but that didn't mean he couldn't enjoy pleasuring his wife in other ways. He pulled her down and roughly spread her legs, working his hand along her absolutely dripping cunt. Kari watched, fascinated, as Rob worked three and then four fingers into her mother's hole, then he shifted position slightly and slipped his whole hand into her cunt.

After getting his hand all the way into Lynn, Rob made a fist and began twisting and turning it as Lynn groaned and writhed with pleasure. Keeping the fist clenched, Rob pulled almost all the way out, stretching Lynn's cuntal membranes around the outside diameter of his fist, then punched back into her hard, getting a scream out of her.

Kari climbed up on the couch beside Rob to get a good view, watching fascinated as Rob punched in and out of Lynn's sopping cunt. Each punch in got a little scream of pleasure/pain from Lynn and her breathing was ragged. Rob alternated the twisting and turning motion with the punching, until Lynn was almost in an arch on the couch, head and feet the only things touching at times.

"Mommy fee' good?" Kari asked as Rob twisted his fist inside Lynn and rubbed her clit with his other hand.

Rob said, "Ummm-hmmm. Real good," and continued to stimulate and torment his wife. He continued the twisting and punching until Lynn stiffened and let out a piercing scream of pleasure as her orgasm took over. Lynn's whole body spasmed as Rob kept working on her, until his arm started getting a bit tired and he slowed down.

Then he got an idea. Without pulling his fist out of his wife's cunt, he turned sideways and leaned over to open the drawer of the end table. He took out the bottle of silver antiseptic and the lube. Popping the pour top open on the silver, he held it out and said to Kari, "Here, baby, hold your hand out." The little girl held up her hand and Rob poured a good amount of the liquid on it. Sitting the bottle down, he rubbed the solution all over the toddler's fingers, then grabbed the lube and squeezed a little bit onto the tip of her finger.

Dropping the tube, he held Lynn's cunt open and pointed to her urethral opening. It had been stretched by both the sounds yesterday and by Bobby's cock. He guided Kari's finger to the opening and then indicated how she should push her finger up into the little tube. Lynn was still in the throes of her orgasm from the pressure of Rob's fist in her and she wasn't really aware of what they were doing. However, as soon as Kari's little finger started to penetrate the sensitive little hole, Lynn's eyes flew wide open and she looked down to see what was being done. Not that it felt bad. To the contrary.

Kari's little index finger easily slipped up into the flesh tube until she had it in all the way to her third knuckle. She giggled and Rob used his finger to show her how to crook her small finger inside the tube and work it around. As soon as she started doing this, Lynn let out another scream, threw her head back and started shaking again.

"Looks like Mommy likes that, doesn't it, honey?" Rob asked his daughter. Kari didn't take her eyes off of what she was doing, she just smiled and nodded, continuing to work her finger around, getting more screams of pleasure out of her mother.

"Mommy fee' good!" Kari said, smiling. Rob nodded and held up his two fingers together to show her what to do next. The little toddler understood and soon tried to get two fingers together up inside her mother's sensitive urethra.

Lynn was shaking and spasming, crying out things like, "Ogodogodogod...ahhhhhhhh...ohhhhhh, stop, I can't take any more..." as Kari played around with her two fingers buried in the flesh tube. She thought this was fun, especially when it made her mommy so happy.

"Fee' good!" she said to Rob, nodding her head for emphasis.

"Yep, Mommy feels pretty good about now, doncha hon?" Rob asked rhetorically, twisting his fist around a bit. Lynn just let out another scream of pleasure and shook like a leaf.

After playing like this for a while, Lynn actually couldn't take any more and was begging them to stop. Rob pulled his hand out of her cunt slowly while holding Kari's hand still with his other hand. Then he bent over and kissed the little girl and slowly pulled her fingers out of Lynn's piss tube. Once they were out, Lynn heaved a sigh of relief and gave another shudder. She laid back, breathing heavily. Rob smiled at his little girl and brought her fingers up to his mouth. Kari giggled with joy and pleasure as Rob licked Lynn's juices from her fingers and hand. Lynn had cum so hard she'd squirted quite a bit and both Kari's hand, Rob's wrist and the couch were covered with her juices. Kari giggled as she licked them from her own hand.

As Lynn came down a bit and Kari played with tasting the juices, Rob was overcome by an overwhelming feeling of love for his family. There weren't even words to describe how he felt and he hugged his little darling daughter to him.

"I love you so much, sweetie!" he told her.

Kari laughed and said, "Wuv Daddy. Wuv Mommy. Fee' good! Fun pwayin' fee' good."

Rob caressed her little back and ran his other hand over Lynn's abdomen, getting a moan of contentment from her. Then he heard the ring tone from his new PDA from in the computer room. With a sigh, Rob picked little Kari up and laid her on top of Lynn, who lovingly wrapped her arms around the little tyke. Then Rob went to the computer room and checked the message on the PDA. It looked like he was going to have to go into the office for a while today.

He'd already planned to do that, as much out of habit as any need to. But this just indicated the need. John had mentioned to him several times that he didn't want Rob spending all his time in the office like he had as a manager. Now that he was an executive, John told him that he should schedule his office time, telecommute when possible and spend what time he wanted with his family. John didn't want any burned out execs making stupid decisions on vital questions, plus the fact that the overseas offices were in different time zones and Rob would have plenty of very early morning, or nighttime teleconferences, phone calls and PDA messaging to take up his time.

Of course, John also beat around the bush a bit about wondering when Sissy was going to visit again, or when he and Jan could spend some time with Rob and his family. Rob knew exactly what John wanted Sissy for and couldn't blame him at all. And John hadn't even seen her in a getup like she wore today. She'd been dressed comparatively conservatively, for Sissy, when she'd visited the office and had John before. When she dressed like today, John was gonna lose control, no doubt. Along with many of the other males in the office. Rob grinned at the idea.

Rob also was fascinated about the idea of getting together with Jan. She was absolutely gorgeous and even with all of the women that he already had available to him and had to satisfy, Jan was still able to inspire a hard on in him. Rob knew that she could be a centerfold in any of the men's magazines if she wanted to be and he knew John wouldn't mind it if she did that. She was certainly outgoing enough to like doing it.

But just wait until John found out about fucking Kari. Ben was absolutely enamored of the little girl and couldn't keep his cock out of her when she was around. Rob figured that John would be even more so and grinned at how it would blow the older man's mind to find out that he could actually fuck the three year old. That was going to be fun to watch. And erotic.

Walking back into the living room, Rob found little Kari laying out on Lynn, with her mother's arms around her. The two were playing kissy face, Kari giggling when Lynn would lick her on her nose or lips, and then lick back at Lynn, the two of them enjoying each other. Lynn looked up at Rob as he walked over to them, and smiled at him.

"Gotta head into the office, huh?" she said, not really asking.

Rob nodded. "Yeah, somebody needs some help and John's not in today. I was going anyway," he told her, smiling apologetically.

"It's fine. You've made us feel good, so don't worry. Besides, this little punkin' and me'll find something to do, won't we?" she said to Kari, giving her a good lick around the little girl's nose. Kari giggled and tried to lick back.

"OK. Well, let me know if the school kicks our slut daughter out for dressing like a tramp. Or exposing herself. God damn, she looked so fucking sexy this morning!" Rob said.

Lynn laughed and nodded. "Yep, and when they call me, I think I'll dress just like her and go in like that. Like mother, like daughter. What're they gonna do? Expel her? All she'll have to do is just cover up a bit more. But I wouldn't put it past her to try to get another teacher. In fact, if I go in, I may try to see about getting one for myself." Lynn stopped and gasped, then said, "Oh, God Rob. How did I become so depraved?"

Rob laughed and said, "I don't know, but I like it. I'll be at work visualizing you taking on the school administration in the lunchroom with the whole student body watching. You'll let me know every detail when you do that, right?"

"God, Rob, I don't want to get us in trouble, but it's so sexy and arousing to do stuff like this. And thinking about doing it," Lynn said.

"Well, do it. You're my slut and I approve," Rob said, grinning at her and rubbing his hand over Kari's bare butt. She wiggled appreciatively at his caress.

"And Bobby's slave, I guess," Lynn said. Rob raised his eyebrows at that and Lynn smiled sheepishly. "Uh, I sorta told him this morning that I'd be his slave and he could do anything he wanted to me. Even torture me or expose me to others. I hope you don't mind."

"Only if I can't watch or hear about it, slut." He grinned at her. "Next thing I know, you'll be pimping this little piece of ass out on 15th along with her sister."

"Well, if I don't, I suppose you will, you dirty old pervert," Lynn laughed. "Wouldn't it be so very erotic to watch total strangers fucking these little holes?" Lynn pulled Kari's little ass cheeks apart. "Oooooo, it gives me the shudders to think about that. Not that we'd ever do it. But I can fantasize."

"Me too," Rob said. "We've already done more than even anybody I can think of, including some of that extreme porn shit that you find somehow." He leaned down to kiss both of them, then said, "I'll go throw on some clothes and head in. You two just enjoy yourselves. At least until the school calls. Then I'll expect you to get at least one guy's cum inside of you before the day's out. If Sissy does too, I just want her to tell me all about it. Deal?"

"If there's any left over after I have Kari suck it out of me, I'll let you fuck it back into me when you get home. OK?" Lynn said, teasing him.

"Great!" Rob said, turning and heading to get dressed. Lynn had no desire to get up and do much of anything at this moment, so she just hugged Kari to her and laid there, enjoying the tingling that was still happening in her cunt. Rob had really stimulated all her tender tissues. Along with her lovely daughter here. And she couldn't wait to use her new toy that she'd gotten yesterday. Lynn kissed Kari on the forehead and they laid there. Rob walked back in a little later to say goodbye, then headed out. Lynn still didn't want to move.

A little while later, Lynn felt Kari squirming around. Looking down, she found the little one trying to work a finger in her own cunt. Lynn suddenly remembered the crayon that was stuffed up inside the little one's vagina.

"Is it getting uncomfortable, honey?" Lynn asked her daughter. Kari shook her head no. Lynn asked, "Would you rather have the vibrator up there?"

Kari nodded and said, "Go bzzzzzzz. Fee' good."

Lynn said, "I know it does, honey. Really good. Although I'm a bit buzzed out right now. You and your daddy really made me 'fee good', you little scamp." Kari held up her two fingers that she'd put in Lynn's urethra and Lynn quickly put her mouth around them, playfully nipping them and pretend chewing on them. Kari laughed, enjoying the game with her mommy.

Lynn finally laid the little one on the couch and felt around in her cunt to try to get the crayon out. It was a bit more difficult than getting the larger vibrator out and Kari giggled and mumbled as Lynn dug around, finally getting a hold of the object and pulling it out. Lynn held it up in front of Kari and said, "These really aren't supposed to go inside you. They're for coloring with." Kari nodded and Lynn gave the crayon a lick, the waxy taste and smell bringing back fond childhood memories of her own boxes of crayons. Coupled with her daughter's own juices, it was a pleasant taste and experience.

"OK, if you're going to have the vibrator in, do you want an enema too?" Lynn asked the toddler.

Kari looked puzzled and said, "Emma?"

Lynn laughed and said, "En-e-ma. Enema. You know, putting the water up here." She touched Kari's little nether hole.

Kari clapped her hands and nodded, saying, "Emma fee' good. Do emma."

So Lynn put the crayon down, put the antiseptic and lube away in the drawer, took Kari's hand and led her to the bathroom. Having Kari sit on the toilet, Lynn got the enema bag and tube, ran some warm water, then filled the bag with about a cup of water and a little soap. While she was doing that she heard the tinkle of Kari's pee in the toilet. Lynn thought, 'Good, gets that out of the way. Now the enema will clean the other out.'

She had Kari bend over the edge of the bathtub, then lubed the little hole with some soap. Taking the enema nozzle, Lynn gently worked it into and through her daughter's sphincter. Kari grunted a little at first, then moaned as the nozzle went in. Holding it in place, Lynn released the clamp on the hose and the water started draining into Kari's rectum. Lynn made sure it didn't go in too fast to cause unpleasantness and Kari mumbled about how it "fee' good, Mommy" as the last drained into her. Lynn pulled the nozzle out and massaged the little asshole with her finger to help it close up to hold the water in.

Lynn stood the little girl up and asked, "Does that feel OK, sweety?" Kari nodded and giggled, dancing around a little bit. She obviously enjoyed having things stuck in her ass, from enemas to hard cocks. Well, Lynn couldn't see anything wrong with that, as both she and Sissy did too. She let Kari prance around a little bit, enjoying the feeling of fullness. After a few minutes, Kari got a strained look on her face and Lynn lifted her up onto the toilet. As soon as the little one was seated, a stream of water and some chunks spewed out into the toilet, accompanies by a few farts. Kari giggled at that.

Lynn thoughts strayed to Gillian and her propensity for eating shit. She no doubt would love to have Kari spew her enema directly into her mouth. That thought then strayed to a video of a slut that was supposed to show her training to be a shit slut. The girl took several enemas, expelling them into one of those tall, yard long ale glasses until it was filled with her own shit and the water. Then the girl proceeded to drink the vile concoction down, choking on it numerous times, trying to get it down. Lynn actually got aroused remembering that video, although she had only recently been personally exposed to scat eating. She'd have to find that vid and show it to Gillian. Lynn wondered if Gillian could get something like that down. Or could she herself? Did she want to? Lynn realized that the idea appealed to her in a nasty, twisted way.

Turning her attention back to Kari, Lynn helped her off the toilet and wiped her butt. Then she setup and filled the bag with another cup sized enema. Kari held still as Lynn bent her over again and inserted the nozzle into the tight little rosebud. Lynn undid the clamp and let the water run slowly in. When the little girl had taken all the water, she wiggled her little butt and giggled, prancing around again after Lynn pulled out the nozzle. She liked the feeling of being filled up. For that matter, so did Lynn, so she filled the bag up with soapy water for herself and knelt down to run it into her. Kari wanted to help, so she let the tyke hold on to the nozzle while the water ran in. Lynn had filled the bag up so she ended up with about a quart of water in her. It felt really good filling her up.

While her parents and little sister were enjoying themselves at home, Sissy was giggling with some of her girlfriends on the bus on the way to school. Her friends couldn't believe the outrageous way Sissy was dressed today, and were even more entertained when Sissy flashed her bare cunt to a number of the boys. Normally, the boys would be hyperactive, teasing the girls or play fighting with one another or just generally being rambunctious. It wasn't unusual for the bus driver to have to yell for them to get back in their seats and quiet down. Numerous times.

Today it was a little different. It seems that the chance of catching a flash of Sissy's bare pubis was enough to occupy their attention, even the ones who weren't really 'into' girls yet. A couple of the older boys huddled together, occasionally sneaking glances at Sissy and the group of girls with her. Then they broke up and one by one, moved to a seat closer to the girls. Of course the girls knew exactly what the boys were after and giggled among themselves at how obvious and transparent the guys were.

Sissy at one point leaned over to her friend sitting next to her and whispered something in her ear. At the same time, because she was leaning sideways, she opened her legs up, baring everything to the view of several boys sitting closest to them. Sissy's friend giggled and whispered something back to Sissy, then slipped past to move to another seat, leaving an empty place next to Sissy. Patting the empty seat, Sissy motioned to one of the boys, Jimmy, a jock who was a couple years older than her to come and sit beside her. Several of his buddies let out some jibes and catcalls, daring him to actually do it. After all, these were very inexperienced, immature guys who had little understanding of how to act around desirable females.

Flushing red, the boy had to take the dares or be thought of as a wuss, and as an alpha male, he moved over to sit beside Sissy. With a grin on her face, she leaned over to him and whispered in his ear, "You like what you see?"

The boy, embarrassed already, could only nod and mumble, "Uh-huh."

Sissy smiled at him and leaned back to put her mouth to his ear again, but before saying anything, she nibbled his earlobe with her lips. The poor guy almost jerked away from what was, to him, her foreign touch. He would have if Sissy hadn't grabbed hold of his arm before she did it. To the other boys, it just looked like she was whispering something in his ear. Then she did whisper, "Rub my cunt. It's OK. I'll let you do it."

The boy's eyes widened with surprise, both at what she had asked him to do and at his unbelievable good luck at being chosen to do it. Slowly and tentatively he moved his hand over to rest on Sissy's bare thigh, then moved it to rub over he cunt lips. Not being experienced at all in this type of thing, his touch wasn't that gentle or erotic, but then Sissy hadn't figured it would be. Softer than she expected, he moved his hand so his fingers ran along her slit, then he tried to work a couple of fingers quickly and roughly into her hole.

Sissy grabbed his hand with hers and stopped him. Still leaning into him with her lips by his ear, she said, "Be nice and gentle, Jimmy. Nice and soft or I'll get one of the other guys to do it. M'kay?" With that, she gently moved his hand a little, showing him how she wanted to be touched. While Jimmy rubbed her mound, the other guys were silent until one of them made a loud, rude comment and the others joined in. Jimmy pulled his hand away, embarrassed by their sudden jibes. Sissy still held onto his arm, holding him close and whispered, "Have you started to squirt yet?"

Jimmy looked at her in surprise at what she was asking, then nodded slowly, his cheeks flushing red again.

"If you're nice to me and don't act like a shithead, I'll suck you and let you squirt into my mouth if you want, sometime." Jimmy's eyes widened again and he looked over at the boys watching them. Sissy grabbed his chin with her hand and turned his head to look at her. "Only if you act like a nice guy. You hear? And tell all your crude friends that if they continue to act like immature little boys, they're not gonna get anything from any of us girls. Unnerstand?" Then she turned his head and licked his earlobe again. The boys could see what she was doing this time and erupted with loud comments and catcalls.

Jimmy turned his head and looked at them with a nasty glare and said, "Shut the fuck up! Quit acting like elementary schoolers."

A couple of the boys let out long "ooooooooooooo's", but Jimmy's glare finally got to them and, chastened, they shut up. Then one of the boys called out, "Kiss her!" and all of them agreed with him. "Yeah, let's see ya kiss her!" one dared quietly.

Sissy grinned inwardly at herself, enormously enjoying toying with these immature guys. She rubbed Jimmy's hand along her crotch and with her other hand, turned his head toward her. She looked him in the eye, nodded ever so slightly and then leaned toward him. Jimmy might be immature but he had kissed a couple of girls and wasn't about to miss this chance. So he leaned forward and his lips met Sissy's. When she didn't pull away and her lips parted, he felt the tip of her tongue prying his lips open. Still embarrassed doing it in front of the other boys, but quite aroused by the feel of Sissy's hot, moist cunt under his hand, he opened his lips and allowed her tongue to meet his. Several of the boys let out one of those "ooooooooooooo's" again, like boys do.

The bus stopped to pick up some more kids and Sissy pulled away from Jimmy, but held his hand on her crotch. It felt good and she was really horny. If she thought she could get away with it, she'd push him down on the seat and fuck him right there. But she knew better than to try that, although it was a neat fantasy. She looked Jimmy in the eyes, then gave him a quick peck on the lips as the bus jerked and started up again.

Sissy said quietly to Jimmy, "Maybe we can get together sometime when we aren't in front of all these loud kids." Jimmy nodded, not knowing what to say. Sissy said, "Put your arm around me and tell all of them to shut up." Surprised but very amenable, Jimmy put his arm around Sissy's shoulders and told the other boys to fuck off and quit looking at them. His attitude showed that he meant it, so the boys quieted down and turned to face forward in their seats, sneaking glances back at the two, then snapping their head forward when Jimmy's glare hit them. Behind the couple, Sissy's girlfriends whispered and giggled among themselves, both amused and surprised by Sissy's behavior. At one point, Sissy turned around and gave them a big smile.

As the bus pulled up in front of the school, Sissy gently moved Jimmy's hand away from her crotch and gave him a peck on the cheek as most of the other kids stood up and filed off the bus, some of the boys glancing back at them and gaining back some of their rambunctiousness.

"Maybe we can get together sometime soon," Sissy said, smiling at him.

Jimmy nodded and said, "Cool. Yeah." and followed the others down the aisle and off the bus, wondering why this was his lucky day and why him.

Sissy and her school friends were the last ones off the bus, giggling and laughing at what their audacious friend had done. One of her good friends, Annie, said, "Ooooo, you were such a SLUT! I can't believe you let him KISS you! What did it feel like?"

Sissy giggled, grinned and said, "Nice. But you couldn't see where he had his hand. That felt really good, too!"

Walking side by side, Annie said, "You DINT!"

Sissy grinned and bumped her friend with her shoulder and squealed, "DID SO!" Then she giggled and said, "And did you see how he could hardly walk without bending over a little? I got him really hard."

Annie squealed in girlish mock horror. She said to Sissy, "You're such a SLUT! What's gotten into you?"

"It's what I want to GET INTO me. A hard cock. If I'd thought I could have gotten away with it, I'd have laid down and let him fuck me right then and there," Sissy said to her friend who squealed again with surprise and horror.

"No! Sissy! What's gotten into you?" Annie asked as they walked in the school door. Then she whispered, "In front of all those kids?"

Sissy grinned and said, "Sure. That's what would make it exciting. All of you watching me."

Her incredulous friend said, "NO! No way!" Then she leaned close and asked, "Have you actually, like, really done it? I mean, like, gone all the way?"

Sissy looked at Annie with a grin and said, "Sure. But not with these boys. They don't know what they're doing. It takes a man to really make you feel good."

Annie gave a girlish squeal, "NO!" Then settled down when she saw several kids looking at her from her outburst. She said conspiratorially, "Who? You mean for real? Who? Who was it?"

"Who? Who? Who?" Sissy grinned. "You sound like an owl." They both giggled. "Maybe I'll tell ya sometime. But you have to prove that you can keep a secret. Can't go gettin' anyone in trouble."

As they walked down the school corridor, Annie kept pestering Sissy about "doing it". Sissy noticed the appreciative looks she was getting from the boys and some frowns from a teacher or two when they saw her skimpy outfit, which of course only got her more aroused and bolder. Then she saw Bob Sullivan walking towards them reading something. Sissy grinned to herself and moved over to position herself directly in his path. Annie wondered just what her friend was doing.

Mr. Sullivan almost collided with Sissy, which finally got his full attention. His eyes widened in surprise at her barely there outfit and he couldn't help but grin at her.

Sissy said brightly, "Mr. Sullivan. Hi. You know Annie, don't you?"

Sullivan looked at Annie and then back at Sissy. He said, "Uh, yes I do. Hi Annie. Uh, Sissy, don't you think that's a little inappropriate for school wear? I'm surprised you haven't been sent to the principal's office yet."

"Oh, Bo...uh, Mr. Sullivan," Sissy corrected herself, hoping she caught her slip in time and Annie hadn't noticed. "You aren't gonna send me to the principal's office are you?" She grinned at the teacher, taking his arm and rubbing her little tit against it, letting him feel it through the very thin material of the tight stretch top.

"Uh, no. I won't, but I suspect some others will. You'd better be careful," Sullivan said, blushing a little and extracting his arm from Sissy's grasp. "Uh, we'll talk when you get to class. OK?"

Sissy grinned and said, "Ok, Mr. S. Thanks!" and she turned to Annie and walked off down the hall. Sullivan just watched her delightful, barely covered ass walk away, then shook his head, looked around to see if any other teachers had seen them and then continued to his classroom. Although he had to stop and adjust his pants when no one was looking.

After leaving Sullivan, Annie walked with Sissy a ways down the hall, then glancing back to see that they were a ways away from the teacher, grabbed Sissy's arm and whispered, "Him! Have you done it with him? Tell me, pleeeeze! Was it him? He's so dreamy. I'd let him do it with me!"

Sissy just grinned and said, "I can't tell." Then she looked at her friend and said, "Are you serious? You'd let a guy fuck you? For sure?"

Annie blushed and said, "Uh, well, sure. You like to do it, don't you?"

Sissy said, "Yeah. Love it. But you're still a virgin aren't you? I mean, you haven't done it, have you?"

Annie got redder and said, "No, but I wanna. But I don't want a boy. I want a man, like you've had. That'd be soooo rad."

Sissy stopped and turned to her friend and said, "Seriously? If I could set it up for a guy... a man to pop your cherry, you'd let him do it? Fer real?"

"Uh, I don't think I've got to worry about that. I've put all kinds of things in me already. They feel so good up in me. A real man's cock would feel so much better though, wouldn't it? I mean, like, you'd know, wouldn't you?"

Sissy grinned and said, "Yeah, it's all kinds of good. You'll never go back to the hairbrush handle again. Well, unless it's a time between guys and you've really gotta get off. But yeah, fucking feels the best!"

The warning bell rang then, indicating they had better get to class. The two girls split up, Annie telling Sissy that they'd continue this at lunch. Sissy grabbed some books out of her locker and went into her first class, English, taught by an old spinster who wasn't known for her sweet disposition. Sissy glanced in the doorway to see that Ms. Cooper was sitting at her desk, reading some papers. Sissy tried to slip unnoticed into the classroom.

Fortunately, Ms. Cooper wasn't paying a lot of attention and Sissy got to her seat and slipped into it to the murmur and stares of the other kids. A boy that was sitting next to her leaned over and grinning, whispered, "You look like a slut!"

Sissy grinned and said, "Yeah, I know. And you aren't gonna get any, either." She stuck her tongue out at him. He just grinned at her and rubbed his crotch lewdly. A bunch of the other kids around them were watching and whispering. Ms. Cooper looked up when the bell rang and rapped her knuckle on the desk to get the class's attention. Sissy was partially hidden behind the boy in front of her and wasn't about to try to call the old maid's attention to herself if she could help it. The whispers died down and Ms. Cooper started the lesson.

About half way through the lesson, Ms. Cooper asked if someone would come up to the board and diagram a compound sentence that she would read. Several of the boys pointed to Sissy, trying to get the teacher's attention to call on her. They weren't successful and one of them was called on instead and had to go diagram it on the board. He didn't do a very good job, so Ms. Cooper looked around the room for someone else. Again several of the kids pointed at Sissy, who glared at them until the teacher called her name out. From past experience, Ms. Cooper knew that if she did call on Sissy, the girl would get it completely right the first time.

"Miss Harter? Will you come up here and show us how this should be done properly?" Ms. Cooper said rather than asked. Now Sissy had no choice and wouldn't be able to hide behind the boy in front of her any longer. As she stood up, the teacher's eyebrows raised up. Sissy tried to adjust her micro-micro mini to be halfway presentable to the old biddy, but there was little she could do. As she walked to the front of the class, one of they boys let out a quiet wolf whistle and the class broke into giggles. Ms. Cooper looked at Sissy, handed her the piece of chalk, then glared at the class, quieting them down.

Sissy knew if she reached up to write on the board, the skirt would ride up, exposing her bare rear end. She really wouldn't mind that except that old Ms. Cooper would then probably wind up sending her to the principal's office. So Sissy tried to write on the board right in front of her. She was almost successful except that she had to bend over slightly to draw a line and write a word under the main part, which exposed her ass to several of the kids on one side of the classroom. Giggles broke out and Ms. Cooper let out a loud "Harrrumph" to let them know her disapproval and quiet them down, which worked. Sissy finished the diagram, correctly, and handed the chalk to the teacher. She walked back to her seat, the whole class turning to watch her, until she slipped into her seat trying not to expose anything more than she already had.

Ms. Cooper harrrrumphed loudly again to get attention, and then explained that the diagram was correct. She continued on with the class, barely keeping things settled down until the bell rang. Sissy breathed a sigh of relief, until Ms. Cooper said, "Miss Harter, remain after class please." A bunch of the kids giggled and laughed as they filed out of the room.

Sissy remained in her seat, knowing that the teacher was going to probably send her to the principal's office. But she had already resigned herself to that happening. She'd just hoped it might be a little later on than first class.

Ms. Cooper motioned Sissy to come up. Doing everything she could to keep somewhat covered up, Sissy stood and walked to the front of the desk. The old teacher looked her up and down a couple of times, then cleared her throat and said, "Miss Harter, that isn't really an appropriate outfit for school. For 15th street, maybe, but not here. What were you thinking?"

Sissy had to grin a little at the old teacher's reference to the local street walker area, in spite of her predicament. She said quietly, "I just thought it'd make some of the guys happy, that's all."

Ms. Cooper almost - almost - cracked a smile. She said, "I don't doubt at all that it would indeed do that, Miss Harter. But I still think it's inappropriate for school attire. You saw how the boys couldn't concentrate. Do your parent's know you're dressed like that?"

"Yep," Sissy replied. "They thought it was probably pretty hot for school, but they let me wear it. You can call my mom if you want."

"No. I'm not going to bother with that. Just go to the office and see Mr. Vincent. If he approves of it, fine. If not, I'm sure he'll take appropriate action. Now go. You're dismissed," Ms. Cooper said, waving Sissy off with her hand. As Sissy turned and walked out of the room, the old teacher watched the young girl's ass sway and just shook her head. 'Kids nowadays,' she thought.

Sissy wondered if she could get away with not going to Mr. Vincent's office or if she could just go to her next class. Then she figured that the next class was a female teacher too, so she might as well report to the office and see what she could do there. Besides, Mr. Vincent, the assistant principal, was a pretty good looking guy. Sissy thought he was single, or divorced and she knew he liked to stand in the hallway and watch the girls between classes sometimes. He'd smiled at her a number of times and that's why she thought that today might turn out to be interesting. What's the worst that could happen? At most, they'd probably send her home or call her mother to come and get her. At best, she could be laying on the assistant principal's desk, getting fucked.

--- Continued in Chapter 21B ----