The Perverts Club - Zoo Mom - Chapter 20B

by Ole Crannon

Added - 2/15/17

Warning: This story contains descriptions of incest, underage sex, oral, pedo, cum drinking, ass-to-mouth, bi fem, public exh, and many other extreme and perverted themes. If any of these will offend or upset you, please do not read this story.

[If you don't know about The Perverts Club or haven't read the background of the group, it would be good to first read The Perverts Club-Introduction for that information, in addition to the previous chapters.]


Zoo Mom

"Aw, c'mon, Mom. Loosen up and have some fun," Sissy said as they entered the store that was supposed to have the clubwear they wanted to find. They wandered through the aisles looking for the clothes, until they finally found what they were looking for. There were a couple of manikins that had some very skimpy outfits on, which Lynn eyed a bit. Sissy started going through the various items on the displays or racks, holding up some of the dresses to Lynn to see how they would fit.

Hey Sailor!

One was a hot pink spandex number which had an opaque area across the breasts and vertical piece down the front, but all the rest of it was just straps, the cutouts exposing all of the body underneath. The opaque pieces only covered the breasts, minimally, and the front of the crotch, again minimally. The back was completely bare other than the spandex straps. It looked like the "dress" would not reach much below the ass cheeks.

"This would be perfect for you!" Sissy exclaimed, holding it up against Lynn. "Try it on!"

"I'd be arrested in that thing," Lynn said, although she rather liked the idea of it. "Find some others and maybe I'll try some on."

Boobs Galore

Sissy found a top in black that was basically just a piece of silky cloth that draped around the neck with a tie that went under the breasts and tied around back. From the back and sides, the wearer would be completely bare, as would be the front from the throat all the way down. Only the breasts would be covered and only the front of them. The sides and middle boobs would be visible. Lynn thought it would definitely be something to easily be molested in.

Do I feel a breeze?

Sissy found a lycra micro-micro skirt in a matching color that was just an opaque panel in front with cutouts that basically made straps around the rest of the way. Again, the rear view would be almost exposed, covered only by the few straps. It was also so short that it only went from the hips to the crotch. If it rode up even an inch or so, it would leave the wearer's crotch exposed in front. Lynn actually shivered at the thought of wearing the two items in public.

Peek at my boo!

Looking around, Sissy again found another "dress", made basically out of what looked like lime green netting. The label said it was a 'fence net dress'. It looked to be an off the shoulder dress with arms that came down to the wrists, all net. Only the top and bottom edges had any opaque areas which were lace hems only about an inch or so in width and a little strip down the sides. It had a matching pair of very skimpy thong panties of the same color to wear under it so the crotch wouldn't be exposed. Or not. Sissy added it to the selections without even asking her mother, grinning.

"Honey, I need to find something that I can actually wear in public without being arrested for indecent exposure. C'mon!" Lynn told Sissy.

For more formal occasions

"Aw, Mom!" Sissy said, grinning. She walked over to another display rack and looked through some of the "gowns" there. Picking out a powder blue number, Sissy held a full color tag out that showed the dress on a beautiful, well proportioned model. The dress was pale blue see through lace, with a low cut back that went all the way down to the butt crack but didn't expose it. The top was basically a halter top which would fit nicely on Lynn's endowments. While it was not quite completely see through, it left little to the imagination. A thongs underneath it though would pretty much allow it to be worn out to a night club or similar setting. Lynn nodded and Sissy put it in with the other selections, even though it seemed slightly more 'formal' than the others.

After finding several more equally sexy and risqué numbers, Sissy urged Lynn to try them on, so they both went into a dressing room. Lynn slipped her skirt and blouse off to try on one of the selections.

Sissy shook her head and said, "Uhn-uh. Everything. I wanna see how it really looks on ya."

Lynn flushed a little, but slipped out of her thong and unfastened the half bra. Sissy took them and smugly set them down on the bench, then handed pink spandex one to her mother. Lynn had a bit of trouble figuring out exactly how it went on, but with Sissy's help, she got it on and straightened out.

"Jeez, Mom! That is HOT!" Sissy said, looking her mother up and down. There was a mirror in the dressing room, but it was narrow and not really full length. The full length, three way mirror was outside the dressing room. "Go look in the mirror," Sissy urged.

Lynn blushed a little, but opened the door a crack to see if there were any onlookers around. Sissy pulled the door open and shoved her mother out of the dressing room. Lynn got a rush of adrenaline as she was forced out in public, but then realized that there wasn't anyone around to see her. So she stepped over to the three sided mirror to see what she looked like.

Sissy had followed her mother and quickly went back into the dressing room to get Lynn's heels. "Here, Mom. Put these on so we can see how your legs look."

"Damn, Sissy. You can not only see my legs, but all the rest of my body too. God, I'll get arrested in this thing," Lynn said facetiously as she stepped into her heels.

"Mom, you look super! That is so hot!" Sissy exclaimed as Lynn turned a little in front of the mirror, evaluating what she saw. Aside from the embarrassment, she liked what she saw and had to agree with her daughter.

While Lynn and Sissy were looking at Lynn's reflection in the mirror, a sales girl walked over.

"Nice! Not many women look as good as you in that," the girl said admiringly.

Lynn blushed and headed back for the dressing room. Sissy stayed with the sales girl and chatted until Lynn came out with the next outfit, the black draped top one. The silky material of the top just covered her large breasts and the micro skirt hid very little, especially from behind. Lynn pirouetted in front of the mirror, getting more turned on by displaying herself like this in public, although the sales girl was mostly the only one looking so far.

As Lynn stood in front of the mirror, Sissy walked up behind her and put her hands under the top and hefted her mother's breasts.

"See, Mom. It'd be easy to be molested in this one. Easy access," Sissy said. Then she dropped her hands down to run one under the straps of the back of the 'skirt', along Lynn's crack. "A guy could fuck ya from behind if all you did was just bend over. This is slick!"

Lynn blushed and slapped Sissy's hand away. "Stop that!" she hissed. Sissy just grinned.

Going back to the dressing room, Lynn decided to try the fence net dress on. Once she had it on, she slipped back into her heels and went out to the mirror. Looking in the mirror, Lynn realized that she'd forgotten to put the tiny thong on under the dress. Oh well. Then Lynn saw in the mirror that there were several men standing a ways behind her, looking at her. A little shiver ran down her spine and she grinned to herself. 'Might as well give 'em a show', she thought.

After pirouetting in front of the mirror a bit, Lynn walked back into the dressing room for the next outfit. Sissy was still talking to the sales girl. Lynn tried to get into the long powder blue lace gown, but she needed a little help. She called for Sissy to come and help her.

When Sissy came in the changing room, Lynn whispered, "Did you see those guys out there watching?"

Sissy grinned and nodded. "Kewl, huh? You can put on a show for 'em." She helped Lynn get into the lace gown and get it straightened out. Only after they went back out did Lynn realize that again she'd forgotten to put on the thong underneath. At least this one wasn't as see through as the others had been, so it wasn't as bad.

This time, as she looked in the mirror, Lynn found that there were quite a few more men standing back aways, watching her. It did give her a little thrill, so she spent some time looking at both the front and back of the gown in the mirror, surreptitiously watching the guys watching her in the mirror. Sissy had talked to the sales girl again, who left to go find something. Lynn walked back into the changing room, thrilled at the number of eyes that were following her.

Luscious Mounds

Sissy came in and selected a halter mini dress with both a plunging, low cut back and front. It was made of lycra and was cobalt blue. The mini dress covered her bottom like a micro dress, but the cowl front exposed her front all the way down to her belly button. It exposed the inner sides of her large breasts nicely and the back was cut out all the way down to her ass crack. It gave Lynn a little thrill again as she walked out of the changing room to check it out in the mirror. There were even more guys watching this time.

The sales girl came back with a small package and handed it to Sissy. When Lynn went back into the changing room, Sissy removed a few strips of cloth from the package. Lynn slipped out of the mini dress and Sissy held up two pieces from the package. It was a sexy metallic silver micro bikini and thong. The top had two pieces about one inch wide that were connected with elastic strings. The two top pieces barely covered Lynn's nipples, with a string under the breasts and around her back and another that went around the back of the neck to hold the top up. The thong was basically a g-string, about a two inch wide (at the widest) strip that barely covered Lynn's slit and elastic bands that held it on, one running up between her ass crack and the other around her waist. She'd be, for all intents and purposes, naked.

Does this make by bod look bare?

"Oh, no! I'm not going out there in that!" Lynn told Sissy.

"Why not, Mom? You'd look amazing in it. Give the guys a show. You know we've talked about doing this kind of stuff before. The girl said it would be OK as long as you didn't go out into the rest of the store. Here is OK," Sissy told her. "'Sides, I'd like to see ya in it and see the guys' reactions. Wouldn't you?"

Lynn really was actually getting very turned on by being displayed in public, so she really didn't argue with her daughter. And she did like watching the reaction of the guys that were watching her. Lynn slipped the two pieces on with Sissy's help adjusting them, then stepped into her heels again. Lynn took a deep breath and walked out of the changing room. Even from the distance away, she could hear a murmur of exclamations from those watching her. She walked over to the mirror and stood in front of it, not only looking at herself, but at the men reflected in the mirror behind her.

The sales girl said to Sissy, "My God. She's got an awesome body!" Sissy grinned and nodded. Then she whispered something to the sales girl. "Should I?" the girl asked? Sissy nodded again. So the sales girl went over to Lynn and reached out to adjust the two top slim pieces of fabric over Lynn's nipples. Then the girl knelt down and adjusted the small piece that went over Lynn's slit, running her finger under the fabric which also rubbed against Lynn's slit. When she stood up, the girl smiled and said, "You look fucking amazing!"

"Thank you, dear," Lynn said. Looking over the shoulder of the sales girl, Lynn saw that numerous men had moved quite a bit closer, although they still stayed behind some of the display racks and cases. Lynn guessed that if they came out from behind the displays, they'd have something of their own on display. A major tent in their pants, probably.

Lynn also noticed that a number of the teen boys had joined the onlookers, which gave her a bit of a thrill also. If Sissy could display herself to the boys, then she figured she might as well also. Lynn swayed back into the changing room, not hurrying at all to get out of the men's - and boys' - sight. The next number was a skin tight lycra halter dress. Body gloveWhile it mostly covered all of her from the front, the sides were cut out around her boobs and the back was bare all the way down to her butt again. It was also short, only coming down to the bottom of Lynn's butt cheeks. But even though it covered more of her body than some of the others, it was so tight and thin that it fitted her like a glove.

Walking out of the changing room, Lynn strutted a little, getting an appreciative wolf whistle or two. She pirouetted in front of the mirror a bit, watching the men but also looking at herself. It was quite an interesting outfit, exposing but not exposing her. She liked it.

Boob Tube

Swaying her hips back into the changing room, Lynn found the next outfit was a bright turquoise boob tube top like Sissy liked to wear and a matching micro skirt. The skirt was more like a wide belt of elastic cloth, probably spandex, that could stretch around her hips, covering (almost) her crotch. And not a lot more. Lynn's nipples dented out the stretch cloth of the top as it was also more like a band of stretch fabric that basically just went around her breasts. Everything else was exposed. The guys should like this one too.

As Lynn opened the changing room door, she found that a number of men had moved quite a bit closer. Walking out to the mirror, she got quite a few comments and a few whistles too. Now that there were a number of men watching, they all felt a bit more audacious in the group as opposed to if they'd been alone and watching.

Lynn stood in front of the tri-mirror and modeled the stretch outfit. Sissy had gone into the changing room and come out with the next outfit. Lynn pirouetted in front of the mirrors for a while, giving the guys a good show. When she started to head to the changing room, Sissy stood in her way and held out the next outfit to her mother.

Sissy whispered, "Go ahead. Give 'em a good thrill. Change right here. The girl said it would be OK as long as nobody complained. And I doubt these guys are gonna complain."

Lynn had some major apprehensions about stripping naked in the middle of a department store, but she'd gotten really aroused 'modeling' the outfits in front of the guys. After the teensy weensy silver micro bikini, there wasn't a lot left that hadn't been exposed. Besides, the thrill of being exposed in public was really turning Lynn on.

The next outfit was basically a pair of skin tight, sheer stretch hot pants and a 'top' of matching material. Lynn took a deep breath and slipped the skirt off, exposing her bare cunt to anyone in view, then stepped into the hot pants and pulled them up, adjusting them on her. They fit so tight that she had a very visible camel toe. They were obviously made to fit exactly for that purpose. Next she slipped the spandex tube top off, exposing her magnificent breasts to everyone. That got her some loud comments and more whistles. The sales girl put her finger to her lips, trying to tell the guys to keep it quiet or they'd blow the whole scene. The girl seemed to be getting off on what Lynn was doing.

Putting her HOT in hotpants

The top was a wrap around with a vertical zipper in the middle of the front. Lynn hadn't seen this outfit, as Sissy had put it on the pile when Lynn wasn't paying attention. Lynn wrapped the top around her only to find that when she zipped it up, it only went around her under her boobs, not over them. Basically, it was like a corset but left all of her breasts totally exposed. The sales girl grinned and held up two black circles, pasties that went with the outfit. Lynn figured that they weren't much help at this point and shook her head. The girl grinned in approval.

Lynn stood in front of the mirror and slowly turned and displayed her great rack to everyone there. She turned away from the mirror, looking over her shoulder at it to see how her ass looked in the stretch hot pants. Naturally, this exposed her breasts to all who were looking and there were a lot of guys really looking. Lynn decided to give them a real show and started swaying her hips, dancing in front of the mirrors. She closed her eyes and lifted her hands above her head and swayed and gyrated to the music on the PA, slowly swaying and turning, giving everyone a total view of her body.

Lynn opened her eyes as she swayed back and forth and saw one young guy in the crowd who apparently couldn't stand it any longer. He approached Lynn as she faced the mirror. She saw him as he came up to her and put his arms around her, not really hugging her, but slow dancing with her without really touching. He tried to match her swaying and moving with his hips while his arms were around her but not actually holding against Lynn. He ran his hands up and down her body, not touching Lynn but about as close as he could be. It reminded Lynn of the dirty dancing moves she'd seen in some movies. They swayed together, back and forth, slowly turning, putting on an erotic show for the crowd.

The sales girl said something to Sissy, who nodded and the two slipped into the changing room. Lynn didn't notice and continued her slow erotic dance with the good looking young guy. As they moved and swayed, the guy's hands and body got closer and closer to Lynn until he was caressing her skin and rubbing against her with his body. This not only made the onlookers happy, but was a major turn on for Lynn. She was really getting aroused and into this exposure.

At one point, the guy put his hands on Lynn's breasts from behind her and took her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. He tweaked Lynn's nipples as they swayed, slowly turning in front of the mirror. His face was on Lynn's neck, licking and nibbling at it. Each movement and touch drove Lynn to a higher state of arousal. Finally, she couldn't stand it any more and turned around in the guy's arms to face him and gave him a passionate kiss, which he happily returned. Lots of cat calls and wolf whistles were the result, urging them for more.

Lynn couldn't take any more arousal. She was in a state where she wasn't really thinking, but just acting. Taking one of the guy's hands, she led him to the changing room. Opening the door and slipping in, the two found the sales girl sprawled on the bench seat with Sissy between her legs, tongue in the girl's cunt.

"Sissy!!!" Lynn hissed in surprise, annoyance or... something.

"Oh, hi Mom. Can you guys use another changing room. We're sorta busy," Sissy said, almost nonchalantly. The sales girl had a surprised look on her face, having been caught and how Sissy was taking it so easily.

Lynn was so turned on that she really wasn't thinking. Her first instinct was to push the sexy guy down on the bench and climb on him, showing the two girls what was what. But then Lynn decided that there not only wasn't any room, but getting another changing room would be much better and easier. Taking the surprised guy's hand, she led him out of the changing room and into another one next to it. Pushing him down on the seat, Lynn unzipped the corset top and let it drop to the floor. Then she skimmed down the skin tight pants and stepped out of them, standing totally naked in front of the stranger.

Kneeling down in front of him, Lynn started working on the guy's pants, finding him hard under them. She unzipped them quickly and found that he didn't wear any underwear, which was a good thing at this point. As his cock popped up, Lynn voraciously went at it, taking it all the way as deep into her throat as she could. The guy groaned with pleasure as Lynn's mouth engulfed his whole shaft. As she started bobbing up and down, all he could do was just grab the edges of the seat with both hands and hang on.

"Oh, fuck, you're good!" he exclaimed as Lynn worked on his knob. Lynn knew that he'd say that to just about anyone who was giving him head, so it wasn't that big a deal. She worked on his rod for a while, until his hips started trying to thrust. At that point, Lynn stood up, turned around and sat down, guiding his hard cock into her hot, moist box. Letting out a little moan of pleasure as she sank down on the hard shaft, Lynn then started grinding her hips around, then moving up and down. It didn't take much time at all before the guy was moaning and jerking his hips up into her as he ejaculated his cum up into Lynn's cunt.

Lynn continued to grind on him, trying to get herself off. She was right on the edge and a few good pinches of her clit brought her off. The whole thing was so arousing that it hadn't taken much time for either of them to reach climaxes.

After her orgasm, Lynn relaxed back against the young guy under her. She turned her head and gave him a nice kiss. He responded. Then Lynn said, "That was nice. You're quite a good dancer. And out there too." They both had to laugh.

Lynn said loudly, "Sissy, will you bring me some tissue or something as soon as you two are through in there?"

"Sure, Mom. Inna minute," Sissy answered back through the partition.

"That was something," the guy whispered. "Do you do this often?"

"Only when I go shopping for sexy clothes," Lynn said, grinning. "Otherwise, I just do it at home. Or at a restaurant. Or whatever." She had to giggle.

They stayed there until the guy's soft cock slipped out of Lynn's cunt. She could feel his cum drooling out of her cunt.

"Sissy, now would be a good time," Lynn called to her daughter.

"OK. Jeez," Sissy said. In a minute, the door opened and Sissy led the sales girl into the changing room where her mother was. The salesgirl had some tissues in her hand. Sissy said, "Looks delicious. You want it?" to the sales girl. The girl's eyes widened in surprise but she quickly nodded and knelt down between the two's legs. Leaning forward, the girl gave some tentative licks of the cum running out of Lynn's cunt. Sissy leaned over the girl's shoulder and watched, a big grin on her face. Once when the girl had gotten a good amount of cum on her tongue, Sissy turned the girl's head and kissed her, getting some of the cum from the girl. They continued on until Lynn's cunt was mostly not leaking any more and the girl handed the tissues to Lynn. She and Sissy stood up.

Lynn wiped herself with the tissues as best she could and then stood up also. She held out her hand to the guy to help him stand up and then gave him a hot tongue kiss. The guy wasn't about to object and enjoyed it. When they broke apart, Lynn helped him pull his pants up and then ushered him out the door. There were cat calls and whistles as the guy left, fastening his pants up. He grinned at the crowd of guys who had stayed there, giving them a thumbs up and wondering if there was going to be more show.

Lynn stood totally naked and faced the two girls. She asked, "Well, did you enjoy yourselves?" in a bit of a sarcastic tone.

"Oh, yeah. Totally. Mom, this is Katie. Katie, my hot sexy mom," Sissy said.

"So does this happen a lot here, Katie?" Lynn asked a little facetiously.

The girl shook her head. "No, not usually. But when it does, it's pretty cool. God, you're gorgeous!"

"Thank you. You do good work. I assume my talented daughter did well, also?" Lynn asked.

"Um, yeah. Totally," the sales girl replied, giving Sissy a big smile. Sissy hugged her.

"This wasn't quite what I expected," Lynn said. "Is there still a bunch of guys out there waiting for more show?"

Sissy opened the door and peeked out. "Yeah, some. Not as many though."

"Good. Well, what next?" Lynn asked.

"Um, ya wanna try on some more outfits and see what happens?" Sissy asked with a grin. "There's still plenty of stuff to try on and model."

"For some odd reason, I think maybe we should get out of here after all of that," Lynn said. "How do we do this?"

The sales girl asked, "Are you going to buy any of the outfits? 'Cuz I can give you a discount if you want."

"Won't you get in trouble doing that?" Lynn asked.

"No. We have some promotions going on and I'll just use those. It may not be much but I'll be glad to do it," Katie said.

"Well, there were a couple more that I was going to try on, but I think we can just take them all," Lynn said. "Unless you've seen anything else," she said to Sissy.

"Oh there's probably a bunch of other stuff, but if ya wanna go, that's fine. We can come back and do it again sometime," Sissy said with a grin. "Told ya it'd be fun."

Lynn grinned and said, "It was... uh, exciting."

Katie said wistfully, "I wish that guy had done me. He's cute."

"So you swing both ways, huh?" Lynn asked the girl, who blushed fiercely.

"Well, uh... yeah. Guess so," Katie answered quietly.

"Us too," Sissy said and put her arms around Katie and gave her a hot kiss. Katie returned the kiss, putting her arms around Sissy and hugging her.

When they pulled apart, Katie said to Sissy, "Thanks. That was great. You're good. Been doing it long?"

Sissy glanced at her mother and said, "Uh, a while. Fun, huh?"

Katie nodded. Lynn bent down and grabbed the two pieces of clothing from the floor. She decided there wasn't any reason to put them on after what she'd done before out there, so they walked out of the changing room. There was still a group of guys, including the teens, and they clapped and whistled when Lynn appeared. She had to blush at the attention.

They went into the changing room where the rest of the clothes were. Lynn started to pick up her own clothes to get dressed.

"Doncha want to wear one of the outfits, Mom?" Sissy asked. "It'd sure be sexy if ya did."

"Yeah, that would be hot," Katie agreed. "I can pack your stuff with the new stuff. Which one do you like best. Other than the micro bikini." She giggled. "That may not go well in the mall."

Lynn was still aroused and decided that maybe wearing one of the mini dresses would be OK. They covered most of her body, but left a lot of sexy skin visible. It would be fun watching the looks she'd get in one of them. So she picked out one that she hadn't tried on. It was a cowl front mini dress, with the back and front scooped all the way down. The bottom of the minidress came down to just below her butt cheeks and the stretchy fabric fit her body like a glove. The effect was quite sexy.

Katie gathered up all of the clothes and they went to the register. There was a group of guys that continued to watch Lynn, even at the checkout. After scanning the purchases into the computer, Katie gave Lynn the total, which surprised Lynn a little. Even after the discount, it was quite a bit of money. But Brad had said it didn't matter, so Lynn handed over one of her credit cards.

When Katie handed the card and receipt back, Sissy asked, "Hey, do you know where there's a shop with piercing jewelry here?"

Katie didn't even look surprised and said, "There's a jewelry kiosk down by the Waler's Buffet. They have all kinds of jewelry, and I saw a bunch of piercing stuff there the other day. It's a lot less expensive than some of the regular jewelry stores here."

"Something you're interested in," Lynn asked Katie, who again blushed.

"Uh, I was thinking about it. Not sure yet," the girl answered. She put all of the clothes into a big bag with the store logo on it and handed it to Lynn.

Sissy said, "Thanks for everything. We'll have to come back and do it again."

"I hope you do. And thank you!" Katie said with a grin.

"No probs," Sissy said and she and Lynn walked away, trying to find the exit from the store back into the mall.

"You know, there are probably a number of security cameras that caught all that, I suspect," Lynn said to Sissy.

Sissy grinned and said, "Yup. Don't doubt it. Their guys are gonna have fun watching them, huh?" Sissy turned and saw that several of the teen boys from her school had followed them. They were a short distance behind them.

"Hang on a minute, Mom. I wanna go talk to the guys," Sissy said. Lynn stopped in front of a store window and Sissy turned and walked back to the group.

"Your mom is HOT!" one of the guys told Sissy as she got to them.

She grinned and nodded. "Yeah, I know. How'd ya like the show?" Sissy asked.

They all agreed that it was super hot. One of the older guys asked, "Did she fuck the guy in that room back there?"

Another asked, "What were you and the girl doing in there? You lezzies or sumthin'?"

Another asked, "Ya think yer mom'd fuck me if I danced with her like that?" He got a few teasing comments from some of the other guys with that question.

Sissy grinned and said, "I dunno. You'd have to ask her. But I doubt she'd do you guys. You really ain't that smooth. Besides, you guys wouldn't know what to do with her." That got a lot more comments and jeers from the guys.

One guy said, "What about you? Would you fuck me?"

Sissy laughed and said, "See what I mean. Smoooooth. Just exactly what a girl wants to hear. NOT! Like I said, you wouldn't know what to do. I like older guys because they DO know what to do."

Oh, yeah? Like who?" a guy said.

"Wouldn't you just like to know," Sissy retorted back. "Anyway, gotta go. Got more shopping to do. See ya!" She turned and held her hand above her head, waving backwards at the group of teens as she walked away.

When Sissy got back with her mom, Lynn asked her what they'd said. Sissy giggled and said, "They wanted to know if you'd fuck 'em."

"What!!??" Lynn exclaimed, surprised. "How old were they anyway?"

"A couple years older'n me. One's probably fifteen. He's the one who asked if you'd fuck him," Sissy said.

"What did you tell him?" Lynn asked.

"I said no, because they wouldn't know what to do." Sissy grinned. "And they wouldn't."

"Sissy!" Lynn exclaimed. Then she laughed. "I guess that's as good an answer as any, although I wish you could have just told them that it wasn't right and I didn't do things like that."

"But, wouldja?" Sissy asked with a grin as they walked down the mall to find the jewelry kiosk.

Lynn hesitated answering. She really wouldn't mind taking a fifteen year old stud and teaching him how to. Lynn knew it wasn't "right" and she "shouldn't" even be thinking of things like that, but the thought wasn't really a new one for her. Since she'd been sexual with Bobby for so many years and enjoyed it, as did he, she didn't really have the same ingrained taboos about age that others would have. And there was Jerry too.

Sissy saw Lynn hesitating and exclaimed, "Mom! You SO would, wouldn't ya? Other than the fact that boys are so clutzy and stupid, I think it'd be kewl if ya did. Maybe you could teach 'em something. God knows they need to learn."

"How are you such an expert on what teenage boys know about sex? Hmmmm?" Lynn asked sarcastically.

"Well, I'm around 'em every day and they try to hit on me all the time, so I can pretty much tell how dorky they are. If they do sex things the same way they do that, they def are 'tards," Sissy said, laughing.

"So have you been, uh, 'tutoring' these boys? You know, I wouldn't have any problem with that, but I do worry about these type of things," Lynn told Sissy.

"Naw. I really haven't done much of anything with any of 'em. I really like doing it with Daddy. And Ben. And Mr. Sullivan. The boys are too immature," Sissy said.

"Ah, yes. My super sophisticated, experienced twelve year old daughter," Lynn laughed.

Sissy grinned at that and said, "Yeah. Compared to almost anyone I know at school, I am more experienced. Much more. And I think I'm probably better adjusted about it than all the rest of them. I just LOVE having sex with you and Dad. And Squirt. And even Bobby, most of the time."

Lynn stopped and asked, "What's wrong with Bobby? What's the problem there?"

"Well, nothing much really," Sissy said. "It's just that I really like cum and Bobby can't squirt yet, so it's not as good as when Dad and I do it. We can do so many things so many ways. Besides, Dad's a lot bigger than Bobby and that counts for a lot."

"So that's it? Just that he can't produce semen?" Lynn asked somewhat incredulously. "There's nothing else?"

"Naw, I love Bobby. And he's gonna be quite the stud in a few years. I love to have him fuck me. Most any time. But sometimes he's just a little matter of fact about it. You know, wham bam thank you ma'am. Not much foreplay, no cuddling and stuff afterward. He just likes to fuck and go. Although lately he's been getting better and we've had fun doing different things other than just straight, quick fucking," Sissy said. She smiled at her mother and continued, "I think there's a lot to do with you wanting to do all the perverted, kinky stuff. He's learning that there can be more than just sticking his cock in and doing it."

"Well. I'm glad it's just that. I don't want you two to be at each other's throats like some siblings are. I've been so happy that you three get along so well. And I do think that you're much more mature beyond your years. I love you all so much." Lynn hugged Sissy to her, ignoring the fact that they were in a crowded mall. 'What? Couldn't a mother hug her daughter?' she thought.

"I have really been worried about how what I'm doing or what I want to do has been affecting you kids. I really don't want to damage you guys," Lynn told Sissy.

"Mom. We've tol' ya that we're having a good time. We like it. All of us. Even squirt. Especially squirt. She's gonna be a sexual dynamo. I don't know if we'll all be able to keep up with her," Sissy told her mother, grinning.

"That's what your father and I have thought. But what's done is done. We'll just have to teach her as best we can," Lynn said to Sissy. Then she saw some seats on a bench not far away and motioned for Sissy to follow her to them.

Once they sat down, Lynn said, "You don't know how impressed we are with what you've done teaching Kari. We've been discussing your idea of homeschooling and it sounds like it might be best. At least for a while. But you've done a marvelous job helping her."

"Thanks. I've had fun doing it. She's a whiz. I mean, there're kids at school that aren't as smart and quick as her. I mean, like, they're dummies by comparison. I just wanted her to go as fast as she wants to. And that's why I thought about homeschooling. I did some research and wrote an essay for school about it and the advantages. The teacher didn't seem to like it and the idea. But she couldn't give me a bad grade 'cuz it was well written and researched. But I could tell she wasn't for it at all."

"Yeah, when your paycheck relies on teaching a bunch of kids, even in a private school, homeschooling is a threat, I guess. But you continue to amaze me. Do you have that paper? Can I read it? We've got a couple of years before we need to actually make a decision for Kari, I guess," Lynn said.

"Yeah, I've got a copy of it somewhere on the hard drive. I'll find it for ya. And actually, we can just continue doin' what we've been doin' with squirt, since she's really sharp and learns quick. No need to worry about being a certain age to have her learning," Sissy said.

"No, dear. I understand, but it's when she's supposed to start school that we'll have to register her and comply with the requirements. You know, prove she's being 'educated' properly," Lynn told Sissy.

"Oh. OK. So we can just keep teachin' her like we have been?" Sissy asked.

"Uh, 'as we have been' is proper, dear," Lynn said, laughing. "But yes, we can keep doing 'like' we've been doing with her."

"See, Mom. Homeschooling her will be better for her and easy. Sometimes I wish I could do home schooling. I mean, I like being around all my friends and stuff, but sometimes kids are so dorky. They drive me up a wall sometimes. I mean, the fun part is being around my good friends, but being around the short bus ones is a drag. God, sometimes I think some of them have to be told when to breathe!" Sissy exclaimed.

Lynn laughed. "What about your friends like Annie? Aren't they fun. What do they think?"

"Annie's smart as a whip. Just like Kari. There's lots of my friends, even some boys, that I like being around. But sometimes it's really hard getting through the day when all the others are draggin' ya down. Ya know?" Sissy said.

"I realize that the school work isn't much of a challenge for someone as smart as you are. But you have to do what you need to do," Lynn said.

"Mom! Challenge? This is a private school. We're light years ahead of the kids in public school. And I can't hardly get through the day and do the work because it's so boring. Mom! I know some fifteen and sixteen year olds that I've helped them with their school work. They didn't have a clue. Not even a little understanding of the concepts. Jeez, it's pathetic," Sissy said.

"Well, I'm sorry it's that bad for you. I mean, we know that you're way above average on the charts. We had you take that test, remember. We're thinking of having Bobby take the same thing. Maybe even Kari. But I don't know how to make it any better for you. Maybe we can talk to the school and see if you can skip some grades," Lynn said. "I'm sorry we haven't talked about this before."

"But Mom. If I skipped some grades, then I'd be ahead of all my friends and still be around a bunch of dense idiots. Yeah, there'd be some smart ones, but there's some smart ones in my classes now. It's just all the rest of the idiots that drag us all down. 'Sides, then I'd just be the youngest one in the classes and get picked on for that. Ya can't stand out or they'll try to knock ya down. So I just do what I have to to get by and they still give me a hard time for being the smartest one in the class. 'Teacher's pet'. 'Show off'. Things like that," Sissy told Lynn.

"My goodness! I didn't think it was that bad. I'm sorry honey. Why didn't you tell me this before?" Lynn asked.

"Aw, it's not really that big a deal. I deal with it. I can handle 'em. After all, they're idiots. How hard is it to handle 'em? It's not like it takes a huge amount of brain power to put 'em in their place. Once ya do that, they leave ya alone, pretty much," Sissy said, grinning.

"What about being asked to join the cheer group and some of those activities. You like that, don't you?" Lynn asked. She also thought about this being the most incongruous place for them to be having this type of conversation. Plus Lynn had also been attracting attention with her body exposed by the new super hot outfit. Nobody had done anything overt, but she had seen guys ogling her as they walked past.

Sissy was still talking. "Remember when we went to Ben's store and those two boys were there. One of 'em made a smart remark and the other one was quiet? Remember what I did? That's how I handle the boys. Doesn't matter what age. I can put 'em in their place really easy. And the boy who was nice and kept his mouth shut? He's the one that got the blow job."

Lynn laughed at the memory. "So do you give many of the boys blow jobs like that? I mean, if they're nice?"

"Naw. That was sorta different. You know. You were in that hot dress we found and strutting your stuff. The guy was being crude, so I just let him know. We knew we were gonna do things with Ben and them. The blow job was just a fun thing for the poor guy who had to put up with his obnoxious friend. I figured I'd show 'em." Sissy laughed. "But I have grabbed more than one guy by the balls and told them they better straighten up and be nice. Or I'd hurt 'em. Works great."

Lynn laughed with Sissy but then put her hand on her daughter's shoulder. She said, "Honey, I understand, but I'm always afraid of something like what happened with those three muggers. I know you handled it well. But, well, are you sure you're alright with what happened? You'd tell me if there was any problem. Right?"

"Mom! I'm OK. They didn't do anything to me. Really. I know it was close. And dangerous. But really, it wasn't anything sexual. It was just three idiots who thought they saw a defenseless, easy target. It's nothing more than getting in a fight at school, actually. You either do or you don't. And I've had so many years of wonderful sexual experiences that I can't relate what happened to anything sexual. Sure they wanted to fuck me, but lots of boys want to do that. They hit on me all the time. Those guys were just older and dumber. I mean, I was scared to death at the time. But after I settled down, it wasn't that bad. God, Mom! I would have fucked all three of them at the same time if they'd just been nice about it. Yesterday at the police station, I did three guys at once. So it's not about fucking. It's about being physically threatened by three idiots who didn't know any better. I'm fine. I was scared out of my wits at the time, but I'm over it. It's OK."

Lynn put her arms around Sissy and hugged her again. She said, "I'm so proud of you. You'll never know how much!" Lynn cleared her throat and straightened up. "We'd probably better go and find that kiosk and get some nice, sexy things for both of us." They both stood up and headed towards the area where the jewelry kiosk was. Sissy had been at this mall more than Lynn and seemed to know where to go, so Lynn let Sissy lead the way. She watched with amusement the reactions of the people who looked at her. Both the males and females. It was quite funny sometimes.

As they walked, Lynn asked, "Uh, honey, how did you know that the sales girl was, umm, well, that you could do something with her? Or that she would?"

"Coupla things she said about your bod," Sissy said. "So I just asked her if I could do her. She was easy."

"You just ASKED her?" Lynn gasped.

"Sure. I mean, ya won't know if ya don't ask, right? That's why I don't blame the guys who hit on me. I mean, all they're doing is asking. In their own dorky way. Like if a good guy asked me, I'd prolly say yes. It's just when they're all such dorks that I laugh at 'em. You wouldn't mind me doing some guys, would you? I mean, good guys?"

"As your mother, I just want you to be safe. Knowing what you know about sex, I'd actually think I'd fear for the poor boy who you said yes to," Lynn said, laughing. "Really, honey, I think that you'll make the right choices and I'm not worried about you having sex with others. We do need to get you to Doctor Barb's and fitted for the IUD though. And I'll bet she'll be pissed she couldn't do your piercings for you. She's quite the sadist and would enjoy doing it. But I really like the idea of your dad doing them for you. It's much more of a, well, an intimate 'bonding' thing with him and you. You know?" Lynn said.

"I know. I can't wait to have Daddy do 'em," Sissy said as they approached a kiosk outside of a large clothing store. "Here it is. Let's see what we can find."

The two looked through the jewelry until they found the area that had the piercing stuff. Almost all of it was under glass, or plexiglass in this case. They'd have to ask for assistance if they wanted to get a close look at anything.

At the opposite end of the large kiosk, a good looking young man was helping a couple with some ear rings or other jewelry pieces, but he did notice Lynn and Sissy as soon as they walked up. He hurried through the sale with the couple and quickly moved down to inquire if he could help. His eyes were attracted to Lynn's mostly exposed breasts. He was obviously quite impressed.

Lynn made no real move to acknowledge him at first, figuring that she'd let his interest build up a bit. She was thoroughly enjoying the attention though. Sissy pointed out several pieces to her mother, both rings and barbells. The thin barbells would be just right for Sissy's little nips, but Lynn wanted some pretty large rings

Sissy pointed out the ones she wanted for her nips and Lynn looked up at the young man. "Can we see those ones there?" Lynn asked, pointing to the silver colored barbells. The young man nodded and grinned, opening the cabinet up to pull out the selected barbell. He handed it to Lynn.

"First piercing? Or adding some?" he asked politely, eyeing Lynn's chest.

"Our first jewelry," Lynn said, "not our first piercing." She smiled at him. She could see his eyes slightly widen in surprise. "Would this be about the right size for her first nipple piercings?" Lynn asked nonchalantly. "I'll need much larger ones for me."

The young man cleared his throat then said, "Uh, I don't know. Those are fourteen gauge stainless steel. They're quite popular but it depends on the person they're going to be used on. The gauge is probably right but the length of the bar would be the important part. That depends on the nipple size. Usually you want to get one a little longer than you need to allow for swelling and healing. Then you can go to a shorter bar length afterwards. But fourteen gauge is about right. Or smaller. I wouldn't go any larger for a first piercing for someone her size."

Lynn let Sissy look at the barbell, then said to the young man, "You seem knowledgeable about it." And smiled at him.

"Uh, I've had some experience. I'm the one who put the piercing stuff in here. It's done quite well," the young man said.

"Well, good. I'm glad we've found someone who knows something about it. Now, would you have to see or measure her nipples to tell the length or do we just have to guess?" Lynn asked coyly.

Again the young man was a bit astonished at Lynn's forthright question. Did she mean they'd show him the young girls nipples? Hot damn!

"Uh, well, to make sure of getting the right size, yeah, it would be best to measure or at least see what they were going to be in," the guy said.

"Sissy, show him your nipples so he can tell the right size," Lynn said to her daughter, again to major astonishment but delight of the young clerk. Sissy had absolutely no problem exposing herself to any and all who would want to look at her. As she and her mother had discussed, this was a bit of a fantasy for both of them. To be exposed in public.

Looking the clerk straight in the eye, Sissy folded down the top of her tube top, exposing her pointy little nipples to anyone looking at them. She leaned forward over the counter a bit to give the clerk access to them if he wanted to 'measure' them. Lynn tried hard to keep a straight face and not to laugh.

Recovering a bit, the clerk enjoyed the sight of Sissy's little mounds with the pink nipples on them. Finally, he held out the barbell close to one of them to size up the correct length. He didn't want to actually touch Sissy's tits and cause a scene.

Lynn held out her hand for the barbell and said, "Here, let me help." The young man dropped the barbell in her hand and Lynn used the other hand to hold one of Sissy's little mounds, and held the barbell up to her nipple. "Does this look like the right size to start?"

Trying very hard to look non-plussed, the young man said, "Uh, well, ummmm. Yeah. That's a three quarters inch one. It would probably be good to start with, then when she heals up, she could go to maybe a half inch length. 'Course, at her age, I suspect she's gonna grow a bit, so maybe a three quarters or five eights would be best. She could always grow into them." Then he laughed at what he'd just said.

Lynn grinned, released her hold on her daughter's tit and said, "Ok. We'll take two of those." She turned to look at Sissy and asked, "Any others you like, now that we know the size?"

Sissy made no effort to cover her little mounds up. She just stood there, looking around the display. Naturally, she started drawing attention from other shoppers and passers-by. But her nipples were hard as rocks from the attention she was getting. She spotted some bright turquoise colored barbells that looked close to the same gauge as the others. She pointed them out. "I like those," she said to Lynn.

"Do you have two of those in her size?" Lynn asked the young clerk. He immediately reached under the counter and brought out a box. Opening it, he found two of that color and gauge. "These are five eights and fourteen gauge. I think they're the shortest ones I have right now. But they should work."

These ones were in small plastic bags instead of being loose. Lynn picked up one of the small bags and held it to Sissy's nipple. "I like the color too. Good choice," she said to Sissy. Both grinned.

"OK, what about labia? Barbell or rings?" Lynn asked the guy.

"Uh, that depends. Uh..." Lynn could see him actually blushing a little. "I mean it depends on the size of your labia. But most people would use captive bead rings there. Not barbells."

"Well, she's still developing down there, too. Do you need to see her labia to determine the correct size?" Lynn asked innocently, working hard to keep somewhat of a straight face. She heard Sissy snort lightly next to her.

"N-n-no, I don't need to see her labia," the guy said.

"That's too bad, right honey?" Lynn said, looking at Sissy. She reached out and pulled the top of Sissy's tube top back up to cover her daughter's breasts, as if this was the most natural thing in the world for them. Sissy acted quite innocent and non-plussed about the whole thing too.

"Go ahead and pick out some rings that you'd like for your labia, hon," Lynn said evenly.

Sissy looked around some more and saw some nice blue captive bead rings. She pointed them out to the young man and Lynn asked if they could see one. The young man grabbed the item and laid it on the counter.

"These are 14 gauge rings, half inch or 12 millimeters in diameter and feature a 5mm titanium ball. They're quite popular in several colors," the clerk explained.

Lynn looked at Sissy and said, "Are you sure you want the blue ones? How about those nice pink ones?"

Sissy actually thought about it for a bit and then said, "No, I like the blue ones. They'll contrast nicely with my cunt lips."

Lynn looked at the young clerk and said, "We'll take, uh..." then looked at Sissy. "How many do you want. Do you think six would be right? Three in each lip?"

"That'd be great. Six would do fine. And since they're the same gauge as the barbells, I could interchange them," Sissy said. She looked at the young man and said, "That'd be OK, wouldn't it? They'd work both places?"

Becoming more accustomed to these two blatantly un-embarrassable females, the guy said, "Yeah, that would be fine. The rings are half inch diameter, so probably after you healed, they'd fit fine in the nipples. Are these going to be for the inner or outer labia?"

Lynn gave that some thought and said, "She's still growing down there. She really doesn't have much of either yet. Completely smooth and bare. But what difference would it make?"

"Well, if they were for the outer labia, they may need to be a little larger diameter, as a young girl's labia majora are, ummmm, well, fatter than the minora. It also would depend on the piercer, I suppose," the clerk explained.

"I see," Lynn said, smiling. "You seem to know quite a bit about young girl's anatomy. Is that from first hand experience?"

"Uh, yeah... uh, no. Well, uh, I, well..." the young guy stammered at Lynn's question.

Lynn leaned across the counter to get closer to the young man and whispered to him, "I'm sure my young daughter would be happy to give you some first hand experience with that anatomy. That is, if you'd be interested."

"What? No! Uh, well, I dunno. I mean, she's too young. I couldn't do that. I'd get arrested," the guy stammered.

"Not if nobody else knew about it. We certainly wouldn't tell anyone. But anyway, that option is open," Lynn said, smiling at the now totally flustered young man.

"Six? Three in each cunt lip?" Lynn asked Sissy, who nodded, smiling at her mother's antics. And she was perfectly OK with letting the good looking guy examine her intimate girl parts.

"OK. We'll take six of those," Lynn told the clerk. To Sissy, she asked, "How about a belly button thing? You know, one of those dangly ones. For more formal occasions." She grinned.

Sissy asked, "For me or you?"

"Both," Lynn said, chuckling. She looked at the clerk and asked, "How about some belly button things? Not rings, but those other dangling kind of ones."

The young man, getting over being astounded at the audacity of these two females, pulled out a tray from under the counter with a whole selection of navel dangles.

Sissy exclaimed, "Ooooo Mom! I like those. Look at these ones. Aren't they cute?" She pointed to the ones she liked.

Lynn pointed out the ones that Sissy indicated and asked if they could see them. The clerk happily pulled one out of the plastic covered tray and handed it to her. "That's a heart shaped dangle, plated in Rhodium / Niobium for an exceptionally shiny look and absolutely hypoallergenic. It has a curved 14 gauge shaft which measures three eights inch long and the lower part of the shaft has a 7mm gem set in a true prong setting for maximum light transmission. Great sparkle. The gem is available in 3 colors: blue, white/diamond or turquoise. They'd look lovely on either one of you," he said, not just trying to flatter them but being an honest evaluation.

"Well, we'll just have to come back and show you, won't we?" Lynn said, smiling. Turning to Sissy she said, "Which one do you want? I'll get a different color than you so we can tell whose is whose. When they're not in our belly buttons, that is." She gave Sissy a big grin, noticing how much of a crowd had gravitated around the kiosk. Even after Sissy's titties were covered up.

Sissy again picked the blue one and Lynn decided she'd take the white/diamond looking one. The clerk set them aside with their other choices. "What else can I help you with?' he asked.

"Now we've gotta get some things for me. Do you carry any flesh tunnels?" Lynn asked.

The clerk again looked a bit surprised and said, "Unfortunately, I don't have too many of those in stock. Not a big seller like the rings and barbells." He pulled a tray out from under the counter again with the tunnels that he had in stock. "What size were you looking for? Where will they be going? You know, it takes a good amount of time to stretch up to a tunnel. Unless..." His sentence trailed off.

Lynn said, "I'm going to have them scalpeled. Both nipples and cunt lips. I don't want to take the time to stretch into them." Again the clerk was taken by surprise.

"I'm sorry I don't have a big selection for you. I've got mostly acrylic tunnels and plugs, but I can order you just about anything you want and have it delivered in one or two days. Direct to your house," the clerk said, handing Lynn a colorful brochure with many items other than the flesh tunnels illustrated in it. Lynn looked at the selection in the tray and the brochure.

"What about those black ones there?" Lynn asked, pointing them out in the tray. "What sizes are those?"

"Those are all I have in stock. They're black silicone, available in four gauge through one inch. I've only got those couple of sizes for display. I can order any size you want though," the clerk explained.

"Well, I need two for my nipples," Lynn said. "Then probably a dozen for my cunt lips. Seems like maybe half inch would work. A nice, heavy padlock shaft should go through them with no problem. What do you think?"

Again the clerk was pleasantly taken aback. He leaned forward and said quietly, "If you want that many, I'll give them all to you at the online prices if you order them from the catalog and ship directly to you. But you have to come back and let me see them after you get them done? Deal?"

Lynn smiled and said, "Sure. And I suppose you'll want to take pictures of them. You know, for sales purposes. That would be alright too." From the brochure, Lynn selected the black ones, then looked at some nice gold ones. She pointed to them and looked questioningly at the young man.

"Those are stainless steel with real gold plating. Double flared. Nice tunnels. How many do you want of those? Same as the black? Fourteen?" the clerk asked.

Lynn nodded smiling. She said, "The online prices are quite a bit better than the ones here in the mall."

The clerk smiled and said, "Yeah, overhead here. Online's much better. But here, you get them immediately. Ordering online, you gotta wait for and pay the shipping. But yeah, prices here are a lot higher for the same things."

"What company do you ship by from the catalog?" Lynn asked.

"Probably the brown truck. Unless you want them overnighted," the clerk told her.

Lynn said, "Oh, no. That would work out great. We have a great relationship with our regular delivery guy, don't we Sissy?"

"Yeah. Great relationship. Knows just how to deliver his package," Sissy said, giggling. "Too bad you can't deliver some of the stuff," she said pointedly, nudging her mother.

"Definitely. We'd both be very happy to have you stop by," Lynn said lecherously.

The young man had many lewd thoughts flashing through his mind. He grabbed a card from a tray on the counter and wrote a phone number on the back of it. Handing it to Lynn, he said, "Anything you want, any time. Call me. I'll be more than happy to make a personal delivery of anything you want."

"Anything?" Sissy said.

"Anything that I've got," the clerk shot back at her. He'd finally gotten around to understanding what these two hot, sexy females were offering. He wasn't sure about the young one only because of her age, but if he had the chance, he'd do her in a heartbeat.

Sissy leaned over the counter on her tippy toes to look pointedly at the young guy's crotch. Then she said, "Yeah, you've got what we want. Right, Mom?"

"I'm sure, dear." Looking at the guy, she asked, "Do you have any piercings that we'd like?" She looked pointedly down at his crotch.

"Uh, yeah. I suppose you may like it. A PA," he told her.

"Oooo, I've wanted to try someone with one of those," Lynn said, placing the card in her shopping bag. "We'll definitely call you for a delivery. So, what do you have in a large gauge captive bead ring that I'd like?"

The clerk pointed to a small display of captive bead rings, but they were all mostly smaller gauges, probably from ten gauge or smaller. Lynn knew from her research and a discussion with Doc Barb that she wanted something along the lines of four gauge or larger. The large trocar that Doc Barb would use would probably punch a hole that would easily fit a four gauge ring. And the pain would be exquisite each time it punctured her labia.

"If you want larger gauges, again we can order them online. Any colors or type that you like?" the clerk asked.

Lynn thought for a minute and said, "You know, I'm not big on the look of a captive bead. I always worry about losing the bead somehow. I saw a woman on a video that had some huge chrome rings in her labia that didn't have beads. Got anything like that?"

"Not in stock, but I think I know what you're thinking about." He flipped the pages of the brochure and pointed to a set of rings. "These are seamless stainless steel segment rings. They're available in stainless steel or black titanium. The largest size is four gauge and they're half inch inside diameter."

"Those are just perfect. And at the online prices I think I can afford to get some of both. How about eight of each in four gauge? Three for each cunt lip and one for each nipple? What do you think, Sissy?"

"Great. Bobby'll love playing with those when you get 'em in," Sissy said, grinning.

There were a number of men who'd gathered around, getting good looks at Lynn's body. Once in a while, she'd felt someone brush against her rear end, but she purposely didn't respond or react. Both she and Sissy were absolutely enjoying being the center of attention of so many males, right in public.

While Lynn had been engrossed in ordering her jewelry, Sissy had felt a couple of touches on her ass also. Unlike her mother, Sissy wanted to play and when she felt someone behind her push against her bubble butt, she pushed back. Then rubbed her ass against whoever was there without even turning around to look at them. Sissy was getting so turned on by what she and her mother were doing. In public. And she knew there was a name for what was being done - rubbing against her - but she couldn't remember it. All she could think of was French cheese and she knew that wasn't it.

[Continued in Ch. 20C]