The Perverts Club - Zoo Mom - Chapter 2

by Ole Crannon

Warning: This story contains descriptions of incest, extreme underage sex, bestiality, oral, anal, very young, cum drinking, ass-to-mouth, and many other extreme and perverted themes. If any of these will offend or upset you, please do not read this story.

The next morning, Saturday, Lynn and Rob were laying in bed, caressing each other early before anyone else had gotten up. Rob propped himself up on one elbow and asked his wife, "Yesterday you were talking about trying some new stuff you've found out about on the internet. Care to enlighten me on that?"

"Well, dear, you know how much it turns me on for you to take charge of me and make me do anything you want. I've been researching about submissives and the things they do- or have done to them. You know I like it rough and hot and a little pain just stimulates me more. Well, I'd like us to go over some of this stuff together and then maybe try it with me."

"What exactly my dear do you want me to try with you? Slapping you around, spanking your sexy bottom, hanging you from the ceiling with chains...?" He noticed her slightly stiffen at that last. "No! Don't tell me you get turned on by being tied up and whipped!?"

"Well, I don't know yet. But I have been having some interesting fantasies lately and I'm thinking that I have some serious masochistic tendencies that I'd like us to explore. You know that I trust you with my life and I'll let you do anything you want to me, because I know that you love me the same way. But yes, I think that I may like being spanked or whipped or having pain inflicted. Of course it would have to be coupled with sexual stimulation. I think that the pain will enhance my sexual arousal and I could really get off. Interested?"

"Wow. I didn't realize. What has brought all this on? And the snake? Just what have you been finding online?"

"Let's go to the computer and I'll show you. I've been saving quite a bit so I could show it to you."

With that the two got up and went into the den where the computer was. Lynn sat down and started pulling up directories full of videos she had downloaded and saved. She clicked on one labeled "Snakes" and there were several video files there. She started one running. As she had said, it showed a woman laying on a bed, stuffing a huge python into her cunt. The reptile was at least four feet long and as big around as her wrist at the largest part. This woman continued to insert the huge snake into her cunt until just the reptile's head was left outside of her. Then with a swift motion of her hand, she pushed the snake's head all the way into her cunt. She had the complete, four foot long reptile inside of her. She laid on the bed and rubbed her cunt and writhed from the motions of the snake inside of her.

Rob just stood at Lynn's side with a growing hard on. He was getting as turned on by the video as he did watching his lovely wife stuff their much smaller python in her cunt. Lynn was rubbing her clit with one hand while watching the video, and when she noticed the stiff cock beside her, she reached over and started stroking it. When the video ended, Rob said, "Wow, now I understand what you were talking about. Hon, you better stop jacking me off or we won't get through any more of these things you want me to see."

"Rob, if you think that's something, wait until you see some of the others. Here, watch this one. And I'll be good and leave your lovely cock alone... for now." With that, she started another video going. It was one of the same woman, laying on the same bed, but this time she had a clear tube in her vagina. Into this tube she put two live mice. The camera zoomed in close to show the mice trying to climb the tube and slipping back down into her cunt. Then a male's hands holding a bottle brush came into frame and he inserted the bottle brush down into the clear tube, pushing the mice all the way down into her cunt, and then pulled out the tube, leaving the brush - and the two mice stuffed inside of her cunt. A few moments later, he reached over and gently pulled the brush out of her cunt. She now was laying there with two live mice inside of her cunt, squirming from the stimulation of their movements inside of her.

This time Rob was stroking his own hard cock, jacking himself off. When the video ended, he grabbed his wife's head and turned her to face his cock and he pushed it into her mouth. He was so close to cumming that as soon as his cock entered her mouth, he started spurting come into her. Impulsively, he grabbed a handful of hair and roughly pulled her head into his crotch, shoving his hard, spurting cock down Lynn's throat. He held her there until he finished spewing his semen down her throat. Lynn's eyes were watering and she was working hard not to gag and to keep swallowing as fast as she could.

Once he was finished cumming, Rob loosened his grip on Lynn's hair so she could finally get a breath. He smiled down at her as she coughed and looked up at him with loving, but very watering eyes. She managed to say, "So that one got to you too, huh? I loved it and I want to try that. And what you just did is some of what I've been talking about as far as me being a submissive. Your taking charge and forcing your cock into me is exactly the kind of thing I want you to do. Thank you for that."

Rob stroked her hair and looked down at her lovingly and said, "It just seemed right to do at that moment. God, that was a turn on. Seeing her taking two live mice into her pussy was something else. I loved it. And if you want to try it, I'm game. We've surely got a supply of mice to use. Bobby's little friend may start getting his food already used a bit. But I don't think he'll mind at all. So what else have you found. Now that we've released a bit of my... ummmm, morning tension, I'll probably be able to pay more attention to the subject matter on the screen. Hehehe."

Lynn stroked his limp cock and gave it a lick, then turned back to the computer. "Are you sure you're ready for what's next? Maybe you should pull up a chair and make yourself comfortable while we go through some of this."

Rob did that and after he was settled, said to his wife "OK, let's see what you've got next."

Lynn opened another folder labeled "pain" and selected a new video. This one started running and showed what looked like a well equipped dungeon, although it was brightly lit and had a lot of shiny chrome implements. A lovely, mature blonde lady was laying nude on a table. The dungeon master came over and started inserting three inch long med needles into the woman's nipples. He used six needles in each nipple, creating a star burst formation with them. He then tied strings around her nipples behind the needles and attached them to a bar above her, pulling her breasts taut with tension on the strings. Then he picked up several seven or eight inch long spinal needles and inserted them directly through the blonde's stretched breasts. He inserted two in each breast, each on a diagonal, penetrating all the way through the meat of each breast.

Rob reached over and clicked the mouse, stopping the video. He looked at his lovely wife next to him and said, "Am I to understand that you want to try something like this? You want to have steel needles pierced through your breasts?"

Lynn replied, "Well, all I know is that I get sopping wet and have crashing orgasms watching these videos and imagining that it was me that it was being done to. I know that we've never really tried anything like this, but fantasizing about having it done to me is just obsessing me. There must be something to it. Here, let's watch another one that is even better."

She clicked on another video which started with two beautiful women in the same dungeon, but they were seated facing each other, completely nude except garter belts, sheer stockings and high heels. One, a redhead, had very nice firm, pert breasts and the other one, a brunette, had much larger ones that sagged down, but had nice, large areolas. The master appeared with a large S shaped hook, about eight inches long and a quarter inch in diameter, with a wicked point on one end. He had one woman grasp the other's nipple and hold it out for him. He put the sharp point of the hook behind the woman's nipple and pushed it all the way through her areola, penetrating her completely. She cried out in pain as the thick metal pierced her flesh, as it took quite an effort to drive it through. He left the hook dangling from her pierced nipple and then did the same thing with another hook to her other breast. Then he pushed both of them through so they hung from her breasts by the opposite end of the curve. Then he proceeded to push the hooks the same way through the nipples of the other woman, the one with the larger breasts. She also grunted and cried out with pain as her tits were penetrated.

The two women's tits were now connected by the large S shaped hook penetrating both of their nipples. After flogging both of their impaled tits a bit he did a few more things to them then left the room. The two women leaned back away from each other, putting major stress on and stretching their tits with the impaling hooks between them. Then they took dozens of two to three inch med needles and started sticking them in each other's tits. Several were pushed through each one's nipples from different angles, right along side the large steel rods already there.

Rob watched in literally open mouth awe through the rest of the video. When it finished, his cock was again hard as a rock, with Lynn's hand lightly resting on it.

"You aren't put off by any of this are you dear?" Lynn asked him. She patted his hard rod and said, "You don't seem to be. In fact you seem to rather like it. Could you see yourself in the dungeon master's place, pushing sharp steel rods through my soft, yielding titties. Huh?" she asked coquettishly.

"My God, honey. That's some of the hottest BDSM stuff I've ever seen. If you want me to shove needles through your tits, I'll do my best to make you happy. Or whatever it makes you."

Lynn leaned over and kissed her husband lovingly. Then they heard a sound behind them and turned around to find Sissy standing in the doorway, a look of amazement on her face.

"How long have you been there, honey?" Lynn asked her.

"Ummm, long enough to see two women with steel rods and needles through their tits and hearing you talk about having Dad do it to you. Mom are you really saying you want someone to do that to you? Really?" the young girl asked.

"Well, I'm not really sure, but remember when we were talking about our fantasies about public exhibition? Well, it's sort of like that. I don't know that I could actually do it or, more correctly, have it done to me, but I've been getting wet fantasizing about these things. And I'm really interested in trying to see if I could do it. Just like doing it with the snake. I first saw it in a video, although I had thought about it for some time. Just like you said you did."

"What other pervy things are you guys thinking about doing?" Sissy asked.

"This doesn't squick you out or turn you off, honey?" Rob asked her.

"No, just the opposite," Sissy said. "Lately, just about any sexual perverted thing turns me on. I don't think I'd be able to have needles stuck in me, but I wouldn't mind doing it to someone else. So, what other things do you have in mind?"

"Well, I'll show you the large snake and mice ones later on. Your dad has already seen those. But here's one that we might want to try," Lynn said.

With that, Lynn started up another video from another folder titled "wet ones". This one started with a very voluptuous, nude woman in a kitchen. She picked up a glass off the counter and put it on the floor, the squatted over it and filled it with her hot pee. When the glass was full, she picked it up and stood up, looked directly into the camera and smiled, then took a sip from the glass. After licking her lips, she then drank the whole glass down.

Sissy let out a "ewwwwww" as the woman drank down her pee. Both of her parents turned and looked at her, and she smiled sheepishly and said quietly, "Sorry."

Lynn started to explain to her daughter, "No problem, honey. What you don't know is that your urine is sterile when it comes out of your body. In fact it has a lot of things in it that can be good for you. Some cultures actually drink their urine every day. It's not bad for you at all. You won't get any diseases from a healthy person's pee, let alone your own. They used it to irrigate wounds on the battlefield in World War I when there wasn't anything else available."

Sissy listened to her mother, then said, "You mean you want us to pee in your mouth? And you'll drink it?"

"Well, again, honey, these are some things I've been exploring. But yes, in certain situations, I think it might turn me on doing that, especially being forced to do it in sexual situations. It does depend on what's going on. I'm certainly not going to start drinking your pee for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But if I were licking your cunt, with or without the snake in it, and you had to pee, I think I'd consider having you pee in my mouth. I don't know. We'll have to see," Lynn told her.

Sissy said to Rob, "Daddy, will you make her drink my pee. I'd like to see that. Now that I start thinking about it, it's like the needles thingie. I may not want it done to me, but I wouldn't mind doing it to someone else."

"So you're a domme, huh, honey?" Rob asked his daughter, smiling. Seeing Sissy's questioning look at this, he said, "A dominant, as opposed to a submissive. Your mom is a submissive. I'm not. You seem to not be either, but it sounds like you'd be the dominant or the one doing the stuff to the submissive. It's sorta role playing. Like cowboys and Indians, only much more serious. I'm thinking that from your reactions, you might like to join me in dominating your submissive mother."

"Are you saying that we can try out some of this stuff? That we might be able to actually do it? Like sticking needles into her tits and peeing in her mouth? And Mom really has great tits to put those rods through, doncha think?"

Rob looked at his wife and smiled and said, "Like I said, we can see about what we can try. I don't know. We'll have to sit down and seriously discuss these things and setup some ground rules so we all understand exactly what we're doing."

Sissy exclaimed, "That's kewl!! I'd really like to do some of that stuff. After blowing my mind with the snake, I'm up for about anything. Got any more mind blowing pervy stuff Mom?"

"Well, you and I discussed the public exhibitionism thing, and we know we can't really do that. But yes, there are some more "pervy" things that I've found, but maybe we should start with these. What do you two think?" Lynn asked.

"What about Bobby and Kari. Will they know about these things or do them with us?" Sissy asked.

"Well, that depends on them. If they are interested, then we can possibly include them. Just like anything sexual we do, I'm not going to try to hide it from them. Again, we'll have to see how things go. Oh, here's another one that you might like, Sissy. And one you might want to try."

With a click of the mouse, Lynn started another video. This one featured a pretty woman on a farm-like setting, riding her horse out in a field. Lynn fast forwarded the video to he point where the woman was with the horse in the barn. She removed all of her clothes and then started stimulating the horse, rubbing his sheath and getting him hard. When his 18" cock dropped down out of the sheath, both parents heard a sharp intake of breath from Sissy. Then the woman knelt down and started sucking on and licking the giant horse cock. She fitted the whole head into her mouth and used both hands to stroke the giant member. After doing this for a while, the horse whinnied, the woman's cheeks bulged out and the horse's semen spewed out from around the cock out of her mouth and down her chest. Her throat muscles showed that she was trying to swallow as much as she could but there was too much spraying out.

Sissy moaned in pleasure and the two parents turned to see their daughter furiously rubbing her clit and massaging and pinching her nipples. She was really getting turned on by this.

After sucking the horse off, the scene cut to the same woman and horse but a different time. This time the woman got the horse erect then dropped down and started to stuff the huge horse cock into her cunt. She worked at it and finally got about four inches at least of it into her cunt. She massaged the cock and moved back and forth until horse semen started spewing out around the cock again. She let go of the cock and it dropped down out of her cunt, and the horse's cum just continued to drain from her. She rubbed the horse cum all over her cunt and clit, then scooped the slime with her hand and licked it up. She ended up bringing herself off. At the same time Sissy let out a long guttural moan and she climaxed too. The two parents just looked at each other and smiled.

Lynn stopped the video there, telling Sissy that she could watch the woman take the horse cock in her ass at some other time. Sissy continued rubbing herself furiously and brought herself to another climax. Her knees were shaking so bad that Rob got up and sat her down in his chair so she wouldn't fall down.

When Sissy was seated and recovering, Rob said, "And no, we're not going to get a horse. Don't even think about it." And he smiled at her and his wife. In his head though, he was thinking "But there is that guy I know who raises miniature horses. I'll have to discreetly see about this." Rob had to admit that the horse video had gotten him hard again. Hell, all of them had gotten him hard. He liked all of it.

It was way past time for breakfast, so they left Sissy to recover and went out and started making something to eat. Sissy came out and went up to her room to clean up and Bobby came down to join them. While Lynn cooked, Rob went up to get Kari up and bring her down for breakfast. He loved his little toddler daughter.

As Rob walked into Kari's room, he still had a hard on and when he moved over next to Kari's bed, she was laying there, awake. When she saw her daddy's cock next to her, she sat up and leaned over and took Rob's hard prick into her little mouth. She absolutely loved sucking on her daddy's cock. Rob and Lynn had trained her from infancy to suck on Rob's cock and she did it every chance she got. Since she was so small, when she was standing her mouth came almost at the same height as his prick and she would just open her mouth and suck it in. Rob loved it and Kari especially liked it when he'd spurt his cum directly in her mouth. That's why she was constantly taking him in her mouth in hopes of getting some daddy sperm from him. She even did it to Bobby, which sometimes embarrassed the young boy, but mostly he rather liked it too.

Since breakfast was about ready and even as good as it felt, Rob reluctantly disengaged his cock from his toddler daughter's mouth, tickling her and telling her that he would give her some daddy-cum later on. She made a face, then let Rob pick her up and carry her down to breakfast. The family only very rarely wore clothes around the house, so Kari stayed naked as they went to the kitchen. She loved the feel of being in her daddy's arms and feeling his bare flesh against hers. She snuggled against him as he carried her.

The two walked into the kitchen just as the other three were sitting down at the table. Rob put Kari in her booster seat and then sat down to eat. They discussed mundane things that happened that week and what the kids were doing in school. Sissy was a bit distracted though and Rob and Lynn could tell that she was rubbing her clit most of the time. They looked at each other and grinned.

After everyone was done eating, Lynn asked Sissy what was up while they were clearing the dishes. Sissy gave her a silly smile and said, "I'm still so turned on from seeing those videos. I can't get the peeing one and the needles out of my mind. I keep thinking about doing that stuff to you and I get all wet and drippy. Those were so hot! Where did you find them?"

"Well, the peeing ones were pretty easy to find. The horse ones were not quite as easy. The BDSM ones and the snakes and mice were really hard to track down. I sort of really accidentally ran across some links to them when I did a search on women with snakes. They seem to be pretty rare to find. It seems the more I learned, the more I could find. And the more they turned me on, the more I looked for."

"Mice!!" Sissy exclaimed. "What do you mean, mice? I didn't get to see that one. And I didn't see the snake one either. Mom, you GOT to show me those!"

Lynn smiled and said, "The snake video has a woman who actually puts a four foot python all the way inside of her, head and all. I mean, this thing is as big around as a baseball bat in the middle. And she stuffs it completely into her cunt. Mmmmm, I get excited just thinking about it. And she puts other things in her also, like mice, frogs, eels, worms- all live. There's a whole series of her. She apparently had a subscription website at one time that these were on. She also did live shows for members, both on webcam and in person."

"Oh, wow, Mom, you've gotta show me those. Live mice!!?? Really? Frogs? Jeez, that's kinky. I've thought about putting a lot of things in me, but not live animals. But now, after trying Bobby's snake, it starts to get me excited to think about doing stuff like that. Are you really gonna do it?"

"It turns me on to think about it too. I guess we'll have to just take it one step at a time and see what things we can do and what we can't. Your dad said he'd help me do whatever I wanted to try, so maybe the three of us can put our heads together and talk about it. We need to make sure that whatever we do, we do it safely. Your dad knows a lot about that kind of thing, medical stuff and all, so let's see what he has to say."

Rob and Kari were in the living room, watching cartoons. Kari was sitting on her dad's lap. Bobby had gone up to his room. Saturday was usually when he fed a mouse or two to his snake, Albert. Lynn and Sissy joined Rob and Kari in the living room.

Sissy asked him, "Dad, what do we have to do to try some of the things that Mom wants to do? I mean, we talked and agreed that we had to make sure everything is safe 'n stuff. So what do you think?"

"Well, the peeing thing is easy. There's not much you have to be concerned about with that other than getting used to the taste. The critters are a little more of a concern, but if we make sure we get everything as clean as possible and wash you out with silver solution after every... ummmm, "usage", it should be OK. The one worry I have is if you get bitten by one of them. But again, if we clean you out good... Now the needles and sharp stuff. That has to be very clean also, but even more so because being punctured with sharp objects can push nasty bacteria deep into the wound and that can lead to very bad infection problems. I'll do a little research on that scene, but again, if we keep the implements sterile before use and clean the skin with silver solution antiseptic before and the wound after, then it should minimize the problems." Looking at Lynn, he said, "Honey, are you sure you want to do the needles thing? If so, I'll talk to a friend who can get whatever medical stuff we need. Again, I'll do some research on any other, uh, implements that we might need."

"Oh, Rob, I've been thinking about this for a while and I get so horny thinking about doing it. So, yes I at least want to try it a little bit. And I trust YOU to do it to me. Maybe we can try a needle through my nipples tonight just to see how it goes. I wish we could do something like take a class or something." Lynn, Rob and Sissy laughed at that thought. Just where do you go to learn about the intricacies and safety techniques of BDSM and tit torture?

They spent some time discussing what they would do and how they would do it. Sissy was constantly rubbing her pussy and Rob had a hardon from the subject matter being discussed and was stroking it most of the time also. Finally, Sissy got up and walked over to Rob. She looked at Lynn and said, "Mom, I'm so horny I can't concentrate. Can I sit on Dad's cock and have him fuck me while we're talking? I really need it."

"Yeah, go ahead, Honey, although if you do that I don't think we'll get much talking done." said Lynn laughing.

Sissy turned and lifted Kari off of Rob's lap where she had been sitting watching cartoons and sat her down next to him. She turned around to face away from Rob and started to grab her dad's hard cock behind her to guide into her cunt, but Kari had already beat her to it and had leaned over and had her mouth on Rob's cockhead.

Rob looked at Sissy sheepishly and smiled. "Sorry. I promised her some daddy-cum earlier." He shrugged, then gently pulled his toddler daughter off of his cock and said to her, "Not now, sweety, Sissy needs it right now. But I promise I'll give you some later, 'kay??"

Little Kari looked disappointed and made a face then went back to watching cartoons. Sissy immediately impaled her already well lubricated cunt on her dad's cock and leaned back against his chest, then started moving her pelvis while frigging her clit.

"That feels so good, Daddy. Thanks. Now where were we?" She continued to slowly grind her pelvis on Rob's cock.

Lynn grinned and said, "We were talking about where to start. Today's when Albert gets fed, usually. Maybe we could borrow one of his mice and then give it back to him after we're done with it. I doubt Albert will mind- or even know the difference."

"Yeah, if he smells your cunt on it, then he'll like being stuck up inside it again, huh?" Sissy laughed.

Rob said, "I don't know if snakes have much sense of smell, so I'm not sure that will work."

Lynn said, "Actually, they do use scent, body heat, and vision to determine prey. Their tongues bring scent particles into their, ummm, I think it's called Jacobsen's organ, where they sense things like smell. In fact, boa's, which are in the same family as Albert, hunt primarily by smell, and body heat, of course."

"Wow, Mom, all of a sudden you're a walking encyclopedia of snakes. Where'd you learn all that?" Sissy asked.

"I did some research when Bobby insisted on getting a snake. That's why we got him the ball python. They're gentle and not terribly active and don't grow too big. And lately, since I saw the snake woman videos, I've been trying to find out everything I can. But ya know, there isn't a lot of information about stuffing snakes up your cunt. Go figure, huh?" Lynn said, smiling ruefully.

They all laughed at that. Rob was finding it hard to concentrate on the conversation with Sissy grinding on his cock. Sissy was breathing hard too.

Lynn said, "Would you guys just go ahead and get it over with so we can continue. Rob, fuck your daughter's young, hot cunt. Sissy think of your dad's cock as a big snake moving inside of you and you're sitting out on the front lawn with the whole neighborhood gathered around watching you being a pervert by shoving a snake up your cunt."

Her words set Sissy off and she frigged her clit and gyrated wildly on her dad's cock. She stiffened and groaned as she climaxed and that brought her dad off, Rob moaning as he spurted his daddy-cum up into her pre-teen cunt.

After both came back down to earth, Rob said, "Now you've done it. I promised Kari my daddy-cum and now it's all in your tight cunt."

Sissy grinned and said, "Well, she can have it if she wants. I'll let her lick it out of me if she wants to. Mom, you want to help her?"

Lynn got up and walked over and picked up Kari off the couch and sat her down between Rob's legs. Sissy put her feet on Rob's knees and lifted her hips up, letting her dad's slimy, cum covered cock slip out of her cunt. As soon as it was out, Lynn pointed at it and said to Kari, "There's daddy's cum, baby. Go ahead and lick it all up. It's all yours." Kari leaned forward and took Rob's now semi-hard cock in her mouth and started licking and sucking on it.

Lynn, Rob and Sissy watched her. Sissy said, "That's hot, Mom. Now have her lick it out of me."

Lynn put her finger to Sissy's dripping cunt and told Kari, "Here's more of daddy's cum, honey. Sissy's holding it in her for you. All you have to do is lick it out of her. Go ahead. See, here." With that, Lynn stuck her finger into the cum draining out of Sissy's pussy and put it to Kari's mouth. The little girl licked it off her mom's finger, then leaned forward and started licking it off of her sister's cunt.

Sissy moaned, "Ooooo, that feels good, Mom. I'm gonna have to teach her how to suck my cunt. She's gotta learn sometime, right?"

"Now don't go pushing her into anything. We don't mind her watching us or even sucking your dad off, but don't go making her do anything she doesn't want to do," Lynn said.

Sissy said, "I won't, but I always wished you'd started me earlier, like when I was her age. I had to wait until I was in grade school before I walked in on you two and you let me play with you. I've loved it ever since and always wished that Dad had started fucking me when I was her age. When are you going to fuck Kari, Dad?"

Rob was fondling his daughters flat chest and rubbing her nipples softly. He said, "I don't know, hon. It's not like I don't want to and when she latches onto my cock with her mouth, it's really hard not to want to fuck her. But she's still too young and too small for me to fit inside of her. When she's ready, I'll be ready to do her, just like I did with you."

Sissy laid her head back against her dad's neck and snuggled with him and said, "And I love you for doing it, too. I know I don't tell you often enough but I love you so much and I'm so happy you fuck me when I want you to. And thank you too, Mom, for sharing dad with me. I can't tell you how much I love you two."

As Kari continued to lick the cum drooling from Sissy's cunt, Lynn said, "Thank you dear. I love you too. Well, what do the two of you say about us borrowing one of Albert's mice and trying to see if I can get it into my cunt. Watching you two fuck and now Kari lick your cunt really has me going and I'm ready to try it."

"Yeah, Mom, that's hot. Let's do it. How do you want to do this?"

Rob nodded his agreement to his wife.

"Well, I don't want to deprive Kari of any of her daddy-cum, so I'll run up and see if I can get a mouse from Bobby and come back here. Maybe by that time, you two will be ready and Kari will be satisfied."

Lynn went up to Bobby's room, knocked and opened the door. Bobby was laying naked on his bed playing a video game. He looked up and said, "You're not gonna take Albert and stick him in you again are you? I was going to feed him in a while and see if he'll take a mouse."

"No, dear, but I would like to borrow one of the mice from you for a while. I'll bring it back and you can feed it to Albert."

"What're ya gonna do with it?" the young boy asked.

"Oh, Sissy and your dad and I are going to try something. It won't take long. I'll bring it back," Lynn promised.

"OK, take any one you want."

Lynn went to the cage where Bobby kept the mice and pulled a small one out. She shut the cage door and took the mouse back down to the living room.

"OK, how are we going to do this? The woman in the video used a plastic tube to put them into her. Do we have anything like that?" Lynn asked.

"How about a toilet paper tube. There's one in the bathroom I think. That should work. I think your tampon applicator tubes are too small. I'll go get it." Sissy grabbed her little sister under the arms and lifted her up, and gave her a kiss, tasting her dad's cum on the young girl's lips. Kari kissed her big sister back. "I liked you licking up daddy's cum out of my cunt, short stuff. We'll have to do that again." The little girl nodded and smiled. Sissy sat her down next to Rob and went to fetch the cardboard tube for her mother. She came back with a bottle of silver antiseptic solution, some paper towels, lube and the tube. She handed the cardboard tube and the lube to her mom. "Here, lube it up and I'll clean the mouse for you."

When Sissy had dampened the mouse well, then dried it off and was dangling it by the tail, Lynn had gotten the cardboard tube part way into her cunt. Sissy dangled the squirming mouse over the end of the tube and said, "OK, are you ready for this, Mom?"

Lynn looked over at Rob and nodded and said, "Go ahead and put it in, honey. I think I'm ready for it."

With that Sissy lowered the mouse until its head was in the tube, then dropped it down into it. Lynn gasped as the mouse slid down the tube and bottomed out in her cunt.

"He's in you, Mom. Can you feel him?"

"Oh, yes! Oh, God, that's neat! I can feel it moving around inside me. Ohhhhhhhhh, God!!" Sissy was peering down the tube, watching the mouse.

"I can see him down there Mom. He's trying to climb up the tube. Oh, that's neat." She watched as the mouse tried to climb out of her mother's cunt up the tube but kept slipping back down. It was fascinating to watch the little critter scrabbling around inside her mother's cunt. Lynn was squirming, and wiggling and thrashing her legs at the stimulation of the rodent's movements inside of her.

Rob was watching all this and it was making him hard again. He said to his daughter, "OK, Sissy, pull the tube out real quick. That'll trap him completely inside your mom's cunt. I want to see this."

Sissy grabbed the end of the tube and yanked it out of her mother. Lynn's cunt lips closed up and the mouse was completely trapped inside her cunt. Lynn gasped and moaned and shook her legs. Then she suddenly jumped up out of the chair and shook her hips and danced around. It looked like she had St. Vitus' dance, the way she jerked and shook.

Sissy looked at her mom in consternation and asked, "What's wrong, Mom. Is it biting you? Is it hurting?"

Lynn just shook her head, continued to dance around then started furiously rubbing her clit. Her husband and two daughters just watched her dance around. Kari said, "Mousey? Mousey?"

After several minutes of dancing and jigging around, frigging her clit, Lynn seemed to be having continuous orgasms.

Sissy sat down next to her dad and said, "Wow, if it's as good as it looks, I want to try it too, Dad!" Rob just nodded, continuing to watch his wife in the throes of perverted, mouse induced passion.

Lynn started to settle down and sat back down in the chair with her legs splayed wide. She was breathing hard and would gasp and shiver every once in a while. Then she'd kick her legs all of a sudden.

When she could finally speak, she said, "Wow, Hon, that's incredible. It's moving around inside of me, probably trying to find a way out. But it's so erotic. Oh, gawd!! I love it! Sissy you won't believe the feeling!"

She got up out of the chair and walked over to stand in front of her husband with the mouse still trapped and moving around inside her cunt. She bent down and gave Rob a long passionate kiss, stroking and jerking on his hard cock. Since Rob had just cum in Sissy not that long ago, he wasn't going to be able to do it again, but he was still hard as a rock from his wife's perverted exhibition. Then Lynn moved over to Sissy and gave her the same kind of passionate kiss, working two of her fingers up into her daughters well lubricated cunt. Kari was watching all this and said, "Mousey? Mousey?"

Lynn broke away from Sissy and sat back down in her chair. She motioned to Kari to come over to her, which the little girl did. Lynn said, "Yes, honey, mousey is inside mommy. Can you find the mousey?"

Lynn pulled her cunt lips open, opening her hole up a bit. Kari could see the mouse inside her mother and she clapped her hands, pointed and squealed, "Mousey!"

Lynn said, "Rob, dear, can you come over here and pull the mouse out of my cunt for Kari?"

Right then the mouse poked its head out of her hole. It was not very active and was sopping wet, covered with Lynn's cunt juices. Rob came over, knelt down and grabbed the mouse by the skin of its neck and slowly pulled it out of his wife's sopping cunt. Lynn gasped as the mouse came out of her cunt and Kari exclaimed "Hi Mousey!"

Rob laid the bedraggled mouse down on the floor and Kari bent down and petted it. Rob turned to Sissy and said, "Run in the kitchen and get a plastic bowl with a lid that we can put this mouse in."

Sissy ran out and came back with a plastic bowl and lid and Rob picked up the rodent and dropped it into the bowl, then laid the lid on it without sealing it tight. Then he turned to his wife and stuck two fingers up into her cunt and started massaging inside it.

"How's it feel, sweety? You OK?" He asked, concerned.

Oh, my gawd, Rob! YES!! That was so wild. It felt so sexy and perverted to have that mouse squirming around inside of me. A MOUSE for god's sake!! Next time, honey, I want to feel your cock in me too!"

"Whoa, I don't know about sticking my cock in your cunt with a mouse!" Rob said.

"No, I want your cock in my ass. Maybe we can have Sissy put the mouse in me after you've got your cock in my ass. That would be so hot! What do you think, hon?" Lynn asked.

Sissy piped up at this point, saying "Oh Mom, I want to see that. And I want to lick your clit while Dad's fucking you with the mouse inside. Talk about a totally perv deal. We need to video that so we can watch it and get off later, too."

With Rob's fingers massaging her G spot, Lynn was soon in the throes of another orgasm. All she could do was vigorously nod her head to her daughter's suggestion. Rob thumbed her clit a couple of times, pushing Lynn over the edge to another orgasm and she moaned loudly and her whole body shook. Rob pulled his fingers out of her cunt, but continued stroking her slit as she came down from her climax. He turned to his daughter and smiled at her.

Sissy said, "Mom, you look so beautiful when you're having an orgasm. I love to watch you."

Kari had gone back to watching the TV. At that point, Bobby walked into the room. He didn't know what had been going on, but the sight of his naked mother sitting with her legs spread and Rob fingering her slit looked good. He walked over and said, "Hey Mom, you look good. Would it be OK if I fucked you? Do you mind Dad?"

His father withdrew his hand from Lynn's snatch and moved out of the way. Lynn looked at her young son and said, "I don't mind if you fuck me Bobby, but don't expect me to do much. I've just cum a couple of times already, but I'm still horny so go ahead and stick your cock in me and fuck me."

Bobby moved over between his mother's spread legs and leaned in, wiping his little cock in her cunt juices. Then he pushed forward and stuck his hard little cock inside his mother's cunt and started thrusting in and out of her. He'd done this many times before and Lynn knew he wouldn't last a long time. She thrust her pelvis toward him and reached out and grabbed his hips, pulling him deeply into her. Then she helped him thrust in and out a little.

Rob, Sissy and Kari sat and watched the two. Shortly, Rob and Sissy saw Bobby's buttocks clench tight and they knew he'd be spurting his boy cum up inside his mother if he could, but not yet. Little did he know that his little cock was in the same place the little mouse in the plastic bowl next to him had been just a short while ago. But remembering this perverted idea turned Lynn on and she did end up having another orgasm.

After Bobby finished orgasming, he pulled out of his mother and said, "Thanks, Mom. Is that Albert's mouse? If you're done with him, I'll take him up and feed Albert."

Lynn pulled her son to her huge breasts which he just loved, and gave him a big hug and a kiss and said, "Thank you, Bobby. I love to have you fuck me. Yes, go ahead and take the mouse. I hope Albert likes it. I certainly did."

Bobby didn't know what she meant by that, but he didn't really care. He'd gotten his rocks off and to a young boy his age that's all that mattered. He took the bowl with the mouse in it and headed up to his room.

After he left the room, Sissy laughed. "Mom, that was priceless. "I hope Albert likes it, I certainly did." Funny! And I love watching you get fucked. It's so much fun."

"Well thank you, dear," Lynn said. "I love being watched too. But you know that, don't you?"

Little Kari piped up at that point saying, "Mousey?" and pointing to her little slit. "Mousey?"

"Uh Oh, I think we've created a monster here. No, honey, no mouse in you. But you can find the mousey in mommy if you want again next time. OK?" Lynn told her.

Placated, the little girl nodded and turned her attention back to the TV. But Lynn's perverted mind flashed on one of the videos she had seen.

"You know, the snake lady did one video where she had live earthworms put into her cunt. I may try that too. She took a bunch of them inside her. It was really kinky looking."

Sissy said, "Ya know, Mom, Kari isn't big enough to take much, but wouldn't it be kinky if we could put a couple of earthworms in Kari's cunt, the mouse in mine and the snake in yours, all at the same time? Now that would really be far out."

Lynn frowned. "You know, we're getting a little bit extreme here. I love it that we're such a perverted family but I worry about going too far. What do you think Rob?"

"Well, I agree that we're doing a lot of new things pretty fast here lately. I don't want anything to happen to any of you that we'd regret or that would hurt you. But with that said, I can truthfully say that I've never been so turned on as I have been the last day or so and I'm amazed at what you've been doing and what you say you want to do. I don't know. I think as long as we all enjoy what we're doing and no one is hurt, I don't think experimenting is a bad thing. I don't want anything to happen to Kari, but if she seems to want to join in or try something - like licking my cum out of Sissy's cunt - I can't see why not. We'll have to be very careful and watchful with her, but Bobby and Sissy are old enough to know what they want. I think it was great to see Bobby come in and ask if he could fuck you. For a boy his age, that was respectful and it also shows that what we've been doing sexually with the kids has made it a natural part of their lives. So if you want your tits skewered, or Sissy to pee in your mouth or Kari wants to put things in her little cunt, why not?" Rob said.

Sissy threw her arms around her dad's neck and kissed him, saying, "I love you so much!" Then she jumped up and went to Lynn and did the same thing. "I love getting off on this stuff. I want to try all kinds of pervy things too. Thanks, both of you."

"Looks like I'm gonna have to make a trip to the bait store then soon, huh?" Rob said as he smiled at the two of them and put his arm around Kari. She snuggled against her dad, unaware of what could be in store for her and her little cunt.

A little later that day, Sissy and Lynn were at the computer. Lynn was going to show Sissy the mouse and snake videos. Before Lynn started the first video, Sissy said, "Mom, do you think there are any other families around that do the kind of pervy things that we do? I mean, I love what we do and what we're going to do, but it would really be nice to be able to share things with other people and see what kind of things they do and watch them. And especially have them watch US!"

Lynn said, "I don't know, sweety. From what I have found on the internet, there are a lot of people doing a lot of really far out things. I'm sure there are people that we know who are doing some stuff like us, but just like us, they are probably terrified for anyone to find out what they're doing. The consequences are so severe. So everyone just tries to keep it a secret and can't afford to take a chance on even discussing it with anyone for fear of being reported. Rob and I have heard that there are some swingers clubs around although we've never known anyone who belonged to them. At least as far as we knew. I've seen some postings on some internet forums about clubs in some of the big cities where they hold BDSM and S&M exhibitions involving some quite extreme practices. But any time underage children are involved, it's has to be pretty far underground and secret."

"I don't understand why, Mom. We have so much fun and none of us is getting hurt doing sex things. In fact it's just the opposite. I don't feel any great need to go 'experiment' with some older boys like some of my girlfriends want to do. I mean, it could be dangerous for them and they could end up in a lot of trouble. I don't have to do that because I can come home and have Dad fuck me or I can play with Bobby and have him fuck me. I don't have to worry about going out and finding some klutzy boy at school to do it. And I can ask you anything about sex whenever I want. I mean, just look at what we've done the last two days. How many other girls my age would feel free enough to help their mother put a snake or mouse in their pussy. Or have their mom help them put a snake in their own pussy."

"I know dear, but that's just the way the laws are so we have to be extremely careful. We can't even let other relatives know what we do because if they didn't think it was right, they could report us."

"Mom, do you think that Grampa would fuck me if we were alone together? I mean, I'm not gonna say or do anything, but I've always wondered."

"Honey, your grandfather would fuck me, you and Kari one right after the other and would probably leave us hardly able to walk, if he was given the chance. I'm sure of that."

"Wow. Then why hasn't he ever done it?" Sissy asked.

Lynn said, "He IS a sexual pervert. Where do you think that I got my genes and passed them onto you? But he also is obsessed with not offending other people with any sexual stuff and would never try to do anything to us that could even possibly offend us that way. You'd probably have to forcefully take his clothes off, climb up in his lap and force his prick into your cunt before he'd do anything. Even then he wouldn't do anything like that if he even thought it would upset your grandmother."

"What if I did come on to him and pretty much forced myself on him? Think he'd fuck me?. Or would Grandma get mad?" Sissy asked.

"I don't know. Your grandmother would probably like to watch him, but it would be hard for him to do anything. He would never, ever do or even say anything that he thought would hurt you or your grandmother- or even offended either of you. He loves us all so much, but he's just too considerate of other's feelings and has a fear of being reported for trying incest if he tried it. Overly so. But if he did take you on, I don't doubt he could show you- or all of us- a thing or two."

"Well, why haven't you ever done anything with him? Or have you? C'mon 'fess up, Mom." Sissy asked.

Lynn said, "No, I really haven't. I don't know why. But it just never came up or seemed to be the right time or place."

"Would it be OK sometime if I tried to seduce him? I'd really like to have Grandpa fuck me. Or do other kinky things with me," Sissy asked.

"Well, you should be very careful what you try to do or who you try to do it with. But if the opportunity offered itself to you, no I wouldn't be upset with you. You know enough and have done enough sexual things now that doing your grandfather would be up to you and between you and him. I know he wouldn't be upset if he knew what we were doing, so I'm not afraid of that. I just don't want to offend him or embarrass him in any way," Lynn said.

"Ya know, I love being fucked by Daddy and doing sex things with him. Just because it IS Daddy, it makes it more pervy. Would you like to have Grandpa fuck you?" Sissy asked.

Lynn thought a second and said, "Well, don't think I haven't given it some thought lately. But I don't want to take the chance of upsetting him or Mom either, if there is a possibility of that. Besides, between your father, your brother and you, I've been pretty satisfied. Look at what we've done here just in the last two days. To say nothing of all of our sexual goings-on all these years."

"Well seeing you with that mouse in your pussy was something else. When am I gonna get to try it, huh?" Sissy asked.

Lynn said, "Would you rather have the mouse or the snake? Maybe later this evening we could have your dad help us. But I am a little worried that we're going a little fast here. Getting a little extreme."

"Well, talking about extreme, are you going to show me those videos anytime soon? And where did Dad go? I heard him drive out a little while ago," Sissy asked.

Lynn said, "He said he was going to make a quick trip to the store for some supplies. He was pretty cryptic. He took Kari with him."

Lynn clicked on the first video and the two of them sat watching the perverted acts on the screen. They were still watching videos and frigging their clits when Rob returned home. Again, he had two very horny females on his hands.

Rob came into the kitchen holding Kari's hand and a couple of bags in the other. He sat the bags down on the counter and took her sweater off. He told Kari to go find her mom. The little girl toddled off to look for her mother. Rob pulled a small box out of a bag and put it in the refrigerator. He pulled several other small boxes out of the other bag and put them in the cupboard.

He walked to the computer room and found Kari, Lynn and Sissy all watching a video on the computer screen. It showed a very attractive young woman with the hands of two other attractive women inside her cunt. The two were trying to slide a third hand into her. The woman who was being "handed" seemed to be enjoying the whole thing. All three of the participants were laughing and making funny comments in between instructing each other on how to get the third hand up inside the woman's cunt.

Sissy said to her mother, "Mom, I want to try that with you. Do you think that you can take my whole hand in your pussy?"

"If I'm going to get a full size snake and try to stuff it in there, I suppose I should try something like that to loosen it up. Your father can get four fingers easily inside me and your hand is smaller than his."

Kari pointed at the screen and said, "Mousey?" then pointed at her crotch and said "Mousey go in?" Her mother and sister laughed. Lynn said, "No honey, no mousey in you. We'll see if we can find something else for you. OK?"

Rob and Kari still had their clothes on from going shopping, while his wife and daughter were still naked. Rob walked over to the two naked women and laid his hands on their shoulders. He said, "I may have picked up something for her. We'll have to try it out on you two first to see what you think."

Lynn asked her husband what he had gotten. Rob just leaned over her shoulder and put both hands under her large breasts and fondled them, then pinched the nipples, stretched them by pulling out on her nipples then shaking them both vigorously. His wife moaned at this stimulation and the slight pain in her nipples from being squeezed hard.

Sissy watched her dad manhandle her mother's tits. The videos had kept both of them turned on and watching what her dad was doing to her mom was hot. All of a sudden, a revelation flashed through her mind. "Dad, did you get something to stick into mom's tits?"

With Sissy's question, her mother quickly looked up at her husband with a questioning look. Rob said, "Well, I did indeed get a few things to try out. I might just stick a needle or two through these lovely globes. Would you like me to do that, my dear?"

His wife was almost speechless. She hadn't thought that Rob would do anything this quickly. Things were going really fast for her and she was starting to feel apprehensive about whether they were doing too extreme things too fast. She moaned from the stimulation of her breasts and then said, "Rob, can we go talk about this first? I have some concerns we need to discuss."

Her husband said, "Sure, honey. Sissy could you take Kari and give us some time?"

"Sure Dad. But if you want my vote, I'm all for it." With that she took her younger sister's hand and said, "C'mon short stuff, lets go see what's on TV and let mom and dad be alone for a little while." She led the little girl out of the room. Rob shut the door behind them.

"OK, hon, what gives? Getting cold feet?"

"No, dear, it isn't that at all. I'm just worried that we may be getting way too extreme with things. I mean I realize it was my idea and everything we've talked about is so hot and it all turns me on something fierce, but are we doing the right thing? Should we be getting the kids involved in all of this kinky stuff? What if someone found out about what we were doing?"

"Honey, everything that you've talked about doing you found someone else doing on the internet. I know it's porn, but why do you think that people watch porn? It excites them. Hell, what you found excites ME! As far as the kids go, I think we crossed that line a long, long time ago. And you have to agree that it hasn't seemed to have anything but a positive effect on them. Look at Sissy. You know that we could turn her loose in a bunch of horny boys of all ages and she'd be fine. She probably would be bored by them wanting to fuck her. Well, she'd probably fuck all of them to death, knowing that little nymph, but do you think that we really have to worry about her, with her knowing as much about sex as she does? I don't. And Bobby came in today and asked permission to fuck you. Do you think he's going to be anything but a well mannered, polite young man? At this point, I have no worries about when he's a little older, going out, getting drunk and knocking up some young bimbo. We've really never had a problem with any of the three of them. Think about some of the kids of our friends. The arguments, the sassing, the sneaking around. Our kids seem to be about the most normal and well behaved of all of them. And it's not just 'cuz their my kids that I think that."

"Well, I have to agree with you on all of that. I'm just feeling a little guilty I guess about doing things that are... well, pretty outside of the mainstream of even most people's sexual experiences. I just worry that I'm pushing too much on them. We've never had anyone to talk to about this kind of thing. I can't very well ask my friends how many mice they normally put in their cunts, or how many times a week they fuck their sons or what size needles are best for tit torture sessions. I'm really just winging it with everything we do sexually and I don't ever want to hurt the children in any way. That's all."

"I honestly don't think we have to worry about that. We're not forcing them to do anything and they can choose to participate or not. It's their choice. In fact, look at Sissy. She's absolutely excited about doing all these perverted things. Do you think that's bad?"

"No. And to be very honest, I feel closer to Sissy today than I ever have. I can't believe how mature she is and how she handles all this. We can and do talk about anything. I just love that. So, I guess you're right. Although I do have some concerns about doing things with Kari. She's still too young to really understand what's going on."

"I can understand that. But didn't Sissy say that she regretted the fact that we didn't start doing things with her earlier than we did? If Kari is anything like Sissy, I don't think we have a worry. And the way she wants to suck me off all the time, I'd say we're gonna have another Sissy on our hands real soon!"

"Rob, you're right. Really. We'll just go ahead and have fun and I'll go with what happens. If the kids don't like anything, they don't have to participate, or even watch. But if they want to, then fine, let's go. Thank you dear, you've made me feel much better."

Rob kissed his wife and they hugged each other. They opened the door and called Sissy. She came, carrying some of the stuff that Rob had left in the kitchen. She held them up, saying, "Dad, is this what you plan on using on Mom? Rope to tie her up, and all these needles to stick into her tits? And what's in that package in the refrigerator?"

"I should have known you'd be the first one to get into everything. What makes you think that I'm only going to do that to your mother. What about tying you up and sticking a needle or two into your nipples while a mouse scurries around in your pussy? Ever think of that?"

"Um, duh, yeah! Although I'm not too excited yet about getting needles in me. But yes, the thought had occurred to me. In fact quite a few times today. Actually, I haven't been able to think about anything else other than kinky sex since yesterday. I've been so excited, I'm dripping. If I wore panties, they'd be sopping wet."

Her dad laughed and said, "Well, after dinner let's see what we can try to do. I may have a surprise or two in store for all of you."

Sissy grinned and said, "Great. I talked to Bobby and he said that Albert wasn't in the mood for mouse today, so we may be able to use the snake tonight too. Bobby said he didn't mind but he did want to watch this time. If Albert had eaten a mouse or two, it'd be couple of days before he'd be sociable again."

Her dad said, "OK, go round up your little sister and we'll get dinner going. Then we can try a few experimental things this evening. Sound good?"

Everyone agreed.

The five of them were sitting at the table, finishing dinner. Lynn and Rob had tried to keep the conversation to everyday things instead of discussing the sexual perversions that three of them had foremost on their minds. That was a little hard when Kari would take a string bean and try to put it in her little slit. Or when she took a drink of milk and some of it dribbled down her chin and she said, "Daddy-cum!" That broke everyone up.

After they had eaten and cleaned up, Rob suggested that they go to the living room while he got some things ready. They were sitting in the living room, wondering what Rob was up to when he came back in carrying a large plastic sheet, and some of the things that he had purchased earlier in the day. He spread the plastic out on the floor and sat the other stuff on an end table by the couch.

Lynn looked at the box of med needles and said, "Dear, where did you get a whole box of needles? Don't you have to have a prescription to buy medical implements like that?"

Rob smiled and said, "Well, you can't buy them at the local pharmacy without a prescription but they have boxes of them at the feed store. For veterinary use. The don't have extremely large spinal needles like the ones that are used in some of your S&M videos, but I know someone who can get those for me or somewhere I can order them. Couldn't get them today, but then I'm not sure you're ready for those yet. We should start with the normal sized ones first and see how you like them."

Lynn just swallowed hard and said quietly, "Oh."

Rob continued, "The elastic cord will be perfect for binding your lovely tits until they turn blue. Not that they aren't firm enough to just stick needles right into, but like in your videos binding them up tight will make them a lot firmer to push the needles into. And then the rush of blood when they're released should give you some, shall we say, "heightened sensations" in them."

Bobby piped up excitedly and said, "Are you gonna really put needles in Mom's boobs, Dad? That's neat. Can I do some too?"

Sissy playfully slapped him on the arm and said, "It's easy for you to say that, but what about letting me push some needles through your little prick? Think that might be fun? I do." Sissy laughed at the fearful look that came over her little brother's face suddenly.

Rob said, "Don't worry Bobby, she's not gonna do that to you. Unless you decide you want to try it."

Bobby said, "No way!!"

Sissy laughed then asked, "So what's in the box that you had in the refrigerator? It looks like a carton that Chinese food comes in."

Rob said, "Well, dear daughter, if you will run into the kitchen and get that carton and a plastic bowl of warm water and the silver solution, I'll show you."

Sissy jumped up to do that and Rob spread out the small plastic sheet that he had brought. Lynn looked at him quizzically and Rob just whispered to her, "I think you're going to like this. Just wait."

When Sissy came back in with the carton and bowl of water, Rob had her sit them down on the plastic sheet. He then poured a good amount of silver antiseptic into the bowl of water. Then he opened the carton and extracted a rather large, plump and wiggling red earthworm and held it up.

Sissy squealed and said, "Oh neat! Can I go first since Mom got to do the snake first?"

"That depends. Your mother has first option on them."

Lynn looked a little apprehensive and turned on at the same time. She said, "Maybe we could both do them at the same time. Rob you could put them in me and Bobby can put them in Sissy. That work for everyone?"

Bobby jumped up and said, "I want to put them up inside Mommy. You can do Sissy."

"Well, that's pretty much settled then" Rob said. He then had Bobby help him pull a whole gob of the wiggly critters out of the carton and immerse them in the warm water. Kari came over to help and picked one up and gingerly dropped it into the water.

Rob said, "Why don't you two ladies sit together on the couch and Bobby and I will do the honors. OK?"

Lynn and Sissy moved to the couch and sat down. Sissy grabbed her mom's hand and squeezed it. They looked at each other then at the bowl of worms. Rob smiled and gave Bobby some pointers on how to insert the worms. Lynn spoke up and said, "In the video, the woman was kneeling forward and holding her pussy open and he just dropped the worms inside. It worked pretty easily that way, although I don't know if our cunts can gape open as easily as hers did."

Rob thought for a second and then said, "That sounds like it might work. Go ahead and kneel here on the floor and bend over the couch and try to hold your slits open and Bob and I'll try to start filling them up."

The two did that and pulled their cunts open. Lynn's more mature cunt opened up a little bit more than Sissy's did, making it easy for Bobby to drop and push some of the wigglers into her. Rob gently worked a bunch into his daughter's cunt. The two females moaned with excitement as the critters were stuffed into them.

When they each had about a dozen or so worms up inside their cunts, Rob said, "OK, how's that feel ladies? Go ahead and turn around and sit down. What do you think?"

Sissy plopped down on the couch and exclaimed, "Oh, Dad, that feels so kinky and hot. I can feel them wiggling around in me. That's neat!"

Lynn nodded as she sat down saying, "Honey, it feels wonderful! It's completely different than either the snake or the mouse, but it's... ummm, stimulating, and filling... and... sexy!"

The two sat on the couch moving their hips, shaking their legs and rubbing their clits. They were obviously having a great time. Bobby leaned forward between his mother's legs and slowly inserted a finger into her cunt saying, "I wanna see what they feel like. OK?"

"Yes, dear, do that. Wiggle it around as much as you can. I'm about ready to cum and if you do that, I will."

Bobby started doing it for her. Rob leaned toward Sissy and started thumbing her clit. This resulted in her wildly gyrating her pelvis and soon reaching her own climax.

Lynn had closed her eyes while she orgasmed on Bobby's finger and as Bobby pulled out a few worms from her dripping cunt. As she opened her eyes, she spied her youngest daughter and cried, "Kari, what are you doing?"

Everyone looked at the little girl. She was sitting with her legs wide, trying to push a large worm into her tiny slit. She had half of it already inside her and calmly looked up at her mother's exclamation.

Rob chuckled and said, "Like mother, like daughter like other daughter. What did you expect dear? Next thing you know she'll be trying the mice and snake."

"Oh, Rob! Do you think she should be doing that? Isn't she too young for something like that?"

Rob said, "Well, obviously not. She wouldn't be doing it if she didn't like it. A case of monkey see, monkey do."

He said to Kari, "Come her dear and I'll help you." The toddler got her legs under her and stood up, the worm still dangling from her immature pussy lips. She moved over by her daddy and Rob used his moistened finger to very gently push the rest of the worm all the way up inside her little cunt. Then he said, "There you are sweety, now you're just like your mommy! Go sit up on the couch with her and Sissy." The little toddler clambered up on the couch next to her mother and sat there smiling.

"Now unlike the mouse, this is something I can get into, dear" said Rob and he knelt forward between his wife's legs and inserted his raging hard cock into her pussy with one swift shove. Lynn squealed "Oh, God!" loudly as Rob started thrusting in and out of her worm filled cunt. Rob looked over at Bobby and said, "You can go ahead and do the same thing to your sister if you want, bud." Then he went back to stroking into he wife, fondling her large breasts and passionately kissing her.

Bobby moved over in front of his sister, his little cock at full erection. He leaned forward and started to insert it into his sister's cunt. It took him numerous tries, but soon he was successful and was all the way inside her. Sissy had her eyes closed and was wildly fingering her clit.

Lynn and Rob heard Kari moan and giggle and when they looked over at her they realized that Bobby had taken his dad's suggestion but hadn't realized which sister Rob was referring to. He was slowly stroking into and out of little Kari's pussy and she was certainly not at all upset by him doing it. In fact she was helping him stroke in and out of her by pushing her little pelvis up against him. Both Rob and Lynn groaned in orgasm at the sight. Sissy was blissfully unaware of what was going on as she still had her eyes closed and was continuing to stimulate her clit to her own orgasm.

Little Bobby was in no hurry and his little sister was enjoying his efforts, so they both just continued doing what they were doing. It was very pleasurable to Bobby and he was in no hurry to stop. He could feel the worm wiggle inside his little sister's cunt when he pushed his little cock all the way inside her.

After Rob and Lynn had cum, and Sissy was sprawling back in post orgasmic bliss, Lynn whispered to her husband, "As much as we wanted to try some needles, by the time we get these critters washed out of the three of us, it'll be bed time. Do you think that maybe we can save that until tomorrow when we have all day to play?"

Rob kissed his wife passionately and said, "I look forward to it, my love."

"I love you so much, Rob. Thank you!"

When Bobby had finally dry climaxed from stroking his little sister's cunt, they all went to the big bathroom and started to work on cleaning the three females' cunts out. Rob irrigated little Kari's cunt out with a small douche nozzle and warm water. She giggled and kicked her legs and tried to hug her daddy.

Lynn at one point said, "Maybe next time we should make a count of the number of worms that you put up inside of us. I'm not sure we'll know if we've gotten them all out of us."

"You mean you can't feel them wiggling around inside of you?" Rob laughed.

"Well, yes I can, but if they go quiet, we'll have to be very careful to get them all out."

"My dear, I did give that some thought and that's why I got a special implement. Bobby come here." Rob whispered something into his son's ear and Bobby nodded and ran out of the room. Lynn looked questioningly at her husband, but he just continued to help douche out the two cunts. Bobby soon returned with a plastic speculum wrapped in plastic. Rob unwrapped it, poured some antiseptic all over it and, smiling, said to his wife, "Open wide." He started to insert the speculum up into his wife's cunt and when it was all the way in, he cranked it as wide open as he could. Lynn groaned with pain as he stretched her cunt open with the implement, even though the pain started to stimulate and turn her on again.

Rob made sure that all the worms were out of her cunt, then inserted his finger through the opening and started to massage Lynn's G spot. Between the painful stretching and that stimulation, she soon had another orgasm.

Sissy was watching this and said, "Wow, Dad, if it's that good, now do me!"

Rob cleaned the speculum, then lubed it and inserted it into his daughter's cunt. He opened it wide, but didn't crank it as far as he had done for his wife. Sissy's cunt looked worm free, so he reached his finger into her cunt and started massaging the inside wall. Her breathing started getting ragged and it didn't take long for her to reach orgasm, especially when Rob moistened his thumb and forcefully tweaked her clit with it a few times. Sissy melted down onto the floor and Rob leaned forward and kissed her. "I love you so much, darling daughter." Sissy kissed him back and smiled at him. "Me too you, Daddy."

Little Kari had really enjoyed having her little cunt cleaned out and she watched and giggled as the other two were taken care of. Then Rob picked her up and carried her up and put her in bed. He bent over and kissed her goodnight. She threw her arms around his neck and hugged him, then said, "Daddy-cum?"

"I'm daddy-cummed out, darling, but maybe in the morning I'll come in and give you some. Is that OK?" The little girl nodded and laid back down. "I love you, sweety. Sleep tight."

Rob turned on the night light and turned out the room light and left.

Lynn and Sissy were sitting on the couch discussing the way the worms felt inside their cunts as opposed to the snake. Rob sat down and asked where Bobby was. Lynn said he had gone to take a bath. And probably whack off since he was still horny when he left. She asked her husband, "Rob, can we take a trip tomorrow to the pet store where we got Bobby's python? If I remember, they had several larger ones at that time and I want to find out what's available and what it will cost. Sissy wants to go too."

"Sure. We don't really have anything else planned for this weekend. And I thought of a few more things at the drugstore that we could pick up too for out little experiment. And it will be interesting to see you two discussing the snakes with the clerks there, knowing what they are going to be used for. I look forward to that." Rob laughed.

"Yeah, we've got to be really careful of what we say. It could cause problems if they found out exactly what we had in mind for the critters."

"Yeah, Mom, like when I went to the grocery store one time to see what veggies I could find to stick up my cunt. If only the people shopping knew what I was thinking about when I picked through the cucumbers and carrots and leeks and stuff. Talk about leaks. I was so wet thinking about what I was going to do with them. I kept wondering how many Brussels sprouts I could fit into my cunt. Heh. Fun."

"We'll have to watch carefully what Kari does or says after her watching me with the snake and mouse, not to mention what she did with the worm." Lynn said.

Sissy said, "I'm sure Bobby will monopolize everyone's time there with either a million questions or else stories about Albert. That should keep them busy or cover for us while we're... ummmm, shopping." All three laughed at that.

After a little more similar conversation, they all went to bed, anticipating all the things that would happen then next day. Sissy was hoping that Albert wouldn't have any appetite tomorrow and she could borrow him from Bobby for a short bit of pervy pleasure.

As they lay in their bed before going to sleep, Lynn and Rob again discussed the concerns that Lynn had about the kinky sexual things that they were doing.

Lynn faced Rob and stroked his arm, saying, "I know I've been sorta paranoid about some of this stuff we're doing with the kids, but after I started thinking over what you said, I went back over in my mind all the stuff I had seen posted on the different extreme sex forums on the internet which is where I found most of the links to the videos I've shown you. I remembered all the huge number of different kinks and fetishes that were on these forum boards. I'd spend hours tracking down a link to a certain video that I was interested in, and I'd run across a bunch of others while I was looking for the one.

"Rob, there are just thousands of different kinky perversions that people like to do and all of these forums wouldn't have the thousands or even tens of thousands of active members or postings if people weren't really interested in all of that stuff. I guess it really means that there are a LOT of people, maybe even some we know, who are into these same kinds of fetishes, as they call them.

"I realized that the reason we're going so fast right now is that it's like me when I first started searching for some of this stuff. I'd spend HOURS finding and downloading video files and each link or video file would lead me to something else. It almost seemed like an addiction. And that's what were doing right now. It's new and kinky and we all, Sissy and me at least, want to do it all right away. I'm sure after awhile it will get old and we'll move on to something else.

"But you're right. We should go ahead and try some of the different things that we think we'd like to do and just have fun. If the kids want to do something, that's fine. If they don't want to do some crazy, perverted act, then that's completely up to them and they'll never be forced into anything.

"But, God, some of this stuff makes me so damn excited and turned on. I've been almost continually dripping the last few days thinking and doing this stuff."

Rob nodded and laughed. "Well, you don't have to convince me, dear. I like seeing you turned on and I love to watch you doing kinky things. And don't think that I've not looked at a little bit of porn online myself, once in a while. It's just that between you and Sissy, I've been taken pretty good care of sexually and haven't felt the need to go looking in a good long time."

Oh, Rob, that's great. But I've not shown or talked to Sissy about some of the really far out stuff I've found online. It's pretty extreme and I didn't want her to be disgusted or turned off by some things. But there is some really extreme stuff, like whole sections on necrophilia, incest and rape fantasies, catheters and metal rods stuffed up pee holes - one woman can actually take a large cock in her pee hole and the guy cums into her bladder- huge insertions into vaginas and anuses, scat, some women actually swallowing live mice and fish, some orientals who eat live worms and bugs... it's just amazing what I've found. And if all of those very extreme things are popular enough to have a following, then I suppose most of what we try isn't really going to be much different than what someone else in town is doing right now. But I really wish that we could find others to share and learn from. And mostly to watch us... I'm finding out that in addition to submission and humiliation, I'm really into extreme exhibitionism, and so it seems Sissy is also. The problem is that we can't share with anyone outside of our family."

Rob leaned over and kissed her. "I'm sorry I haven't known about these hidden desires of yours before. I don't know what I'd have been able to do, but I would do anything for this family to be happy and play out their sex fantasies. I guess I'll have to start making some discreet inquiries to see if I can find out anything. I know there are several swingers clubs around. I'll see if I can make any contacts and see where that leads. If it was just you and me going out swapping, there wouldn't be much problem, but when it involves the kids, we've gotta be so extremely careful. Like you've said, I can't just go ask someone if they know where we can go to have sex with our and other's kids."

"Well, I trust you dear, so see what you can find out. I really would like to have someone to share with. Not just to have sex with but to discuss things like doing sexual things with the kids, and the different kinky things we want to do. If it was just you and me joining a swapping club, I'd say let's go in a second. I'd love to watch you fuck other women. But I want the kids to be able to share and be fulfilled too. Sissy apparently would fuck anyone or anything "on a stage at halftime at the Super Bowl", to use her own words. So having someone outside of our family to watch or share would help her exhibitionism fantasies too. And she also asked me if I'd ever done anything with my dad and what would happen if she tried to seduce him. With some reservations, I really wouldn't have anything against her doing that if it wouldn't cause problems for either of them. But I'm not going to encourage her at this point.

"But if we can safely and discreetly do the kinky things we've talked about, and more, without the kids being hurt, I'm fine with it. If you can find others that we can share with, I think that would be great."

They didn't need to fuck as they were both pretty worn out by the day's antics. They kissed and held each other and soon fell asleep that way.

[Continued in Ch. 3]