The Perverts Club - Zoo Mom - Chapter 1

by Ole Crannon

Warning: This story contains descriptions of incest, extreme underage sex, bestiality, oral, anal, pain/tor, very young, cum drinking, ass-to-mouth, and other extreme and perverted themes. If any of these will offend or upset you, please do not read this story.

If you don't know about The Perverts Club or haven't read the background of the group, it would be good to read The Perverts Club-Introduction for that information. This is a story about one family that had been accepted into the group and their extreme perversions that had brought them to the attention of another member family.

The family had been sharing kinky sex among themselves for years, but had always been afraid of letting anyone outside the family know about it, for obvious reasons. Except recently for only a few very secretive, discreet friends- one of whom happened to be, it ends up, a member of our group; and who recommended them for membership. When they wound up being vetted and offered membership in the perverted group, they jumped at the chance. Mom and daughter were hooked on the kink of exhibitionism and performing in "public" and took every chance they had to do it for the members. They would have ended up putting on sex exhibitions every night if they could have done it. As it was, they spent their nights at home, planning and practising.

The family at this time consisted of a couple in their early 30's, a four year old daughter, twelve year old son, fourteen year old daughter, and their Rottweiler. Plus a few other assorted critters as you will find out.

The mother, Lynn, had been a bit experimental sexually when they had first married, but over the years things had settled down into somewhat of a routine. If you could call all the family having sex together routine. Then, a few years ago, Lynn ran across some interesting extreme porn on the net and her sex drive and arousal levels seemed to start increasing. At least for the more kinky sexual activities.

A little background on our mommy and family who loved to perform for our group. At 33, she was still an unbelievably sexy, beautiful woman. She was about five-nine, with long lithe legs that ran up to a still tight bubble butt, and a reasonably firm abdomen topped by a stupendous set of double D breasts that still didn't need a bra to support them. Her nipples were prominent and larger than pencil erasers, surrounded by brown areolas about the size of a fifty cent piece. Her face was extremely pleasant to look at, even beautiful, especially when she smiled, wreathed by light brown hair that she usually kept cut about shoulder length. All in all, any male would agree that she could be a centerfold for any of the men's magazines, even at her age.

Her husband Rob was a year older than her, about six foot with dark brown hair, slim body and a pleasant six inch cock. At least Lynn and his oldest daughter Sissy liked it very much. Mostly when it was inside them. He was in executive management at a small, but very successful, IT security firm, which afforded him the opportunity to use flex time as he needed. It also was a very nicely paying position so they were very comfortable as far as finances. Rob and Lynn had been pretty free and kinky when they were first married, but had settled down somewhat. However, they still were very free about sex and had been very open even after the kids were born. Rob had been fucking their daughter Sissy for over six years and she loved it.

Their young son Bobby was a typical young grade school boy, with the exception that he had been included in sex with all of them since he was born and thoroughly enjoyed getting off with either his mother or sisters. And they with him. Although he wasn't old enough to produce semen until about eleven, he certainly could enjoy orgasms and loved to as often as possible. He wasn't yet the hormonally driven horndog that he would be when he reached puberty, but he loved to touch and feel his mother's awesome body and play with his older sister, especially as she blossomed into a hot young teen. It was pleasurable but not yet outright horniness, but he was soon to get that way when puberty hit.

Sissy was another vision of loveliness, a younger version of her mother. She had the long legs, a taut, firm bubble butt, still developing breasts that at twelve had been little cupcake sized mounds, and then had taken off with the pubertal hormones streaming through her body and started developing into the large pleasure mounds as her mother's had. Sissy loved feeling them and having others touch them, especially her dad and younger brother. She also just loved putting almost anything into her holes and stretching herself as much as possible. If anyone could have a sex drive greater or kinkier than her mother, it was Sissy. There was probably nothing that she wasn't interested in and wouldn't try as far as sex goes.

She and her mother often enjoyed each other too, and had a very close, loving relationship where she could share absolutely anything with Lynn. No subject was taboo. Sissy also just exuded sex from every pore of her body and knew how to use it. The young boys at school really held no interest for her as she considered them, rightly, as too immature. She preferred older men, like her Daddy. Or teachers. She had Rob wrapped around her little finger and when she put on her little girl face and voice, could get him to do anything for her, although she knew enough not to take advantage of that very often. She and her father had been fucking for a long time and she loved nothing better. In all of her holes. Sissy was also very bright and got high grades without having to work at it, as Lynn had started her early just as they were doing with little Kari.

Little toddler Kari was a little over four years old, precocious and a little beauty to boot. She had very light brown, almost blond hair, a cute little face with bright, twinkling eyes, and an insatiable love for having a cock in her mouth. This was because she'd been included with the rest of the family in their sexual escapades from birth. She was also smart as a whip as both Lynn and Sissy loved spending time with her, tutoring her with flash cards, big letter reading books and alphabet blocks. She was already several years ahead of her age group in that respect.

About two years ago, the son, Bobby, for some reason had wanted to get a snake for a pet. He'd seen a nature program on TV and it got him interested in reptiles. They had picked out a small ball python for him at a local exotic pet store, after he had pestered them to death about getting one. The reptile was about eighteen inches in length when they got him and about as big around as a quarter at the largest diameter. He (?) was a very docile pet and Bobby would constantly go around the house, naked as they most always all were, with the snake draped around his neck. It seemed to enjoy riding around that way and Bobby had actually taken it to school for show-and-tell one time. Some of the kids had liked it, but his female teacher certainly wasn't happy about his choice.

Of course, having a snake required something to feed it. So they bought small feeder mice on a regular basis from the store to feed them to the pet. All of the family got very used to them and none had any aversion to either the mice or them being the snake's diet. In fact, they eventually started breeding the mice so they wouldn't have to keep buying them. During this time, they had become friendly with the exotic pet store's owner.

Lynn initially only handled the snake very occasionally, as Bobby usually monopolized it. She did like the smooth, sinewy feel of the reptile and after handling it over time, started to wonder what it would be like to feel the snake inside her like a cock. She'd gotten the idea when they were researching the care and feeding of the reptile on the internet. She ran across some porn sites that mentioned women fucking with snakes, but those pictures or videos were pretty hard to find. Still, the topic did pique her interest and she continued to try to find some videos showing women with snakes. However, looking through all the links to kinky .jpg pictures and .mpg videos ended up turning her on tremendously. Suddenly, she found herself spending hours each day surfing for more perverted porn, downloading videos that excited her. She started to end up with quite a collection of kink.

She also discovered a streak in her that she had not even realized she had when she ran across some very heavy S&M/BDSM videos. She especially took an interest in very extreme tit and cunt torture, rubbing her clit and bringing herself to orgasm many times by imagining that it was she who was the one being tortured. She would put her toddler daughter down for a nap and then bring herself off many times by watching new videos that she downloaded. Sometimes she would even do it while her little daughter was in the same room with her.

In her voracious search through porn sites, she finally ran across an extreme sex forum that had some links to some videos of a woman who not only put snakes inside her, but also mice, gerbils, eels, frogs and worms. This idea didn't repulse Lynn in the slightest. In fact, she found herself extremely excited about trying many of the things she saw. She had fantasized about being fucked by a dog for some time already. Now, the feel of the snake in her hands and on her body only increased her desires to experiment.

One day, when two year old Kari was watching her cartoon DVD, Lynn was very horny after watching some of the snake videos. Bobby was at school, so she went into his room and got the snake out of the glass aquarium where it lived when her son didn't have draped around his neck. Taking it to her bedroom, she laid down on the bed and let the snake slither over her body. Little by little, she worked up to the point where she started stuffing the snake's tail into her well lubricating hole. After she had about six inches inside, the slight movements of the snake inside of her nearly sent her through the roof. The video of the woman with the snake was in her mind and she was so turned on by the perversion of stuffing the live reptile into her hole that she stiffened in climax with only the six inches of the python inside of her.

After she got over her first orgasm, she started to stuff more and more of the snake up into her, emulating the woman in the videos. After about two thirds of the snake was inside of her she climaxed again, her legs spasming and she let go of the reptile. Once released, the snake started to slowly slither out of her hole, causing her to almost continually orgasm until it had completely climbed out of her and lay between her legs on the bed.

After she caught her breath, she picked up the python and started to stuff it again tail first into her cunt. She was on the edge of a continuous orgasm from the combination of the sheer perversity of what she was doing coupled with the extremely sexually stimulating movement and feeling of the snake inside her. She ended up with everything but the head of the snake inside of her cunt and was revelling in the feelings when she realized that her then two and a half year old daughter was standing by the bed, watching her mother stuff the snake inside of her and orgasm from it. She smiled at the child and held out her hand to have the child climb up on the bed and join her.

There was nothing unusual about the little girl seeing her mother doing any kind of sexual things, as the whole family had been completely open with the kids and had for years let them join in with them in anything they were doing. The older daughter, then twelve years old, had been well fucked by her father for a number of years and her little brother did her also. The two year old, who was going to have her third birthday soon, already had a good taste for sperm, as she had been fed her dad's since they had brought her home from the hospital. Mommy would suck daddy to an erection, or have sister Sissy do it, and have him ejaculate onto her breasts so the baby would get not only mommy's milk but daddy's sperm when she nursed. It turned all of them on. In fact, one day Bobby tried to get the baby to suck him off and put his little cock into the baby's mouth while she was laying in her crib. He wasn't old enough to produce any of semen yet, but the tiny mouth felt goooood. Both he and the little Kari enjoyed her using his tiny little cock as a pacifier.

So Kari wasn't any stranger to her mommy's - or family's - sexual escapades and having been around the snake for a long time, she didn't have any problem touching it. So seeing mommy put Mr. Snakey in her hole wasn't anything that would surprise the child. After all, she was only two and a half, not quite three. Just another day in the perverted household. So she was on the bed with mommy, and she moved down and started petting the snake on the head, which was about all that was still outside of mommy's cunt.

The snake seemed to find the hole that it was in to be warm and comfortable, so it wasn't in any distress or actively trying to leave the confines of mommy's cunt. Mommy was having mini orgasms feeling the snake inside of her and the fact that what she was doing was so wicked. She had seen in the video that the woman had put an entire snake completely inside of her, and thinking of this, she moved her hand and grasped the snake's head with her fingers and pushed it all the way up inside her cunt. She could feel the reptile moving inside of her, getting comfortable, and her little daughter said, "Oh no, snakey gone!" and started feeling around mommy's slit to try to find where the snake went. This again sent Lynn over the top and she had a major, crashing orgasm, her whole body spasming with it.

The little girl could only sit at her mommy's shaking legs and try to find the missing snake inside mommy's vagina, and her touches only prolonged and intensified Lynn's orgasm. Finally after several minutes, Lynn came down enough to reach down and spread her cunt lips and insert a finger into her cunt to try to find the snake. Little Kari watched in fascination until her mother hooked the neck of the snake inside her cunt with a finger and pulled the head out of her. Even with its head out, the snake wasn't really trying to leave the warm, moist, cozy hole it was in and just stayed there with about 3 inches of it outside of Lynn's cunt and the rest inside of her, its tongue flicking out once in a while.

Kari clapped her hands at the re-emergence of Mr. Snakey and sat next to her mother, watching and petting the snake's head. It was all Lynn could do to just lay there without orgasming again as she finally coaxed and pulled the snake out of her hole. Mommy and daughter enjoyed that afternoon together. She finally put the snake back into its glass terrarium just before Bobby got home from school.

Lynn's perverted mind absolutely couldn't let go of the feelings she felt with the snake wiggling up inside her cunt. That plus the sheer perversity of it just turned her on every time she thought about it, which was pretty constantly.

As it was Friday, Rob came home early from work, arriving shortly after the session with the python, and Lynn excitedly told her husband all about it, telling him how much it turned her on. Rather than being repulsed by the idea, being a true pervert also like his wife, Rob was fascinated and wanted to watch Lynn do it again for him. Lynn was excited that Rob felt that way and she really wanted to feel the snake inside her again, so they put Kari on the couch and started one of her favorite DVD's playing on the TV. That would keep her interest for a while.

They went to Bobby's room to see if they could "borrow" his snake. Bobby had gotten home from school and was laying naked on the bed, reading, but instead of the snake being draped around his neck as usual, it was slithering down his bare back and between his ass cheeks. By the way that he was wiggling his ass, this wasn't something new and wasn't something that he didn't enjoy.

Lynn asked Bobby if she could take the reptile for a little while and he said "Sure, what are you going to do with it?" Lynn said that she wanted to show his father something and Bobby said OK and could he watch too? Rob and Lynn looked at each other, then said it was fine, bring the snake into their bedroom.

They went back to their bedroom and Bobby followed with the snake. Lynn climbed up on the bed and laid back with her legs spread and asked Bobby to put the snake on her stomach. He walked over to the bed and placed the snake down on her, which started to slowly crawl over her warm body. Rob and Bobby watched as Lynn grasped the snake with one hand while she rubbed her cunt and clit with the other. She slid two fingers into her already sopping cunt and worked them around, then pulled them out and used them to spread her cunt lips open. With the other hand holding the lower part of the snake she moved it down so she could start inserting its tail between her cunt lips. Rob had been taking his work clothes off.

"Dad! Is Mom going to put him in her cunt?!" Bobby exclaimed in excitement.

"It sure looks like it, doesn't it, son," his dad said, watching in fascination, while he took off his pants and socks.

With the two of them standing there watching her, which excited her even more, Lynn proceeded to insert the tail of the reptile between her cunt lips again and then stuffed several inches up into her cunt. The snake wasn't trying to get away, probably remembering the cozy warm hole it was in earlier that day.

Again, after only 6 inches or so was inside of her, Lynn started to spasm with an orgasm. Rob watched in wonder and Bobby exclaimed, "Wow, Mom sure likes having him inside her cunt doesn't she Dad?"

"Certainly looks like it. Just like she likes our cocks inside of her. You know how that turns her on." Bobby nodded and turned his attention back to the perverted act his mother was performing with the snake.

As they watched, Lynn continued to stuff the python up into her cunt until just the very head of the serpent was outside of her cunt lips. Rob watched with a growing hard on and Bobby could only say, "Wowwwwwwww!" Lynn felt so aroused and wicked, picturing in her mind the woman in the video doing the same thing.

With just the head of the snake left outside of her, Lynn smiled at the two watching her and used her finger to sensuously and slowly push the head all the way into her cunt. After it was completely inside of her, she rubbed her cunt lips and pinched her clit and had another orgasm. The two males could only stand and watch the display she was putting on. Bobby said, "Wow, I don't know that I'd want to put my cock into her cunt right now", although just that same thought was flashing through Rob's mind also.

After her orgasm, Lynn smiled at the two, and moved to the edge of the bed and stood up. She was standing there in front of her husband and young son with almost two feet of snake completely inside of her cunt. She could think of nothing previous to this that had turned her on so much. She threw her arms around her husband and gave him a long, serious french kiss, lots of tongue, which he returned with equal passion, his hard cock throbbing between them. Then she reached down and grabbed his erect cock and started stroking it, while she bent over and hugged her young son to her large breasts, which she knew he just loved.

Then she stood up and said, "Rob, I want a snake of my own, one that's bigger than Bobby's. It has to be three feet long at least and I want to stuff it all the way up inside of me, just like this one is. Will you do that for me?"

Rob was pretty much speechless and he just nodded his head to his perverted wife. She knelt down and took his hard cock into her mouth and started sucking on it. With one hand, she started feeling Bobby's young cock and stroking it. Both of them couldn't hold it back and came almost immediately, Rob spraying his cum down Lynn's throat and Bobby jerking on her hand. He was too young to cum yet but could certainly experience an orgasm. Then she leaned over and licked and sucked on Bobby's cock.

Bobby said, "Mom, if you're gonna get your own snake, can I put mine into Sissy's cunt. I want to see her do it, too."

Lynn said, "Well, you'll have to discuss that with her and see if she wants to do that. But right now, we should probably get him out of me before he suffocates," and she laid back down on the bed with her legs spread, presenting a wide open beaver to the two.

Right then, little Kari walked into the room and over to the bed where her mother was laying splayed open, and said, "Mr. Snakey hiden Mommee?", remembering what her mother had done earlier with her. She started to fish around with her finger in Lynn's cunt like she did earlier, spreading the lips trying to see the snake. Lynn looked at her husband and said sheepishly, "Did I forget to mention that Kari was with me earlier today when I did it the first time?"

Rob laughed and said, "I guess you did! Well it looks like she knows where to look for it, anyway."

Kari had spread open Lynn's cunt lips with her fingers and had found the head of the snake. She said, "Mommy, get 'm out!" indicating that she wanted Lynn to pull the snake out of her cunt like she did before. Lynn reached her finger into her pussy hole and found the head and hooked it, pulling it out of her cunt. Little Kari clapped and laughed gleefully as the snake slowly made its way out from between her mothers cunt lips.

After the snake had crawled all the way out of her mother, little Kari turned her attention to her dad's cock, which had not gone completely limp and was right next to her head. She turned to it, opened her mouth and took the head of his cock into it. She stood there tonguing her dad while Bobby retrieved his snake and Lynn sat up and hugged her young son and the snake to her.

When Sissy came home a while later from her after school activities, Bobby was the first one to meet her at the door and being a typical direct almost eleven year old boy, asked her if he could put his snake up her cunt like mom put it up hers today. As usual Bobby was naked with the snake draped around his neck, and the young boy's rather direct question took Sissy by surprise. Not that she hadn't already given that very act some serious thought, but had hesitated to act upon it at all.

After she got over her surprise at the rather forward question, she said, "Mom put the snake up inside of her? When? Are you sure?"

Bobby nodded vigorously and said he and dad watched her do it and they said it was OK if Sissy wanted to do it too, and that he really, really wanted to put the snake up inside of her cunt too. With all kinds of sexy thoughts flashing through her mind, Sissy said she'd talk to Mom and Dad about it and if they thought it was OK, she'd maybe let him watch her do it.

Like a typical young boy, Bobby said, "Okay" and turned and wandered off to his room. Sissy went to find her mother to see if what her little brother had said was true. It wasn't that she doubted that her mother would do it, it's just that she wanted to know that it was OK for her to put Bobby's snake up inside of her. Plus the idea of her mother with a snake up her cunt excited Sissy and she was very turned on and wanted to fondle her mom's gorgeous, large tits and lick her cunt- the same one that the snake had been inside of today, apparently.

She found her mom and dad in their bedroom. Her mother was bent over the edge of the bed and her dad had his cock in her ass, fucking her asshole with long, rapid strokes. Lynn was moaning with pleasure, remembering how the snake felt inside of her. Sissy walked over behind her dad and slid her hand between his legs and started to massage his balls. He looked around to see who was doing that and Sissy smiled up at him. Then she put a finger in her mouth to get it wet and with one hand, parted her dad's ass cheeks and started to stuff the wet finger into his brown asshole. Now it was her dad's turn to moan with the pleasure she was causing. She worked her finger all the way up to the third knuckle into her dad's ass, then started doing the 'finger wave', crooking her finger trying to massage his prostate like she had learned to do. Her ministrations in his asshole and on his prostate gland pushed her dad over the edge and he gave several mighty thrusts into his wife's asshole, which put her over the edge once again.

After he had spewed what felt like gallons of semen into his wife's rectum, he slowly pulled his cock out of her ass and turned to look at Sissy. She was looking up at him and she knew exactly what would turn him on. She grinned up at him and stuck the finger that had been all the way up inside his asshole into her mouth and let him watch her suck it clean. Then she grabbed his slimy cock that had been in her mother's ass and took it in her mouth, licking and sucking on it until it was clean. Rob could only stand and moan as his lovely daughter performed this perverted act on him.

After she had cleaned her dad's cock, she turned to her mother, who was laying face down on the bed, with her gaping asshole exposed. Sissy stuck a finger of each hand into her mother's gaping hole and pried it open as much as she could. Then she looked up at her dad and grinned and stuck her tongue as far into her mom's open hole as she could. She could taste her dad's sperm and her mother's ass juices. After she had licked what she could get, she said, "Mom, turn over and get over my mouth so I can have some of Dad's cum, fresh from your ass."

Even though exhausted from her many orgasms of the day, Lynn got up, pushed Sissy back down on the bed and straddled her face. She put her dripping ass over her young daughter's mouth while Sissy sucked and licked her dad's cum from it. Rob was standing there watching the two when little Kari walked into the room to stand next to her dad, whose cock was only semi-limp still. She opened her mouth and again took his cock into it. With her favorite pacifier in her mouth, she watched her sister and her mom in their perverted act. After a short while, Rob said, "You sure like to suck on that don't you, sweety?" His little daughter smiled up at him and nodded then went back to slurping on his cock. Then she let it slip out of her mouth and said, "Get daddy cum?". Meaning, she wanted to know if Rob would spurt his cum into her mouth for her.

Since Rob wasn't about to be able to produce any cum for a while, he leaned down and picked up his little girl and said, "I'm sorry sweety but Mommy took it all this time and she's sharing it with Sissy right now. But I promise, I'll give you some next time, OK?" The little girl vigorously nodded her head and hugged her daddy. She loved to be held in her daddy's strong arms, as much as she liked to "get daddy cum" squirted in her mouth from his cock.

And thus was how the zoo mom came about. Or at least came and came and came. Lynn found that she seriously got turned on by putting the snake in her cunt and she ended up thinking about what other things she could do like that as she remembered the snake woman video who had also inserted mice and other critters up inside of her. The sheer perversity of the idea just turned her on every time she thought about doing it, so she decided to talk to Rob about it and see if he would be interested in helping her experiment a bit.

After their torrid session with the snake, the ass fuck and Sissy sucking Rob's cum out of her ass, they were sitting at dinner when Bobby blurted out, "Mom, you said it was OK to put the snake up into Sissy's cunt if she wanted to and I asked her and she said she had to talk to you and Dad about it. I think it's really neat watching you put the snake up inside of you and watching it crawl out. Is it OK if I stick it up inside Sissy? I'd really like to do that."

Sissy laughed and said, "If anyone's gonna stick a snake up my cunt, it'll be me, smarty. You can watch but I'm gonna be the one doing the sticking if you don't mind."

Bobby stuck out his tongue at her, then said "OK, but I wanna watch you do it, like I did Mom."

Sissy said, "Mom, did you really have the snake up inside of you like he said?"

Lynn gave a little laugh and said, "Yes, dear, you know me. I'm a slut for anything that turns me on. I did use Bobby's snake today and yes, it did go all the way up into me and yes, it did turn me on terribly. It was so perverted and exciting. In fact, I'm going to be getting my own snake, but a much bigger one that I can use whenever I want to. Right, Rob?"

Her husband chuckled and said, "Ummm, yes I guess so. We've got one, what's it matter if there's another one. And you seemed to really enjoy the small one. If you have a bigger one I don't know if I'll be able to keep up with you, seeing how horny it made you today."

Bobby piped up and with typical young boy bravado said, "That's OK, I'll fuck Mom anytime she gets horny if you want. I like to see her horny and I like to watch her put things up in her cunt. But I wanna put my snake up in Sissy's cunt too. Can I, huh?"

They all laughed at the young boy's brashness. Lynn looked at Sissy and said, "Hon, you can play with the snake if you want to but we're going to have to talk about it first so you'll know what to do. And more importantly, what not to do. If it feels as yummy to you as it did for me, I don't think we'll be able to keep you from it."

"The idea just turns me on", Sissy said blushing, "and don't think I've not thought about doing it before now. I just wasn't sure about doing something like that. I mean putting a live animal up inside me. The thought of doing it does feel so perverted though, doesn't it? I love thinking about it, but I'm sorta hesitant to actually do it. You know how I like to put things in me, like cucumbers, golf balls, billiard balls. I love the feeling of being filled up, stuffed full. Mom, maybe you could do the snake with me so I'll know what to do."

Lynn said, "Of course, dear. It isn't like we haven't discussed safety and sanitation and putting stuff in your cunt before. But this may be a little different. And we have to be careful not to hurt the poor dear snake at all, either. After all, he's the one that will be giving us all that perverted pleasure. We can sit down after dinner and discuss it and we'll see how it goes."

"Oh, good. I wanna watch. I wanna see it stuffed up inside your cunt, Sissy. It's so neat," Bobby exclaimed.

"Hold on there, bud", Rob said. "This first time should probably be just Mom and Sissy. If they want you there, then they'll let you know. OK?"

Bobby got a little pouty and said, "But it's MY snake. I wanna watch!"

Lynn said, "Bobby, you'll get a chance to watch. In fact, I'll let you put the snake up into my pussy later on, but tonight I want it to be just Sissy and me for her first time doing it. OK? Sort of a girl's special. Private."

"Wow!" Bobby said. "You'll let ME put it into you? That's great. Sure, you can do whatever you want Sissy. I wanna push him up into Mom's cunt. And I wanna have us get a big one and watch you put it up your cunt too, Mom. I'd like having another snake."

Little Kari was taking all this in and she piped up, "Snakey'n me too?"

Lynn looked at the little toddler and said, "Well, dear, I'm afraid you're a little too young and too small to be taking on a snake. Maybe Daddy can play with you and find something for you. 'Kay??"

The little girl, understanding little of that but placated nonetheless, nodded and immediately lost interest in the conversation.

Lynn said, "I know we've discussed it before, but I can't tell you enough how important it is not to discuss what we do together with anyone. We don't want any of us to get into any trouble and telling anyone about our secret fun at home could be a very bad thing. Sissy, I know you understand this, but I really hope you don't feel any pressure to talk about what we do with your friends. If their parents found out and reported us, we'd be in big trouble. They can't ever even suspect anything. You understand don't you?"

"Yeah, Mom, I know. There's a couple of my friends who always talk about sex things and are always telling me about things that I know aren't true. I know for a fact that they don't know what they're talking about because we've done a lot more things than they even know of, so it's sometimes hard to keep quiet. But I know how important it is, so I just don't say anything. But I can't tell you how great it is that I can come to you both about anything that has to do with sex - or anything else, for that matter - and talk to you openly about it. Like sticking things up into my cunt. Like snakes. Geeez, those kids are so dumb. They think they know everything, and they haven't got a clue. Sometimes I really wish I could tell them that I've had Dad fucking my ass and my cunt for years and that I've sucked him and Bobby off more times than they have even fantasized about doing it. It's hard sometimes, not being able to share the kinds of pervy thoughts and things we do with other kids my age. But I understand. And I don't ever say anything. Or let on."

"Good" Lynn said. "I'm not only proud of you, but I love you so much I can't even describe how much. I love doing all kinds of the sexy things we do with each other and I really wish that you did have some others to share it with. But right now, that can't be. Kari's too young and doesn't have the language skills, so there's no worry there. Bobby, this goes for you too, though. You can't be giving away our secret family stuff, because we'd all get in trouble and then we wouldn't be able to do it any more. You know how I love to suck your little cock and have you fuck me. And I know Sissy likes to have you fuck her too. And when Kari is a little older, I know you'll have fun fucking and sucking her too, but right now, we have to be very careful of what we say or tell to anyone. That goes for even relatives too, like Grandma and Grandpa, and Uncle Ted and Aunt Lori."

"Yeah, Mom, I know. I haven't said anything. Most of the kids I know don't really know anything about sex. I like it but I don't say anything to them. I wanna keep having sex with you and Sissy. So I won't give anything away."

Lynn nodded and said, "That's good. I'm proud of you. I love to have you all do all kinds of things like that with me, so let's keep it that way, huh? Besides, I've been looking at some new things- besides snakes, that is- that I want to try and I hope it will turn you all on and make you feel as good as it will me."

When Rob heard this, he raised his eyebrows. "Umm, what new things are we thinking about, Hon? As if snakes aren't enough?"

"I've been running across some things on the internet that I find do turn me on. Like some videos of a lady with snakes, and...ummm, other... ummm, critters. We'll talk about it later. I want to show you some videos that I found and see what you think."

"What do mean, "other critters", Mom?" Sissy inquired. "As if snakes aren't pervy enough." She laughed.

"Your father and I will discuss some things and when we think it's right, we'll tell you. But for now, this is just between Rob and I. Except for the snake, of course. Let's clean up these dishes and we'll go up to your room and talk about that."

Rob jumped in and said, "Why don't you two girls go ahead and Bob and I'll get these things cleaned up. Go ahead."

Bobby said, "Awww, why do I have to clean up and Sissy doesn't. She's already gonna get to use MY snake to stick up her cunt and I can't watch. Gee, Dad!"

Rob laughed and said, "C'mon kiddo, it'll be just us men this time. And if you want you can let Kari suck you off while we do the dishes if you want." Hearing this, little Kari clapped her hands and said, "Yay, Bobby, suck, suck, suck!" in a singsong-y toddler voice.

Somewhat placated, Bobby sighed and said, "Awww, OK, I guess."

When the two females got into Sissy's room, she turned to her mom and said, "How did it feel, Mom? Did you put the whole snake up inside of you?"

"Yes, dear, I did. And it felt wonderful. I can't describe how nasty and perverted it felt doing it. It turned me on so much and I came so hard. I really sorta did it on the spur of the moment, because I was so horny thinking about it. I found some videos on the internet of a woman who puts large sized python or boa completely up inside of her, head and all. Completely inside. When I got the tail into me, I started getting so excited and it felt so good that I just kept stuffing the snake up inside me. At first he wiggled around a bit and that just turned me on even more. Once I had all of him inside of me except his head, I just kept cumming from the sensations. I ended up just stuffing his head up inside of me and my orgasms just overtook me. It was so delicious feeling. The only thing that would have made it even better was if I had been video recording me like she did and knew that thousands of strangers would soon be watching me stuff a snake into me. Or if I was doing it in front a an audience. God, I was soooo turned on."

"Geez, Mom, having people watching you? Videoing you? After all you've told us about keeping it secret?"

"Sissy, I'm talking about fantasy here. Haven't you ever wanted to do something sexy in public or in front of a bunch of people, preferably strangers? I mean, fantasizing, remember, not actually going out and doing it."

"Hey, Mom, I fantasize about that all the time. If I could have Dad fuck me in front of a stadium full of people at the Super Bowl at half time, I'd do it. Just having you or Bobby, or even Kari watching me do stuff makes it even that much hotter. Just thinking about walking up to Grandpa and bending down and unzipping his pants, taking out his cock and sucking him off in front of Grandma really gets my juices running. If I could be fucked by a bunch of guys at school on the teacher's desk, including the teacher, I'd just cum continuously. Doing pervy stuff in public would be the ultimate turn on for me. Don't tell me that you like that too!"

"Yes, dear, we seem to be more alike than we know. I'd take a dog, a horse, snakes, mice, whatever in me on a live TV broadcast if I could. Ooooooo, just talking about it is getting me so wet." She shuddered with excitement. "But we came up here to see about getting you and Bobby's snake together. What do you think, do you want to do that?"

"Oh, God, YES, Mom! What do we need to do to do it. How do you clean a snake before you stuff him up into your pussy?"

Lynn smiled sheepishly. "Well, I have to admit that I didn't do much preparation like that. I just went into Bobby's room, got the snake, went back to my room and started stuffing it into me. I know it was foolish, but that's why I wanted to help you with it. We really should make sure of our hygiene if we're going to do this."

"Yeah, Mom, but how do you sterilize or clean a snake? We make sure anything we put into us is clean so we won't get any infections or diseases or anything. But snakes?"

"Well, there aren't any instruction manuals that I've been able to find in stuffing snakes in your pussy, so we're just going to have to wing it. You know that we use the silver solution as an antiseptic for our toys and also to flush ourselves out so we don't get anything. Well, it should work on the snake and not harm him at all. It shouldn't hurt the snake if we clean him with it before we do it. And we can flush out your vagina with it also afterwards. That should be enough for a start. So get your bottle of silver solution and a cloth and I'll go get Bobby's snake and we can try it if you like. I'll be glad do it first for you if you want. I just LOVE the feeling of that thing in my cunt!"

"No that's OK, Mom, I think I'll go ahead and try him first if you'll help me. I'm really excited about doing it and it'll be even more of a turn on with someone watching, even if it is just you."

"Well, we can go invite your dad to watch. I'm sure that he wouldn't mind being an audience if you want. He certainly got turned on today watching me stuff it into my cunt."

"He can come and watch if he wants. But lets go ahead and get started. I'm so wet talking about this all that I'm leaking!" Sissy said, giggling.

With that Lynn went to Bobby's room and got the snake out of his glass home, and brought him back into Sissy's room. Then the two of them wiped it down with the solution and laid him on the bed. Sissy crawled onto the bed next to it and started stroking him with one hand and working her clit and cunt with the other. "God, Mom, I'm just sopping wet. Will you wipe my cunt with that stuff?"

"Are you sure, 'cuz the snake is pretty dry and you'll need as much lubrication as you can, both for you and for the snake's benefit. You'll want him to slide in, not have to force him in. And we don't want to use any lubes or unnatural stuff on the poor little guy. We don't know how they would affect him."

"OK" Sissy said, picking up the snake and laying him on her abdomen. "How do I do this?"

"I'm not real sure, honey. I just started pushing the tail up into me. That's how the snake lady did it. Try that. Or do you want me to do it for you?"

"No, let me try it. Here goes." With that Sissy started trying to aim the snake's tail at the opening of her cunt. After a few tries, she was successful in getting it into her hole. Once the tip of the tail was in, she kept working it little bit by little bit further up inside of her. "Mom! I'm doing it. I've got him inside of me!" Sissy exclaimed in excitement, as if her mother couldn't see exactly what was happening.

"Yes, dear. Keep working him in. I don't know if your vagina will be able to take him completely like I did, but you'll know what you can take."

"Ooooooo, it feels so pervy, Mom! I can feel it moving around inside of me!" Sissy kept working the snake into her cunt until almost all of it was inside, just about 3 inches of it was left. At this point she let the snake go and let it squirm around a little bit while she moaned and writhed in ecstasy. The snake made its way out of her cunt slowly, its movement adding more and more to Sissy's pleasure. As the snake slipped completely out from between her cunt lips to the bed, Sissy stiffened and screamed as her orgasm overtook her. The snake lay ignored between her shaking legs on on the bed. Lynn reached over and picked the serpent up and fondled it and stroked its head. Then she laid down on the bed next to her orgasming daughter.

Placing the snake on her chest and continuing to stroke it with one hand, she reached over and caressed her daughter's chest with the other hand. After a minute or two, Sissy turned her head and looked at her mother. "Wow, Mom, that was wild! I had almost the whole snake up inside of me. My cunt was on fire! That was awesome!"

"I know sweetie, it looked like you were having a good one. Want to put him in again?" Lynn asked.

"Ummm, why don't you do it so I can watch you. I want to see what it looks like," Sissy said.

"OK, sweetie. Watch how it's done." With that Lynn reached down and parted he cunt lips with one hand and with the other picked up the tail of the snake and started stuffing the serpent into her cunt. Inch by inch the snake went into her, without trying to get away or even indicating any stress or discomfort. At least, if you could tell discomfort in a snake.

Sissy had sat up and propped herself up next to her mom's hip so she could watch the action from close up. She watched her mother insert the reptile bit by bit into her cunt. When there was only just the snake's head outside, Lynn let go of the critter. Fascinated, Sissy watched as the snake just stayed there, not trying to get out at all, flicking its tongue out occasionally.

"Geez Mom, that's wild!" Sissy exclaimed.

"Watch this." With that, Lynn used her finger to push the rest of the snake completely up inside of her cunt. "MOM! It's all inside you! Wow!!!!!" With that Lynn started rubbing her clit and writhing in orgasm. Sissy slipped over between her legs and massaged her mother's stomach above her pubic bone, over where the snake was. Then she bent down and started licking Lynn's cunt, then sucked on her clit. Lynn screamed in ecstasy and was in a continuous orgasm from both the snake inside her and Sissy's suction on her clit. This continued for several minutes, Lynn's legs stiffening and shaking with her orgasm. Sissy was furiously rubbing her own clit and brought herself to climax also.

Sissy fell forward onto her mom and the two lay there for a while. Then Sissy sat back up and started parting Lynn's cunt lips, looking for the snake. Prying Lynn's cunt open, she could see the snake curled up inside her vagina. Once her cunt was opened up, the snake stuck it's head out so it had air to breathe. Sissy watched fascinated as the serpent slowly crawled out of Lynn's sopping cunt to the bed between the two of them. Sissy caressed its head and stroked it with one hand while thumbing her mother's clit with the other. Lynn was laying there exhausted, as this was the third time today that she had put the snake up inside of her and had multiple climaxes from the stimulation.

"Mom, you had that whole snake inside of you, head and all. I can't believe it! Next time, I'm gonna do that too. That was soooo kewl!" Sissy exclaimed.

Lynn said, "Yes, dear, it is. Are you sure you don't want to try it again?"

"I think we may need to let the poor little thing rest after all that. I think we need a breather too. Ummm. Your cunt tasted so nice. Especially knowing that there was a snake completely up inside of it. I just couldn't help myself. It was so erotic and perverted. And you're right, if we could do that in front of a huge audience, I think I'd pass out from the excitement."

"Don't get me going again, dear, or I'll stuff that critter back up inside of me and have so strong an orgasm that he'll suffocate. And we don't want to hurt our little, pleasure making friend do we?"

"OK, I'll go put the little guy back in his house and then I'm going to go get Dad. I'm still turned on, but I want somebody to fuck my ass and Daddy loves to do that. You don't mind do you?"

"No, he did mine earlier today already as you know and shared. So I've had the snake three times and your dad once, I think I'm done for the night. You go have fun if he's gotten charged up again. But I do want to get some time together with you so I can show you some of the videos of the woman who does the big snakes. Well, big and little ones. Plus a lot of other things."

"Sure, Mom. Maybe we can do it tomorrow since it's Saturday and we'll have all day. Maybe we can double team Dad a few times too. Think you'll be up for that?"

"If I even think about sticking that critter back up my snatch, I'll be ready for about anything, dearie. My only regret is that we can't rent the local stadium and sell tickets to the two of us doing all kinds of perverted, sexy things," Lynn told her, grinning.

Sissy said, "Wow, Mom, that gets me dripping again. I'm going to go attack Dad!"

Dad was duly attacked and Sissy took him in all three of her holes that night.

[Continued in Ch. 2]