Totally Twisted, Kinky New Story Universe

Join me and fellow author Data001 and read our new entirely perverted Little Model Annie story universe. This is a whole new series, over six years in the making. The story is based on a young girl who becomes a model and follows her career into hard core, extreme porn. Family and friends are pulled into the all the xtreme fetishes. If you've enjoyed my The Perverts Club, Zoo Mom and Summertime at Grandpa Dicks themes or Data001's Head Teacher- Student Sex Slave stories, you're gonna love our new collaboration for the Little Model Annie story universe. So big, we had to create new websites for it. Join us for some hot, erotic storytelling.

Reader input wanted - Kinky New "Solitude" sequel ideas

As posted on the "What's New" page, if you have any really kinky ideas for sexual/exotic medical procedures for erotic pleasure that could be done by a Dr. in the future with the extremely advanced  technology, let's hear about it.  First, read "Solitude Interrupted" and the sequel, "Solitude Revisited".

What would YOU do or want done if you were in that future age and the technology was there to do it? The best (most realistic) ideas will be used in the third chapter "Solitude Irrevocably Lost" and all responses posted here for all to comment on and enjoy. So put your futurist medical thinking cap on and get your twisted minds working on this. (Use the contact button above.)

Some things already introduced in Ch 2-- Thulian snake worms inserted in Nurse Ogawa's bladder (she likes them) -- The Dr's urethra has been permanently stretched to accommodate penile penetration. -- Of course, double bottle insertion. But you all can come up with better.

Reader Ideas:

-- Dr. Phlox could have left of log behind of his and his family's experiments. As I recall, he used critters to treat most of the illnesses and what have you that the first Enterprise ran into. Also, if I recall correctly, his race had a rather extended family. Multiple wives and multiple husbands. Lots of room for all sorts of fun. The log got handed down from one Chief Medical Officer to the next. Phlox might have started the ball rolling with implanting or using his critters to enhance sexual experiences. Leeches on nipples and clits.
Possibly Beverly has done some work on her and her nurse's mouths to that they could expand, sort of like a snake. Suck on the whole breast, multiple cocks at the same time.
Self lubricating asses.
Maybe Beverly has altered Wesley's cock. Have the head expand or possibly have part of the cock, sort of like a dog cock so he can "tie" with her.
Another possibility is a tattoo. Now since Picard and Number One have seen Beverly and didn't notice the tattoo, maybe it is unseen unless certain conditions are met. The "ink" used in the tattoo could have some sort of properties. Maybe it is made visible under heat and the ink will protect you from most of the heat, but direct the heat to certain areas.

our Zoo Mom story House Ideas

Update: April 2017

I want to thank all my readers who offered ideas for my Zoo Mom family's use of the house next door. I enjoyed fantasizing about all of them! But once while I had gotten a bit of creative inspiration, breaking through the damn writers block I've had, I came up with a bit of a new storyline for the neighbor's house. I've been able to write several chapters of how it is used and I'm sure some of you will like them. I don't want to give to give away what happens until I get to that part of the timeline where that part fits in. But it's going to be good. I'm sure at least some of it will tickle a few of my regular readers' fancies. Yay!

Just a little teaser: my perverted family gets a phone call from the neighbors in their new location. They have decided not to sell the house and may be able to be transferred back to the area. They also have started to enjoy some new lifestyle changes that may let them share in our pervy Zoo Mom family's fun. In the meantime, Rob will oversee the rental and use of the house for some interesting fun. Lynn is the first one to take advantage of the new 'renters'.

I think my regular readers will really like the new storyline and some of the situations that our extreme family gets into. It starts around chapter 35, so it will be a while before being posted here. All of my Zoo Mom series chapters that have been published so far are on my story page in the Little Model Annie member's area..

We've established that the house next to our family of perverts is vacant. The real estate company has it up for sale or lease. It's a nice place and Lynn and Rob have used it several times as a different place to enjoy the exercising of their libidos. What good things should be in store for this story element? Who should rent or buy it? Lynn & Rob? Strangers? A family with children? A biker gang for a party house? A corporation to use it as a "love nest" for it's CEO or executives? A pimp for a whorehouse? What?

If you have some ideas on what should be done with the property that would provide the most twisted, perverted story elements to our already twisted family, let me know. I have some ideas, but I'd like to get some reader's input, especially from the ladies who have indicated that they not only like reading the perverted tales but have enjoyed doing some of them.

So if you have some interesting thoughts about how this could add to our Zoo Mom story, please use the feedback form and let me know. It would be good to put "Zoo Mom House" in the subject line so I'll know it's about that.

Fire up your imaginations and come up with some ideas. Remember, it might not be who buys/rents the house but what they plan to do in it. Or it could just be a plain couple or family that can be seduced by our fine family of perverts. Or anything in between. So help me out and send me your ideas.

(Remember, it does take a LOT of time to write, copy edit, proof and check all the stories, so even if your idea is chosen, it might be a while before that chapter gets written and put online. So don't be discouraged if you don't see something immediately. And I will notify the one(s) whose idea(s) I choose and give them an early preview of the chapter. Even idea credit if desired. <-- Blatant bribe offer here )

Wow! Thanks to my great readers! Ideas continue coming in.  A separate page may have to be made to list them all. Keep 'em coming. Update- Because of the sheer depth, detail and perversity of some of the ideas submitted, I've encouraged several of the contributors to write their own story from their submissions. I know I would love to read the results. If anyone wishes to do that, I'll be happy to post the completed stories here on a "reader contributions" page if they so desire. And I'm very humbled and excited that my stories have inspired others to contribute ideas and possibly write their own stories. Thanks!

 Some examples of reader ideas:

--Single mom with two kids

-- [from Germany] - The house next buy a Family a pervert Cockold 50y his wife 38y and two boys 10y and 12y, she is a Teacher for 4-5th grade.At home she is a maso slave, the cockold like to see when the boys humilate and abuse her mom(whip her tits,burn her public hair or put cockroaches or ants in her cunt).

-- 1) a pair of bikers and their old ladys move in 2) they take over the family and have them perform for/with the bike club.

-- 1) Rob buys it to set it up as a place for anonymous web activities (though living next door doesn't keep it that anonymous)
2) An older man and his wife move in, have a large family, they have foster kids that they are already sexually involved with.

-- The house next door should be sold to either a Pedofile or a incestuous Family???

-- Two children turn up using the house as shelter. Runaways, brother 12 yrs and sister 10 yrs. Parents divorced and they had been living with their mother. When they were caught having sex the parents were going to send the brother to live with the father. Rather than be split up they ran. Rob then buys the house for dungeon area and play space.

-- 1) I would like to see is a family move that is just a single Dad and a young daughter about sissy age or slightly older but with the young girl being the mistress and the guy being the slave or a family of a mother and father with the older daughter is the mistress to both parents but the daughter gets some ideas from the family.
2)  The house is brought by the local college or high school and some young hot college guys and girls or high school girls or guys move in as they got some scholarships. They get drawn into the perverted world of the family.
3)  The idea is a young religious family that get converted. Say a father who is a vicar or priest or even a high racking police officer, the mother and a boy of about 14 and a young girl of about 9 and with a golden retriever dog and the
owner of a couple young male horses.
4)  The idea is the house is brought by a local strip club and used a fucking house so the member of the club can fuck their favourite stripper and so the perverted gets involved with Sissy and the mother do strip shows in front of other

--Let the lady Doctor buy it and setup a small clinic where she could do special work. Things like Uterus Stretching, Deep Breast Piercing so that Lyn's breast could be fitted with a large, horizontal bar close to the chest and then use the rod for suspensionor use the holes for a chain that holds her breast up with concealing cups for public use etc. There are a lot of things she could do for,with and to the perverts in he club.
Cunt enlargement, Tube tying, Ass stretching,first aid after sever whipping etc.

--I would like to see a Master and his whore breeding wife enter the house,raising sluts from birth to be sold to other Masters, with the entire basement turned intoa torture chamber dungeon.

-- House is bought by a super rich woman and turned into a day care, baby sitting facility for the rich and famous's kids from age four though twelve...they specialize in overnight and even keep kids for weeks at a time while their jet setting parents are off having fun. The owner is a very perverse person and soon hooks up with the zoo mom......can you just imagine what the two cooked up together??

-- How about two 20 something females buy the house [gorgeous females of course]. They are very kinky. Their specialty is getting stung by wasps on their nipples and clits. They also have very rare and exotic snakes that strike the above mentioned parts and inject a venom that produces an extreme sharp pain on tits and clits but only lasts about 15 minutes. With both wasps and snakebites, there is lots of pain. To counter <for beginners> this they have large leeches to suck out the venom, and, get another thrill from the leeches.

-- Perhaps a deeply religous widow (34), her six children (a son 13, a daughter 12, a daughter 9, a son 5, and a set of twins: a boy and a girl 3). Also there is her younger brother 14, who is very submissive and too pretty for a boy. Let Rob, Lynn and the rest pervert them to the max, making a pre-op transgender slave of the brother. The rest of the family would make excellent slaves for Rob, his family and to a lesser degree the other characters. Perhaps let them get in debt to Rob and watch how the interest is paid when money gets even tighter for the family until the deceased husband's estate is finally settled. By that time, they should be so deep, they have no idea to be anything but slaves. Imagine the use the twins would get as sex toys and slaves. Make the mother a small breasted tiny thing that ends up being rented and used by the largest men, animals and toys. Always wet and horny, but always in pain from the large intruders. And make sure their only allowed limit is death.

--I would like to see a family move in next door.  The mom can be pregnant or not, and there might be a young boy or girl of 2-3 years old like Kari with an older sibling of 6-8.  The twist is that the mom never stopped breastfeeding the kids and the father also joins in on the fun with breast milk.  It can be extreme in that the mom takes hormones to keep her milk supply up and since she has been doing this for many years, her milk supply is
extremely high per day, like a few gallons.  They can also play with injecting milk in the mom and girls' cunts and asses.  Maybe mix piss and milk and cum along with other things.

-- Purchased by a Mormon man with 8 wives and is an animal trainer. has a place in the country to train larger animals but the house next door has a largeback yard to train one or two dogs at time.....?

-- For example if some mad doctor with his son or perverted daughter, rents a house and sets up bizarre laboratory there.
Doctors daughter invites her new friends into his dad's lab and they play some perverted games there, using stuff available. Of course later dad himself comes to buy lab rats into our pet store and finds some better specimens for his experiments.
Of course that scientist already developed drugs for healing any wounds breast enlargement, etc. And now he needs to test them on humans.

-- could be a family who wants to start a day care for newborns to 12. or a family who takes in orphans.

-- As to the Empty House next Door, it would be perfect for the Club House of The Perverts Club, as well a secondary Clinic for the Doctor to practice her more extreme penchants. The addition of a small Stable Facility adjacent to the House would allow for the permanent Stabling of some larger Animals to be utilized by the Club. The Basement of the Club House would be modified into full Dungeon Facilities to be utilized by the Club.

-- i think the empty house should be bought by a pimp and mom and the two girl should become whores for him
ori think that it should be bought by a mom thats pregnant with a baby girl and she has a boy thats about 11 and her ass hole of a husband left her for another woman and has nothing to do with the kids and rob and lynn corrupt her and her son before the baby is born and rob gets to be the first to do the baby

-- (from Germany) Put in an innocent family, Dad (30) married to his sister Mary (28) , full involved in incest, son David (14) lust after his sister Sue (11) with sultry horny eyes. Mom is surprised when she looks into the bedroom and saw her son pinching Sue's little tits. She would talk to him and invites him to her own bed ... The result must be pregnancies !!

--The house next door should be sold to a Black couple with a couple sons and a daughter the two boys being 10 and 12 while the girl is 11. They are into family incest and getting white males to be ubmissive cuckolds complete with being saved from the neck down to having them in cock cages. They meet the couple next door and they both hatch a plan to get more white families with young boys and hubbys to be turned into cock caged cuckolds as the omen and girls are trained to take large objects in all their holes including large horses and donkeys. Their tits are enlarged and their cunts injected so that their lips become full and always inflamed wanting sex all the time . If they displease them then they would be tied and red ants put into their cunts to make them behave.

-- the house next door could a working mum who a high flyer city type very stressed out and dad also very stress out with a young 9 year old daughter and a son of 13 Sissy and Bobby first get the two kids into sex with each other then the mother and father

--The house is sold to a nun congregation. They all look like and act as normal nuns (and one or two priests) and participate normally in the social life. In fact they are Maria Magdalena nuns. They like to fuck in churches, fuck crucifix and saint\'s statues (small ones). Piss in holy water font.
They cook and sell for all the churches around sacarmental bread made of sperm, breast milk, piss and female juice (in low proportions). They, of course, have some young novices to play with.
Their way of life is to desacralise, and bring lust and blasphemy in any holy places...