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Warning: Adults Only!! The contents of this page has stories of a very extreme nature involving rape, brutality, bestiality, and extreme sex acts. If you feel these may offend you or are illegal , then do not read or download them. 

Cindy's Best Friend - Cindy gets caught playing with her dog and gets forced into doing some very filthy acts with him

Melissa (Ch1) - The Abduction -

Melissa (Ch2) - Taming the Bitch - stuck up executive secretary is severely tortured & blackmailed into becoming the office slut

Melissa (Ch3) - The Office Whore - The pretty stuck up secretary has the most humiliating day of her life as the office slut

Melissa (Ch4) - Preparing Another Slut - Melissa's friend Susan learns that she will  be forced to perform as a slut too

Melissa (Ch5) - Breaking Susan - Susan is severely tortured to force her into submission as another office whore

Melissa (Ch6) - Melissa's Extreme Punishment - Melissa is sadistically treated & forced to endure severe & endless pain

Melissa (Ch7) - Slut Wives at the Mall - a gangbang at the mall becomes extremely humiliating for Melissa

Melissa (Ch8) - The Black Ass Licking Wife - Melissa is forced into an interracial gangbang with a familiar face watching

Melissa (Ch9) - Tit Torturing the Family Whore - her most severe torture and afterwards  she's told what's expected of her

Raping The Office Tease - (Ch1) - Busty redhead  gets taught a lesson - fisted, then raped by a huge black cock

Raping The Office Tease - (Ch2) - Redhead is forced to take that huge black cock in every hole

Raping The New Cheerleader - (Ch1) - The new cheerleader's rape begins after being forced in the locker room

Raping The New Cheerleader - (Ch2) -  Black team brutally uses Sharon's mouth & ass, then some filthy rimming

Raping The New Cheerleader - (Ch3) - her rape continues with some extreme fisting & forced into some vile oral 

Raping The New Cheerleader - (Ch4) - Sharon's forced to accept extreme urination & intense object insertions

The Sadistic Rape of Michelle - cute young gym worker gets gangraped and brutally tortured by three black men

Tiffany - Raped In Jail - while detained she gets used all night long & repeatedly forced into their watersports fantasies

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