Melissa Ch7 - Slut Wives at the Mall

by NiteWriter                                                                                                                     (April 2004)

Melissa and Susan are ordered to meet Dan at the mall where the two girls are used by a bunch of teenagers. During the gangbang Melissa has a humiliating surprise.
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The next morning Melissa and Susan were dressed exactly as Dan had ordered. Since Melissa worked in the same office, Dan had the benefit of seeing her throughout the day. By the afternoon her skirt and blouse had become wrinkled, her make-up was smeared, and when she walked by he could see some dried particles in her hair. Dan knew she had been sucking cocks and fucking most of the morning and that was obviously sperm caked in her hair.

Dan only got to see Susan during lunch. She was dressed much the same in a short skirt and tight fitting top. Her dark nipples could easily be seen through the material. She too had a bit of a disheveled looked.

Dan let the girls talk between themselves. He had told Melissa earlier that morning that he wanted them at the mall tonight and that she should inform Susan. He could vaguely hear Melissa explaining how they were to be dressed.

Dan was enjoying what he had created with these two girls. He didn't hear anything out of Melissa's mouth other than her compliance to his wishes. There was no resistance from Susan either or talk of how they could get out of their situation. As Dan thought about it, there was no way they could now. Both girls had committed themselves to being sluts for the men at the office and were willing to fuck whenever asked. He had completely changed two hard working self-centered secretaries into obedient whores with a new mission in life. Their new purpose was satisfying men's sexual desires no matter how perverted they might be.

Later that evening, Melissa and Susan met Dan at the mall at exactly seven-thirty as ordered. Both were wearing a flimsy see-through top that was so sheer their nipples could easily be seen. Dan had also ordered them to wear a mini-skirt and high-heels as well. And of course they wore no panties underneath.

The three walked through the mall toward the food court located on the second level. Dan was getting a lot of enjoyment out of having two slutty looking girls with him, especially as they went up the escalator. There were three teenage boys behind them, trying to look up their short skirts. Dan could hear them whispering, so he made sure they got a good view. He put his hand on Melissa's ass and inched her skirt up higher just enough so the kids could see that she wore no underwear. Dan could only smile when he heard them quietly remarking, "she's got nothing on under there!"

Dan and his two sluts sat down at one of the food court tables. Needless to say, all eyes were on them as they slid onto the chairs, resulting in their skirts riding higher up their thighs. As you would expect, the food court was packed with high school boys and girls. Melissa and Susan could sense that all attention was on them, as soon as they sat down. The teenage boys were particularly going out of their way to get a good look at their shapely legs.

"See that girls?" Dan commented. All the high school boys like what they see. And to think you're both old enough to be their mothers. Melissa knew where this would eventually wind up. She and Susan would be fucking these teens.

It didn't take long before one of the kids seated at the next table leaned over asking Melissa; "looks to me like you're dressed for some fun."

Dan interrupted asking the kid, "how old are you?"

"Eighteen," he answered rather smugly. "Why? Do these girls belong to you?"

"You could say that," Dan replied. "Can handle both, or do you think you'll need help from your friends? You know these girls are pretty horny tonight."

"Is that so," the kid answered.

Dan leaned over to Melissa and instructed her. "Show him your pussy. And...........," he continued whispering what he wanted her to do.

Melissa obeyed by swinging her legs around and then spreading them open for the kid. Melissa felt so ashamed exposing herself in full view of this young high school senior and all the others seated nearby. Everything she had done for Dan to this point had at least been in private. But now she was in a public mall where anyone who wanted could see what she was doing. Granted there were pretty much only teenagers around, but suppose there were security cameras watching them?

"Fuck!!!" The kid gasped, as he and his friend seated next to him stared at her bare pussy.

Then to further her humiliation even more, she put her hand between her legs as Dan had ordered and rubbed her cunt, while looking directly at the boy. "Want some?" she asked.

There was no way this kid was going to turn down this big-breasted blonde slut coming on to him. "C'mon honey," he anxiously ordered, as he grabbed Melissa's hand. His buddy seated next to him grabbed Susan and they headed off to the men's room just around the corner.

Dan wanted to see want was going to happen, especially the humiliation the girls would experience with these teenage boys using them in a public bathroom. No sooner had they entered the men's room and one by one the other boys were getting up from the tables and heading to the rest room too.

Dan wasn't expecting anything extremely perverted to happen. He pretty much figured these kids would get blowjobs and then fuck the girls. After all, how much more could you expect from a bunch of eighteen and nineteen-year-old males with overactive hormones and two gorgeous girls dressed like sluts?

The kids began feeling up Melissa and Susan, running their hands up under their skirts and squeezing their breasts. The kids tugged at their clothes, ultimately stripping them completely. Their hands mauled the girls' bodies, feeling and pinching them everywhere. They fingered their pussies and spread their asses open to check out their tight anal holes. After a couple minutes the girls were on their knees sucking hard cocks and having fingers probed deep in their pussies and assholes.

The men's room was a fairly decent size with six urinals and as many stalls. As the gangbang got started there were perhaps a dozen kids ready to enjoy the two hot looking girls that were old enough to be their mothers. Melissa wound up next to the urinals and Susan right in front of the stalls. Each had their own line of kids waiting their turn.

After nearly twenty minutes and four blowjobs later, Melissa had gobs of cum dripping off her face. She looked over toward Susan and she was on her knees taking a huge cock in her ass, while another kid was in front of her trying to force his big shaft into her throat. Susan was gagging and coughing up all over herself. He was yelling at her, "what's the matter bitch? I figured a slut like you would be able to handle my big cock." Then he grabbed Susan's head and simply stuffed his huge shaft all the way down her throat. Her face was buried in his groin and she was pushing on his hips, trying to back away and dislodge the fat cock. Susan's struggling however excited him even more. He was holding her tight and announcing to the whole room how good it felt.

"Oh fuck yeah,... you hot cocksuckin' bitch. Choke on it..."

Gurgling noises were coming from Susan's throat, as she continued her futile attempt to expel his hard shaft.

"That's it... keep it in your tight fuckin' throat. Choke on it you filthy slut."

It didn't take long before the combination of Susan's discomfort and the tightness around his cock made him start cumming. He began pumping his thick cream into her throat. Susan became desperate in her struggle to get him out. She felt as though she might suffocate from his thick meat lodged in her gullet and blocking her air. But finally he gave in and let her go. No sooner had his cock slipped from her mouth and she started heaving up all over the floor and gasping for a breath. The teens loved seeing her treated so roughly. Another kid yelled out, "I wonder how many times we can make her puke by shoving our cocks down her throat." Susan prayed she wouldn't find out.

After the momentary distraction, Melissa tilted her head up to see the next teenage male that she would have to suck. Complete shock filled her entire body when she saw whom it was. Everything that she had endured over the past few days was nothing compared to the humiliation she felt at that split second. It was her eighteen-year-old son. He was standing there with his cock in his hand and stroking it. He peered down with this disgusted look commenting, "you fuckin' whore?"

Melissa couldn't bear to look him in the eyes. She was embarrassed that her son was seeing her like this, yet he obviously had plans to participate in the gangbang. He stood there waiting for a blowjob, despite the fact that the slut before him was his mother. All she could do was stare as his cock. And as she did, she was amazed at how big he was. His shaft had to be nearly nine inches long.

"Don't say anything you disgusting bitch. Just suck it," he demanded.

Hearing those words coming out of her own son's mouth cut right through Melissa. She believed that in his eyes she was nothing but a whore. She knew most of these kids were his friends and obviously had no idea that this hot looking, big-breasted slut was his mother. They were all talking very freely about how filthy these girls were and she surmised that he had no plans on telling them either, at least not right now.

Melissa proceeded to engulf her son's hard shaft within her mouth. She began sucking him. It was such a different feeling. Every other cock she had done seemed meaningless in that she was able to disassociate herself from the guy. They were just hard pieces of cockmeat that she had to suck off. But doing her own son made her feel so dirty. In her mind it was such a taboo. Her whole insides were crying out in disgust, as he grabbed her head and slowly moved his hips back and forth in order to slide his hard shaft between his mother's lips.

"That's it bitch... suck it." Every time he spoke, Melissa wanted to cry. How could he talk to her like that? She didn't know if he said them to keep his image in front of his friends or if he really meant them.

After several minutes of sucking his hard meat, she felt him increasing the pressure on her head, trying to force himself down her throat. "Oh fuck!!... I'm gonna cum." he moaned out. "Right down your throat...." His cockhead was deep in her mouth. "C'mon whore... take my cock in your fuckin' slut throat."

He rammed his engorged shaft against the back of Melissa's mouth and forced her to take it all. Even though Melissa had been made to deepthroat Dan and Carl, this was different. It was her own son doing it to her now. And he was so big that it stretched her more than any other cock.

Then she felt him. He started cumming. His cock erupted within the constraints of her throat and she could feel the hot cream spurting out. A split second went by and he quickly withdrew. Another blast of sperm spewed from his cock. This time it erupted in a thick stream hitting her right in the face. He began smearing his hard slimy tool on her forehead and cheeks, wiping the cum all over her, as the rest dribbled out.

"Fuck... you're incredible," he moaned. Then just before he left, he leaned down so no one else would hear.

"I'm going to have to spend more time at home with you. I had no idea my pretty mom was such a slut." Melissa couldn't bear to look at him, as he spoke those words.

"I imagine dad doesn't know?" he asked. Melissa just shook her head.

"That's okay. Your secret is safe," he added. "I hope you fuck as good as you suck cock?"

Melissa looked up with tears in her eyes and unable to say anything. "Guess I'll find out when I get home." Then he walked away and let one of his friends have his turn. Melissa's son stood watching on the other side of the men's room, as his mother sucked another cock and swallowed more cum.

Meanwhile, Susan was still on her knees getting rammed up the ass. The kids seemed to enjoy hearing her cry out, as they stuffed their big cocks up her tight bunghole and stretch her sphincter more than it's ever been before. Once each kid emptied his load in her rectum, he would pull out, leaving her shithole gaping wide in readiness for the next cock. Then the next hard shaft quickly rammed up her open orifice.

While her buttfucking continued, she was ordered to suck the dirty cocks that had just come out of her ass. And of course she did. She greedily slurped away, cleaning the filth from each shaft and knowing that if she didn't, Dan would see her resisting. "I've never seen such a filthy slut before," one kid remarked. "She'll do anything."

One of the teens had a nasty idea for some fun. He grabbed Melissa and pulled her out in the middle of the rest room. "Lay down," he ordered. Then he positioned Susan squatting over Melissa's head. "Get your ass over her face," he demanded. Melissa knew what they expected of her. When she looked up at the kids, she noticed Dan standing by the doorway. She didn't even hesitate. Immediately, she put her mouth to Susan's ass and started sucking on her asshole. Susan began pushing, as if trying to make a bowel movement and all that cum that was in her rectum began flowing into Melissa's mouth.

Melissa pulled back from Susan's ass to open her lips and show everyone her mouthful of discolored cream. Her tongue was literally covered. Then she closed her lips and swallowed. She quickly shook her head back and forth shuddering in disgust. "Oh my God," she whispered loud enough for them to hear. "It's tastes like shit." All the kids cheered when they saw her swallow the vile cream like a filthy cum-craving, shit-eating whore. Then she returned to Susan's ass to clean the rest of their sperm from her dirty rectum.

The gangbang was about to break up. Melissa's son was standing over his mother and watching her complete the cleaning of her girlfriend's ass.

"You're a disgusting piece of shit, you know that?" He growled in a demeaning tone.

Then he pulled his cock from his trousers and started pissing on the two girls. His urine splashed on Susan's ass and began running down her crack. With his mother's mouth already slurping up Susan's asshole, a lot of his hot piss flowed into her mouth. "Do you drink piss too, you whore?" he asked, realizing that his mother was the dirtiest slut he had ever seen.

None of his girlfriends would even consider the perverted acts that his mother was doing with this girl Susan. He and his friends had even paid for prostitutes, but none of them would do anything like this.

He continued to urinate, moving his piss stream from Susan's ass to his mother's face. "Open your mouth you whore," he demanded.

Melissa obeyed and took her son's hot urine flow into her mouth. It splashed onto her tongue and the sound of her mouth filling echoed throughout the men's room. The rest of the kids were absolutely astonished at what she was doing. A few seconds later Melissa's mouth was full and piss was bubbling over her lips. "Well,.. what are you waiting for?" her son remarked, expecting her to continue this deviant behavior. Melissa looked at him and knew this was probably the most disgusting and filthy thing he had ever seen a woman do... she gulped it down.

"What a fuckin' piece of shit," he commented zipping up, as he finished emptying his bladder. As he walked away, he was mumbling to himself. "She's a damn piss drinkin' whore."

Melissa was beyond devastated from acting that way with her son. She wished she could just crawl away and hide. But the other teens wanted their fun too. All of them huddled around the two girls and began pissing on them. Melissa and Susan were literally getting drenched in the vile smelly fluid. Piss was splashing off their bodies. Piss was drenching their hair and their faces. The kids were yelling at them, "open your mouth you filthy cunts." And they did. They took their piss directly into their mouths and drank it, gulping mouthful after mouthful.

Finally the kids all left the men's room, leaving the two girls covered in urine. Dan remained behind.

"Look's like they had a lot of fun," he commented, as the girls stood up. Melissa had tears running from her eyes.

"What's with you," Dan asked.

"That one boy... he's... he's my son." Melissa answered.

"No shit," Dan replied. "I didn't know you had a son. Does he like having a slut for a mom?" And Dan chuckled.

The two girls searched around for their clothes. Melissa's top had been tossed in one of the urinals and was dripping with piss. She squeezed it out before slipping it onto her already filthy body. The sheer wet material clung to her breasts and prominently displayed every curve of her chest, including the outline of hard dark nipples. She appeared almost naked on top. Her skirt was on the floor stained with spit and drool. She had no choice but to slip it on that way.

Susan's skirt and blouse had been used to wipe the floor after she had puked. Now they were soaking up the piss that was all over. But since she obviously couldn't walk out naked, she reluctantly dressed with her filthy urine and vomit saturated clothes.

When they eventually walked out of the men's room, the kids were whistling and jeering at the girls and calling them whores and sluts. A couple of the guys were commenting on how they smelled like piss. Melissa and Susan couldn't wait to leave.

As they walked through the mall with their piss dripping matted hair and urine soaked bodies, they certainly drew a lot of attention. They were getting stares from every man and woman.

That night after a long hot shower, Melissa lay in bed recalling her son's cock and how she swallowed his cum and piss. She tried to think of what she would say to him when he got home. After what seemed like an eternity lying there she dozed off.

Then suddenly she was awakened. Melissa glanced at the clock. It was 1am. The bedroom door was opening and she could see the outline of her son walking in. She didn't say a word, even though she wondered why he was in her room. In the shadows she saw him undress, removing his shirt and pulling off his pants. Then he slipped into bed next to her. Seconds later Melissa felt his hands roaming over her body. He squeezed her breasts, rubbed between her legs, and started fingering her pussy. He started kissing her neck and whispering in her ear. "I've been thinking about your pussy all night," he whispered. Then he crawled on top of his mother and started rubbing the head of his hard cock on the entrance to her cunt.

"I've been anxious to get home just to fuck you," he spoke a bit louder. I can't believe my mother is a filthy fuckin' whore." And he rammed his shaft in. "And who was the guy with you tonight? Are you his slut?"

Melissa couldn't answer those questions. She wasn't about to explain the details of her submissive behavior and risk more torture and abuse by Dan.
Besides, what embarrassed Melissa more was that she was actually in bed with her son and he was stuffing his big cock into her cunt. And she wasn't doing anything to stop him. She was allowing it to happen. She felt like a worthless piece of trash that deserved what he was doing to her. It was bad enough that Dan and Carl were using her as a filthy cunt, but now her son was enjoying her too. She began to wonder how much more humiliation she would have to endure. Her answer was almost immediate.

"I told my friends about you," her son moaned out, as he pumped his hard fucktool into her hole at an increasing rate. "Hard to believe it," he grunted, "but they want to pay to come and fuck you." Then he groaned once more, while stuffing his meat all the way in again. "Yeah,'re gonna make a great whore. You got a hot fuckin' cunt!" And he kept ramming into Melissa faster.

"I'll make sure you have all the cock you want." Then Melissa felt his hard shaft spurting deep inside her hot cunt, filling her hole with his thick sperm.
continued in Melissa Ch8 - "The Black Ass Licking Wife"


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