Raping The New Cheerleader (Part 3)

by NiteWriter                                                                                                                               (1997)

WARNING: The following is a fictional story about a teenage cheerleader getting brutally gangraped. This interracial story involves oral and anal sex as well as intense fisting, pissing and object insertion scenes. If any of these types of sex acts offends you or you may think it too bizarre for your tastes, then read no further.   Part 1(rape,oral)    Part 2(rape,oral,anal,rimming)   Part 3(rape,intense fisting, rather vile oral depictions) Part 4(rape,extreme urination, intense object insertion)

Sharon repositioned herself kneeling on the hard locker room floor, resting with her head cradled in her arms and her rear end sticking up. It felt as though a cock were still in her ass. Thick gooey sperm was running down her crack, as it slowly seeped from her well-fucked bunghole. She was tired and she felt degraded, believing that somehow she had allowed herself to be fucked by all these black teenagers.

While resting with her ass up in the air, one of black kids began caressing her buttcheeks. He was running his fingers through her crack and smearing the cum that was leaking from her anal hole.

"Looks like we really spunked up your ass, baby," he commented. "There sure is a lot leaking out."

He poked a finger into her slit. Then he inserted a second finger and slowly started to finger fuck her cunt. He made sure that he rubbed across her clit too. In Sharon's tired state it actually felt good and was somewhat arousing her. She moaned out loud, "Oh God."

Hearing her response, the black kid quickly sunk a third finger and buried them deep into Sharon's cunthole. He fucked her hard and fast, jamming his fingers inside Sharon while she moaned louder. "Oh God, I'm going to cum, I'm going to cum."

Then while Sharon was on the verge of an orgasm, he wiggled the tips of his other two fingers into the entrance of her pussy and began pushing and twisting. He was trying to fuck her with his whole hand. Sharon's cunt was dripping with a mixture of her own juices and the residue of the slimy cum that had been seeping from her ass and running between her legs. This black teen figured that she was sufficiently lubricated to stuff his fist into her tiny hole.

"Hold her down," he called out to one of his teammates. Another of the teens knelt in front of Sharon and grabbed her by the shoulders.

His buddy then pushed harder, turning Sharon's moment of pleasure into pain. She no longer felt the building orgasm. Instead, she cried and pleaded for him to stop what he was attempting to do. "Ohhhhhh!!! Noooo!!! Please Noooooooooo!!!"

"What's the matter, honey? Don't want my black fist up your pretty little cunt?"

"Please don't do that to me," Sharon begged as she cried. "You'll hurt me. It hurts..."

Sharon was scared. She never heard of getting fisted. "Why would he want to torture me like this," she thought. "There's no way he can get his big hand inside me."

Sharon's whole body had become tense. The thought of this black kid stuffing his entire fist into her cunt was beyond anything she could have ever imagined. Was this something other girls allowed? Or was it simply their way of torturing her body for some more fun?

Again he twisted and pushed. His hand slowly began spreading her delicate teenage fuckhole open. "Ohhhhh!... Nooooooo!... Sharon gasped in disbelief, as she felt his hand prying open and penetrating her young tight vagina.

He stopped momentarily and wiggled his hand in and out, trying to stretch her tiny cunt more. Then he repeated the process and twisted his big black hand while he pushed, until it slowly disappeared inside Sharon's little slit.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!" Sharon screamed and twisted her hips, but she was held firmly in place while her body was being brutally invaded.

Her cunt lips immediately wrapped around this black kid's wrist.

"Oh honey, what a juicy twat. Feels good, don't it?" He asked Sharon knowing that he had violated her petite virgin cunthole, as if she were nothing more than a common street whore.

While he enjoyed the sight of seeing himself impale the teenager's tiny hole with his fist, Sharon was breathing heavy and was scared to death. She had never felt anything like it. She could feel his hand inside her body and wondered what he would do next. What was he going to do to her? What damage would he inflict to the inside of her lovely body.

At first he fistfucked her hole slowly, pushing his clenched hand deep into her cunt. He wanted her to feel his wrist slide back and forth across her clit and his fist bottom out deep inside. He made sure that Sharon felt his fingers probing too. He obviously wanted her to be totally humiliated.

"Do you like it up your cunt, you little white whore?" he whispered to her. "You sure have got a tight fuckhole, baby. Except, we gotta loosen you up some, so I can give that hole a good fistfuckin.'"

"Oh, Please don't hurt me! Please!!! Please!!! Sharon pleaded as she gasped, trying to breathe.

He paid no attention to Sharon whatsoever. Instead, he extracted his fist, stretching her cunt wide open, and then plunged his hand back in. "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Sharon made a deep grunting sound, as she tried to bear the discomfort of her pussy being overstretched. She let out a whimper. She feared the constant stretching of her hole might rip her open. Then as he sank his fist in again, she felt him hit hard deep inside. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh," she cried out when his fist impacted against her cervix.

"Ahh yes," he sighed. "Fuck that white cunt."

Again, he pulled from her wet hole, spreading it open, and then jammed his fist back in. One of the others encouraged his buddy. "That's it. Shove it up her white cunt."

The tears began flowing from Sharon, as again and again he pounded her with his fist. Each time Sharon's cunt lips spread wide to allow his big black hand to pull out and then re-penetrate her petite cunt hole.

"Do you like it in there, bitch? You sure gotta deep hole for a little girl."

He kept talking to her, describing what he was doing, as he violated her precious body. His words only made her feel that much worse. "Do you feel me way up inside you," he asked? He wiggled his fingers and pushed hard into the depths of her body. "Ahh yes," he moaned out. "Your cunt sure is wet in there." Sharon just cried harder and groaned hysterically. "No,.. No,.. No,..

Sharon lost track of how many times he fisted her sacred little pussy. Was it ten times, twenty times or thirty? There was nothing she could do. She was at his mercy to use her as he pleased.

In the background she could hear all the others enjoying the show. "Yeah, man!! Fuck the whore!! Shove it all the way up bitch's cunt!!"

She felt drops of hot fluid hit her back. They obviously were jerking off to her cunt rape and shooting their sperm all over. She could hear the sloshing in and out of her pussy, even over her own grunts and moans, as he pounded her hole over and over and over. "Uhhhh!... Uhhhh!... Uhhhhh!.... Stop!!!" She pleaded. "Please!! Uhhhhh!... Uhhhhh!..."

Finally he tired of the fisting and stopped, but his hand was left buried in her hole.

Then using his other hand, he began fingering Sharon's ass. "Oh no, please not there!" She begged. She felt his finger push in, then a second one. "Please don't do this to me, she cried." He pulled his fingers out and they were coated with sperm.

"The bitch has got a lot of spunk in there yet," he commented.

"Hey, whore!" He called to Sharon. "Still hungry? We can't let all this cum go to waste."

He reached up to Sharon's face and wiped his cum coated fingers across her lips. Then he forced them into her mouth and made her clean the filthy scum from his hand. He didn't stop there either. He returned his fingers to her asshole, plunging two inside her ass again and scooped out more of their dirty sperm. He forced Sharon a second time. "Eat up, cunt," he demanded, ramming his fingers deep into her mouth and making her gag, as he wiped his fingers across her tongue. Sharon had to suck each finger over and over to make sure she had cleaned up every bit of the vile cream.

Again the two fingers entered her ass. Then she felt a third penetrate her behind. His fingers slid in rather easy from all the stored up cock cream inside her rectum.

"Okay, sweetheart. Hold on," he instructed. "I'm gonna fuck my fist up your ass, just like I did to your cunt."

"Oh God, Nooooo!!!" She screamed out. "Nooooo,.. Noooooo."

He tried forcing four fingers in.

"PLEASE!!! NOOO!!" Sharon screamed out louder. "You'll rip me open. PLEASE!! NOOOOOOOO!!."

Then with one hand still buried in her cunt, he twisted and turned his other hand determined to shove his fist up Sharon's tiny anal hole at the same time.

"Ready, bitch? Here it goes. I'm gonna fist that tiny little butt hole."

He pushed, while tucking his thumb into his palm. He twisted his hand in a gouging fashion. Sharon's anus stretched and stretched beyond belief for such a tiny girl. She screamed from the pain that was so extreme that it felt as if her anus were tearing apart.


He pushed more.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" She screeched and cried, as his hand forced open her small anal channel.

The pain was so unbearable that Sharon was shaking and screaming uncontrollably. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! STOPPPPPP!!! PLEASEEEEE!!!!!!" NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Tears poured from Sharon's eyes, as the excruciating torture of her ass overwhelmed her body. The black teen yelled to one of his buddies. "Hold her tight! I've almost got it in."

His black friend grabbed Sharon tight by the shoulders, as his buddy bore down on her petite anal hole.

Sharon let loose a long high pitch scream. "AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!"

The whole team was going wild, jerking off to Sharon's screams of pain from the anal torture being inflicted upon her. They all encouraged their teammate on, as he reamed her asshole with his big black fist.

"That's it. Give it to her. Shove it up her ass."

""AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Again Sharon screeched at the top of her lungs.

"Yeah, fuck her asshole," they continued cheering to their buddy.

"Jam it up the slut's ass. C'mon, just shove it in, man. Let the bitch scream."

He pushed harder, forcing her tiny anal channel open and forming a huge open cave leading into her ass. She wailed out. Her body bounced on the floor uncontrollably, as her anal ring expanded to allow his hand entry through her sphincter and into her rectum.

Sharon gasped for a breath and then let out a big sigh, as her asshole closed up on his wrist. The tremendous pain subsided somewhat, but only momentarily. She felt so full with two fists buried inside her small-framed body. Both holes felt like they were ready to split wide open from stretching so much.

Sharon looked over her shoulder to see what they had done to her. Two black arms protruded from her behind. She could feel him moving his fingers inside her ass and probing at her insides. It felt like snakes crawling up deeper and deeper into her body. As he tried penetrating Sharon's holes further, she began wincing in pain from the soft flesh of her rectal walls stretching so much.

"Ohh!! Ohh!! Ouchhhhh"... Sharon yelled.

"Hold still, honey," he ordered. "This is where the fun begins."

Then with the fist in her cunt, he began fucking in and out, letting her feel the full size of his fist being extracted and reinserted. He did the same in her asshole too. He slowly pulled his fist from her rectum to stretch her tight sphincter wide. Then just as it was half-removed and her asshole was fully dilated, he fucked it back in.

Sharon wailed out in pain. "AHHHHHHHHHHH! OHHHHHHHHHHH! NOOOOOOO!"

The process continued over and over, fist fucking her cunt and then fisting her asshole. Several times he removed his hand completely from her ass, leaving her raped asschute gaping open and totally exposed to her black attackers. Before her anal ring could close back up, he quickly plunged his fist back in, fucking through her opened anal cavity. Sharon had never experienced as much pain as this black hand ramming into her tiny anal orifice. She could actually feel his hands touching together through the soft membrane between her cunt and rectum. Her insides felt like they were being torn apart.

Then he began concentrating on her cunt. He left his other hand buried in her ass. He rammed his fist rapidly in and out of her stretched out cunt hole while demanding she cum.

"C'mom bitch, cum for me," he yelled. "I'm not stopping till you cum."

Over and over his fist ravaged her young cunt. He fucked his hand in hard. He jammed it in deep and twisted it within her hole. Sharon thought to herself even while screaming. "How could he expect me to orgasm like this with so much pain?"

He was relentless with his fisting. He stuffed her cunt so many times and Sharon had become so drained that her body was nothing more than a piece of limp flesh for him to abuse. As he savagely worked on her cunt, Sharon eventually felt the pain in her asshole subside. It was numb from the constant fucking.

As he continued, every time his fist pushed back into her cunt, he made sure that he scraped hard over her clit. Sharon started breathing heavy and moaning out loud with every insertion. "Oh God."..."Oh God." ..."Oh God, no."...

She couldn't believe it. Even in the middle of her rape, her body was somehow responding. "Ohhhhh... Ohhhhhh...," she moaned again. She was getting turned on. His fisting was going to make her cum.

"Oh God,... Oh Please,.. she softly whispered out. Sharon desperately tried holding back and fighting the feeling. She was going to orgasm. There was no way she could stop it. How could this be, she thought? She was being raped and they were forcing her to orgasm.

His fist scraped hard over her clit again and she literally cried, "I'm cummmmmming..." Her body tightened, locking his black hand inside her cunt, as she orgasmed violently. Sharon was no longer mentally coherent about what was happening to her body. She was a mass of female flesh being used and her body had taken over. It was responding to the stimulation of her clit and penetration of her fuckholes.

Then while her body was trembling in an orgasm, he cruelly ripped his hand out of her ass. Then he pulled the other from her cunt. As quickly as he had extracted from her abused pussy, he plunged his fist back in one last time, scraping over her already throbbing clit and setting off another orgasm that was stronger than the first.

"Ohhhh! God... I'm cummm...ming...a..gain..." Sharon could barely express what was happening within her body as she doubled over in an orgasm like she's never experienced before. Her young, once innocent body began shaking, as she lost all consciousness of where she was or what was really happening.

The black teen rolled Sharon over onto her back, as her orgasm continued. Finally, her fuckholes were empty, though her body was still twitching and shaking nearly out of control.

This kid's hand was covered in a slimy coating from the anal fisting. It was a combination of the teams' cum, which was deposited during their assfucking of Sharon's bottom, and her brown excrement from deep within her bowels. Apparently Sharon wasn't defiled enough for these guys. They weren't going to let up on how much they abused her body. The kid wiped his hand across Sharon's lovely face, giving her a facial with the scum.

"Lick my fingers," he ordered. "Act like a slut."

"Smaacckkk!!" He slapped her hard across the face. "C'mon slut!" He walloped her again. "Show us that you enjoy being a filthy scum eating cunt or you'll get more."

"Smacckkk!! Again he slapped her face.

Still in the midst of her violent orgasm Sharon didn't even realize what was she was doing. She began tonguing his hand and hungrily sucking in one finger at a time to clean the shit and cum. "Ummm!.... Good!... More!... More!... She licked and sucked, eating the dirty cum from his fingers and slurping it from his hand. She acted like the whore they wanted her to be.

"You're a nasty fuckin' slut," he commented. "What a hungry little bitch."

He quickly pushed Sharon on her side and shoved three fingers back up her dripping asshole. He scoured his fingers in her rectum, extracting another load of filthy scum. He pushed her back over and stuck his fingers in her mouth again. "Here you go, you little cumsuckin' whore. Eat up." Sharon obeyed and sucked the filthy sludge into her mouth and ate it like a crazed cum starved whore.

Seeing Sharon degrade herself in the midst of her orgasm was an incredible turn on. While Sharon lay on her back licking her lips and swallowing the last of the shit contaminated cum mixture, several of the black players masturbated. They crowded over her face as they jerked their hard-ons. Sharon, still in her orgasmic daze, instinctively opened her mouth and three black cocks began spurting their loads. Sperm gushed from every direction, as Sharon waited with her mouth wide-open letting the creamy hot cum pour into her. When they finished her mouth was nearly full and her face covered in their hot sticky cream. Then without hesitation she gulped it down and licked her lips. Then she smeared the splattered gobs of cock cream all over her face while expressing her enjoyment. "Ummm!... Ummm!... Good... Ummmm!"

NiteWriter                                                                                        Continued in part 4

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