Melissa Ch9 - Tit Torturing the Family Whore

by NiteWriter                                                                                                                     (July 2004)

Melissa's husband is told what she's been doing. As a result of her depraved behavior, even though forced by Dan, she ends up sadistically tit-tortured and severely abused more than she's ever experienced before.(mmmmmmmmf,oral,anal,humil,tort,S&M,piercing,inter,incest)

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While Melissa was thoroughly engrossed in her ass eating activities, Dan filled her husband in on everything that she had done over the past week. He told him about her first night when she was brutally tortured and then how she became a whore at the office for her boss. Dan even explained how her friend Susan was involved. He told the story of how they spent a whole evening in their basement being gangraped and abused by a group of men and about the evening at mall in the men's rest room. Of course Dan didn't include that she had been forced into this depraved behavior to satisfy his revenge against her uppity smug behavior. He wanted her husband to think that she enjoyed being a whore and a pain slut.

After hearing what she had done for more than a week now, Melissa's husband was pretty pissed off. He actually became more than anxious to join in with the abuse of his wife, if for no other reason than to punish her for cheating on him.

Melissa was still sitting on the floor, inspecting her breasts for any permanent damage. Thinking her ordeal was finally over; she slumped against the sofa totally exhausted. But unfortunately, Dan and her husband had other plans. At least Dan did. And now that her husband knew the perverted things she had done, he did too.

Both men began attaching two wooden tit presses to each of her breasts.
Dan always had an assortment of toys and devices with him. Ever since the first day abusing Melissa, his main purpose was inflicting as much pain and humiliation on her as possible. Today appeared to be the best set up imaginable. She was anally gangraped, forced to eat the asses of two black men, and brutally tit-tortured in front of her husband and son. And now there was more to come. As Dan had said many times, her life, as a happily married stuck up bitch, was over. No more would she have that "look at how pretty I am, but stay the fuck away" attitude. Her hot knockout body was now purely for the enjoyment of men. And what better scenario could there be, but to have her husband and son joining in. All the humiliation she had dished out over the years was finally coming back to her.

The tit presses that Dan and her husband were attaching were interesting looking devices. Each one was constructed of two rounded dowels an inch thick and connected by two bolts to squeeze the dowels together. The unusual part about this one is that each dowel had four two-inch needle-like spikes, which would obviously pierce Melissa's breasts from the top and bottom and firmly dig into her tits. When Melissa saw the sharp needles she began begging.

"Oh my God NOOOO!!!... Please NOOOO!!!!.... Don't!!!! Please!!!!"

Dan and Melissa's husband ignored her protests and took their time positioning the presses over her breasts. They located them, not against her chest, but roughly centered on her tits a couple inches past the safety pins that were hanging around the outer portion of her flesh. They began tightening them until they stayed in place.

"OOOOOUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!........." Melissa screamed as the spikes punctured her breasts, causing so much pain that she didn't know if she could handle the torture much longer.

Both Dan and Melissa's husband stopped momentarily to enjoy their cruel sadistic behavior and the discomfort that they had just inflicted upon her. They watched and admired her full-impaled breasts bulging through the wooden presses and how the safety pins started to become more taut within her flesh.

"You gotta gorgeous wife," Dan remarked. "I love seeing her tits so abused."

"Yeah, she is a pretty thing isn't she?" her husband answered. "But after what I've seen today I could give a fuck. She's a disgusting piece of shit. As far as I'm concerned she deserves this."

Again her husband's words cut right through her heart. It was becoming more and more obvious that she WAS nothing more than fuckmeat to them. Her pretty body was a mere amusement. She could see that her pain and suffering was pleasing them.

"I'll bet that really fuckin' hurts," Dan added, patting Melissa on the cheek, which only confirmed that she was nothing more than a toy to be abused.

Tears were pouring from her eyes, as both men began tightening the bolts more and more, squeezing her tits roughly at midpoint and literally crushing them in half.

"Stop Please!!!...," she begged. "It hurts... it hurts."

Her breasts were bulging out. As they became deformed between the dowels, and the two men continued twisting the screws, more and more of her breast meat was forced outward. The pressure produced from flattening her tits so much, actually caused her nipples to expand and put additional strain on the safety pins.

"Please!!!... Please!!!... My breasts...." Melissa was whimpering louder, as her nipples hurt and the metal pins pinched her flesh more severely.

Once the outer portion of her tits stood out from her chest like two massive balloons, Melissa's hands were tied behind her back and she was ordered to lie on the coffee table. She didn't know who did it or when it was done, but one of these guys had taken the large hook from a plant hanger and screwed it into the ceiling over the table. There were two long chains, like a dog leash type, hanging from that hook. She was getting scared, as she contemplated what they had in mind.

"What are going to do to me?" she asked.

"Watch this," Dan uttered to Melissa's husband totally ignoring anything that his wife was saying. "She deserves being treated like a whore for what she did to you."

Dan attached the clips that were at the end of each chain to a small hook on the top of each tit press. The chains were just the right length to reach Melissa's breasts.

"No,... No,.... Noooooo,..." Melissa begged and pleaded. "Please don't!!! No more please!!!"

"You just don't seem to understand that you're nothing more than a fuckin' whore, a slut, and a slave for us to use, do you?" Dan asked getting mad that she would even question much less beg them to stop.

Melissa started crying profusely, becoming frantic because of what they were about to do.

Once the dangling chains were attached to the presses on Melissa's severely crushed tits, Dan kicked the table out from underneath her.


She screamed at the top of her lungs, until she ran out of breath, as her feet hit the floor and the rest of her body hung by her tits. The sudden force caused Melissa to bounce on the chains with her breasts absorbing her full weight. The sharp needle-like spikes dug into her breasts even more, as they held her body dangling by her bulging mounds.

Dan quickly shoved a ball gag in her mouth to muffle the screaming. Her breasts were being yanked outward from her chest, as the wooded presses supported all the weight of her upper body. Her tit flesh below the devices was elongating from her chest. The swollen flesh above them was bulging to the point that the safety pins were straining within her tightly stretched skin.

As the seconds ticked by, her engorged breasts slowly started turning purple. Melissa was whimpering into the gag, completely helpless to do anything but endure the pain, until her tormentors decided to let her go.

"Fuck!!!, look at her tits. They're so swollen." Melissa's husband commented. "I've never seen a bitch take so much abuse."

"Kind of fun having a whore wife, don't you think?" Dan asked, knowing that Melissa's husband apparently enjoyed seeing his wife like this.

"Damn, my cock is hard just watching." Melissa couldn't believe she heard that come from her husband.

"Why don't you make her suck it? Fuck her throat," Dan added. "Has she ever done that for you before?"

"Are you kidding," her hubby answered back. "She's always been a stuck up bitch. I'm beginning to really like what you're doing to her."

Melissa's husband strolled up to her head and unfastened the ball gag. Then, looking over the top of her head, she watched as her husband unbuckled his pants and dropped them to the floor. His cock was rock hard, as he gripped it and jerked it couple times.

"I've always wanted to see that pretty face buried in my crotch and swallowing my cock," he told his wife. "Guess you don't have much choice now, huh baby?"

Melissa didn't even attempt resisting. She opened her lips and her husband stuffed his rigid shaft into her mouth. Then holding her head he forced it down her throat. "Oh Fuck!!!!....," he moaned out. "What a throat. I can't believe it's my wife... my wife the dirty fuckin' whore."

After his immediate enjoyment of stuffing Melissa's mouth, he began moving his hips and fucking her throat. She gagged, choked, and drooled over herself while he rammed it in and out countless times. Throughout her forced blowjob she was bouncing on the chains, as she was still dangling by her breasts. And it hurt so much feeling them yanked into deformity from being suspended by these spiked tit presses.

Her husband kept ramming her, while all the guys watched. They all enjoyed seeing her neck expand, as his prick was deepthroated over and over.

"How's that feel honey... like swallowing my cock?" He asked.

She knew he didn't expect an answer. He was simply having his fun.

But even with everything that had been done to her and the pain she was enduring, this was still so humiliating. All these guys were watching her husband violate her body.

After a few minutes he was moaning. "Fuck... Fuck... Fuck..." Melissa could feel the hot cream gushing from his cock, as he emptied his sperm right into her belly.

He pulled out, leaving Melissa gasping for air and spitting up remnants of cum that was stuck in her throat. Then before he walked away, he grabbed one of the safety pins and turned it. Her already swollen nipple twisted around the metal pin and became deformed. "Ooouuuuuuuuuuu," she groaned. It felt like he was ripping it off. Melissa kept screaming even after he let go and walked away.

As she hung there in pain, the two black men decided it was time to have their turn since they hadn't cum yet. The first kid grabbed her legs off the floor and spread them apart. Melissa screamed again into the gag like a crazed woman, now that her whole weight was hanging from her tits. The kid shoved his huge black meat into her pussy and started raping her cunt. Her gorgeous body swung back and forth, bouncing from her suspended tits, as she was fucked.

They each slapped her face yelling, "you dirty filthy shit whore. I want you to cum."

Then they rammed their long cocks into her pussy over and over, attempting to make her orgasm. She screamed non-stop. They pulled on the pins in her engorged discolored breasts and severely yanked the ones in nipples. They even threatened to rip her tits open if she didn't cum for them. The entire time Melissa believed that at any moment her breasts would be torn from her chest.

Dan and Melissa's son took their turns too. Her son joined in with the black men. He took turns with them wrapping his mother's legs around his waist and stuffing his hard cock into her cunt. As she hung by her tits, getting gangfucked by the three men, Dan buried his cock in her mouth just like her husband had done. A second later her son was the first to cum and flooded her cunt. Then Dan gave her a mouthful to swallow.

The two blacks kids were prolonging their orgasms, trying to get as much enjoyment out of this white whore as possible. Melissa was groaning in pain from hanging there so long. Her massively swollen breasts were a deep purple color and were stretched so far out from her chest that it looked as though they would tear right off. And then the pins around her nipples were so strained within her bulging flesh that it appeared they might rip out.

Once Dan and Melissa's son were drained, they made sure that she obeyed the black kids' demands. The two black cocks were ramming her fuckhole and they were still ordering Melissa, "c'mon bitch, we want you to cum"

"So you want to see this bitch cum?" Dan asked knowing they wanted her to orgasm before they shot their loads. "Just keep fucking that cunt."

Dan picked up two long six-inch needles and handed one to Melissa's son. He didn't need any explanation as to what to do with it. Both men placed the point on her swollen bulging purple tits and pushed. Her breasts were so swollen and caused her flesh to be so tight that they could feel the sudden jolt of the point puncturing her skin. Then they simply shoved them hard and penetrated the needles all the way into her tits.

"OOOOOUU....GGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH.....UUUUUUUHHHHHHHH...." Melissa screamed this gut wrenching, gurgling, sucking-in-air sound like they had never heard before. For a moment they thought she was about to faint, since her breasts were already so sensitive and sore. They already ached in pain from the abuse of supporting the whole weight of her body. But this latest abuse was nothing more than pure sadistic torture for the amusement of the men that were there in the room. They didn't care how much it hurt or how badly her breasts were deformed.

"You'd better fuckin' cum," Dan demanded, as the black kids continued stuffing her cunt. "Cum or we'll pull them out and stick them in again." Dan and her son started squeezing her swollen tits with their fingers. Melissa was delirious, feeling nothing but pain and cocks up her hole.

Finally, by trying to block out the torture and focusing on the constant ramming of the black shafts into her body, she managed to put herself over the edge. She couldn't believe it herself, that while being subjected to so much pain, she could still produce an orgasm. But obviously having two huge cocks fucking her cunthole made it happen. Seeing her thrash about and her tits pierced was more than enough for these black men to loose control too. They each took their turn in burying themselves inside her body and flooding her pussy with their thick load of hot cream.

A few minutes later Melissa was released and she lay on the floor, while all the men dressed. She cried when she had to remove the needles herself and unscrew the tit presses. Her breasts were so deformed and hurt so badly that she had to wait in between removing each pin. The tears just rolled down her face, as she looked at her savagely battered breasts.

Fifteen minutes later everyone was gone except Dan, Melissa's husband and her son. She could hear Dan talking. "I know men who will pay a lot for a whore like that."

Melissa's husband now had a lot to consider. Actually, it appeared like an easy decision. His wife, whom he had thought had loved him, had become a slut. Selling her off as a whore was a perfect punishment for what she had done. Besides, it sounded like a great way to make money off of her too.

Melissa couldn't believe what she was hearing. Everyday that went by, it seemed like her life became darker. Actually, the more she thought about it, she had no more life of her own. It belonged to Dan. Well, it now belonged to Dan, her son, and her husband. What would be next? What other perversions would she endure? Would it ever end?


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