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Welcome to My Update page where I'll update you with everything going on with regards to my stories and I'll try to update at least every couple months. To get back to the main page please use the links at the top of this page.

October 2016

Hey everyone. I have some good news in that I have finally published HT Chapter 31 and HT Chapter 32.

Sorry for the wait but been quite busy with RL stuff and the dreaded writer's block as well as working on the Little Model Annie story that I am working on with Ole Crannon. Anyway, enjoy the two new chapters and let me know your thoughts.

August 2016

Hey everyone. Again I want to say I'm sorry for no progres on the Head Teacher story but RL has been getting in the way plus I've been hit by writer's block. However, I am working on a new story so I'll update this site when I can. In the meantime, you can go to White Productions. to read the Little Model Annie story and other stories.

March 2016

Hey everyone. Sorry for the delay in bring out the next Head Teacher chapter but RL has been getting in the way. So, Chapter 29 has been published. I hope you guys like it. I have got a few more chapters written and will be posted soon. I also like to thank my new editor, Neel Down, who has been very helpful.

December 2015

A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to one and all. I am please to say that Chapter 29 has been released. I have one more chapter that is ready to be posted in the year and I be using the festive period to write a few more HT chapters. There are some hot chapters cuming up so watch this space.

November 2015

Hi to all my readers out there. Chapter 28 has been released for you to read and enjoy. I still working on Head Teacher Chapter 30 which is becoming a big headache at the moment. In chapter 30, Abi and Becky learn how to strip and then get the chance to do a live perforamce as well as few more surprises in store for our young sex slut. Hope to have it completed soon. Other chapters are also in the works. That's all for now, folks

October 2015

Hi readers. Sorry it's taken a while to post new chapters but I have had to deal with a lot of real life issues, but I have been writing and have several chapters written and ready for posting. So, I have published Head Teacher's Young sex slave Chapter 26 and Chapter 27. Also, I again want to thank J for proofing and editing these chapters. Well, I be posting a few more over the next few months as and when real life allows.

December 2014

A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my readers. Sorry I've not been updating my site for the last few months because of the demands or real life and the dreaded writer's block. However, the good news is that very soon new Head Teacher Young sex slave and a new story will be posted in the new year.

September 2014

Hello to all my readers. I have got three chapters written of my Head Teacher Young Sex Slave story but I want to get a few chapters ahead so just hang in there a little longer and you'll be rewarded for what is in store for slutty litle Abi Sand.

August 2014

Hi my loyal reader. J, my editor, has done his magic in edtied Chapter 20B that you can now read here.

In addition, I had anonymous person send this "are you going to complete this story and if so, when?" via the contact form about my Head Teacher Young Sex Slave Story.

My response is that I'm only an amateur writer and means that real life has to come first. Also, I am currently working on future chapters at the moment and I need to have a few chapters that have been edited and in the bank so I'm not taking too long between postings. But, I promise that the next few chapters are going to be worth the wait.

July 2014

Only a quick update to let all my loyal readers know thanks to my editor, J, Chapters 20 and 20A are online for you to read.

Also, I am working with another author on an ebook called Dragon Dream but can't tell you anymore at the moment. Also, please feel free to go to the Forum and leave any comments or feedback about Head Teacher.


To all my loyal readers, Chapter 19 of Head Teacher's Young Sex Slave has been re-edited by J and is online now for you to enjoy. Only three more chapters to be re-0den and then I can start posting some new chapters that are in the process of being written. If you want to read more of my work then please visit The White Productions website. to read the Little Model Annie story that I am working on with Ole Crannon


Hey my loyal reader. Head Teacvher Chapter 18 has been re-editied by J and is now online for you to read. Also, Little Model Annie - Book1 - Chapter 3 has been released so if you want to read it then go to The White Productions website.


June 2014

This is a quick update in letting my faithful readers know that I have re-posted Chapter 17 with help of J, my editor and Proofreader. If you want to read my other story called Little Model Annie then go here.


Hey everyone. I just want to let you know that Chapter 16 has been updated and a lot of thanks goes to J, my editor. ALso, if you;ve not done so please check out The White Productions website. and Little Model Annie story. Also, I want to thank you to anonymous reader that pointed out a few spelling mistakes on the main page.


May 2014

Hey everyone. I wish everyone had a good new year and I want to let my readers know that I had to deal with some personal issues that to come first. I'm back now and I'm carrying on with my Head Story story and a few others that I am working on. Again, I want to thank J, my editor who is helping me with re-editing my chatpers so a new update to Chapter 15 of Head Teacher Young Sex salve is now online.

December 2013

I want to thank J again for all his hard work with editing all my existing chapters so far and has been great help this past year.. Now, please find a re-edited Chapter 14.


First, I wanna wish all my readers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy new year.

The second thing is the readers that have contacted me have asked if there are any more chapters to Head Teacher Young Sex Slave? My anwser is Yes there are more chapters on the way. However, at the moment, I've caught the dreaded writer's block so who knows when those chapters will appear. Also, any new chapters are going to be published first on The White Productions website.. Then, a month later, thease chapters will be published here at ASSTR.


It is December already. Where has the year gone as it seems not that long ago that we were all celebrating the start of 2013. In this update I have updated Chapter 13 and again I want to thank J, my editor, for all his hard work.

The other update is the Little Model Annie authors are seeking an amateur or budding professional artist or illustrator to help bring Little Annie's story universe alive with wonderful illustrations. If the artist or illustrator should have quite a depraved sense of humor and sexually perverted, twisted mind, that would be a major help, naturally.

Artist will retain all copyrights to any selected artwork that is used. Full credits and links to the artist's web site will be provided, or even the hosting and creation of a web page for their works should they not have a site of their own.

There is no monetary compensation other than seeing your artwork used to illustrate the ongoing and continuously perverted adventures of our weird characters and the twisted storyline .Free access to the White Productions Members area and a preview of future chapters.

Anyone interested in this opportunity please contact us via my Feedback form or contact us via email at to learn more.

If you know an artist or illustrator who might be interested, pass on this information.

November 2013

This is the second update for November and I'm happy to say that J, my editor, has done a wonderful job on Chapter 12 which is now online. Also, I hope everyone will donate to ASSTR to help them cover the costs of fixing the latest outage. To all my American readrrs Happy Thanksgiving.


Only a few weeks to go until this year has ended. So chapter 11 has been edited thanks to J who I have to thank for all his hard work that he does. I should have a few more eited chapters by the end of this month so watch this space. If you want to read other stories until my next update then check out my Links page or go here to find out more about the Little Model Annie Story.

October 2013

WOW. Nealry the end of October already where has the year gone. I want to say that after dealing with a few personal issues I'm back and here is an re-edtied verion of Chapter 10 that has been edited by J. I'll hopefully have all the other chapters re-edtied and then can start publishing some new chapters.

Meanwhile, if you want to read some other stories then check out my links page or go

September 2013

Hi readers. You may have noticed that the pic I had has been removed. I had to this as ASSTR admins received a complaint about the pic so it had to be removed. I am still deciding on what to put in it's place, or just leave it as it is.

So the first update for this month is that I again want to thank J for helping clean up some of the older chapters so now chapters 7, 8 and 9 have now been edited and are online.

The other update is that Little Model Annie is now up to chapter 6 on Book 2. To find out more of this story please click here. I will start posting some samples of LMA for you to enjoy.

The last thing is that I have enjoyed ASSTR and writing stories. However, this might be final update for a while as I have a few real life issues that are getting in the way of my writing. I update this site to let you when I'm back.

August 2013

Hi everyone. A couple of new udpates for you. The first is an updated verion of chapter 5 and 6 of Head Teacher is online and again a big thanks to J for helping me edit those chapters. The second update is Book 2 Chapter 4 of Little Model Annie had been published and to find out more go here.

July 2013

A new version of Chapter 4 of Head Teacher Young Sex Slave is now online. I want to thank J, my editor, for helping me with this. J is now working on Chapter 5. As far as new chapters go I been hit with wirter's block. A few chapters have been writtn but just stuck on where to go with the story next.

What is helping with the writer's block in this new story I:m working on with a fellow author, Ole Crannon, called, Little Model Annie and you can read more about here

One of the other things that I'm doing is working on cleaning up the html code on all the pages as it's a real mess. As always leave any comments use the feedback form or visit a forum here

June 2013

Nearly the end of June and half the year gone already. I wanted to let everyone know that my new story Little Model Annie that I've been working with a fellow author Ole Crannon is ready to be published so if you want to know more read on below...

The Little Model Annie story has something for everyone that will either satisfy or piss off most everyone, somewhere. We've enjoyed covering the most extreme sexual fetishes that we enjoy reading and writing about and with two dirty minds working on the story, there's double the pervertedness and depravity. All of the same fetishes are included and for those who don't really like certain ones, you have our permission to skip those areas, scenes or chapters that are based on what you don't like. But I think there will be something for most every kinky, perverted mind who likes to read far out, twisted extreme erotica.

We've had the opportunity to let a few of our loyal readers sample some of the previews of the Little Model Annie stories and the comments have all been good. We originally thought about posting the series on asstr, but we ended up creating whole new websites for it and our other stories. So you can go to the fictional White Global Holdings parent site, which has a Blog that will be written by some of the story characters or to the Forum which is open to all and where you can interact with other readers, us authors or just leave your thoughts and comments.

White Productionsis the name of the secretive porn company that our little Annie ends up working for. This is a fictional world wide outfit that provides most of the porn for most of the world, in one way or another. Little Annie soon finds herself right in the middle of things, doing the nastiest, extreme porn and loving it. Initially, she is recruited to be the spokesmodel for the 'slut clothes' line of club wear and lingerie aimed at the toddler through early teen girl market. Yeah, parents buy their toddlers clothes that make them look like prostitutes. Hey, this is fiction and we can write about everything and anything. And one of the ongoing inside jokes we have is that we write stuff that's "ripped from the headlines" of today's news. [Where do you think we get some of our best ideas?]

It's been fun and the two years have really gone by fast. We both hope you will join us at the White Global and White Productions sites and at the Erotic Paradise Island site when it's ready to go online.

All of my currently posted Head Teacher Young Sex Slave story will be posted on the White Productions site and any new chapters will be posted there first.

If you've enjoyed either of our stories here on asstr, we'd love to have you join us in our new endeavor. As always, we try to answer any email comments or questions from readers. It's taken a lot of work to put our idea into action, but we have finally gotten it ready to share with others. We intend to update the site every two weeks with a new chapter/posting of the Little Model Annie story. We already have at least a year's worth of posting ready to go and even more of the storylne planned out and ready to be written.

My other stories will be added when we can, as bonus material for members.

My first post for this month and it is to let my wonderful readers know that Chapter 25 is now posted. As always feedback is very much welcome and you can do this via my feedback form here.

Again I just want to thank my editor J for helping. The next Update will most likley be a updated version of Chapter 2.

The other news is that Data001 is now a year older and hopefully wiser.

April 2013

Chapter 1 of Head Teacher Young Sex Slave has been proofed and edited by my new editor, J, who has done great work in the last few chapters and is helping me in editing all the pervious chapters.
If you want to comment on Chapter or any other chapters please conact by using the Feedback form by clicking here.

Chapter 24 is now online for everyone to read. This chapter is Master Little training his young slave sp she;s ready for Karl's party. As always love hering feedback so please let me know by filling out the from located here and I will always reply.

The other news is that I'm going over some of the earlier Head Teacher Chapters and I am editing them and proofing them.

March 2013

Happy Easter from me to all my readers. Chapter 23 in now been posted and I hope you all enjoy this chapter as we get some young male blood into the F Club plus Abi Sand breaks her slaves rules. For more you need to read the chapter here and for any comments about my story can be sent using the feedback form.

Chapter 22 is now online and again want to Thanks J for his hard work in proofing and editing this chapter and as always please you the feedback form to let me know what your thoughts are of this chapter or the story as whole.

As it near the end of March it very hard to belive that three months have already flew past.

I'm currently working on Chapter 23, 24 and 25 of Head Teacher and a few other stories besed in the Head Teacher Universe. As for the Annie story not much progress has been been made. However I'll let you know more when the time is right.

One final thing, is that if you love reading my story and other stories on ASSTR then please show your appreciation by donting and you can do this by going here.

Feburary 2013

Sorry for taking so long but Chapter 21 of Head Teacher Young Sex slave is online for my readers to enjoy. First I want to thank J for editing this chapter, as he has been a life saver.

Chapter 21 happens the Sunday after the events of Chapter 20, 20A, and 20B. As always please us the feedback form to let me know what you think of my story.

As for the Annie story things are going well and hopefullyt can share more about this story very soon. What I can say is that is one hot and has become a very large Universe that we have created. The Annie story is going as big if not bigger then Phil Phantom's See No Evil story.

January 2013

Chapter 20A is now online. Sorry it took so long but here it is and I hope you all like it and you use the feedback form. This chapter will also be a point where I'm looking at writing a new story about Kelly and Zoe.

In addition, if any of my readers have any PHP experience then I need your help in setting a new website based on this other story that I'm working on with this other author called Little Model Annie.

Happy New Year to my ASSTR readers. Chapter 20-B is online and deal with a Becky and her father, Phil.

Please feel free to use the contact form to let me know what you think of my story.

Over the next few months I will be giving you some more information about a new story I'm working with a fellow author. More details to follow.

November 2012

Chapter 20 is now online. I want to thank Redleg Tiger for helping with proofing and editing of this chapter. This chapter takes place on Saturday afternnon after the group meeting. Hopefully, I will be posting two chapters before christmas. I would also love to hear from readers via the feedback form.

October 2012

Chapter 19 is now online. Let me know what you think by using the feedback form. Also, I'm working on a spin off story with regards to Zoe learing to become a mistress Sorry for not being around and updaing my site as I've been busy dealing with a few major personnal issues.

But I'm back and hope to start updaing my site soon and so here is Chatper 18.

I also want to let you know that in my time off I've been working on a new story which is very hot and will get to hear more about that very soon.

December 2011

Chapter 17 is now up. Let me know what you guys think via my feedback form. This will be my last upadate until the new year. To all my readers I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

WOW, Hasn't this year gone quick. I've put online Chapter 16 and hope you guys like it by letting me know via my feedback form. I'll hopefully get Chapter 17 before the Xmas break.

November 2011

Sorry it take awhile but chapter 15 is up and again I like to thank Redlegtiger for helping me with proofing and editing my story.I hope you will enjoy this latest chapter and let me know what you think via my feedback form.

October 2011

I have uploaded Chapter14 and again I want to Thank Redlegtiger for helping me with editing and proofreader this chapter. Please tell me what you think via my feedback form.

September 2011

WOW this year has gone very quick. I have now completed Chapter 13 of Head Teacher. Please let me know what you guys think on my feedback form.

August 2011

This is my third update. Chapter 13 is being edited and proofed as we speak. I'm also working on a new story with another author. Can't say any more but it Will be a hot story.

Chapter 12 is now online. Please let me know what you think my filling out the feedback form. Again I just want to thank redlegtiger for his hard work in editing and proofing my twisted stuff.

Well what do you guys think of my new website by filling out out the feedback form

Chapter 11 is now online. Let me know what you think. Also, I've found a proofreader and editor, Redlegtiger. I can now get out some more chapters. I'm not sure how many yet but I'm guessing it will be between 30 to 40 chapters, so a long way to go.

June 2011

Well I will have chapter 11 up soon so please be patient as they say good things come to those who wait. Please feel free to use the feedback from and I promise I don't bite.

May 2011

Chapter 10 is now out and I hope you all like it and enjoy it. Also Today (May 4) is my B-day so I feel happy but old now I'm 32. Please feel free to contact me by going to the contact page.

April 2011

Chapter 9 is now online let me know what you think. Sorry for being late but real life got in the way plus I got writers block and was a real pain but I'm back writing and chapter 10 should be up soon so keep checking back.

January 2011

Well Happy new to everyone and let see what 2011 has in store for us shall we. I just want to say to everyone who reads my stories a big thank you.


I hope to have Chapter 9 out very soon and please if you want to give me your feedback or ideas then fill in the form by click on the contact link at the top of this page. Please don't be shy. So keep checking back.

December 2010

Happy Chritmas to all. Sorry it been so long since my next chapter but I have been so busy at work but I hopen in the new year I can start this story up again as I got some very hot kinky ideas plus other storys from different people who find there way to Mark, Claire and the little slut Abi.

Also if any one reads this I would like know if you anyone out there is a good proof reader/editor then I am looking for one to help me and if you are instrested then please use the contact form on the Main Page.