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Welcome to My Story page where you can read my stories. Please if you want to help out with my story or have any ideas then please send me some feedback it will always be helpful.

The Legal Stuff

The stories on this site may contain sexual and non-sexual acts between any numbers, ages, relations, species or genders of fictional persons or characters. If these subjects or ideas cause, or will cause, distress, discomfort or mental upset in you, please do not read them. If any of these subjects are illegal or immoral for you to read because you are under legal age or you reside in a region or locality that prohibits them, please don't read them.

My Stories

Head Teacher Young Sex Slave - Tells the story of about how a 12 year old girl named Abi becomes the Head Teacher's sex slave and how she drags everyone she meets into the fun world of hot kinky sex.

Little Model Annie - The story starts out with a fictitious family where the parents have been a bit perverted and exotic in their sexual escapades previously, but settled down when theirdaughter was born. Annie's story starts when she's nine years old and is spotted by a modeling agent looking for young talent. To find out more click on the link or go to White Productions website.