Data001 Links Page

Here is my links page where you will finds some of my favorite authors and stories.

Little Model Annie - by White Productions - This tells the story of nine year girl, Annie, who becomes a popular model at nine year of age. See where the story goes from there.

The Twisted mind of Ole Crannon - A great Author with the same kinky and peveted tastes as me. Read his TPC Zoo Mom series or his Summertime at Gandpa Dick Series.

TORRID TALES OF THE TABOO - Wonderful stories by serveral authors.

My perfect Slut Lisa by DayDreamrxx - A wonderful hot story.

Single Dads Club by Osteele - A great story of girls seducing thier daddies.

Mel's secerts by Pookie - This is one of my favorite stories that is still ongoing.

Karen and Michelles Sad Story by RedLegTiger - A great story that is very kinky in places.