Head Teacher Young Sex Slave - Chapter 4

As he walked into the bedroom, Mark saw his girlfriend, Claire, sitting on the bed and crying.

Claire turned to face Mark. Through her tears, she said, "Mark, what the hell are you doing having a young girl sucking on your cock? Don't you love me anymore? If this is the way it's going to be, then I'll go to the cops. I want to know why you would do this to me, to us?"

Mark replied, "I'm so sorry you had to see that." He paused for a deep breath before saying, "You see, ever since we met there's a part of me that you don't know about, and I couldn't think of a way to tell you."

He took another deep breath and looked into Claire's eyes. "I'm attracted to young girls. Especially, young girls in uniforms. I can't help it, as it just comes natural to me."

Claire was speechless for a few moments. During her silence, she was wondering why she had to fall in love with a paedophile and a child molester.

She had seen on the news and in the newspapers that paedophiles were horrible men that deserved be put in prison or killed for abusing young girls. Yet, here was her boyfriend, kind, fun-loving, and a little strict at times, confessing that deep, dark secret to her.

Claire felt like she wanted to get out but, perhaps because she was in love, she needed to know more. Nervously, she said, "Why would you do such a thing?"

Mark was amazed that Claire had asked this question and hadn't run screaming from the room. He began to walk towards her and noticed that she was a little shaken.

Sitting down on the bed next to his girlfriend, Mark explained to Claire, "Sweetheart, I'm not sure why. I've always been attracted to young girls, mainly from the age of nine. However, I tended to look for women that looked if they could pass for fourteen or fifteen year-olds. Or even younger."

Claire tried to process this information; she knew that she did not look like a fourteen or fifteen year-old, but was twenty-six years old. Then, she knew why; Mark had been attracted to her outfit the first time they met in that bar. That's why he liked to role-play with her being a schoolgirl. Of course, she liked dressing up to look like a schoolgirl; it was one of her fetishes as well.

Upon realizing this, Claire asked, "Is that why you spoke to me when we met, so you could pretend to chat up, seduce, and then fuck a young girl?"

Mark decided that the best approach was to be honest with Claire. He replied, "At first, I did think that. However, as I've got to know you over the last six months, I've fallen in love with you. You mean the world to me, but this is part of who I am and I can't stop being interested in young girls."

Claire questioned, "What about that girl downstairs. Is she just a quick fuck or what?"

Mark explained how he met Abi and what had happened yesterday and today. He decided not to mention anything about Sally for the moment.

Mark went on to explain that he was so surprised and amazed that this young girl would offer up her body so easily. He had surmised that something must've happened for her to do this and give him total control.

Claire had stopped crying, but was very confused and quite angry. She decided that she needed to speak to Abi alone so she could get Abi's side of the story. She needed time to deal with everything that had happened in such a short space of time.

She told Mark, "Do you mind if I speak to Abi alone? I don't believe what you are telling me is true. You stay here while I go speak with her."

Mark was surprised by this move from Claire. However, he knew that he would have to do things her way. He replied, "OK, I'll wait here until you let me know when I can come down."

Claire walked out of the bedroom and downstairs to the living room with a purpose in her stride and a focus in her mind. She had to do this.

Claire walked into the living room to see Abi, the pre-teen girl, sitting on the sofa dressed in her school uniform and noticed the long white socks and black shoes.

Abi's school uniform was a white blouse, black short skirt, a yellow and blue striped tie, and a blazer that had a yellow eagle on the pocket with the school motto underneath.

Sitting down next to Abi, Claire knew that Abi was a very nervous. Wanting to start off on a positive note, she stuck out her hand and said, "Hi. I'm Claire. Mark has told me about his fetish and that you are his sex slave. Is this true?"

Abi replied a little nervously, "Yes. I'm a sex slave to Mark, my Master."

But, why did this sweet young girl want to be a sex slave? Claire asked, "Why do you want to be a sex slave? Why do you want to give your body away so easily?"

Abi replied, "I've found that I'm submissive. I want to find out what that means and to know that I'm not a freak. So I've asked Mark, my Master, to help me learn about sex."

Claire was flabbergasted that this young girl admitted that she was a submissive. More, she even wanted someone to dominate her! It was about all that Claire could take.

Abi continued in a confident voice, "I know you don't believe me. Please, ask something and I'll gladly do what you tell me."

Claire could not understand why this girl wanted to prove herself to her. So, just as a test to see if she would do something, she said, "Stand up, turn toward me and strip." Immediately, Abi stood up, turned toward her, and began slowly stripping.

Claire was stunned at seeing this pre-teen girl wearing thigh-high stockings instead of knee-high socks.

With conviction in her voice, Abi said, "I have done as you ordered, Mistress. Would you like anything else?"

Claire was getting excited and her pussy was tingling as she just looked at this naked girl. It was so obvious that Abi's pre-teen body was exuding sex and she recognized now that Abi was incredibly sexy. She wanted - no needed - this young slut to eat her pussy.

Lifting her skirt to her waist, Claire pushed her red thong to one side to show her shaved pussy to this girl. She commanded, "Abi, eat my pussy, slave."

A few seconds later, Claire felt Abi's tongue on her pussy and it sent waves of pleasure throughout her body. She felt Abi spread her pussy wide; she could feel Abi's tongue move in and out of her pussy.

Abi began to lick very fast, enjoying licking her second cunt. This one tasted different from Sally's cunt, but it didn't matter to her: her only job was to make Claire cum.

Claire was enjoying feeling Abi licking and eating out her pussy. Abi was swiftly bringing her to the point of no return. Claire did think that this young slut eating her pussy was better than some of her girlfriends.

The feeling was becoming too much for Claire. She grabbed Abi's head and tried to force the girl's tongue deeper into her pussy. She said through her moaning, "Eat my pussy, bitch; make me fucking cum."

Upstairs in the bedroom, Mark was wondering what was going on between Claire and his sex slave, Abi. It had been over ten minutes since Claire went downstairs. He decided to go down and see what was happening.

As Mark made his way to the living room, he could hear moaning and groaning sounds and wondered what was going on.

In the living room, Mark's mouth dropped open at seeing his girlfriend with her legs spread and Abi completely naked and eating Claire's pussy. The sight was enough to make his cock go hard in an instant.

Mark had always wanted to see Claire with another woman. This was such a turn on that he quickly whipped out his hard, throbbing cock and started to stroke it as he watched the two females enjoy each other. He heard Claire scream, "I'm fucking cumming. Don't fucking stop eating me...you little bitch."

Claire felt her body shake as she had a huge powerful orgasm, unaware that she and Abi were being watched by Mark.

Mark watched as Abi halted her ministrations and slowly pulled her face from between Claire's legs.

Mark, not wanting to be suspected of spying on them, decided to say something. "That was fucking hot and sexy. May I join you?"

Claire, recovering from her orgasm, was surprised to see Mark standing there with his cock out and slowly stroking it. She exclaimed, "Mark! I forgot you were upstairs. I've been a little busy getting to know your lovely...Urm...slave."

Mark smiled and said, "I see you got to know her really well. Now, you know she wants to do this and the little slut is great at eating pussy."

Claire replied, "You're right; the little slut is great at eating pussy."

Mark needed to cum and could tell that Abi needed to cum as well. He walked over to a chair, sat down, and snarled, "Come here, slave, and sit on my cock."

Abi quickly replied "Yes, Master." She walked over, spread her legs, and lowered her hot pussy over Mark's cock.

As soon as he cried, "Sit," he felt Abi glide down on his cock, taking it all the way up her wet pussy in one stroke.

Claire watched as Mark began to pound Abi's pussy with his six inch shaft. She arose and walked towards the fucking couple, as she wanted a close look at Mark's cock going into that young, sweet pussy.

As Claire got closer, she could see Mark's hot cock going in and out of Abi's tight pre-teen hairless slit. Then, she saw Abi's asshole winking at her as Mark pounded in the pussy.

Getting an urge, Claire stuck out her tongue and began to rim the young girl. Abi was taken by surprise. She knew the only other person that could be licking her asshole was Claire. She cried out, "Oh, Master, Mistress is licking my asshole. It feels so good."

Mark loved having his cock in Abi's pussy, but he couldn't believe what Abi was saying. This was so unlike what he believed Claire would do. He slowed down and managed to look over to see Claire's face in Abi's ass cheeks.

Slowing down even more, Mark allowed Claire to enjoy the taste of the young slut's asshole. Mark was so turned on that he couldn't hold back much longer. The spectacle before him and the feeling of Abi's tight cunt caused him to begin to fuck her faster.

It didn't take long for Mark to feel his balls tighten and he slammed down hard into Abi's pussy. As he began to shoot his white seed into Abi's cunt, he shouted, "I'm Cumming."

As Mark's hot cum flooded the inside of Abi's pussy, the young girl screamed out, "Fucking hell! I'm cumming too. This feels so good."

Claire stopped eating out the young girl's ass. It tasted so good, but she wanted to watch as Abi had one of the hottest orgasms she had ever seen.

After the young girl had finished cumming, Claire watched as Abi pulled off Mark's cock with a slurp. She got an idea and said to Abi, "Spread your legs, slave."

Abi did as she was told and felt Claire put her mouth on to Abi's pussy and begin to lick and suck out Mark's cum. Claire tasted the young girl's pussy juice for the first time.

Mark sat there watching in amazement as Claire ate his cum out of the young slave's pussy. He could see Abi was going to cum again and heard Abi scream, "I'm cumming, Mistress. I'm cumming in your mouth and it feels so good."

Mark saw Abi was about to collapse. He carried her to the sofa and laid her down.

Claire, recovering from this raunchy display of nasty sex, in a quivering voice said, "Is she all right?"

Mark smiled and said, "Yep, she's OK. She just passed out from the intensity of her orgasms and she's sleeping."

Claire began to feel guilty and was becoming sick to her stomach for what she did to the young girl. She said to Mark, "I feel so guilty. I feel sick and I don't know what to do. That wasn't like me at all."

Mark went up to her and cuddled her and then he kissed her on the lips. He said, "I know how you feel. You feel it was wrong. But both you and Abi wanted to do it. Nobody forced you to have sex with Abi. Hell, from the looks of things, you and Abi both enjoyed it. I felt exactly the same way yesterday after meeting Abi."

He let his words sink in then carried on talking. "If at any point Abi decides to stop, she will let us know. Claire, I think she's so sexy and I want to help her explore sex and her submissive side in a safe way. I'm sure that doing this will help Abi gain in confidence and let her know there is nothing wrong with her. I've a few plans for our sleeping beauty and, if you want, you can be involved with them."

Claire looked at Mark excitedly and said, "I want to help, too. She is really good. Now, what plans are you talking about?"

Mark decided it was best to tell Claire exactly who Abi was. Mark spoke with anticipation of Claire's surprise when he said, "Abi's last name is Sand, and that means her mother is Lisa Sand, who works where you do."

Claire put her hands to her mouth, shocked at the news. She said "No. It can't be. How am I gonna look at Lisa knowing that I had sex with her pre-teen daughter and that my boyfriend is fucking her."

Mark replied, "I know it's going to be hard, but do you want to do more with the little slave?"

Claire thought about this. She had had one of the best sexual experiences of her life. She looked at Mark and nodded her head in acceptance.

Mark smiled, "If you're interested, I think it will be best that the three of us and Sally meet at the caretaker's cottage at school and talk about my plans and what Abi thinks as well."

Claire asked, "Who's Sally?

Mark replied, "Oh, sorry. Sally is a teacher and the school counsellor. She was someone who found out that Abi was fucked at lunchtime and they both came to see me. That's when I told her about Abi and me. Then we both enjoyed Abi's body."

Claire was shocked and said, "I'm not sure about all this, but I do want to talk things out. I'll call in sick tomorrow and we can all meet and talk." Mark nodded in agreement.

A noise signalled Abi's awakening. They watched her rubbing her eyes. Abi whispered, "What happened? What's going on?"

Mark said, "End Game. You just passed out, but you'll be fine. Now, go upstairs and get cleaned up and I'll take you home."

Abi slowly staggered to her feet and picked up her school uniform that was lying all around the living room.

Abi turned around to face Mark and gave him and Claire a smile. She said, "Thanks to both of you for teaching me. I enjoyed myself."

Mark soon heard the shower running. He said, "See, sweetheart, she enjoys it immensely and wants to learn, so don't feel guilty about doing this."

Claire replied, "I guess I shouldn't feel guilty. Can I ask, what did you mean when you said 'End Game' to Abi?"

Mark replied, "It's a way of telling Abi that we are normal people again and I am her friend and Head Teacher and she goes back to being a young girl. When I say 'Game On,' it lets her know that I am now her Master and she is my slave."

Claire said, "I understand. I'll have to remember that."

Just then, Abi walked through all cleaned up, but with her blonde hair still a wee bit wet. She said, "I'm ready to go back to my stupid parents. I can't have any fun there and be your slave."

Claire turned to Abi and said in an angry voice, "Don't say that about your parents. I happen to know your mother is under a lot of pressure at work." She then saw how upset Abi became.

She was about to apologise when Abi spoke up, "I'm sorry for talking about my 'rents like that. I just forgot you work with my mum. I'll try not to get under her feet."

Claire replied, "I am sorry, too. I didn't mean to snap at you, sweetie!" She went to Abi and gave her a cuddle and said, "I'll see you tomorrow, kitten."

Abi asked, "What do you mean, 'see you tomorrow'?"

Mark was listening and said, "I'll talk to you about it in the car. OK, time to go." He left with Abi.

Claire went upstairs to shower. In the shower, Claire began to think about everything that had happened in the last few hours. She continued to have guilt feelings. However, she thought Mark was right that, if Abi was unhappy or did not want to do any of this, she would let them know she wanted to stop. She realised that she had enjoyed the hot threesome.

Getting out of the shower, Claire dried herself off, went to the bedroom, and was about to put some clothes on when she thought, "What the hell, I'll go naked for the rest of the day."

Mark came back after dropping Abi in that small car park and could smell something cooking. He walked into the kitchen and saw Claire, completely naked, leaning over the sink washing up.

He questioned, "What's going on?"

Claire, looking over at Mark, said, "Good, you're back. I thought I'd stay naked for the rest of the day. I hope you don't mind."

Mark smiled and replied, "I don't mind just as long I can have dessert in bed!"

Claire smiled a devious smile and said, "Don't worry, you will."

That night Mark and Claire fucked like rabbits until both of them fell asleep.

The next morning the alarm went off. Mark woke up and switched off the alarm, then turned to his left and woke Claire up. He got ready for work and went downstairs.

A few minutes later, Claire came down the stairs, grumbling, "I don't know how you do these early mornings."

Mark laughed, "Years of practice. If we want to, we can take our breakfast out and eat at the caretaker's cottage."

Perking up, Claire replied, "That's a good idea."

As he parked the car, Mark said to Claire, "Follow me for fun and games!"

Entering the cottage, he looked at Claire and said, "Here's where the fun begins!"

Claire looked around and was surprised to see the overall cleanliness as compared to the outside. She followed Mark into the kitchen where they began to prepare breakfast together.

They ate breakfast and Mark explained why the cottage was cleaned. He told her they should be safe here and that he, Abi, and Sally would arrive at around ten this morning.

Mark left the cottage, leaving Claire to get things ready for the meeting. He went immediately to Sally's office and knocked on the door. He heard Sally say, "I'll be right there," as she opened the door.

Smiling, Mark said, "Good morning! Sally, I'd like you to attend a meeting in the cottage at ten this morning with Abi, my girlfriend Claire, and me."

Sally was shocked and replied, "Good morning to you! What's this meeting about?"

Mark replied, "I need to talk to the three of you about my plans for Abi."

Sally, understanding what had been stated, said, "No problem! I'll rearrange my dairy of appointments and meet you there at ten."

Mark walked back to his office just in time as the school bell rang at eight-thirty.

At nine-fifty, Mark made a call to one of the admin staff and asked if she could find Abi Sand and send her to his office.

A few minutes later, there was a knock on the door. Mark said, "Come in."

When the door opened, Mark saw that it was Abi. He said in a suggestive voice, "Let's go to the cottage."

Abi followed him as he walked toward the cottage. When Mark and Abi arrived, they saw Sally arriving at the same time.

Mark knocked on the door three times, a prearranged signal with Claire, before the door opened and all three of them went inside.

Claire had set up some chairs in the living room. Mark introduced Sally to Claire.

Mark observed everyone and said, "Game on. This meeting will now begin concerning this young sex slave and we as Master and Mistresses."

Sally and Claire looked at each other, then at Mark, and on to Abi.

Mark continued, "I've asked for this meeting as there are several things I'd like all four of us to talk about. The first thing is keeping this secret among everyone in this room and no one else. If we want to allow anyone else to know about what we do, then all three adults must be in agreement."

Claire and Sally looked at Mark. Sally said, "That's sounds like a good idea, but what about Abi. Does she get a say?"

Mark replied, "Abi will get a say in who she wants in the group. However, we three have to agree with the decision or it's a 'no go'."

Sally said, "OK, I agree."

Claire said, "I agree as well!"

Mark said, "The next thing is that I want to teach Abi some extreme things that I want her to do. But, you can all have a say; I want to make this enjoyable for all of us, adults and Abi."

Sally wondered aloud, "What kind of things?"

Mark said, "Well, you both have seen Abi likes to be submissive. However, what you don't know is that Abi gets sexually excited by pain: if you twist her nipples, she gets very aroused. The other thing is that she told me that she is an exhibitionist. I want to explore these things with her as well as explore some of my darkest desires.

Sally and Claire looked at Abi and then at Mark. Claire broke the silence by asking, "What kind of things, Mark? We're on the edge of our seats here."

Mark said, "There are a few things. The first is I want to tie Abi up. The second is that I want to stick needles or hang objects from Abi's tits and pussy, which will cause her pain. I also want to see Abi get fucked by a dog or a couple of dogs. The other thing that will turn me on is to sell her body so we can watch her get used by lots of men for their own pleasure. However, I've started to care for Abi and I'm not sure what to do. So, I am asking for your input."

Both Claire and Sally were shocked by what Mark had disclosed. This struck Claire like a bolt of lightning. She told Mark, "Wow, I never knew about this really kinky side of you. I must admit, seeing you do some of those things to a willing adult might be exciting. But, to do those things to a young girl, I'm not so sure. Plus, I'm not sure if I could stop myself from interfering, as I don't like to see kids getting hurt. What do you think, Sally?"

Sally answered, "I totally agree with Claire on this. I had trouble when I watched you punish Abi with a ruler and spank her ass yesterday. Yes, it was hot and exciting. However, I'm not sure if I could see her being tortured like you describe."

They were all thinking about what to do when Abi spoke up. "Don't I get a say? My Master asked me about this yesterday, so I had a good think and even found some stuff about those things on the 'net. At first, I was grossed out, but the more I watched the more I wanted to have those things done to me. I want to learn all about sex and I did tell my Master that my body was his to do with as he likes."

Both women, being completely speechless now, sat and stared at Abi as if she had two heads. Sally recovered first from what Abi said and replied to Abi, "Abi, are you really sure you really want to do those things? I can tell you most adults would have trouble with some of the things that Mark told us about."

Abi replied, "Yes, Mistress Green, I really do want to do this. I want to learn as much about sex as possible. I want you to do those things to me."

Sally looked at Mark and said, "Well, what do you say? Are we going to do these things or not?"

Mark was in shock, as he had not expected Abi to want to do those things. He felt his cock go hard; it was as if all of his fantasies were coming true.

Mark said, "OK. What about the other things I wanted, such as Abi getting fucked by a dog?"

Claire, now recalling her earlier years spoke. "Well, when I was younger, I was fucked by a dog. I had a lot to drink. When I found out, I was so disgusted with myself. However, I'd really like to do that again. I think I had some of the most amazing orgasms ever. So, I agree, but only if Abi and Sally agree."

Sally bursting with excitement said, "Wow. It does sound hot and I've been interested in wanting to know what's it like, but was afraid to do it. So, I'm in on that idea."

Mark was stunned by what Claire and Sally had told him. He fixed his gaze on Abi and said, "Well, slave, are you in or out?"

Abi said, "I had a look at that on the 'net and thought it was so hot. I'll do it."

Mark stated, "OK then, that's agreed." He moved to his last point. "What about selling Abi for money, and seeing her get used?"

Claire said apprehensively, "I'm not sure we can find a way to do it safely and discreetly. After all, we're talking about pimping out a pre-teen girl, which could land us all in a lot of trouble."

Sally said, "Well, I may have a way!"

Both Mark and Claire were amazed. Abi looked at Sally and said, "Please, how can we do that? It sounds like fun."

Sally said, in a matter of fact way, "My uncle is Mr. Karl Osborn. He has a thing for young girls and every few months he has a party with a few well connected friends who pay up a lot of money for the privilege to have sex with young girls and he gives a payment to the parents in return."

She paused and said, looking at Mark, "I never said anything 'cuz, if people knew, then I wouldn't be able to work in school and my uncle would be in deep trouble."

Mark understood where Sally was coming from and wanted to know more. He asked, "That sounds great. How do you know this?"

Sally said, "I used to work for my uncle during my summer breaks from Uni and I used to help in arranging the sex parties. However, I was never around to watch or be a part of them."

Claire was curious, as there was something about the name 'Osborn' that rang a bell. She asked Sally, "Sally, is one of the men that visit the parties, a Mr. Turner, the owner of Turner's solicitors?"

Sally thought, "From what I remember, Yes. Mr Turner did go to my Uncle's parties. How do you know?"

Claire said, "I'm a PA to Abi's mother and we both work at Turner's solicitors. Lisa, Abi's mother, has been working on drawing up some contracts connected to the Osborn project."

Sally was surprised at this news and said, "Oh my god! Claire, I just don't believe this. It can't be by chance that we have all met."

Mark, taking control again, said, "Sally, can you contact your uncle and see if he would help us out?"

Sally said, "Sure. I'll contact him."

Mark questioned Abi, "Do you agree, slave?"

Abi replied, "I agree. But, can it be when I'm ready, when I want to do it? Is that OK, Master?"

Mark smiled and said, "That's fine. When you think you're ready, we will make arrangements. Now, the last thing we need to talk about is the biggest thing I want to do, and I won't do it unless everyone is fully committed!"

Both women and Abi looked at Mark and sat waiting until Sally said, "Tell us what it is?"

Mark took a deep breath and said, "I want to get Abi's parents involved for starters and then, if they're willing, for them to give Abi away in a collaring ceremony as a slave to Claire and I."

There was silence as both women were flabbergasted. They didn't know what to do or say. And then Abi said, "I read about that. It's sort of a marriage for a slave to be committed to a Master. Is that right?"

Mark said, "That's right, Abi!"

Abi spoke again. "I want to tell you something important and please don't tell me I'm being silly as I've thought about this."

When none of the adults spoke, Abi said, "I want to be a sex slave for you, Master. I want to live with you and Claire 'cuz I hate my 'rents."

All three adults were stunned again and could not believe what Abi was asking. Sally said, "Are you sure, Abi? I mean, when I was twelve and through my teen years, I didn't like my parents. But, I did kinda of grow out of it. Why don't you like them?"

Abi replied, "They don't have fun with me. Mum and Dad are always too busy working, so most of the time I sit in my room watching TV. I amuse myself by looking at things on the 'net. I'm just bored. You three have helped so much in the last few days that I want to live with you, Master."

As Abi finished talking, she was crying and said, "Over the last few days, when I've been at home, I feel so lonely and sad. But when I've been with my Master, I feel so alive and know this is where I belong."

Both Sally and Claire came over, knelt down beside her, and cuddled her. They both helped wipe away her tears. Claire said to Mark, "I want to help Abi and so does Sally. Maybe Abi's parents will just see how unhappy Abi really is."

Mark replied, "Something needs to be done. Now, while you have been calming and consoling Abi, I've have something to ask you, Claire."

Claire turned and watched as Mark got down on one knee. She heard him say, "Will you marry me and be my wife, and be mother and Mistress to Abi and our children?"

All three women were paralyzed by Mark's soul-felt proposal. Abi and Sally were smiling. Abi exclaimed, "Say Yes! Please, say you will marry my Master."

Claire turned to Mark and said, "Yes, Mark. I'll be your wife. And mother and a Mistress to Abi." She came to Mark and gave him a big sloppy kiss on the lips.

Breaking the kiss with her husband-to-be, Claire turned to Sally and said, "I don't know very much about you, Sally, but I'd like you to become Abi's aunt."

Sally looked at both Mark and Claire and said, "Thank you, Claire, that means a lot to me."

Mark said, "Claire, can you see if you can work on Abi's mother, Lisa, and get her involved. Then, we can work on Abi's father. Is everyone happy and know the plan?"

All three females said, "We know the plan."

Abi now wanted to get fucked and said, "Please, can someone screw me. I'm so wet."

All three adults laughed. Mark was finding out that Abi was starting to sound more and more like a slut. He said, "OK, Abi. I first need to tell them about the safe word."

Abi cried, "OK, but hurry up. I need a good...f...fucking."

Mark smiled and explained to Sally and Claire about the safe word.

He spoke to Abi and said, "From now on, these will be our names: I will be called Master Little, Claire will be called Mistress Little, and, of course, Sally will be called Mistress Green. Do you understand, slave?"

Abi replied, "Yes, Master Little. Can we fuck now?"

Mark laughed, "Let's have some fun."

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