Head Teacher Young Sex Slave - Chapter 11

Abi Sand opened her eyes and looked over at the clock. The red digits displayed 07:30. She thought it was too early to get up on a Saturday morning. Lying awake in her new bed thinking about what happened last night with her parents. She smiled as she remembered that they had agreed that she could be adopted by Mark and Claire and become a sex slave. She looked at the clock, noticed the date, surprised and shocked that a week had gone by since she'd lost her virginity and now was enjoying being a slut.

Feeling the urge to go to the toilet, she slowly got out of bed and made her way to the bathroom. As she was walking, she got an idea and instead made her way downstairs. Switching on the kitchen light, she knew what she was going to do.

Abi opened the dishwasher, took out a glass, and placed it on the floor. She positioned herself over the glass and let herself go. She let her golden stream of piss fill the glass. Once her stream had stopped she picked up the glass.

Looking at the contents, she remembered how she had tried drinking her own piss before and had almost threw up from the taste. But now, if she was going to be a nasty slut, she needed to learn to drink her own piss as well. She was looking at the glass, trying to decide what to do when she jumped at hearing Claire asking, "You gonna drink that or not, slut?"

Turning around, Abi saw Claire standing naked at the entrance to the kitchen, smiling. Abi didn't know how long her mistress had been there but said, "I don't know. I tried a few times and couldn't drink my own piss. I want to try again, but for some reason can't bring myself to do this, Mistress Little."

Claire looked at the girl, knowing this had to be her own choice to drink her own piss or not. Claire thought how she'd love to watch this twelve-year old slut do it. She thought that commanding Abi to drink her piss might overcome her hesitation since she was so submissive. So, in a commanding voice, she said, "Well stop looking at the fucking glass and drink your piss, slut."

Abi heard her mistress give her an order and it made her pussy twitch and without any further hesitation, brought the glass to her lips and began to drink it all down. As she did, she realized the taste was a lot stronger this time. The feel of drinking her piss at her mistress' command made her pussy get wet but also to have someone watching her doing this nasty act made it even better.

Watching the young girl drinking her own piss was turning Claire on and she could feel her own pussy beginning to tingle. Once Abi had finished drinking, Claire heard Abi say in an excited voice, "I did it Mistress Little! I drank my own piss!"

Claire smiled at the young slut and replied, "I know I was watching."

An urge to kiss this young girl washed over Claire. She walked up to Abi and began kissing her on the lips before pushing her tongue into the girl's mouth - tasting Abi's piss for the first time. And it didn't taste too bad. She had wanted to kiss Abi for a while and now she enjoyed exploring Abi's mouth while her hands rubbed the girl's back and then grabbed her ass cheeks, giving them a squeeze.

Abi was surprised by Claire's assault on her mouth and on her ass cheeks but was enjoying her mistress' kiss. It occurred to her that this was in fact the first time they had kissed. Being even more aroused by the thought of it, Abi inserted her tongue into Claire's mouth while allowing Claire's tongue into her own mouth.

Claire was enjoying French kissing Abi and getting turned on. She knew there was going to be time to have fun with Abi later. So pulling back she said, "Why don't you have a shower and get dressed, then we can go shopping after we visit with your parents."

Abi felt disappointed that Claire had stopped but knew they would have plenty more times to kiss and was eager to go shopping with her mum and Mistress.

The young girl said, "Yes, Mistress Little." Then she quickly ran up the stairs to the bathroom. Once in the shower, feeling the hot water running over her young body, Abi slowly began playing with her pussy. She inserted a couple of fingers into her slot. She began to finger fuck herself while her other hand played with her tits, pinching her left nipple, causing her to moan in pain and pleasure.

Mark was in bed and was awakened by the sound of the shower running and smiled as Claire entered the bedroom. He said to Claire, "I take it that our little slut is in the shower?"

Claire was about to say something when they both heard a loud muffled moan. Claire grinned and said, "Yes and by the sounds of it she's still hot and ready to go. Believe it or not, she just drank her own piss."

Mark said, "I see. Well I don't know if I have the energy to fuck her this morning. I'm still worn out from last night."

Claire smiled and said in a mocking voice, "You poor boy." Before saying, "I guess I need to find a young teenage boy to fuck me. At least they can keep going - or so I've heard."

Mark didn't know what to say after hearing what Claire had just said but smiled and said to Claire, "You're kidding." When he saw she wasn't smiling, he said, "My god I've turned you into a slut as well!"

Claire smiled back and said, "I wouldn't say that. Why do you men have to have all the fun with Abi and Becky and any other young girls you may want to fuck? I wanna teach a hot young teen boy how to use the thing between his legs and how to please a woman."

Mark loved the idea of seeing a young teen boy fucking his fiancy which made his cock harden. But knowing what teen boys are like, he said, "We have to be careful as teenage boys like to tell everyone about whom they're fucking."

Claire smiled and said, "I know, but I still would like to see if we can do it."

Abi was walking past her master's bedroom and heard Mark and Claire speaking. She said out loud, startling them, "There are a few boys I know who are already having sex with some of the girls at school and a few of the female teachers as well."

Claire and Mark both turned to see Abi wearing a towel. Mark looked at her wet hair and water dripping off her body and thought, 'Damn, she's fucking sexy even wearing a towel'. Hearing what Abi had said, Mark tried not to look at Abi's hot, wet, body and look her in the eye as he said, "Who are they? Please, can you tell us?"

Abi said, "I think I'll tell you at the meeting this afternoon," before she padded off to her bedroom.

Mark said, looking at Claire, "I wonder who they could be?"

Claire said, "Me too, but we've got a busy day today and we need to get ready."

Mark smiled and said, "You mean it will be an expensive day." Both he and Claire giggled as they began getting ready.

As soon as they arrived at Abi's parent's home, Abi jumped out of the car and ran to the porch, knocking loudly on the door. It opened after a minute or so, revealing her mother standing in a blue dressing robe, looking tired and sleepy. Abi said in an excited voice, "Good morning, mum."

Lisa, feeling tired, replied, "Good Morning Abi, How are you doing this morning?" Before she could finish her words, Abi grabbed her mother and gave her a big hug.

Lisa saw Mark and Claire walking up. Mark said, "Morning Lisa."

"Good morning. I guess I'm still feeling tired from last night but I see my daughter is still full of energy," Lisa said, smiling.

Mark smiled back and said; "Do you mind if we come in?"

Lisa replied, "No please do come in."

Mark entered the house followed by Claire. They both saw several pictures of a younger looking Abi hanging on the wall. Mark could tell that even when Abi was younger she still had an aura of sex about her and knew that Abi was a natural-born slut.

Lisa said, "Please follow me to the living room. Mike will be here in a second, he's just checking his emails."

Abi was bored with waiting around, and wanted to show Claire and Lisa her secret stash of clothes. She wanted to show her room off to Claire and said, "Claire, Do you want to come up and see my room?"

Claire smiled at Abi but she needed to talk to Lisa for a minute and said to Abi, "I'll be up soon. I need to speak to your parents first, OK? But if you want, you can go to your room."

Abi felt and looked disappointed but replied to Claire, "OK, see you soon," and ran to her bedroom.

Mark was looking around, then saw Mike enter the living room.

"Good morning Mike, how are you doing" he said in a cheerful voice.

Mike thought a lot about what had happened last night, not believing that he had sex with his own daughter. Feeling happier than he thought he really should, he smiled at Mark, saying, "I'm OK Mark still tired from last night. I haven't fucked like that in a long time. It seems Abi is still full of energy. I saw her running up the stairs. She's always been full of energy like that. You're gonna have your work cut out for you if you want to keep up with my daughter."

Mark laughed, noticing Mike was a lot more relaxed and asked a question that was on his mind, "Mike. You're still OK with everything that happened."

Mike replied, "Yeah Mark, I'm fine. It's strange but after we got back me and Lisa talked again and we're fine about everything. You see we trust you and Claire to take care of our daughter. Lisa doesn't want Abi to be all repressed and scared like she was." He paused before continuing, "I guess Abi has started a lot earlier than most girls. At least she is with people we trust. To be honest Lisa and I had a feeling Abi was going to be a handful. You see when she was younger Abi would play with her pussy in the bath whether we were in the room or not and it seems only natural that she had developed earlier."

Mark felt stunned at the news that Abi had already started exploring her body when she was younger, wondering in excitement what Abi would be like in a few years and replied, "I see."

Claire had been listening and said to Lisa, "Is that true? You knew that Abi was playing with her pussy when she was younger."

Lisa thought back to the first time that she had walked in on her six-year old daughter playing with her slit in the bath. She remembered her reaction and this made her feel upset.

She said to Claire, "I guess so. I mean it must've started when Abi was about six. She started touching her pussy and I was in shock." She wanted to cry but held back the tears and calmed down before saying, "What do you do when you see a six-year old playing with her slit? I didn't know what to say or do. I felt scared, `cus I didn't want to admit that she was growing up so fast and getting curious about her body."

Claire was feeling sorry for Lisa, knowing how she must have felt at the time, she could see Lisa felt relaxed and a lot less stressed. Seeing the time, she thought they had better move it. Saying to Lisa, "I see, let's go and see what our little slut has been buying or been receiving from these men shall we?"

Lisa still did not like Claire calling her daughter a slut but after last night realized that, that was what she was. Replying to Claire, "I guess so."

Claire followed Lisa to Abi's room leaving Mark and Mike talking about sport and cars.

Both women entered Abi's bedroom. Claire looked around and it was a typical girl's bedroom with pink walls with large white spots on it. Barbie dolls and teddy bears were on a bookshelf and in the corner by her wardrobe was a small dressing table, with all sorts of make up on it.

Claire thought it looked like a girl's room of about six or seven, not one of a twelve-year old girl. It was then she noticed Abi sitting at her computer desk with her headphones on. She walked up to Abi and was surprised the young girl hadn't noticed her. As she looked at the computer screen she was shocked to see a video playing of a young woman giving a horse a blowjob. Without thinking Claire shouted out, "Shit, that's got to be the biggest cock ever!"

Abi heard a voice, took off her headphones and turned around to see Claire and her mother. She began to blush at getting caught watching something so nasty and said, "It's so cool. Wait until you see the horse shooting cum. It's like a fucking waterfall."

Lisa couldn't believe what she was watching and wondered how her daughter knew where to find this video. She found that she wasn't disgusted or turned off by what she was seeing.

On-Screen, the woman was sucking on the horse's cock when the horse jerked and cum started squirting out of its cock like a geyser, covering the young woman's face and body.

Lisa watched the video and wanted to be the woman getting covered in horse's cum. It was such a nasty idea that she could feel her own sex getting wet.

Claire thought about how she could get Abi to do something like that when she remembered her parent's owned some stables. This hot idea made her excited and she wanted to see if she could make it happen. It was at that moment she watched the horse shooting cum by the bucket load and said out loud, "WOW. I've never seen so much cum."

Once the video had finished Abi said, "Well do you like my room? I wish I had a room like this at my new house."

Claire thought about what the girl had said and replied to Abi, "Well, if you're going to be living with us for a while it would make sense. I'll talk to Mark about it."

Abi smiled and said, "Thank you Mistress Little." She got up and walked towards the wardrobe and said out loud, "You wouldn't have found my secret store mum, as it's under the floorboards in the wardrobe."

Both women watched Abi pulling out two big black bin bags. Lisa gasped to see so many clothes that tipped out onto the bed and said to her daughter, "Oh my god, you've been busy haven't you? The men must've liked you a lot."

Claire remembering about how Abi had acquired these clothes, in a serious tone, said, "Yes they did. It could've been another story, don't forget."

"Don't remind me. I had a few nightmares about that very thing." Lisa said. She then continued by saying, "But that's in the past. Let's see what's here."

All three females began to sort through the clothes on the bed. Lisa was in shock at some of the clothes that her daughter had purchased. Looking at the clothes she could see there was everything from micro-miniskirts, boob tube tops, halter tops and even sexy underwear.

Claire, surprised at what the girl had managed to purchase all on her own, noticed something was missing and said, "Abi, where are your sexy thigh-high stockings."

Lisa was confused by what Claire had said and asked, "What are you talking about, Claire?"

Abi opened a drawer under the bed, pulling out ten pairs of stockings of all different colors. Saying to Claire, "I got so many because I could only wash them when mum and dad were busy."

She could see her mother was confused and explained to her mother, "I wear these to school as part of my uniform. It looks and feels so sexy and Master and Mistress Little like them, especially without me wearing any panties."

Lisa was stunned not only by her daughter wearing stockings but also no underwear. This brought a smile to her face at what a view her daughter's teachers would have seen. Saying to her daughter, "I see you've been good at keeping secrets. I wanna see you in those stockings. I bet you look so sexy."

"Thanks mum. You will." Abi said, giving her mum a cheeky grin.

Claire was busy looking at the pile of clothes and got an interesting and twisted idea knowing that Mark had told her that Abi was an exhibitionist. She wanted to see how far this little bitch would go but thought it best to ask permission from Lisa first. Turning to Lisa, Claire said nervously, "I know you're a submissive but you're also Abi's mother. I've got an idea to test how big of an exhibitionist Abi is. I'll only do this with your permission and if you're comfortable in seeing your daughter flaunting her body in public."

Lisa didn't know what to think, but the idea of seeing her daughter showing off in public was a huge turn on for her. She answered Claire by saying, "You're a Mistress to both me and my daughter. If you want to show Abi off in public, then fine. I'd also like to see what my slut of a daughter will do."

Claire smiled at Lisa and said, "I understand." Turning to Abi she said in her dominant voice, "What do you think slut?"

Abi thought the idea was hot and had an outfit in mind already. She had been too afraid to wear this outfit in public. Knowing she was gonna be with both Claire and her mum would give her the confidence and security she wanted.

She looked at her mistress and said, "I wanna show off my body to everyone. It'll be fun. I've wanted to wear an outfit but I've been too afraid to wear it in public."

Claire was smiling knowing this shopping trip would be fun. Wanting to make sure the outfit would be suitable she said, "OK Abi, why don't you show us this outfit so we can decide if it is OK to wear in public or not?"

Abi understood what Claire was saying. She wanted the outfit to be a surprise and said to both adults, "Please, can you both wait outside while I change into this outfit as I want it to be a surprise."

She began to change into the outfit once both adults were out of her bedroom. After a few minutes she shouted through the bedroom door, "OK. You can come in now."

Both women gasped as they walked in at what Abi was wearing. Claire stated, "My god Abi, you look like a fucking mini-hooker. What do you think Lisa?"

Lisa was speechless at seeing her daughter dressed like a whore. It was hard to believe that this was her preteen daughter. Standing there with her black collar around her neck she looked at her daughter. Her eyes wandered down to see Abi's nipples poking through her blue tube top. Her eyes continued to move down further to Abi's waist to where Abi was wearing a tight black micro miniskirt. She guessed that this skirt would barely cover her ass cheeks. Finally her eyes traveled down to Abi's feet where to complete the look, Abi was wearing a pair of blue knee-length socks with white bows and black shoes on her feet.

Claire loved the outfit and could see where a few improvements would make this preteen girl an even better walking wet dream. Saying to Lisa, "You know what would be even better is if we put Abi's hair in pigtails. That would give the bitch a slutty but sweet innocent look."

Lisa couldn't wait to see her daughter exposing herself wearing this outfit. She knew guys' would be queuing up to date or even to fuck her daughter.

She replied to Claire, "Yes I agree, I think blue ribbons would work with the pigtails and she needs to wear make-up. How about having this bitch wear high heel shoes?"

Claire agreed with Lisa's suggestion and said, "Oh yes, that would turn on every hot-blooded male within ten miles."

Abi knew she didn't have any high heel shoes, saying to Claire, "But, Mistress Little, I don't have any high heel shoes."

Claire said, "We can buy some shoes when we're in town. Now let's get this bitch looking like a fucking whore."

After an hour Abi walked over to the full-length mirror. She was in shock as she looked at her reflection. Looking back was not a sweet preteen girl but a hot sexy little girl slut.

Abi loved what Claire had done with her make-up by choosing blue glitter lipstick and eye shadow with black eyeliner. She loved how her hair was now in two pig tails with blue ribbons and recognized the ribbons from her birthday party a few months earlier.

She said in a surprised voice, "WOW is that me! I look like a sex object. I bet everyone is going to go nuts and want to fuck me when they see me."

Lisa remembered about what Abi had said earlier, asking her daughter, "Abi, Please lift your skirt?"

Abi didn't know why her mum wanted her to lift her skirt but did and heard Claire gasp. She was unsure as to what would cause such a reaction.

"It's a good job you checked Lisa, 'cus she can't be showing her exposed cunt or we could be in serious trouble." Claire said as she looked at the rest of the clothes laying on the bed.

She picked out a black thong, with a playboy bunny logo on the front and showed them to Lisa and asked, "What do you think?"

"Yes they would be perfect." Lisa said.

She couldn't believe that she was helping her daughter to look like a slut. For some reason this made her feel closer to her daughter. Deep down this was something she had wanted to do but never had the courage to do.

Claire said to Abi, "Slut, put these on." She threw the black thong at the girl.

Abi caught them, put them on while she heard her mother say, "Lift your skirt now Abi."

"Yes that's perfect." Claire said. Seeing Abi's cunt lips poking through either side of the thong and knew that anyone looking up the girl's skirt would have a great view.

She was grinning at what Mike and Mark would think, saying to Lisa, "Let's show the two guys' downstairs. Then I suggest that we take the bus into town."

Lisa nervously gave a smile to Claire before saying, "Claire, I'm nervous. What if someone says anything?"

Claire smiled and said, "We can say Abi is gonna be attending a birthday party, now let's go downstairs"

Lisa was uncertain but since Claire was now a mistress to both her and her daughter and went downstairs following Abi and Claire.

Mark had been getting to know Mike and found out that they both supported the same football team and had agreed to go and see a match together. He looked at the time, wondering where Abi and the two women had gotten too. He looked at Mike and said, "I wonder what the girls are doing? They've been gone for like half an hour or more."

Mike thought it was unusual too and replied, "I know it's unusual for them, Abi and Lisa are usually down a lot quicker." Just as he finished saying those words he noticed Claire and Lisa entering the living room and heard Claire say, "Let me know what you think of our little slut."

Both men stared, as they watch Abi walk in to the room and Mark shouted out, "Fucking hell! That can't be Abi. She's dressed like a fucking hooker!"

Mike didn't know what to do as he'd never seen his daughter dressed like a whore before. He said to his wife, "Are you sure you're going to be OK. Every guy that sees her will want to fuck our daughter." He could feel his own cock getting hard as he looked at his slutty preteen daughter.

Mark agreeing with Mike said, "I agree. I want to fuck the little bitch right this minute. She's a fucking wet dream."

Both women were smiling at the reaction. Lisa, still frightened about what would happen, kept her concerns to herself as she put all her faith in Claire to keep them safe and do the right thing.

Claire loved this reaction from both men and said, "I take it you two approve. There's one thing missing. She needs a pair of high heel shoes."

Mark could only imagine what Abi would look like wearing a pair of three-inch high heel shoes. Putting his tongue back in his mouth he said to Claire, "I approve. I would love to see her in a pair of high heeled shoes then you could put the little slut on a street corner and watch every guy fuck her."

Mike agreed with Mark knowing that if he saw Abi on a street corner, that he would pay good money to fuck her. This twisted and perverted thought of pimping out his preteen daughter was so hot. He would want to watch Abi doing all sorts of nasty things with complete strangers for money. That thought made his cock get harder. He said to everyone, "Yeah, I agree."

Mark said to Claire, "Shaun, Sally and Becky are gonna go nuts."

Claire looked at the time and said to Mark, "Listen, if we're taking the bus then we've gotta leave now. We'll see you guys' later."

Mark couldn't believe that Abi would go out dressed in that outfit, or Lisa letting her young daughter go out the front door wearing it. Getting a nasty idea he said, "Claire, what would be hot and sexy is if Abi wore some sexy earrings? What about Abi getting her belly button or nipples pierced? What would you think of this slut having her pussy lips and clit pierced?"

Claire thought the idea of Abi getting piercings had to be so twisted and kinky that she wondered how other people would react to a preteen girl with rings through her nipples and cunt lips. Replying, "Mark, we'll need to talk about that."

Mark understood and replied, "Claire, It was just an idea, but I do agree that we need to talk about it. Anyway you guys' have fun."

The two men waved good-bye as the ladies left. Mark said to Mike, "I'm sorry to talk about your daughter like this but we've hit gold with that young slut. I wanted to bend the little bitch over the table and fuck her brains out."

Mike was a bit surprised at Mark talking about his daughter like a sex object even though he thought the same thing and said, "Mark, don't be sorry. I wanted to fuck her too. It's taking a bit to get used to the idea that my preteen daughter is a slut."

Mark knew time was getting on and said, "OK Mike, now let's meet Sally and then we can talk to Becky."

Mike said "Sure, I need to cool down."

Both men left Mike's house, got in the car, and drove away to the school so they could meet with Sally and Becky.

Abi loved dressing up like a slut and felt so alive. She had fun teasing the male and female shop assistants. She also noticed a few women looking at her angrily but just ignored them. As they made their way out of the shoe shop, Abi whispered to Claire, "Mistress my pussy is on fire and if I don't cum now, I'll go crazy."

Claire was stunned at what the little slut had said. Scanning the area, she saw a sign for the women's toilets. "I've an idea. Follow me," she told Abi.

Lisa had been following Claire and Abi, wondering where the two of them were going until she saw the women's toilets. Claire entered the toilets and, seeing they were empty, said to Lisa, "Look, go in one of the stalls and get this little slut off while I keep a look out."

Lisa was so turned on at getting to fuck her own daughter in public, she smiled at Claire and said, "OK, Mistress Little." Looking down at her young daughter, she said, "Follow me, slut."

Once in the stall with her daughter, Lisa put the toilet lid down and sat down so she was level with her daughter's waist. She said to Abi quietly but with a little nervousness in her voice, "Lift that skirt up so I can taste that slit of yours."

Abi was wet and turned on. She obeyed her mother and lifted her skirt. Feeling her mother pulling aside her thong, and something wet touching her slit, she relished the idea that it was her mother licking her pussy. This caused her to moan in pleasure.

Lisa was enjoying the intoxicating smell and sweet taste of her daughter's sex. Using two fingers, she began pumping them in and out of her daughter's tight wet hole. She listened as her slutty daughter made sounds of pleasure which became louder and louder.

Abi giggled at what someone would think hearing her cumming. This thought was cut short as she gasped, feeling a sharp pain as her mother bit down hard on her pleasure button. The pain Abi was feeling made her want to scream out but she managed to hold it in by biting her lower lip. Since her body was building closer to cumming, she moved her thumb and fingers to her still covered nipples. Then let out another moan as she pinched her nipples between them, causing her more pain and pleasure.

This pushed her over the edge. Feeling the orgasm rip though her preteen body, she tried her hardest to keep quiet but it was no use, as she let out a scream at the top of her voice.

Knowing that anyone could hear the unmistakable sounds of someone cumming made it more thrilling. The thought fueled her excitement and she could feel her orgasm becoming stronger.

Lisa watched her daughter coming down from such an intense orgasm. She had enjoyed causing her daughter to cum. It was a special moment between mother and daughter that most people thought that no mother and daughter should share. She was enjoying this quality time with her daughter and making her cum in public made this trip much more fun and twisted. Working on instincts, Lisa stood up and gave her daughter a passionate kiss, making sure that Abi could taste her own juices on her mother's mouth.

Lisa could feel her own cunt begging for attention but knew there would be another time. Pulling back from kissing her daughter, she looked into those sweet, sparkling blue eyes and said, "OK, it's time to leave slut. You go first and I'll come out in a few minutes."

Abi was feeling sorry that she couldn't return the same feelings to her mother but understood there was too much of a chance at getting caught. Thinking that next time she could make her mother cum in public brought a smile to the young girl. Abi left the stall to join Claire and waited for her mother to join them.

Claire watched Abi walk out of the stall a little flushed but could see her smile. Lisa walked out a few minutes later joining Claire, she felt happy, but frustrated that she hadn't cum and would take care of that soon. She looked at Claire asking, "OK, where are we going next?"

Claire answered Lisa's question, "We need to get some more sex toys to help with Abi's training. I know a sex shop around here."

Lisa was worried about going to a sex shop but trusting Mistress Claire she said, "OK, but any sign of trouble and we're leaving."

Claire led the way through the back alleyways to Forbidden Pleasures. Seeing the shop was open, she entered with Abi and Lisa.

Abi couldn't believe this shop was here. She had been told by her parents never to visit this part of town. Her eyes widened at seeing all the different objects on display, there was an area for all kinds of adult DVD's and magazine.

Claire nervously checked to make sure it was clear and stopped at seeing a man at the counter. Looking at him she judged by his appearance that he was about six feet tall. From his graying hair she guessed he was in his late 40's or early 50's. She was about to say it was all clear when the man at the counter yelled, "That girl is underage and needs to wait outside."

Claire walked towards the counter and seeing his name badge, she said in a polite voice, "I'm sorry Adam. I'm having a girls night in this evening and I need to pick up a few things, we won't be long I promise." She gave Adam a wink and a sexy smile.

Adam smiled back at this sexy woman and said, "Urm...I guess it would be OK but only if it's for a little while." His eyes were drawn to Abi and he could feel his cock getting hard, as he tried to shake the nasty thoughts out of his mind of what he would like to do to this girl.

Abi was looking at a large dildo, wondering how the hell it would fit into a woman's cunt. She heard another man's voice say, "Dad! Do you know where my mobile phone is? I can't find it and Zoe won't help me."

Abi then heard Adam reply, "Sorry Jason. I don't know where your phone is and I can't help you. We've got some customers and I need to keep an eye on the shop."

Claire hearing the other voice looked around at the person called Jason. Seeing Jason with his short black hair, sparkling blue eyes and young look she guessed he was eighteen or nineteen. She was about to talk to Abi when she heard Jason say out loud, "Shit! Dad that girl is hot! Do you know who she is?"

Lisa smiled at the comment that Jason had made about her daughter. She found it shocking that this young man found her preteen daughter sexy. Walking up to the counter with Abi she said to Jason, "This girl is my daughter. Her name is Abi." She pushed her daughter forwards so Jason and Adam would get a good look at her daughter.

Jason did not know what to say and quickly said, "Sorry Miss, I didn't mean to say anything out loud, it just slipped out."

Claire had joined Lisa and Abi at the counter and said calmly, "Don't worry about it Jason. Abi is hot for twelve years old."

The look on both guys' faces was priceless. This made Claire grin and got her to thinking. She smiled a devilish grin as she came up with an idea about how to have fun with these two guys'.

Jason still was unsure about what to do and said, "I didn't mean to say anything rude about your daughter. I'm sorry."

Claire was enjoying how Jason was trying to worm his way out of the situation. She said calmly, "What are you sorry for. She's a very sexy young girl." She was about to continue but then watched as a young woman entered the room and heard her say, "Dad, do you know where my pink top is. I can't find it and I'm going out tonight with Jenny."

Adam looked at his daughter and said, "Sorry Zoe, I can't help you. I'm busy."

Claire checked out Zoe's body. She saw that she had a curvy figure, long dark brown hair and hazel eyes. Looking at Jason and Zoe, she guessed they must be brother and sister. She thought that Zoe was fifteen or sixteen. She smiled as Zoe's expression changed when she noticed Abi. She said, "Zoe, Your brother Jason was saying how hot Abi is. I just told him she is only twelve-years old. What do you think?"

Zoe wondered how the hell a twelve year old girl could look so hot and sexy. She had the urge to kiss this girl right on the lips, but knew that it wouldn't be a good idea to do that in front of her own father and brother. She looked at Abi and loved what she was wearing. She thought about wearing something similar but knew her father would ground her for the rest of her life if she did. She was so stunned at what happening that she was speechless.

Adam needed to get things moving again and was nervous about what would happen if the police turned up. He said, "Listen! If you don't go now I could be in serious trouble. You see, I'm not supposed to have anyone under the age of eighteen around in the shop, not even my daughter."

Claire heard this and decided to put her plan into action. She said in a dominant voice, "Adam! I think we could make it worth your while. You see, if you lock the door and turn off the CCTV, then we can purchase anything we want but, you've gotta agree to this slut staying here." Pointing at Abi she continued by saying, "While we're shopping this little bitch can suck both of you guys' off. What do you say?" She saw the shocked expression on the faces of everyone.

Adam was blown away by this woman calling this preteen girl a slut, and in front of the girl's mother too. He was unsure what the hell was going on, knowing that it was wrong to agree to this woman's offer. His cock was hard as steel as he thought about what it would be like to get a blowjob or even better to fuck this young girl. He said, "OK, It's a deal but only if my son agrees too." He knew that it was his cock doing the talking.

Jason was surprised by what his father had said but he knew there was just something special about this girl. He just had to have her one way or another. He was horny as hell because he had not fucked his girlfriend in about a week and said, "OK, I'm in."

Adam was surprised and shocked that his son had agreed. He had hoped that he would have a way out. Hearing his son agree to this was a shock. He could not blame his son for wanting a blowjob from an underage girl as hot as Abi. What made the whole thing even more surreal was that Abi's mother would be watching. Looking at his sixteen year old daughter he said, "Please lock the door and turn off the CCTV. I don't want you to watch this so please leave and stay out until I call you."

Claire wondered why Adam didn't want his daughter to watch what was going to happen. Feeling her dominant side awaking she said in an authoritative voice, "No, Zoe stays and can join in if she wants too or the deal is off."

Adam could see there was something about this woman and how she had taken control of the situation quickly. Knowing they had to do things her way he capitulated and said, "Fine, what do we have to do?"

Claire smiled at knowing that she was now in control and said to both men, "Get out in to some open space in front of the counter. Then we can all watch the little slut."

Both men walked out in front of the counter, nervous about what was going to happen next. Zoe had already locked the door and walked behind the counter to flick the switch that turned off the CCTV.

Claire knew everything was ready when she saw the red light on the camera go out and knew how excited Abi was. She said to Abi, "Game on. Now go over there slut and give these two men a blowjob."

Abi's submissive side awakened at hearing the code words and replied, "Yes Mistress Little."

Abi knew that anyone looking thought the shop-window could see what was happening. This made it a lot more exciting for her and could feel her cunt was already wet. She knelt in front of the two men and said in the cutest and most innocent sounding voice possible, "Please can I suck on your cocks."

Adam was stunned at how this shy and quiet girl had turned into a slut on command. Doing what the girl had asked, he took his cock out. He watched in disbelief as this young preteen girl began to suck his cock.

Abi was enjoying sucking on Adam's cock and could taste his pre-cum. By the way Adam was moaning she knew that she was doing a good job. Out of the corner of her eyes she saw Jason getting out his semi-hard cock. With her left hand she took hold of Jason's cock and began to stroke the hard member up and down. Then getting an idea from a few porn films she had watched she stopped sucking on Adam's cock, moved over to take Jason's cock into her young mouth and used her right hand to jack off Adam.

The girl continued to swap from sucking one cock to another. Both Claire and Lisa were watching in amazement at how Abi was sucking on both cocks like a pro. Claire realized that Abi must be copying what she had seen in some videos on the internet. She looked around to see Zoe rubbing her lovely young firm tits through her t-shirt with her eyes glued to the action.

Claire said to Zoe, "What do you think? She's quite the little slut."

Zoe didn't know what to think as she was watching this preteen girl giving a blowjob to both her father and brother. It just seemed the most normal thing in the world for this girl to be sucking off two guys.

She replied to the women who she only knew as Mistress Little, "I don't know what to think. I'm shocked. But she seems to be enjoying this isn't she?"

Claire said, "Oh she is enjoying this." Seeing Zoe getting turned on she got another twisted idea and said, "If you want Zoe, I could get her to eat your pussy if you like?"

Zoe stared at this woman and could see she was strong and dominant. She was offering everything she had fantasized about and was desperate for relief from watching the young slut suck off her brother and father. She said to Mistress Little, "Please, I need to cum."

Claire looked around and saw a chair by the counter. She ordered Zoe, "Bring that chair over here so you can watch the little bitch close up. Strip off those clothes before you sit down though."

Claire gasped in excitement at the sight of the teenager's naked body as she stripped out of her clothes rapidly. She knew that she would love to have fun with Zoe at some point and taste her lovely teenage mounds of flesh. She made eye contact with Lisa and said, "OK bitch! Get your ass down here so you can eat this cunt."

Lisa had wanted to watch what her daughter was doing but her submissive side surfaced. Obeying Claire was stimulating so she replied in a submissive voice, "Yes, Mistress Little."

Lisa got down between Zoe's legs and started to taste Zoe's teenage cunt. It had a different taste than her daughter's but was still good and sweet. Using her fingers to spread Zoe's cunt lips apart she began to tongue fuck her pussy causing Zoe to let out mewing sounds of pleasure.

Lisa's own pussy was on fire and she needed to cum, especially after giving her daughter an orgasm in the public toilet not so long ago. She would have to deal with the itch between her legs later as her only job right now was to make Zoe cum.

Claire didn't know where to look. She kept looking at Abi sucking Zoe's brother and father and then back to Zoe being eaten out by Lisa. While she was focused on Zoe and Lisa she heard Abi say, "Mistress Little, I wanna get fucked."

She looked back to see Abi put Adam's cock in her mouth and give it a couple of sucks. She pulled off to say, "I want both of these men to fuck my ass and pussy at the same time. Please Mistress Little." Then watched the girl put Jason's hard cock back in her mouth.

Claire's mind was blown away by what Abi had asked for. The idea of watching Abi getting fucked in both holes at the same time was such a hot idea but she was unsure about what Adam and Jason would say.

She said to both men, "What do you think guys? Are you up to double teaming this bitch?"

Adam loved how this little bitch was sucking his cock and could tell she was doing a good job sucking his son's cock as well. But he wanted badly to fuck this bitch and replied to the woman's question, "You bet. I want to fuck this preteen bitch in the ass. My son can fuck the bitch's cunt."

Claire smiled at the answer Adam gave. Focusing on Abi, she said in her most dominant voice, "You heard what Adam said. Get to it slut."

Abi was thrilled at Claire allowing her, no ordering her to be fucked in both holes. This was something she had wanted to do for a long time after seeing it in a few porn videos. She was going to love getting fucked in both her cunt and ass at the same time and it was gonna be even better since there would be people watching her. Abi replied to Claire, "Yes Mistress Little."

Abi stood up and quickly began to strip out of her slut clothes. As she stripped she kept her eyes on Jason as he stripped out of his clothes at the same time. She waited until Jason had finished striping and lay down on the floor. Abi walked over and straddled Jason's body. She lowered her body down to feel Jason's rock hard cock slowly part her cunt lips. She let out a moan of pleasure as his cock went deep into her young body.

Claire watched Abi getting fucked by this strange boy. She rubbed her tits, watching her young slut bouncing up and down on Jason's big cock. Knowing she had to get the girl's ass ready for Adam's thick cock, she walked over to where Abi and Jason were fucking.

Jason watched the woman he knew as Mistress Little walking over. He grabbed hold of Abi's hips to try and slow the little bitch down to allow this woman to get this slut's asshole ready for his father's cock.

Claire bent down and spat onto Abi's asshole. She inserted a couple of fingers into Abi's rosebud trying to stretch it as much as possible so Adam could force his cock into the tight hole.

Adam was wondering why all of this was happening but decided not to ruin the moment. He just watched as his son fucked this young slut while the woman licked out the young slut's asshole. It was such a turn on. As he watched he slowly stroked his cock so it was hard and ready to rip this girl's asshole to shreds.

Adam heard a strange noise and gasped as he looked over to see Abi's mother eating out his daughter's pussy. But his eyes locked onto the firm and perfectly round breasts of his daughter and could feel himself licking his lips wanting very badly to go over and suck on them. A feeling of guilt washed over him about having such nasty thoughts about his daughter. Even if he was fucking an underage girl, there was still some stuff that he knew he shouldn't be doing.

He was quickly brought back down to earth as he heard the woman say, "That Asshole is ready. Now fuck the little bitch."

Adam got into position and pushed his cock into Abi's asshole and was amazed at how she relaxed her anal muscles. He realized that this slut must've been fucked in the ass before and let out a moan of pleasure at the wonderful feelings he was having.

Claire watched the spectacle of Abi being double penetrated. She could feel her own pussy becoming dripping wet as she watched Adam trying to be gentle. Knowing the little slut loved pain she shouted at Adam, "Don't worry about hurting the little slut, she loves the pain."

Adam could not believe that this young preteen bitch liked pain. He was trying to get his head around what the hell was going on but right then he didn't care about anything other than fucking this slut and shooting his cum deep into her tight asshole. Now knowing that Abi loved pain, he began to force his cock in hard. He felt his cock pop through the young bitch's sphincter and heard Abi let out a scream of pain filled with pleasure.

Once Adam was fully in the Abi's asshole, he could feel his son's cock fucking the girl's cunt through the thin membrane separating the two holes. They soon got into a rhythm so that when he pulled out, his son pushed in and when he pushed in his son would push out. Both men fucked the girl hard and both could hear Abi moaning in pleasure from the assault of their two cocks fucking this young bitch.

Jason was enjoying fucking Abi's pussy and could feel his dad's cock pumping into the girl's asshole. It amazed him that this young bitch was a better fuck than his twenty-year old girlfriend.

Abi's body was on fire and enjoying the feel of the two cocks going in and out of her young body. She managed to reach up and pinch one of her nipples. This caused a jolt of pain that went straight to her throbbing clit. Shouting out at the top of her voice she yelled, "Fuck my dirty holes for my mistress and make me fucking cum for her pleasure."

Claire was so proud and excited at Abi being such a total slut that she wanted relief. Seeing another chair, she picked it up and set it down next to Zoe. She sat down and managed to turn away from watching Abi getting fucked to look at Zoe's teenage body up close. She turned just in time to watch as Zoe's body went stiff. The young teenager yelled, "Fuck I'm cumming. Yes eat me bitch! Make me cum."

Claire was now in urgent need of relief. Taking off her skirt and thong she said to Lisa, "Come here bitch and eat my cunt! Make me fucking cum."

Lisa said submissively, "Yes Mistress Little. I'll be happy to eat your pussy." Then moving between Claire's legs, she began to lick Claire's pussy. Claire focused her attention back to Abi being double teamed by the Zoe's brother and father.

Zoe was feeling good after that wonderful orgasm. It was far better than anything she had experienced before. She heard the moaning and turned to take the scene. Her jaw dropped open as she watched her older brother and father fucking this little 12 year old girl in both holes. As she watched in amazement the dominant woman next to her said, "Please can I ask how old you are? I bet you wanna be where that little slut is now."

Zoe had to admit that she would love to be double fucked like this girl but had never been fucked in the ass before. She replied to the woman, "I'm sixteen and YES I would love to be where that girl is right now. That is the most exciting thing I've ever seen." It was then that she decided to say something that she had kept a secret and said, "I would love to tell all three of them what to do."

Claire was interested in what Zoe said and wanting to know more, asked Zoe, "Please tell me what you mean by that?"

Zoe said, "I guess I wanna make men and women do things for me. I don't know why but I do."

Claire was excited by this news. She thought it would be hot seeing Zoe dominate Abi and Becky. She said to Zoe, "OK, I think I understand. I'm like you but only with women. It's the control over someone and the power it gives you over them. If you want, we can talk more about it." She let out a moan of pleasure from Lisa licking her cunt.

Zoe couldn't believe that she was having this conversation with a stranger. It was strange talking to this woman who was having her pussy licked out while there was a young school girl being fucked in both holes in front of both of them by none other than her father and brother. Not knowing what to say at hearing there was someone else who was like her, she turned her attention to her father and brother and watched them fucking Abi. She had to admit that she would love to fuck both her older brother and father. Feeling like she wanted to try being dominant she ordered out loud, "OK, you two bastards. You're to cum in that little bitch when I say, understand?"

Adam and Jason were surprised at hearing Zoe say something like that. Adam wanted to try to make fucking this little bitch last as long as possibleso agreeably replied, "I understand, Zoe."

Zoe didn't like her father calling him by her name and quickly came up with a name and said, "Don't call me Zoe. I'm Mistress Z to you."

Claire was surprised by Zoe's outburst. She leaned over and said, "Zoe, it looks like me and you could have some fun."

Zoe smiled and could only agree. She was wanting to try and spread her wings a bit so she said, "I'm listening, Mistress Little"

Claire smiled and was about to reply but her orgasm hit just then causing her to screaming out, "Oh fuck I'm cumming. Yes eat me bitch." After her incredible orgasm and letting herself relax, she pulled Lisa up by her hair and gave her a kiss, tasting Zoe's and her own juices. She stopped kissing Lisa as she heard Abi cry out, "I'm cumming Mistress, I'm fucking cumming. This feels soooooo good!"

Zoe was staring at this young girl having one massive orgasm. She watched thinking it was one of the sexiest and hottest sights she had ever seen. Knowing it was time, said to her father and brother, "OK, you bastards, cum in this slut." Feeling the power and control, felt good. She knew that this woman sitting next to her could teach her about being a mistress.

Adam heard his daughter telling him to cum in this little girl's asshole. This pushed him over the edge and felt his balls tighten and slammed into Abi's asshole one last time. He let out a groan of pleasure before shouting, "Take my fucking seed, you little slut."

Jason hearing his father cumming in Abi's asshole drove him over the edge and felt his cock pulse as his cum surged into the little slut's cunt at the same time. He shouted, "Oh fuck I'm cumming in your sweet pussy you little bitch."

Claire knew the fuck session was over. Everyone looked exhausted. Seeing that Abi was unsteady on her feet after getting untangled from both Adam's and Jason's naked bodies, she said to Abi, "Abi, `End Game' Why don't you go with Zoe and your mum to clean yourself up."

Zoe wondered why Claire would say `End Game.' She guessed that it was some sort of code word. Following the woman's instructions, she said to the girl in a caring voice, "Follow me Abi."

Lisa spoke to her daughter, "Abi, from the sound of things, you sure seemed to enjoy yourself."

Abi looked at her mum and said, "Oh yes, I did enjoy myself very much but you didn't cum."

Lisa said, "Don't worry. I'm sure we can have some fun with Zoe while we are cleaning ourselves up."

Adam thinking it might be best if they used the bathroom in the flat above the shop said, "Zoe, take them upstairs and use the bathroom up there."

Zoe said, "Yes, Dad." She then led Abi and Lisa upstairs.

Adam began to feel guilty, unable to believe what had just happened. Looking at this woman he said, "OK, I want to know what the hell just happened. You made me and my son fuck a little twelve year old girl while my sixteen year old daughter and Abi's mother watched."

Jason was feeling guilty as well but couldn't deny that he had enjoyed fucking the preteen girl. It was one of the craziest things he had ever done so he said to his father, "That was so cool Dad, but I feel guilty too. I don't know why we did it."

Claire felt scared and worried that it had gotten out of control. Remaining calm she said, "How about we go upstairs and have a rest and I can explain things to you."

Adam looked at this woman. He was surprised at how calm and controlled she was. He finally said to the woman, "Fine. Follow me." He led everyone to the flat upstairs. He had mixed feelings. He was feeling angry but felt good as well. He needed answers.

When they all arrived in the flat, Adam said, "OK, Now tell me what the hell just happened and I want the truth."

Claire said, "OK, My name is Claire." She finished saying her name when Lisa, Abi and Zoe entered the room. Once they were all seated she began talking again, "As I said my name is Claire, the girl's name is Abi and her mother's name is Lisa. I'd like to say I'm sorry about what happened but it was absolutely the hottest thing. When we came in we didn't plan on doing anything like that but, you see, it sorta got out of hand. I'm gonna tell you the truth but you mustn't tell anyone else or we're all in serious trouble."

Adam knew that he was as guilty as Claire after fucking Abi so he was listening closely, intrigued to know more. Knowing how serious this was he said to Claire, "I see, please go on. We won't say anything, I promise. After all, we did fuck her and would be found just as guilty if anyone ever found out." He looked at Jason and Zoe and saw them both agreeing by nodding.

Claire began to explain, "As you've seen, Abi is an exhibitionist and is a submissive who likes pain. Today we were seeing how far Abi would go in doing things in public. This is all new to her and us. We didn't force her into this or anything. We just learned of her nature this past week."

She took a deep breath and continued, "You see Abi has apparently been going online for quite a while, videocamming with older men. They would tell her to do things and she would do them for them. She even went so far as to buy sexy clothes like what she is wearing now so she could put on a good show for them. My new husband and I discovered her submissive nature and decided that it was best for her to experiment in a safe, caring environment where there would always be someone to protect her. Just so you know, she only lost her virginity at the beginning of last week. We decided to let her parents know what was going on and in the process found out that they lived in a Dominant/submissive relationship. That's why Abi is so submissive. She takes after her mother. After seeing how submissive she was, they agreed that it was proper for Abi to have a master and mistress to teach her. This is the first time that we took Abi out to see just how much of an exhibitionist she really is. We thought it was important that I as Abi's mistress and her mother Lisa, as a submissive would use this excursion to begin the process of teaching her about sex and about herself."

Adam was stunned at this news and knew that both Zoe and Jason were also shocked at what they heard.

Zoe said, "What do you mean?"

Claire said, "What I mean Zoe, is that Abi was a confused and scared young girl and was doing stuff that could've put her in danger. We're helping her to understand her feelings, but most important of all is that Abi is a naturally born submissive and slut. Abi didn't know what to do."

Amazed that Adam, Jason and Zoe were listening to her she continued talking, "You see, we're all part of a group that likes to fuck and I'm a mistress to both Abi and Lisa."

Zoe was surprised, looking at Abi sitting next to her she asked, "Is this true?" Not believing what she was being told.

Abi replied to Zoe, "Yep, it's all true. I can't explain it but I want to be a sex slave. I need to be taught to do anything that will give my master and mistress pleasure, and so does my mum."

Zoe had all sorts of things going around in her head but needed to ask another question. She asked Lisa, "You mean you're all of those things as well."

Lisa smiled and said, "No, I'm just submissive. I didn't want to be. At least I didn't think I wanted to be. I tried hard to run away from my feelings. I had to learn about sex all on my own. I thought of myself as a normal person but I always had this feeling that there was something I was missing. When Claire and Mark came over and told us about Abi, I thought that my daughter was too young. But as they explained things to me, my cunt just kept getting wetter and wetter and I became more and more excited. Then I remembered that when I was Abi's age, I had extreme urges like she did. My mother caught me frigging myself once and thrashed me so hard that I never did it again until recently. I could never fully suppress the feelings though. All of my young experiences came flooding back to me as Claire and Mark explained about Abi. I didn't want her to grow up unhappy and repressed like I did. I decided that I was wrong about her being too young. If she wanted to be a submissive and an exhibitionist, I decided that it was best for her to do it in a manner that would keep her safe. I also decided to act on my submissive nature and let myself enjoy some of the fantasies that I've had for years. I want to thank my daughter and Claire and others in the group as they've helped me start to enjoy my submissive side and enjoy sex again."

Jason was listening, feeling upset and angry and said angrily to Claire, "So, what you're telling me is that this was a test. I don't like to be used."

Claire saw that Jason was angry and tried to calm him down saying, "Like I said before, it got out of hand. We were just going to buy some toys and see what else you had. When your father allowed us to stay and shop after telling us we couldn't be here, That was what we were going to do. But when I overheard and saw how you two reacted to Abi, I just got this idea in my head and things just developed."

She paused to get her breath back, then said, "Jason listen. I know you feel guilty as I was in your shoes not long ago. We all wanted to do this and if you don't want to do it again then fine. But if you're interested in our group than we might be able to talk more about it." Then she looked directly at Adam and said, "If you can help us with sex toys and other stuff."

Adam was unable to believe how controlled and dominant Claire was. He did enjoy fucking Abi and would love to have sex with Claire and his daughter. He came to a decision and said to Claire, "OK, I guess we've got a lot to think about. Are you serious about us joining the group? I think it would be a lot of fun. I would also be more than happy to help you guys' out with any sex toys too."

Claire began feeling more at ease with the situation. She said, "Adam, I'm serious about you joining the group but I would need to talk to a few other members and make sure you can be trusted for obvious reasons. I just needed to be honest with you. I hope we trust you not to say anything?" Knowing this was a risk but it was better to tell the truth than to lie about something like this.

Zoe was listening to Claire, thinking about what had been said. She had a hard time believing that groups like this existed. She had read stuff about this in stories but didn't think they really existed. Wanting to know more about Claire and this group she said, "This club sounds so cool Dad. I won't say anything. I want to be involved in this group. As I've found out that I'm like Claire. I like making others do things. I wanna talk to her about it and learn how to do it properly."

She paused to calm down then continued talking, "I know I can have sex legally being sixteen. But there is other stuff I wanna do but can't `cus of my age or I don't know if I will like it. I would love to do some of the things I think about. So if I could do them with people I can trust."

Pausing for another moment to gather her thoughts, knowing everyone was listening, she decided she wanted to say what was really on her mind and continued talking, "Dad, it sounds like they wouldn't make something like this up. When I watched you and Jason fucking Abi I was thinking what it would be like if I was the one getting fucked instead of Abi. I've wanted to do nasty things with both of you. Am I wrong to want to do those things with both of you?" and started to cry.

Abi saw Zoe begin crying. She got up and gave Zoe a hug and said, "Please don't cry. I know how you feel."

Zoe smiled at Abi and said, while wiping away a few tears, "Thank you sweetie, I'll be OK."

Adam felt sorry for his daughter, but shocked that Zoe wanted to have sex with him and her brother. He said to his daughter, "You really mean that don't you Zoe. I guess, I can understand as you had to learn things on your own since your mother left us. I tried to stay away from talking about girl's stuff."

He turned to Claire, saying, "Don't worry Claire, you can trust us."

Zoe could see it was still painful for her Dad to talk to about her mum and said to her father, "I guess so. Don't feel bad Dad. I mean I learned some stuff when we got this shop and from school. I talked to my friends about sex stuff but there are things I think about that are nasty and can't say anything to anyone for fear of being called a freak or worse."

Claire could see this was upsetting for Zoe so in a caring voice, said, "I can see you're all very close to each other. What I suggest is that you three have a serious talk to each other. Then when you're ready, please let me know by giving me a call. Now we can do what we came here for and that's shopping."

Adam knew Claire was right, that he would have a serious talk with both of his children when Claire and the others were gone. He said, "Very well, let's go back down to the shop and see what you want?"

They all went back to the shop. Adam went behind the counter and said, "OK, what do you guys need?"

Claire said, "OK, I think for starters we need nipples clamps and clit clamps, a couple of strap-ons and doubled headed dildo, also we need some vibrators, butt plugs, anal eggs and lube."

Adam went wide-eyed at what Claire had wanted. He replied, "Shit, You don't want a lot do you. Do you want me to pick out the best stuff and send it to you, or do you want to take it away today?" grinning at Claire.

Claire laughed before speaking to Adam, "Well, I'm not done yet. If you could send this stuff to us all in one go that would be helpful. Oh by the way do you sell any sexy uniforms? What about whips and canes? What about med needles?"

Adam picked up on the last question and said in a shocked voice, "Did you say needles! What the hell do you want needles for?" Then it dawned on him that they were going to use them on Abi. He said, "You're fucking kidding me! You're going to use them on Abi."

Claire smiled, knowing that Adam got it and said, "Yes we're gonna use them on Abi. So do you have them or not?"

Zoe and Jason were listening to the exchange between Claire and their father. Zoe was clueless about what they wanted needles for and was surprised by her father's reaction. She asked her father, "Dad. What are they gonna use needles for?"

Abi spoke up before Claire could reply, "My mistress and Master are going to stick them in my tits and my pussy while I am tied up. Then I'm gonna be fucked."

Zoe was blown away by what Abi had told her and said in a surprised voice, "Are you kidding! That's going to really hurt."

Abi said, "Yeah it's gonna hurt, but that's why it's fun. I like pain when I'm turned on or being fucked."

Adam listened to Abi and said to his daughter, "If you want Zoe, I'll show you and Jason some videos that I've got." Before saying to Claire, "I do have needles in-store. I also have a few uniforms in stock but can order more if you want."

Adam then got out a catalogue and placed it on the counter saying, "Have a look and let me know?"

Claire picked up the catalogue. She looked through it with Lisa and Abi.

After a few minutes Claire said to Adam, "OK. We want the sexy schoolgirl's uniform, maid's outfit, cheerleader's outfit and cookie girl's uniform. Get say four of each in small and medium sizes. By the way, have you got any leather or PVC outfits?"

Adam was quickly writing down everything and said to Claire, "I can get a list together of the leather and PVC stuff. I don't have them in stock. I'll send you the list then you can let me know and I'll order it. Is that OK?"

Claire answered Adam by saying, "That's fine, if you send it all to this address." She handed Adam a business card and her credit card.

Adam took the business card, then taking the credit card, he swiped it through the machine and gave the card back to Claire.

Claire was about to leave, when there was a loud bark. Turning around, she saw a black lab come running in. Adam shouted, "Zoe, I told you to tie Lucky up. That stupid dog is not supposed to be walking around the shop."

Claire stuck her hand out and watched as Lucky sniffed her hand, before licking it and wagging his tail. She said to Adam, "Is Lucky your dog?"

Adam looked at Claire and knew that Claire was up to something and replied to Claire, "He's Zoe's dog. Why are you asking?" Wondering what could be going on in this woman's mind.

Claire said, "We've been looking for someone who had a male dog."

Adam was curious; starting to think that Claire and everyone in this group was into some kinky stuff. He replied to Claire's statement, "Why would that be, if I may ask?"

Claire, knowing would it be a shock to Adam and his children, said, "OK. I'll tell you that Abi, myself and another member wants to be fucked by a dog." then gave a cheeky grin.

Jason was shocked at what Claire had said, not quite believing what he had heard and said in a surprised voice, "You gotta be kidding me! Are you serious about that?"

Claire smiled and said, "Yes Jason. We're serious. If you have any questions then let me know." Seeing Adam smile and nod his head.

Lisa knew time was getting on and said out loud, "It's late, we better get back or we will be late for the group meeting."

Claire looked at Adam, Jason and Zoe, then said to all three of them, "Talk to you soon I hope and if you want to know more call me." She then left the shop with Abi and Lisa.

Adam couldn't believe what had just happened. He felt it had been one crazy dream. To check to see if he was dreaming, he pinched himself on the arm and felt a sharp pain. He knew that this was not a dream. Now he was going to have a serious talk with Jason and Zoe.

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