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My Little Jen



Story Codes: M/g; M/F; M/F/g; F/g; Inc; Pedo; Cons
Posted: 22 December 2011


Ever since I was a little girl, probably the age of four or so, I remember wanting my daddy to touch me. At first I wasn't sure how I wanted it or even why but I loved it when I sat on his lap and he would bounce me. I always shined in his attention when he would look at me in my pretty dresses and as I got older, I found myself dressing more and more provocatively around him. Also as I got older I realized what it was that I wanted from him. I never really had the nerve to go forward with him and get what I wanted but I know he looked at me with desire in his eyes. I recognized it as I grew into womanhood.

I guess I should tell you a little about me. My name is Michelle, but everyone calls me Shelly. I'm about 5'5" and I weigh about 110 lbs., I have brown hair, and brown eyes and a very nice size 32 B breast. I think I am very beautiful and my husband is sure to tell me so often. I married my high school boyfriend when I was eighteen just before we both left for college. He wasn't the first man I'd ever had sex with because I had become very sexual well before I was even eleven and enjoyed sex with boys and girls as well as men and women from that time until I met him. He knew about my strange attraction to my father as well as my sexual history and accepted me for who I was. He actually had very little sexual history, having only ever had sex with me. I took his virginity when he was seventeen and led him on the path he would end up. My husband, William, who was extremely smart, got his Masters in physics by the time he was twentty-four and his PhD by the time he was twenty-six. He got a very good job at a lab in California working in the field of particle physics and wrote several books on black holes while he was still working on his PhD that were very successful within the circle of scientists that worked in that field. I didn't finish getting my law degree because I got pregnant when I was twenty-four, just before I started my second year of law school. I dropped out and had our baby daughter Jennifer just before I turned twenty-five.

Not too long after she was born, about a year I think, I got a job as a paralegal at the local State Attorney's office and sometimes had to work late. Will's schedule was a little more lax than mine because he could work from home on his computer at least two days a week and spent half a day at the lab one of the three days he had to be there. At least three days a week I had to be at the office as late as nine o'clock so Will would be home those days to take care of our Jennifer. It was a pretty convenient life and for my first year at the State Attorney's office things went along really well. We were both happy and we still seemed to find time for the very active sex life we had. I had no reason to think anything was amiss at all in fact and would never have believed that anything whatsoever was out of the ordinary.

One Thursday at about 7:30pm when I had to work late, things took a turn at the office and I was able to get out a lot sooner than I had thought. I was tired and it had been a long week writing a brief for a murder case I was assigned to. I knew Will had already fed the baby and eaten himself so I just decided to head home without calling first. As I pulled into the drive I noticed all of the lights inside the house were off except for Jen's room and I remember thinking that this was weird because usually when I work late and get home, I find Will in the study working at his laptop with Jen in the floor playing with some toys. I just blew it off thinking maybe he needed to change her diaper or something like that. I parked the car and came into the house not trying to be particularly quiet though now thinking back I don't recall making much noise as I came in. I also can't recall hearing any noise coming from Jen's room as I slowly walked back with the intention of seeing if everything was alright. As I turned the corner I opened my mouth to ask how things were going and I just froze because I wasn't prepared for what I saw.

The door was half open and the rocking chair that had been a gift from Will's parents was clearly visible from where I was standing.

Will was sitting in it completely naked with his head leaning back and softly moaning as our dear daughter Jen was standing between his legs. At first I thought "what the hell is this" but as my eyes focused I saw my husband's dick was clearly in Jens mouth and she was sucking his dick! Our little two year old Jen was getting just as much of it into her mouth and I could hear Will moaning softly.

"That's it baby girl, suck on daddy's dicky. That feels so good baby, you like to make daddy feel good don't you. Daddy likes to make his Jen baby feel good too."

As I watched the scene my first instinct was anger. How could he I thought. How could my husband whom I trusted and loved abuse our sweet daughter like that! While these thoughts passed through my mind I could hear Will breathing harder and recognized that he was about to cum. I heard him say to her "Yeah Jen baby, Daddy is gonna cum baby" and with that, he started dumping his seed into her mouth. She wasn't yet skilled in this art and the head of his dick came out of her mouth and he kept squirting his cum all over her face. Realizing he was done and was probably going to clean her up, I walked back to the kitchen and out to the garage. I waited a few minutes and came back into the house slamming the door, in order to alert him that I was home.

"WILL!!" I said.

"IN HERE SWEETIE!" he responded.

I walked into Jens room to see him putting a fresh diaper on her. I assumed it was to mask the reason he was in there but she could have needed a change just as well. Still thinking about the anger I felt I pretended all was good and asked how things were going. He said they were well and that he and Jen had fun playing together tonight.

I remember thinking to myself, "Yeah I bet you did".

I told him I needed a shower he said ok and I went on into our room. As I showered I replayed the scene over and over in my head at first I was thinking how I should take Jen and leave. Just get out. Use my connections at the State Attorney's office to have Will put under then jail, but as time went on the anger seemed to be passing. Sure I felt a little guilty about it but I found that the more I thought about it, the more it turned me on. Remembering how I had wanted that with my dad so much I found myself rubbing my pussy in the shower. This went on, me picturing his rock hard dick in her mouth, him moaning softly like he does in my ear when we are fucking and his cum all over her face. As I got closer and closer to cumming myself I resisted. I remember wanting to have a cock in my pussy so bad so I got out of the shower and dried off , then put on my favorite night shirt with no panties. I went into the study where Will had gone and he was working on his laptop. Just as usual Jen was sitting in the floor, playing.

I leaned into him from behind rubbing my tits against his back and whispering "I want your big dick inside me".

He smiled and said, "We will have to get Jen to bed first."

I responded "I'll go get her settled, you finish what you are doing and come right to bed".

He responded "Ok sexy, get ready for daddy".

He had no idea how much that meant to me right then. My burning pussy seemed to flood with juice at that moment. So I walked over to Jen, picked her up and headed to her room. As I got closer, I got a naughty idea to take her into our room with me and see if I can get Will to touch her in front of me. I knew it was a risk and he may think I was trying to entrap him. In a way I was, but it was not for the reasons he might have thought. The more I thought about Jen sucking Will's dick the more I thought about the feelings I used to have for my daddy. I was sure that Jen had those same feelings for her daddy only she is lucky enough to get to experience it with him. In a way I was a little jealous of their relationship, and at the same time I was so turned on by it. It was such a weird feeling.

When I got into the bedroom, my dear Jen and I laid down and got comfy. I laid there next to her wondering how far Will had gone with her, and what he had taught her. I couldn't help but wonder if he has kissed her with his tongue, or if he had put his dick anywhere else besides her mouth. As I thought about this, I never even noticed that I was stroking her nipple with my fingertip. It just kind of dawned on me that I was doing it. At first I was shocked, but she seemed to really enjoy it. She giggled and sighed as I continued to stroke and even pinch lightly. On a whim I decided to lean down and kiss her mouth and see if she knew how, and to my surprise and she did she sucked on my tongue like it was a little dick in her mouth. My beautiful Jen seemed to enjoy that just as much as the nipple teasing that I was still doing to her. I decided to chill out with the play for now, for fear of Will coming in and catching me. I wanted to be in control of the situation and if he saw me touching Jen, he would be able to turn the tables on me.

I don't know how long it was but I had fallen asleep when I felt Will climb in bed next to me. I knew he was naked when he got into bed because I felt his dick rub my ass as he climbed into bed with me. I remember wondering if he noticed Jen being there with me. I don't think he did because it was dark in the room and he started to nibble on my neck which he knows, asleep or awake that gets my pussy burning.

So in my groggy state, I whispered "Daddy? Is that you?"

He responded "yes dear, its daddy. Do you want daddy to fuck his little angel tonight?"

I said "Oh yes daddy, I've been a good little girl all day today and I need some of daddy's hard cock tonight".

At this point I was reaching behind me and stroking his hard cock and he was playing with one of my tits. It was getting hot and heavy and I thought it was time to step it up a bit. So I rolled over, hoping he wouldn't see Jen next to me, and on my side, I put one of my legs over his, and started rubbing his cock up and down my pussy.

While I was doing this I was moaning, "Oh Daddy, OH DADDY!"

As I slip his cock into me, I whisper to him as soft and calm as I can "So, do you like it when sweet little Jen sucks your dick?"

As the word dick left my lips he froze. It felt like he wasn't even breathing, so I had to take control and I started humping his dick. With each thrust it moved further and further into me.

I whispered to him, "Have you touched her soft little pussy yet? Have you licked it, have you fucked it?"

He replied, "Shelly, let me explain" and I cut him off saying, "Shut up you dirty little child molester. I don't want an explanation."

I kept humping harder and hard on him. About then our dear sweet Jen had woken up and was climbing over me and said" DA DA!" Hearing her voice pushed me over the edge and I starting cumming right then. Will moaned out real loud and I felt him shooting his seed into me, over and over again, filling me up.

I held him tight for a few minutes as Jen crawled over me to his side, and then I rolled over to my back. Will was very quiet. I had hoped by now he would realize that I had sort of come to terms with his little incest pedophilia play with Jen and that we could talk it over and maybe come to terms with it, but by the way he was laying there I was thinking maybe not. So in silence we lay there for what seemed like an hour, though in reality it was only about ten minutes. Me playing with my pussy lightly and rubbing Will's cum around my clit, watching Jen try to get a hold of daddy's dicky, and Will stopping her and not allowing it at that moment. Curious I ask Will why he is stopping her now?

"Earlier today when she was sucking your dick you didn't seem to mind her touching you," I told him.

He stammered for a minute and said "Look Shelly, I can explain that, you see it all happened so innocently, and I never wanted you to find out. I never had feelings like that before for her or any other child."

I said, "Will, you don't have to explain anything. You know about all the fantasies I have had about my daddy, and the pent up sexual tension we went through. He not being about to bring himself to try anything with me, and me not being able to try anything with him. If there is anything I understand it's a girl's need for her father's touch."

As I was saying that, I had a finger deep in my pussy gathering some of Will's cum on it. I pulled it out, and leaned over to Jen and started to rub it on her lips. Once she tasted it and recognized it as her daddy's milk, she opened up her mouth and greedily sucked the rest from my finger. I felt my pussy start to leak when she did that. I envied her so much that she was able to have the type of relationship with her father that I had always dreamed of having with my father.

After she ate the cum from my finger, I lifted Will's dick up to her mouth and she opened up just like she was being fed dinner, and engulfed the head of it. She began to suck it very eagerly, trying to get as much in her mouth as she could, which really was just the head but it was one of the sexiest sites my eyes have ever seen. Will could do nothing more than moan as his beloved Jen sucked his dick with all the energy that comes with being almost 2 years old. While she was sucking, I was stroking his cock slowly, trying to keep it going for as long as he could hold out. I wasn't surprised at how long it seemed to take. He had just unloaded into my pussy only minutes before this. Will was mumbling how he loved his baby Jen sucking on his big dick. Jen stopped long enough to reply, "Da Da Good?" and will said, "Oh yes baby, Da da good."

I began to stroke him a little faster and he was moaning faster as well. I could tell he would cum soon, so I whispered in his ear, "I can't wait to see you fuck the little sluts' pussy." And with that Will exploded all over our sweet little slut Jen.

After that, we all just laid there cuddling until Will fell asleep. It seemed that Jen wasn't ready for sleep and I really wasn't either. I laid there thinking about the events of the last few hours that led up to that little tryst and about my sweet beautiful Jen. As Will slept I was cuddling with Jen whisperings "so you like da da cock?" and she would giggle with what I assumed was an affirmative.

I played with her nipple and kissed her a little when it dawned on me she hadn't been changed in a while. So I got up and took Jen into her room and laid her down onto her changing table. I gathered my material to change her and took the old diaper off. I used some wipes to clean her off and rubbed some lavender lotion all over her little body. As I did this I would play with her nipples a bit, pinching the fingering them. She really enjoyed this and I did too for that matter. My pussy was beginning to tingle again, thinking about what I was doing to Jen and what Will had done to her. I had decided hours ago that I was going to ride this out and see where it would lead, so I leaned down, and spread the folds of her tender pussy with my tongue. The taste was indescribable. It was the most magnificent flavor of any female I had ever tasted. As I licked her little cunt, I used one hand to pinch and twist her tender nipples, one at a time, and with my other hand I slowly massaged my pussy. As all of this was going on I could hear her grunting, I had never heard of a child this age getting off or if they even could get off.

I wondered if that was the sound she made while she got off so I stepped it up a bit, and licked her harder and faster. Her little clit was too small for me to get into my mouth, so well I just opened my mouth and put it over her entire cunt and pushed my tongue into her little hole. She really liked this because she grabbed my head and was pushing it harder onto her pussy.

I probed so deep that I could feel her little cherry with my tongue. I remember thinking to myself "So Will hasn't popped it yet…Good." While all of this was going on, I was rubbing my pussy faster and faster, bringing myself closer and closer to an orgasm. I continued to fuck her tight little pussy with my tongue as I started to cum and I noticed her muscles tighten up inside and outside of her pussy. As I came down from my orgasm, Jen shivered and then she completely relaxed. I could hear her cooing as I was beginning to kiss upward on her body, stopping slightly to tongue her nipples a bit. I kissed her full on the mouth, not sparing the tongue, as I lifted her from the changing table and took her to her bed. I then went on to my bed and snuggled up to Will and fell fast asleep, knowing he hasn't hurt my baby and she is getting to live out the fantasies I once held for my own father.

The next day I woke with a new affinity for life. Excited about what the future would bring this new incestuous relationship that Will and I have with our daughter. I knew it was dirty and the general public saw it as wrong, but the way I saw it was as long as Jen grows up happy and isn't hurt then how can it be bad. She obviously enjoys playing with her daddy and I, and her daddy and I enjoy it as well. Will seemed a little nervous about the whole deal, probably because of my job but I reassured him that morning while he was pressuring me to talk about it. "Everything is fine Will. I am fine. I was shocked at first but I realize Jen gets to live out the life I always wanted. For that I am happy.", I said. And with that will seemed to be pacified. He and I will have to talk about it later but right now, I had to get to work. I knew I didn't have to work late but I was eager to get home and watch Will play more with Jen. The thought of him eating her cunt or ass as well as watching him maybe try to fuck her in one of those glorious holes, kept my pussy on overdrive.

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