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devil picture 05/21/2002: Postscript to the Introduction, and a signoff.

Greetings to all readers of ASSA, past and present.....

This site is now a static time capsule of what was, before the DMCA, greedy sexsite operators, the PC left, and other shysters sullied the 'net as we knew it. *sigh*. In the 3 years since this site was last touched the US as a country of intellectual freedom and fair use has changed, your admins have changed (jobs and locations), and life has gone on.

That being said, enjoy the history. Final changes: names and stories struck to either protect the innocent or redirect to new places....

If this site inspires you to go out and write stories, or (bravely) start collecting stories of your own, then we feel that ASSA was time well spent. We (the two admins) certainly learned a lot about web applications, info architecture, and most importantly human nature.

We hope you do too.



Welcome to the "Asian Sex Stories Archive"! This archive is a collection of erotica that has appeared in the Usenet newsgroup, or in with an 'asian' heading. Some of the stories are based on fact, some are not.......

The purpose of this site is to make these stories available to the public. Nothing more and nothing less. Some would say these stories are 'pornographic.' Some would be offended. And some should not be here. If you fall into any of the categories above, please go to

I have done my best to retain the original info should you do some searching in DejaNews. Some of the regulars of news:// (circa 1995), as well as some of the writers from news:// may be at different addresses at this time (esp. with now gone). If you don't see any info on the author in question, then 1) there isn't any, 2) I was too lazy to cull it at the time, or 3) the person in question wants privacy, and has told me so.

This site is no longer taking contributions. At this point, due to certain fascist sites and idiot operators, I am only accepting submissions if you are an author. If you are the author, or retain the rights to one of these stories, and would like it removed, please email me (though I would rather put a link straight to your site).

I started this collection from floppy disk I smuggled back from Japan whilst BBSing; and now I have some contributors! If you like what you see, email me some more! I will give credit where credit is due -- however, tell me that you want credit, either as a contributor or as a writer. I anonymize by default. Privacy first!

Abandon hope, all ye...

Suffice it to say, that if none of this is your bag you should not follow these links. Ditto if you are offended, underage, et al ad nauseum. If you are the admin of a pay site, or affiliated with a pay site, you are strictly prohibited from entering this site. If you allege a copyright infringement, you must email me first for permission to enter the site.

Some of these stories have basis in fact, some do not. Some are even downright ludicrous. But all are here for your perusal.

If you are under the age of 18, or affiliated with a commerical site, you should NOT proceed any further.

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