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Nuts and Bolts


A lot has changed in three years. ASSA would not be done with Frontier, or 'Manilla' as it is called now.. I'd probably use PHP if we were to attempt this type of site again....

Your admins have both moved over to Unix, and don't use the MacOS as cited below anymore either.... :)

Hardware and System Software

The "Asian Sex Stories Archive" is 'rendered' with Frontier 5 on a Power Computing PowerCenter that has been heavily modified (RAM, extra hard drive, 2+ partitions at any one time).

The Screamer (as I call it) runs Mac OS 8.51, with some slight modifications:

Check out VersionTracker ( for up to date Mac software.

Check out ( to get Frontier 5.01 (unless you want to pay an arm and a leg for needless functionality).


Photoshop, Illustrator, ImageReady for the text banners and illos.

Frontier 5.01 (and PageSpinner as Frontier's HTML editor) to lay out and edit the pages.

Majordomo (soon, very soon.....) unless there is a better alternative.

This page was slapped together with Frontier with a Macintosh clone.