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Story Links
Jenny's Homepage
Nice KTown girl, even nicer bdsm stories......
Keiko19's Home Page
Not so shy Japanese exhibitionist storys from the land of 'Aloha'.
Senor Rojo's Stories - on ASSTR
The Sisters Ng are back!
The Ng Sisters have been around for a long time, mostly in USENET.
Storysman Home Page - on ASSTR
The Erotic Mind Control Story Archive
Simon's site has more than a few Asian stories within.....
Mailing Lists
The ASFO Mailing list
Type "subscribe" in the body of a email to
The ASSA Mailing List Coming Soon!
Inspiration - Amateur
Kiko's Happy Fun Page
It's actually 'Double Happy Fun' -- you'll see why.
Inspiration - Commercial
Kiko's Japanese Bondage (The Bio Page, tame)
Scholar Japan (in Japanese)
One of the more famous soft(er) porn mags in Japan.
Tokyo Topless
Commercial, but free. Highly recommended!
There are a whole mess of sites that can be searched by:
Infoseek Japan
Altavista Japan

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